January 2nd, 2013

Shame on Scrapbook and Left Foot Forward

With the New Statesman’s intern shame exposed over Christmas, former Staggers man Martin Bright asked if 2013 would see the end of unpaid internships. The answer, courtesy of lefty blogs Political Scrapbook and Left Foot Forward, is a resounding “No”.


There are just five days left to apply for “volunteer editorial assistant” roles at Scrapbook and LFF, where the successful candidate will be required to write stories, edit material and liaise with sources and contributors. In other words running the site. They might have the feeble excuse of not making any money but they are dicing with employment law, they aren’t even offering lunch let alone the minimum wage. Just because Scrapbook’s editor can’t be bothered to wake up before midday it doesn’t mean an unpaid slave intern should be doing his job for him.  At least they can bathe in the reflected glory of “closing News of the World”…

Campaigners Intern Aware tell Guido: “It’s hypocritical that these left-wing organisations aren’t living up to their rhetoric about social justice when it comes to interns. Just as wrong is the way that right-wingers at Reform and The Henry Jackson Society don’t think ‘aspiration’ extends to hard-working young people who can’t afford to work for free”.

The New Statesman, Left Foot Forward and Political Scrapbook. Three moralising, money-haemorrhaging left-wing vanity projects steeped in hypocrisy. Shame on them…


  1. 1
    First says:

    First ?


  2. 2
    Second says:



  3. 3
    Kebab Time says:

    We need to officially launch “Intern-Aid”, Lets get some 90`s popstars to record a version of *Pay your Interns*.

    Pray for the unlucky ones, Pray for the interns….


  4. 4
    PSBook says:

    Arbeit macht frei


  5. 5
    Raving Loon says:

    Paying interns is only for the little people.


  6. 6
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Blimey Guido, next you’ll be expecting the leftists to pay their fair share of the taxes, you know like BBC staff or the Guardian Media Group.


  7. 8
    Retards R US says:



  8. 9
    Blog Watch says:

    We really need to get them pushed further down from 8th and 6th position in the Twitter charts, and fix the problem with Fatson’s #2.

    Not that this is competition or anything, just think their content is $hite, and not keen on the fatman.


  9. 10
    Engineer says:

    Is this the first step to a policy of making volunteering compulsory?


  10. 13
    alex weir says:

    Dear guido, new statesman, like Granta, is another fake organisation. Mehdi Hasan is likewise a fake. Stop getting excited and paranoid about socalled left wing organisations – they hardly exist in reality. Other fake organisations include carter center, IFES, international IDEA, amnesty, transparency, open democracy, uk socialist workers party, the guardian, and so many more.

    Alex Weir, Gaborone


  11. 14
    Loopy Lou LLB (Hons) says:

    I believe it is a criminal offence to employ people in the UK and pay them below the minimum wage.


  12. 17
    Sir William says:

    May I suggest that Guido makes an award each year to the most exploited unpaid intern? He could call it the ‘Helen Demuth Cup’ after the servant girl who worked, unpaid, in Karl Marx’s household for most of her life.


  13. 18
    The Foetid Fumes of Faecal Fun says:

    Dave’s OUR boy! – HIS Vanity Projects REALLY deliver! – just like the OverSeas Aid scam, the Windmill Scam, the HS2 Scam, the bumfun Bridegroom and Groom and all the other wonders of his wondrous mind.


  14. 19
    Sir Bofton Toffton MP - what? says:


    not being paid is an important part of being poor and therefore of appreciating the value of not being poor

    only this morning i generously tipped a ragged pavement sweep into a convenient and i’m sure welcoming gutter

    one applauds the new statesman’s sense of public service in taking some of these chappies into its offices and thereby freeing our pavements of odorous

    yours etc E&OE


  15. 26
    Someone Has To Say It, If Jimmy Won't, says:

    Casting no Asperger’s against anyone in particular, that reference to persons that wake up at the crack of noon is a bit rich on this blog, innit?


  16. 28
    Bliar Rethink says:

    Serious question: Was Tony good or bad ?

    Meaning: Was his impact on the UK negative, and if so is it offset by his impact on international stage ? (Thinking in terms of his effect, positive or negative between external nation states)


    • 30
      The Oracle says:

      In answer …

      Bad, Yes, and No

      Next question


    • 38
      Engineer says:

      Let’s have a think. Iraq war, dodgy dossier, Gordoom’s unrestrained hand on the economic tiller, cash for peerages, EU rebate greatly reduced, unrestrained immigration…

      Sod it. The man was an unmitigated disaster as PM.


      • 40
        Bliar Rethink says:

        Not looking to antagonize, just for a serious objective view :-)

        I think it is clear as day even to the blind that McMental was a disastrous lunatic. And most of the damage done to the UK was economic and his doing.

        On dossiers – that was a Campbell / Intelligence Services pi$$ing competition gone wrong.

        Now, the only thing Bliar can be fingered on for sure is he sold a lemon, and definitely did not follow through on a lot of promises domestically.

        But looking very narrowly at him, could history regard his activities abroad as offsetting his activities at home ?

        A main point for throwing this out there is, could it be argued that Tony was thrown under the bus by the same spin machine that he is believed to have been controlling during the period which we all know is bad ?

        I hate to say this – but could Tony be a victim ?


        • 41
          Engineer says:

          The PM is captain of the ship, and has to take responsibility for what happened under his watch. He allowed Campbell too free a rein. He allowed Brown far too free a rein.

          As for international activities, are things in the Middle East more or less stable than when he started as Peace Envoy? I’d say much less stable.

          The man is a walking disaster zone. A good actor, a con man, but in all diplomatic, economic and social matters, totally out of his depth.

          If he is a victim of spin – well, he who lives by the sword…

          That is an objective view.


        • 42
          The Oracle says:

          Well given the fact that no doubt Tone fully understood the cluster fuck that McMental would unleash on the tax payer, then he deserves to be prosecuted rather than being a victim !


        • 43
          No rethink needed...the verdict is guilty as charged !! says:

          Hypothetical Question : What is worse ? a) A Prime Minister lying at the Despatch Box to Parliament on the reason they should vote to take the country to war or b)Having a landslide majority for 3 terms and basically letting an idiot(or worse)loose at the Treasury and to have the final say in all domestic policy matters whilst boasting he had ended “Boom and Bust” whilst actually achieving that very thing for the British Economy whilst you swan off around the world listening to syncophantic applause in US congress for “conning” your electorate or the crowds of grateful refugees shouting your name in adulation ?


        • 44
          Coward and Pliven says:

          Victim? Love to make him a victim of a hit-and-run under a skip lorry.


        • 49
          Got a new crayon says:

          Victim indeed… He’ll be a victim alright if he spends any amount of time in Blighty.


  17. 34
    Gordo Brewn says:

    Why does my winkie get bigger when I flick it?


  18. 50

    Is there any record of what Monica Lewinsky was paid for her responsibilities in taking incoming?


  19. 51
    keredybretsa says:

    Presumably there are plenty of lefty people out there who would pay, to become an intern.


  20. 53
    Jimmy says:

    I don’t know what’s more distressing, the fact that their people aren’t paid or that yours are.


  21. 55
    Anonymous says:

    The US economy WILL STAY IN DEBT FOREVER,There will be No change EVER.


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