January 11th, 2013

The Nonce Factories: The NHS, BBC and Savile

The focus of the Jimmy Savile saga is moving away from just the BBC to the widespread grooming by the star of the National Health Service. ITV have the whole damning list of offences on NHS property in full:

  • Leeds General Infirmary (LGI) – 16 offences between 1965 and 1995.
  • Stoke Mandeville Hospital – 22 offences between 1965 and 1988.
  • Broadmoor Hospital – one offence in 1991.
  • Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust: St James University Hospital – one offence in 1962.
  • High Royds Hospital – one offence in 1989.
  • Dewsbury and District Hospital – one offence in 1969.
  • Wycombe General Hospital – one offence.
  • Great Ormond Street Hospital – one offence in 1971.
  • Ashworth Hospital- one offence in 1971.
  • Exeter Hospital – one offence in 1970.
  • Portsmouth Royal Hospital – one offence in 1964.
  • St. Catherine’s Hospital – one offence in 1964.
  • Saxondale Hospital – one offence in 1971.
  • Wheatfields Hospice – one offence in 1971.

A paedophile at the heart of the two most “cherished” institutions in this country. Guido hears that despite being launched at the beginning of December the Department of Health’s investigation has barely begun. The envy of the world…


  1. 1
    genghiz the kahn says:

    How many offences committed at the BBC’s premises?


    • 2
      V1le Labour ruined my Country says:

      Unknown and probably ongoing!


      • 7

        They could discover hundreds of Saviles, all at the BBC, with hundreds of thousands of kiddies abused and what do you suppose would happen?

        Sweet Fuck All.


        • 20
          No there's an idea says:

          Sweet Fuck All.


          • Vote UKIP says:

            Fuck all was Savile’s motto.


          • Sir Jimmy Saville dont forget my Monica says:

            Sir Jimmy Saville.. Knight of the Realm… Dont forget the Monica.. and the Political elite connections.. Isn’t amazing how the SIRS being Dropped.. How many other Nonces are UP with the Great and the Good


          • Sir JIM says:

            Sir Jimmy Saville,, How the fu-k did I do it??? And dont drop my Monica


          • 7th century desert nonce says:

            The NHS, BBS, Saville… why not “UK social services” deliberately ignoring my religious adherents too?

            Abuse by a factor of a 1000 to 1, compared to these other three combined.

            20 men standing in aline to give a dose of enrichment to a drugged 12 year old. Taking place RIGHT NOW, not 18 years ago. Police accusing those who report the screams, of being racist.


          • Reap what you Sow my Country says:

            Likes the way the BEEB concerntrated on what went on in the hozzies in their news reports today, but forgot to mention that he was a BBC employee for 47 years. And you could double it what happened at Shepherd’s Bush, I reckon. No doubt some were bought off by the beeb to keep their mouths zipped.

            Thank god for Channel Four and, dare I say it, Sky with Kay Burlaesque.


        • 29
          CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

          true, but it could involve the whole media and entertainment industry, if investigations were widened enough. Which of course they won’t be because the politicians can’t afford to upset the media and have so many close connections with them. The newspapers are already guilty of aiding the cover-up for decades, by saying nothing when they knew damn well what was going on at the BBC.

          The media, even more than politics, is sleaze filled and full of pervs and degenerates. Even if people are not partaking in it themselves, they are turning a blind and accepting the behaviour by others.


          • Misternedderry says:

            Very true. The BBC facilitated and covered up child abuse by it’s senior staff on it’s premises for decades. The rest of the media did nothing about it. The NHS is rife with it too, as are social services and child protection, the courts, the judiciary and the civil service and politicians.

            We need to clean the stables. The entire state establishment is rotten and infected with this sickness.


          • Something else we know about but dont like to mention it says:

            The casting couch culture , both hetro and homo, of the entertainment industry is a national abomination which is the source of much abuse and damaged individuals.


          • Anonymous says:

            Look at some of the kids TV programmes and see how happy kids are and what a wonderful time they are having. There could be some reasons for this.


          • Arse fuck for freedom says:

            The judo mat culture (homo only) of the political class is a national abomination which is the source of much abuse and damaged individuals.


        • 92
          Sara says:


          Cameron would never do anything to upset the BBC / Guardian / NHS / Union axis of evil.

          he so wants to be loved by them.

          Derelict in his duty – he as PM should be smashing those pillars of filth to dust.


        • 94
          What's Left? says:

          Savile….the NHS…..the BBC

          National Treasures all.

          That is: taking the piss & our treasure too


          • Phil says:

            You missed out the Police and CPS.I have not heard anyone ask “how many complaints have been made over the last 40 years to the police and those forwarded to CPS for prosecution?”.
            I suspect that the reason is that the answer will be appallingly embarassing to the two organisation’s who were the only people who could and should have stopped this pervert decade’s ago.


          • Spacker Brown says:

            Abolish the paedo fee.


        • 139
          Pundit Too says:

          NHS did not employ Savile. Bring Back Communism did.
          This lunchtime on BBC radio 4 World at One with the rabidly anti government Shaun Ley he tried to divert attention onto the NHS with Minister Hunt (no jokes this time on his name).
          Hunt went along with this. So does this mean the Conservatives are keeping their powder dry for the big push on the loony lefties at BBC?
          Revenge is best served cold. If I was Hunt I would be relishing this. It is now a matter of achieving ultimate and total embarrassment to the BBC.


          • misterned says:

            Is an organisation which enabled, facilitated and covered up five decades of child abuse by its senior staff on its premises, really a fit and proper organisation to hold a broadcast licence?


    • 22
      Raving Loon says:

      Do their climate reports count?


      • 84
        CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

        CAGW faith is there to fuck everyone. So yes.


        • 152
          David A the Whispering Warmist says:

          Stop breathing out C02 at once or another baby elephant will die in the dust with its mother crying over its little grey corpse (cue funereal music, high fives all round in the BBC editing suite.)


    • 41
      Rowan Williams says:

      I am just glad that we have the Church to fall back on what with all these institutions being shown for what they are.


      • 57
        Anonymous says:

        Kiddie fiddling and bum bashing is almost a condition of entry to the church, but i suppose you expect those that believe in fairy stories to have a screw loose.


        • 117
          Arse bandit of old England. says:

          Why is believing in a fairy story” any worse than believing in “nothing”?


          • optional says:

            Logical fallacy, my friend. Is believing a lie better than believing in nothing? Knowing something is false doesn’t mean you believe in nothing.


          • Arse bandit of old England. says:

            So you know there is nothing….. ?


          • Arse bandit of old England. says:

            And what exactly is the lie?


          • optional says:

            Religions. They’re all man made lies, are they not? Every one of them.


          • Arse bandit of Old England! says:

            So all religions are conspiracies or just one big conspiracy. And I thought Alex Jones was nuts, seems the conspiracy theorists are more widespread than I thought..


          • Moonie Looney says:

            @Arse bandit

            Don’t close your mind to possibilities.
            By the time Alex Jones is proved right, it’ll be too late do do anything about it.

            Is the probability of a divine power more or less likely than a human conspiracy to manipulate other humans (for good or bad I’m not being judgemental)?


    • 54
      Terrible But True says:

      ‘Savile saga is moving away from just the BBC’

      Whilst the mutual support shown shunting blame around the public sector until any actual accountability by any individual(s) gets lost in the gap… again… is touching, it does seem uniquely different how the actual employer of said alleged offender, who created and boosted and sheltered him, seems to be quietly backing out stage left. And is being allowed to do so.

      When it comes to managing the message, it really helps to have control of the medium.


    • 75
      Anonymous says:

      When you end up showing children programmes in TV showing kids are having lovely time in care homes you have to wonder what is happening in this country.

      Before the state stared to interfacer with family and family values these type of problems would have been far less.


    • 191
      lojolondon says:

      You are bang on there – the BBC has been making a big deal of all the different places where JS abused someone – just one BBC site, dozens of NHS and other sites.

      Completely overlooking the fact that he was in the office together with his victims every day of the week for decades, and that is where his power base was.


  2. 3
    FrankFisher says:

    And the police today collude in protecting them both, telling us Savile “groomed the entire nation” – umm, no he fucking didn’t. Rumours were rife for decades – we all heard them. Why didn’t you lot act?

    AND, why are the CPS once again escaping attention? Who prosecutes the prosecutors?


  3. 4
    Anonymous says:

    And spent every Christmas and New Year at Chequers with Margaret Thatcher, who gave him free run in Broadmoor.


    • 12

      So..you;’re saying Thatcher knew! And colluded too? WoW! Yes, I bet she was involved Maybe giving him special passes to attend secret kids only government camps.

      I’d get on to the Guardian right away.. Think you’ve uncovered a story that could bring down the government! Quick..quick..get typing!


    • 52
      CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

      Get this straight (it’s all fatcher’s fault) lefty cretin.


      Savile wouldn’t have had access to Thatcher or Prince Charles or anyone else of note, if the BBC got shot of him in the first place.


      • 65
        Fish says:

        VD on her Five Lice show is reading plenty of innuendo ridden texts along the lines of Anonymong’s post above…’Savile was being protected by people in high places,’ and all that.

        She must be bursting her knickers trying not to mention Thatcher.


      • 147
        SarumSea says:

        Spot on. Keep pedalling.


      • 149
        Misternedderry says:

        Very True, and now the BBC are desperate to distance themselves from THEIR failure to uphold their duty of care and how they enabled, and covered up, systematic child abuse on their premises, by their senior staff, for decades.


  4. 5
    Leon Brittan says:

    Rule 1. Don’t get caught
    Rule 2. If you do, make sure MI5 or MI6 are in it with you.


  5. 8
    Scamp The Excitable Dog says:

    At least we now know why he was made a ‘Sir’…
    That’s some helluva work rate in the area of ‘giving’.


  6. 9
    Observer says:

    Offences? Alleged offences, surely?


  7. 16
    Owen jones says:

    Fuck me the BBC is nonce central!


    • 91
      CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

      In digital nomenclature a NONCE is a “number used once”.

      Not the best term ever I think.


      • 135
        Terry Dactyl says:

        Used by prison staff, to explain the segregation of inmates who were convicted of sex crimes towards children and the other inmates



    • 183

      Auntie is currently trying to cover up for Rev Dodgy Dave Coulton tge former chaplain of Eton and Radley


  8. 17
    Ike Turner says:

    “in those days they didn’t call it abuse, they called it fun”.


  9. 18
    Cyril Smith says:

    You aint seen me, right.


  10. 21
    Some Twat up North says:

    Lets look on the bright side here.

    It was highly unlikely that he abused any rich kids.


  11. 27
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    He was also a Roman Catholic so presumably that ‘cherished institution’ and all its gullible followers are also responsible.


    • 44
      Some Twat up North says:

      Tales from the confessional.

      Jimmy: Father, Father, I have sinned.

      Father: Not again Jimmy, crikey you are doig better than me! But do tell.

      Jimmy: Well he was 14 and ever so poorly in hospital, I just couldn’t help myself, he desperately needed a loving hand to see him through his troubles.

      Father: Where is this unfortunate child now Jimmy?

      Jimmy: He’s just come out of hospital Father and is seemingly much better.

      Father: Thats great news Jimmy, but I think you should bring him here for me to give him some guidance. As for your sins Jimmy, I think four hail Mary’s and a squat thrust or two will suffice.

      Jimmy: Thank you Father Amen.


  12. 32
    rebekah says:

    But of course none of those bosses in the NHS, the beeb or the police that turned a blind eye to what he was doing are going to have to answer for their actions!


    • 148
      SarumSea says:

      Naaaaaah…….well retired now on a v. fat pension.


      • 170
        Conrad says:

        Everytime there is a scandal of this sort nothing is done until those involved are dead or safely in retirement- Birmingham 6 for example- not until the coppers, lawyers and judges had completed their careers and were well clear of justice did the truth come out.


  13. 36
    Sick of Scroungers says:

    Don’t forget all the peadoes in the BBC. Do not let them spin their way out of this.
    It was Saville’s fame generated and promoted by the BBC that allowed him access to all these places.


    • 49
      All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing says:

      One of the key questions is…Who authorised Savile to have keys to NHS (and Broadmoor) establishments and why. I don’t care how many millions you raise for charity or how famous you are..you should NEVER have been given what amounted to unrestricted access by being given your own set of keys. The ere fact that he was asking for such should have firstly been refused and secondly asked why…it seems to me that the money was more of a consideration than the protection of the vulnerable and if they threatened to stop the money then again you would need to ask why they were making such threats


  14. 38
    sack the incompetents says:

    but it couldnt happen again now…….unless you live in a culturally diversified northern town


    • 51
      Equal Rights says:

      14 year old white girl found by Police in a car at night in a car park in Rotherham with an adult pakistani male, half a bottle of vodka. He has indecent pictures of her on his phone.

      Police prosecute her for a public order offence and he walks away scott free.

      Now that’s entertainment!


    • 56
      Misternedderry says:

      All the most loved institutions of the left appear to be child abusing cess-pits!
      The BBC, NHS, Islam, The EU.


  15. 39
    Chris Patten says:

    I think the BBC behaved impeccably in their aim of furthering Children’s Entertainment.
    Down Shep!


  16. 40
  17. 42
    a non says:

    Makes you wonder how entertaing Danny Boyle’s Olympic ceremony would have been if the powers that be had released this information any earlier?


  18. 48
    hi everyone says:

    AND THE ROYAL FAMILY who savile seemed to be with all the time, but guido is too much of a wimp to attack them, the little bitch


    • 85
      Propaganda Watch says:

      Irrespective of personal belief, it is a good idea not to attack the wrong people, especially without any evidence.

      Remember the propaganda maxim:

      Credibility alone must determine whether propaganda output should be true or false.


    • 97
      Charlie Windsor says:

      Jimmy who? I don’t know anyone of that name.


    • 153
      SarumSea says:

      The Royal Family (GBHM)only react to the perceived penchants of their subjects. When it goes wrong, it is no good blaming them. We the people are responsible for their interaction with us.


  19. 58
    Moussa Koussa Mark 4 says:

    Blaming the BBC….LOL

    That is akin to blaming UK stabbings on the manufacturers of Sheffield steel blades


    • 61
      Fork off says:

      Well if the steel blade manufacturer knew who was using the blades to stab people and did precisely the square root of fuck all about it, then yes you are correct.


    • 93
      CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

      I see you’ve come out against gun control.


      • 127
        Arse bandit of old England. says:

        Don’t you understand that we’ve passed the idea of personal responsibility a long time ago. It’s all about the compensation now. Large institutions and corporations have been put into the firing line because they have cash and assets making claims for damages far more profitable for the victims and lawyers…


  20. 59
    A normal person says:

    I’m a minority in the UK because I’m white, and now I’m a minority because I’m not a Gayer or a Nonce.


  21. 60
    Penfold says:

    A damning indictment.

    We have rafts of laws, with more demanded, yet Savile defeated the lot.

    Just what is the point of CRB checks and the implementation of a STASI state, which takes away our freedoms, just to allegedly prevent another Savile who would drive an Artic through the rules…..


  22. 62
    Moussa Koussa Mark 4 says:

    …any chance of posting a link to all the love letters jimmy used to send to the 80’s Witch….who then in turn gave Jimmy £500K for one of his charities


  23. 63
    Greedo Fawkes says:

    So the NHS and BBC are corrupt harbingers of noncery but Thatcher, Senior Tories and Royalty were just innocent bystanders? Is that right?


    • 79
      Mad Hattie Harman (deputy leader of the Labour Party) says:

      There’s nothing wrong with noncery. In the early 1980s, I worked tirelessly to scrap the legal age of consent, so peedos could legally have sex with kids.

      Damn the evil Tories for thwarting my plans.


      • 123
        Noose Watch says:

        Did somebody say Harman ?


      • 130
        Funambulist says:

        Not forgetting EU Federalist ‘Dany le Rouge’ who used his autobiography to boast of the opportunities for kiddy-fiddling that running a right-on kindergarden gave him. True objective of the ‘Frankfurt School’?


    • 155
      SarumSea says:

      You bet you are right.


  24. 64
    Wormtongue says:

    Guido – you’re spot on – again. The BBC culture has a lot to answer for.


  25. 70
    The Truth says:

    Expect some utter shite to be spouted over the next few days all designed to cover up the criminal negligence of some in the Police and DPP in not prosecuting Savile.
    We will be told that it was the fault of the “system” and that the Law as it stood at the time prevented any prosecutions.
    We will be reminded that in these cases it was one persons word against another and therefore difficult to prove.
    Now I am not advocating prosecutions of individual cases where there is no independent supporting evidence as that brings its own difficulties but what we will not be told is that it was always the case that where you have A NUMBER of similar accusations against an individual which taken on their own may prove difficult to prosecute, can be self supporting if prosecuted TOGETHER. In other words once it became apparent that there was a pattern of allegations against Savile then prosecution would have been possible.
    No the simple fact is that moral cowardice prevented this wicked man from facing justice, too many people lacking the courage of doing the right thing. They are a fucking disgrace !


    • 101
      The Truth says:

      Hats off to Joshua Rozenburgh on SKY news making this very point about a pattern of accusations making a strong case when taken together. My point is that the prosecuting authorities knew this was an option and a way to prosecute Savile and they deliberately chose not to go down that route. That was negligence and unforgivable on their part.


      • 109
        Nonce Watch says:

        It is good that some in the press are making the point, but this still does not change the issue that the state prosecutors have failed dismally over a period of years in the one aspect of their job which they are paid to do: Protect the public.

        It is especially damning that they have screwed up with respect to protecting the public from child abusers such as Savile, and as their office is now without credibility, who knows how many others.

        Time for some fundamental changes.


  26. 81
    Send them to Syria for a nice holiday says:


  27. 95
    Ah! Monika 2013 +1 says:

    SAVILE REPORT:Prime minister’s spokesman: ‘It is absolutely right that every institution involved gets to the bottom of what has gone on.

    At least he has a sense of humour


    • 104
      Cynical-old-bag says:

      I think there should be a full inquiry, but getting someone completely imparshial to oversee it is going to be very difficult.


  28. 100
    Bolshevik Broadcasting Corpse says:

    If the BBC wasn’t youf-obsessed, and didn’t have the music industry as its puppet masters, then Savile would never ever have become a “celebrity” — and thus hundreds of people would probably not have been abused, and he would probably have been caught much sooner.

    Savile never had any discernible talent. He was a bunch of catchphrases in a bad wig. And he was always creepy on TV, even before any of this came out. The shows he was on may have been popular, but this had nothing to do with him. Jim’ll Fix it would have been just as popular with anyone, anyone at all, presenting it. There was never any public service broadcasting justification for employing Savile, at any time. The opposite is true; if the BBC truly abided by its quality public service broadcasting remit, employing Savile would be inconceivable.

    Considering there was smoke and rumours about him early in his career, they could easily have removed him from TV and radio on the basis of their remit to provide quality programming. They didn’t need proof of his abuse — the proof of his lack of talent was always there.

    BBC Light Entertainment has many more questions to answer. And some brave journalists really need to dig deep into the BBC’s relationship with the music industry, there’s very likely some very dark secrets, and whole supermarket shelves of cans of worms there.


    • 105
      LOL says:

      “some brave journalists” LOL where will they be then ? Journos these days are to busy either taking their orders as lobby foder or cutting and pasting Max Cliffords latest press release on some Beard or Merkin.


  29. 102
    Gary Jones says:


    our secret services have been at it for years


  30. 103
    BBC: Perfect Greek Gift says:

    Interesting chalice to pass over to the EU for funding eh ?


  31. 106
  32. 107
    Jimmy says:

    So appointing Savile was part of Attila the Hen’s anti-NHS strategy?


    • 110
      Conspiracy Watch says:

      I get where you are coming from, but don’t really see how that works.

      Sending him into Broadmoor though was arguably part of a strategy to break the Union there at the time.


  33. 111
    pen4old says:

    A damning indictment on “protection”.


  34. 114
    Red Ed says:

    If we only poured more money into the NHS, then more pedophiles could get children on the NHS, rather than just wealthy stars. It’s unfair that the poor miss out again.


  35. 115
    Jay says:

    Maybe they are waiting for investigations into the tory party to start, seeing as it were they who gave him their blessing to nonce at will – despite all the allegations and investigations into the freak show that they were fully aware of, way more so than the public?
    They will be waiting a long time if they think the latest gatekeeper of Nonceville aka Cameron will give up his kiddy fiddling mates and his and Samtheman cams family being such good friends with Laud and all. Lauds holed up in Africa – slagging Dave off in a hissy fit of having their close relationship wiped off the net in the last few months.
    Do you reckon SamthemanCam’s a cut and shut?


  36. 116
    Hargaret Modge, Labour MP and Hypocritical serial long term aggressive Tax Avoider + expenses thief says:

    Jimmy Saville at this time remains dead.


  37. 119
    Moussa Koussa Mark 4 says:

    Will Jim Davidson be attending the Tory conferance this year


    • 167
      CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

      questioned because he allegedly felt up a couple of, mid-twenties, tarts tits 25 years ago.
      No Labour Luvvie would ever do such a thing, well, not if there are young boys about!


  38. 124
    Johnny says says:

    The contrast between a few places with several offences and several places with just one is intriguing. I wonder if the management of those latter places had enough of a spine to tell him to stay away but not enough to go to the police.


  39. 128
    Reasons to go to North Yorkshire says:

    To piss on what’s left of Savile’s grave.


  40. 129
    s.s. says:

    Has anyone else noticed that those in the public eye and there have been many now.
    Those that have been anti Gun owning, those against people owning their own firearms at home have all turned out to be Child Molesters, Paedophiles, Savile is Certainly one who was anti gun.


  41. 131
    Cuthbert Gaddabout says:

    So Guido using the Saville affair to have a go at the NHS? – thin and desperate stuff my friend.


  42. 132
    Ratcatcher says:

    You think you’ve got big Balls? You should see the size of the cock we’ve got here.


  43. 133
    Lord Pierre de Handlesome says:

    BBC = Boys Botties, Chaps!


  44. 138
    They fear the hare says:

    I’m sure lessons will be learned etc.


  45. 142
    Headlong says:

    “Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust: St James University Hospital – one offence in 1962.”

    Er, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust was formed in 1998. How are they trying to pin something on them that happened in one of their facilities in 1962????


  46. 158
    BBC Nonce says:

    How many offences were carried out on the BBC premises?


  47. 159
    Arise, Sir Jim says:

    Oi …. my saveloy has a night-hood. Show some respect. Boaz.


  48. 160
    Why are all the celebrity paedos and gropers right-wing? says:

    Tory-supporting, Thatcher-loving paedo commits heinous crimes in hospitals. Who do the right-wing nutcases blame? The Tory-supporting, Thatcher-loving paedo? Nah, the hospitals.


  49. 169
    Gaston says:

    This happened because it was allowed to happen. Like a recidivist pedo priest, S. enjoyed life-long protection higher up the food chain.


  50. 171
    Anonymous says:

    A message to Jimmy from Prince Charles…


  51. 175
    Denis says:

    Any word on the 11 straight Christmases he spent at Chequers with Maggie?


    • 185
      CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

      Yes, Hunty.

      Her kids were too old and mobile to be victims and had the BBC not made him into a big celebrity and big charity fundraiser, he would never have had acces to her.

      But hey! lefty and BBC scum are desperate to politicise this against the conservatives so go on, it was all Fatcher’s fault!


  52. 177
    optional says:

    Police Commander Peter Spindler: “… it could be said he groomed the nation. He was hiding in plain sight, and yet none of us were able to do anything about it.”

    (presumably a pre-rehearsed sound-bite from the PR guy)

    None of “us” were able to do anything? No, none of us (the public) were but you’d expect the police to realise they had some power. Does this guy know he’s a copper or does he just hand out speeding tickets.


    • 189
      Gaston says:

      Well said Optional.

      I can easily imagine Spindler dolled up in big braided, full-of-authority hat practicing his lines in front of the mirror beforehand.

      PR spindoctor positioning: “We’re all victims here.”


  53. 178
    Reap what you Sow my country says:

    Savile – seems he was the appointed kiddie fiddler for the nation.

    Child catcher fron Chitty-Chitty-Bangbang comes to mind. Wonder if that was about child fiddling, between the lines.


  54. 180
    Lord Jensen Interceptor says:

    C’mon, Guido, this is a load of fucking crap. There are allegations but no proof of offences.

    A lot of scammers jumping on this bandwagon to get some of his legacy, methinks. Why did the adults not go to the police / takeout a private prosecution at the time?


    • 184
      CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

      stop defending the indefensible. Cursory bullshit and a few compo chasers, doesn’t hide the rotten state of affairs at the BBC and NHS that allowed Saviles’s undoubted many many offences to take place.


      • 188
        Reap what you Sow my Country says:

        and he assaulted a sixteen year old in front of the cameras, that BBC transmitted, even though she complained.

        Said he put his finger right up her crevice, the dirty beast.


  55. 192
    Sandy Jamieson says:

    The report only covers England and Wales. Bearing in mind Saville’s connection with Glencoe, why doesn’t Alex Salmond initiate a similar investigation in Scotland?


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