January 3rd, 2013

HuffPoUK Sink to Incest Low in Desperate Traffic Quest

Guido thought that the Huffington Post UK editor Carla Buzasi might have had a new year resolution to clean up her site, especially given how much she complains about people writing about women and their bodies. Last year we saw her stoop as low as printing pictures of children in swimwear to try and harvest Google search engine trafficAnd what does their Political Editor Mehdi Hasan, who has the audacity to attack other publications for failing to respect women’s “dignity”, have to say about it all?

Not very much it seems. No new leaf either, instead the HuffPoUK have hit the ground running this year with a classy post about a mother and daughter incest porn duo. Conveniently they managed to get all the key search words like “PICTURES” and “Mother & Daughter Porn Duo”  into the headline so pervs typing that into Google will land at their post. There is the obligatory gallery of half naked snaps of the two as well, of course.

Is the desperate quest for traffic really worth peddling such filth?


  1. 1
    SEO Black Hat says:

    I searched for ‘up his own arse’ and came here


    • 19
      V1le Labour ruined my Country says:

      Must be a LimpDumb connection here as they are the Party of strange sexual practices.


    • 25
      Hourtin La Plage, Gironde, with titties oot says:

      “she”?? christ! nice to see a lady about with balls.


    • 32
      Sir William Waad says:

      This is a bit NewsoftheWorldified, being so morally outraged at somebody’s naughty behaviour that you have make yourself all hot and clammy writing and thinking about it, complete with a picture of a young woman’s Aris.


      • 46
        mary whitehouse says:

        guido’s bulging hypocrisy is showing


      • 77
        Hugh Janus says:

        Is Guido having some kind of seizure at the thought of this? Why has he gone all sanctimonious on us? Oh, I geddit, he needed to find an angle on this story so as to get it on the blog. Fair enough, file it under ‘Top Totty’ and move on….


  2. 2
    Kebab Time says:

    I wonder what Medhi has to say?


  3. 3
    Skorpian De Rooftrouser says:

    For christ sake what do you expect from mehdi hasan the mans a phucking deluded clown


  4. 4
    Speaking of beauty says:


  5. 5
    Carla Buzasi says:



  6. 7
    Tom says:

    Where’s the link?


  7. 9
    Anonymous says:

    ban this sick filth! they’re infecting diana’s memory with AIDs! arghghh!


  8. 10
    MacGuffin says:

    Shouldn’t colluding in nekkid mother-daughter porn earn Mehdi Hasan a death-fatwa from the Religion of Peace?


  9. 11
    Max Clifford says:

    Porn duo brought me to this post!?


  10. 12
    Why can't we all just get along? says:


    • 20

      You are sooooo fat!

      Does that mean you will last for ever?


    • 30
      Sandra in Accounts says:

      For the love of God put the fork down.

      You are over-consuming Dianne – think of the poor who have to pay taxes to over-feed you.

      You are an embarrassment to all women.

      Respect yourself sister ffs – you look like a binbag full of custard.


      • 45
        Grrr says:

        Typical White man trying to keep them darkies down by divide and rule.


      • 76
        Ex-Rat's arse says:

        Hey Sandra, Fatbut is…..wait for it…….Shadow HEALTH Minister! You couldn’t make it up could you!


        • 90
          Lard a good that'll do! says:

          Awww Sandra, you just put the kibosh on my fetish for Devonshire custard. She is shadow something … but it sure as sugga aint ‘elf!


  11. 15

    Let us open a book on who Plod would not dare to arrest in connection with Operation Yewtree, despite the lovely publicity it would give them.

    I could kick it off with these:

    Professor Stephen Hawking
    The Dalai Lama
    The Duchess of Cambridge’s unborn baby
    Clarence (the lion that the Scotch report road potholes to)
    Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe


  12. 22
    HuffPo says:

    Yes! Mother daughter porn stars only at the Huffington Post UK!

    Also read:

    * I was spit-roasted by Jimmy Savile and Jim Davidson says teen Page 3 model!

    * Raunchy lesbian secrets of the Tory backbenchers!

    * Kinky S&M bestiality orgy shame of Strictly star!

    And see:

    * Mehdi Hasan twice-weekly live webcam show!

    Only in the red hot Huffington Post!


    • 64
      Misterned says:

      Funniest comment on the Huff Po story?

      “who else was disappointed with the gallery? :P

      Coffee => Monitor.

      What with the guardian now being “sensitive” to paedophile campaigners and HuffPo condoning incestuous sexual pornography…. (I thought left wingers opposed such male dominated exploitation of wimmin), now the left’s full panoply of sexual perversions are laid bare. (excuse any puns)

      they cannot possibly consider left wing philosophy to be anything other than a catalogue of self-contradictory perversions.

      Gay is good, unless you are muslim in which case killing gays is good and raping white girls is good unless you are a feminist in which case even asking a woman out on a date is akin to predatory rape. Yet children are capable of making sexual decisions for themselves and if there is consensual sexual activity between mother and daughter, albeit by both licking the same man’s penis at the same time whilst all three are naked together and in a state of mutual sexual arousal, then that incestuous sex is not really incestuous sex and is a joyful expression of sexual liberation. But it is also pornography and therefore an evil male dominated exploitation of innocent women.


      The left are so screwed up they meet themselves coming. No puns intended!


      • 72
        Kevin T says:

        I don’t have the link on my phone but I think you would enjoy Laurie Penny’s recent New Statesman article about the pressing women’s rights issue of what MEN! write in their online dating adverts.


        • 85
          date-a-twat .com says:


          Person-friend who is in touch with Green agendas. Must be plain, humourless and completely up themselves, having dyed dreadlocks despite being Caucasion, a nose ring, tatoos and of marxist leanings yet desperate to have an iPod/iPad/iPhone and a MacBook, not to mention a villa in Tuscany. Completely unable to accept another’s viewpoint, preferred, as well as being totally unaware of what an utter twat they are.

          Here’s hoping!


    • 83
      Davina McCall shouting loudly says:

      Dominique Strauss Kahn must be pissed to have missed them!


  13. 23
    nellnewman says:

    Presumably this indicates the sort of dep raved reader the huffpo is trying to attract.


  14. 27
    EU Watch says:

    Ever wondered what Rome looks like when it is burning ?


  15. 28
    Jean Poole says:

    I’m happy with my body. Why does everbody want me to be wider.


    • 35
      Hourtin La Plage, Gironde, with titties oot says:

      Jean? Cam I call you Jean, it you are a bloke, yes you have a fat arse, but if for some confused reason you are female, the female pelvic girdle is a fine form, oh yes – in the male world you will, mostly, never get complaints.


  16. 31
    Hourtin La Plage, Gironde, with titties oot says:

    sod it, song for Carla, since she has given me a right rise in my designer boxers,


    • 41
      Hourtin La Plage, Gironde, with titties oot says:

      I work in god knows what,
      say I an good at it about.
      Walking, my body, self q,
      ugly I ask, mirrored trout.

      Told I am fine, best around,
      histamine mind does though.
      Yes complain, when looking,
      photos incruciating say god no.

      Yes you are, all, just beautiful,


  17. 39
    Jimmy Savile says:

    I think the Huff post is excellent.
    How do I log in?


    • 48
      Hourtin La Plage, Gironde, with titties oot says:

      pop into huffo now and again Jimmy – nothing to get excited about my friend. Quite lame acshually.


  18. 42
    Who says:

    I’m shocked.

    That the photo isn’t linked.


  19. 43
    Weygand says:

    In so far as it encouraged this site to give it publicity, I suppose Huffington might think that that alone had made the initiative a success,and reply “Carry on the good work, Guido”.

    Sometimes discretion is the better part of valour – which makes me wonder if I should post this after all.

    Life is so complicated these days.


    • 58
      Engineer says:

      Well, yes. I know what you mean. Can’t help thinking that a lot of the problems started when someone decreed that sex was no longer a normal human dri ve, but an Evil Act. Taken to extremes, we have societies in which women have to be completely covered at all times, and what do they end up with? Alky Ada and the Tallybangs.

      Things would be much easier if we just stuck to letting people get on with their own peccadildoes. Not in front of the children and don’t frighten the horses, otherwise anything goes between consenting adults. If it’s not your thing, just leave ‘em to it. That’ll sort out the extremeists. They wouldn’t have the energy to be flying planes into tall buildings.


  20. 47
    Lord Invader says:

    Bot’ motha an’ dawta
    Workin’ faw de Yankee dolla….


    • 49
      Hourtin La Plage, Gironde, with titties oot says:

      Some of us don’t pay the price before we get there,


      • 52
        Hourtin La Plage, Gironde, with titties oot says:

        Susan Boyle did, as an example. She shed emotion that some of us will never experience.


  21. 50
    Owen Jones says:

    I’m starting a blog called PuffHost.


  22. 51
    Ah! Monika 2013 says:

    Looks like:-

    Heinekin reaching the starts that….



    • 55
      Hourtin La Plage, Gironde, with titties oot says:

      oh gawd – is that crap still going on? Kick him up the arse and send him on his way I say.

      Fucking london met freemasoned media drama queened “how long can we keep this going” fucking seasick knobend establishment cu nts.

      London living fannies.


  23. 56
    Just Asking says:

    How can I be guilty of breaching a superinjunction if by its very nature I don’t know it exists and have no right to know it exists?


  24. 57
    Jimmy says:

    They’re clearly trying to poach your (let’s call them) readers.


  25. 59
    Anonymous says:

    Every time I hear a top private school head teacher banging on about the superior ethos of a public school education, the lyric of Only Fools and Horses about “No VAT” comes to mind.

    Private school exemption from VAT for school fees is an unjust tax benefit arising from their charitable status.

    Lord Hutton’s recent report on pensions found that 1,421 private schools got state handouts and the Times Educational Supplement reported him as saying it was “undesirable” for this subsidy to continue.

    When state spending on education is in real-terms decline, Labour must go into the next election with a clear pledge to end these unjust subsidies.

    A clear manifesto commitment to introduce VAT on school fees, beginning with reception classes at a special rate of 1 per cent rising year by year to cover all pupils and reach 20 per cent, would be fair and a vote-winner.

    Activists have had some success gathering outside Starbucks over fair taxes. Perhaps socialists should follow their lead and protest outside private schools to persuade them to pay their fair share towards supporting state education.


    • 61
      Engineer says:

      Independent schools do a far better job of educating pupils than many state schools. Consistently demonstrated by almost any measure. Get over it, and learn from whatever it is they’re doing right.


      • 66
        Hourtin La Plage, Gironde, with titties oot says:

        Independent schools live in a bubble, and produce sterile people with no imagination.

        As good as lesbo lessons in a harem.


    • 65
      Geordieboy says:

      Labour and Education Policy . Thick as shit in the neck of a bottle comes to mind.


    • 67
      Misterned says:

      I would happily demonstrate for more taxes, if the Government wasn’t wasting so much money on the feckless, lazy layabouts who do not want to work and pay taxes, or on masses of public funded office chair warming pen-pushing, business destroying non-jobs, or subsidising corporate buddies…

      I think that the Government should stop spending so much money first and stimulate the economy by cutting taxes.


    • 81
      Conrad says:

      Just as people who pay tax and NI can then pay again and buy private medical care thereby relieving pressure on the NHS so people who already pay tax and NI can then pay again and buy private education. I suspect the problem is less that it’s VAT free than some people are simply able to do so. But that is the left for you- sour , envious jealous and greedy for other people’s money.


    • 86
      Abott, D., Ms. says:

      Are you saying I should not have been allowed to send my lovely children, for whom I would go to the wall, to a private school?

      Izzit because I is black?


      • 89
        It was the best of times it was the most crappy of times says:

        Try being dark and come from Tiger Bay in Cardiff. A double-whammy.


  26. 71
    Blond_bimbo_craves_it says:

    Surely by quoting with extensive links through your blog, you could be accused of driving up the perv traffic on your own sleazy, hate-filled blog?


  27. 74
    Huff Post says:

    Of course it’s worth it.


  28. 75
    Greedo Forks says:

    Me too, me too!


  29. 78
    NotaSheep says:

    But Daily Mail appears above HuffPo in natural searches for ‘mother and daughter porn duo’…


    • 88
      It was the best of times it was the most crappy of times says:

      Been on those online certain sites have you again? Let me tell you pal, in my experience, it is all fantasy pal.


  30. 81
    fitzfitz says:

    … blame the culture of the Greek Pudding …


  31. 84
    Merdi Arsan says:

    Do as I say, not as I do.

    I’m surprised people still need to be told this.


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