January 4th, 2013

It Ain’t Over

The Crown Court at Reading

Daily List for Friday 4 January 2013 at

Court 6 – sitting at 10:00 am

Not Before 12:00 pm
For Hearing
U20120475 PRICE Vasiliki & HUNHE Christopher T20127076 SOUTHWARK CROWN COURT CASE



  1. 1
    Lol says:

    They’ve spelt his name wrong, so there’s his technicality.


    • 4
      cunt says:



      • 52
        Butch Dave says:

        The good news just keeps on coming!:

        ‘Shock fall in UK services activity raises recession fears’

        This after yesterday’s announcement that UK productivity, thanks to ATOS’ non-jobs ‘jobs’, is now on a par with Central Africa, means Gideon and I’s work on finishing off the UK is almost done, and we can look forward to $20m/yr with Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan from 2015 onwards.


    • 12
      HMMM says:

      Thrown straight out of court on that alone, damn, his lawyers are good and Mr Sweeney is a dolt. Also like the bit about not required to attend? (beggars belief).


    • 16

      Why has it moved to Reading? Does one of them live there? Could be a pre-trial hearing.


      • 48
        Oscar Wilde says:

        I walked, with other souls in pain,
        Within another ring,
        And was wondering if the man had done
        A great or little thing,
        When a voice behind me whispered low,
        “That fellows got to swing.

        That Hoon must die a death of shame
        On a day of dark disgrace,
        And have a noose about his neck,
        And a cloth upon his face,
        And drop feet foremost through the floor
        Into an empty place”

        In Reading gaol by Reading town
        There is a pit of shame,
        And in it lies a wretched man
        Eaten by teeth of flame,
        In burning winding-sheet he lies,
        And his grave has got no name.

        And there, till Christ call forth the dead,
        In silence let him lie:
        No need to waste the foolish tear,
        Or heave the windy sigh:
        The man had killed the land we loved,
        And so he had to die.


        • 92

          We sewed the sacks, we broke the stones,
          We turned the dusty drill:
          We banged the tins, and bawled the hymns,
          And sweated on the mill:
          But right on top of every brow
          Was a fucking great windmill.


        • 111
          Bosie says:

          And all men kill the thing they love,
          By all let this be heard,
          Some do it with a bitter look,
          Some with a flattering word,
          The coward does it with a kiss,
          And an entreaty to his wife to perjure herself merely to save him from three points on his licence, despite the fact he’s playing away from home and a maker of laws.


    • 27
      Cutn says:

      Hunhe monster


    • 59
      It Stinks says:

      They got both names wrong.

      Pryce = Price

      Huhne = Huhne

      Southwark court = Reading court.

      Why are these two top echelon politicos being protected from the press?


      • 72
        Observer says:

        Actually if the names are not those of the defendants, then the defendants must presumably make an appearance at the hearing.


    • 141
      Anonymous says:

      Whitwash at the ready


  2. 2
    Dave"The One Term Prime Minister" Cameron says:

    Just got an email mentioning “bobbies” in the headline. Thought it said “boobies”


  3. 3
    Keep up says:

    Nothing about The Sun’s full page advert in an Argentenean newspaper responding to the advert over the Falklands?


    • 5
      Tom Tomos says:

      Where is Argentenea?


    • 9
      ISAMY BINLIDON says:

      Ah Argentina Harbourer of Nazi’s and War criminals


    • 13
      Peter Grimes says:

      One up for Murdoch!

      ZaNuLieBor and its press representatives the Guardian and Al JaBeeBa would probably have preferred that Maggie never helped the Falkland Islanders out!


      • 44
        T. P. Fuller says:

        The BBC actually reported this, mentioning the Argie ad that appeared yesterday in “newspapers” here. No mention of their beloved Graun, in this context — how very odd!


        • 51
          Lord Rot-hermere says:

          I supported Hitler!


        • 67
          Fishy says:

          SEVERAL newspapers they said this morning. I always thought that several meant three or more, a couple – two.

          As I understand it, the ad appeared in two left wing papers; the BBC’s print edition, the Guardian and the Russian owned (not very) Independent


          • Lebdevedski says:

            Russian billionaire, please.


          • Anonymous says:

            Several newspapers is correct, ie those copies of the Grauniad actually bought by readers and not compulsorily purchased by govt depts, councils and Aunt Beeb (Uncle Jimmy’s long-suffering wife).


      • 132
        Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

        I wonder what Maggie would have done about the beleaguered whites in Londistan.


    • 29
      Eva says:

      Don’t cry for me.


    • 35
      Anonymous says:

      It seems a bit strange for NI to fight Dave’s verbal battles for him, surely Big Dave is capable of organising the placing of a similar advert in an Argentinian newspaper, putting the UK side of things.


      • 39
        Jimmy says:

        Maybe Rebecca arranged for it as a thank you for the help he’s been giving her with her legal defence to all those malicious allegations.


      • 131
        Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

        He probably can’t name an Argentinian newspaper. I can:-

        La Prensa
        La Nacion (I’ve got a copy of a Sunday edition from 1987 – as bulky as the NYT)
        Buenos Aires Herald – I’ve got a copy of that. English language paper with a circulation about one quarter of The Guardian. The Sun’s message will probably only be read by Anglo-Argentines.


  4. 8

    Could we just not behead them ?


  5. 10
    Operation Crossbow says:

    These two have more lives than Diane Fatbutt has chins


  6. 14
    Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:

    This is such a bore Borisido Boriswkes

    either way it isn gonna help you…the more you slate the Lib Dums the more it affects the cockalition and cock boy

    keep up the bad work


  7. 15
    Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:


    Porkie Pie Pickles said recently he wanted to expose the “great council cash-cow cover-up” over parking.

    FOI reveals that Tory councils are the worse offenders


  8. 17
    Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:

    Triple dip predicted

    You neo nuts really are a bunch of f*uck wits


  9. 20
    Owen Jones says:

    YES!! YES!! YES !!

    In Scottish sub-sample in today’s YouGov the SNP on 24% in THIRD place 1% behind CON & 15% behind LAB. Can’t remember seeing that before.


  10. 21
    Ed Balls(Chancellor Of The Exchequer Designate) says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all if David Cameron was conceived anally. He is that good a Prime Minister.


  11. 22
    Oswald Thake says:

    Is Mr. Justice Sweeney a safe pair of hands?


    • 46
      The Grand Master, The Grand Lodge, Great Queen Street says:

      Oh yes, he is certainly a safe pair of hands and on the square. Jahbulon.


      • 143
        Blowing Whistles says:

        So too is Mister Jusitce Scott-Baker HOWEVER – His card was ‘marked’ a few years ago along with several other faux judges. And Carl Gardner is just a ‘mouthpiece’.


  12. 23

    Abbott on obesity?

    I’ve heard it all now…


  13. 25
    Dave"The One Term Prime Minister" Cameron says:

    My cunning plan for Labour to win the 2015 General Election by a landslide is working very well indeed.

    Further evidence has emerged that the UK economy’s sliding towards a triple dip recession this year.

    Output contracted by 0.2% in the final quarter of 2012, according to an eagerly awaited indicator for the economy.

    Markit’s PMI survey for December found that activity in the powerhouse service sector shrank for the first time in two years.

    The index suggested that the economy as a whole has slipped back into contraction during the last three month.

    Markit said the figures, combined with mixed manufacturing and construction figures earlier this week, suggest Britain’s economy suffered a bigger drop than most other private sector forecasts.

    Separate Bank of England figures showed the biggest monthly rise in mortgage approvals since January 2012.


    • 47
      Ted says:

      There is NO triple dip recession what we have is an economic DEPRESSION that started in 2008 and was caused in large part by the reckless economic mismanagement of the Labour party.


      • 69
        bergen says:



      • 89
        Operation Crossbow says:

        Yes but you can get out of it by cutting public spending and taxes. That is what a real Tory would do, not increase spending and borrowing and put up taxes.


      • 128
        Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

        I expect Tory MP’s took full advantage of that period. Racking up their credit cards with anything they couldn’t claim back on expenses.


    • 57
      UK's 'Powerhouse Services Sector' says:

      Want fries with that?


    • 66
      Anonymous says:

      Can some one explain the reason for the easy mortgage and business loan options the Government is backing?

      We got into this mess because of eagerness to sell silly mortgages. The unsustainable house prices meant all investment money went into property, not industry. We lost all the avenues to invest in businesses. Now the government is again giving out free money to keep the house prices rising and sustain the bias in investment choices. Further, they are providing easy money to businesses to avoid them engaging with the investors.

      If they let the house prices fall slowly then we could get back to the real closed loop situation of money going into the next advance in technology which fuels the subsequent advance. I can not understand the open loop dumping of money into bricks. Sorry, but my experience of start-ups, development and investment is from other countries. I do not understand this country.


    • 98
      Caring Mary says:

      Good luck with that! Last time Labour fecked up the country they were out of government for 18 years, irrespective of how unpopular the Tories were. The reason is that most people in this country realise that competence is better than popularity (being parents helps with understanding this). As a swing voter who’s voted both Labour and Con and is a member of UKIP, i ain’t gonna vote for Labour again for a long time.


  14. 28
    Lord Boothby, Con says:

    I loved boys shitting on me! Now that’s what I call getting back to basics! Talk about those old core values!


  15. 30

    Ed Balls’ pension, salary and expenses should be raided. The money raised would be used to fund three seconds employment for anyone who has been out of work for at least two years. There are currently 129,400 people aged over the age of 25 in that position.


  16. 33
    Jim "I'm such a patriot, I moved to Dubai" Davidson says:

    Nick nick! I love Maggie! Nick nick!


  17. 38
    Spin Cycle says:

    When found guilty the Huhne should be tied to one of his windmill blades and sentenced to 1000. revolutions or until he dies from the G force.


    • 123
      Anonymous says:

      A thousand revolutions? The windmill spivs would have got their money back long before that, allowed them to rust up and buggered off to speculate on raindrop futures on window panes. Huhne would simply end up in a Rumanian scrapyard.


  18. 40
    Coffin Nails says:

    Kin l Guido that tumour fag advert is popping up all over it blog. Have you no scruples when it comes to accepting filthy lucre?


  19. 42
    YaHuhne. says:

    All this for a speeding ticket.


  20. 43
    Mike Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

    Don’t worry Chris. The Grand Master has put a word in for you. So mote it be. Boaz


    • 107
      restore the monasteries says:

      He could use,”The Four Talismans of the Tuatha De Danann”.
      particularly the Cauldron of Plenty,from Murias,…..Water element
      ,.Wealth and abundance.


      • 145
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Or in plain English – Brown paper envelopes stuffed with cash handed up to the wigs who drive their cars out of the courts without ever being searched / could also be how so much evidence / files just disappear at the RCJ.


  21. 56
  22. 58
    Owen Jones says:

    Family with six children will pay marginal tax rate of 87.4% as a result of child benefit changes http://bit.ly/UnWOZX

    The Tories just don’t have a clue !!!


    • 78
      War pestilence famine says:

      Anyone with six kids should be put to death for crimes against humanity.


    • 90
      PK says:

      cut taxes, remove benefits (handouts). If you can’t afford 6 kids without state help, you shouldn’t have them. It REALLY is that simple.


      • 101
        Sick of Scroungers !! says:

        Spot on.


        • 114
          Tory Grandee says:

          Or alternatively the kids could either be sold off or sent to some sort of childrens home.

          And…er…then…me and my mates could go round and bugger them as some form of recompense.

          Drinks all round then!


      • 127
        Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

        No harm in having 6 kids as long as they’re white.

        And before you say anything Diane I know that sounds Wascist!


      • 163
        Mr Quelch says:

        If you can’t feed ‘em , don’t breed ‘em.


  23. 60
    This is Justice? says:

    Looks like the Masonic protection squad is out in full force.

    Both names spelt wrong and a very devious change in court names.

    One law for us another law for them.


  24. 61
    Dave"The One Term Prime Minister" Cameron says:

    I will make the Tories into the “Nasty Party” in 2013.

    Here’s the start of my plan

    Commuter fury as fares rise for 10th year: Outraged commuters started the new year on a low, when fare rises hit… http://bit.ly/Xqch1L


    • 65
      Trains r a drain on the taxpayer says:

      Utter bollocks. It’s about time train users started to pay something like the true costs of their taxpayer subsidised travel.

      The government takes billions off car drivers in road tax and fuel duty and spends a fraction of that on the roads.

      Train users don’t pay one halfpenny of tax even the fuel is duty free.


    • 160
      Kuntmuter says:

      I think the bit about ” 10th year” undermines your trolling


  25. 64
    Ed Balls(Chancellor Of The Exchequer Designate) says:

    UK exports of goods to Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Cyprus same as exports to top 10 emerging mkts. Crazy. http://www.cityam.com/latest-news/allister-heath/we-need-export-led-revolution-save-the-uk-economy#.UOaWPArdz64.twitter


    • 71
      David Camoron says:

      I thought we exported “freedom and democracy”… have we been invoicing for this?


    • 103
      VoteUkip says:

      “Yet while strong growth in global services trade has resumed, the City remains shell-shocked and unable to bounce-back, partly as a result of an ultra-hostile regulatory and tax environment. At last count, the volume of UK exports of services was still 4.3 per cent down from peak.”

      The inevitable end result of banker bashing.


  26. 76
    Hanukkas Bazzokas (A Greek Gentleman) says:

    I will always respect Chris Huhne, he’s in the Guinness Book of Records, quoting from P.787 under the heading impossible things that mad wierdo’s get up to:
    “After obtaining a sample of Carina Trimingham, and extensive testing of the sample by Professor JT Klingphilim, we can confirm that it is 100% Plasticine. Therefore, Chris Huhne is the first Human to have a Wallace and Gromit Character as a misstress.”


  27. 79
    Moussa Koussa's pet meerkat (not his sockpuppet) says:

    Isn’t it blindingly obvious that Scammers and Osbo have given up? They’re not even going through the motions.
    They know the game is up. They had a go, couldn’t make it in the big boys’ world, and are just sitting it out until 2015 when the inevitable will happen.
    And when that General Election comes, people will look back and say – what did they achieve?

    The square root of fuck all.


  28. 81
    Stating the bleeding obvious says:

    Tories came in promising to fix the welfare trap. Building a new one for “Middle Britain” could prove v damaging.


  29. 83
    Private's the way to go says:

    The idea of a state funeral for Maggie is offensive. If there was one thing she stood for it was private enterprise, not the grubby state. She doesn’t deserve a horrendous state organised funeral. Her funeral should be put out to tender and awarded to the bidder who presents a cost effective package that maximises efficiency for investors and end users.


  30. 88
    Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:

    Guido is obsessed with this court case because he knows that the Cockson and Bitchookes trial is the real deal in 2013… and he is trying to help Dave out with a Lib Dum scalp before the meltdown


  31. 108
    Internalcombustionpenguin says:

    You guys are getting jolly batey about the triple dip recession that is in the post. Quite an achievement for Cameron. A prime minister so awful that he may well have been conceived anally. Lol


  32. 110
    Moussa Koussa's pet meerkat (not his sockpuppet) says:

    Here’s the news you’ve all been waiting for:

    “Cameron promises voters ‘a real choice’ over relations with Europe

    However, PM says voters will have to wait until his speech later this month to see if ‘in-or-out’ referendum is on the cards”


  33. 130
    Judge Jefferies says:

    Huhne will get off. We alway make sure his type does.


    • 148
      Blowing Whistles says:

      You are reminded that this case is now a ‘Public Controversy’ and MUST be resloved Publicly [not Privately] and that in its simplest form it is an ‘open and shut’ case of guilty. We have Ms Pryce to thank for that because she – in her rage at being pushed aside for that other woman(?) ‘let the cat out of the bag’.

      Oh and Huhne was not a Minister ‘at the time’ [2003] of the offence and thus does not get afforded immunity from prosecution. He was only a lowly MEP – Now wasn’t Ashley Mote convicted [questionably one must add] for something criminal also?


  34. 135
    Jimmy says:

    Moving it outside London would be enough to throw most hacks off the scent.


  35. 140
    The savant10.4 highway patrol says:

    Christina. De. Kirchener says

    We are either right. Or. Right


  36. 149
    Sunny Jim says:

    Anybody know what went on in court?


    • 154
      Anonymous says:

      Hunhe (sic) case now listed for Monday at 12 at Reading; either today didn’t happen or it’s a second hearing



      • 157
        Sunny Jim says:

        Thanks for that


      • 165
        Steve P says:

        Not Before 12:00 pm
        For Hearing
        U20120475 PRICE Vasiliki & HUNHE Christopher T20127076 SOUTHWARK CROWN COURT CASE

        NB Now FOR HEARING and accused NOT NOT required.

        Sounds like today was some application that was refused.


        • 166
          Newton says:

          Here is an update on Regina v Huhne & Pryce. The published court list for Monday, mentioned upthread, is mistaken. Mr Justice Sweeney is hard at work on his partially delivered summing up in Regina v Bielawski and others. He is also writing a judgment on a very important (but somewhat tangential) interlocutory motion in Huhne & Pryce which was argued today. The next hearing in the latter case will therefore be at the Crown Court at Reading on Tuesday 8th January 2013, at not before 10.30 am, to coincide with jury deliberations in Bielawski and others.

          As for the content of these hearings, there is an order under section 4(2) of the Contempt of Court Act 1981 prohibiting the reporting of proceedings until further order, which was renewed by Mr Justice Sweeney today. So there can be absolutely no comment on that front.

          However, it is worth noting the following:
          (1) The trial will not open next week, but, if the case proceeds that far, on 14th January.
          (2) Few in the media have memories which extend as far back as the plea and case management hearing held before Saunders J at the Crown Court at Southwark on 1 June 2012. The basis of plea of defendant Pryce, which is in the public domain, remains worthy of note in and of itself.
          (3) Defendant Huhne has not entered a plea to the indictment T20127076, which means that his application to quash the indictment for want of evidence under paragraph 2 of Schedule 3 to the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, and any application to stay the indictment as an abuse of process under the inherent jurisdiction of the Crown Court, have yet to be heard and determined.
          (4) The criminal proceedings are still very much active.


          • Steve P says:

            Thanks Newton.

            Do you have a link to item (2) ?

            Do you know what has happened re the lady judge who was arrested?


  37. 169
  38. 170

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