January 8th, 2013

Another Dud Labour Spending Call

How many arguments can Labour find themselves on the wrong side of in one day? It looks like they are gearing up to oppose the planned scrapping of the £7m spent on councillor pensions. Hilary Benn is citing European Law in an attempt to delay this blindingly obvious cut. Another one for them to explain on the doorstep: Why does the vested interest of Labour’s councillors lining their pockets come before frontline council services?


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    How many?

    All of them, of course!


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      MPs and Doorsteps are a Myth says:

      They won’t have to explain it on the doorstep.

      Despite what MPs say on the Telly the only time they go on the doorstep are the weeks preceding an election. Even today very few peeps behind the door will know about this and come 2015 most of them will have forgotten.


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        V1le Labour ruined my Country says:

        Typical Labour again, wasting all the money on sponging Northern councillor benefits. When will they learn not to waste money on Northern spongers?


      • 15

        People are strange іn theіr methods of selectіng prіorіtіes.

        For example, they wіll not want to be a passenger іn a car when the drіver has had a beer but they wіll happіly vote for polіtіcіans who wіll spend every penny there іs and, not content wіth that, borrow even more to blow on some extravagance that wіll never see any return.

        As long as they do not decіde how І have to lіve, or that І have to pay for іt, then best of luck to them because they are goіng to need іt.


      • 21
        Applecart says:

        Quite. And if a canvasser comes across a person with political opinions other than their own on the doorstep, they are trained to wind up the conversation immediately and move on to a less opinionated voter’s house. In fact these canvassers appear to be little more than opinion pollsters. If you’re lucky enough to have one ring your doorbell (and I’ve had just one in 17 years prior to a local election) ask a question regarding their party’s stance and apart from an official PR sentence you will have read in your newspaper yourself in previous weeks, you will find their knowledge on the subject concerned ends there. In short I found I was 50 times more informed about the issue I wanted to discuss than they were. They’re simply doorstep robots programmed with minimal knowledge.


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      Labour bashing has gone into top gear says:

      WHAT??? no corn flakes?


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    Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

    This is a scandalous cut, both my wife and I will lose our councillor’s pensions and will then have to just rely on my MP’s pension and the old age pensions we are already drawing. Typical Tory, I suppose they will give the money to some of their millionaire pals. Boaz.


  3. 3
    FonyBlair says:

    Do they agree to pay a percentage to Labour funds after they retire by any chance?

    Now where’s that donor register…


    • 11
      Hugh Janus says:

      Like the ‘modernisation grant’ for the bloodsucking unions – public money finds its way back to Liebour coffers. I think it’s called recycling….


  4. 4
    Hugh Mann-Wright says:

    Get me the European Court of Human Rights and invoice the costs to the Taxpayers.


  5. 6
    Jimmy says:

    Viscount Stansgate Jnr is correct – this is European Law & therefore the Tories cannot cut it.


  6. 7
    PITA says:

    The MoD don’t pay pension contributions for TA (Army Reserve or whatever )soldiers. Why should councillors get them? Are they not casual labour in the same way?


    • 12
      Hugh Janus says:

      There’s nothing quite as casual as a Liebour councillor.


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        Hugh Janus says:

        Although on reflection I can think of several of our non-Liebour county councillors who went native years ago and are only there for themselves.


  7. 8
    Dumb as fuck but funny as fuck too says:


  8. 9
    Mr Huhne and Mrs Ex Huhne on trial (Press embargo) says:

    Court 6
    U20120475 PRICE Vasiliki & HUNHE Christopher T20127076 SOUTHWARK CROWN COURT CASE For Hearing – Case Started – 11:59



  9. 16
    I don't want to share the same air as the meddling Edinburgh Socialist dogshite says:

    Labour’s vested interests have always come first and always will.


  10. 22
    Crumpet says:

    Even though I hate Thatcher, I must admit she wasn’t bad looking as a young woman. I’d have given her one.



  11. 26
    bergen says:

    O/T did anyone else hear a brief report on Today that the Met Office had sharply decreased its forecast of global warming for the next few years. It doesn’t seem to be on the BBC website or anywhere else.

    I thought they were forbidden to make such reports since the 28gate seminar.


  12. 40
    This is the scum in our midst says:


    • 44
      This is the scum in our midst says:

      If he’s got 7 degrees, I’m Neil Armstrong.


      • 63
        Labour bashing has gone into top gear says:

        I am four degrees, I believe, west of Greenwich meridian, longutudinally. And nothing to do with Prince Charles.


      • 65
        Rats says:

        Another wingeing muslim on the prowling the streets for some kiddy fiddling
        7 degrees my arse,he can hardly talk


        • 67
          Rats says:

          missed out “make”


        • 72
          18 Postal votes per bedsit says:

          I guess he got his ‘degrees’ (including his doctorate – thesis – “how to successfully parisitise a host population”) in the same place that certain Councillors purchase those lovely postal votes.

          7 degree @ 3 yrs per degree = 28 years plus 5 years for a Phd + 31/2 yrs on the dole = 34.5 years without a job. Just about time to retire and write all those academic books and take up a visiting professorship. I wonder if he has been saving for his pension or does he expect me to pay that as well?


  13. 41
    A Scotch MP says:

    The Porridge is expensive mind.


  14. 42
    a non says:

    Scrambled threads Guido????


  15. 43
    The Lost Post says:

    Where did the council pay off post go to?


    • 46
      The Lost Post says:

      Never mind. I can see that the comments on this thread started off as replies to the council post but that post has now become the breakfast post.

      Scrambled posts anyone?


  16. 45
    Diane Abbott says:

    I demand to know why there is no black pudding?


  17. 47
  18. 48
    Ah! Monika 2013 +1 says:

    Mark Watts ‏@MarkWatts_1
    Exaro reveals how NUM’s Derbyshire branch pays £80,000 per year each of to two top officials but has only four members. http://www.exaronews.com/articles/4784/num-branch-with-4-members-pays-80k-per-year-to-top-officials


  19. 50
    another says:

    No mention On Guido or Neo’s twitter account.
    Is it another ‘spotted wick’ failing


  20. 58
    Postal Votes are Labour Loo Paper says:

    Typical liebor scumbags propping up their shitty party at the expense of taxpayers


    • 61
      Labour bashing has gone into top gear says:

      Postal votes? Proof lad, proof, you silly sod.

      Drama queen hysterical DM eater.

      As Gwyn Thomas said about his landlady when he was in Oxford in the early 1930’s – “She talkes to me as if her head is stuffed full of DMs”


  21. 71
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Jesus Christ, do councillors get pensions? In my day it was seen as voluntary work that people did out of a sense of commitment to their community and vanity. I never realised the bastards got pensions. What for?


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