January 3rd, 2013

Gang Lamb Style


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    I thought they were his staff ;)


  2. 2
    Operation Crossbow says:

    I see the BBC are wanking on about climate change yet again. This time we’re all going to drown in the future.

    According to some mong faced twat from the Met Office dry weather is now a thing of the past. So good, that means no more hot summers or hosepipe bans then?

    So that drought of just a few months ago was a figment of my imagination was it?


    • 14
      Anonymous says:

      This is why politics works. People have no memory, or ability for basic reasoning.

      The argument that only select cabal of experts can “know” what the future holds, is the basis of any belief system.


      • 49
        T. P. Fuller says:

        >People have no memory, or ability for basic reasoning.

        Speak for yourself, matey.


        • 107
          Nostradamus the Meteorologist says:

          I forecast that the weather will go on doing what it’s just been doing, only more so.

          I have no idea what ‘regression to the mean’ means.


    • 17
      Hourtin La Plage, Gironde, with titties oot says:

      beeb weatherpersons are a bunch of puppets. As scientific as Come fucking Dancing.


      • 82
        Jeremy 'TaxPlan' Paxman says:

        Where can I shelter for a rainy day ?


        • 113
          Hourtin La Plage, Gironde, with titties oot says:

          For a rainy day? Try the native american dance, but never works, I find. But shelter? try a bus stop.

          But together is another thing all together. A philisophical ensamble wotsit whatever. I like the question, when I am going, am I actually coming, or is the destination coming to me, or my starting point going away from me. Or am I always still, and everything comes and goes from me, and my legs are fooling me?


    • 25
      Jimmy says:


      Execute AGW deniers – we need to cleanse the world to save it from the right.


      • 90
        kronos says:

        investing thing about Graz i that it hosts AVL, largest automobile consulfancy. PUCH make all their crap 4×4’s there. Mercedes have their special projects factory there. Chryslers have a plant there. Audi have a plant there – it’s were the TT was developed. christ even the football stadium was once called the Arnold schwarzeneger stadium – Hooters was next door!. Overall Good for beer and uni Totty though. So welcome to climate change central .


        • 126
          Anonymous says:

          “it’s were the TT was developed”. ‘where’. old fellow, but I’ll let it through. The Audi TT huh? I assume it must be a town full of hairdressers?


          • kronos says:

            Ta….. It’s not up to my usual low standard of typos and crap spelling. The place used to be called eurostar to keep the nosey confused. Not hard to find on google maps on the south side of the city next to the motorway – we used to have fun testing the cars.


      • 106

        Congratulations Jimmy – you’ve just confirmed that AGW is a lefty plot for World domination. Start a blog. Call it Left Foot In-Mouth.


    • 26
      Professor Parncutt says:

      You are on ze list.


    • 86

      Watch your water bills double this year !


    • 93
      The BBC .....40 years of never missing a chance to NOT support Britain says:

      They’re also going on about in the 1pm News the Kirchner Letter to Cameron and Argentina’s “reasonable” request for Britain to boot off the existing islanders and cede sovereignty to the Argentines but why I am surprised it was the same in 1982 when they were actively telling us(along with Michael Foot’s Labour Party) that we had no option but to go to the UN and agree to the US plan of joint sovereignty


  3. 3
    Trinny says:

    Couldn’t find a decent pun then?

    How about … Lib Dems take some stick

    Didn’t he hear them coming?


    • 13
      What!!!!! says:

      I thought it was a decent pun. Being dyslexic I thought we had entered an unreality bubbly for a moment there.


    • 78
      That Intoxicated Bint On The Croydon Tram says:

      Oi– I don’t know about these Poles, I don’t like how they just walk in and start taking over everything! Morris dancing now, are they?


  4. 4
    Anonymous says:

    Pull the other one, it’s got a bell-end on it.

    The fucking fuck.


  5. 5
    Can't use me old moniker says:

    Off topic.

    It seems the BBC devote more time and are more concerned with rap e in India than in ‘English’ towns like Rochdale.


    • 12
      Ah! Monika 2013 says:

      and… according to a Letter in today’s Mail, placing subliminal references to Gay Marriage in the Script of Dr. Who. ( bearing no reference to the plot )


  6. 7
    Ginger says:

    Voter tells Lib Dem minister who says he’s got nothing to do with the health care mess to “Pull the other one, it’s got bells on”.


  7. 9

    I love my country and I am quite fond of some (but not all) of my countrymen. Morris dancing is the start of that territory where I feel something has departed from reality and I begin to shy away in discomfort.

    Extend that line to its most distant point and I imagine you will find something like Ed Balls…


  8. 10
    Amanita Phalloides says:

    There is nothing at all wrong with Morris Dancing. It is a pleasure to see that the various forms continue to evolve, as the photograph of the first rehearsal of the new steps for the dance “Lamb Sticking” demonstrates.

    Unfortunately, this particular dance is likely to be as short-lived as the LibDems, since it calls for the besuited “Lamb” to be done in with stout sticks, and then barbecued, with a sauce of Cromer crabs and Norfolk lavender, upon a fire of driftwood.


  9. 11
    Liarpoliticians says:

    We LibDems love Brussles, and we show it by beating the British with a stick.


  10. 15
    Salmon says:


  11. 18
    Jimmy says:

    Truly progressive LibDems are moving home to Labour.


  12. 22

    Another LibDem, Paul Burstow, wants to axe 10 million pensioners.

    BBC might help him, I suppose. It’s what they do.


  13. 24
    EUROPIUMS says:

    EU Parliament votes to force same-sex “marriage” on all member states



    • 36
      No shirtlifting for me thank you very much says:

      Like Bob Hope I think we need to get out of the EU before they make same sex marriage compulsory.


      • 40
        Another raving heterosexual says:

        To be absolutely correct Bob Hope was worried about homosexuality but I agree with your sentiment.


  14. 27
    Climate Watch says:

    Oliver Letwin apparently lost GBP 100 bet with Nigel Lawson.

    Issue was surrounding Kyoto replacement by end of 2012.

    Kyoto and all CO2 reduction treaties now over – UK climate policy makes zero sense now there are no international binding agreements, even though previously it did not in any case.



    • 48
      Ah! Monika 2013 says:

      Tree-rings prove climate was WARMER in Roman and Medieval times than it is now – and world has been cooling for 2,000 years
      Study of semi-fossilised trees gives accurate climate reading back to 138BC


      • 74
        Pundit Too says:

        Over a year ago a scientist with an international research group made the same comments following the analysis of drill extractions into the earth throughout the world including the polar regions.
        He was quite literally screamed out by a young eco-warrior and the BBC chairman on the so-called “science” programme.
        I complained but got the usual feeble excuses.
        Even the general public are noting how left wingers scream out all opposition to their loony ideas.


      • 115
        Sir William says:

        Well….up to a point Trees grow at different rates for all sorts of reasons, including rainfall, disease, numbers of herbivores and CO2 levels. One can’t really tune out the other variables. Also, one can’t legitimately combine one proxy for temperatures with another without a good deal of handwaving.

        This didn’t deter the Warmists, of course, when they built a theory of past climate on evidence from just half a dozen bristlecone pines.


      • 118
        Mine d'Boggles says:

        10,000 years ago, Mastodons were grazing in the middle of the “North Sea” and one could take a bus direct from London to Paris as the Channel did not exist. Then drearily, the climate got warmer and sea level rose a couple of hundred feet, the Mastodons drowned (or starved as their peat bogs dried up) and ferries became necessary to get to France.

        Look up Milankovich – it is so much fun.


      • 119

        A tree-ring is not evidence of anything to do with global warning unless it has been specially selected by Michael Mann. Everybody knows that, don’t they, Jimmy. Jimmy?


  15. 31
    Basil Brash says:

    I thought they had vanished, a relic from yesteryear with their old ways and silly rituals. But I suppose the Lib Dems do still have a few MPs left the parliament.


    • 46
      albacore says:

      Was he auditioning for hobby horse?
      LibDems being such a pantomime force
      That would be so easy a transition
      They needn’t change a single position


  16. 34
  17. 35
    With a hey nonny no says:

    Morris dancers are more radical than the lib dumps


    • 42
      Dump the lib dumbs says:

      Morris dancers have more reason to exist than Huhne’s colleagues in any case!


    • 47
      Hourtin La Plage, Gironde, with titties oot says:

      morris dancers fucking freak me right out. It’s their look in their faces that does it. Fecking right frightening, the far away eyes, somewhere christ knows where. Child murderers the lot of them are, I reckon.


    • 136
      Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

      Send them to Tower Hamlets then.


  18. 41

    Another Lib-Dem, Pаul Bυrѕtow, wantѕ to axe 10 million penѕionerѕ.

    BBС might help him, I ѕuppoѕe. It’ѕ what they do.


  19. 43
    Jay says:

    I hope thy hit him with their rhythm sticks – oh sorry I forgot it’s tories who like to mount battons


  20. 51

    Shit, balls and c’unts!

    I forgot that you can’t say *Paul*

    Fuck it! New Year and all those resolutions, you know what its like… No more Bollox from any bastard and then one does something like that…

    *Goes out. Parp*


  21. 61
    Ah! Monika 2013 says:

    Can we book seats for the Huhne trial yet?


  22. 62
    bergen says:

    Sir Thomas Beecham said a man should try anything apart from incest and morris dancing.


  23. 69
    a non says:

    Always thought Morris Dancing was a pagan fertility rite.


    • 77

      I’ll be fucked if I go Morris dancing…


      • 87
        a non says:

        Rich ex-pat eh Cat.
        Bet you prefer the extra legroom with BMW dancing.


        • 96

          No. I drive a nice ozone-friendly Toyota Landcruiser, you know, those nice 4x4s!

          I don’t like things that shriek pose. But I did have a red Audi Quattro coupé once and drove it along the Welsh section of the M4 at 150mph. Magic!


        • 97

          Nо. I drivе а niсе оzоnе-friеndly Tоyоtа Lаndсruiѕеr, yоu knоw, thоѕе niсе 4×4ѕ!

          I dоn’t likе thingѕ thаt ѕhriеk pоѕе. But I did hаvе а rеd Аudi Quаttrо соupé оnсе аnd drоvе it аlоng thе Wеlѕh ѕесtiоn оf thе M4 аt 150mph. Mаgiс!


  24. 71
    Liberal Watch says:

    Things like this could trigger the long planned backlash against the LGBT minority:

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2013/jan/03/pa edophilia-bringing-dark-desires-light?CMP=twt_gu

    Sick logical conclusion to a flawed ideology. The Harpie and Huggit must be proud of themselves.

    Oh – and this is another reason to send Carny back.


  25. 72
    Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:

    No longer on Sun Website…..luck I kept a copy ENJOY !!!!!!!!


    Published: 26 Sep 2007

    ON Monday The Sun’s image of Gordon Brown sticking two fingers up to the British public was provocative. But it was right.

    What a difference to Churchill. When he made that salute, it
    inspired this country to wipe the scourge of fascism from Europe.

    But for Gordon Brown, it’s a gesture to the British people
    saying: “I know best. Your views are irrelevant. Get used to it.”

    Make no mistake, that’s the reason he refuses to give the British people a referendum on the EU constitutional treaty — he simply doesn’t trust them. It’s the arrogant belief that he — and only he — has the right to
    decide what’s best for Britain’s future.

    Well, Prime Minister, I’ve news for you. The old politics that you grew up in no longer reflect the new world we live in. It’s a world where people are demanding — and getting — more power and more control over their lives.

    Take America. Over there, twice as many people get health information online than from their doctor. And in some towns, you can look at online crime maps before deciding where to buy a property.

    And in the UK, the internet has transformed lives. At the click of a button we buy insurance, holidays and access information on just about anything. Gordon Brown just doesn’t get this. With him, freedom and control is
    fine — but only if he has the freedom to control your life.

    Take Citizens Juries. He says he wants to listen to people. But they are just glorified focus-groups, hand-picked and cloaked in secrecy. Believe me, if they really reflected the will of Britons the message would be
    loud and clear — we want a referendum.

    It doesn’t have to be like this. Giving people freedom and
    control over their lives is one of the things that makes me a Conservative.

    And it is why from the moment the EU Constitution was dreamt up
    by elites in Brussels, the Conservative Party’s squadron was first in the air,
    demanding a referendum in this battle for our country’s future.

    Since then, we have been keeping up the fight, looking out for
    the interests of Britain.

    There is a second reason why I want a referendum on the treaty.

    One of the great challenges we face is rolling back the tide of bureaucracy that is drowning our country in regulations and forms. And you can’t do that without targeting one of the main sources of this bureaucracy — Brussels.

    Because it is Europe that ties our businesses up in red tape.

    And it is Europe that ties the hands of our courts. We won’t be able to deal with any of this unless we have a referendum.

    The final reason we must have a vote is trust. Gordon Brown talks about “new” politics.

    But there’s nothing “new” about breaking your promises to the
    British public. It’s classic Labour.

    And it is the cancer that is eating away at trust in politics.
    Small wonder that so many people don’t believe a word politicians ever say if
    they break their promises so casually.

    If you really want to signal you’re a break from the past, Prime Minister, do the right thing — give the people the referendum you

    Today, I will give this cast-iron guarantee: If I become PM a
    Conservative government will hold a referendum on any EU treaty that emerges from these negotiations.

    No treaty should be ratified without consulting the British people in a referendum.”


  26. 73

    with some morris dancers


  27. 76
    tabblenabble01 says:

    For those of you interested in truth and truth telling, I highly recommend the the Dr. P C Roberts website…


    “There is another constraint on revealing truth. The human capital of people with inside knowledge is destroyed if they speak out. Position, contacts, invitations, income, and social life are all forfeited when an insider becomes a dissenter or a truth-teller. Only the extremely naive can believe that governments cannot keep conspiracies a secret, “because someone would talk.” No one talks, because talking harms the personal interests and human capital of the insider, and seldom does any good.”


  28. 84

    Ms de Kirchner says she wants the Falklands “back”.

    If Miliband were in power, he would not only do that but give her the Isle of Wight as well…


  29. 85
    Professor Parncutt says:

    I am amazed that you are allowed to live in such ignorance here.

    Report to the showers at once.


  30. 102
    bergen says:

    As the medical legend N f N on the notes on hospital beds-“Normal for Norfolk”


  31. 117

    If Argentina want the Falklands back they should go to the European court of human shites
    They absolutely hate Britain and would rule in their favour telling us we must give them back
    that would then force spineless Dave into an In or Out referendum or the re writing of the bill of human shites


  32. 120
    Anonymous says:

    I came from a working class background (grew up on a London council estate not far from where GF hailed from). I was the first in my family to go to university to study engineering back when only around 5% of the school cohort gained entry.

    But this is truly a sad state of affairs if it has come to this…

    White working class boys could be treated like ethnic minorities by universities, says minister


    What has become of the country I grew up in?

    And what’s more saddening is that the likes of GF just doesn’t get it that rapacious right-wing/libertarian politics is what has brought us here. Libertarian politics are solely responsible for all of the equalitarian legislation over the last six decades and the resulting political correctness that has so destroyed this once proud nation.


    • 127
      Scrounger Watch says:

      No – that is incorrect.

      Anti-libertarian collectivist Marxist doctrine created council estates, and then subsequently from 1997 onward created an economy and class of people which cannot support themselves.

      If a libertarian politic had been in play then those who could not go to university on their own merits, or by their own choice, would be much better placed to enter the workforce and be self sufficient.

      This business of positive discrimination is actually quite counter to libertarian values in any case as the moral good of advancing someone based on some preconceived notion of just right inherently compromises a more deserving talent.

      Those from ‘disadvantaged’ backgrounds, backgrounds disadvantaged quite deliberately by the state which they are then expected to depend on, are generally unsuitable for university education. The state education received for the majority has not equipped them with either the necessary knowledge or skill set to pursue a higher academic career.

      Class should not be a factor in course placement, the lack of alternatives for young people in society is the single largest moral failure of the past 15 years which could have been avoided had it not been engineered.


    • 137
      Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

      Are there any white working class boys left in Londistan?

      Apart from yourself of course.

      Oh, and Alan Johnson!


  33. 131
    Mong Watch says:

    Apart from a few MP’s and journalists (present host included) – is there actually anyone in the UK on Twitter worth following ?

    And I mean folk who are not throwing death threats at each other, attempting to solicit sex, going on about politically correct shite / LGBT issues, shoring up a shaky ‘career’ at the p@ed0 broadcaster or running a p@ed0 ring ?

    For 60 odd million of some of the allegedly best in the world, what have seen so far is total crap.


  34. 140
    Remittance Man says:

    Would that it had been the Lancre Morrismen performing their infamous Stick and Bucket Dance


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