January 9th, 2013

Young Independence: Incest, Beastiality and Necrophilia
Party Sources: Gay Marriage Was Tip of Iceberg

UKIP are kicking back at the youth chairman Olly Neville ‘sacked for opposing gay marriage’ story:

“It has been reported that he has been removed because of his support for gay marriage. This is not the case. However, we did point out to him that stating policy views which are in contradiction to Party policy, or mis-stating Party policy, in public media was not only in breach of his responsibilities but also contrary to the YI’s objects. In relation to the Party’s policies on areas including gay marriage, the European elections, the legalisation of drugs and prostitution among others, Mr Neville has been publicly at odds with the Party over the past few weeks.”

A more sympathetic party official tells Guido:

“Olly has the certainties of a 21 year old. As a party we are happy for a private member to hold any views they want, but as an officer of the party he has responsibilities, not merely to his sense of what is right and wrong, but also to the party at large.”

nickOthers have not been so patient. Guido understands that the World at One gay marriage interview was the straw that broke the camel’s back. UKIP sources say that a member holding different views from the party “is one thing, but having an office holder defending bestiality, incest and the BNP is quite another”. Alarms bells first started going off in UKIP HQ when Neville wrote an article headlined: “I agree with Nick… Griffin”. About the only worse that a UKIPer could say, after praising David Cameron, even if it was meant as  a joke.

His tweets on bestiality and necrophilia have also been circulated:

“Yes I am pro bestiality and necrophilia being legalised as you ask. Why should the state tell me I cant?… the animal was never human, the corpse is no longer human… if people want to do it and want it to be done to them whats wrong with it? …when your dead are you alive? no. so are you a living human being? no your a shell, your not a person anymore … hey dont have to, they arent a person anymore, theyre property, its like having sex with your pillow.”

Using the lefty media to go out with a bang has not exactly endeared Neville to his former colleagues, who were prepared to let this one go until the “wrong side of history” Indy piece popped up. While many were rightly defending him for being young and naive, it seems he should have thought twice about pouring fuel on the fire.


  1. 1
    UKIP person says:

    He can join Labour where necrophilia and bestiality are the norm.


    • 5
      Geneticist says:

      And inbreeding because of the very small socialist gene pool.


      • 26
        taffy candy says:

        Baa baa baa…..


      • 51
        Anonymous says:

        First we should look at how marriage is in UK

        1) large number of marriages end in divorce.
        2) adultly has become common.
        3) for married couples benefits are less compared too two single parents.
        4) most countries recognise marriage in, tax personal allowance. Not in UK.

        In my view in UK marriage has been degraded. I don’t understand why gays want to follow a degrades institution. As it is proposed it does make people equal either as gay marriages aren’t allowed in places of worship.


        • 58
          Casual Observer says:

          Destroying the family apparently stops kids from growing up to follow powerful authority figures.

          Adorno wrote about this in ‘The Authoritarian Personality’.

          Frankfurt school stuff…


        • 65
          Anonymous says:

          Government does seems to support marriage either. Every thing possible seems to have been done to make marriage fail.


        • 189
          Misandrist Target 2013 says:

          You missed out:

          5. Funding feminist terrorist “charities” such as Woman’s Aid, both at National and Local level in order to destroy marriages.

          Nonetheless, excellent post


    • 15
      Fail says:

      He’s shite at you’re, what’s and their as well.

      13 years of Labour educashun has thrashed the grammar out of him. No doubt Ed will welcome him with open arms.


      • 61
        Anonymous says:

        Just because you doesn’t agree with his view don’t give you any right to abuse him.

        I don’t agree with him either, as in my view marriage is an institution where both of them create children and bring them up in a loving environment. I don’t agree with gay marriage, as in this partnership couple cannot naturally produce kids with each other.


        • 70
          CarryHole is a Utter Hunt says:

          So you’re against people who are too old to have children getting married?


          • Really? says:

            Dunno about that, but I am against the state forcing people to do things against their deeply held beliefs. Even if I disagree with the beliefs they hold. Such arrangements as marriage, should be entirely voluntary arrangements between consenting parties, all parties.


          • CarryHole is a Utter Hunt says:

            Exactly and the church is one of those parties..


        • 127
          Gay Pride Dave says:


          Pointing out someones errors should be thought of as helpful and the person who made the errors should be thankful for them being made aware!

          Only a fuckwit wold classify that as abuse.


        • 143
          Nibs says:

          Commenting on his grammar his not abusing him.


      • 150
        Anonymous says:

        Well aren’t you just the Ostrich with the longest neck. He spent the entirety of his education in private school. He then paid for his university education which, as you’ll remember is a policy supported by the tories.


        • 172
          Aunty Maud says:

          Well, that was a complete waste of money then, wasn’t it? Pops could have bought another Merc instead.


    • 29
      Harriet says:

      I love my rabbit!


    • 42
      Jimmy Savile says:

      They were at the BBC. And touching up kids. Eeurgh eeurgh!


    • 53
      Rats says:

      Harriet Harperson use to support this sort of thing


    • 57
      Popeye says:

      I wonder in all seriousness why this clown has not been sectioned?
      He’s not just an idiot, he seems to me to be seriously deranged with his views, as published.


    • 98
    • 125
      lojolondon says:

      Yes, I was thinking he would get on well with Harriet Harperson!


    • 152
      Liarpoliticians says:

      Bloodletting in UKIP.


      • 153
        Liarpoliticians says:

        Oops, the right video..


        • 159
          haddock says:

          I’m surprised that Olly Neville didn’t shout his support for open borders and concreting over countryside for housing when he had access to a microphone…as may be imagined the grown ups in UKIP are distraught at losing someone who seemingly didn’t agree with a single UKIP policy.


    • 184
      Airey Belvoir says:

      He’s flogging a dead horse.


  2. 2
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Incest and necrophilia – Relatively dead boring.


  3. 3
    Casual Observer says:

    The guy is liberal scum and is right to be expelled from a libertarian party.


  4. 4
    Jimmy Savile says:

    Here Kiddy Kiddy


  5. 6
    Osric Testacles says:

    UKIP, Dads Army of political parties. Now without Private Pike.


  6. 7
    Nom Dom Nom V2.1 says:

    So what are his views on shagging a gay, dead horse?


    • 12
      Steve Miliband says:

      Fine, as long as it isn’t in Europe


      • 76
        Paradox says:

        But shagging animals is illegal in the UK however legal in many European countries – Belgium notably so.

        Surely this is a conflict of interest for the young chap ?

        Not sure if necrophilia is truly legal anywhere – and am not prepared to look that one up. If it is, can I suggest a military response followed by no shagging.


  7. 8
    FrankFisher says:

    The MSM will be looking for any stick to beat UKIP with now. I really think I should get myself in there, I do so like a fight…


  8. 9
    Nick Clegg says:

    Looking forward to being number 3 again :D


  9. 10
    tommy5dollar says:

    Good to see Guido defending UKIP to the last, even as they jump the shark and plunge off the precipice.


    • 161
      James Delingpole says:

      ^^^^^^yep, this blog used to be anti all political parties, now it’s little more than a UKIP fansite


  10. 11
    gramma says:

    Ollie Neville. Owen Jones and Laurie Penny.
    Youth does have it’s drawbacks.


    • 35
      Owen Jones says:

      Look don’t be mean I’m watching the greater leader and hero Chavez face death because the CIA killed him, and because all those mean nasty capitalists who say chavs are dirty, lazy and stupid didn’t like how he gave money to Ken Livingstone so we could ride cheaply on the bus to rightfully take back what’s ours from the Tories who live in Hampstead, Chelsea and St Johns Wood.


    • 45
      The team at Department S says:

      Such drawbacks……….


    • 158
      granpa says:

      Strangely I still don’t have the urge to burn him alive like those utter Hunts Owen Jones and Laurie Penny.


  11. 13
    jimbo says:

    This guy does not sound “normal ” to me, perhaps he should be taken away by men in white coats, but saying that, does that not apply to most of our politicians ?


    • 154
      jimbo's dad says:

      Not ‘normal’ but typical of people that didn’t go through Socialism to get to Libetarianism!


  12. 14
    Gordon Brown says:

    I wished them well.

    Retailer Jessops, which employs 2,000 people, has gone into administration


  13. 16
    Burnley is a labour free zone says:

    Bestiality and Necrophilia?

    Flogging a dead horse


  14. 17
    Ed Balls (Backbencher) says:

    Given the anti-austerity protests across the eurozone, the election of “rejectionist” governments could lead to further economic paralysis


  15. 18
    Boris agrees with Olly says:

    That’s what Boris said about homosexual wedlock. He said it is the same as marrying your dog.


  16. 19
    Gross sex says:


  17. 22
    123db says:

    Its so much better to say to people how you were too cool for school than to admit to not being able to follow simple instructions!


  18. 23
    Chris Patten says:

    UKIP solution to foxhunting – catch one and shag it to death job done!


  19. 27
    Red Ed says:

    I wont comment because the Welsh, Salford, Glasgow and Norfolk branches of the Labour Party told me “incest” is a term of abuse for normal cultural practices, and it’s anti Muslim too, because it’s just another way of living for people who are different.


  20. 28
    BBC says:

    We like the cut of his jib. We will have him on QT with our other stepford commentators


  21. 31
    • 37
      Stating the bleeding obvious says:



    • 66
      Spun Doctor says:

      Doubly no if you are being quoted in context with publicly available documentation of your views written by you.

      If you attempt to defend those sort of views you either are truly stupid or sick.

      Now is the time to either get some serious help, or go to the toilet and cry over a career that now isn’t to be. Good luck find one which will be.


    • 78
      The BBC causes serious mental illness says:

      We’ll hire him.

      You can stand in line for a microwave and photocopy right ?


  22. 32
    Psycho Neville. says:

    Humping a dead person is beyond the pale. It is morally repugnant. Animals should be protected from this idiot. Does Neville have mental health issues?


    • 55
      The team at Department S says:

      Well he did voluntarily join UKIP…..


    • 168
      Idiot says:

      I suppose corpses or animals aren’t going to judge you on your performance or require much in the way of social interaction prior to, or after, the event. Says quite a lot about the chap, I’d say.

      Maybe someone should ask him how the cadaver thing would work. Would he expect conjugal visits to chapels of rest? Would he need to know the deceased? Would people carry necro’ cards? Or, would it merely mean that if you topped someone and then shagged them that you’d only go up murder? Maybe people that found a relative who had passed away could advertise their existence on the internet and charge for people to pop round before informing the authorities….

      I’m not sure he’s thought past his deficiencies.


      • 174
        Anonymous says:

        Actually, he has answers to all those points. That you haven’t bothered to look into what they are does not mean hey don’t exist.


  23. 33
    John Moss says:

    UKIP disagreeing about policy has to be the political equivalent of two bald men fighting over a comb.


  24. 36
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    Neville was tolerated for much longer than any other party would have done so, given his record & his entrenched 21 year old worldview on a myriad of subjects.

    Enough really was enough.


  25. 38
    Graffito from Pompeii says:

    The man who b*ggers a fire burns his prick.


  26. 39
    Moussa Koussa Mark 4 says:

    errrrrrrrrr Has Dave been onto you Guido…Oh please help UKIP are kicking are arses…..LOL


  27. 40
    Moussa Koussa Mark 4 says:

    Has Dale asked you to be best man yet Guido…..LOL


  28. 43
    Look out Olly's about says:

    So Olly likes shagging the dead. Is that why he joined UKIP?

    The RSPCA had best check he isn’t one of their members too.


  29. 44
    Moussa Koussa Mark 4 says:

    Oh dear

    Borisido Boiswkes….did you get my christmas present…I sent you a Jessops gift voucher


  30. 46
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    Of course, as far as the Tweets go, one might legitimately inquire as to his intake of intoxicants immediately before the sending thereof.

    But another time, he quoted “Stewie”– even though, on this ONE point, “Stewie” MIGHT be right– and of course, that should have been a hanging offence, right then and there! (And BTW, God forbid “Stewie” might ever agree with Labour on certain things– that might get Diane Abbott’s knickers in a knot! Oh Jeez, mind bleach! STAT!)

    He was an embarrassment, and they’re cutting their losses by giving him the sack; would that the other Parties would do the same (Front Benches take note).


  31. 47
    Oily Neville says:

    Hat tip – these fellas are easy to catch


  32. 49
    Raving Loon says:

    People often misunderstand what libertarianism actually means.

    A libertarian can hold socially conservative or socially liberal views, they simply don’t view the state as a means of enforcing those views on the rest of soceity.

    Then again, people might say I don’t understand what libertarianism means based on the above statement.


    • 63
      The team at Department S says:

      With his, evident, second rate education, Olly might think it means looking after books.


    • 169
      Idiot says:

      Surely the major issue here is fuckwittery. Be libertarian till the cows come home and you have your wicked way with them – just don’t expect much of a career in politics for publicly stating that everyone should have the right to shag things that are less likely than another human being to turn you down.

      He could have spent the time that he used to disseminate his views on education, tax, technology, pollution or just about anything else in the world. Why that?


  33. 54
    ron Vibentrop says:

    Olly. I suggest you start with wanking, then after you have got that off your chest maybe you could move on to buggery?


  34. 59
    Casual Observer says:

    This guy is like a less moral Owen Jones. That is the only positive one could ever draw for OJ.


  35. 60
    Beast of Kensal Rise cemetary says:

    Now his career inpolitics is over lets just hope that he doesnt re-train as a vet or undertaker
    Would you leave your euthanised dog or mother with this person?
    By his logic its OK to s&4^ your mothers dead dog


    • 72
      Rotherham SS (Social Services) says:

      The public sector is always looking for men of caliber who are prepared to go beyond the bounds of leadership.

      Frau Thacker would very much like to speak with Mr. Neville about opportunities we have available in our child protection and grooming department.


  36. 62
    Blue Eyes says:

    He should have been fired for not knowing the difference between your and you’re.


  37. 64
    Anonymous says:

    In principal he’s right but there are other reasons such as risk of diseases etc as to why you can’t shag dead people or animals etc – he should look that up.

    But I think the pretence that UKIP are libertarian is now very dead and this is the final straw that decides I won’t vote for them.


  38. 67
    Olly Rabbit says:

    Help me


  39. 69
    Julia Middleton (CEO Common Purpose) says:

    Olly, you sound like good chap for one of our leadership courses.

    DM me.


  40. 73
    Pol Pot says:

    These ideas seem to be quite popular now in certain quarters, Guardian defending P*, BBC covering up child abuse, Mr Savile and his visits to the LGI mortuary. Something rotten in the State of Denmark?.


  41. 74
    Moussa Koussa Mark 4 says:

    When can we expect Andrew Mongshell back in the cabinet


    • 77
      Moussa Koussa Mark 4 says:

      This is why Mongo will not be back !!!!!!

      Andrew Mongchell MP claimed £299 for Landed Gentry publication – Burke’s Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage 107th Edition.

      Strangely he claimed for one copy at £299, but also claimed for 2 further copies at £180 each, total cost after post £688.

      What has this publication got to do with being an MP, and why buy 3 copies ?????

      Also requested bespoke shevles to be build at his home to store this massive book set…..errrrrrr £2100…..nice !!!!!!!


  42. 79
    The Queen Mum and her corgis says:

    FFS Olly, leave us alone.


  43. 80
    Moussa Koussa Mark 4 says:

    errrrrr werent TAX CREDITS used as a replacement for the Marriage Allowance

    errrrr I think they were !!!!!


    • 86
      Wotta Tossa Skid Mark 4 says:

      No. They were introduced by Gormless Gordon in 2003 to snare people in the benefits trap, build up his Client State and to glorify ‘lone parents’.


      • 148
        Gordon Browns client state says:

        Exactly! they were a wheeze to have everyone dependent on the State . They even had the gaul to take your money off you at source then require you to claim for it with the strapline ” after all its yours”. Thieving bastards.


        • 180
          'scuse my iggerunce says:

          “gall” dear state; “gaul” is what the Romans called France (and it was split into three parts, you know!)


  44. 81
    Seen Elsewhere says:

    Guido V the Select committee on Bloggers and Privacy. Worth a watch


    • 87
      Reimer says:

      Fuck me, David Bowie’s surprise comeback has seen him get everywhere in the media these last 36 hrs – even on the rhs front of the video-thumbnail.


  45. 85
    • 89
      Reimer says:

      Well there’s something for Dave & Nick to proudly announce: “Geoffrey off ‘Rainbow’s grave has been cordoned off whilst the wheels of justice grind these dreadful allegations to a grain-size fine enough to enable elite-arse-covering filtration. This shows what the coalition can do for the country and why you should support it if we ever decide to let you have another election.”


    • 97
      Keirs Stammer says:

      We left it on the train. Sorry but its gone


  46. 88
    Moussa Koussa Mark 4 says:

    The Queen has confirmed that if Willy and Kat have a girl, she will be a “”Princess”” and referred to as “”Her Royal Highness””.

    Another busy day at the palace I see.

    Daily Mong and Daily Express readers will be wa*nking themselves to death with this news.

    If it’s a boy, it will be known as James, after his uncles dad…..LOL


  47. 91

    That statement is just bluster from an obviously immature boy that thinks he’s clever and controversial. What really winds me up is that a supposedly educated ‘man’ can’t even use your/you’re in the right way.


  48. 93
    Owen Jones says:

    Owen Jones : I really like my bum — but I am scared of flashing it in The Westminster Arms.


  49. 94
    The Stilton Eater says:

    He’s retired to spend more time with his family pet.


  50. 99
    BBC Executive Summary for the Minions says:

    None of this will get out …



  51. 100
    Wanda Ringhands says:

    A bit of dog shagging followed by a trip to the morgue, eee what a grand day out Grommit


  52. 101
    Ah! Monika 2013 +1 says:

    Seen Elsewhere
    Interview: The man who Chavez wants dead.

    Required reading for Fatbot & Co.


  53. 102
    Owen Jones says:

    Just can’t trust the Tories on anything !

    Inflation calculation move looms http://bbc.in/WOaePm


  54. 103
    Anonymous says:

    So UKIP are not libertarians after all then. Shagging corpses, okay, I can see that won’t win any votes for the political pragmatist, but being against gay marriage – that’s none of the State’s business surely.


    • 137
      stun says:

      I don’t think that forcing religious institutions to carry out gay marriages would be libertarian either, irrespective of your belief system. The CoE may have got a Get Out of Jail Free card in terms of compulsion, but that still leaves a good number of religions who could conceivably be forced into carrying out a service against their moral judgement.

      All made worse by the history of an activist minority of gays who delight in going to places where they know they are not welcome (B&Bs etc) and then screaming blue murder when they are asked to leave.


      • 163
        Anonymous says:

        No, you’re right, forcing religious institutions would not be, and I would not be in favour of it. The various churches can do whatever they want.

        However, the young chap concerned seems to agree with this too, given his “Nick Griffin supporting” was apparently a screed in favour of the right of individuals to discriminate. He does seem like a textbook libertarian to me, though perhaps not a pragmatic politician.

        Nigel Farage meanwhile has been cheerleading against gay marriage, and while he’s not talked about laws and coercion, I think that while I’d rather a supposed libertarian cheerlead in favour of liberty. What’s he on about when he talks about rural/urban divides if not trying to appeal to rural social conservatism? He is a top notch politician so he’s a slippery bugger of course, never quite says anything you can catch him out on, but he’s clearly trying to have his cake and eat it it seems to me.

        I just hope that he personally, beneath the political squirming, is as libertarian as he used to seem, and that it’s merely pragmatic politics.


      • 170
        Anonymous says:

        Given Olly’s support of “the right to discriminate” I imagine he doesn’t disagree.

        It’s UKIP who disagrees.


    • 138
      Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

      UKIP = The New Nasty Party.


  55. 105
  56. 107
    yaosxx says:

    Sounds to me this guy’s probably a stooge for someone trying to make UKIP look bad! They should get rid of him ASAp!


  57. 108

    I’d be buggered if I would have Olly Neville in my party…


  58. 109
    albacore says:

    Did he go in the “Refuse” or “Recycling” bin?
    Nowadays it looks like sod all else is a sin
    As long as you’re globalist, P C and sopping wet
    You have the palliest Parliament you’ll ever get


  59. 110

    I see that New York’s financial district has been hit by a ferry.

    Not the first time a floatation has floundered.


  60. 113
    Jimmy says:

    To be fair given the age profile of the party, necrophilia is a hot button issue for them. And surely someone in his position should not have to be told that the party’s position on Nick Griffin is to pretend that they don’t agree with him.


  61. 114
    RK says:

    It should be “bestiality” in the headline, and not as spelt.


  62. 120
    Question for Mummy Jones says:

    Have you had another idiot sprog brother to Owen?


  63. 126
    Casual Observer says:

    The Black Hole is still stopping any more signals getting out from the Pryce Huhne judicial pantomime.


  64. 129
    Owen Jones says:

    I’ve fallen out with my new boyfriend. There are just some things even I wouldn’t do!


  65. 134
    Bluto says:

    False flag. Bet this guy is another lefty cuckoo who went into UKIP to deliberately discredit it.


  66. 136

    If all these chaps are woofters, why don’t they eventually die out?

    It is all very worrying. I don’t like it when someone says You will probably have a bit of homosexual in you.


  67. 141
    Joe McCarthy says:

    All perverts are commies


  68. 142
    To be young, gifted and culturally diversified says:

    He should form a new party with Lorry Peni and Owen Jones, they could call themselves the Monster Raving Loony pa… oh, hang on …


  69. 146
    Dumbed down Britain says:

    You can currently watch bestiality on Channel 5 s celebrity big brother. For example last night they broadcast pics of women and men with a bulls penis in their mouths. The fact that the bull was dead was also a hat tip to practices associated with necrophilia.


  70. 151
    Liarpoliticians says:


  71. 160
    Jonno List says:

    Poor guy realising that Guido is a partisan attack dog the hard way. Yet to see any major outlets do the necrophilia smear.

    Oh well lolbertarians, who gives a shit? Not UKIP anyway.


  72. 186
    Crystal Phallus says:


    A man’s freedom.
    His manhood’s freedom.


  73. 187
    Spotty Lizard says:

    My post has been removed AGAIN! And again, it contained nothing offensive/controversial.

    There must be some sort of automatic removal set up for me because I keep asking when Guido is going to honour his pledge to run naked through Whitehall as a result of losing his bet two years ago about George Osborne and the IMF.


  74. 188
    Enemy Of The State says:

    Satan likes homosexuality and bestiality and necrophilia because he hates humanity. Anyone who supports this filth is Satanic whether they believe in him or not.


  75. 190
    Tapestry says:

    He’ll have a great career as a disc jockey. Start in Sheffield, then get a job running a hospital.


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