January 7th, 2013

Mid-Term Review In Full


  1. 1
    Wes says:

    Why have tax payers paid for what is basically an advert/excuse for the Lib/Con Gov?

  2. 2
    Kebab Time says:

    Debt up!

    VAT UP!

    Tax not cut enough.

    Should be doing a lot better!

  3. 3
    Brent Fraser says:

    What is an Acadamy?

  4. 4
    David Cameron types always shits on North of England says:

    3 out of ten. And I am being generous.

  5. 5
    Academy you pratts says:

    Educashun’s going to pot. I blame the sockpuppet Gove! And Eton in the case of the Cabinet!

  6. 6
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    And how much did this self indulgent crap cost the taxpayer?

  7. 7
    WVS says:

    I cannot find the section where they state that they have taxed, borrowed & spent more than that fiscal terrorist Gordon Brown?

  8. 8
    Call me Dave says:

    Williies up bottoms

  9. 9
    Sarah says:

    Stuff The Coalition – vote UKIP.

  10. 10
    Nick Clegg says:

    Fecking gasping for a fag

  11. 11
    thespineuk says:

    Clearly, they’ve not been wasting their time over the last two years. All those lessons in how to use Microsoft Word’s stylesheets are paying off handsomely.

  12. 12
    Call me Dave says:

    I really am a fucking wanker aren’t I

  13. 13
    Call me Dave says:

    What is A cademy?

  14. 14
    Anonymous says:

    The ethnic milf on the front page isn’t bad.

  15. 15
    Nick Clegg (Operated by Cable) says:

    um um um oh its my turn *faceyouwanttotwat*

  16. 16
    Old Fella says:

    Orobably far too much. folks know how things are affecting them and their families and most are able to form their opinions so no more projecting tractor stats please

  17. 17
    Raving Loon says:

    Mr Farage, if you’re reading this, what’s UKIP position on:

    1) Abolishing the BBC licence fee
    2) Bring our troops back home from the middle east
    3) Abolishing foreign aid
    4) Ending welfare for people who haven’t lived here for at least 5 years

  18. 18
    Old Fella says:

    They are just spinning their message and hope that folks will believe them

  19. 19
    Tony Eden of Eton says:

    A nice glossy presentation and all very interesting but what i would like to know this afternoon is why when we are billions of pounds out of pocket why are the bank Of america handing over 3.8 billion dollars to a Bank as poorly and ineptly run by the name of Fannie Mae.

    Mr Cameron could try the old argument that it was on the previous incompetent Government’s watch but the point is that he was allowed into the loop by Brown yet was conspicuous by his lack of any constructive criticism yet alone constructive alternative.

  20. 20
    Superman says:

    Bring back Brown for gawds sake!

  21. 21
    Old Fella says:

    You said it Dave, I cannot possibily comment

  22. 22

    Yes please.

  23. 23
    From a few years ago says:

    I wasn’t aware of this. Why didn’t this get more publicity?

    He is the Environment Secretary who has promised to open up England’s coastline to walkers.

    But Hilary Benn today finds himself embroiled in a row with ramblers after it emerged that there is no coastal footpath in front of his historic family home.

    Instead, signs outside the imposing house on the Blackwater estuary in Essex clearly state “no public footpath”, “private garden” and “please do not trespass”.

    Ramblers can walk along the foreshore at low tide, but they have criticised Mr Benn over the absence of access along a mile of sea wall that includes the estuary frontage at Stansgate Abbey Farm, the country home of his father, Tony.

    Locals say the property, bought by the minister’s grandfather, William Wedgwood Benn, later the first Viscount Stansgate, is one of only a handful of sites between the Thames and the Wash with no coastal footpath.

    The minister also stands accused of a potential conflict of interest, because his department is set to have the power to force such rights of way on landowners.

    If proposals put forward by Mr Benn last year become law, his father will have to open a path along the section of the coastline which runs past the property. Should the veteran socialist refuse, it would be his son’s job to enforce an access agreement on him.

    However, Mr Benn’s department is still drafting the rules, and could establish that the sea wall is part of a private garden rather than public land. This would allow his father to keep walkers away from the property.

    Last night Peter Ainsworth, the Tory environment spokesman, raised concerns about Mr Benn’s position.

    He said: “It’s odd that a socialist dynasty should be so keen on protecting its private property.

  24. 24
    Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

    I would certainly giver her one. Boaz.

  25. 25
    Old Fella says:

    They think if the UK pulls out of the EU everything will be all right, so they have not thought any further than that, apart from a sort of right of the Tory party

  26. 26

    Already said:

    Schrödinger’s cat says:
    January 7, 2013 at 1:25 pm

    [Re Tom Strathclyde]

    …No need to stay to keep a socialist government in power.

  27. 27
    Half Term Report says:

    Dave could fo better.
    Nick is not assertive enough
    Both of them have no money to play with and are forced to announce headline hitting initiatives that really deserve no headlines.
    The coalition as a whole is scared of the Eco loons and although they are now pressing on with shale hydrocarbons they are still committing billions of scarce resources into windmills.
    As for homosexual marriages, not one homosexual called for them, just the metro politically correct hetrosexual Europhiles.

  28. 28
    Anonymous says:

    What about access to all rivers banks. Why choose to open up the walking areas that are furthest from people. If all land beside rivers was free access, and protected for nature, we would not have the flood problems we have.

  29. 29
    David Cameron types always shits on North of England says:

    Someone tell that total non-brit immigrant Clegg to shut his trap, and that twat get a word in edgeways.

    What a couple of prize pillocks they are, standing up for me and my country, Clegg, talking like a nazzie that has taken over our country and Dave Cee Vichy, not having a clue. Yes – it is obvious Clegg is a nazzie type infestation, more braincells than Dave. The Lib Dems are delusional, and they will pay by the destruction of their party. Clegg is a fascist, and is seriously dangerous, my friends.

  30. 30
    Huhne on trial says:

    Court 23 – sitting at 12:00 PM


    For Hearing
    T20127076 HUHNE Christopher

    PRYCE Vasiliki

    Order made under Contempt of Court Act 1981


  31. 31
    David Cameron types always shits on North of England says:

    Clegg I do not like, at all, seriously…

  32. 32
    2013 is going to be bleak in sunderland as the benefit caps kick in says:

    Why the ethnic family on the cover?.this multi cultural nonsense is a one way street all give and no take this is probably influenced by the Lib Dems who will be torched at the next election.

  33. 33
    David Cameron types always shits on North of England says:

  34. 34
    David Cameron types always shits on North of England says:

    fucking pathetic sods

  35. 35
    The Bongler says:

    They’re doing a Labour, using our money on self-regarding publicity materials.

    If they are doing it right they’d be no need for reviews and brochures because we’d know our tax bills had gone done and a load of public sector shirkers would have been fired.

  36. 36
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    Vote Cameron – get Labours tax, borrow, spend, EU, immigration & social democrat fascism policies.

    No point having the tribute band – might as well have the real thing no matter how ghastly.

  37. 37
    Ah! Monika 2013 +1 says:

    It all makes sense now.

    Gay marriage & marijuana being legalized on the same day.

    Leviticus 20:13- “If a man lays with another man he should be stoned.”

  38. 38
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    Google is a friend to both of you.

    Try searching for the UKIP manifesto instead of acting like a pair of retarded chimps.

  39. 39

    Playing Tonight

    Agatha Christie’s Poirot:

    Appointment with Death at the Complejo Cultural Teresa Carreño, Caracas.

    Hugo Chávez, Margaret Thatcher’s understudy taking the lead role. Tickets still available.

  40. 40
    I wish they'd thrown a bucket of jizz over the Labour front bench says:

  41. 41
    Bush is a donkey! says:

    Viva Hugo!

  42. 42
    A Travelling Man says:

    Bit old for you Handy. We’ll keep any eye open for teens for you. Jahbulon.

  43. 43
    Lembit Opik says:

    I want Carina to sit on my face.

  44. 44
    David Cameron types always shits on North of England says:

    We are sleepwalking to social destruction with “PM” Cameron.


    Clegg says he has helped mature democracy in this country – the FUCKING CHEEKY BUGGER.

    If ever I come across that bloke, I will rip his head off his neck and shove it right down his neck. Go back to Holland you cu nt.

  45. 45

    *dons black wig*

    Oooooh! Sorry! Am I too early?

  46. 46
    Wankers of the world unite says:

    On behalf of practictioners of the sin of Onan everywhere, we resent being bracketed with anyone as useless as Dave.

  47. 47
    A General says:

    Where precisely do we have troops in the Middle East and why is there any urgency in getting them out?

  48. 48
    Red Egg Millitit... says:

    Someone is having a laugh or taking the p*ss here…

    ‘The Coalition:together in thenational interest’

  49. 49
    Jock McSubsidy says:

    Aye, they’ve gone native.

  50. 50
    A Travelling Man says:

    Is the honourable Justice Sweeney known to be on the square? Boaz.

  51. 51
    Skorpian De Rooftrouser says:

    “If ever I come across that bloke,”You are joking cowards always make threats anonymously

  52. 52
    Britannia says:

    2 No 1’s only count as half each.

  53. 53
    Asaram Bapu says:

    Not quite as barbaric in outlook as myself mind you.

  54. 54
    It just sprang into my mind Call me dave says:

    Seb separates from wifey.

  55. 55
    Skorpian De Rooftrouser says:

    Have you tried Owen Jones?

  56. 56
    Mr Bryant says:


  57. 57
    David Cameron types always shits on North of England says:

    Been in more police cells than you for fighting, you sea sick cu nt.

    Bet a twat like you has never been inside a cell, you fanny pants.

  58. 58
    Skorpian De Rooftrouser says:

    ssshhhh now one has told the the MOD that Afgahistan is not in the midddle east

  59. 59
    DESPERATE DAVE promised so much , but delivered NOTHING says:

    So desperate was he to become prime minister that he said “all thing to all men” Yet only proved himself an untrustworthy liar

  60. 60
    The Boy Plunger says:

    Page 13 BANKING

    “We have created a new brand name in the High Street by Selling Northern Rock to Virgin Money”

    Please publish the total cost placed upon the tax payer for this creation.

    At its peak Northern Rock had a very limited High Street branch network. It raised money through internet accounts and let us not forget this through short term borrowing on the money markets. Lets not mention that .

  61. 61
    Skorpian De Rooftrouser says:

    There must be a blog for teenagers like you

  62. 62
    Sunday Lunch is shit says:

    my mother in law is a teacher and she is as dense as they come

  63. 63
    DESPERATE DAVE promised so much , but delivered NOTHING says:

    The Coalition:together in the national interest

    Surely he means the national interest of those people on the bottom right picture

  64. 64
    David Cameron types always shits on North of England says:

    liar since he reared his fucking mug. We are fools to put up with this joke.

    Who is listening to Skyat the moment with that trout, Kay Friggley? It’s pathetic.

  65. 65
    Pol Pot says:

    Why does it display a family which is obviously not from an Anglo-Saxon background?, I think we still make up about 70% of the population don’t we despite all your ethnic meddling.

  66. 66
    More alert person says:

    I remember it.

  67. 67
    Harold Shand says:

    Internet tough guys? I shit ‘em!

  68. 68
    Noose Watch says:

    Perhaps, but I’m ready…

  69. 69
    Milliband says:

    We’ll only last a year or so. I hear there is no money left.

  70. 70
    DESPERATE DAVE promised so much , but delivered NOTHING says:

    In the courts today
    Muslim woman beats her 7 year old son to death with a stick ,because he can’t recite passages from the Koran, then sets fire to body to conceal evidence
    Sentence min 17 years
    Man stabs girlfriend to death in back of taxi in a crime of passion
    Sentence min 22.5 years

  71. 71
    David Cameron types always shits on North of England says:

    I’m 51, ex-armed forces – my best when me and my mate put down four locals in the cotsworlds in ’85 when they thought they were hard. We made the news, when two of them were sucking on straws on hospital food. we got off by the landlord said we were totally defending ourselves.

    Ex ten and a half stone welterweight see.

  72. 72
    Woolyback says:

    The coalition is coalescing into the LIbCon party, fkem no difference between the 3 parties, May 2015 is going to be a time to get our own back on this lot of garbage

  73. 73
    Sunday Lunch says:

    I was in a cell once with a stain like you

    You got three years, I went to the George hotel for three pints of Stella, to discuss the case with my fellows

  74. 74
    the general public says:

    Here’s all you need to know about how the Con-Dem coalition have done so far- http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-20935092

  75. 75
    Skorpian De Rooftrouser says:

    A senior detective in charge of a phone-hacking probe tried to sell information to the News of the World including claims that former deputy prime minister John Prescott had been ‘interfering’ with the investigation, jurors were told today.

  76. 76
    Skorpian De Rooftrouser says:

    “I’m 51, ex-armed forces ” Nobody believes crap like this, you sad bastard

  77. 77
    David Cameron types always shits on North of England says:

    only reason why I don’t fuck about anymore is because i am fucked, with MS – can hardly see anymore, guts are fucked, and my fingers are all over the place. Staying still makes it betterm as in sitting here behind a keyboard.

    I’m fucked – and I am pissed off about it, seriously.

  78. 78
    Gordon Brown says:

    for anyone who is interested I am doing Gangnam style dance classes in Kirkaldy Church Hall on monday evening

    Cricket jockstraps are recommened for the over 60’s

  79. 79
    hank the cat says:

    You are really one sad pathetic phuck, looks like you also have a walter mitty complex

  80. 80
    Fishy says:

    BBC’s Norman Smith caught offering his opinion rather than reporting on the half term presentation. Despite knowing that detail of the high level aims will emerge in the next few weeks, he says that he is disappointed in the thin-ness of the high level aims.

    He then proceeds to pick holes in his own obtuse way

    It time that this bloke got sacked

  81. 81
    David Cameron types always shits on North of England says:

    Believe what you want. I feel sad for you, when someone tries to open their heart. With someone like you about, bet you laugh with each brit armed forces death in Afgh.

    You are a waste of fresh air and rations. Shooting is too good for you types.

  82. 82
  83. 83
  84. 84
    David Cameron types always shits on North of England says:

    chchch – walter mitty complex? Look it up.

    A god complex I have got, you silly sod,

  85. 85
    The British Public says:

    See Me

  86. 86
    The Boy Plunger says:

    “…………..the behavior of some senior managers and others in British Banks over the last decade have contributed to the profound difficulties we now face and have now generated huge costs for British taxpayers ”

    Identify every senior manager and “others” involved and itemize with relevant dates the details of the behaviour referred to.

    Particularise “the huge costs for the British taxpayers “.

    This document is a political suicide note.

    Cameron is now clearly stating that this is going to be the first Banking crisis in history to leave the taxpayer footing the bill !

  87. 87
    Lawrence Fox says:

    I’m buggering off to the States now ’cause my programme is getting an ‘ethnic’ major cast member.

  88. 88
    T. P. Fuller says:

    Pity they don’t have a copy of Excel, ain’t it?

  89. 89
    David Cameron types always shits on North of England says:

  90. 90
    hank the cat says:

    Suggest you see a Dr as soon as poss, you have a serious head problem

  91. 91

    It’s like gate. We just had to get to a gategate eventually! You will one day get to a Watch Watch.

  92. 92
    I can't find my sunglasses says:

    It seems to me as if Fred the Shred is being made a scapegoat.

    He went to Paisley Grammar School and Glasgow University.

  93. 93
    Sick of Scroungers says:

    Sarah Teather, who lost her job as children and families minister in the September reshuffle, said she would oppose proposals to limit rises for most working age benefits to 1% when they come to the Commons on Tuesday.

    Stupid bitch where does the f’ing money come from ?

  94. 94
    Mark Carney says:

    He was more of a monetarist terrorist if anything!

  95. 95
    Raving Loon says:


  96. 96
    An Afriacn eagerly awaiting his £2billion windfarm (courtesy of UK taxpayers) says:

    Dave’s got no money to play with? Uhhhhhh.. that’s not how it looks from here.

  97. 97
    trolls are tossers says:

    It is a place where cads are prepared for the Bullingdon Club.

  98. 98
    David Cameron types always shits on North of England says:

    links, you dutch twat?

  99. 99
    Sebastian says:

    We weren’t stoned, but might have been a little bit tipsy. Helps loosen our inhibitions.

    Not that William needs much loosening: he’s like a raging bull when he gets a sniff.

  100. 100
    trolls are tossers says:

    Leon or Michael may have a few spare.

  101. 101
    David Cameron types always shits on North of England says:

    your grandparents, obviously. You pathetic knob.

  102. 102
    trolls are tossers says:

    The true cost was the price of ‘Complete’ Balls running the economy for many years.

  103. 103
    trolls are tossers says:

    An inevitability to get out of the hole dug by Complete Balls. He just shifted the cost forward to after the election.

  104. 104
    P.C. Bishop says:

    Is the LBGT community represented somewhere on the cover pic?

  105. 105
    trolls are tossers says:

    An entertaining idea. I so look forward to the expenses scandals if any UKIP crooks get elected. What is it? 3 out of about 10 MEPs jailed and Fondling Farrago caught boasting about scamming £2million in expenses from Strasbourg.

  106. 106
    For God's sake don't keep paying Norman Smith it only encourages him says:

    He’s not employed to deliver that load of old crapp surely. I was sure that he must be doing it as an alternative to getting a life – some people do take their hobbies to extraordianry lengths.

  107. 107
    One Term Dave says:

    I thought it was rather good to show the ethnic family on the backdrop. If I can crack the ethnic vote and add it to shirtlifters and Romanian and Bulgarian benefit chasers, I’ll be back as PM in 2015.

  108. 108
    Andrew Mitchell says:

    How come that effing plab got a knighthood?

  109. 109
    trolls are tossers says:

    No need. The mere mention of climes foreign tells you the policy. It goes something like; 1. foam at the mouth; 2. deny being a closet racist; 3. get caught referring to ragheads, spics and suntans; 4. emphasise distance from BNP/EDL/NF…. 5. declare policy – oh bugger, forgotten the question.

  110. 110
    An amateur psychologist says:

    She’s probably thinking ahead – to her own pay rise. It’s going to be pretty tricky convincing the electorate that she (and the rest of the cretins in Parliament) is worth – what do you think they’ll go for? +5%? – if she’s happy to limit the soapdodgers to 1%.

    So she holds her nose and votes against the 1% rise. “I think they’re worth more than that,” says Sarah Teather, “how about 5%? Yes, 5% is a good rise. Oh, and whilst we’re on the subject, about MPs’ pay rises..”

  111. 111

    Love the Asian family on the front cover. Very metropolitan, very PC.

    I take it there were no indigenous families available that day.

  112. 112
    An amateur psychologist says:


    It wouldn’t be a State-produced propaganda leaflet (paid for by taxpayers) if it didn’t have some smiling effnics on the front cover.

    I doubt my local authority – and the area must be about 99.999% white – has a single pamphlet in the council office that doesn’t have a smiling effnic on the front cover – to ‘represent the communiteh’.

  113. 113
    Anonymous says:

    “if we can realise the full potential of each and every person in our country”

    Mandate to exploit the immigrants. Note the “in”, as opposed to the people of this country.

    “but a fair society in which everyone, no matter what their background, can rise just as high as their aspirations and talents can take them”

    The world is not a linear progression from the bottom to the top. If a politicians thinks that then they have never run a company and are probably not capable of understanding the UK.

    General aspirations and talents do not determine anything about rising. Only particular aspirations and talents held by those who consider there is a top are useful to gain a similar position in society. A talent for details and seeing implications has certainly not been required for the writers of this document.

    “if Britain isn’t to fall behind in the global race”

    Sorry we are not in a race. That would mean we were going forward. The idea at present is to fall backwards slower than the rest and therefore not fall into the abyss first.

    “Our mission is clear: to get Britain living within its means”

    So in a society that is having easy money forced on it, to increase house building, and so kill off any idea of encouraging savings, some people suddenly have large deltas in their income. OK reform the benefit system but let people have the ability to plan for it. That money might have been rightly allocated to mortgage payments for an extra roomed house. Now it has gone in the blink of an eye. I am only too glad that these benefits go but not without consideration of the effects on families that were trying their best to live within their means.

    Little Dave and Nick will have to learn to play better with the other children if they want to remain in this school.

  114. 114
    Soapdodgers R Us says:

    Sarah Teather for PM!

  115. 115
    arse fuck for freedom says:

    Better than licking Vasiliki

  116. 116
    Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

    They’re from Newcastle’s Bolivian community.

  117. 117
    Don't mention the "North-South Divide" says:

    From the stupid f*ck*rs that actually pay their taxes??

  118. 118
    keredybretsa says:

    The Headmaster insists that Cameron D. and Clegg N. write out the following 100 times before supper!

    Our approach is consistent: to help hard-working families get by and get on, so that everyone can reach their full potential.

    Dr.Dr. A Deadhead
    Head of School

  119. 119
    Southerner says:

    What’s a nazzie?

  120. 120
    2013 is going to be bleak in sunderland as the benefit caps kick in says:

    u mean the LaPzas from benton!

  121. 121
    Prophylactic Pete says:

    International Development:

    Here’s an idea – instead of throwing money at the corrupt foreign governments, how about giving johnny foreigner a johnny johnny to put over the end of it.

  122. 122
    Nick Brown says:

    They were at work.

  123. 123
    Truthteller says:

    It’s the future, or it will be if we keep voting for the LibLabCon Alliance.

  124. 124
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    This is the first official document I have read in which there is an assumption and acceptance that the taxpayer is not going to be reimbursed in full by the Banking system.

    I hope that Milliband and Balls bring this to the attention of the British public.

    Liquidation or voluntary arrangement of UK PLC can then enter the political debate.

    No matter how graphic the brochure the message should not be hidden .

  125. 125
    Anonymous says:

    It’s not together in the British interest, Sahib.

  126. 126
    We should all vote UKIP says:

    1) Will be done immediately but allow that excellent Chairman of the Trust a day to get the Corporation ready for the brave new world
    2) Will bring all our boys and girls home immediately
    3) Will cut to 1% of GDP (shouldn’t cost much) and cap at £100 mill and be subjected to stringent tests on how the money is to be used
    4) We thought 10 but OK 5

  127. 127
    Labour bashing has gone into top gear says:

    Ask Winnie, you plonker.

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