January 7th, 2013

Rich & Mark’s Monday Morning View


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      Protect the penguins and sheep from Latin teachers says:

      Well Cams is a fool. I like The Farage.


      • 7
        VoteUkip says:

        Odd in the way that they have the brains not to fall for all the bullshit that the Liblabconners and the EU elite tell therm?


        • 11
          Protect the penguins and sheep from Latin teachers says:

          They don’t, they never do. Tories keep their cards so close to their chest, it is almost a working class tatoo, which is the most ironic thing of our lovely land.

          There is something self-destructive in our land, as led by David Cameron.


          • The fu'cked off British Public says:

            Maybe it’s because Camoron finds people that speak the truth are very odd!


          • Protect the penguins and sheep from Latin teachers says:

            Yes, and it makes no sense to him.


          • Jack Nicholson says:



          • Protect the penguins and sheep from Latin teachers says:

            And what truth is that then Jack? Please explain.

            Calm down Jack, for fuck sakes!

            My favorite clip of Jack, all things aside,

            He keeps phoning me up, and I just say “Stop phoning me you grandad, you are past it – stick to searching care homes for a shag, male or female”.


          • Jagbulon says:

            It is odd that UKIP are the only pro smoking political party. Their website says so.
            Which means that they think that it is OK for drug addicts to go round poisoning everyone else. Bizarre.


          • Protect the penguins and sheep from Latin teachers says:

            To tell you the truth, Jagbulon, as a hardcore leftie myself, even I am tempted to follow The Farage.


          • David Cameron types always shits on North of England says:

            gawd! this is a tory site, isn’t it?


          • David Cameron types always shits on North of England says:

            song for my daughter, 21, that is up to “interesting things” these days around the world, totally legal, and her favorite group when she was fifteen, as they do,


          • David Cameron types always shits on North of England says:

            might as well post a bit of Jacques Tati, to make a good job of eet,


      • 31
        Anonymous says:

        is that footage of Farage wrapping an aeroplane round his head is a Camoron wet dream?


      • 127
        Hugh Janus says:

        “Well Cams is a fool. I like The Farage.”

        Humphrys obviously doesn’t. He was at his shrieking, interrupting best on Toady this morning. You can always spot a crap interviewer (ie one who works for Toady) – they speak for longer than the poor sod being interviewed. In this case a more pointless interview was hard to imagine.


        • 137
          Pundit Too says:

          If you go on the Toady Programme you should be prepared to not only fight your corner, but to make fun of the interviewer.
          To do this effectively you need to do your research on the Gestapo Interrogater assigned to you, who have a litany of bad performances behind them.
          Naughty is the easiest as he has pretentions to being an academic sophisticate and is a died in the wool Marxist. Evan Davies is a sniggering schoolboy and should be easy to rile as he takes himself and his lack of knowledge too seriously, while trying to be liked.
          Humphries – fight fire with fire. I would like someone to reveal a mini loudspeaker and blow his overloud diatribe out of the water.
          The main question to ask is why do controversial right wing people go on the programme, and when they do do not fight against the inherent bias in a successful way? Those few that have done this are well remembered and admired by the public, but rarely invited back by the Toadyists.


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      Anonymous says:

      But the exciting news is that today the ConDems will tell all and we will know how many more fucking immigrants they have let into the country.


    • 18
      Raving Loon says:

      I think it is odd that the leader of the Conservatives is not a conservative himself, but that’s just me I guess.


      • 28
        Protect the penguins and sheep from Latin teachers says:

        you have gotting to be kidding me – Dave Cameron has membership crds than you can imagine for prvy right-wing hiddem clubs in our land than since the knights of st. john. Hypoctites they are all, modern day hypocrites. Just looking after their money, nothing more – people of the UK is at the bottom of the list in David Cameron cu nt clubs.


    • 19
      Gawd Help US says:

      Only odd in the fact that in his head anyone that doesn’t vote for him IS odd.


      • 29
        Bill Cash says:

        Please allow me to call a taxi for David Cameron.

        He’s a wrong ‘un !!


      • 130
        Hugh Janus says:

        “Odd” and proud of it!

        His desperation must growing when he finds it necessary to insult those voters from whom he craves support at the next election. Here’s one for you, One-Term-Dave – you are a traitor and you are very definitely not a Conservative, so by all means continue to dig your own political grave. As a former Conservative voter for more than 40 years the bubbly is already cooling in anticipation of your spectacular demise.


    • 35
      Insight says:

      It’s true. Lots of kippers are frankly strange. The normal ones should admit this – some do privately.


    • 40

      Blimey first time ever, I’ve recognised the characters. Owen Jones boy and fat Abbott.


      • 136
        Old Fella says:

        Where’s Fatty Pickles, he would make two of Abbott + one of Jones, is he a Lieborite, he fits the description put about CCHQ of a chav


      • 138
        Pundit too too says:

        Yes, but most comments ignore the sketch only to reveal their own agenda. Left wing activists some of them. Obviously Liebore HQ has borrowed more money from the Co-op Bank to bankroll them.
        The fact that Abbot is shadow Minister of Health is as stupid as Bliar being a middle east peace envoy, and Brown being a pro-poor UN non-person.


  2. 2
    Protect the penguins and sheep from Latin teachers says:

    GOOD GAWD! Quite a colouful headline, where’s my summer sunglasses?

    Can’t hear a thing what you are saying since it is so loud.


  3. 3
    What's it all about? says:

    I give up.


  4. 6

    This refers to an old hobby-horse of mine as the self-referential rears its ugly head again. Rich and Mark actually detest their own cartoon efforts even more than we do…

    Meanwhile everything is right with the world – oh, except the governments – oh, and the banks – yes, OK, the elected representatives as well – yes, well, you have to include the civil service – did someone say the police? ‘Fraid you are right there – The courts are not much better are they? – The education system is also a mess – The AGW scientists are no better…

    It is probably quicker to state the non-exceptions.


    • 9
      Protect the penguins and sheep from Latin teachers says:

      Yes, us people on the ground are doing fine. Those stuck in histiorites can do what they want to us, but we will surive, footie on saturday, properly police forced, food going to our children, without starvation, and songs sung how they bled us dry.


      • 15

        I wish the histiorites could make their point without posting a video every time.

        There is more to life than Chumbawamba.

        Most of us like bacon for breakfast but can do without Danbert who appears to be a bad egg.


      • 17
        Protect the penguins and sheep from Latin teachers says:

        jezzus sorry Guido and all – I didn;t realise that vid lasts almost a three quaters of an hour.

        And feel fre to remove my beeb-like 1970’s repeat, here.

        And to our tory friends here – suck on it.


    • 10
      Protect the penguins and sheep from Latin teachers says:


  5. 8
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Oh dear.


    • 12
      Pawn Sandwich says:

      Another exceptional monday morning treat.


      • 14
        Protect the penguins and sheep from Latin teachers says:

        love shaming you sorts.


        • 20
          The Loony Left says:

          Back to the doctor for stronger pills. These ones clearly don’t work any more.


          • Protect the penguins and sheep from Latin teachers says:

            Yes – try poisononing us in our drinking water se tories, to make us need to go to the docs, for happy pills, as you usually do when you get like this.


  6. 16
    Anonymous says:

    Once again, I am left completely baffled. Who is it?


  7. 22
    Raving Loon says:

    Silly question: why has the albino on the left poured his bowl of Frosties on his head?


    • 24
      Protect the penguins and sheep from Latin teachers says:

      Stir the northern masses, is all I have to say, to save England from itself,


      • 50
        Protect the penguins and sheep from Latin teachers says:

        oh you’re about to drop a babe,
        well get on with it,
        and don’t be long with it.


    • 25
      SS Gruppenfuhrer der sugar police says:

      He has just heard that the sugar police will check his cereal bowl every morning.


      • 30
        Protect the penguins and sheep from Latin teachers says:

        roughage, my friend, roughage – that is the most important part of what is in your cereal bowl in the morning, lad. Do you ‘ear me, lad? Now put your kit on.


        • 49

          Remember the Alamo!


        • 79
          JH3455745323 says:

          Isn’t it strange how the obesity gene didn’t seem to exist back then.


        • 100
          Old Fella says:

          Ay that brings back memories, real leather footballs and leather laces, pumped up as hard as iron, beginning at the start of term well dubbined as time went on less dubbin and on wet days they seemed weigh 4 times as heavy, footballers and kids nowadays don’t know they are born. Brian Glover really was a teacher (in the Barnsley area) as well as a professional wrestler finally an actor, a former acquaintance remembers being taught by him.


          • T. P. Fuller says:

            Aye, when I were a lad, footie were footie. Reet posh you were, havin’ a real leather ball. We couldn’t stretch to such luxury, so one of us would volunteer to have his head cut off and we’d kick that about till it were time for us to go back up chimneys.


          • Scargill A, (Ms). says:

            A pig’s bladder was our choice of ball sustitute.


  8. 32
    Protect the penguins and sheep from Latin teachers says:

    HEY! there is no need for that – I have been told it doesn’t go on there at all.

    But heard it is common in posh expensive french restaurants in that slag city called London.


  9. 33
    Perplexed of SW1A says:

    Go on, I give up. Is it Diane Fatbutt and Jeremy C*nt – just a wild gues.


  10. 36
    Petronella Fazackerley says:

    I have just read that the Coalition is “steadfast and united” .

    Thank Christ for that !


    • 38
      Basel Rules says:

      And it is an excellent morning to be a Banker too !


      • 42
        Steve Hilton back 31.01.13 says:

        We should rejoice at all this goods news .

        We are so lucky to have Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg.


        • 43
          Unemployed and skint in Birtley Colliery says:

          We are so delighted with the way things are turning out here we are thinking of holding a Party in out Job Centre and asking Cameron and Clegg to be guests of honor.


        • 52
          Some Twat up north says:

          Don’t forget Osborne Fucking Hell where would we be without Fucking Osborne


          • Protect the penguins and sheep from Latin teachers says:

            Georgie Porgie puddin’ an’pie is a such, a rich cu nt. And stop dragging yourself down friend.

            Posh wallpaper and curtains and carpets George? – my arse!


  11. 37
    Question says:

    What does KFC stand for?


  12. 45
    Double Speak says:

    The plod and the BBC seem to be indulging in double think.

    If plod uses a Taser, then Tasers are harmless. If a villain uses a Taser , then Tasers are deadly weapons.

    You can’t have it both ways chaps.


  13. 53
    Anonymous says:

    Absolutely no idea.
    Can anyone help explain this one?


    • 62
      Fatbot's Stasi. says:

      The lefties want to give the plod powers to monitor breakfast in the peoples homes and anyone putting sugar or salt on porridge will be taken away and hauled before the courts. Meanwhile their children will be placed in UKIP free foster care.


  14. 58

    Andy Marr?
    Andy Murray?
    Andy Gray?
    Andy Pandy? Almost!

    Andy Burnham:



  15. 61
    gramma says:

    ” Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters”?


  16. 64

    7th January, 2013

    The Editor
    Guido Fawkes Blog


    With the removal of universal benefits, should not those on incomes over a certain level pay two TV licences?

    I have the honour to remain, sir, your most humble and obedient servant,

    Schrödinger’s cat


  17. 65
    Operation Crossbow says:

    God you can tell the season of goodwill is over at Radio 5. All they’ve done for 3 hours is attack the Tories from start to stop.

    The endless whinging about child benefit, let’s be honest that £1300 a year is probably spent on fine wines of white powder by BBC types.

    You’d think right on lefties would be in favour of the rich giving up a tax perk


    • 71
      Raving Loon says:

      No, having more people indebted to the state takes precident. Lefties fear individualism and independence from government more than anything else. People who do not need the government for anything will never vote for socialism.


    • 82
      The BBC Employed Hard Pressed Middle Classes Monday Morning Whinge says:

      Look….It’s a bloody hard life on £100k pa….all those foreign holidays;nannies;private school fees and HAVE you seen the price of Clark’s Shoes recently….I mean just HOW are Tarquin and Camilla going to have those school foreign ski trips if their child benefits are cut !!!!


  18. 67
    Fucked in the head says:

    I’m a lefty, I want to make the utube millionairs even richer. I hate wealthy people.


  19. 68
    Ed's misfits says:

    Making Abbott the health minister is like making Balls the wealth minister.


    • 83

      No. I’m with Ed on this one. She is such an embarrassment but he can’t get rid of her, so he puts her where she can cause least harm…

      Come to think of it, his whole team can be classified in the same way.


    • 85
      Labour Targets the Man on the 6.54 to Basingstoke says:

      Wealth Creation is Evil…


      • 102
        Is Mitchell shagging his SPAD says:

        Actually I thought about catching the 6.54 from Basingstoke this morning but when I saw the fare I thought to myself ” fuck this for a game of soldiers” and stayed in bed with my iPad.


  20. 69
    Maryanne Faithfull says:

    Glasgow deep fried Mars Bars have a lovely fishy taste too.


    • 104
      Pol Pot says:

      Not true anyway, stitched up by the Met.


    • 105
      David Cameron types always shits on North of England says:

      Thought you would be a fried marathon bar type of person myself, Maryanne, what with the extra nuts in it.

      Jagger was full of himself, wasn’t he love?


  21. 72
    Pol Pot says:

    Mod bot don’t like my moniker again for some reason, all change again!.


  22. 76
    tube_thumper says:

    who the fuck is that?


  23. 80

    When you have a fat fucker like pickles Stuffing his enormous jowls with tax payer funded snacks to the tune of £10,000
    Then it’s a bit rich coming from the posh boys isn’t it ?

    We are all in this together


  24. 84
    David Cameron types alwats shits on North of England says:

    He really does, him and his types.


    • 87
      David Cameron types alwats shits on North of England says:

      Michael Caine did it, and they thought he wos alright.

      But Caine came home to his blood sucking se england tory roots in 2010, didn’t he friends?


      • 91
        David Cameron types always shits on North of England says:

        oops, forgot to edit my name.

        Welsh song for fy ffringiau o’r yr hen ogledd,


    • 88
      Labour Targets the Man on the 6.54 to Basingstoke says:

      Ed says …”Don’t mention the North-South Divide. For Chrissakes read the bloody briefing paper !!”


      • 96
        WELSH TWAT WATCH says:

        What the fuck is wrong with you ?
        It’s obvious you have no friends “Oh a political blog so i’ll post a video clip of a man plastering a wall !
        You have issues you numb twat !
        Just comment or fuck off !


      • 99
        David Cameron types always shits on North of England says:

        sod orf.

        London fucking living Labourites will fuck you as good as the tories, if you let them to.

        They are all, all of then, London Islinton and Hampstead Teeth cu nts. Don’t belive a word they say, until they do pain, personally, as in, for example, shoot David Cameron. But that is just a fantasy suggestion, by the way, Guido, with your barrels of sparks.


        • 117
          WELSH TWAT WATCH says:

          They don’t fuck you as much as your Welsh parliament spending £25,000,000 quid of our English taxpayers money on books even most of the Welsh can’t read or wouldn’t want to !

          £25 million = 15 years total GDP for Wales


  25. 92
    The starving (but somehow obese) kids of britau says:

    “Labour will today propose new legal limits on levels of fat, sugar and salt in children’s food.

    Shadow health secretary Andy Burnham will say urgent action must be considered to tackle spiralling levels of obesity.” DM

    Mummy, does that mean we won’t get a packet of Frosties in our food parcel?


  26. 93

    Morning Neo!

    Up early…


  27. 97
    Larry Livingstone says:

    The reason the Banks are not lending more is because the customers are absolutely crap.


  28. 107
    Pretty Odd Person says:

    Bollocks to you Cameron.


  29. 110
    Lost in Clacton says:

    Steadfast and united.

    Divided we fall.


  30. 111
    tourmaline says:

    What is it about the modbot – it has taken a real dislike to my moniker for last 3 days !


  31. 112
    Henry II says:

    Who’s the twat who can’t make a comment without posting some inane video link? Will no-one rid me of this meddlesome retard?


  32. 119
    Just six says:

    Mummy says sugar and Rolf Harris are bad for me.
    But I can’t give up both.
    What should I do?


  33. 132
    Skorpian De Rooftrouser says:

    Can’t this phucking clown stop posting these stupid youtube vids


  34. 135
    Shooty* says:

    Whoa, KFC is a well raaaaaaaaaaaaaaacist thing to use in that picture. You’ll be in trouble.


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