January 3rd, 2013

Russia Trolls France

Gerard Depardieu must be pretty desperate in his bid to flee Hollande’s socialism: he has been granted Russian citizenship by Vladimir Putin.

The former communist is now offering tax asylum to western Europe’s rich and famous. Russia’s 13% income tax rate is one sixth as oppressive as Francois Hollande’s unconstitutional 75% supertax. A sign of the changing times, Putin’s announcement was made via Twitter:

Trolling on an international scale…


  1. 1
    Ah! Monika 2013 says:

    Trolling on an international scale…

    The scale of F ?


    • 4
      Hourtin La Plage, Gironde, with titties oot says:

      This is a brit site, so look out. We are as diplomatic online as a breeze block in ones face, mon ami, garcon.


      • 23
        William Hague, funder of Al Qeada and War Criminal says:

        Is this a two-finger gesture to Chosen One Hollande’s inability to deliver Syria to Israel, due to Russia’s intervention?


        • 34
          Hourtin La Plage, Gironde, with titties oot says:

          Syria est a fucking keep at length with a shitty stick. Any country’s foreign orofice is saying “oh fuck, better not go there, nor get involved”.

          Right bluddy dogs dinner it is looking already. Let them get on with it alone, come what may.


          • Hourtin La Plage, Gironde, with titties oot says:

            by the way, a song for my present users name, especially for the jimmy saviles about us – you know who they are, the Uncle Perverts with their brass knobbed knees.

            Qui monsieur? Love going on the Gironde, outside Bordeaux, getting slugged on top quality red wine for euro cents, from farms there. HIC!


          • Hourtin La Plage, Gironde, with titties oot says:

            Plus d’Hourtin mes camarades brit, la danse flash mob sur la plage. Je recommande la Gironde, pour toute Britanniques, Irlandais et ainsi je suppose,

            Told my daughter to drag her mates for a holiday a couple of years ago, and drag their young tits into the sunshine with the germans and the dutch and local french. They loved it, and no Jimmy, I am not going to show the holiday snaps my daughter sent me.

            But my daughter has tits like my mam, well celt, what I can remember.


        • 37
          Jaded Jean says:

          reference the fact that he’s a chosen one pls.


        • 111
          Grrr says:

          Hollande working for Mossad.

          What a way to start the new year – with another Jooo conspiracy theory.


      • 24
        Rage Against the Political Elite says:

        If Europe’s Politial Elite keep putting our Energy up.. Hidden Taxes,, Levies,, Licence fees. We might all have to emigrate to Russia. So we can keep Warm.


    • 10
      Gordon Brown says:

      I want cisternship of the downstairs toilet


      • 22
        Hourtin La Plage, Gironde, with titties oot says:

        You can have the outhouse, with it’s corrugated roof, and that is all you are getting.


        • 27
          Hourtin La Plage, Gironde, with titties oot says:

          Delphine, a la vacashun, holiday est sous anglaise,

          Il est fool moovie, mon amis.


  2. 2
    Houtin La Plage, Gironde, with titties oot says:

    Vous et like to buy Chelski?

    Niet/da, mon ami?


  3. 3
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    Tax freedom: Russia.

    News freedom: Russia Today.

    How things have turned full circle – economic and political refugees fleeing to Russia from the “free West”.


    • 6
      Hourtin La Plage, Gironde, with titties oot says:

      The news today on RT will be presented by,


      • 14
        Hourtin La Plage, Gironde, with titties oot says:

        fuck, if I ever chucked out a load of daughters via my loins, I would give them russian first names. I’d have no priblems chucking them up the aisle, I am sure, to then give me a quiet life.

        My favorite russian name, Lara,

        Mysteria always wins.


      • 100
        Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

        My Katya should have been on that Russian hot list. Boaz.


    • 13
      Raving Loon says:

      If all you’re used to is British MSM, then watching Russia Today is like waking up from the Matrix.


      • 84
        Quiet Bat Person says:

        RT is third-rate propaganda, pales in comparison with the BBC’s second-rate propaganda.

        Is there any chance that the criminal Russian oligarchs who have been quietly buying Gideon, Mandelson and all the other Westminster whores/politicians will now up sticks from London and fuck off back to Russia?


    • 28
      Rage Against the Political Elite says:

      The Russians have lot of experience in HOW to Destroy the Capitalist Economic Model.. Thats Why They have Changed.. Our Elite’s have broken ours.. The USA is Broken.. It takes a Chinese Communist State and Russia to Know how to make the Sums Add up.. We have been well and truly Fu-ked


  4. 5
    nellnewman says:

    I wonder whether he ould be persuaded to offer citizenship and a nice warm place in siberia to the likes of barroso, von rumpoy and bliar?


    • 8
      Cynical-old-bag says:

      He will attract a lot of undesirables, but they must be pretty desperate if they need to live in Russia.

      Let ‘em go.


  5. 7
    EU Watch says:

    This was expected.

    He has joint citizenship with Russia, but is domiciled Belgium: The most tax efficient option for him.

    In other news:


    Looks like the religion of peace is really proving itself a bonus over in Scandinavia.


  6. 9
    Alf Garnett says:

    Now he can run along and enjoy his holiday in the Gulag. That’ll work some lard off the fat Frog.

    I hope they love him so much they make him Master of Camp Entertainments and keep him there forever.


    • 18
      Anonymous says:

      Sometimes this blog is good, not today though. Why did you send your post ? its really stupid and not funny.


      • 116
        Honest View says:

        Alas, this blog is not what it was. It had wit and humour and some good rants, but now too many trivial, 5th rate jokers try their luck, It’s becoming a practice ground for wannabe Carrs.


  7. 11
    Privatise the hag's funeral says:


    • 21
      Joss Ayinglike says:

      Great idea. I would also pay good money to see B£iar, Straw et al face charges for war crimes and I’d contribute to the costs of the resultant firing squad.


  8. 12
    Jimmy says:

    There is nothing progressive about low taxes and a small state.


    • 17

      Agreed ! Let’s have a massive State and huge taxes to pay for it.

      Very sensible.


      • 64
        I d on't need no doctor says:

        Then that leads to massive fiscal debt, which you can then deny was your fault. In fact it never happened.


        • 97
          VoteUkip says:

          America’s Fiscal cliff on Debt hill has just grown another few hundred feet. The inevitable fall off the cliff will just be even more painful. Only a stupid socialist thinks economic suicide is painless.


    • 19
      Senator Joe Mcarthy says:

      Have you ever been a member of the communist party?


    • 26
      infantilisation watch says:

      Awwww, poor ickle Jimmy doesn’t know how to spend his own money, he needs the grownups to do it for him, bless.


    • 30

      It all rather depends upon what you mean by progressive, Jimmy.

      If it is used in the same way that Gordon used the word investment in the sense of throwing cash down the toilet, then you might be right…


      • 36
        Economist says:

        Wasn’t ‘prudence’ the official policy new speak for throwing money down the toilet ?

        Investment was about bribery and blackmail ?


      • 81
        Gonk III says:

        Nothing more than Jimmy trying out a joke. 2013 resolution…bollocks with humour.


        • 87

          He should proceed with much care IMHO.

          Progressive is one of those strange words that is capable of meaning whatever one wishes it to mean. One meaning can even be the direct opposite of another.

          In fact, with all the previously highlighted dangers of self-reference, you could actually describe the term itself as progressive


    • 45
      Fuck Big State it is EVIL says:

      So true Jimmy tax them to the pips squeak. Shall we start with pasties, then fags, then booze then council tax? And once we have taken the money off the indigenous poor people we can throw it at providing immigrants with the best of everything and for good measure obey Europe and make the terrorists who want to destroy us multimillionaires.

      That’s really progressive Jimmy. nd why should the State control society anyway, isn’t that a communist thing?


    • 55
      Sir William says:

      It’s instructive to read John F Kennedy on the subject of tax rates. He was certain that low tax rates produced higher growth and, therefore, higher tax revenues in the long term. By contrast, European governments favour high tax rates and low growth.


      • 65

        How times have changed. In those days, it seemed that the USA had two competing right-of-centre parties as compared with how it is there today.

        Kennedy’s attachment to growth was also legendary at trouser level.


      • 68
        It makes me weep. says:

        The difference is that Europe is run by committee and that never works. Strong leadership is all.

        You see it in the man made Global warming Myth. Most thinking people do not believe it but dare not say so at the committee, hence Dave pressing ahead with shale oil and gas but at the same time pandering to the committee by still spending (wasting) billions on useless windmills. The facts are that generating our electricity from gas would cut CO2 emissions by 75% overnight, to do the same with windmills is not even achievable no matter how much money is thrown at them.

        I just wish Dave would grow some balls, hire some good independent scientists and mathematicians and tell the people some hard facts and home truths and stop playing the cuddly tree hugger.


  9. 15
    Tonto says:

    A Leader of a major country with a bit of sense.


  10. 25
    Denis is the only man Thatch ever made jizz in his pants says:


  11. 31
    Ah! Monika 2013 says:

    Nicolas Sarkozy ‘received £40m from Muammar Gaddafi’

    And Blair??


  12. 32
    LEST WE FORGET says:


  13. 39
    PC Watch says:

    Looks like those sticking up for traditional marriage in the UK are being persecuted:


    This is wrong.


  14. 41
  15. 43
    Ah! Monika 2013 says:

    Two contestents in Paralympics Wheelcair event are having their medals rescinded.

    They tested positive…for WD40


  16. 44
    Carny is a wrong'un, send him back says:


  17. 48
    Sir William says:

    Tax rates may be low in Russia, but their Tax Police shoot on sight.


  18. 52

    Argentina send a threatening letter to Camoron Demanding the return of the Falkland islands
    Better get our remaining sailors into the rowing boat , it’s a long way to the south atlantic
    as for our troops we had better break out the catapults and pointy sticks and send them quickly to the bus stop


  19. 53
  20. 56
    Micheal 'Polonium-210' Parkinson says:

    Does he get a free Umbrella just for applying?


  21. 57
    @# says:

    Why are we remotely interested in a French actor?


    • 71

      New multiple choice test…

      What sort of people would you think it better to invite to your country?

      A: Prosperous people who will not be a drain on public funds and whose expenditure will help to improve the economy or

      B: People who are only coming for the benefits for them and their myriad dependants.


      • 77
        UK Government Policy Wonk says:

        Well, gee George…, that is such a difficult question, George…

        I think the rabbits and the alfalfa will go for B George.

        Did I choose right George ?


      • 78
        Ed Millionaireband says:

        B every time.


      • 119
        Tony Blair says:

        Inviting Bs is in the country’s best interests because they will vote Labour, thereby improving the country’s prospects. And we get to rub the Right’s nose in diversity. What’s not to like?


    • 80
      Ipso facto says:

      Because people are prepared to spend their own time asking questions about a French actor on this blog.


  22. 62
    albacore says:

    Reckon James Bond’s lot better sharpen their wits
    And watch out for M P’s doing moonlight flits
    If it looks like life there could be cushier
    They’ll all be skedaddling to Mother Russia


  23. 67
    • 107
      Gok Wan says:

      I habe told you before and I will tell you again. Blue collars are so out of date they aren’t even retro and ironic.


  24. 70
    I d on't need no doctor says:

    Surely 2013 will see the findings of the Chilcot enquiry.


  25. 73
    Fact Hunt says:

    The Russians are welcome to him. Mind you, 13% tax does sound inviting.


  26. 74
    Chris Patten says:

    I hope you tv license fee payers were pleased with our great xmas and new year programme schedule.
    Repeats of repeats of repeats.
    New years eve, 20 mins of Gabby Logan interviewing a northern man chewing gum.
    The 2012 review loop on BBC News, no news is our news, loop, loop, loop.
    Think yourselves lucky, I beat my wife you know.
    Anyone else at the BBC want a pay-off, here take treble.


  27. 76
    Anthony Worral Thompson says:

    Had a great christmas. Thanks again to Tesco.


  28. 79
    Spartacus says:

    just like the Devil offering citizenship to the Clinton Witch


  29. 82
    Common Policy Censorship Wankers says:

    Interesting one in the mail:


    But: This section in particular is somewhat interesting:

    Vivienne Pattison of Mediawatch UK said: ‘This programme should have always been broadcast in the late night 11.35pm slot. Putting it out at primetime was totally inappropriate.

    ‘Children are far more likely to be watching at 9pm, especially when you consider it was the Christmas holiday.’


    • 89
      Quiet Bat Person says:

      “Conservative MP Conor Burns, a member of the Commons Culture Select Committee, has written to Channel 4 bosses demanding to know why the decision was made to broadcast the quiz so soon after the watershed.”

      Perhaps because it would have been unwise to broadcast it before the watershed?

      What do these fuckwits think a watershed is?

      I didn’t see the programme in question, but I certainly don’t think it should be edited or censored on the basis that some irresponsible parents are too cretinous te exercise judgement and understand that late-night viewing is for adults.


  30. 88
    One Term Dave says:

    My cunning election strategy is to piss off all sections of the electorate apart from shirtlifters and green enegy scammers. That should see me re-elected as PM in 2015.Have a great new year.


  31. 90
    RetardEd says:

    Apologies, but I won’t be able to make PMQs next week. I’ve got an important Trekkie conference in Southport.


  32. 91
    Putin him smart cookie says:

    Putin is not backward going forward. He’s put his name is on the Sochi winter olympics and he’s desperate for the games to succeed as part of a campaign to rehabilitate the Caucasus. A couple of years ago Depardieu played the part of Alexandre Dumas in the film “The Other Dumas”. There’s now a documetary being made using Depardieu about Dumas’s travels in the Caucasus and Azerbaijan in the 1850s. This will provide some useful international promotion of the area.


    • 102
      @# says:

      “The Other Dumass”?


      • 114
        Putin him smart cookie says:

        Oui, “L’Autre Dumas” (2010).

        En plus nous avons:


        Azerbaijan, Baku, Sept. 15 / Trend /
        A contract was signed with the French company “CTM” on the reconstruction of the “Azerbaijanfilm” studio with the participation of world-renowned actor Gerard Depardieu at the Azerbaijani Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Baku today.
        Azerbaijani Minister of Culture and Tourism Abulfaz Garayev, “CTM” director general Arno Frille and actor Gerard Depardieu attended the signing ceremony, relevant bodies told Trend at the event today.
        The minister said that the reconstruction of the cinema studio will renew cinema in Azerbaijan.
        Gerard Depardieu said that Azerbaijan has great tourism potential. He admired the nature, culture and hospitality. Depardieu is glad with signing such an important contract.
        It should be stressed that Gerard Depardieu arrived in Baku to shoot the documentary film ‘Alexander Dumas in Azerbaijan’. The actor plays one of major roles.
        Shooting will take place in Baku and regions of the country visited by French writer Alexander Dumas in 1858. After this visit, Dumas published a book “Dumas’s journey to the Caucasus.”


  33. 94
    Skorpian De Rooftrouser says:

    Can Guido stop this phucking clown the plastic welshman from posting all these phucking stupid youtube vids


  34. 106
    Gordon McRuin says:

    I’m defecting to Narnia through my wardrobe.


  35. 115
    Nothing better to do says:

    Hey Putin, can I have citizenship as well? Never hurts to have alternative tax farms to choose from.


  36. 118
    Francis Figbound says:

    I’m in central Fance. It is fakked – businesses going pop one after the other. Shopkeepers saying it’s thanks to Hollande – one blamed Blair!


  37. 120
    Anonymous says:

    13% tax, god almighty it’s no wonder Putin gets away with it! I’d vote for mephistopheles if he he could beat that tax rate!


  38. 121
    Alexander Litvinenko says:

    When visiting Russia or its satellites, it is advisable not to drink the tea.


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