January 11th, 2013

Gordon’s Alive! Sign the Great Gordon Brown Repeal Bill Petition

Guido has always said the best way to provide a living wage to the lowest earners is to cut tax rather than raise the minimum wage. Campaigning Tory MP Rob Halfon has launched a new petition to reverse the last government’s scrapping of the 10p tax rate, aptly calling it the Great Gordon Brown Repeal Bill. As if by perfect timing the Prime Mentalist will be speaking in Parliament for the first time in over a year next week. You can sign the petition against him here


  1. 1
    filipinomonkey says:

    Not often you get the words Gordon Brown and Great in the same sentence


    • 34
      The Stilton Eater says:

      Gordon Brown is the greatest shirker.


      • 71
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        Actually, Gordon is a very hard worker. As the Duke of Wellington said, “God save us from the hard-working and stupid man”. Unfortunately, God’s attention was elsewhere.


  2. 2
    Jazzjuicer says:

    Probably not first.


  3. 3
    Some Twat up North says:

    Can’t we have a petition to get the wages he’s had back?


    • 50
      Another Twat Up North says:

      MP pay should be linked to attendance at the HoC and other constituency business. If they are busy doing other things for 50% of the time then only pay them 50%. If they have a high record of attendance (85% or something) then give them the full amount. This would weed out the really lazy fuckers like Brown.


  4. 4
    Yvonne from The Colliers Arms Clydach says:

    This is a pretty stupid debate .

    Whether they say they are doing you a favour by reducing tax rates or increasing the minimum wage the bastards are still screwing you one way or the other .


  5. 5
    Postal Votes are Labour Loo Paper says:

    Is McDoom worried that even his own constituents might have rumbled the fact that he is a useless idle trougher?


  6. 8
    Owen Jones says:

    Of course I hate the evil Tories, but I do agree with them on gay marriage. My boyfriend says I would look lovely walking down the aisle with a white suit and a red buttonhole.


  7. 9
    IanH says:



  8. 11
    Ah ffs says:

    Brown’s alive, recall the search parties, those snails searching for him will be pleased.


  9. 12
    Rinka Scott says:

    I have seen a Liberal place a gun in my brains .

    Let us not forget.


  10. 13
    I yomped in a field in the Falklands says:

    And I have seen Both Mr Brown and Mr Cameron behaving impeccably when visiting the National War Memorial.

    Let us not forget that too.


  11. 14

    I see the Metropolitan Police’s report into the allegations against Jimmy Savile is entitled Giving Victims a Voice.

    This naming does not suggest a factual approach but an emotive one. That is not what we should expect from our capital’s constabulary. However worthy the motive might be (and it might not), their job is to present facts in an impartial and unbiased way. The title of this report suggests that they may not be aware of that duty.

    It was another branch of public service, the BBC, who let the country down so badly over the whole Savile affair. Why should the Met effectively perpetuate such muddle headedness?


    • 20
      Some Twat up North says:

      Morning Cat, bright and early today…

      Do you really expect any sort of professionalism from these people, not the incompetence we all know is now the norm?


      • 27

        Morning STuN.

        No, of course I don’t expect professionalism from any quarter nowadays. On those rare occasions when one can detect it, it comes like a welcome breath of fresh air.

        The only hope is that by pointing it out, it may not be forgotten altogether…


    • 36
      albacore says:

      So you don’t reckon the propaganda’s professional?
      They’ll exhume the corpse and stick it in a confessional
      Any sideshow will do to divert attention
      From the grooming today they’d rather not mention


    • 79
      Sylvio says:

      I stroked the thigh of a 17 year old girl in 1972.

      Should I own up or hide forever in shameful silence ?


  12. 15
    nellnewman says:

    Does anybody know what gordon is going to spe@k about in parliament next week?

    I hope it’s not to tell us how he’s saving the world and ensuring that every the child in the world will be in education by 2013 – because that’ll be another lie to add to all his other mistakes and lies.


    • 22
      Some Twat up North says:

      Remploy in Fife appears to be his subject.


      • 39
        Ah ffs says:

        Why?, Remploy were getting factories closed down by Labour and him during the 13 year reign of Labour terror, so is he going to blame it all on that idiot Camoron, not a greasy as I thought if he is, using the Labour tactic of blame the other politician not us.


      • 73
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        I wonder if he’ll mention the 2 unaffordable aircraft carriers he stitched up the MOD with as workfare for those of his constituents who are actually employable and want to work?


    • 62
      Tony says:

      Gordon likes to speak about Gordon, mostly.


  13. 17
    rebekah says:

    Does anybody know what gormlessgordon is going to spe@k about in parliament next week?

    I hope it’s not to tell us how he’s spending his time, at our expense, saving the world and that he personally is going ensure that every child in the world will be in education by 2013 – because that’ll be another blatant lie to add to all his others.


  14. 19
    Dave"The One Term Prime Minister" Cameron says:

    Honda says it is to cut 800 jobs at its Swindon factory after a drop in demand for cars across Europe.

    Marvellous news,and another nail in the coffin for my campaign to be a “One Term Prime Minister”


    • 23
      The Loony Left says:

      Quite right. the slackening of demand for cars in Europe is all Cameron’s fault. Well spotted.


      • 33
        Vote UKIP says:

        Yes everything bad that happens in the world is the fault of Cameron whilst anything bad that happened under Brown was all the fault of bankers, even though he encouraged them to take risks. 110% mortgages? What could possibly go wrong.


        • 65
          Not a BBC spokesperson says:

          I say, we’re always on the lookout for talent and I like the cut of your jib – would you like a job with us?


    • 25
      Some Twat up North says:

      On the plus side a £9,000,000.00 contract for some firm in Yorkshire to supply the Army with Glock pistols…

      In this age of austerity, surely we could have gone direct to Glock in Austria and cut out the middleman. Usual profit margins are in the region of 30% which would have ameant a possible saving in the region of £3,000,000.00

      Makes you wonder who owns this company and who sits on it’s BOD

      Sounds like something Tim Yeo might be interested in…


    • 29
      Twatwatch says:

      absolutely. What a foreign car maker does, due to global economic conditions, is all Cameron’s fault!

      Fvck off! back to liebourlist you dim-witted shite!


      • 44
        George Gideon Oliver Osborne says:

        Here is the company statement and I have to say that I agree 100%.

        Honda is planning to cut 800 jobs at its Swindon plant, blaming “the lunatic economic policies of the Conservative led coalition”.

        It is the first time the Japanese carmaker has cut jobs in the UK since it began manufacturing there in 1992.


        • 46
          Vince says:

          Yes Gideon, absolutely correct as usual.

          Shall we combat this with a rise in VAT that always works.


        • 82
          Ed Balls Fisted My Economy says:

          Hmm. Pretty intersting paraphrasing of their veep’s statement “While the UK market is stable and there’s opportunity for growth, we don’t see the same opportunity in mainland Europe for growth,” he said.”, which would seem to undermine your take on it…


    • 80
      Ed Davey, and other arseholes too says:

      yipppeee, think of the improvement in CO2 levels by all these cars not being made and sold. ITs a wonderful boost for the climate change campaign. Rejoice rejoice.


  15. 21
    Steve Miliband says:

    Looks like Gordon’s wearing a Pinstripe Straightjacket


  16. 24
    HJ says:

    The 10p rate was never anything more of a gimmick anyway. If Brown had really wanted to help the lower paid, then he could have done it more effectively and more simply by simply raising personal allowances by half of the width of the 10p rate band. Instead, he drew more and more low paid people into paying income tax and then, later, increased the amount that they pay by doubling the 10p rate. A deeply unpleasant man who put concern for the low paid well below his personal desire for political advantage.

    The current government has already increased the personal allowance by far more than the 10p rate was ever worth to the low paid.


    • 37
      Vote UKIP says:

      Indeed. Another tax rate like the 10% one just makes more work for state workers to fuck up.


    • 38
      Mornington Crescent says:

      Exactly, HJ.

      I thought we were meant to be simplifying the tax system, not making it more complex with more bands.

      Just jack the Income Tax threshold up to ~£12k, ban ALL immigration of low-qualified people (thus reducing the over-supply of labour) and then scrap the Minimum Wage altogether.

      Result: wages will rise to civilised levels (‘civilised’ by most reasonable people’s definition, not by greedy tax-avoiding CEOs) and lower-paid people will be able to keep more of their hard-earned themselves, instead of it being confiscated by a bureaucratic, inefficient State.


      • 41
        Some Twat up North says:

        + 100


      • 53
        Viv Dean says:

        Quite agree. And while we’re at it, make the income tax threshold equal the State Pension, so no pensioner is taxed on their pension.

        And if we also restricted child benefit to the first two children resident in UK for all families regardless of income, it would:
        Reward ‘stay at home’ mums
        Reduce the numbers of families having several children on the back of the benefits system
        Reduce the number of immigrants
        Reduce the pressure on the education system
        Reduce pressure on the NHS
        And it would eventually feed through to reduce the need for extra housing, and, even more eventually, reduce pressure on pensions

        Too simple?


  17. 26
    Raving Loon says:

    Income tax should be abolished for anyone earning less than the national average salary, and employers NI should be scrapped since it’s basically a tax on giving someone a job.


  18. 31
    John says:

    But, Guido — this petition DOES call for raising wages, from minimum wage to “living wage”. I wouldn’t sign it, certainly not to beat the dead horse that is Mr Brown.


  19. 40
    The Burnistoun Butcher says:

    Remploy Marine Fife – Mr Gordon Brown

    Has the Buffty frae Kirkcaldy just realized if they close the local Remploy branch down he’ll have no more “special” friends to play with?
    Especially as his bum pal that nice Steve Purcell no longer visits him.


  20. 45
    Tory Relaunch !!!!!!!! says:

    Bring on the “triple dip” recession.

    You know it makes sense.


  21. 48
    Hugh Grant says:

    Fuck you all you nasty people, Gordon’s a victim like me!


  22. 49
    Some Twat up North says:

    Breaking News!!!!

    A4e to open a new branch in Swindon creating 14 jobs


    • 59
      GEORGE OSBORNE says:

      This is great news for the 800 Honda car workers who are about to be made redundant
      Despite record car sales announced on Monday

      It just goes to show our policy is working by creating jobs in Britain


  23. 52

    Another warning today about what will happen to us if we leave the EU.

    All first born male children will be slaughtered.

    We must see sense and not allow this to happen.


  24. 54

    I can’t believe we are even considering a referendum on the EU or leaving it. The odds are stacked against us, including this time, even the USA.

    It wouldn’t be the first time we have been on our own, now, would it?


  25. 55
    NOBBY LONG says:

    Japan is going to spend it’s way out of recession
    the Japanese pm has given the go ahead to spend billions on infrastructure , 5 billion over the next three months alone and to print billions of yen to stimulate their economy

    800 jobs going at Honda in Swindon, good start


  26. 56
    made oi larf says:

    HMRC sent back a Self-Assessment tax form to a man in Evesham to correct his answer to the question “Do you have anyone dependent on you?

    His reported response :

    “2.1 million illegal immigrants, 1.1 million crackheads, 4.4 million unemployable Jeremy Kyle scroungers, 900,000 criminals in over 85 prisons, plus 650 idiots in Parliament, and the whole of the European Commission”.

    HMRC said this reply was not acceptable, to which he replied:
    “Who did I miss out?”

    Valley News


  27. 57
    Some Twat up North says:

    More Breaking News!!!

    Government plans to re start British car industry and begin manufacture of the Austin Maxi in Barnsley creating 3 new jobs


    • 66
      GEORGE OSBORNE says:

      Breaking news
      My local paper shop is looking for a delivery boy !
      The successful applicant will start working 1 hour a day , two mornings a week but could eventually be increased to 12 hours a week inc evenings and Sat and Sunday mornings
      paper bag with wheels on supplied


    • 68
      Damned Impertinent Questions says:

      Wonderful car and when it breaks down it makes a great hen house …..or as many victims of Labour Economic Mis-Management call it ….’home’


  28. 60
    Some Twat up North says:

    Even more good news!!!

    A4e to offer swindon ex car workers jobs in Barnsley


  29. 61
    Johnny says says:

    The 10p rate was introduced by Brown for political point scoring (lowest starting rate of tax) and was removed by Brown for political point scoring (lowering the basic rate of tax from 22% to 20% iirc).

    The tax system is already far too complicated. Putting the 10p rate back into the mix is a silly idea. It was never completely removed either as you still have a 10p rate on interest if you have a low income.


  30. 64
    Some Twat up North says:

    More Breaking news!!!

    Government plans to de mechanise the salt mining industry creating 4,000 jobs for young people.


  31. 67
    Damned Impertinent Questions says:

    Repeal Gordon? I prefer tae Malkie ‘im


  32. 75
    Lavender Tories says:

    Surely Liam Fox could’ve spoken to Adam before airing his opposition to gay marriage. Is it fair for Adam to read about Liam’s opinion on the issue in the papers? Is their, ahem, friendship on the rocks?


  33. 76
    Gordon Brown says:

    I am Superman.


  34. 77
    Ed Balls says:

    i suppose it’s not worth pointing out that gordon brown introduced the 10p rate in the first place, so the name doesn’t make sense.


  35. 83
    DWWolds says:

    Can we please have a petition to repeal Brown? At the very least can we please have a petition to remove him from Parliament as he hardly ever attends anyway?


  36. 90
    Rob Halfwit MP says:

    He should spend more time in the Commons engaged in vital work like me. EDMs on homeopathy don’t just draft themselves


  37. 91
    Tim Williamson says:

    Any MP brave enough to call “I SPY STRANGER”?


    • 92

      Let us hope that someone has the wit,the Tories should give him a hard time.


  38. 98
    Anonymous says:

    Bringing back the 10% rate is a fucking stupid idea, only a financially illiterate moron like Brown himself would ever consider such a thing.

    Why create an extra layer of complexity?

    Just raise the threshold at which you start paying tax instead, and if you really need/want to then decrease the tax threshold of the higher rate, fucking idiots.

    What the fuck is wrong with these idiots who continually want to make the tax/benefit system more complex?

    The suggestion of bringing back the 10% tax rate has the same stupidity level as Brown who decided to tax people, and then get them to beg for some it back via tax credits, rather than simply taxing people less in the first place.

    Fucking morons.

    I piss on the idea. and then spit on the pool of piss.


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