January 8th, 2013

WATCH: Piers Told to “Face Hacking Charges” Live on CNN


  1. 1
    David Cameron types always shits on North of England says:

    “Sod orf limey”, comes to mind, and I don’t blame the yankie doodle.


    • 33
      Alex Jones, fat shill working for the Chosen Ones, like Fawkes says:

      The A-rabs run Hollywood! I swear to G_d!


    • 48
      Arse Bandit of Old England. says:

      Watch the whole interview… As much as I dislike Piers, Alex Jones managed to make the show host look “good” by being overly aggressive and shouting. The anti gun lobby have scored a hit by getting Alex Jones to appear on MSM and making a complete arse of himself and discrediting the gun lobby.


      • 58
        Chancer says:


        Totally agree – I have to begrudgingly say PM went up a lot in my estimations. Alex Jones got crazier and crazier.


  2. 2
    James Delingpole says:

    Oh wow, even a gun nut can humiliate Piers these days


    • 5
      Plato says:

      Shouty-pointy people normally humiliate themselves.


      • 37
        heraclitus says:

        often true plato
        only to a wise audience
        an audience of shouty pointy aggressive people empathize with violance


      • 56
        Ed the Red Millibandwagon says:

        I am the leader of the British Shouty Shouty Party.
        Listen to BBC and see how my messages constantly score hits with them.


    • 40
      our own on the spot correspondent says:

      frightening scenario
      we have a free media democratic choice
      and this is what gets served up as balance
      a nut verses a bad man

      it is a sad day/epoch when the americans are doing paxmans job
      its all gone out to private contractors these days
      definitely worse than bbc


    • 43
      a true strange free press pass says:

      live by the gutter sword
      die by the gutter sword


  3. 3
    Kebab Time says:

    America, I love you, but if you deport Piers we are going to fall out!

    We cant work this out!


    • 8
      Freddie the Fishmonger says:

      After what Fannie Mae/ the Bank of America and the US Government did yesterday there is more than a little “falling out” to be had .

      What happened in America infected our Banking system .

      Lets sweep everything under the carpet shall we and reduce state benefits.


    • 15
      David Cameron types always shits on North of England says:

      There is always Canada for Piers, or even better, Mexico?


    • 35
      cum 2 daddy says:

      I’d like to give your bumhole a good work out Βilly.


  4. 4
    Loopy Lou says:

    Do you think he would plead guilty and get a reduced sentence ?


  5. 6
    Anonymous says:

    To be fair the pictures were faked not the story


  6. 7
    WILLIAM , SEB'S HOE says:

    Hello ! Is it me you’re looking for ?


    • 16
      David Cameron types always shits on North of England says:

      Penis lover, walk on by.

      Not you pal William, just another Lionel song, that’s all.


  7. 10
    WILLIAM , SEB'S HOE says:

    Piers Morgan should be hung for treason over those Mirror photo’s


  8. 11
    Anonymous says:

    Wish you gave a little more context to that video and didn’t edit it so much.

    Who is the other guy? What was the reason for the interview? etc.


    • 49
      Labour bashing has gone into top gear says:

      look on youtubby – here, I’ll help you, if you have a spare quarter of an hour,

      Bit of a bandwagon jumper onner chancer is Piers, isn’t he?


      • 51
        Labour bashing has gone into top gear says:

        but saying that Piers, guns are a form of healthy social control, one could say. Perhaps then Dave and Clegg would be nicer to us…


      • 59
        lojolondon says:

        Brown-nose Morgan has form in sucking up to the unpopular left-wing bloke – Remember his sucking up to Gordon Brown?? Now he mentions that he supports Obama’s take on the subject.


  9. 12
    Dave"The One Term Prime Minister" Cameron says:

    If this,together with “same sex marriage” doesn’t hand the 2015 General Election to Labour,on a plate,I don’t know what will.

    IDS: pensioners’ benefits cut could appear in next manifesto: Telegraph http://ht.ly/gCZbt Now pensioners join the ranks of the scroungers.


    • 41
      VoteUkip says:

      Exactly. There is no need for any government to cut back on public spending when there are so many money trees around.


  10. 14
    Ulrika, ka, ka Jonsson says:

    Surely he’s welcome back if there’s the prospect of a prison term awaiting him?


    • 36
      inside- out says:

      I should think Her Majesty’s constabulary are waiting for him to land at LHR on his next visit home,and then arrest him, Jim Davidson style.Haul him in for questioning.Could not happen to nicer scumbag.Prehaps they arrange for him to can share a cell with Andy Coulson, they can compare showbiz scoops.


  11. 18
    Casual Observer says:

    Alex Jones, the Texan who Piers was interviewing, is a good egg.

    (Just a note to those who describe him as a yankee…)

    Jones is quite confrontational in his interview style, and interviewing style, however through that interview everything he said is based on reported fact and there is no ad hominem attack.

    This is where Piers screwed up.

    Piers should be extradited back and put on trial. Would be hilarious if Jones won his TV slot – would get better viewing figures for sure.


    • 29
      Plato says:

      Pausing between questions may allow his ‘interviews’ be more two-way, though?


    • 42
      VoteUkip says:

      Has the British government even asked for Piers to come back? It is not as if he is hiding in an Ecuadorian embassy FFS.


  12. 22

    His face is a picture…

    Jackson Pollock’s?


  13. 24
    NelsonsGoodeye says:

    Is there any actual evidence Morgan was involved in hacking? If there was, surely criminal charges would have been brought by now? ‘NOT defending the man by the way, I find him, and the Mirror “newspaper” loathsome!


  14. 25
    Owen Jones says:

    I want to be a British Alex jones.


  15. 26
    Piss Organ says:

    I plead insanitary.


    • 52
      Labour bashing has gone into top gear says:

      I think he pleads shit-stirring.

      What the fuck does Piers think he is in the US? Some sort of god out of the desert? What a spanner.


  16. 28
    Your Friendly Neighbourhood Context-Providing Service says:

    But in the interview (such as it was) as a whole, Jones was “a-hole,” reminiscent of his namesake Owen in his dogged persistence merely to yell “shouting points” (We suppose that you technically couldn’t call them “talking points,” now could you?).
    The entire segment played like WWE wrestling, in which Jones was the “heel” just looking to bluster his way through. Jones thereby does himself no favours if his goal was trying to expand his audience beyond the tinfoil-hat contingent, many of whom doubt his sincerity anyway, as he seems to follow in the American tradition of Morton Downey and Wally George, two other less-than-candid gentlemen who covered the same ground app*ealing to the same crowd.


  17. 30
    The Edinburgh scrounging, meddling, socialist dogshite can mind their own business says:

    At last the Yanks have woke up to the piece of crap that is Piers Moron. We don’t want him back in this country.


  18. 38
    Derron Brown says:

    Piers is my special friend. Don’t worry Piers I will fuck the with yank’s mind for you. Then we can get him to jog on for a profit. Hehe


  19. 39
    Anonymous says:

    Neither are exactly arguing from a ‘platform of pureness’ are they?

    It’s like watching a case for morality from the gates of hell.

    The world has officially gone mad.


  20. 45
    Jimmy says:

    He does seem taken aback. It’s as if he’d never argued with a rightie before.


  21. 50
    The Lost Post says:

    Where did the council post go?


  22. 55
    keredybretsa says:

    Take a few years to deport him.


  23. 57
    Scamp The Excitable Dog says:

    Any chance you can put that on a 24 hour loop Guido?
    It’s a bastard to keep restarting it.


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