January 15th, 2013

Gordon’s Alive: Prime Mentalist Finally Turns Up


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    I guess thats Remploy doomed then.,….

  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    Up shit creek without an “ore”

  3. 3
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Ah! The one eyed twat is on the TV now. Fuck off back to Scotland you cvnt.

  4. 4
    Taxandspendisnotmyfriend says:

    Where is the gold douchbag??

  5. 5
    Muuurty's Ghuuurst says:

    He doesn’t look long for this world.

    Which is nice.

  6. 6
    Anonymous says:

    Why the shocked silence from those who usually are fighting for the no 1 comment spot? Just deep, deep shock, perhaps?

  7. 7

    Remploy is fucked McMental strikes again,why dosnr=t someone shout I SPY STRANGER.

  8. 8
    Operation Crossbow says:

    I see Chuckusyoumoney is going on about how Labour would save HMV.

    Remind me, when did Woolworths go bust and what did old one eye do to save it?

  9. 9
    wotson says:

    doesn’t the daft bugger do more harm by turning up rather rattling round all ports north of the kingdom of piffle guided by his moral compass

  10. 10

    He would save hmv? what tosser couldnt save himself loathsome man.

  11. 11

    All the Labour MPS presently in the house surrounding Jonah not one has had aproper job in their live Hiile,Roy,Clarke et al

  12. 12
    Jim Hacker the blagger says:

    The King of the OCDers he is.

    Always made me laugh when he couldn’t stop squaring off his papers at the dispatch box. Quite endearing.

  13. 13
    s.s. says:

    I would never get fed up using a baseball bat on that usless specimen of inhumanity.

  14. 14
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Should disabled folks be employed in disabled companies or free to seek employment wherever they want to go?

    Remploy is an organisation that segregates disabled people from the rest of us – government money needs to be used to encourage disabled people to expand their horizons and expectations and seek employment alongside everyone else.

    gordon as always has a blinkered point of view.

  15. 15
    Tooth fairy says:

    Put him back in the box…. I was just going to eat my dinner, but I have an awful sick feeling in my stomach now.

  16. 16
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    what moral compass?

    nobody has ever seen it yet!

  17. 17
    Rusty says:

    He’s put on weight!

  18. 18
    Margaret Moran says:

    That’s my case officer sitting behind him holding a Taser just in case he makes a run for it.

  19. 19

    Remploy is long past its sell by date probably by about 20 years,the disabled have to move into the mainstream simple as that.

  20. 20
    Jim Hacker the blagger says:

    Burn’s night soon lad, och the noo, and so forth.

    Ten days to go ye woh lads.

  21. 21
    Anonymous says:

    Hasn’t that idiot been hanged yet ?????????????

  22. 22
    Anonymous says:

    Remploy this is Brown’s fault. He lied when he promised no more boom or bust and we all have to live with his wasteful decisions. Brown is going to get rich with his “charities” while the rest us suffer.

  23. 23
    Rusty says:

    It’s spelt ‘eye’ not ‘ore’

  24. 24
    Snaplegs says:

    See it’s packed in the HoCs – must be something of national importance being discussed

  25. 25
    Dudley Zoo says:

    what a fucking tosser

  26. 26
    Dudley Zoo says:

    Brown put the B in Bellend

  27. 27
    Maqboul says:

    And the fucker has gone grey – must be the stress of being a provincial MP.

  28. 28
    Jim Hacker the blagger says:

    More bigger nutters in the tories – that Fabracase or whatever he is called, the one with the purple nose and blonde/grey wig is one. Surely that can’t be his own hair?

  29. 29
    Owen Jones says:

    That is such a CHOOOOON! And homophobic jokes ain’t it just fascist folks beam up so I can breeeeaatthhhhhhh

  30. 30

    Mc Vey aint very bright earnest but thick just tell them its over no apologies far better for the disabled to move into mainstream work not some modern workhouse.

  31. 31
    Losers lost, Leaders we don't have says:

    The green is as usual winning in the House of Corruption and Brown is just a zero MP who looks as if that woman is talking to him as if he’s a five year old, oh how things have turned.

  32. 32
    Jim Hacker the blagger says:

    ah yes, Fabricant of course – a Tory sideshow for Dave Cee, suitable name though?



  33. 33
    Jim Hacker the blagger says:

    ah yes, Fabricant of course – a Tory sideshow for Dave Cee, suitable name though?

  34. 34
    Jim Hacker the blagger says:

    and the gee in The Gord.

  35. 35
    not a machine says:

    Son of the mess ……. 1.2mn manufacturing jobs were lost from 1997-2010

  36. 36
    Mr Bean says:

    He looks like Johhny English

  37. 37
    George Gideon Oliver Osborne says:

    Things are getting so bad it won’t be long before car boot sales go into administration.

  38. 38
    Earl of Croydon says:

    Why do English people use the term “I guess” these days?
    Quite frankly it is an annoying Americanism and for some reason in the last year or so men of all ages now use it.
    Along with wearing caps the wrong way round it should be banned.

  39. 39
    george c says:

    true dat. we should treat all people the same, disabled or otherwise. it’s not what you can’t do but what you can.

    you wouldn’t have a wheelchair user as a hod carrier but most jobs are sitting down anyway. likewise you wouldn’t have an able bodied dimwit as a rocket scientist. remploy is discriminatory full stop.

  40. 40
    jimbo says:

    And there was me thinking that Primementalist Brown had gone to Africa to be a missionary ! What a useless heap of less than human waste, banished Boom and Bust, Saved the World and sold most of our Gold leaving us with the least gold stocks in the World next to Japan. Ant decent Person would have gone to live in another country after having a face change and going on a strict diet.

    It does not say much for his constituents voting for this halfwitted fool.

  41. 41
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    The useless spacker seems to have added amnesia to his burgeoning collection of mental disorders.

    As tosser Andrew Pierce reminded everyone yesterday Brown’s government closed 28 Remploy factories with the loss of 1600 jobs and would have closed 43 but for union action


    Brownn really is a cnut with no shame or sense of self-awareness whatsoever

  42. 42
    george c says:

    I have a quadraplegic friend, never been on out of work benefits in his life. he wants to be treated like everyone else. disabled discrimination is one of the last bastions of the Victorian era. you need money – get a job. if you need support, I’m sure the taxpayer is willing to provide it. I’m not happy to stick disabled people into disabled factories or tell them to sit at home.

  43. 43
    William Cotton-Budd says:

    I wish I could administer a short sharp blow to the back of your head, you incompetent twat.

  44. 44
    Jim Hacker the blagger says:

    At the end of the day, when all is said and done, looking at the swings and roundabouts, the english know jackshit.

  45. 45
    V1le Labour ruined my Country says:

    This moron should have been tried for treason.

  46. 46
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    gordon = the epitomy of hypocrisy.

    During his time as PM he shut 28 Remploy factories with a loss of 1600 disabled jobs and never lifted a finger to help them.

    At least this government is setting aside a budget of £320 million plus a subsidy of £6400 per disabled person per year to help get disabled people into mainstream jobs.

    You’d think labour would support that. Then again labour never support anything worthwhile!

  47. 47
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    You are being too kind calling him half-witted. He has no wits!!

  48. 48
    Losers lost, Leaders we don't have says:

    I thought we payed £50 million a day to be in the EU but according to Richard Ashworth ??? Sky News, Jeff Randell, we have “free” trade with Europe, how can it be free.

  49. 49
    Everybody says:

    don’t be so mean about our 81lly Kebab

  50. 50
    hank the cat says:

    I hear that the latest YouGov Poll shows Gordon Brown to be the most popular Prime Minister in the Last Hundred years.

  51. 51
    Care in the Community says:

    What a delight to see his miserable, dour, grey, dough-faced visage on national television again. Go on, Gordon, tell us a joke.

  52. 52
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    He saved Scottish banks but bust the nation.

  53. 53
  54. 54
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    From the looks of the piccy, someone beat you to it.

  55. 55
    Remploy says:

    What will you do 81lly when Remploy closes?

  56. 56
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    There’s 650 dimwits on workfare in the Commons. That’s where our problems start.

  57. 57
    Gordon Brown is a serious mental illness says:

    He argues that even though they have trimmed payroll costs by 30%, and are producing a product everyone wants, he wants subsidy to keep the factories open despite the costs of running the business actually outweighing the sales revenues.

    The business should go bankrupt, unless the fixed costs can be reduced – ie. The business made profitable.

    If this is representative of the capital in the UK, no wonder the economy is a total dog.

    Total Labour legacy, and not a pretty one.

    And let us celebrate his recent written work…


  58. 58
    YouGov says:

    We interviewed the residents of Rampton

  59. 59
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    That £50million a day goes towards the salaries and pensions of the likes of mandy and the kinnochios – there’s hundred’s of these worthless, dishonest, troughing EU commissioners and mep’s scattered across europe laughing at the pleb taxpayer as they get rich. cleggie is hoping to join their ranks very soon!!

    That £50million a day has nothing to do with free trade which would happen whether we were part of Europe or not.

    Do you really think the germans and the french, with their sinking economies, would stop exporting their high priced goods to our lucrative markets if we chose to come out of the EU?

    And given that 90% of our export markets are already based in chi na,
    b razil, ind ia, the comm onwealth and the rest of the world – we don’t exactly need the EU for our goods.

    But of course cleggie who desperatey wants that lucrative commissionner’s job, and mandy and kinnochio who want to hang on to their eu benefits and bliar who wants to be next eu president are going to lie about it’s ‘supposed’ benefits!!

  60. 60
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    This man is 61 years old, fat, grey, dough faced, bitter and looking more like eighty.

    How did he come to be so unhealthy?

  61. 61

    He looks like a man with a Werther’s Original stuck up his bum

  62. 62
    Casual Observer says:

    That almost sounds like a serious question…

  63. 63

    The clucking fist returns….arse

  64. 64
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    I suspect yougov never interview anyone other than labour voters.

  65. 65
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    Anger, bitterness and being a loon ages people very quickly

  66. 66
    Jim Hacker the blagger says:

    Why isn’t this on Freeview tonight, and why is it on pay for view?

    “Jim Hacker Returns” that is, or what ever he is called now. I blame Dave Cee myself, Ed Emm.

  67. 67
    Fabians are Evil says:

    please don’t let him smile………please don’t let him smile…..

  68. 68
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    I would very much like to have delivered a short sharp blow with a dishcloth to gordon’s ear – I suspect his Mother would like to have done much the same!

    It might have pullled him up short and made him do something decent instead of fantasising about moral compasses he never possessed!!

  69. 69
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Loons you know are rather wonderful birds with the most beautiful song. I don’t think we could claim any of that for gordon!

  70. 70
    Dave - balls of steel - Cameron says:

    George responds to both the carrot and the stick.

    Or, more accurately in his case, a sniff of black minge, two lines and the stick.

  71. 71
  72. 72
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    Fookin hell – he isn’t going to sing is he?

  73. 73
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Doubt it! At least not as good as those loons!!

  74. 74

    Impressive doughnut.

  75. 75
    Jim Hacker the blagger says:

    cheers, Cat.

    That is you were talking to me – hard to tell, and all that.

  76. 76
    Frankie Boyle says:

    “He looks like a scrotum with a sad face drawn on it”

  77. 77
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    I wonder what edballs responds to?

    He obviously is attracted to gold since he sold most of ours off for gordon at brown bottom and developed a reputation for reckless spending into the red at taxpayers expense.

  78. 78
    Jim Hacker the blagger says:

    And Cat, I didn’t mean what I said about morons, honest…

    They’re the clay of our land, etc..

  79. 79
    Zoz says:

    Brown’s moral compass became mysteriously lodged in his rectum within 6 months of becoming prime monster.

  80. 80
    The Mentalist says:

    And let us celebrate his recent written work…


  81. 81
    JOAN says:


  82. 82
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    + a milllion!!

  83. 83
    Dave - balls of steel - Cameron says:

    Same as the rest of us I expect.

    Be honest, when you’d tried black you didn’t want to go back did you?

  84. 84
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Let’s hope so Bill = Remploy does not help disabled folks, Nowadays we are more enlightened and believe disabled folks have as much right to aspirations and careers as everybody else.

    Current government for all it’s faults is making £320million plus £6400 per disabled person per year available to expand the career opportunities for disabled people.

    Remploy segregated and subjugated disabled and stifled their aspirations – not surprising that labour supports such a policy!!

  85. 85
    hypocrisy is us says:

  86. 86
    sean from kirkcaldy says:

    once upon a time i was one of gordo’s kirkcaldy police protection officers and my bank account statements make for very interesting reading. i am not adverse to whisking young girls off the streets and taking them for long car rides.

    and guess what?! i am a freemason.


    even if it takes 20 more years before i can get you sean, rest assured it will happen. filthy child molesting vermin scumfuck.

  87. 87
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Brown has a face like a bulldog licking piss off a thistle

  88. 88
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Where’s gordon going next one wonders?

    No doubt he’s off to Dub ai to talk to a loadof idiots about his philanthropy and how he’ saving the world .

    They’ll all pay him £thousands to sit there and listen to his twaddle and then he’ll gather up the money, bring it home, squirrel it away in his pretend charity and tell us what a good boy he is !

    Reminds me of that nursery rhyme ‘ put in his thumb pulled out a plum and said what a good boy am I’ – I forget the rest of it.

  89. 89
    Another Engineer says:

    Save HMV – ban the internet.

  90. 90
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Love to see gordon comment on Dunblane Unburied – with all its references to homosexuals masons and their ilk.

    Remember he loves his hols in Cape Cod – The Homo home of the homos in the USA.

  91. 91
    Labour...filth...just filth says:

    a memorable appearance of the chingrinner today in the house…what a shame we don’t have him as Pm…don’t laugh

  92. 92
    Blowing Whistles says:

    I wonder if Gordon has ever read “Dunb.lane Un.buried”? Evil B’stard that he is.

  93. 93

    Who the fuck is that mongtard behind him, a loser’s loser if anyone was?

    Bet he’s Scotch…

  94. 94
    Here we go again says:

    Give it a f’ucking rest nell!!

  95. 95
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Cape Cod – is the preferred destination of the politicoohmosexuals across the pond – how come Gordo loves going there?

  96. 96
    Dave - balls of steel - Cameron says:

    I love it when an old bird talks dirty.

    Putting in his thumb.

    Pulling out his plums.

    I bet you remember exactly what came next, you old saucepot.

  97. 97

    Nah! A scrotum is full of life busting to get out.

  98. 98
    Jim Hacker the blagger says:

    Tory ladies look like wasp chewers, and when you get them really annoyed, they ak you out into the carpark for some “fistycuffs”.

    But with me, it always ends up with some other fisty in the carpark, since I am a Labour sweet talker.

  99. 99
    Can't use me old moniker says:

    I’d like to take this opportunity to say how much I still detest this sneaky, lying bag of human shit, though not having to see him so often has helped my blood pressure considerably.

  100. 100
    Sir William says:

    Age cannot wither him, nor custome stale
    His infinite variety.

  101. 101
    Sir William says:

    ‘Cos somebody else is paying?

  102. 102
    Jim Hacker the blagger says:

    Gene Wilder, the, ahem!, like Mel Brooks, a j e w?

  103. 103
    Cake Thief says:

    The links to the DTs comments have crashed. Has he gone into a Nokia frenzy or something?

  104. 104
    Quiet Bat Person says:

    Gordon finally turns up… and immediately, everyone wishes he would just fuck off again.

  105. 105

    I don’t think you are taking me seriously.

  106. 106
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    I look at gordon and I see militwit.

    polly twaddle, who worshipped gordon and now worships militwit, says militwit has won the 2015 election .

    He will, she says, ensure we have unllimited immigration from europe; the EU will have increasing sway over our military, economics, law; edballs his chancellor will ensure that taxation and local government non jobs will expand beyond what gordon’s wildest dreams achieved and militwit’s windfarms, which have already cost us £17billion for 2% of our energy supply, will be expanded across every available space at immeasurable cost to our grandchildren

    Meanwhile, cleggie, the kinnochios, the bliars, cable, redhaireddannie, prezza and other lefties etc will all be making their £millions leaching off the taxpayer in the EU.

    Bad dream! Let’s hope it doesn’t happen!

  107. 107

    A baseball bat around the chops might assist though.

  108. 108
    EU Watch says:

    In other news, looks like the EU guys are getting a little skitty about fiscal union:


  109. 109
    Jim Hacker the blagger says:

    Can o Nghumru/Song from Wales, for Kate, seems to be spitting one out like wet soap in July.

    Bob lwc iechys i ti, Katie bach iach,

    And get on google translate english if you are puzzled.

  110. 110
    Jim Hacker the blagger says:

    OOOPA – spells, Nghymru even.

  111. 111
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:


    Why would we be interested in anything other than plain English? Given that
    English is spoken across the whole of the civilised world!

  112. 112

    …but rarely in England.

    Oh! Sorry, nell. You did say civilised!

  113. 113
    John Bull says:

    whaddaya twalking about, you goddam schmuk? Whhhhhhy, I awwwda…

  114. 114
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    A pity labour didn’t give it a rest and help people instead of hinder!!

  115. 115
    Jim Hacker the blagger says:

    Have any of you been to deepest yorkshire, or town centre Newcastle-poon-Tyne?

    It was english Jim. but not as we know it!

  116. 116
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    But then of course labour don’t believe in aspirations!

  117. 117
  118. 118
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    gordon never had a moral compass!

    It was a figment of his imagination and his sinister no10 crew of twatson, damian, ball, militwit et al tried to turn it into some sort of religious relic for worshipping!

    And then it got found out as a fraud!

  119. 119
    David 'Referendum' Camoron says:

    Tell me, Samantha, am I in or out, it’s difficult to tell. Oh dear, I’ve gone all floppy.

  120. 120
    CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

    He should live here.

    SE15 5BH

  121. 121
    Another inglish twat watch says:

    Lets just forget about Northern Rock shall we after all they are English and dont count cause that would fuck with our bigoted world view.

  122. 122
    CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

    Malignant Narcissists don’t have a moral compass.

  123. 123
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    My guess would be that it’s simpler to say “I guess…” than “My guess would be…”. But it’s just a guess on my part. Your guess is as good as mine, I guess.

  124. 124
    With the benefit of hindsight says:

    New labours first and very sucessful venture into pseudo religious imagery was in the staging of The blessed John Smiths funeral in burying him on the sacred isle of Iona with the Kings of Scotland. Brilliantly executed piece of Goebbelism.

  125. 125
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:


    Here in the Shires we spe@k proper English and having travelled to
    Ind ia and beyond I can tell you that they spe@k better bbc English than we do!!

    I can’t spe@k for places like margaret moran’s luton !!

  126. 126
    A Dimwit says:

    I object to that comment

  127. 127
    Jim Hacker the blagger says:

    to clear things up, for se home countyites, in that ingurlund,

  128. 128
    Mong spotter says:

    You seriously need to get medical help you really do.

  129. 129
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    My Mama in WW2 went to Newcastle with Dad who was an Engineer and got posted up there to make aircraft or something.

    She stayed a couple of weeks with her baby boys, couldn’t understand a word they said and fled back south to her Mum- sensible woman!!

  130. 130

    Saw there was a Margaret Moran up in front of Southwark Crown Court today… Presumably not the same one that is too ill to stand trial for embezzlement!

  131. 131
    Jim Hacker the blagger says:

    Have you heard a true farmers Wiltshire voice, from near the Cotswolds? Even I had to reach for my provincial english phrase book, and I can speak several languages, mostly legal.

  132. 132
    Dave,Clegg,Osborne, May & Titch says:

    Cast Iron tends to go very floppy these days ! Xanadu

  133. 133
    Jim Hacker the blagger says:

    rebekah, try Middleborough! Never felt so much out of the loop as there, as here,

    Tyne or Tees, which is better? Better men than me should know.

  134. 134
    Dave,Clegg,Osborne, May & Titch says:

    Who the fuck are the mongtards that sit both sides of Milliband in the commons ? Loser’s loser’s if anyone was. Bet they’re Inglish .

  135. 135
  136. 136
    Neigh, thrice nay says:

    Does Gordon eat Tesco Beef(Horse)Burgers by any chance?

  137. 137
  138. 138
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Someone one should make a song of this ‘ Am I in or am I out’

    One verse should be for cleggie based on ‘ how much money can I make if I’m in and how much will I lose if I’m out?

    Then there should be a verse for bliar ‘ If I’m in – could I be President? – if not I’ll be out’

    Another verse should be for vinnie cable ‘ If I’m in will you make me the next EU Finance Officer with unlimited expenses, posh car and 5 star travel – if not I’m out’

    And finally AlyCampbell ‘ make me the EU Press Officer with a Brussels Palace, bottomless expenses and top class salary and I’m in – otherwise I’m out’

    The EU – all about what it can do for the luxury lifestyle of our political elite at the expense of our hardworking taxpayers!!

  139. 139
    Olympic Fakery says:

    Interesting possibility that cycling could be dropped by IOC:


    Good question: How clean were the rest of the games ?

  140. 140
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    No idea Jim – I’m a Fen Tiger . I know nothing about wiltshire!

  141. 141
    Gordon with the inverted Midas Touch says:

    Sell the gold, tax the rich, fuck the banks and give all your money to Africa. Then everyone becomes dependent on the state and you’ll be so grateful for your handouts you’ll vote Labour forever. Probably…

  142. 142
    The BBC causes serious mental illness says:

    Is that proper BBC english involving young children, puppies and serious sexual assault ?

  143. 143
    Sir Humphrey Appleby says:

    A very good question indeed, Minister, and one to which I am sure you have devoted much time and mature consideration, which is why the voters of your constituency have reposed their trust and confidence in you and your Party to answer it, by sending you here. I can but advise, Minister, the decision must be taken by yourself, after all. I live to serve, sir.

  144. 144
    Brown is truly an Elohesra says:

    But Gordon closed so many of the Remploy sites when he was PM.

    The government not only ignored the 100,000 plus signature petition from Unite, but announced the closure 36 of the 54 remaining Remploy sites with compulsory redundancy for 1,752 people of which 1,518 of these are disabled by 17th August 2012.

    Errrr, Gordon babe, whatta doing????????????

  145. 145
    Casual Observer says:

    There is that number by the Clash: ‘Should I stay or should I go’ : Won’t post the YouTube clip here, but may fit what you are after.

  146. 146
    India Watch says:

    From what has been reported regarding extreme sexual assaults in India recently, one thinks that perhaps they have the BBC english down just fine.

  147. 147
    Anonymous says:

    That must hurt. Most Tory women have long nails.

  148. 148
    Blowing Whistles says:

    How clean are the Corporations – who clean up financially – with their puppets on display?

  149. 149
    Jim Hacker the blagger says:

    Michael wotsisname was my best Frankenstein’s monster. Yes Sarrazin – a classic Eff’s monster he was,

  150. 150
    The banks says:

    I think we f*cked you, Gordon.

  151. 151
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Don’t think ‘should I stay – should I go’ song illustrates quite the self serving , selfish , grasping mentality of our our current politicians who want to stay in the EU , at our expense, to make themselves into £millionaires a la the kinnochios!

  152. 152
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Nope – gordon trashed the taxpayer for his scottish colleague and pal in RBS – don’t be fooled!

  153. 153
    stun says:

    He makes hungry, though
    he should satisfy

  154. 154
    Saffron says:

    Why are we even talking about this scotchland economic nomark McBroon and his prompter Balls.
    The pair of them are the pits as far as economics goes,just shows you that if you let idiots run an economy you are in for a rude awakening,which we are now seeing.
    However what we now have in this coalition is a bunch of overpaid assholes and I include Liebour who frankly don,t have a clue.
    The infighting now is becoming a joke,when will these supposedly politico’s get a brain and reallise what damage they are doing to this country.
    The british people want politico’s who are intent on protecting their interests and not selling us down the river to people who are not of this land.
    All of the three major parties are in MHO traitors to this land and I do hope that the electors remember this the next time round.
    Going to bed now and regards to all.

  155. 155
    Casual Observer says:

    Could do if you find a karaoke version and use your own lyrics.

  156. 156
    Jim Hacker the blagger says:

    Whatever you have to say Sir Humphrey, please put it in an email, so I can get others to deciphor it.

  157. 157
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Gordon eats out of five star restaurants like bob crow!! The lefty political elite have no idea what the terms tescos’ or grocery shopping means!!

    Likewise they don’t understand the word bus or walk or an honest days work for an honest days pay!!

  158. 158
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    ‘Night Saffron. Sweet Dreams!

  159. 159
    Olympic Fakery says:

    To be fair it was all rather an expensive load of tosh.

    Few good moments, but really nothing that memorable.

    Even the assurances of the lasting legacy have been forgotten.

    Other than the displacement of London residents, eyesore where-ever the disused stadium actually is and a load of freaky statue things dotted around London, what has been gained ? Nothing.

  160. 160
    The Brotherhood says:

    The White House tonight denounced anti-Semitic remarks made by Egypt’s Islamist President, in which he described Israelis as “descendants of apes and pigs”. Footage of Mohamed Morsi’s video interview with the Lebanon-based Al-Quds channel was recorded in September 2010, but it has only just emerged, on the eve of a visit by high-ranking American delegation to Cairo. Mr Morsi, then a senior Muslim Brotherhood official, told the interviewer: “Either the Zionists and everything they want, or else it is war. This is what these occupiers of the land of Palestine know – these blood-suckers, who attack the Palestinians, these warmongers, the descendants of apes and pigs.” Mr Morsi dismissed negotiations between Israel and Palestine as a “waste…

  161. 161
    Jim Hacker the blagger says:

    Who is to whome these days, Cat?

  162. 162
    Economist says:

    He did. Gordon’s policies are the inversion of fractional reserve. However, Balls may have had more involvement than he’s letting on…

  163. 163
    Consumer says:

    Are Tesco’s selling groceries again ?

  164. 164
    Jimmy says:

    Brings a tear to my eye. Our last non-spiv PM.

  165. 165
    Jim Hacker the blagger says:

    by the way, posted these many times before, I am sure of it, my favorite austrians,

    JA!, oh fucking ja…

  166. 166
    Economist says:

    Was McMental really selling gold to buy Euro’s ?

    If so – where has that noose gone…


    (This is posted at the top, but is VERY much worth reading !)

  167. 167
    Jim Hacker the blagger says:

    makes it better – beat me, call me names, give it to me tory ladies…

  168. 168
    Nick says:


  169. 169
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Northern Crock went bust under one eye a year before the financial meltdown.

  170. 170
    stun says:

    Only green grocery’s

  171. 171
    Blowing Whistles says:

    The real trick has been to keep the Public divided and over ruled. When enough of you work out that it is both the G.overnment & O.pposition – (it matters not one iota who is the Govnmt of the day their jobs are to give the preception of it all being demo.cratic when really it is a ruse) in cahoots with their legions of press ha.cks [free press – implies lost but thats what is says on the tin] who for decades have been living one big fat lie – while they line their pockets – with our money.

    Sub note: If ever the coppers wanted to take a step against that they have become underlings of the crooks – then they would arrest ‘across the board’ … but they too have been ‘enticed’ into the lies for their lesser payoffs.

    n.b. The Commie east greman government et al fell – when they could no longer differentiate between the corrup.t of one party over another. FFS work it out.

  172. 172
    Damned Impertinent Questions says:

    I thought he was a myth … a sort of bogeyman of the economy

  173. 173
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    I look at gordon, balls, militwit et al and ask myself what happened to the post war labour party that my family thought they sacrificed themselves and went to war for ??!

    Were their sacrifices really so that bliar could become a £billionairephilanthropist ; the balls’ could become multi home owners and the milllionaire militwits could dodge inheritance tax?

  174. 174
    Unelected PM's brother says:

    Thanks for helping with the cleaner’s bills, bruv.

  175. 175
    Jim Hacker the blagger says:

    Fenns, rebekah? A fine part of our isle.

    But sends me dizzy with no hills about, as a welshman you know. Knew a girl from Gainsborough – fine trumpet player she was, and no, the brass version I mean, you dirty other english beasts!

    And no, I am not going to tell you all how “friendly” we got, nor her first name, since she could be a tory councillor by now…

  176. 176
    JH230923495834 says:

    Better spiv than spaz.

    Of course, there is nothing ‘spiv’ like about signing a contract for two aircraftless aircraft carriers to suck up to your mong constituents, a contract which would cost more to cancel than to complete even if a single nut and bolt had not been put together.

    No, nothing at all.

  177. 177
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Well to be sure labour wouldn’t know if supermarkets sold groceries or not! Any more than they would know if farmers grew vegetables!

  178. 178
    JH230923495834 says:

    Look at that man’s face.

    He used to be Prime Minister of this country.

    Prime. Minister.

    A root and branch restructuring of our political system is required if that was possible.

  179. 179
    Casual Observer says:

    Looking at where their families are from, you should see the offspring of those who lost but survived WWII. You think they are working in our favor ever ?

    The whole garbage pile that has flooded in from the East it is essentially the same issue.

    The only way to resolve and hope for a unified Europe will be through a proper civil war. But looking back through history, that didn’t appear to work the last two times…

  180. 180
    Jim Hacker the blagger says:

    but I will tell you her size, she was five foot ten, an inch taller than me, and she was all over me. Like dutch/Fenns girls me – they are all so tall.

    Made a change from five foot one girls from my Wales, I suppose.

  181. 181
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    ‘Night Folks. God Bless.

  182. 182
    Noose Watch says:

    How abstract shall we go with the root and branch reform ??? :-)

  183. 183
    albacore says:

    You reckon Gordon eats what other folks prepare?
    If he was that trusting, he wouldn’t have grey hair
    Or a physog that could shrivel a citrus fruit
    And that at a range of a hundred yards, to boot
    Were you cooking up Gordon’s favourite repast
    What would you add in, to make the memory last?

  184. 184
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    It’s not where their from – its their greed that marks them out and makes them exploit the system for their own benefit .

    I think that is a prerequisite for politicians – they don’t want to do honest work they want to con folks out of their taxes etc.

  185. 185
    The Loony Left says:

    Vote Ukip and it will be Gordon Brown’s lunacy all over again through E.Balls.

  186. 186
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Unelected PM! Never forget that! He was Unelected! Labour foisted him on us knowing he was flawed!

  187. 187
    stun says:

    Regrettably not Nell, based on pure hypocrisy.

    I was interested in what you were saying in relation to Remploy – that it was an expensive maketime which benefited neither party. Personally, I dislike state intervention, but might approve of insisting on larger companies (>£100m a year in profit?) employing a larger number of disabled people in their workforce. One of our friends has CP but would love to work and take less in disabilty benefits.

  188. 188
    jimbo says:

    You obviously are living on benefits !

  189. 189
    Jim Hacker the blagger says:

    More of an oil painting than The Thatch at her worst.

    Now she WAS ugly. A knob frankly.

  190. 190
    jimbo says:

    You are not alone there Blowing, buried for 100years I understand ?

  191. 191
    Jim Hacker the blagger says:

    bon nuit, or as the dutch say it, party time.

    Only joking, goedenacht, rebekah.

  192. 192
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:



    Chillies- Scotch Bonnets a dozen at a time!

    Or maybe limes!

  193. 193
    Herman van Rumboy says:

  194. 194
    Jim Hacker the blagger says:

    bon nuit with a french song for you, rebekah, mon elle tres bien,

  195. 195
    jimbo says:

    Nah, Johnny English is far more intelligent !

  196. 196
    Mrs. Ball-Scooper, TRIPLE FLIPPER says:

    Come to bed, Ed.

  197. 197
    Jim Hacker the blagger says:

    Cameron sieze anything is just a PR event.

    He is a twll/arsehole.

  198. 198
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Some of you inbred one political party verses the oter really don’t get it – do you – you’ve been had by both sides. Wake up ffs.

  199. 199

    Germany’s Bundesbank is to repatriate gold reserves held abroad to tighten control and combat currency crises in the future, pulling a chunk of its holdings from New York and all its bullion from Paris.

    Gordon cunningly swapped all our reserves for a handful of magic beans so we need never worry about this problem.

  200. 200
    Phil says:

    I look at Gordon and think WTF have we done in a previous life to deserve our country being trashed for well over a decade, our children and grand children saddled with his debt around their necks and the scumbag together with his appalling clan is still taking the pixx at our expense.

  201. 201
    tabblenable01 says:

    Society is breaking down. Slowly but surely.

    Look up Operation Fairbank.

    Maybe it’s the Police’s way of hitting back at the political establishments’ attack on the Met. It’s the establishment’s “omerta” gone wrong. Just maybe the police are beginning to realise they have the upper hand in this establishment war.
    When the state can’t afford to pay for the police state (the enforcers of liberal democracy), it all starts to fail (see story today about 20% pay cut for first recruits).

    Iceratianly hope so!

  202. 202
    Minor Correction says:

    Acting on the advice of Ed Balls, Gordon cunningly swapped all our reserves for a handful of magic beans so we need never worry about this problem.”

    Be afraid..

  203. 203
    A4e says:

    Neither are we it hurts our figures

  204. 204
    ATOS says:


  205. 205
    Dynamite says:


  206. 206
    Liebour. The Party you can't ever trust. says:

    No, Labour told us he was “the best man for the job”.

    Only when Labour lost the election did everyone in the Labour cabinet come clean and say, “er, well, actually, Gordon was batshit insane.”

  207. 207
    Anonymous says:

    The fraud that is Tessa Jowell is currently being shot down to fuck on SKY news paper review. Of course this cow doesnt want us to leave the EUSSR she and her crook of a husband will have a vested interest in there for sure.

  208. 208
    Casual Observer says:

    It is where they are from. Greed is universal, but this kind of directed vindictiveness is born from your enemies and not your allies.

  209. 209
    tabblenable01 says:

    They’re payed up trolls…it’s all quite sad. Don’t be taken in!

  210. 210
    EU Watch says:

    Issue of display of christian symbols:


    ECHR is a trojan for attacking the church / religion – this is well know.

    Nice of the Judges to pass a judgement, but to be fair: Go fuck yourselves, God is not your jurisdiction.

    And Political Correctness is a serious mental illness and should be treated as such.

  211. 211
    Spineless Dave (fast becoming)Worst PM in history says:

    Ah i see the picture says Remploy Marine , So he has found another job

  212. 212
    Jaswinder Singh says:

    I’ll get me turban!

  213. 213
    Anonymous says:



    If you haven’t tried a fine horse steak, then you have never lived.

    With chips and mayonnaise, as the belgiums do.

  214. 214
    Lee Majors says:

    Stunt mans knee.

  215. 215
    Last time Oliver tried horse, he was shagging 'is misses says:



    If you haven’t tried a fine horse steak, then you have never lived.

    With chips and mayonnaise, as the belgiums do, drunk with beneticine.

  216. 216
    Spineless Dave (fast becoming)Worst PM in history says:

    Talking of Sweaty Sock land , I haven’t see the bloated fizzog of Alex The Salmond spouting his nationalist shite on the box for at least six months is he dead ?

  217. 217
    Casual Observer says:

    So – as I was wondering above, are Tesco’s selling groceries again ?

  218. 218
    Spineless Dave (fast becoming)Worst PM in history says:

    Had it in Frogland a few years back , very good

    Waiter Claude said “An ow werd yuw like yeer steak ?

    I said “cut it’s head off and wipe it’s arse”!
    he was not amused

  219. 219
    EU Watch says:

    As a steak and prepared the right way, horse is very tasty meat.

    In a burger though… Guess it is better than some of the alternatives.

  220. 220
    Last time Oliver tried horse, he was shagging 'is misses says:

    ah fuc, sorry, norton had been at my hard-disk again, so ce la vie, it turno oot anononese.

    Sorry for repeat, mon frind.

  221. 221
    albacore says:

    Only purely hypothetically, of course
    And assuming that they called in no foreign force
    When the LibLabCons at last reap what they have sown
    Where will they seek asylum, once their cover’s blown?

  222. 222
    Last time Oliver tried horse, he was shagging 'is misses says:

    remarkably stringy, but for some reason, tasted like beef from my school dinners when young, back in the 1970’s…..

  223. 223
    Vote yes to The UK and No to The EUSSR says:

    Judging by your bigoted language I would have thought that separatists like yourself would have a natural Ally in fellow separatist Salmond. Your vision of breaking up the UK dovetails perfectly with the EUSSR strategy of divide and conquer

  224. 224
    Last time Oliver tried horse, he was shagging 'is misses says:

    Still can’t spell it, benectictine et I le vous belguiques?


    Burnley and Ally Campbell “occasional glass of wine” might be able to tell me the proper spelling.

  225. 225
    not a machine says:

    It all seemed to get a good fisking on bolton and co , but then I read Cranmers Blogg and I wasnt so sure quite where Mr Pickles was going on Alistair Campbells spin a victory in trinkets , is perhaps just up the athiests street ….. The framing of Christianity (yes I know there are other eligions) of/by politics is all too sneaky and slight of hand for me . Still chin chin , when your city or town becomes grand theft auto for real and you a multiplayer , perhaps you will have vague memories and regrets of rubbishing christian teaching .

    NN on towncentres , I sort of sppreciated the attempt , but as ever with liberal elites you just dont get it, that town centres was where you traded because it provided commerce for ….. your town centre and jobs … really didnt need whiney “tech age well its what we all expect at a click ” or mmm “if you cant compete on price then you need theatre ” . funny not of one panel thought of making amazon pay for the NHS , just so as to restore flow on money an all (slaps hand on forhead, you are all so bright in public school !)

    Guardian: wanrs Torys not be oppertune on EU ……. what could be more oppertune than , a thumping great increase in contributions dureing a debt crisis , unable to sign off acoounts , spending like a idiots , unable to get countries out of austerity in euro …… what could be more oppertune Guardian readers , than a corrupt socialist empire , with indepted countries under the jackboot and sending even the as yet unbourn , the bill for it …. what could be more oppertune ?

  226. 226
    Last time Oliver tried horse, he was shagging 'is misses says:

    We have got to start talking to the wetty socks better, or we will lose all our oil,

  227. 227
    Speaking of spineless Euro Mongs... says:

    Anyone heard about the EU survey on GM food ?


  228. 228
    Anonymous says:

    what is breaking down is the trust between the vast majority and the minority.

  229. 229
    Last time Oliver tried horse, he was shagging 'is misses says:

    furthermore, from Wales/Cymru, if it will help you english, in diplomacy here and now, Mary Hopkins,

  230. 230
    Hang The Bastards says:

    He doesn’t give a fuck about Remploy.

    He was SHAMED into turning up.

  231. 231
    not a machine says:

    Blair the bringer of devolution (costs a lot more but , so less yer sporran but hey) heir to EU president in final era of career , make loads of money , leaves many countries busted for a generation …. FIN

  232. 232
    Anonymous says:

    globalCorps actively running the front line of global reframing.
    they will not succeed despite vast hoodwinkery. Their ambitions are no less than an attempt to redefine everything.

  233. 233
    not a machine says:

    Its a lie , GM crop rotations end up knackering more of land and soil , become sort of monocultures , end up having to lace land with chemical cosktails as diseases become more potent when they occure , end up turning fields in laboratorys just to get consistant yields …… much better longer term to have rotations with background disease varities , so as not to create singualr strains unaffected by chemicals .

    GM is bollocks they can do most of what they want with traditional cross breeding methods . Also crops and animals that lead normal lives taste better ….. and work more in harmony to enviroment on a balance sheet basis . GM is just borrow borrow borrow , until its knackered …..

  234. 234
    Vince Cable, Minister for (giving all of us the) Business says:

    Well, D-U-U-U-H-H-H, I said that years ago, or doesn’t anybody remember?

  235. 235
    not a machine says:

    Up until the 60s I think , just as we once used to have pork and beef butchers , no large town would be without a horse butchers , braised I think was a british favourite .

    No doubt by now you are all pondering , if my cat and dog food doesnt contain horse … where does it actually go to (lot of horses die each year) …… clearly every little helps ….

  236. 236
    GM Watch says:

    You are totally correct.

    The only people who benefit are the manufacturers of the crops – the long term effects on people are really not understood. My personal experience – I did not become ‘gluten intolerant’ part way through life of my own accord – something has changed with the wheat.

    To get an idea about what wonders GM will bring – just look into the high levels of suicide among farmers in India who got suckered in during the 90s.

  237. 237
  238. 238
    UKIP Watch says:

    Good interview with Mr. Farage posted above.

    UKIP need to be careful of succumbing to the Political Correctness and liberal left attack pattern.

    The one issue they need to defuse is that when they project a view or opinion which is counter to the politically correct norm, that they know how to respond to the charge of being ‘extremist’ and neutralize that.

    In this interview, one saw the first sign of doubt in Farage as to how that should be handled. Sticking to what he has done previously, and just keeping the party morally clean is all they should worry about.

  239. 239
    Last time Oliver tried horse, he was shagging 'is misses says:

    Fuck, sorry neighm missed your warbelings here. Check my later ones on such.

    When your horse let’s you down, shoot it, and chuck his thigh on the barbie. I say. With some rosemary and all that poncy herbs. yah koshe,. me maites, bling like.

  240. 240
    Mong Watch says:

    200 Global Warming Protesters (??) met with light snow flurries and a cold front:


    – Apparently, the cold weather is not the point… Is this an inversion of Popper’s denial ?

  241. 241
    Last time Oliver tried horse, he was shagging 'is misses says:

    ok ok ok english, so Alice Lewis is welsh, and lives and works and sing in La France.

    Pensez-vous que vous toire français ont un problème avec ça?

    Rhagor Alice, en la francais,

  242. 242
    Last time Oliver tried horse, he was shagging 'is misses says:

    heard grannies.when times were hard, used to buy more dog and cat food than their cats could consume.

    But with cheap curry powder, it is remarkable what you can rustle up.

  243. 243
    Last time Oliver tried horse, he was shagging 'is misses says:

    By the way Gord, heard Aldis has a special on for Burn’s Night, get it while it is hot and tightfisted,


    Och ay the noo, sheeps entrails with oats, in a dodgy skin.

  244. 244
    France is a danger to Global peace says:

    Looks like the surrender monkeys are sending more troops over:


    Despite the fact that the French will lose badly (they need at least 5000), the following propaganda welcome is a little strong:

    “The French resemble a fly that was attracted to a pot of honey. Now their feet are sticky. They can’t fly away anymore. … It’s to our advantage that they send in French troops on foot. We are waiting for them. And what they should know is that every French soldier that comes into our territory should make sure to prepare his will beforehand, because he will not leave alive.”

    Flies to the turd is more appropriate, and one hopes the French have packed their running shoes and spare underpants. And, hopefully those pesky IED’s will be a little softer than they were elsewhere.

    Incidentally, any French who are wounded will likely be emasculated before they die. Enjoy.

  245. 245
    Last time Oliver tried horse, he was shagging 'is misses says:

    we were glad to distant ourselves from you se englanders, talking pervert – look at that clan Cameron now, not knowing which way he faces.

    A smack on his arse by me, and I will tell him future imagination. And I am from Wales, of all places. But us welsh have always been good at thatm when the english SE Thames have lost their way,

  246. 246
    Last time Oliver tried horse, he was shagging 'is misses says:

    Farage plays it as he see’s itm the chancer.

    He a loud mouth gobshite, at the end of the day.

  247. 247
    Last time Oliver tried horse, he was shagging 'is misses says:

    fuck, repeat that for you Lige, without typos,

    Farage plays it as he see’s it, the chancer.

    He’s a loud mouth gobshite, at the end of the day.

    : )

  248. 248
    Last time Oliver tried horse, he was shagging 'is misses says:

    song for Lizzy One, sweet very young above, with Anne still headful, in garden then.

  249. 249
    Last time Oliver tried horse, he was shagging 'is misses says:

    I spot Anne Boleyns all the time, this one hits me as one, in recent times, but is over sea,

    See what I mean?

  250. 250
    Tachybaptus says:

    Wonder whether it even contains something as real as horse. If you look at it carefully (as I have, wondering why the cat refused it), you find that each chunk is made of a kind of gluey mush which is probably partly MRM — mechanically recovered meat, scraps removed from bones with wire brushes and solvents — and partly some kind of matrix made of heaven knows what to hold the fragments together. It is covered with a flavoured coating or equally dubious origin — for example, artificial beef flavour is made from chicken feathers. The cat licked off the tasty outside and left the gunk in the middle, and I didn’t blame him.

  251. 251
    UKIP Watch says:

    One would disagree.

    Up until now though he has not had to calculate as he perhaps did not seriously think that people would get behind him for real.

    He can do it though, just needs to stay cool and honest.

  252. 252
    Last time Oliver tried horse, he was shagging 'is misses says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the Nige, but he is, as polite as I can, only extends to about the Watford Gap. Otherside of there and Nige is nothing minded.

  253. 253
    Last time Oliver tried horse, he was shagging 'is misses says:

    heard dolphin was in it, but that could just be a rumour. Dolphins caught in nets, that is, not intentionally caught, before you get excited, maybe..

  254. 254
    Last time Oliver tried horse, he was shagging 'is misses says:

    and during WWII with meat rations, it was surprising how the rat population was very low, or is that still not released yet?

    : )

  255. 255
    Last time Oliver tried horse, he was shagging 'is misses says:

    yes, corned beef WW2 squaddies, or should I say, a tin of corned Ben,

  256. 256
    Last time Oliver tried horse, he was shagging 'is misses says:

    Scottish song for the Gord, by an oirish bugger, of all people. Last one, honest,

    stop blubbering Gord, for fuck sakes, the neighbours are watching…

  257. 257
    UKIP Watch says:

    No worries, I do get what you are saying and agree. Farage comes over as credible and honest, and there is no reason to doubt that, which is partly what is winning him support.

    Seeing as things appear to be getting serious now, more serious analysis is required.

    The party and he as leader, from the perspective of entities which could tame the civil service and represent the UK on the world stage, how does this look ?

    Farage’s strength of character and perception is directly to your point.

    He couldn’t do much worst a job than Cameron, and is a big step up from Broon, but if the UK did step away from Europe and started directly negotiating it’s own trade deals etc., how would he fair leading trade delegations and negotiating on the world stage, how would his support ?

    The best thing that could happen this year, other than continuing to challenge Labour and consolidating their new apparent support, is if some serious Conservative hitters (and maybe some from Labour back benches ?) move over to UKIP.

    Talking up UKIP is dangerous for the party as they are still vulnerable to becoming a victim of their own success right now. But they are for sure ahead of the Lib Dems now, and are representative of middle ground politic in the UK moving forward.

    They should draft a manifesto section on family ASAP. This is the biggest gap in their manifesto right now and very important.

    Moreover, clarifying that they support the individualist version of multiculturalism would also fix the remaining aspects of their immigration policy which are open to misinterpretation.

    When people finally realize that they are a libertarian not liberal party they will realize that they are not a single issue protest vote but very real and tangible expression of the people.

    One hopes that the party does not lose the inner flair which the country needs to get itself back to where it should be. They are certainly making UK politics very interesting.

  258. 258
    Last time Oliver tried horse, he was shagging 'is misses says:

    Could say Oireland is a serious problem to us, since they are in a sticky situation, more than any country in the World, and they have only been treated without hysteria by EU, since they are next to us, and of course their left foot connections in the US, Paddy Day and all that bullshite glassey eyed crapola.

  259. 259
    Last time Oliver tried horse, he was shagging 'is misses says:

    But sorry, I have to say this, since I am a close close close welsh rugby follower in Wales in the Rabodiesct league, the celtic league in another name, the oirish come across as total fantasy arsebreaths, not knowing their country is broke twenty times over.

    Life of O’Reilly? It certainly is. They are fucking dreamers and still can#t see reality nor still feel it.

    And Ronan O’Gara? suck on this!

  260. 260
    Abu-Qatar says:

    I would not be able to live the life I have today without Disability Benefits.

  261. 261
    Nurse Airy says:

    Little Jack Horner sat in the corner
    Eating his Christmas pie…

    But where is the boy who looks after the sheep?
    He’s down in the haystack with little Bo Peep.

  262. 262
    Last time Oliver tried horse, he was shagging 'is misses says:

    Thoughts from Wales,
    IRA thinking,
    no bombings here,
    from republican buddies.

    They may have killed our soldiers,
    for the Queens shilling.
    But on our own land,
    Paddy was shitting.

    No bombs in Cymru,
    IRA developed set off.
    Because the oirish conts,
    really do loike us.

    “painting road signs Jim? Couldn’t afford the brush, let alone the paint, Jim”

  263. 263
    LabLibCon, nothing between them says:

    Give it a break, Osborne is spending more than the Brown lunatic,

    Debt is rising and the coalition is awash with 5 and 10 year plans, green idiocy, tax and spend Keynsianism, mass uncontrolled immigration continues, the courts protect terrorists and cast iron Dave still sucks E-you cock.

    We changed governing parties, not policies, they remain and are destroying this country.

  264. 264
    Helpfully Yours says:

    WTF don’t you get a proper spell checker to go over your opuses before you press the submit button? Just type what you have to say in ‘Word’ first, do the corrections as automatically indicated and then copy and paste here.

    That just might make some of actually bother to read what you write. Until then.. no way pal.

  265. 265
    Last time Oliver tried horse, he was shagging 'is misses says:

    More Sigrid und Marina, und ich weiß, du willst es, so zu stoppen blödsinn selbst verleugnen sich selbst von ihnen. Ok, osterreich – zo?

    adolf hitler!/jezzuz chroist!

  266. 266
    Last time Oliver tried horse, he was shagging 'is misses says:

    and if top of the pops was still around, I am sure they would have been a xmas number one in the last few years with this,

  267. 267
    Last time Oliver tried horse, he was shagging 'is misses says:

    be less hypocritical that that wotsit still to be decided, Cliff fucking Richard.

  268. 268
    Last time Oliver tried horse, he was shagging 'is misses says:

    s’pose I got my fumming point out in the end, between lines, then hammer tennis balls.

    perverts state protected by the establishment, rain at Wimbledon and all that crap, so see through.

  269. 269
    albacore says:

    UKIP taking Parliamentary defectors?
    Farage would need a barrage of lie-detectors
    Any turncoat branded with the LibLabCon mark
    Would be too iffy to be let in from the dark

  270. 270
    Last time Oliver tried horse, he was shagging 'is misses says:

    Viva La France, aux Legion les étrangère.

  271. 271
    Last time Oliver tried horse, he was shagging 'is misses says:

    remember once jumping out a fifteen hunred feet, para did not open properly, going fuck fuck fuck twirling and spinning my legs to untancgle, and it did, bore I thudded the ground on my sweet spot as training taught with such, as in my arse. If I used my legs, they would have been up my throat. And the odd branch of tree helped too, and not flat ground, slope good enough.

    Turned out it was my para pack got soaked sometime, fucking up the disperment from pack.

    Still, could hardly sit down for days, but I survived.

  272. 272
    Alice says:

    RG45 7EG, sorely!

  273. 273
    Ol' Dobbin says:

    I’ve become a neigh-sayer since eating a burger.

  274. 274
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    To be fair most Labour women look like blokes and have more stubble than a prop forward (as well as the same dimensions)

  275. 275
    Alice says:

    Sad, but true.

  276. 276
    Ann Robinson says:

    Can’t we ask the Welsh that infest this site to go post on some sort of jibber jabber welsh site?

    Tis clear they get pissed up on brains bitter stay up late and post all sorts of nonsense.

    Does this site have some sort of Welsh virus?

  277. 277
    Last time Oliver tried horse, he was shagging 'is misses says:

    It is called mind wars, Ann.

    How’s your cousins in Denbigh Ann? Still not talking to you?

  278. 278
    Spartacus says:

    Looks like Lord Brown of Goldsale to me

  279. 279
    Elisabeth Gabriele Valérie Marie says:

    It’s called Jabberwonky.
    The cure is some sort of verbal blade.

  280. 280
    Ann Robinson says:

    The thing I don’t understand is that the average taff is actually proud of being Welsh ……go figure……..!!!! As Ann Robinson put it “What are the Welsh for?”

  281. 281
    Ann Robinson says:

    You are on to it Ann!!!! …… I’ll never forget the look on my fathers face when we went to Tenby for a holiday and the bloody place was ‘dry’ on a Sunday ..the only time I saw my father cry.

  282. 282
    PC49½ says:

    An arresting sight.

  283. 283
    Sheepshaggers of the world unite says:

    Irony is a Welshman insulting anybody LOL

  284. 284
    Mdm DeFarge says:

    Stop shouting Joan (message all in CAPITALS)

  285. 285
    Disco Biscuit says:

    Remploy. Don’t they provide work for otherwise unemployable people with a disability?

  286. 286
    Madame Tussauds says:

    Soor, but it’s not Mr Bown. It’s one of ours.

  287. 287
    I hate Blue Labour says:

    He seems to have nothing but eat in the last couple of years, the fat bastard. Let’s hope a heart attack and painful death come for him soon.

  288. 288
    Anonymous says:

    He’s been moonlighting as a magician in Las Vegas for the past few years. He c alls himself Gordy Brown when performing there!

  289. 289
    lojolondon says:

    Give JOAN a break – the thing is still at school, doesn’t know web etiquette or where the caps-lock is…

  290. 290
    Silvio says:

    Has the official version been of which “B” paid her mortgage, and whether she’s still got it? Wasn’t it supposed to be revealed after her hubby was prosecuted?

  291. 291
    one reason to be cheerful says:

    just imagine the fucking party!

    when the dropjawed scottish shitstain stops breathing at last

    it’s gotta happen at some point soon. he looks fucking rough.

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