January 11th, 2013

Ed Moves Some Deckchairs

A minor Labour reshuffle today, with little of note. Miliband seems to have promoted some people Guido has never heard of, to jobs that nobody will listen to. Yvonne Fovargue and Lilian Greenwood go to the Shadow Transport team. Chi Onwurah MP moves from Shadow BIS to Shadow Cabinet Office. Alison McGovern  joins the Whips Office having been promoted from the strenuous job of Gordon’s PPS. As does Karl Turner, replacing Chris Ruane. Which is good, as he really likes shouting.

And now you know.


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    Karl Turner? The man who tweeted *Tory Bastard Scum* , very one nation.

    • 3
      Jimmy says:

      Be fair. Tautology is hardly a hanging offence.

      • 8
        Engineer says:

        No, but one wonders whether he take what he dishes out. *Incompetent two-faced lefty scum* is, after all, from the same mould.

      • 54
        lojolondon says:

        Wimped out on the Balls demotion I see – no surprise there!!

    • 21
      The Last Quango in Paris says:

      aah I remember him……

    • 42
      Reap what you Sow my Country says:

      Health turnover of staff it is called, which should be happening in the Treasury, if Dave Cee had any sense, but he hasn’t, of course.

    • 57
      Crabwaladr Moonpatch says:

      Chi Onwurah is slithering through the ranks very smoothly. She has a sister she doesn’t talk about, Ngozi. “If I had to choose…if someone says to me, choose…if there was a war between black people and white people and someone says choose who you are going to shoot, obviously I’d go over to the black side.” She is mixed-race, like her MP sister, so I’m not sure what is ‘obvious’ about her choice. Link to quote: http://www.mixedracestudies.org/wordpress/?tag=ngozi-onwurah

  2. 2
    Raving Loon says:

    “Chi Onwurah”

    I don’t even know where to start with that one.

    • 4
      Jimmy says:

      You’ll manage somehow.

    • 7
      The BBC says:

      We have now distanced ourselves far away enough from Jimmy somebody or other. Now back to our normal business, triple pay-off anyone?

    • 15
      Ed Balls' exploding trousers says:

      Is he(?) one of the Berkshire Onwurahs?

      • 19

        He is a she!

        • 46
          Reap what you Sow my Country says:

          He’s a she, she’s a hem it’s a what, merit it is called. Couldn’t give a toss if the PM is a squirrel, as long as he can do the job properly.

          True meritocracy it is called.

    • 24
      Anonymous says:

      She is a formidably bright female engineer. In China she would be on the fast track to first female member of the politbureau. Here she is stuck behind the dross of PPE graduates, lawyers. PR consultants et al

      • 32
        Anonymous says:

        Back to China with her then.

      • 49
        Lord Jensen Interceptor says:

        She can’t be that bright if she is in the Labour Party.

      • 58
        Truth will out says:

        She was never an engineer. She served on politically slanted committees that occasionally looked at engineery things. She has the degree, but she hasn’t done any useful work.

    • 34
      genghiz the kahn says:

      Chi Onwurah is the final aria sung by Edwardo Milbando in the comic opera Il Fratelli. He sings of his triumph over his older brother David, in a fierce battle to win his party leadership. Of stage a chorus (You are shit, and you know you are) sung by Condemned reminds him that he doomed to defeat at the hands of the electorate five years later.

    • 38
      City of Vice says:

      I believe the name is Sioux of Cheyenne. Definitely not one of the Norfolk Obwurahs that much I know.

  3. 5
    I d on't nee d no doctor says:

    Well done Ed, that’s the first thing you have done in two and a half years. I’m sure we all agree that’s a great achievement.

  4. 6
    Engineer says:

    Never mind that trivia. I’ve just see a news item about mobile phones soon being capable of translating languages. Damn phones are bl**dy babel fish, now.

    Now I know I’m a reactionary luddite, but what happened to phones being phones, cameras being cameras, internet access being on computer, and foreign languages just being unintelligable babble? What next, matter transportation?

    *stomps off back to workshop, muttering darkly*

    • 9
      Wat Tyler says:

      Burn the phone factories.

    • 10
      BSW says:

      Get your spanner out, you have a screw loose.

      • 11
        Engineer says:

        I’d need a screwdriver for that, wouldn’t I?

        Good job I stomped to the workshop…

      • 12
        Engineer says:

        I’d need a screw d r i v e r for that wouldn’t I?

        Good job I stomped to the workshop….

        • 35
          BSW says:

          No, a screw has the thread up to the head. A bolt is part threaded.
          Therefore a screw or bolt can be hexagon headed or allen headed.
          BSW is British Standard Whitworth, old fashioned I know as most screws or bolts are now metric.
          Wood screws can be cross headed for a screw driver or posi drive.

          • Engineer says:

            If it has a hex. head or hexagon socket head it’s a ‘setscrew’, not a screw. A ‘screw’ in engineering terms (more correctly ‘machine screw’ to differentiate frm ‘woodscrew’) has a cheesehead, panhead, countersunk head – or no head at all if it’s a grubscrew.

            On threads, don’t forget British Standard Fine, Unified Coarse and Fine, BA, BSP, BSPT, NPT, Acme, Square, ME, BSB, BSC, several constant pitch series and lord knows how many specials.

            If you really want to know more, try Machinery’s Handbook or Machinery’s Screw Thread Book, or look up the relevant British Standards.

    • 14
      Mr Jessop says:


    • 18
      Jimmy says:

      Rumour has it that the new iphone will have an app which allows users to key in a series of numbers and talk to other device users in real time.

  5. 20

    Lilian mouth almighty Greenwood raise hackles every time she speaks and of course McGovern Mc Dooms PPS says it all,allowed the crocodile tears to flow over the Hillsborough statement Labour will never win the next election with this lot of shyte.

  6. 22
    JH230923495834 says:

    Yet more nobodies, elevated to potential power over industries they have barely heard of, encouraged to declare diktats over business they have never so much as experienced, never mind built and ran.

    We are overdue a fucking plague, we really are.

    • 52
      Le chat dans l'armoire says:

      If you look at the single mum stats, it would seem we already have one of those…

  7. 23
    Arsewipes says:

    All useless.

  8. 26
    I want an apology from Edinburgh University says:

    What a bunch of useless Hunts. Typical Socialist thinking when it comes to rewarding failure. They don’t take responsibility for their fucking failures. What a bunch of irresponsible arrogant Hunts.

  9. 27
    St Andrews University can shove their diploma up stinking Brown spineless arsehole. Sideways. Enjoy says:

    Typical, spineless idiots who are pawns in Labour’s hidden agenda. Intellectually crippled; every single one of them. Unapologetic about their failures.

  10. 28
    Mine d'Boggles says:

    Have they deliberately omitted to name a Shadow Minister for Reclaiming all the Subsidies paid out to windmill owners?

  11. 31
    You have to be thick as pig shit to vote says:

    What next? The slobbering Fat cut Tom Watson as Shadow Health Minister?

  12. 36
    Saffron says:

    Promoted to transport,good move RED ED seeing that she has spent most of her time in citizens advice and was parachuted into a safe LIEBOUR seat as was her colleague Nandy.
    Then again I suppose if she drives a car she would be ok in transport as would be millions more in this land.

  13. 41
    Smell the glove says:

    Mostly female appointees smacks of box ticking.This will unravel during election time when ed will need hard hitters and will have to deal with his cabinet appointees naively

    • 44
      Reap what you Sow my Country says:

      Blair with his babes put nitro in it, when the time was right, with guffaws by the tories then, but now Labour promote by merit now, since those humps have been overcome, with Labour at least.

      And Marge Beckett is a goddess, not a Dame.

      • 48
        CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

        How very droll! The Beckett comment gave you away.

        Labour promote according to their Union paymasters instructions of course.

  14. 59
    the savant10.4 highway patrol says:

    Chi Onwurah ???!!!

    Is that Yoruba for

    Chuck us yer Womga ??

  15. 60
  16. 61

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