January 7th, 2013

Hacked Off Bill Falls at First Freedom Hurdle

Hugh Grant’s lobbying group Hacked Off are trying very hard to pretend that they do not support statutory regulation of the press. Their draft bill, which would implement Leveson in full, is nicely dressed up as apparently defending “media freedom”, when in fact the opposite is true. They claim that ‘The Leveson Bill will enshrine press freedom in law. Political meddling will only debase it,” yet their “statutory underpinning” falls over almost immediately. In the third clause to be precise:

(3) Interference with the activities of the media by Ministers
of the Crown and public officials shall be unlawful
unless it is for a legitimate purpose and is necessary in a
democratic society, having full regard to the importance
of media freedom in a democracy.

So the government can’t intervene with the press unless it “for a legitimate purpose”. And who will be deciding what is and is not a “legitimate purpose”? Surely not the lawmakers? Back to the drawing board please, freedom haters.


  1. 1
    JubbJubb says:



  2. 2
    Hugh Janus says:

    Even our idiot MPs wouldn’t allow this phrase….would they??????


    • 9
      Peter Grimes says:

      ZaNuLieBor will love it when they get back in in 2015 to complete their destruction of the UK.

      Just think what they could cover up using this let-out!


    • 12
      Brown illigitimate son says:

      Wot? The idiots wot hoo cant fill in their own expenses rite! And hoo payed for mi edukashun


    • 17
      One-term Dave, dragging the Tories to their grave, says:

      What’s really important, in my Big Society, is that you little oiks have all the freedom from government that your dull little imaginations could ever hope for. Unless it’s more than I permit you to have.

      Other than that, you’re free to do as I say, and you can say anything you like, so long as I don’t disagree with it. And the same goes for your thoughts. Bad thoughts = bigot. I’m always right, don’t you jolly well forget that, OK? What what.

      Tally ho!


      • 24
        Peter Grimes says:

        I thought that ‘bigot’ or ‘racist’ were terms used only by ZaNuLieBor’s fuckwit leaders/disciples to abuse those who spoke the truth about economic immigrants to the UK.


  3. 3
    Kebab Time says:


  4. 4
    Maqboul says:

    And all this crap because Grant got caught having his dick sucked by a black prostitute in a car in LA !


    • 8
      Hargaret Modge, Labour MP and Hypocritical serial long term aggressive Tax Avoider + expenses thief says:

      And I’ll bet he didn’t even pay Divine Brown for services rendered.

      Cheap git.


    • 25
      Google Watch says:

      To be fair, it was a little harsh that his police mugshot seems to come up on the Google search pages when you tap his name in for a search.

      However, that was before this.

      Jon Stewart is the authority on Grant as far as I am concerned.

      Someone should look into his placing of payout funds into the whacked off charity: This is CLEARLY tax avoidance of the Garden Hodge variety.


    • 27
      JabbaTheCat says:

      So this bill is by definition a cocksuckers press charter…


    • 40
      Anonymous says:

      He is a dirty boy !


  5. 5
    WAYNE SLOB says:

    Fuckin breakfast cereals containing all that sugar !
    The kids can have the same breakfast as me from now on.

    A Woodbine and a can of Stella


  6. 6
    Huge Rant says:

    I’m only Hacked Off cos the Press revealed that I’d been Sucked Off.


  7. 7
    Anonymous says:

    something about Nigel Farage


  8. 13
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    Grant is taking his hatred of a free press a bit far now.

    Grant – if you dont want to appear in the tabloids then dont hire street hookers to suck you off in a car on Sunset.


  9. 15
    Skorpian De Rooftrouser says:

    Its my right as a celeb? to be sucked off in public


  10. 16
    Andy Porter says:

    They don’t half look like trumpets now!

    Looks to me like Hacked Off are a front for jetset actors and other wealthy knobs.


  11. 19
    Divine Brown says:

    I find this hard to swallow


  12. 20
    David Cameron types always shits on North of England says:

    Fills Hugh Grant’s day up, I suppose, between jobs.


  13. 21
    Armchair lawmaker says:

    When it comes to drafting laws I reckon I’m in the ‘amateur’ section ( and probably a bad speller too) but this to me looks like a big get out no right minded mp should vote for. Did some nulabour twerp help them draft that? Amateurish in the extreme I reckon


    • 23
      Contradiction in terms says:

      “no right minded mp should vote for”

      Right minded MP??

      (6th attempt to post this highly controversial comment..)


  14. 26
    Barry N0rman says:

    His films are shit.


  15. 30

    Consider the alternative:

    (3) Interference with the activities of the media by Ministers
    of the Crown and public officials shall be unlawful
    unless it is for an illegitimate purpose or is unnecessary in a
    democratic society, having full regard to the importance
    of media freedom in a democracy.

    It does not stand up.


  16. 31
    Huge Grunt says:

    Suck my dick!


  17. 33
    Sir William Waad says:

    There, boys and girls, is a lovely example of a tautology; it’s legal if its legal.


  18. 35
    nah... says:

    How many are on the petition now…..2000000000000?


  19. 36
    keredybretsa says:

    Perhaps they should have a grant for Grant, go to Putins tax-shelter and really get the touch of democractic free speech Husky-Rusky style.


  20. 37
    po8crg says:

    Isn’t a press release illegal without this clause?


  21. 38
    Hugh says:

    Golly … look … um
    I mean
    Gosh … well … yah…

    can’t a chap get his cock sucked in public by a black whore without it getting in the papers?


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