January 4th, 2013

Mirror Baby

Congratulations are in order, Media Guido hears, for 47 year-old former Sunday Mirror editor Tina Weaver and 51 year-old former Mirror editor Richard Wallace who are expecting a child together. Seems they’ve been busy since their joint sacking in MayHow about Brian for a boy?


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    Who's the Daddy says:

    Hubba hubba.

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      The Daily Mirage says:


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        Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

        Was this photo taken just after he had finished impregnating her, dear?

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          Dave Figgley says:

          Ha ha, mate. What the fuck’s a “Media Guido” when it’s at home, son?

          I’m guessing at some ponced-up, Rosé-swilling, bouffant lardy-boy with a penchant for girly, gossipy stuff but I could, unfeasibly, be wrong.

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          Anonymous says:

          This government try to micro manage policy for political advantage but fail to look at the over all picture. Because of this it ended up messing up its political strategy. For e.g.

          1) Old people. They regularly use the health service and go and visit friends in hospitals. They are upset as service is falling and waiting time going up.

          2) Middle class with kids. They are upset as child benefits are cut to them while some earning more and others who contributing less than them are getting it.

          3) Poor. Benefits they receive has been reduced, some will be forced out of their homes, lots of them will end up paying council tax from Apr 2013.

          4) Middle class without dependent children. These people will now afford to put money into their pension pot but tax deduction on pension has been reduced.

          Each of this group support what government does to the other group but pissed off with what government has done to them. There is no one in this government taking a helicopter view about winning the next general election or even having the ability to form coalition government.

          Classic example is Cameron policy on EU, he is all for further integration of EU and wants a seat in EU but doesn’t want UK to abide by integration. Cameron says he wants to bring back powers from EU but wants countries to give EU more power. He lost support from both pro and anti EU supporters.

          • Ex-Conservative voter says:

            It’s certainly perplexing. I’m certainly all for people on benefits being kicked out of ‘their’ house, if it’s a million quid pile in Chelsea. And I don’t give a hoot about them having to pay Council Tax like the rest of us, either. As you say, it will delight people, but annoy others.

            Where Cameron has gone catastrophically wrong, IMHO, is foreign aid. Even he seems to sense this, because he occasionally goes out of his way to try (and fail) to justify it. The most recent horror to come from his feeble mind was the decision to splurge £2billion on wind farms for Africa. Given that we don’t manufacture wind turbines, how does that money help our economic recovery? AND – and this simple fact escaped Cameron’s feeble mind – if you’re blowing £2bn on windmills for Africa, plus the other £10billion or so annually on foreign aid (to countries with nuclear weapons and space programmes, and Iceland, FFS), nobody, no one at all, is going to accept that their local services have to be cut because “there’s no money left”.

            It just won’t wash. Cameron is either the most cretinous PM we’ve ever had, or he actually wants Labour to win the next election. Either explanation is equally frightening.

          • Riggsy Brown says:

            Excellent analysis. Respect!

          • The Curious Case of Mr Cameron says:

            To win a general election one should get most voters to vote you, especially when you weren’t able to win a majority last time. Cameron had gone and pissed off even the lot who voted him last time.

            To make things worse Clegg joined Cameron and pissed off more than 50% of voters who voted for his party last time; they have deserted LD. Then there is UKIP attracting dissatisfied Conservative voters.

            Rather than using the fuck up Labour caused and keeping them out of government for a generation; Cameron, Osborne and Clegg seems intent on making sure UK ends up with a Labour government for a generation.

          • Anonymous says:

            There is hardly anything more upsetting for parents or grandparents than someone nicking their kids or grandchild’s pocket money or university fund.

            Around one million families will be affected, I wonder how many million voters Conservatives will lose because of it. Even if it is two million votes, it will cost around 20% of the votes conservatives got in the last general election.

          • Anonymous says:

            Most real people like to plan their lives. So when the government takes away something they had relied on, it leaves a bitter taste. Whatever the right of wrongs of a benefit, or tax, it is the change that is the vote killer.

            What ever happened to governments that plan long term and phase in changes or have transition periods. That can not happen because the problem is immediate, yet the spending goes up on their own pet projects.

            We are down to selfish survival politics.

          • Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

            Thank goodness my benefits are as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar.

            Just done a bit more shopping on Amazon.

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          The Curious Case of Mr Cameron says:

          • Anonymous says:

            curious case of the gay clergy, now accepted by the church of england. someone should tell them, some things are best kept private? but then that is demanding rather than accepting.

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        The Daily Minge says:


        • 51
          The Daily Bra says:

          keep dreaming

          • The Scum says:

            hey, what about me! but yes, keep on dreaming

          • Wail on Sunday says:

            full exclusive day after tomorrow, with adverts for Jim Davison with one of his young girlfriends, set in china. £29-99, plus p&p. Get them while they’re hot.

          • The Daily Wail is God says:

            May I say The Wail on Sunday has a different editorialship to us – we are more fucked up, and proud of it.

          • Morning Star with russian bras, sometimes more than often off says:

            May we butt in? May I say we mainly report on commie issues, honest.

            visit metart dotted com for fine real totty, comrades, with all three sets of lips in the open.

          • Morning Star with russian bras, sometimes more than often off says:

            Morning Star reporters, going about their work, ironically on the payroll – no interns here in true commie land,

          • Morning Star with russian bras, sometimes more than often off says:

            RT reporters get their kit off too, as quick as a flash, if they like you, Huw hugh pugh barmey mcgrew,

          • Morning Star with russian bras, sometimes more than often off says:

            and for our youngers viewers that are confused by my alternative Trumpton quote,

            yeh, ACCCIIIIIIID

          • CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

            Fuck me! The You Tube spammer’s back!

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      It was the best of times it was the most crappy of times says:

      Christ, she is hot, isn’t she? What the fuck is she doing with that Picasso oil painting? If ever there was a male back of a bus, he is it.

      • 14
        It was the best of times it was the most crappy of times says:

        …but there again, maybe he has a nine inch dick – what are we to know?

        WHARRRT? leave me alone Vicar.

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        gyno says:

        Guido has been kind and chosen the most attractive photo in comparison with others available. Good luck to her after having sold her soul to succeed in the media.
        {47 is not the ideal age to be pregnant [ if it's her first]}

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        notareargunner says:

        Big Dick, Massive Wallet, large inheritance… and those are her attributes

        • 48
          It was the best of times it was the most crappy of times says:

          If those are her’s, then he has got definitely got a python in his boxers.

        • 112
          Morning Star with russian bras, sometimes more than often off says:

          some english here might need educating about female dicks. Hoodies? You could say that,

          Ask a gynocologist if you are still confused, tories…

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      Fishy says:

      The Mirror on Sunday

    • 167

      She’s a little bit pretty, but at age 147 she is a little young for me.

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    A silver lining says:

    Well, at least it isn’t Piers Moron.

  3. 3
    O/T How to profit from failure of Kyoto says:

    Champagne socialism extremum ?

  4. 4

    Fecks sake darlin “Specsavers “what the feck did she see in him ?

    They both got the sack , but only he has emptied his

  5. 5
    Sicko says:

    How about Milly if a girl?

    • 227
      Morning Star with russian bras, sometimes more than often off says:

      You’re so yesterday – sadly it is April now, but of course, she comes from Wales, not your close London Slurrey.

  6. 6
    Handycock says:

    I approve of the article in The Guardian about child abuse. Boaz.

  7. 7
    Sir William says:

    Nah – he delegated the work to a sub.

  8. 8
    The rhythm method is not for ex-editors says:

    Wow!….From being sacked, they must have both hit the sack together almost immediately…now let me see…May, June, July, August, September…..

  9. 9
    It was the best of times it was the most crappy of times says:

    Can’t afford the condoms.

  10. 10

    Labour are now trying to lose the 2015 election by promising guaranteed jobs to the long term unemployed

    • 15
      Sir William says:

      Never underestimate the stupidity of the public, especially Labour’s target voters.

    • 19
      It was the best of times it was the most crappy of times says:

      bad idea you think? You must be one of these warped pervy minded tories, to state the bleeding obvious.

      Thank god for the welsh assembly to buffer us from these institutionalised freaks of nature from SE Ingurlund.

      • 68
        Man of Rhyl says:


      • 204

        And you must be a total fuckwit Welsh twat Nutter
        Now fuck off and play with your video clips you tit

        • 230
          Morning Star with russian bras, sometimes more than often off says:

          MY! Last time I saw a tory get this excited about me, he turned his back, dropped his trousers and asked me please. I turned down his two hundred quid – I said, with true honesty, I like to fuck tories up the arse, so no charge.

        • 280
          Rat's arse says:

          Frankieeeeeeeeeee baby, wondered where you’d got to. :)

    • 21

      Are you well, sir?

      Happy New Year and plenty of bronze mines to yer!

      • 49
        a non says:

        Son of Cod?? Mad F?

        • 56

          For it is he, Shirley!


            Tiz time for a Christmas Spit Roast me thinks I’ll call Emily

          • Morning Star with russian bras, sometimes more than often off says:

            Oh you are so witty LARD PRESCOTT, you tory – two hundred pounds please.

          • Morning Star with russian bras, sometimes more than often off says:

            When I lived and worked in the london area, I had a habit, socially by total chance, on rail/underground stations, of bumpimh into mi fives, and they never look like you think, as I know, by fence sitting observation. Said the code word, and theu realised I was international, mi sixes, james bond double oh six and a half.

            Wotername at London Bridge was the best, after work…

          • Morning Star with russian bras, sometimes more than often off says:

            She could bang for Moscow

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      not a machine says:

      brrrmmmm brrrrmmmm Labours new policy initiative leaves the hanger , errrkk schreech its veering to the right ….. accelerating heading for its own poster bill board , cant find the brakes errreow , thump , bang tinkle tinkle ……. and its all over in less than 2 hrs Ed Milliband nowhere to be seen , circulating limos told to return to base , bill sent to congress house to be explained by union economist who implied it was no ones idea .
      Nokia throwiing returns to Labour policy briefings …..

  11. 12
    Anonymous says:

    I don’t fancy yours much Βilly.

  12. 17
  13. 20
    O/T EU Watch says:

    Another one looking to leave, don’tcha luv socialism:

    • 217
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Is Al richer than Chris Huhne or should that be Hunhe – if the Price is right! I liked the blog of ‘it-aint-over’ – seems that even the wigs are becoming biasedly desperate to try and help the bar steward wriggle off of the hook … Twas set for Jan 14th 2013 wasn’t it?

      Am I sharpening up my public interest note taking skills?

    • 241
      Bill O'Reilly says:

      A video, in which I lambaste him on the tax-dodging hypocrisy score, based on this deal:
      And I’ve also questioned why he sold it to a company based in a petroleum-industry nation, and funded by that nation, which has an interest in keeping America from developing shale oil and natural gas deposits in America through “fracking” which enviro-Nazis like Gore profess to hate.
      And I also have questioned why Gore would want to sell what will essentially become “Al-Gorzeera” (A-J America), to a company which has broadcast laudatory programs about Osama bin Laden and his hatred of the US.
      But of course, I’m just a right-wing extremist, so who cares what I have to say about any of this. The MSM is ignoring the implications of this story for the most part, and I should too, right?

    • 249
      Anonymous says:

      a citizen journalism business valued at $500m.
      has it not been copied, developed or enhanced, as yet?

  14. 22
    Iain Duncan Smith says:

    My only question is

    “Will they qualify for the full child Benefit ?”

  15. 23
    Mad Frankie Maude says:

    The poor guy who had his hand amputated and a new one stuck on only told the nurse he “fancied one off the wrist.”

    • 31
      It was the best of times it was the most crappy of times says:

      Jimmy Savile gave his body to science research, them years later this bloke complains to his consultant doc one day “my hand my hand, it does the most terrible of things, as if I have no control of it”…

      • 36
        It was the best of times it was the most crappy of times says:

        …furthermore – Jeezuz all, seeing Michael Caine in a perm was the most frightening part of that film, I think.

  16. 28
    Ed Harris says:

    Ok, listen in people.

  17. 32
    I d on't nee d no doctor says:

    I was just thinking how boring it would be if someone blogged about a couple having a baby. Then low and behold odiuG did it, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
    What next odiuG and Sarah Brown running away together?

    • 41
      Casual Observer says:

      Perhaps Guido has been reduced to Woman’s Own ?

    • 99
      Anonymous says:

      the biggest news is the royal baby. the 2nd biggest news is the person who has copied the royal couple. everything else….does it really matter?…our managers pull all the strings. good health matters. does anything else?…here is hoping the best for everyone….in our globalised world.

  18. 38
    CCHQ Press Officer says:

    We have just emailed David Cameron with this encouraging news.

    “Cheer up. The first hundred years are the hardest.”

  19. 42
    Good job whacked off didn't think of this tactic says:
    • 70
      not a machine says:

      Argey burney sunny … still laughing at Frackin Hell

      • 134
        nellnewman says:

        It’s quite interesting how the argen tin ians are harassing the cruise ships visiting their country to agitate over the fal kla nds issue and that that means cruise ships are increasingly going elsewhere.

        Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!!!

        For a failing economy they’re not very bright are they?

  20. 45
    Joss Taskin says:

    The Mirror have editors ??? Since when ?

  21. 52
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:

    Five plus five is fourteen. Right ?

    • 86
      Fishy says:

      It was the same with the bankers’ bonus tax that they invented. It was going to be used for;

      Youth employment initiatives
      Business start up schemes
      Building affordable homes
      Cutting VAT
      Capital equipment incentives
      Replacing school building spending
      …and keeping 50,000 Pilgrims away from their proper jobs

      Talk about loaves and fishes.

  22. 57
    Wail on Sunday says:

    full exclusive day after tomorrow, with adverts for Jim Davison with one of his young girlfriends, set in china. £29-99, plus p&p. Get them while they’re hot.

    • 66
      Wail on Sunday says:

      oops, clicked wrong reply – see above. Apologies Daily Wail. Cheque in post, perchance?

    • 73
      The small print says:

      £29.99 initial payment, plus £29.99 per month for ten months.

      Plus VAT. Payments may rise without warning. You may cancel for payments at any time for a small one-off fee of £299.99 plus VAT plus a £29.99 administration fee. Fail to make any payments and we will break your legs. And take away your car. And house.

      • 124
        Morning Star with russian bras, sometimes more than often off says:

        and they spam you until you die, since they know where you live.

  23. 65
    not a machine says:

    James Delingpole photo in telegraph , should make you laugh , if your in need of one , after same money spent twice on new labour jobless initiative , goodness knows its was that way of accounting that got us into this mess. 1 for ploppy , 2 for banks equals growth.

    Dave still not keen on starshmucks tax bill , tip of the icberg , oh and please dont build on green field and greenbelt , or any land recatagorisation shennanigens , this drenching should have at least taught you , it has serious consequences . besides still a lot of housing out of use .

    • 82
      James Beanpole's Mum says:


    • 84
      The tit in no. 10 says:

      Starbucks and Amazon have no scruples. They’re no match for a heavyweight like me.

      • 129
        nellnewman says:

        When it comes to tax dodging – margar et hod ge is the absolute star . Nobody is better at it than she is. And according to her it is only a ‘little little little ‘ amount!

        • 225
          Blowing Whistles says:

          [31]In 1760 Mayer Amschel Bauer worked for the Oppenheimers he met up with General von Estorff after his father’s death he changed his name to the RedShield aka Roth/s/.child and their fami.lies have been in business ever since.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Oh btw the Mail reported last week that in the ongoing concern about the Gruniad’s dodgy financing – Bauer a German Media company are also sniffing around a takeover/buyout. well, well, well!

    • 85
      Ex-Conservative voter says:

      It was classic Liebour to promise to spend the same money twice. How wonderful they got caught so quickly.

      What I want to know is where these new jobs are going to suddenly magically come from. Liebour’s plan needs a little fleshing out. There’s a big bit missing, between “confiscating another £1billion in tax every year” and “will create jobs for the long-term unemployed”.

      I personally think that missing bit might be pretty crucial. Just a bit. I’d like to see that bit filled, with a solution that doesn’t involve “putting long-term unemployed people on the State payroll”, which, of course, is no solution to our country’s financial plight at all, but rather the cause of it.

      • 127
        nellnewman says:

        They’re going to confiscate that £1billion from pension funds. Old hat – gordon already did that!

        And then they’re going to create jobs out of thin air. OMG more local government non-jobs then!!

        Labour are so predicatable in their incompetence!!!

  24. 76
    +++BREAKING SNOOZE+++ says:


    Unfortunately, it’s not thought to be fatal.

  25. 79
    Marco says:

    Thats me
    Marco Pierre White

  26. 81
    Sylvio says:

    Filthy swine, that Wallace fellow. He’s old enough to be her father.
    Such a fair young face needs a responsible gentleman to care for her.

    I volunteer.

    • 91
      God is a rapist says:

      If you think that’s bad, what about God and the Virgin Mary? She was 12 years old, FFS! He was, what, about 14.2 billion years old? And did He get consent? No, no he didn’t. It was rape. A dirty old man raped a 12 year old girl.

      No wonder He never shows Himself, he’d get 20 years to life.

      • 251
        Anonymous says:

        some astrotheologists reckon that all abrahamic religions are based on astrology. Apart from that they are fiction.

    • 98
      Weller, Paul says:

      Agreed. I didn’t write this song about her just to have some old tramp get her up the duff, FFS.

    • 151
      Morning Star with russian bras, sometimes more than often off says:


  27. 88
    Knocked up for 47 says:

    I bet that they have to extract the kid with a hydraulic lift
    Her fanny must be as dry as a camels arsehole

  28. 100
    Gaston says:

    Great. By the time the kid is a teenager, it will have a couple of old pensioners to hang with.

    Quality family time.

  29. 102
    Engineer says:

    It’s good to have Mates, but not if they have a hole in.

    • 107
      Morning Star with russian bras, sometimes more than often off says:

      Keep nagging to my daughter to start chucking them out, and she is only 22. Stop messing around I say. Never mind you are not married I tell her, make me a proud grandad. Marriage is a brain-washed modern fantasy, I advise her.

      Yes, I tell her to open her mind, and legs.

  30. 103
    Morning Star with russian bras, sometimes more than often off says:

    Half man half biscuit – who is seeing the same ad as top as me, the footie one? But of course, it depends on one’s spying cookies in your cache, as I was explained about a while ago.

    Bartodelli and Mancini, both italians discussing, but Bartodelli looks as italian as me, but it made me laugh them scrapping together. Set up maybe, but Bartdodelli has got my sense of humour, and he is only 22! Looks older,

  31. 106
    Anonymous says:

    Not Prescotts is it?

  32. 113
    Ed Balls says:

    The labour bandwagonistas can create jobs out of thin air. Oh the miracle of left wing politics. Only unhinged labour would create a job that lasts for 6 months and then dump them in the dole queue again.
    Ed Balls – just how much longer can this fart last?

    • 125
      nellnewman says:

      Lets be honest liam’there’s no money left’ byrne and bullyballs theneoclassic wotsit economist comedian are never going to produce credible economic policies.

      I wouldn’t trust them with a 5 year old’s pocket money!!

      • 237
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Watched his ‘piece of drivel’ on CH4 news tonight – what was striking was his Rapid Eye Movement (REM) – it is a clear sign of someone lying through their teeth but unable to control their true darker meaning via their eyes.

      • 238
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Watch Ed B’s eye movement next time he gives a speech – REM is indicative of something.

  33. 116
    Red Egg Millitit... says:

    wow…. how the f*ck did that happen?

  34. 120
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    I suppose all this means Richard Wallace is not a “Wally,” then?

    (say goodnight, Irene…)

  35. 121
    Machiavelli says:

    Looks like UKIP opened a new branch in Bolton.

    Hopefully they can start splitting the Northern Labour vote now more than the Conservative. But that’s likely wishful thinking.

    • 128
      Morning Star with russian bras, sometimes more than often off says:

      Bollton? Should have bought Fred Dinah’s house and his steam engines – they missed a big biggie big big big PR chance then.

      • 130
        Morning Star with russian bras, sometimes more than often off says:

        oops, typos as you do – Bolton and Fred Dibnah even – got diverted by welsh rugger just starting on welsh telly,

    • 189
      Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

      You can starting hoping when they open a branch in places like Bootle and Toxtetj.

  36. 132
    Steve Silman says:

    All too late, as usual, this thread has run it’s course.
    I, therefore, dedicate this clip to all Stevens, Steves, Stevies, Stephs, Stephans, whatever, wherever they are and whether they need a good spanking, or not….

    • 139
      Steve Hertz says:

      What a waste of electricity.
      Interesting to see Chad Wackerman in action before his balls had dropped, though.
      *assumes the position*

    • 150
      Stéve Grappelli, Oregon says:

      How refreshing to stumble across a genuinely pro-Zappa tribute site! I and my buddies can download shitloads of Frank right here?
      That is so AWESOME! This is HOT in Oregon, right now:

      • 154
        Morning Star with russian bras, sometimes more than often off says:

        I’m more of a Badfinger man myself, and no, not in that way – behave! But I suppose it depends, if she is over sixteen.

      • 163
        My name's not Steve but can I join in? says:

        For all fat-fuck blog-landlords, everywhere:

        • 183
          Morning Star with russian bras, sometimes more than often off says:

          feel free, but make the most of it – the tories are about playing their games, again. Heard they are on the phone to google constantly, China like, let alone North Kore like.

          My other attempt,

          • Morning Star with russian bras, sometimes more than often off says:

            something went fucked in that recording in modern repeat on youtubby. It was originally recorded in twin mono, that is why Steve is quiet and PP Arnold belts it out,

          • *idly flicks little beanie* says:

            You knows how to turn me on ;)

          • Whatever Happened To You And Me? says:

          • Suddenly I See says:

          • E says:

            U bans my name coz I gets tooo big for ur little bloggy thingy ??

            Ur *personers* gets withered under my all-seein brains ??

            I DOES have that effect on lesser humans , I spose , babes :(

            Pfft .

            Luv E x x

          • Darlin x !

            We have not consummated this year , hun x

            Are you up for it ? I am !

            SC x♥x♥x♥x♥x♥x♥x♥x♥x♥x♥x♥x .

          • E w a an says:

            COOOEEEE , petal !!!

            U’s already DRILLED me wiv ur Small Faeces soo no need to fiddle ur little pecker into life , I doesn’t think , honey ;(

            E x x

          • E w a n m e says:

            COOOEEEE , petal !!!

            U’s already DRILLED me wiv ur Small Faeces soo no need to fiddle ur little pecker into life , I doesn’t think , honey ;(

            E x x

          • Funny , I can hear you in stereo !

            Darlin , I don’t stir my pecker … it stirs me something like this but much bigger: ♥ ∩ ♥ .

            Not just a Mae West reference but North South and East as well , hun .

            When I’m with you it always feels massive , x .

            But be careful what you say here – others may listen in when they shouldn’t , x .


            SC ♥ .

          • Morning Star with russian bras, sometimes more than often off says:

            *idly, behave, By the way took me a good couple of minutes to find the star on my keboard. Christ, I do need spex now.

            *idly, more goddess,

            My aunt loved her, god rest her simple soul, Yes, sadly, my aunt Wendy was simply simple, the arse end of family genetics,you could say, but she knew incredibley could tell straight off good people about near us. They tend to have that capability.

          • *Tick-tick, whirr-whirr*

          • Morning Star with russian bras, sometimes more than often off says:

            Suddenly See – like Kylie bach I do, but some of her is from my alleys, welsh, looks like this, and I will include more divererse Kylie bach o Nghymru, hanner,

            Met her a couple of times. Tiny five foot, but staid in her drawers, I thought.

  37. 133
    Black Hat Geek says:

    Looks like Germans have experienced a major data leak:


    Interesting stuff on Bahar Oil Fields (Caspian Region)

  38. 143
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Gordon Brown is a twat.

    • 145
      Morning Star with russian bras, sometimes more than often off says:

      can you expand on that, constructively?

      Or are you tories are all name calling football terraced name callers now?


      • 155
        nellnewman says:

        well that might be ‘difficult’

        sold our gold at ‘brown bottom’

        raided our pensions

        sanctioned bullyballs £multimillion renovation of his offices so he even had a meditation suite etc

        sanctioned mp’s claiming expenses like they were free sweets in a sweet shop

        starved our troops of funds for equipment to keep them safe whilst at war

        set up scheme to secretly channel taxpayers money to unions so that they could then channel £millions of it back to the ban kr upt labour party funds

        brought in light touch regulation of the banks that led to disaster

        promised to save the world but failed

        promises British jobs for British people but failed

        promised to end boom and bust but failed

        I could go on but I feel sure you get the picture!!!

        • 161
          Morning Star with russian bras, sometimes more than often off says:

          Gold? Are you an aztec? What is gold laying there?

          Pensions? Tell the olds not to be so 1950′s never had it so good, and spread theie wealth to the kiddies.

          jeezuz, could go on all night here…

          Promise of no boom and bust? If you listened closely he would try to get bomm and busts – quite ironic with the yo=toing economy at the moment with that braincell generally known as Gergie Porgie puddin’ an’ pie Osborne. Triple dip soon, better men, and truely independent, say.


          • nellnewman says:

            Good Lord gordon have you been at your scottish whisky?

            That’s the weakest debate / response ever!!

          • Socialism is a severe mental illness says:

            “Gold? Are you an aztec? What is gold laying there?”

            Gold. It’s a commodity. Brown sold 395 tonnes of it for peanuts. £7,000,000,000 down the toilet. And counting.

            You might want to ask your maths teacher, tomorrow, what £7,000,000,000 is.

            If your maths teacher was recruited under Labour, he/she’ll be able to google the answer.

          • Socialism is a severe mental illness says:

            “Gold? Are you an aztec? What is gold laying there?”

            Gold. It’s a commodity. On the advice of Ed Ballsup, Mr Prudent Brown sold 395 tonnes of it for peanuts. After pre-announcing the sale. £7,000,000,000 down the drain. And counting.

            You might want to ask your maths teacher, tomorrow, what £7,000,000,000 is.

            If your maths teacher was recruited under Labour, he/she’ll be able to google the answer.

          • Morning Star with russian bras, sometimes more than often off says:

            you fell into the trap, my friend – you took the bait from the end of my red fishing pole,

            “How much has one got gold left, Ozzie?”

          • stun says:

            Trap? Was the question possibly who sold all the gold? Do you have a care worker or a psychiatrist looking after you?

            And another thing- I like to believe that your comments are welcomed by all here, even if not agreed with, but can you please stop posting irrelevant youtube shite. It’s crap. Find a music site.

          • Morning Star with russian bras, sometimes more than often off says:

            stun – what the country needs is you tory cu nts stop spreading misinformation and corruption and disinformation, youi cretins, dragging the actual people of our land down.

            You are all a bunch of clubbed, masonic, golf, St. John, whaetever, bunch of social perverts. And I despair at you.

            If Adolf did arrive here, you won’t be here now – he would have put you all against the wall and shot you, due to being socially unhealthy, and yappers of gums and don’t create wealt, while taking your gold fillings out – just holding on to your inherited wealth and think you know fucking better than the rest of us.

            fume, pant

      • 162
        Casual Observer says:

        Ok, constructive expansion:

        Gordon Brown is a fucking twat.

      • 164
        Scientist Says says:

        Adiabatic expansion:

        Gordon Brown is a vagina.

  39. 146
    Anonymous says:

    Congratulations my arse. The money grubbing Hunt can go to hell.

  40. 147
    Brown out and pay me damages says:

    I will never buy that bog roll that is Daily Mirror as long as I live. Weaver can fuck off and die of cancer for all I care.

    • 168
      Morning Star with russian bras, sometimes more than often off says:

      kep buying The Spectator then – has as much circulation outside of inner fartbreath London as my grandmother’s legs, and she is dead, both of them.

  41. 156

    This could only happen under an evil, baby-eating Tory Government

    • 166
      Casual Observer says:

      You mean non-revisionist statement of historical fact ?

    • 196
      nellnewman says:

      Let’s face it labour are deaf blind dumb and brain dead.

      They are suffering from denial about how their devastatingly bad 13 years in government have decimated our economy!!

    • 208

      68 pubs a week since about 2007 both parties are to blame
      Labour for starting it with boom and bust and the Tories for as with everything else
      failing to address the issue

      there is probably twice as many curry houses than there are pubs now , up our end most of the ex pubs are now Indian food outlets
      PS notice i didn’t use the word restaurant

  42. 165
    Dave Camerons Hairy Hoover says:

    Go hang a salami I’m a lasagna hog

  43. 174
    albacore says:

    The Mirror might lack in profundity
    But it seems to promote fecundity
    Such a shame, then, about that sacking
    Sending so fertile a pair packing

  44. 180
    fruitcake says:

    Ok Mr C, I apologise

  45. 200
    Ah! Monika 2013 says:

    The Crown Court
    at Southwark
    Daily List for Monday 7 January 2013 at English Grounds, off Battlebridge Lane
    Court 23 – sitting at 12:00 PM
    For Hearing
    T20127076 HUHNE Christopher
    PRYCE Vasiliki
    Order made under Contempt of Court Act 1981

    • 202
      nellnewman says:

      But I thought huhne said he was innocent and would be discharged forthwith!

      And that he was going to be the next leader of the libdem party. And that he intends to take them to great heights and much glory!!! ++++Laugh++++

      • 209
        stun says:

        Nothing reported yet regrettably, Nell. They weren’t even required to turn up on the notice for the other one. Spelt their names properly this time I note…..Were we duped, so that we can’t see justice carried out?

    • 210
      stun says:

      Well spotted AM 2013 ** (RND) oh bugger still here :<) Do you have a link to save my lazy arse?

      • 213
        Ah! Monika 2013 says:

        If I understand you it’s as simple as clearing your cache and restarting. Cat’s advice.

        • 221

          *Resetting router* (just unplug power to router – count to 5 and reconnect – wait 2-3 minutes and you will have a new IP address allocated.)

          Clear cache and kill cookies – fucking little pests most of the time.

          It is a bit drastic and normally unnecessary to restart the computer (particularly with all the stuff I have open.)

          • Handy Hinter, Pinner says:

            Update graphics drivers.

          • anonymous as fuck says:

            It’s little Stevie’s balding, retirement project and who are we to get in the way?

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            SC see brief reply to ‘Judge Jeffries’ over on ‘it-aint-over’ blog … oh dear they really do have a problem.

            If Hun he the price is right!

      • 214
        Ah! Monika 2013 says:

        Misunderstood you, just did a search for ” huhne court ” on twitter hoping something would come up.

    • 218
      The Court of Public Opinion says:

      Why don’t they just shoot the slimy LimpDim tosser and have done with it?

  46. 207
    Anonymous says:

    If they were so involved, over the years in joint ‘sacking’, did they even have time to edit any newspapers? At least it all “came good in the end”. At that joint age it could well have been a ‘last stand’.

    On the other hand, ‘Joint sacking’ might be another term for Diana Ross’ “Stoned Lurve”?

  47. 216
    Saffron says:

    The family millitwit are blow in’s to this land and his forebears spread the ideology that marxism was the way forward.
    However this was proved to be a crap ideology vis a vis the eussr which in terms of history did not last very long.
    LIEBOUR/THE UNIONS have continued this dream,which in MHO will also fail,when are these champagne socialists going to wake up to reallity.
    Balls today can’t even get his junior level sums right,the pretender to be the chancellor has proved once again he is an economic idiot,who in my opinion should maybe stick to his german uniform/double expenses claims for him and his ladyboy.
    To be even handed Cammoron should also take a good look at how he is alienating his core vote.
    As for Cleggyboy and his libdumbs I am not concerned about them as they will be wiped out next time round.
    Message to all tories,if you continue to let Cammoron lead you,then you are in for a rough ride and you could let another LIEBOUR party in by default,and if this happens then this country as regards it’s history is finished.
    To all the genuine peoples of this land next time around think what you are voting for.

    • 223
      Meanwhile. in the real world..... says:

      You do realise that you’re talking to a handful of people, yeah?

      • 254
        Meanwhile in media Guido's strange cyber world..... says:

        …and another handful of sock puppets too.

      • 270
        albacore says:

        For a certain Prime Minister I might mention
        Just a handful of folks still paying attention
        Would be an achievement well worth celebrating
        Given all his U-turns and pontificating
        On the other side, being successor to Brown
        If little Ed keeps quiet, he might live it down

  48. 219
    Alister Derling. says:

    Look at the halfwit in this video.Throwing around taxpayers money like there’s no tomorrow.What a disgrace!

    • 256
      U Kipper says:

      What a lying two faced wanker, no wonder no fucker will vote for him and his party of tossers.

  49. 222
    multiculti shithole says:

    How about Moos tapha for a boy?

    • 252
      BBC P℮ⅾo Ring says:

      For a boy we’ll see your Moos tapha and raise you one crisp five pound note!

  50. 232
    One Term Dave says:

    We do not want to end up rich, clean, civilised and independent. We do not want to end up like Norway. We need our politicians to be at the “top table” and to be eligible for well-paid jobs in the EU.

    • 250
      Ed Millionaireband says:

      My point exactly!
      We should have talks on having talks about constructing a coalition for the 2015 GE.

      What do you say Dave?

  51. 240
    Downs says:

    Her eggs and his Sperm are too old to make a healthy sprog.

  52. 255
    E w a n m e says:

    U annoyin little shit , Steve , but thx for heads-up on Small Faces , babes <3

    They reminds me wot it used to be like to be femail an British , I thinks .

    Sooo fuckin COOOL , ain't they :-

    • 259
      E w a n m e says:

      Ooops :(

      My Microsoft is wankin itself silly , ain’t it ??

      Hang on a bit …….

    • 262
      Microsoft Master of teh Universe says:

      look either you want me fuck you or not. if you do then spread em. if not then go and make me a sammich ffs.

      • 265
        E w a n m e says:

        Small Faces DOES make me feel a gay , an that , don’t it ??

        Maybe we DO somethin 2mrw , yeah ??

        I jus gonna dig this stuff an finish cider an go na nights , I thinhinks ;p

        Bin ill for sooo long , it nice to feel normal again !!!

        Yay !!

        E x x .

    • 264
      Morning Star with russian bras, sometimes more than often off says:

      Ronnie, sunday afternoon, and slimchance, god rest, MS sufferer that got him early,

      small faces in hamburg, or oslo, or coprnhagen, or stockholm – it is till debated, but it certainly isn’t Oxford Street, let me tell you that for nothing,

  53. 257
    Morning Star with russian bras, sometimes more than often off says:

    fucking helllll – is this still the headline story? You need to get a life Guido.

    Stuffed female, also blonde, inseminated by a barn door as well,

    • 261
      Morning Star with russian bras, sometimes more than often off says:

      Actually bumped into the girl above, working behind an excellent different bar in Croydon, and yes, sadly, she was a difficult, not airheded tough, blonde. Got to know her well, platonically.

      She was sweet though, but could tell she would be hard work if closer. Always seemed stoned, or it could what her doctor gave her, happy pills up and down or whatever. Totally beautiful girl she turned out to be.

      • 263
        Morning Star with russian bras, sometimes more than often off says:

        But i suppose I should mention she had close family poblems, suicides and alcholism and the whole boot, and she was struggling to get her mind around it. But I suppose we all have our lives to live, and struggle over the hurdles in front of us, not put in front by ourselves, trying to fathom how to cope, while going OH FUCK!

  54. 260

    On Reflection, how a concert promoter can make such a fundamental mistake as to have Gentle Giant opening for Black Sabbath is just more than the mind can imagine. But, happen it did…

  55. 266
    Ewаnmе Redux says:

    Ewаnmе says:
    May 12, 2009 at 8:20 pm

    OMG !!!

    **7 Watt lightbulb flickers in E’s tiny, but perfectly formed brain**

    They used to talk about here today , gone tomorrow politicians , honey !!!

    Now we seem to have here today , here tomorrow politicians an I wonder why that is . **Tick , tick , whirr , whirr ** .

    Nah , still not sure .

    E x .

    • 273
      Passing Hetero, Frankfurt says:

      LMAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      OMFG *blushes*

      • 274
        @ Ewаnmе Redux says:

        At least u can speak my name , darlin ;)

        Hey !! It interestin to hear back wot i sez , I spose ;)

        E ♥

        • 275
          @ Ewаnmе Redux says:

          I WOZ manic , weren’t I ??

          That 40 somethin months ago , I spose .

          Things change in RL an , therefore , typin degerates accordinly *sighs*

          It a fct of life , ain’t it ??

          I glad I done some funny stuff but now it hard to find humour , I thinks .

          Maybe I drank tooo much or maybe the world ain’t that funny anymore .

          I dunno , darlin . I probly needs help but my imaginary helper ain’t particularly helpful , I don’t think ;p

          *waves desperately*

          Ewa x x

          • Half man half biscuit says:

            back at ya , petal! thought you woz gonna sleep so did some work but now I’m wankered and off to bed. saw you had the sense to copy ur name. told u to do that before but u don’t always listen , does u , hun ?

            three kisses, one on each nipple and the third where u really wants it . x

            na night

          • @ Ewаnmе Redux says:

            Wotever x

  56. 267
    The Tosser in No 10 says:

    Even though!

    1. I am a complete and utter tosser

    2. I have a worthless degree

    3. I have never had a proper job in my life

    4. I throw Overseas Aid money at disreputable regimes

    5. I believe in the Wind Farm scam – and my family makes a small fortune from it

    6. I do all I can to support the scandalous waste and profligate spending of the €USSR

    7. I believe in the Global Warming Scam (see #5 above)

    8. I have my sights on a nice comfy little position and preferment in the €USSR

    9. I promote abhorrent sexual practices

    10. I have not the slightest interest in chavs and plebs, their culture or their future

    11. I have a fine band of fellow toffs to guide me

    12. and the couple in the picture are my buddies – or will be,

    …. People will vote me back in 2015 with a vastly increased majority

    • 272
      Morning Star with russian bras, sometimes more than often off says:

      you need shooting – lefties, time to dig a Oswald puppet from somewhere, so we don’t get the blame…

      (only joking, tory thought police, honest….)

  57. 268
    Morning Star with russian bras, sometimes more than often off says:

    Suggestion Guido, you need to find someome abouts to post a storyline at hine in the evening, especially at the weelend. In fact, someone to post another one at eleven on the fri and sat weekend evenings.

    Lateral thinking see butt – think of the extra advertising that it would attract.

    oh god sory, just thought of a song about advertising – please help god, no no nooo, ach bugger it, might as well post it -what harm will it do?

  58. 279
    Morgan says:

    All Mirror babies should be named Piers. (Hey, try to translate that into French slang).

  59. 281
    not a machine says:

    Teachers strike and gay bishops …. Labour having a Gay Guvera T shirt relapse/narcotic episode ?

  60. 282
    Spartacus says:

    earth-shattering. truly earth-shattering

    (it was emotional)

  61. 283
    Bozzer says:

    wtf – seriously Guido, who gives a shit?

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