January 6th, 2013

Prezza Slips Porkie Chipolata Into Print

prescottA warm welcome to John Prescott in the Mirror today with his debut column. He presumes to give Michael Gove a history lesson and claims that his government is “taking us back to the 1980s with high unemployment”.

We had a little Twitter spat as a consequence:

Disingenuously comparing the unemployment rate at its best under Brown with its worst under Cameron rather than the 8% rate that it was when Brown was voted out of office.

Not to mention that unemployment is thankfully far lower than it was in the 80s and falling…


  1. 1
    V1le Labour ruined my Country says:

    Well, what do you expect from lying Labour scum, it;s in their DNA.

    • 25
      GeoffM says:

      Lets not forget that the 80′s unemployment was created by the massive mismanagement of Labour before thrown in 1979. IMF, power cuts, high interest rates, failing industry, strikes, unrest. Prescott should – he was at the centre of all the shit stirring – actively working to destroy our country and crap all over the working class.

      I can remember celebrating with this lot in the landlords flat in Weston-super-Mare on the night Maggie whipped their arses.


      • 51
        ATOS explians UK's miracle 'fall in unemployment', in sixth year of the 2008- ongoing Depression says:

        You(the taxpayer) keep sending the £billions, we’ll make up the ‘one million created private sector jobs’.

        ps ignore the recent official UK productivity data showing a USSR-like make-work fucked economy.

      • 98
        Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

        There were no celebrations up here until 1997.

        • 226
          Old Blue Eyes says:

          Not true. I was born and still live in Merseyside and we regularly celebrated before 1997. Not been much to celebrate since.

        • 255

          Merseyside doesn’t actually exist. The Heath-terror people conjured it chimerically into a phantasm, which still persists, like dispersing smoke, and ghosts. I live in Southport. Southport as we all know is in Lancashire – so is most of Merseyside. I think Liverpool is, too, and even places like Warrington.

      • 291
        Cassandrina says:

        I remember visiting my home country in the 70′s in the spring after the Winter of Discontent, and that fat piece of shite Prescott and his union pals and Sonny Jim were the main cause of it all.
        Even the air hostesses on my flight back out did not smile, and when I asked them on this they said there was nothing to smile about.
        At least we have not reached those depths.

    • 107
      anonymouse says:

      Guido you are assuming that he actually researched and wrote the piece, rather than just had his name on the top.

    • 320
      minga says:

      prezza is a fat greasy liar

  2. 2
    Lard Pressclott of Beams, Bellies, Banjos, Bulimia, two Jags & Shags. says:

    Shut it, Fawkes !! I tell more porkie pies that I eat.

    • 11
      I d on't nee d no doctor says:

      That’s an awful lot of pie you eat. Are they delivered by the truck load to Prescott Towers?

    • 48
      Snotsicle says:

      …and bog seats

    • 59
      Anonymous says:

      Don’t forget the M&S trifles. HUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

    • 103
      Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

      Pork pies, bog seats and M&S!

      Good job he doesn’t live in Tower Hamlets. They don’t eat pork pies, they hate M&S and they don’t sit down they stoop.

      • 172
        Pickled Wizard says:

        He lives in Hamlet Towers, and eats all the pies to ave the TH residents from themselves

      • 369
        B. Bunter-Watson says:

        Stooping would be somewhat difficult for our Lord Prescott, one suspects. Without the help of servants… Have the same problem…

  3. 3
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Women presenters at the BBC don’t seem very happy that they are losing their ‘child benefit’ (or should that be their free handout to buy some nice expensive wine) as they keep going on an on and on about it.

    You think making the rich less well off would be popular at the BBC? Or perhaps it’s only when it doesn’t apply to them?

    • 4
      The BBC are cunts says:

      We’re part of the Libor Hypocrite & Mendacity Elite.

      One rule for us and another for the rest of you.

      • 8
        Fiona Bruce at the BBC says:

        I’m only on 250k + a year. You scum license fee payers should know your place.

        • 12
          Jeremy 'TaxPlan' Paxman says:

          £ 250 k p.a ?? Haha, peanuts !

          • George Entwistle says:

            250k ?

            What a gyp. I had that times four just for screwing up. There so much gravy on our train we an hardly move the engine.

        • 113
          anonymouse says:

          Probably self employed so it won’t affect her; she take the bulk as dividend

    • 71
      Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

      Everyone thinks welfare cuts are a good idea until it applies to them.

    • 296
      Pundit too too says:

      Good grief you must be listening to different BBC programmes to me.
      The BBC are like a dog with a bone on child benefits, and the usual Labour says, Labour says rhetoric is on every 5 minutes on radio 4.
      I wondered why until I realised that this threshold of £60k per family will hit a large amount of Beeboid families and partner families.
      Whinging and whining is what the Lefties do when prodded with a sharp stick to burst their hypocritical bubble.
      Could not happen to nicer people.

  4. 5
    Kebab Time says:

    Things can only get better…..

  5. 6
    I d on't nee d no doctor says:

    How can anyone on 60k a year be given child benefit. Andrew Marr said that people on 60k were not rich, well tell that to those on minimum wage.
    Are people like Marr and Ed Balls living in the real world. It’s beyond belief.
    We never hear from the BBC, or labour about the low mortgage rates. This saves people thousands a year compared with a few years ago.
    Labour has bred a culture of something for nothing, and it stinks.

    • 10
      Mr Nobody says:

      60K? I dream that one day I’ll earn half that. Not for the first time, Andrew Marr is talking out of his leftie arsehole.

      • 170
        You an MP? I despise you the back of my cab once says:

        Here, £9,800pa before tax.
        Not enough to keep Gordon in nappies.

    • 19
      Terrible But True says:

      Mr. Marr could easily have joined Nicky Campbell and a collection of public sector, NGO & charity guests afterwards, all rather ironically secure in their ‘market rate’ wedge but arguing against capitalism.

      Nice work if you can get it, never get held to account about it or if really fouling up, step aside before a double helping of hush compo.

      It’s what makes them all so… unique.

      • 31
        Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

        Mid market wedge provided by the taxpayer. A surprising number of public sector types eschew state education for their kids including the two mentioned in your posts. Seems their belief in the state is not as all-encompassing as you would think.

      • 157
        BBC wages dept says:

        Also plenty of fringe benefits for Marr-like getting his hand into young assistant’s knickers (and it isn’t taxable).

      • 233
        Market rate my arse says:

        Market rate my arse, do you really think someone like Jonathan Ross gets anywhere near the same salary from ITV as he did with the BBC , will he fuck !

    • 24
      Operation Crossbow says:

      That feeds in to what I posted on one of the other threads when a female beeboid presenter stated that “everyone should get something out of the welfare state”

      That is the mindset that is killing this Country. Benefits should be there to help people in times of need.

      Anyone on 60K does not need child benefit, especially as that means people on less that half that are providing the tax.

      Most benefits need to go and they need to raise the minimum wage, raise the basic tax threshold and cut company taxes.

      Not only would it save billions in administration it would make those at the bottom better off and make work an incentive.

      • 82
        T. P. Fuller says:

        Alas, you are overlooking the fact that the public sector exists for the benefit of those “working” in the public sector — notably the politicians. Your common sense has no place in that world at all. However, since it’s barmy it must and will implode at some time, whereupon all bets will be off.

      • 281
        Immigrant Hordes says:

        We agree, everyone should get something out of the British welfare state isn’t it.
        See you soonings!

  6. 7
    ed martin says:

    at least the non-commissionator hisself has got a well paid non-job

  7. 9
    Jagbulon says:

    This from a man who punched a voter in the face. And whose secretary had surprisingly extensive duties.
    As deputy PM in the awful Bliar government he had is hand in some of the worst management of this country in history. The coalition are trying to fix the mess that he personally helped to create.

    • 14
      Lard Pressclott of Beams, Bellies, Banjos, Bulimia, two Jags & Shags. says:

      Tracey always cleared up the mess we left on my desk.

    • 29
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      I was right with you until the last sentence. Cameron is a watered down version of Blair.

      • 75
        David Cameron says:

        Look, guys, let me show you how serious I am. You’ve seen my rosy cheeks and ‘serious’ look. Now I’ve rolled up my sleeves and taken off my tie. Next week, I’ll be stripping down to my vest and pants and jabbing my thumb. That’s how serious I am.

  8. 13
    Bill Quango mp says:

    Read it today!
    Only 70p

    In them 80s, when Fatcher and all her demons were closing down coal mines, mines that me un Tony, went and reopened, with our very own, British made picks and shovels, and we had a canary in a cage and a candle for a light cos the price of oil had risen so much under the Tories and the candle was made by the poor people of Hull, from used smartie tubes and ear wax, and those poor people were starving and eating their own shoes and pot noodles in the streets! That was what it was like in the 80′s in Hull!
    Do they still do pot noodles! I’m quite peckish. I like the big ones with the salsa and BBQ sauce..any still about? If not I’ll have a couple of loafers and a wellie boot with some chips. Smash! Remember that? Little pieces of dried potato, just pour a pint of beer into the tin and there’s a meal for one. Smash the state! We used to shout that. Or was it Smash the toffs? I hate toffs. Lording it over the rest of us in their fine ermine and having to doff ones cap and say morning Lady P. it’s not right. And neither is Cameron. Unemployment is at 40% today and was only 1% under Tony. Don’t you want him back? I do. I had two cars, two salaries and no actual job. It were brilliant. And there was this scrubber of a secretary. You could bend her like a cheese stick…she had a special way of making me sit up and take notice. She used to put baps on her baps. There’s a sight to behold…

    Right, that’s about 1000 words..cheque please. £7000 well spent Mr Mirror, I think you’ll find, thank you very much, same agin next week?

    • 23
      Answer the scandalous finding of the Francis Report, Presa! says:

      No mention of the Francis Report of how Nulab messed up the NHS then, Presa?

      Admittedly, the Conservative led coalition is doing a fine job of consolidating the mess mulab left the NHS in with the Liverpool Death Pathway, rampant mangerialism/ bureaucratisation, obsessive targets and cuts.

      When are governments going to accept what Dame Janet Smith concluded in the Shipman report and what she and Paul Coombes said in their evidence to the Royal College of Physicians’ inquiry into ‘Doctors in society. Medical professionalism in a changing world’? in 2005.

      A culture of top down control, obsessive targets, managerialism, bureaucratisation and out of control strategic planning erode the medical professionalism and professional ethics and values which are all that can ever really protect the public. Without the ethos of professionalism, the medical profession becomes just another job where no one bothers about professional values or standards any longer.

    • 35
      John Rasclat says:

      Ay, that’s reet grand, but it’s a bit too readable, like. Can we get rid of them dots between sentences and jumble the words around a bit?

    • 40
      Old Joke says:

      In Korea they have a snack called ‘Not Poodles’.

    • 44
      can't use me old moniker says:

      Clearly a reform ed Prescott, there was no mention of Ashcroft!

  9. 16
    Francis Fogbound says:

    Wow! A Labour politician, John Prescott, telling lies? Who’d a thunk it?

  10. 18
    PhilsterMcR says:

    Can they just tell Fiona Bruce that shaking her head while reading the news is not sexy and doesn’t add gravitas and just makes her look like a permasurprised airhead.

    • 32
      Fucked Up Old Hag says:

      Ditto Huw Edwards’ scowling.

      • 52
        Snotsicle says:

        And that bumbling fool who does the Beeb News graveyard shift and starts every hour with a rather camp “Well, hello there”.

    • 41
      Fi Licence says:

      No air in her head. Just a vacuum.

      And a sixty a day voice.

      • 85
        T. P. Fuller says:

        True. She moonlights as a Dyson by sticking a flexihose in her ear.

        • 118
          2013 is going to be bleak in sunderland as the benefit caps kick in says:

          Id like to stick a flexihose up her arse,shes on a million a year what a waste of our money

    • 53
      Tony benns's will says:

      Recently she was on antiques roadshow and a letter with a white feather came along and she said she found it quite moving,not a mention of people who died fighting and she did,nt wear a white feather on Poppy Day reading the news either ,I wonder why

    • 285
      dave the bastard says:

      Paxman’s perma-sneer makes him look retarded.

  11. 20
    Working Class Bloke says:

    What hope did I have with a prick like him as a representative?

  12. 21
    Reality TV is now a retirement home for crap former politicians says:

    Oona King, champion of the Iraq war, is one of the hasbeens/neverbeens taking part in Dancing on Ice. What a fucking joke. Just like her worthless political career.

    • 33
      Not a BBC Spokesperson says:

      That’s Baroness Oona King of Bow to you – you stinking pleb.

      Pay your license fee – it’s only “fair”.

      • 39
        Sir William Waad says:

        Isn’t Dancing on Ice on ITV? So the housemaids tell me, anyway.

        • 46
          Drop a Daisy cutter on ITV says:

          Oh that fucking diving programme on ShITV last night.
          And you lot complain about the BBC.

        • 47
          can't use me old moniker says:

          I wish it was dancing on thin ice for that pointless gob.

        • 110
          Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

          I shall actually tune into ITV1 tonight and give that Mr Selfridge a go.

    • 63
      Anonymous says:

      Came second to Galloway, says it all.

    • 117
      2013 is going to be bleak in sunderland as the benefit caps kick in says:

      Dancing on Ice the last refuge for useless cnuts!I hope shes got no lists to show Scohfiled the most useless cnut of them all!

  13. 26
    NellNewman says:

    Lies and spinning of course is what labour have always done.

    You only have to look at the figures for youth employment and how they absolutely rocketed towards 1 million under balls and brown.

    And although they have fallen under this coalition government they are still not good. But at least they are a bit better despite balls having the brass neck to claim the coalition caused the problem!! ++++Laugh++++

    Unfortunately for Labour more of us nowadays understand that they mostly Lie!!

    • 68
      jo bonanno says:

      The ‘million’ figure for youth unemployment includes 250,000 students looking for part time work. So not ‘unemployed’ as such.

      Don’t expect the bbc to tell you this – not til Ed gets in at least.

    • 288
      Office Dibble says:

      Surely this was just an inevitable consequence of kids “educated” under Labour?

      For “1 million youth unemployment” read “1 million school leavers unemployable”

  14. 27
    Owen Jones says:

    “Not to mention that unemployment is thankfully far lower than it was in the 80s and falling…”

    Guido Fawkes (Right wing political blogger)

    The” triple A” rating of the UK will go this year.

    Any idea of the growth figure for the UK ?

    • 54
    • 69
      Socialism is a severe mental illness says:

      “The UK is set to overtake France on the World Economic League Table, according to an end-of-year report published by a leading British think tank [the CEBR]” – - France24.com, Dec 27 2012.

      Would that be the France with the useless tax and spend socialist mong president? Versus the UK, with a Conservative PM?

      Yes, it would.

      And didn’t France overtake Britain in 2008, when they had a right-wing president (Sarkozy) and we were saddled with tax and spend socialist mong Gordon McMental as PM (with Eddie Ballsup as his adviser)?

      Yes, it did.

      • 88
        T. P. Fuller says:

        Sorry to interrupt, but could you tell me who this “Conservative PM” might be?

        • 133
          Ted Heath says:

          It was me
          Bonjour mr le president. Nous somes voudrez attachez Uk pour le Eu, sil’vous plait.
          Nous avons plus d’argent qui nous donnez avec vous..pour plus ans.

          And pplease rule over us too..we can’t do it by ourselves.

    • 305
      Big Momma says:

      It would have gone immediately if Liebor had managed to squeeze into Power.
      Now do your homework and go to bed.

  15. 28
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    Prescott is too stupid to lie plausibly. Years of being in Labour and around consummate liars like Blair, Campbell and Brown combined with a lifelong inflated sense of his own worth and abilities make him think that he is able to do so.

    The stupid tw*t should just retire rather than submit the general public to his incoherent bullsh1t

  16. 36
    Sir William Waad says:

    Sad to say, when Mr Prescott (as he then was) stayed at Waad Towers a few years back, all the game pies that we were saving for Christmas disappeared, along with one of the horses. We never did find out what happened to poor old Dobbin.

  17. 37
    CCHQ says:

    Thanks Guido. Again.

    • 56
      Gay Fawkes, knob jockey for hire says:

      Gee, thanks! Just finished another shill piece on sending further tens of millions of UK taxpayers’ pounds to Al CIAda freedom fighters, beheading Christians, working for Israel, to overthrow the tyrant terrorist regime of Assad. I think I can convince my spast ic bedwetter readers to swallow what I say, as usual! Mazel Tov!

  18. 38
    R Swiper says:

    A million monkeys on a million typewriters will eventually produce the Bible. One thick ape banging at random on a laptop managed to produce Presgrot’s article and it shows.

    • 261
      Pickled Wizard says:

      newt week, he is going to try banging at random with the keyboard upwards, and the week after, he is just going to try banging tracey at random

  19. 42
    Here's another fact says:

    Here is what MI5 is saying about former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair:

    “Blair received an offshore payment of Euro 75 million into Belize for signing the EU Treaty of Rome. All signatories were offered Euro 50 million but [Italian Prime Minister] Berlusconi was insulted by the low amount that could buy an Italian PM so the payment went up to Euro 75m.

    Blair then paid nearly half of his share into his wife Cherie’s offshore account at H. Ansbacher in the British Virgin Islands.”

    Outgoing Bank of England Governor Sir Mervyn King also has an account (in his mother’s name) in the British Virgin Islands with H. Ansbacher, MI5 says.

  20. 43
    Ruskin College Oxford says:

    John Prescott is doing in his column what he was taught at Ruskin College Oxford.

  21. 49
    Anonymous says:

    Yes Greedo, following the disaster of the economic collapse caused by tory bankers being too fucking dumb and ignorant to have any idea of what they were doing there was an increase in unemployment.

    This is what comes of having a traitor NuLab government continuing shitty Thatcherite policies rather than rounding up all the guilty tories and shooting them. Just goes to show the need for regime change so all the liblabcons can be dealt with.

    • 66
      Sir William Waad says:

      How’s the Socialist government getting on in Syria? (I mean the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party).

      • 72
        Funambulist says:

        Hague was double-quick today in condemning Assad’s latest speech. No wonder: Assad is offering his people a referendum.

        • 134
          Asads tiny tank says:

          You really think that such a referendum would come out with anything but a resounding yes to Asad.

          I find that quite touching and innocent


      • 74
        o'Bama Sin-Laden says:

        That would be the Arab Socialist Blood-Ba’ath Party, yes ?

      • 86
        Jimmy says:

        Careful. Baathists are very popular among guidophiles.

  22. 58
    Farage on Sky News today showing 16% says:

  23. 65
    Fat Check says:

    No doubt that Prezza is political toast, and that he is about as good at spin as a punch in the face, but seriously, what has he got to offer the Sunday Mirror ?

    And whilst he was in office, WTF did he actually do other than assault the electorate ?

    • 73
      Socialism is a severe mental illness says:

      He shagged his secretary in office hours.

      What a revolting thought – we’ve paid him to have sex.

      Oh, and he played croquet. And we paid him to do that, too.

  24. 78
    The Stilton Eater says:

    Proof that it’s not ghost written. Mind you The Mirror is so full of rubbish we can’t be sure.

    I’m sure the nation would be delighted to see unemployment increase by the sum of one, namely Lard Prescott is fired from every role he occupies.

  25. 80
    NellNewman says:

    We have to feel sorry for prezza. He joined the House of Lords in the hope it would keep up his income to support his luxury lifestyle , 2 jags and wife’s hairdressing needs.

    It didn’t – so he then latched onto the scam of becoming an elected police commissioner thinking this would give him access to unlimited expenses & funds etc, except the electorate wouldn’t elect him!!

    Now he’s trying to write twaddle for a failing newspaper – doesn’t sound like an economically viable profit making venture but then that’s about what we’d expect for labour.

    poor prezza is fast approaching the scrap heap – maybe the chinese will keep his finances afloat and keep inviting him to china to talk about global warming, which has now been proved to also be a lie!!

  26. 87
    HMMM says:

    Lol, fat slob should be a source of constant entertainment, and he thinks he’s been given a column in that rag for his incisive views on life, the universe and everything.

  27. 91
    Skorpian De Rooftrouser says:

    Dave says he will be PM untill 2020 OK, but who will be PM at 25 mins past eight?
    We should be told.

  28. 92
    Ed Miliband (Prime Minister designate) says:

    I have no problems with cutting child benefits for the well off but the way this has been done is plain crazy. When two people can each earn £49,000 per year and they still get the child benefit but one person earning over £50,000 doesn’t, where is the fairness in that?

    • 96
      NellNewman says:

      I have difficulty in understanding why anyone who is earning should get child benefit at all,

      People who have children should make sure they can afford to have them before they conceive.

      • 105
        2013 is going to be bleak in sunderland as the benefit caps kick in says:

        Amen to that but come up here and tell the 3000 single mothers and their 4700 offspring that,motherhood is about getting a house or a flat and lots of benefits at the taxpayers expense children are viewed as a commodity.

        • 111
          NellNewman says:

          Well that was gordon’s intention when he invented the universal benefit for every living organism in the hope that they’d all vote for him.

          Thank the Lord his dastardly plan failed!!

        • 128
          Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

          Ah but up your way they’re probably all white. Bodes well for the future and it’s the same in my neck of the woods.

          And Londistan? Well that’s another matter. White couples there are probably putting off having kids in favour of their careers. No wonder they’re now a minority.

          • 2013 is going to be bleak in sunderland as the benefit caps kick in says:

            Dont kid yourself large Bangladeshi population on average 3 kid per family and more!

        • 138
          Wayne and way eta says:

          Me and waynneta got up the duff coz I get me rightful benefits and stuff..in it?

  29. 94
    NellNewman says:

    Well you know that might have happened if labour had been a better opposition. But with militwit as opposition leader cameron is largely unopposed at the polls.

    Nobody is going to vote for militwit, gordon’s old stooge and failed climate change minister into no 10 plus bullyballs the architect of gordon’s infamous sale of gold at brown bottom and failed education secretary into no 11!!!!

    • 151
      Frank Scunner says:

      The polls show that the Tories have no chance of an overall majority in 2015.

  30. 95
    George Osborne says:

    I’m going for a third recession this year…

    • 99
      NellNewman says:

      Sadly george that won’t be difficult. As liambyrne said as labour ran away from government in 2010 – after 13 years of labour profligacy ‘ there’s no money left’ !!

      • 126
        Frank Scunner says:

        Yes blame Labour not Tory incompetence

        • 142
          NellNewman says:

          Well labour had 13 years to leave our economics in a decent state and failed. In fact they left it in a massive black hole.

          We are two years into this government who have inherited an economic mess. Who knows how they’ll leave it.

        • 189
          Sir William Waad says:

          None of which expains why some other countrries have bounced back faster than the UK.

      • 132
        Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

        There’s enough left to pay my state pension, benefits and compo.

  31. 97
    Owen Jones says:

    We’ve paid down a quarter of the deficit” (David Cameron this morning). THIS IS A BLATANT LIE. http://www.taxresearch.org.uk/Blog/2012/10/08/osbornes-claim-that-the-deficit-is-down-by-a-quarter-is-just-plain-wrong/

    • 102
      NellNewman says:

      What a laugh ! keynesian policies have been proved generation after generation to lead to state ban kru ptcy.

      Coupled with balls neo classicist supercalafragilistic rubbish – labour left us in a black hole and still they’re trying to lie and scam their way out of it!!!

    • 254
      Raving Loon says:

      How can you pay down a deficit? You can pay down the national debt (which we’re not) or you can not overspend (which we’re not either). Grrrr

  32. 100
    2013 is going to be bleak in sunderland as the benefit caps kick in says:

    Prescott on the unemployment figures,why let the facts get in the way of a good storyespecially for the Liebore voting thickos who read the Mirror.Sme as on Tuesday when they vote against welfare cuts nothing like a bit of sabre rattling to motivate the Labour thickos who are aoblivious to the fact that no matter who wins the next election welfare cuts are here to stay,indeed we will have to see the welfare bilss cut agin the cradle to grave statism is over and wont be coming back.

    • 145
      Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

      Thank goodness I was born in 1946 and it won’t affect me. Just think, back then the war was just over and poor bombed out Binns was waiting to be rebuilt.

  33. 101
    Ed Balls(Chancellor Of The Exchequer Designate) says:

    David Cameron’s mendacity is one thing.

    What is arguably more pernicious, is his appeal to the worst human instincts when he talks about the hard working shift worker getting up in the early dark hours to go to work and seeing is neighbour’s family still asleep because they’re living on benefits.

    This sort of ugly stereotyping reveals so much about what the Tory bastards are really about,and why the Tory scum are referred to as “The Nasty Party”.

    • 104
      NellNewman says:

      What’s wrong with telling the truth?

      My daughter and her husband work shifts and that is exactly what some of her neighbours do.

      • 112
        Jimmy says:

        I understand the argument, but I’ve yet to hear an explanation as to why people seem to get so much lazier when the tories are in power.

        • 120
          NellNewman says:

          The issue isn’t who’s in power. the issue is whether people who can, should work or should thet rely on universal benefits?

          labour says people should live on benefits ; the tories say people should work.

          I have always believed people are healthier, more self respecting, live better lives and live longer if they work.

          • Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

            Perhaps if their terms and conditions of work were the same as Tory MP’s they would.

          • Jimmy says:

            “labour says people should live on benefits ; the tories say people should work.”

            If that’s true then each party is equally ineffective in achieving its goal.

      • 135
        Frank Scunner says:

        “Telling the truth”? Cameron wouldn’t know the truth if he fell over it.

        His wife must be continuously embarrassed by him

        • 147
          NellNewman says:

          Ummm actually the folks who had real trouble with the truth , remember gordon’s spokesman, damian mcbride ??? were Labour!!!

  34. 106
    HMMM says:

    Isn’t socialism just wonderful for some.
    Seen Elsewhere:
    Blair’s Profits Treble | Telegraph

  35. 108
    A Little Choirboy says:

    I think it’s good that bishops can be gay. My bishop is very jolly and is always laughing. He says he rilly likes choirboys. He told me he was chaste, so we ran around his palace until I caught him, and then he played funny games with me.

    • 124
      NellNewman says:

      Oh Do Give Over!! Most of us see nothing wrong with being Gay and it has nothing to do with pa ed op hili a!!

      What matters for a servant of the Church of England is that they are caring, decent and hard working!!

      • 136
        Frank Scunner says:

        What about the Cafflics?

        • 153
          NellNewman says:

          Like the graudian the other day and hatty harpic the equalities opposition spokesperson, they tried to make a case for pa ed op hil ia being natural.

          hatty harpic and her ilk were wrong and she’s long run away and hid!!

        • 154
          Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

          I didn’t think much of their Xmas messages considering it was supposed to be the season of goodwill to all men.

          • Biblical misquotes says:

            Actually the scripture says “goodwill to all men with whom he is pleased” which you will agree has the complete opposite meaning from the God loves everyone despite what they get up to message

  36. 109
    Jimmy says:

    To be fair to Butch he’s the first Tory PM since Heath to fail to hit double digits. He still has time though.

  37. 116
    NellNewman says:

    Where is militwit?

    He has not been heard of for weeks?

    • 122
      Abbarse says:

      I’m sitting on his face to stop that irritating nasal whine. Permanently.

    • 142
      Frank Scunner says:

      Just biding his time – watching the Child Benefit cuts descend into yet another omnishambles

      • 161
        NellNewman says:

        Why are we paying child benefit to folks who are earning decent wages? Answers on a postage stamp please!

        • 183
          Frank Scunner says:

          Because the politicos think those who pay in should also get a little bit out.
          If that argument works, then why not those who don’t have kids?

          But who dreamed up the new rules where two wage-earners earning £49k each qualify?

          Mr Osborne I believe.

          • NellNewman says:

            I still want to hear a credible argument for universal benefits paid to folks who earn.

            Why does the taxpayer need to shell out benefits to people who can work for their own living?

            the only reason benefits were extended this way in the last 15 years was because labour thought they could buy votes for life with the policy.

            Now that idea has been trashed it’s time to ditch the policy!!

          • NellNewman says:

            It was an immoral policy anyway – but then gordon knew that and still pursued it!! So much for his moral compass!!

  38. 123
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    And after having completed the “Labour”-ious task of churning out that pile he called a column, Prezza retired to his local KFC where he ordered his customary dozen 20-piece buckets. However, in keeping with his colleague Andy Burnham’s crusade against added sugar in food, he ordered Diet Pepsi. Thank goodness for small favours.

    • 131
      NellNewman says:

      Ah Andy Burnham !! That ex health Minister that presidend over the Stafford Hospital scandal!!

      What does that Inquiry report into the scandalous unnecessary deaths of 1200 people, say that is being released tomorrow?:-

      ” there was a climate of fear and managers were compelled to protect labour ministers as they spent their time meeting targets and neglecting patients “

    • 197
      gramma says:

      In support of John Presstott and present NHS failings, rumour has it that Andy Burnham is planning a follow up to his recent Liverpool musical success.
      Believe the old Four Tops hit “Retch out and I’ll be there” is being considered.

  39. 129
    Eric Pickles says:

    i am two seconds away from sitting on my laptop

  40. 130
    Anonymous says:

    if nothing both side fudge the figures, so guido you are probably wrong as well

  41. 146
    Anonymous says:

    I’m totally and utterly disgusted at Prezza’s incompetent spinning of Bruin’s brilliant handling of the British economy.

    He did everything the EU told him to do; he imported a couple of million benefits claimants in EU satellites, surrendered the rebate, raised the deficit to higher than Greek standards to pay for political correctness police and German windmills, and best of all handed over the gold reserves to Fankfurt. If only the dumkopf Britishers had re-elected the national Socialist Labour Party they would be basking in the same prosperity as the other vassal states, Greece, Italy, and Spain.

  42. 150
    kinnochio says:

    I’m totally and utterly disgusted at Prezza’s incompetent spinning of Bruin’s brilliant handling of the British economy.

    He did everything the EU told him to do; he imported a couple of million benefits claimants in EU satellites, surrendered the rebate, raised the deficit to higher than Greek standards to pay for political correctness police and German windmills, and best of all handed over the gold reserves to Fankfurt. If only the dumkopf Britishers had re-elected the national Socialist Labour Party they would be basking in the same prosperity as the other vassal states, Greece, Italy, and Spain.

    • 156
      Frank Scunner says:

      If you think back the borders opened after the Maastricht Treaty signed by one JOHN MAJOR

    • 158
      NellNewman says:

      Where is kinnochio and his odious wife by the way? No doubt they’rr spending their on cruises around the world paid for by us the taxpayer.

      He was never one to work for a living!!

  43. 159
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Is Joyce Thacker (Rotherham / UKIP / take the kids) going to be performing in a circus act this coming week? Will she be performing before Bozo, Coco and a few other clowns – and I thought panto season had finished it has hasn’t it?

  44. 162
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Seen elsewhere on t ‘other blog today

    3 big Queries to ponder
    All three political parties .ughh no start again:- The Government AND the Opposition are as ONE over:-
    1. Gay Marriage
    2. The EU
    3. Climate Change
    Yet day in day out; they and their spinmeisters across the MSM try to sell the public that they Government & Opposition are at odds with one another … funny that really innit? So who really are the dark actors in the background setting the agendas for the political actors and hacks to ‘sell on to the public?

    • 175
      NellNewman says:

      Gay Marriage – no problem with it – just don’t think it’s important.

      The EU – a failed socialist experiment and economic black hole that we need to get out of ASAP

      Climate Change – one of the biggest socialist lying scams of all time!!

      • 204
        2013 is going to be bleak in sunderland as the benefit caps kick in says:

        Theres no such thing as Gay Marriage,marriage is a union between a man and a womanhas been accepted practice for centuries amongst all religions and those of no faith its the very effective small minority gay mafia who not content with legalising buggery now want to sanctify it.

        • 207
          NellNewman says:

          I do’lt agree. If folks who are gay wish to marry to make that commitment – then that’s a positive step towards harmony.

          As a political policy it has no impact on life for the rest of us.

          Policies on the Eu and climate change however are based on lies and costing us £millions and need to be eliminated!

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Nell your understanding of what the Militant Politicised Homosexuals are up to is zilch – such that you dismiss their push for marriage rights. They have civil partnerships – but that ain’t enough. If you knew of what they are trying to force via the education system into the minds of children at the age of 5 you would soon change your mind. The MPH’s have been used by many despotic failing governments and miscreants throughout the world for eons – they have raised their dirty abnormal habits once again ‘with a little help from their friends’ who also believe that it is normal to have sex with 3 year olds. If that’s your misunderstanding Nell – you are lost and have been duped.

          • Not Blowing Whistles says:

            Until the authorities who are responsible for the church are ready to change Cannon law and alter interpretation of scripture to permit holy matrimony of homosexuals, the point on gay marriage is mute.

            God is mightier than militancy, those who persist with such unholy actions may yet feel His wrath.

            Point on EU policy is interesting one. There is a very large European contingent being sent down to Turkey at present to help man the Patriot batteries which are being put in by the US. This is ostensibly to counter missile strikes from Syria.

            Note: Turkey did come close to invoking Article 5 last year against when missiles where fired into its territory from Syria (not by Government forces though). Article 5 is what got us into Afghanistan post 9/11

            Watch carefully the Hagel nomination US side and note the patriot deployment is to coincide with the !sraeli elections. If one looks at what is going on in !srael, as well as the Russian interest, Turkey is very clearly the grenade pin in global power play at present.

            One suspects that far from the European Union breaking up, it may be irrevocably fused together through war in the not to distant future. Which side of the history the UK will end up on this time is not clear, but if the EU is forced to fight it is our priority to ensure that UK enemies within the EU are brought to heel ASAP so as our position is not further compromised.

            Respecting not attacking the Church is more important than most realize at present when the bigger picture is looked at.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            NBW – I have posted previously of that election in Israel on 22nd Jan. And lo ‘n behold its annual holo beat the world up propaganda day on the 27th … which I am sick and tired of hearing about.

            Back in 2008 Melanoma Phillips wrote an article in the DM chastising all those who celebrated the (so called) ending of slavery – she had the cheek to tell them to stop their breast-beating etc …

            She didn’t want to mention that most of the slave ships were owned by ‘ThemRothies’ who made a killing out of the transportation etc …

            Innit funny how Melanoma – works her articles and who for?

          • Not Blowing Whistles says:

            The Knesset election dates have been published for a while.

            The real question is whether the lobby in the US is actually turning its back on !srael or not at present. (The UK position is also curious.)

            One doesn’t think so, however, Obama certainly appears to be – sort of. He is not in tune with the !srael lobby, and the cliff issue in the US is forcing a very real rethink on US foreign aid budgets for later this year – in the cut sense.

            The revelations ongoing at present over Benghazi / MB members having fairly senior positions in W/house makes for very damaging propaganda material in certain hands.

            The aspect missed though is that it does appear that since !srael has drifted to the right, whilst US has to the left, the US strategy with respect alliance and support is changing.

            Hagel appt. is significant if you note his attitude to issues abroad. Hagel was a part of the !raq ‘Oil for Blood’ B/S, which started life in the CFR:


            That incidentally helped shape negative opinion against both Bush and Bliar. !raq was never about oil or energy policy.

            The domino effect of this shift towards !srael is likely to result in the collapse of the PA. That is actually a doomsday situation of sorts, because it is clear that Hamas would immediately fill the power vacuum, and that is a real threat to !sraeli security.

            Looking at the map it is no surprise that a new wall is being considered.

            If the US has in fact ‘given up’ on the notion of ‘!srael’ this has very deep and profound implications, and that is meant in a context beyond the nation state.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            The lobby boys can go two finger figure – they’re suborned monkeys.

            The Benghazi issue and hilclintys sudden illness – oh she didn’t give testimony about it all is dubious / as in why? (Hil ‘n bill have history as commie/marxist sympathisers Champagne socialists research it). There’s not a lot of a true paper trail about the consulate man that was bumped off in bens ghazi – very strange.

            !raq was about the black stuff I beg to differ but other stuff as well.

            Don’t be so easily fooled by ‘fearmongering’ by th !srae.lies – the state was brought about by entrapment, blackmail, coersion, duplicity et plus d autres agendas par de Z.ists. Problem is all their lies are now coming out into the open – and they are trying to reinvent themselves. Common efng purpose is yet another of their creations – with umpteen tiers of dupes upon dupes.

            I posted here some time ago about the greatest miscarriage of justice of modern times – well some folk need to wake up and stop being the 80% of their idiot fools. Stoopid efingChristgentils.

          • Not Blowing Whistles says:

            Am not going to argue further with you as generally respect your views / insights. A little reading around on the issues will show you where you have been hoodwinked like most on the issues you expressed those views on.

            Key: Credibility is the only criteria for determining if propaganda output should be true or false : Very important.

            Afghanistan was about Oil, Iraq not. Iraq was about testing intervention and seeing if by collapsing a state and occupying, a new more acceptable state would emerge. That doesn’t work of course.

            The revenue and investment in infrastructure are testament to that. ‘Busted’ is an appropriate vernacular.

            On another level, !raq was about getting US airbases into the Middle East, and restoring Sunn! to power. Check what is going on at present. Also recall the extreme fighting coalition was involved with in Najaf / Karbala always stood out, alongside Fallujah.

            If you want the real conspiracy, consider how by systematically destroying Sh!a populations around the world one could in fact be targetting al Mahdi. Key difference between Sunn! and Sh!a is their difference of opinion on the twelth prophet. Some say the Messiah may be set to return soon.

            On the other hand, it could just be a numbers game, with a preference for giving the majority back their caliphate. Not good news for !ran either way though.

            It is curious though that the strategy in play right now is likely to be derailed by one thing: God.

            Food shortages, such as those which are beginning to affect everyone now have the capacity to make all of this planning moot: Inconvenient timing when you notice just how fragile the status quo now is.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            !raq – perhaps sadman twigged that there were a lot of oil dereks right near his border – ever heard of Horizontal boring? No. Well (pun intended) it is a technique by which you drill down a few hundred meters and then go across the border and tap into your neighbours gushing supply … ‘theft’.

            As I said there were other reasons.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            BTW do you think that the Libya.ns “only found dirt” about lockerbi.e or have they got themselves a reet good o 5hit to throw at the Bliar and his co-conspirator.s who duped the British Public NUMEROUS TIMES?

          • Not Blowing Whistles says:

            With the sanctions which were in place during the 90′s that extraction technology was not available. They couldn’t even make drinking water in !raq.

            The major strategic error made was disbanding the army and allowing what was left of the state to collapse. One suspects that the US at least did not fully understand what dealing with the ensuing sectarian carnage was going to entail.

            The second bigger screw up appears to be the redirection in US Foreign Policy which took place in 2006/7:


            That is where US Foreign policy was distorted to follow a sectarian based agenda favouring Sunn!, and in particular enabling the re-establishment of their old caliphate.

            It is likely Obama’s biggest failure since coming to office is allowing France to get directly involved with US Foreign Policy issues. The funding trail for AQ / Opposition in the Arab Spring movements has a particularly strong French whiff to it.

            Recalling what happened in Vietnam, it is incredible that the US let themselves get back in to this situation, one which now not only puts them at odds with their faithful ally !srael, but also has put them into a position of having to support Sunn! !slamists who would wipe them off the planet tomorrow given the right kind of arms.

            I don’t expect to convince you, but Bliar and his backers were not the problem. Those who ousted him though, changed Bush’s FP direction and likely people connected with James Baker III IPP / Rice Uni + CFR who seeded the Oil for Blood B/S: They are the bad guys.

            One suspects that Brown was involved in this more. Looking back at the record, his more destructive modus operandi certainly seems more in line with the carnage which has and will ensue.

        • 256
          Blowing Whistles says:

          The issue of a man and a woman is agreed.

          Let me hammer the argument a little bit further.

          Only a male sperm impregnates a female egg to produce a child. So the Rse lickers can stick that up their butts.

  45. 163
    It's NOT fair.....its just NOT fair.......... says:

    Apparently cutting child benefit for those earning over £50k means according to some woman on BBC earning over £100k THAT she can’t afford to buy her kids Clark’s Shoes for School(which incidently is private at her choice )and that this government is targetting hard-pressed families….If you can’t manage to bring up kids on £100k pa then firstly don’t have kids.secondly cut back on your spending;thirdly stop taking out large mortgages(rates at historic low for last 5 years as an aside)or don’t send your kids to private school..but spare us the sob stories and stop bloody whingeing

    • 176
      NellNewman says:

      If people can;t afford children on their earnings then they should have them!

      The state should not be subsidising working folks to raise children.

      • 178
        NellNewman says:

        If people can;t afford children on their earnings then they should NOT have them!

        The state should not be subsidising working folks to raise children.!

  46. 164
    Frank Scunner says:

    I see Shoesmith can’t get a job. Didn’t she get £150k compo? Has she spent it? Why does she need a job?
    £15k a year to live on = 10 years?

    • 181
      NellNewman says:

      I think she refused to take that and is currently suing for £1million.

      Presumably this latest article is all about building her case.

  47. 166
    Dennis Skinner says:

    Eww I can smell something foul coming .. it’s a bit like shit, sweat, despair and crushed souls .. oh that’s right it’s fucking David Cameron.

  48. 167

    John Prescott


    gives the word



    a bad name

    • 171
      Rat's arse says:

      Too true SC. Well said! :)

      • 177

        Hi Rat’s!

        Hope you are enjoying a well-deserved rest!

        • 188
          Rat's arse says:

          Back in the mad house I’m sorry to say SC. Had a good couple of days off, but wasted most of the time sleeping!

          All the best for 2013 ‘cat’. Take care, & don’t you dare turn up at my place of work! :)

          • The only time I used to turn up at hospitals was to ask (female) nurses out. I did meet some very nice ones though… :-D

          • nurse botha says:

            Ooh, what a lad you are Sc! NOW FUCK OFF!

          • Yeah! I got told that once or twice too, Nurse Botha!

            But you have to speculate to accumulate…

          • nurse botha says:

            I bet you were one those creeps who faked an illness which necessitated a rectal examination. Yuk!

          • Not so and a slander!

            I am old enough not to have been corrupted by modern porn and its abject fascination with anal sex.

            The rectum should be a one way street and that way is downwards (unless one is standing on one’s head which is inadvisable when defecating, unless one’s name is Mark Oaten.)

          • Probably An Urban Legend says:

            There are those who say that, back in the era of National Service, when a lad showed up for a medical exam, he was given a digital prostate exam, ostensibly for the purpose of detecting (the extremely rare in a male that age) prostatic hyperplasia, but in fact to ascertain the relative tightness/looseness of his anus, with a view towards attempting to weed out those of homophilic tendency. Being far too young to have served, I have no personal knowledge. (On a related note, the number of haemorrhoid diagnoses soared, allegedly.)

          • Your findings appear to be validated by the number of sinistra inclined haemorrhoids that manage to post here.

  49. 168
    I 'ad Prezza's chipolata in the back of my cab once says:

    ‘ On the day Gordon Brown left office unemployment rate was higher than it is today. These are facts. Spin your readers not me. @johnprescott’

    Is that a misprint?
    Should it not be ‘reader’, singular?

  50. 182
    NellNewman says:

    So how is labour going to make it’s case for more welfare benefits and higher taxes to fund their next proposed bout of profligate spending to buy votes in 2015?

    I can’t wait to hear!!

    • 186
      Frank Scunner says:

      At least Labour are prepared to talk about the long-term unemployed.
      The Tories just want to kick them whilst they’re down.

      That’s why Cameron and Co are going to lose in 2015

      • 191
        Tachybaptus says:

        Labour are prepared to talk about many things — except of course for their own shameful record. Talk is easy; action is harder.

        • 206
          a non says:

          Be fair. At least Ed M no longer has a blank sheet of paper.
          Will be interesting to see how many questions he can raise at this coming Wednesday’s PMQs about the Tory disregard for the danger of Frosties and Coco-pops.

          • NellNewman says:

            Well fully expect militwit to be fillling his blank sheet of paper with a weightwatchers diet sheet that he’ll legislate for all of us to follow!

            After all we are plebs with no minds of our own according to labour – completely unable to make our own choices!!

      • 193
        NellNewman says:

        I think who wins the next election is still up for grabs.

        For labour the big question at the mo is can militwit re-invent himself as a possible candidate for no 10 and can bullyballs , given his history of failed education secretary and architect of the gold sale at brown bottom re-invent himself as a credible chancellor?

        Only time will tell!!

      • 200
        Sir William Waad says:

        I don’t understand why people can travel all the way from Poland or Somalia to take a job in London, while unemployed people in the UK turn their noses up at such work.

    • 209
      Frank Scunner says:

      Because employers are not paying a living wage, the highest working tax credit goes to those on minimum wage then it tapers off.

      If employers paid a living wage or as near to it as possible for SME’s that would drastically reduce the welfare budget and do not say they cant afford it because they can if they are not paying their fair share in corporation tax.

      Then their would be no need for the government to treat the ill and disabled with such disdain.

      • 212
        NellNewman says:

        My YoungNells is ill and disabled – she’s not treated by this government with disdain. neither is she suppoprted by it – that’s what we’re here for!!

        • 215
          Frank Scunner says:

          But what if you were unable to work, because your child requires 24hrs a day care?
          What do you do then?

          • Sir William Waad says:

            Marry the father?

          • NellNewman says:

            We’re her grandparents , we worked hard, we paid for our house and pensions, and if anything happens to us what we have left will support her.

            That’s what a family is for.

  51. 190
    Dave"The One Term Prime Minister" Cameron says:

    Need somebody to write down the shit I come out with…

  52. 198
    2013 is going to be bleak in sunderland as the benefit caps kick in says:

    Reports in the press today suggesting Geoffry John will be offered the Bishoprick of Durham after Eton Welby departs a case of anus homorillibus!

    • 221
      Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

      Bishopric – or was it an intentional Freudian slip?

      How is old Durham these days? I shall never forget my first view of it from the train in 1958. My first view of Binns (South Shields) came later.

      • 248
        2013 is going to be bleak in sunderland as the benefit caps kick in says:

        It was meant to be ironic

  53. 203
    ed balls is an arse says:

    Once a fat lying Hunt……….

  54. 213
    Frank Scunner says:

    Don’t two thirds of benefits go to pensioners – who’ve worked hard for it, and who ‘Dave’ has promised to protect ? That’s because they are is core vote so he cavils at visiting any cuts on them. So he targets a demonises ‘the scroungers’ in a cynical attempt to allow his project for the already wealthy to take even more of the national cake. Such a ‘Nice’ man…….

    • 223
      Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

      I fall into his core vote category. Will I vote for him? Will I heck!

  55. 216
    Anonymous says:

    Right-wing mythopoesis on the subject of welfare seems to have worked. In effect, the Tories have been saying that the trouble with the poor is that they have too much money. This negative image of welfare – of ‘dole scroungers’ living a life of ease and luxury, blithely turning down work because they prefer a life on benefits – contains no reality, and the single most important fact about the welfare bill is largely absent from the debate: the fact that two-thirds of the welfare budget is spent on pensioners. Since pensioners have been protected from the spending cuts, this means that any reduction in the welfare budget must be drawn from the working-age population. A large fraction of this group are in work but so poor they still attract benefits. If these things were better known, the debate about welfare would be more nuanced, but the Tories clearly think that this shift in attitudes gives them a useful, potentially election-winning, stick with which to bash Labour.

    • 228
      HMMM says:

      Pensioners haven’t been protected from spending cuts , they have been clobbered, nil interest rates on savings, Gordons £6 billion raid on pensions, I could go on.

    • 237
      Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

      I’ve been diagnosed with a mythopoesis. That’s why I’m getting my extra, solid as the Rock of Gibraltar benefits.

    • 275
      Sir William Waad says:

      If you want a good welfare system you need:

      Social cohesion, and
      A work ethic

      So that’s 0/3, unfortunately; we’ll have to go on living off the products of past investment, work and ingenuity, plus the products of future ditto in the form of borrowing.

      Just making a caring face doesn’t help.

  56. 217
    Anonymous says:

    Northern European socialism, Venezuelan socialism, Bolivian socialism, Brazilian socialism. A society based upon cooperation, trust and mutual support.

    Adam Smith recognised the Market would, unchecked, eliminate populations. This is exactly what the Tories are up to now, eliminating whole swathes of the society. What do they call the poor and underprivileged? The feral underclass, skivers, scoungers! And they sincerely believe these baseless lies

    • 229
      Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

      Brazil is certainly eliminting whole swathes of society – 30 million plus formerly poor people have joined the middle classes.

      • 231
        Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

        Sorry, eliminating.

        • 245
          portugeezer says:

          With future World Cup football and The Olympics already planned Brasil has become one of the Tiger economies. Work galore but unfortunately for those expecting European norms the pay resembles minimum wage.
          ‘ Pele ‘ translates as skin and the locals are not bothered about losing a little in the need to do a hard days work supporting their family.
          Pity many in the UK do not feel the same.

    • 246
      2013 is going to be bleak in sunderland as the benefit caps kick in says:

      So you want to keep and continue to pay for the feral underclass you must be deluded or live in Primrose Hill

  57. 219
    TV guide says:

    Don’t miss The Iron Lady on channel 4 at 9. Or watch Mr Selfridge first on ITV at 9 and then Iron Lady on 4 1 at 10.

    • 232
      Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

      I will give The Iron Lady a miss. Meryl Streep is so 1980′s. Reminds me of the Holocaust Years.

    • 234
      illogical says:

      Thanks for the reminder.
      I missed the days of Maggie etc having already suffered the benefits of Wilson etc and decided to emigrate.
      Missed Blair , Brown too [you unlucky people] now being followed by a sham Tory but actually a LibLab turncoat at the helm that I choose to continue to avoid.
      Story of my life actually. Missing it but truthfully not missing it.

      • 249

        Where are you now, approximately?

        • 258
          illogical says:

          Boa Tarde Senor Gato.
          Chasing between Holland, Portugal, Australia, Indonesia and the UK when the mood strikes visiting family. Nominally resident in Holland for tax purposes but the weather and golf courses are better here in Portugal.

          • Dober dan!

            Sounds good to me. I have been to all of them.

            Weather counts for a lot as one gets more advanced. It was a beautiful sunny day here on the Adriatic today.

  58. 222
    Owen Jones says:

    David Cameron is certainly doing his best to destroy the Tories.

    “Storm in a pint glass: David Cameron faces Commons revolt to save pubs” http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/david-cameron-faces-commons-revolt-1521270

  59. 235
    GB says:

    If only the man could come up with a decent argument at least as good as his ability to connect to the electorate with his fists.

  60. 239
    Tracey Mount-Temple says:

    Dear Old Prezza always thinks it’s bigger than it is!

    • 252
      Red Egg Millitit... says:

      So it is true…. he has a little chipolata??

      Well no real surprise as the fatter a guy gets, the only thing that does not get bigger is his knob !!

    • 267
      Prezz Watch says:

      Saul Alinsky, rule #1.

  61. 251
    Prezz Watch says:

    Perhaps he could be sent out to cover the upcoming elections in !srael. He appears to be an expert on Fatah, and could be a very effective human shield.

  62. 257
    Will this get past the mods ? says:

    Now would be an appropriate time to remember those we have lost over 2012

    The Paragnostic

    All gone to bigot heaven.

    • 271
      NellNewman says:

      I think I responded to jgm2 the other day.

      He’ll be back!

    • 324

      You miss out concrete pump, Tessa Tickles, Tulkinghorn and a great many others to add to that fine list of posters you cite.

      If that makes me a bigot as well, then I am more than proud to wear that title.

      • 354
        I Can't Remember It, Either says:

        And then, of course, there’s that fellow whose moniker seemed to have escaped his memory…

    • 365
      Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

      I am the Bigot-Hunter General.

  63. 262
    Southern Softy says:

    Sadly the Mirror reading plebs will lap up the Barsteward’s lies. It will reassure them that being a scrounging piece of shit is OK.

  64. 273
    Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

    If left wing MPs as so bothered about the level of benefits they could pay for a few more by giving up their tax payer funded pensions and pay for their own like everyone else outside the public sector. To help with affordable housing they could let poor families live in one of their spare rooms.

    Thought not

    Their solution is to tax the rich and employers. There is no recorded instance of a trade union or a poor person creating jobs.

    Like it or lump it the economy needs its rich folks to create wealth and jobs.

    • 292
      retardEd Miliband says:

      Unearned wealth ith dithcuthting. Rich people thould be athamed of themthelveth.

      Ethpethially thothe rich millionairth whothe wealth ith unearned. Perhapth through property thpeculathion, and tho on and tho forth.

      Oh yeth.

    • 327
      Revd. (£rd Fucking Way) Phoney B£iar, sanctimonious git and £iar, emoting and wiv stupid grin says:

      Hi !!! and Hullo !!!!

      My expenses? – sorry to say I mislaid them – I was so busy wiv running the country and doing what is Right that I feel in my heart – I mislaid them. I reckon the cleaner put them in the macerator – or Big Al’s mouth for short!

      Remember you voted for me? – so …. Please …. no more questions or I’ll have to ask Cherry Pie for an order.

      Must fly!!

  65. 274
    Lard Pissclott of Shithull says:

    I reely wanted a job on The Times but thay sed I woz too thik and my speling woz too bad so I wood hav to rite for the chavs on The Mirra.

    • 284
      The Daily Telegraph says:

      You could always write for us. All you have to do is spend all day copying and pasting from Twitter and Facebook. And not bother proof-reading anything. Ideal for you, we should think. Although you might have to sit next to Bryony Gordon. And start paragraphs with ‘But’, as if you’re a completely illiterate fuckwit.

      But you should get used to it.

  66. 278
    Tony says:

    I would like to nominate Prezza for the Philip Schofield Award for accuracy in journalism.

    • 286
      John my fat gut is never full Prescott says:

      I have a list, it reads, and I didn’t get it off t’internet thingy.
      Chinese take away
      More pies

      • 295
        The British Lard Council says:

        Don’t forget lard.

        “A pack of lard a day, helps you work rest and just bloody well buy lard you bastards.”

  67. 279
    Owen Jones says:

    In dancing shows we have a dance off, in singing the sing off, in skating the skate off. Can we please have a celebrity show called fuck ?

  68. 297
    296 , FFS says:

    Someone found a second wind, yeah?

  69. 321
    Chris Hoon says:

    Muesli-knitting, fluffy, sandal-wearing FibDems want to take money from pensioners.

  70. 325
    m'Lud Prezza, NooLieBore Crusader, Gourmand, - critiquing current affairs with sparkling wit says:

    time was when I were a boy no-one had them tablet things and twatty were unknown ter boys like what I was just a plain unemployable kid wiv no ‘A’ levorls and that’s cos the Tory toffs took all the places wot was meant fer poor lowly kids like me the bastards and me on a boat serving the buggers wiv gin and T – I’ll give the buggers G&T!!! and then some – and me wiv 2 jags – an I’ll tell yer what I ‘av got shiny plastic mock Tudoral Beamage – you don’t find that on them houses what the La-de-da layabouts ‘av now do yer?!

  71. 329

    Banks given four more years to introduce minimum liquidity standards

    More bailout in other words. The lunatics are in charge of the asylum.

    • 333
      Not Blowing Whistles says:

      Looks like Basel III has been just about given up on as well…

    • 335
      Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:

      Let me and Ed have another go at running the UK economy.

      I’m confident we’ve got the hang of it now.

      • 385
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Ed Testicles says its all (Child Benefit stuff) a shambles!

        No the two Eds are a shambles – but hey so too are gideon and slimeyDave.

      • 400
        Noose Watch says:

        Somebody say Ed Balls ?

        When you’ve figured him out, just give me a call. Ready when you are.

    • 346
      Anonymous says:

      4 Years for banks. Yet the people get no time whatsoever to cope with the loss of benefits or jobs.

      However wrong a benefit is, the people receiving it should have notice that their plans have to change. This is where this government fails. It can not connect with people.

      The issue is not the benefit, but the fact that their life is planned around it. The Government have made it worthless to save for the future, so everyone budgets all income directly to expenditure. So say they have gone out and bought a car to carry the kids to school. The money to pay off the loan had just vanished.

      The government however budgets more than their income to their pet projects and can not plan anything beyond their next stumbling step. That is why they can not see how the people feel.

      The argument over if it is a just benefit is a smoke screen. In the end it is just an issue of tax and rebates, nothing else. It should have been phased in over a few years along with the limit on the number of children. Monitored and adjusted over time. Or maybe eventually removed altogether.

  72. 330
    BZ to the BBC says:

    Tankies on BBC2/BBCHD now. Compulsive viewing.

    The BBC at its very best.

  73. 332
    Gregory Bellend says:

    I have lost my faberge egg

  74. 340
    Saffron says:

    Just another liebour barsteward trying his luck at making money.
    Reminds me of that statement,from little acorns grow mighty oaks,only in his case it is from ships waiter/unions grows an absolute asshole who is virtually illiterate/agressive.
    The union crowd in oxford not of Oxford Uni,rather a unit teaching leftie propaganda really suits a no mark like him.
    Pressco is really one of the true faces of the liebour shite who have led this land towards ruin.
    Don’t think much of his wife also given the Tracey affair,she who to keep her status thinks that adultery is ok.
    Amazing what money and status can do when the cards are on the table,it means to me that integrity flies out the window.
    The man and his overblown opinion of himself and his asshole politics should be a lesson to all of us as to what this liebour party is all about and how they have led this land to the brink of disaster.

    • 341
      Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

    • 344
      Alastair Campbell Murderer says:

      “Pressco is really one of the true faces faeces of the liebour shite who have led this land towards ruin.”

    • 384
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Take a good look at all the legal shysters surrounding the Liebour party. Them legals have a lot ‘t hide too.

      In fact all legals have far too much to hide – dirty vultures the lot of them: Tory Labour and lib Dem scum – ALL OF ‘EM.

      • 398
        David Cameron's Hairy Hoover says:

        The problem with using the law as a shield is that in a situation where consensus breaks down it makes a pretty flimsy defense against the sharp sticks of liberty.

  75. 350
    Lard Pissclott of Shithull says:

    As long as they provide me with non-stop pies and a secretary to shag I’ll write any old crap.

  76. 352
    Blowing Whistles says:

    The fact that the Sunday Smoke ‘n mirror has to pay one of the most pathetic fat, inane, bolshi, disgusting individuals ever to attain the office of DPM – just about sums up how desperate the smoke ‘n mirrors must be.

    What a joke are these beings that represent the establishment – oh yes the establishment are the real plonkers behind it all – that they can only uphold such plonkers like presclott, bliar and more recently cametwatnclogg… four of the finest Parliamentarians to ever have held office!!! [Like yeah man!!!] – I mean who’s lookin stoopid now you rick p’s running the joint. It’s her Governmen and her opposition and wow don’t they make her look the chief circus leading plonker.

    That they state that they speak for the British public – well JFHCh. Gawd help us.

  77. 353
    Iron Lady says:
    • 361
      Rupert (aged nine) says:

      She was a bitch and I hope she dies a painful death.

    • 366
      Red Ed's non-predator union bosses says:

      She ruined the Country – for us.

      Under Libor, WE ran the Country.

      Ah, them’s were the days, when people laughed at us and called us the Sick Man of Europe. Happy days !

    • 370
      Confucius, He says:

      If you 60, she lovely.

      If you 48, she pig bottom.

    • 409
      Owen Jones bottom wiper says:

      I like how ‘people’ is used to somehow suggest universal groupthink. Obviously she was horrendous to ‘people’ despite all those election victories crushing those left wing ‘people’.

    • 420
      Anonymous says:

      She was great, she ran rings round the striking miners trying to hold the country to ransom by secretly importing months worth of coal.
      Maggie was thinking multiple steps ahead of the miners when they were busy planning how many bricks to throw at plod. Scargill and the NUM had access to thousands upon thousands of boots and they were outmanouvered at every turn by a grocers daughter who exposed Scargill and the NUM for the marble rolling schoolboys they were.

    • 428
      Buddha says:

      It is the great wheel of the universe … Labour fucks the country up and the Conservatives have to take over and make things better … then it all goes around again

  78. 355
    EU Watch says:

    Just in case anyone is unaware that the Savillesque can of worms opened up in the UK is not mirrored by events across the channel, there has been a little movement on the Joris Demmink case.


    Google up the background – If you thought that the legal establishment could not be involved in child trafficking rings and the rest, readjust those perceptions.

    From a geo-political perspective though, this does give a very interesting behind the scenes negotiating position. Holland is sending a number of troops to help out with the Patriot batteries in Turkey, who have also allowed those systems to now be stationed within its borders.

  79. 359
    'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:

    Any news yet on that lying gobshite Huhne?

    I still have a bet outstanding that the smarmy git will get sent down or at least get a suspended.

    Come on Mr.Justice, let’s see it propely served and nail the bastard.

  80. 367
    The Iron Lady is propaganda says:

    How many lives did Thatcher devastate?

    • 372
      Sir Patrick Mower says:

      How many numbers are there in the universe?

    • 374
      R.U.Shaw says:

      Er, it doesn’t seem to have stopped the population in the UK reaching a record level in 2012.

    • 382
      Blowing Whistles says:

      How many lives has Rupee destroyed as a media mongrel?

    • 421

      Only those who allowed it to be. Only those who thought that society owed them a living. Only those who prefer to do nothing with their lives and waste their time until they mercifully perish, often from sheer boredom.


  81. 376
    Richard Chimney says:
    • 377

      Jacqui Smith wrong on everything.

      • 380
        Blowing Whistles says:

        She’s a FTAC twisting biatch. Oh … so too is Damian McBride but in cahoots with the bent officers at the MET / SO19.

      • 394
        Richard Timney says:

        Jacqui caught me watching Jack Reacharound and Pulp Friction. Good thing she didn’t find my DVDs of Gangbangs of New York and Forrest Hump.

      • 396
        Controversial View says:

        Jacqui Smith is the epitomy of nu-Labour failed females. Not only did she get caught expensing contraband, but that contraband was of material which clearly demonstrates that she can’t even satisfy her husband.


        • 419

          There are those who might say it’s not her fault she’s a fat, ugly, miserable example of the female gender but they would in all probability be wrong.

          Whatever, that need not concern us particularly. It surely is not our fault…

  82. 379
    Woolyback says:

    See the idiot on Sky is calling the bbbbbbbbnnnnnnnnnnpppppp far right, another expert in politics, maybe if they understood what n at ion list means they may realise their mistake .

  83. 383
    Loosehead says:

    Twitter spat with Prescott? Methinks you have bested a fool.

    Report the news, don’t be the news.

  84. 387
    David, call me Prime Minister if you like says:

    So, has Rich or Mark died, yet?

    I DOES hope so. They both useless wankers, an I sez that wivvout a hint of irony.

    • 390
      Tachybaptus says:

      They usually go up at breakfast time, to make you choke on your Sugar Puffs.

      • 393
        David, call me Prime Minister if you like says:

        I takes Frosties, tho.

        • 406
          Protect the penguins and sheep from Latin teachers says:

          Can’t beat a bit of porridge, especially for corrupt tories. Some of them should have been up in front of the beak by now, and right at the top too, for trying to take down a UK government by illegal means.

          And oh yes, that is why Leveson has become snail like suddenly – there are better horrors to show in the UK closet, at the right-wing top.

          • Protect the penguins and sheep from Latin teachers says:

            Even beeb Shepherd’s Bushes are on the case, and that is saying something,

            And the beeb is ultra right-wing, always has been, and you simple fools that have been taken in by the “leftie beeb” misinformation news stories about them need a brain imagination transplant. The beeb is as about left wing as Attila the Hun.

          • Owen Jones bottom wiper says:

            Yeah all those right wingers they recruit from The Guardian causes that.

          • Protect the penguins and sheep from Latin teachers says:

            Yes Owen – they got sucked into the London dysfunctional media bubble, as if London still rules a pink empire all round the world.

            If the Guardian knows what is good for them, they should move back to Manchester. I can see the future, butt, and it is north of Ingurlund.

    • 392
      My Other Van's An Apostrophe says:

      Tomorrow’s effort is going to be even more shite than usual. Luckily, I know where the c’unt lives.

      • 405
        Protect the penguins and sheep from Latin teachers says:

        Are you part of the Chipping Norton set, or do you just cut his grass, or serve him and his mates drinkies and nibbles in his jolly olde englande get togethers?

  85. 399
    How to get Guido really blocked in Ch!na and the pointlessness of press censorship says:

    Well, following the release a few threads back on this Blog of pictures of the ultra secret Y-20 transport plane Ch!na has been keen to keep under wraps, and details of the net worth of the Ch!nese premier’s family, the peoples republic has responded in kind:


  86. 401
    albacore says:

    A global regulatory body on banking?
    Bet that got our globalist Parliament all wanking
    Never mind about global. It wouldn’t arf be nice
    If the E U’s accounts got audited once or twice


  87. 402
    Protect the penguins and sheep from Latin teachers says:

    Monday morning non-glory,
    after weekend of hard sex.
    Wife, you’ve worn me out,
    just give me my weetabix.

    • 407
      Protect the penguins and sheep from Latin teachers says:

      Bit of Manch for all, and I know Prezza likes a bit of Manch – and he CAN dance too, he’s got the moves, said a coloured friend of mine, and he should know, Prezza does not dance like an average english fella at his wedding,

      More tea Fergie?

      • 411
        Protect the penguins and sheep from Latin teachers says:

        Average english city, May, 2015 – 1985 re-discovered repeated, by our present tory friends,

        Little Boots/Victoria Hesketh, from Blackpool – buy, and all that, etc..

        • 412
          Protect the penguins and sheep from Latin teachers says:

          vid outline was with help from me, on my 1980-85 experiences. War stories grandad and all that, I suppose.

    • 418
      Protect the penguins and sheep from Latin teachers says:

      and oh yes ladies, buy a bidet for your toilet – keeps the thrush down you know. French have some sense, on the ground level!

      Give it a good flush, twice a day, I recommend, ladies. Power shower will do….

  88. 414
    Protect the penguins and sheep from Latin teachers says:

    Deep poem here, so be warned.

    Not for the modern feighthearted, tories usually.

    Online war of words,
    we play it together.
    Who’ll lose we ask?
    it most with bother.

    Yes tories, in clubs,
    drinking gee ‘n tee.
    Think stewth ol’ boy,
    natives see our pee.

    Pee as in pisstakinr from empire righties, which frankly, we have had enough of, being puppets to their games since WWII, humouring them to our and any death.

    JG Ballad,

    • 415
      Protect the penguins and sheep from Latin teachers says:

      excuse the typos, Ballard obviously pedants, as if that particular detail is that important.

  89. 417
    Protect the penguins and sheep from Latin teachers says:

    If any London publishers out there want to publish my shit, just give me a shout – I have a load of prototype manuscripts already. Think autumn 2014 might be a good time, when “things” are going on.

    Reply to me to yippitydoodah on youtubby, for quick reply,


    But please, one at a time, you tory publisherrs.

    • 422
      Protect the penguins and sheep from Latin teachers says:

      suddenly have got a new youtubby friend from Ozzie just checking my that part of online shite, but since he has the common decency to reckon I could be his friend, \i’d thought I’d post it. Fair dinkum it is, I reckon,

  90. 423

    Flexible liquidity rules for banks very good news – BBC

    Good news for whom?

    • 425
      Protect the penguins and sheep from Latin teachers says:

      Cat, I reckon they are playing games again – incincerity at it’s best, they could talk for the devil.

      Think it is time for Jeasus to turn the money tables ovber again in their own personal worshipping places.

      Bankers are modern day deluded Cat. They can’t see what is coming.

  91. 427
    James Callaghan, Blackpool 1976 says:

    “We used to think you could spend your way out of recession and increase employment by boosting government spending… I tell you that option no longer exists. And so far as it ever did exist, it only worked on each occasion… by injecting a bigger dose of inflation into the economy, followed by a higher level of unemployment as the next step.”

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