January 14th, 2013

Not the First Boobs Alex Aiken Has Handled
Guido’s Sunday Column Now Online

The Prime Minister might be cutting child benefit for hard-working families up and down the country, but that hasn’t stopped him showing off about his £3,500 for a Savile Row suit to fashionistas. However Guido’s favourite story from his Daily Star Sunday column, that involved Whitehall’s newest spinner:

star“THE Tories were against political appointments to the Civil Service until they got into government. But now Alex Aiken, the party’s former head of news under William Hague, is taking over as executive director of government communications – one of the most powerful spin jobs in Whitehall. A decade ago Aiken was a Tory HQ staffer when he was famously spotted leaving a Commons bar with topless model Jo Guest, inset, after a marathon drinking session. Downing Street will be hoping Aiken can keep abreast of the news and spin the Government out of trouble, which means it’s not the last time he will be handling big boobs.”

If you had picked up your copy yesterday you would also have the latest on legendary luncher Lord Strathclyde, how Dave “lost the room” while briefing Tory MPs on 2015 election strategy, and why James Landale caused a stir when he got the news about Andrew Marr. Guido’s column is now online here


  1. 1
    V1le Labour ruined my Country says:

    Leave the eu today.

    • 12
      What Have the Romans done for us? Rubbish collections? Garbage! says:

      whose boobs… where

      • 15
        What Have the Romans done for us? Rubbish collections? Garbage! says:


        • 16
          What Have the Romans done for us? Rubbish collections? Garbage! says:

          Come and emigrate to the US, to find people like you, same mind wealth, without questions asked,


          • What Have the Romans done for us? Rubbish collections? Garbage! says:

            Already got a passport to the US, after Charlotte 1985. Got a load of Iowa sponsors from from there, Calmer Iowa, and I am not bullshitting, from the Adams extended family.

            Just turn up there, they said, and you are in, in the gay bar…. : )

          • What Have the Romans done for us? Rubbish collections? Garbage! says:

            oops, sorry, Iowa friends, Calmar even, near Deborah.

          • What Have the Romans done for us? Rubbish collections? Garbage! says:

            oops again Decorah even, Io

          • Doctor Frasier Crane here, you are all just brit perverts says:

            but i suppose they drew a line to savile and cliff – fuck off they said.

    • 13
      Jimmy says:

      No one’s stopping you.

      • 59

        Have you not noticed you fuckin Welsh nutter that you are talking to yourself
        nobody gives a flying about your poxy video clips
        Note to self Never buy the children a
        Chad Valley My first Computer for Christmas

  2. 2
    Alex Aiken is a ?unt says:

    Alex Aiken is a ?unt. That is all.

  3. 3
    Moussa Koussa Mark 4 says:

    When do we expect his resignation ?????

    • 8
      Losers lost, Leaders we don't have says:

      Don’t know why Libor rubbish bother trying to wind people up on this blog, were doing our best to get rid of Camoron and his tail coat hangers on for you, your problem is having the two Ed’s and getting in coalition with the Libdums, we will soon be a third world country when you lot get back in.

    • 53
      Jimmy says:

      “David Cameron praises C17 plane just moments before it breaks down.

      David Cameron today praised “our most advanced and capable transport plane” just moments before it got stuck on the runway on its way to assist the French in Mali”.

      Jonah Cameron?

  4. 4
    Losers lost, Leaders we don't have says:

    Do Camoron have to ask his spads if it’s ok to go and have a crap, it would be cheaper and easier if he asked the people of the country the question, 2015 Dave getting closer.

  5. 6
    Alex Aiken is a cunt says:

    Damnit! Alex Aiken is a cunt! Got that?

    • 69
      Just making sure we have got things clear says:

      About this Alex Aiken – what’s your candid judgement? Hunt or not?

      • 70
        Just making sure we have got things clear says:

        Sorry. Hunt or not?

        • 71
          Just making sure we have got things clear says:

          Is he a complete Huhne?

          • Alex Aiken is a cunt says:

            Just to be clear, Alex Aiken is an utter Huhne of the hoonest order. He’s a complete cunt in fact. Apologies if I was at all vague on this point earlier.

  6. 9
    Chukus Yermoney says:

    £3,5000 !!! Is that from Primark?

    • 46
      V1le Labour ruined my Country says:

      Yes far too cheap for shadow cabinet Labour multimillionaires.

    • 60
      albacore says:

      Three thousand, five hundred pounds for a whistle?
      Oh my! Ain’t that guy as sharp as a thistle?
      In a onesie, like his kids, though, he’d look just so cute
      Suit him down to the ground, sir – a proper romper suit

  7. 10
    Darth Murdoch says:

    I love the idea that a bunch of rich people are moaning about losing some benefits, while they support the government making the most vulnerable much poorer through brutal benefit cuts.
    You made your bed, now lie in it.

    • 17
      Plato says:

      “…brutal benefit cuts.”

      Any examples?

      • 21
        Vote4Ukip says:

        Not forgetting that it was the Labour government that not only made more people poorer but increased unemployment during their 13 year term of office. A 13 year period when the highest tax rate was 40% and are now whinging like hell because the Tories are changing it to 45%. Hypocritical wankers.

        • 43
          Darth Murdoch says:

          “…increased unemployment.”
          I thought this was a blog for libertarians?
          So only businesses make people employed and only governments make them unemployed?

          • CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

            In general this is true. No business wants to stop a productive activity however governments tend to make it non-cost effective to employ.

      • 26
        CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

        Benefits are brutal to taxpayers. It shows how ungrateful the scrounger classes are for those who pay for their otherwise unsustainable lifestyles.

        Also “means testing child benefit” is an oxymoron, it turns it into a feckless reproduction reward.

        • 35
          Plato says:

          Who the F would have a baby for £13.40 a week??

          • CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

            + No Council Tax
            + Free House
            + Free Car
            + Other benefits.

            “Fecklessly” knocking out a sprog works out at 25 grand a year AFTER tax wage.

            The fabian left love meddling so when they got burned supporting eugenics they decided dysgenics was the way to go.

        • 45
          Darth Murdoch says:

          I suspect we agree on the child benefit point.
          My point was I found the hypocrisy of Guido’s winging hilarious, he moans about cuts to rich peoples benefits while supporting cutting poor people’s.
          Fiscal nimbyism I believe its called.

      • 42
        Darth Murdoch says:

        Housing benefit, council tax benefit and DLA would be 3 just off the top of my head.

        • 56
          CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

          Mostly they become Landlord benefit through higher rents…

          Remind me again, do most MPs own BtL “empires”?

          • Darth Murdoch says:

            DLA obviously has nothing to do with landlords, neither do council tax benefit.
            As for housing, yes it does, which is why private rents should be capped.

          • albacore says:

            Even so, Pickles, says there won’t be enough houses
            For the migrants whose arrival his lot espouses
            You never know, if they didn’t pay them to come
            Some poor Brits might not end up living in a slum

  8. 11
    Moussa Koussa Mark 4 says:

    £140K plus bonuses. Nice.

    Would Matthew Sinclair at The Wa*nk Stain Alliance care to comment or is he still foaming at the mouth regarding the Malvinas

    • 28
      CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

      Good of you to highlight yours and the lefts utter lack of patriotism.

      • 38
        Moussa Koussa Mark 4 says:

        Shouldnt you be on the boat to Ulster to protest….LOL

        • 48
          CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

          Are you utterly deranged or do you just put on a show?

          Are you sponsored by the right to make it look like the left are all morons?

  9. 14
    arty mcfarty says:

    have a word with the star’s online graphics department- they are using a low quality copy of your guido logo and consequently it looks shite.


    congrats on your victory at lakeside last night :)

  10. 18
    Tony B Liar says:

    Beech, Leylandi, Hawthorn, Privet or Yew?

    I’ve started a Hedge operation from my Mayfair Nursery

  11. 23
    Guest Beast says:

    Those conservatives have got some front !

    Here is their new spokes person Jo Guest

  12. 25
    Vote4Ukip says:

    Sales: Daily Star Sunday Nov 12 368,268, Nov 11 640,406

  13. 37
    Concerned and caring Mental health Problems Outreach Worker says:

    I have been looking at this blog and the posts over a number of weeks and have noticed there is a number of people that have clear Mental problems. For instance there is one person who posts very,very silly things, and then lots and lots of youtube vids. As a previous poster has mentioned this is exactly like a young boy in the playground shouting “look at me, look at me”. Suggest this young man goes onto a blog that will suit him better like the following.

  14. 39
    Moussa Koussa Mark 4 says:


  15. 40
    Shake your booty says:

  16. 41
    What Have the Romans done for us? Rubbish collections? Garbage! says:

    A song for all our ladies, that get their toots oot, for us, grandfathers old with their eyes, suddenly enlarged,

  17. 44
    Concerned and caring Mental health Problems Outreach Worker says:

    Look at me, look at me

    • 47
      hank the cat says:

      I think that you are right, one of these days guido is going to get pissed off and stop youtube vids postings

      • 57
        Tachybaptus says:

        Guido, are you reading this? Please do it.

      • 58
        Tay King-dePisse says:

        And for those who have made an attempt to keep such postings on topic, this will be a great loss indeed. No longer will we be able to put up such videos as that of Fat Bastard lambasting Govie Boy:

        And it was SO much fun to post, everytime Guido did anything about either of them! (It’s just so much fun to post, full stop!)

        • 66
          Doctor Frasier Crane here, you are all just brit perverts says:

          let me lend you a word, my honorable member for, where was it again? West Bromwich – that is a footie club surely, ok, I’ll belive you.

          The member opposite is a total humingous arsebreath cu nt, and I commend that, to the House.

          Ye Ye, and all that crap.

      • 67
        Doctor Frasier Crane here, you are all just brit perverts says:

        hank – he’s getting ad subs from it. Why do do you think I am doing it?

  18. 49
    Operation Crossbow says:

    So according to some Muppet on the BBC Romania is a hub of IT programmers who will be coming to the UK. And there’s me thinking the place was full of pikies.

    He also stated that to suggest there will be a flood of immigrants into the UK is wrong (where have we heard that before) and of course Victoria Derbyshire didn’t challenge him once.

    If any of the white working class thought they had a remote chance of a job, once 500,000 pikies turn up all willing to work for 50p a day they’ve got no chance.

    Should make the fat cat bosses happy though (and the Tories)

    • 55
      CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

      and all the landlords whose places they’ll rent.

      Unfiltered and subsidised immigration is a benefit payment to the rent-seeking classes.

  19. 51

    You failed to mention that Jo Guest has been seriously ill for several years now
    She has Fibromyalgia which doesn’t sound very nice


  20. 72
    Roger the page 3 girl says:

    “he was famously spotted leaving a Commons bar with topless model Jo Guest”

    Are you sure it wasn’t just William Hague and Iain Duncan Smith deep in conversation?

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