January 16th, 2013

Exclusive: Crashed Helicopter Chartered by Sir David Tang

Peter Barnes, the dead helicopter pilot, was en route to pick up businessman and socialite Sir David Tang when his helicopter crashed this morning.


  1. 1
    Perse O'Nally says:

    It was ‘chartered’ not charted.

  2. 2
    Perse O'Nally says:

    Sub-Editor been busy then?

  3. 4
    on the pulse says:

    Cutting edge right wing politics comment and rumours and conspiracy. Yeah.

  4. 5
    Anonymous says:

    Obviously a tailor who specialises in the crumpled look.

  5. 6
    the smell of murdoch says:

    Nice to see Guido responding to posts to get the facts faster than Sky.

    • 39
      Anonymous says:

      But he hasn’t picked up this morning’s post pointing out that the coordinates in the NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) about the crane appear to give a position well inland at the Oval

      • 60
        Fact check dept. says:

        The Notam covers an area of radius 1 nautical mile of the co ordinates given. The map of Notams also appears to locate the centre almost exactly at the actual location of the crane on Nine Elms Lane. Please don’t make an issue if there is none.

  6. 7
    Silent Bob says:

  7. 8
    Anonymous says:


  8. 11
    Nobby says:

    Clearly there was sum ting wong with the helicopter

  9. 12
    300 people are killed on the roads annually and nobody gives a fuck. One aircraft crashes and... says:

    Fuck it. 3000.

    • 18
      Anonymous says:

      I’m going to remake the Spartan film, but this time it will be called 30.

      • 20
        Dick Milliband says:

        saves on the budget…oh, perhaps you could make a film about MPs, call it 6 and a half fuckwits

    • 36
      Fishy says:

      Labour kills 1200 people in one hospital and Miliband doesn’t give a fuck….and he goes and make one of those responsible his health spokesman

  10. 21
    Gweilo says:

    Shanghai Tang London’s favourite Chinaman. Oilier than Vaz but much richer.

  11. 23
    You righties are so compassionate says:

    I’ll be making jokes when Thatch dies! Just forewarning you, so you don’t whine about how “sick” the jokes are, given the tendency to mock any death on these boards.

  12. 24
    Quiet Bat Person says:

    WTF is a ‘socialite’? Seriously. A ‘society’ figure? A member of the elitist group of people who are seriously up themselves then?

  13. 26
    Mary Whitehouse says:

    Leaves a nasty tang in the mouth

  14. 29
    Mary Whitehouse says:

    I’ll get me coat , I’m off for a Shergar burger

  15. 34
    Carlos Slim says:

    Tang can’t be that rich then, or he’d own a helicopter, not just Charter it!

    • 38
      Warren Buffett says:

      Not true. Unless you have it continually in the air, it’s far more cost effective to share with others by chartering as required.

    • 67
      Mike Hunt says:

      He’s rich by not wasting money needlessly (note to governments)

  16. 44
    The savant10.4 highway patrol says:

    Non. Story her surely .

    Tjhe fact the tragic helicopter was journeying to pick up shanghai. Tang is purely academic .

  17. 46
    Anonymous says:

    The story is also completely fictional.

  18. 49

    What the fuck is a “Sir David Chang “? I didn’t know China had royalty

  19. 57
    PC49½ says:

    Tangs a lot. Ah so!

  20. 65
    Juan Ronnie says:

    So, it’s goodnight from me.

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What’s he been doing FFS, mining bitcoins?

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