January 2nd, 2013

Jim Davidson Arrested by Operation Yewtree

A 59-year-old man was arrested this morning by Operation Yewtree. According to local news agency INS, this afternoon police are gathering evidence outside 59-year-old TV presenter Jim Davidson’s house.

In October Davidson wrote on his blog:

“The Savile witch hunt is going a bit silly now. We all are starting to speculate and accuse … even in jest. So no, I don’t know who’s next. Well, if I was in the pub with the lads it would be a different story. Everyone has had the nod. Everyone is an expert. Just pick someone you don’t like and say it’s them.”

“I read a thing today where someone saw Jimmy Savile pinch some girl’s bum. Apparently, that’s ­sexual assault. Where will all this end? As odd as he was, Savile can’t defend himself. The bloke’s dead for God’s sake. Let’s move on.”

Davidson is rumoured to be going into the house for the latest series of Celebrity Big Brother, starting tomorrow evening…

UPDATE: Confirmed: Jim Davidson was arrested this afternoon at a West London police station.


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:


    How many more tv/media types will be caught?

    Is this a generation of tv stars wiped from the history books?

    And didnt Jim do a BBC snooker show, point break i think it was called….

    • 5
      Nonce Watch says:

      There was another arrested today as well – not sure if named yet.

      • 40
        Anonymous says:

        Is this for kiddy fiddling or juggling some tarts tits though?

        • 46
          Maggie says:

          Don’t ask me, I just helped get Sir Jimmy access to hospital wards!

          Dear Prime Minister, I waited a week before writing to thank you for my lunch invitation because I had such a superb time I didn’t want to be too effusive.

          My girl patients pretended to be madly jealous and wanted to know what you wore and what you ate. All the paralysed lads called me ‘Sir James’ all week. They all love you. Me too!! Jimmy Savile OBE xxx.

        • 62
          A reporter from the Daily Planet says:

          I am reliably informed that the Met Police want to interview Margaret Thatcher about certain events pertaining to Sir James Savile.

          Unfortunately she has a Doctor’s note saying she must not be contacted under any circumstances .

          Justice delayed is justice denied .

        • 66
        • 68
          Righties aren't too bright says:

          Surely you mean to say she has a doctor’s note saying she has dementia and is currently lying in a pile of her own shit because not even her children can be arsed to visit her anymore to see how she’s doing.

        • 72
          Righties aren't too bright says:

          Yep, Labour are scum. Blair is a piece of shit.

          But getting back to the matter at hand, rather interesting that the governments of PMs Heath and Major gave royal honours to Jimmy, and that Maggie had Jimmy over to No10 and Chequers several times and had written correspondence with him. And Jim Davidson attended several Tory conferences and made speeches.

          Look there! Not here! There! It’s all the BBC! They digitally inserted Jimmy into footage of him meeting Maggie! And they forged the letters between them!

        • 148
          Sir William says:

          Which is more likely?

          1. They knew Saville was a perve but gave him the honours anyway


          2. They didn’t know Saville was a perve; they only knew that he did a lot of work for charity.

        • 226
          Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

          Daily Planet,

          don’t think they would get much sense out of the old duck anyway. Heard she even calls lamposts Denis these days.

        • 230
          green ink says:

          his charity work obviously obscured his social behaviour and thus 2 is the
          probable conclusion Sir Will

        • 449
          Anonymous says:

          Ha ha…

        • 484
          Grrr says:

          Its so nice to have visitors from the Guardian to spout their hate, and share their laughable conspiracy theories.

          Ahhh… brings me back to my student days, when life was so simple. Evil tories vs good Lefties.

          Life was so simple then.

        • 497
          Jerry Meyer says:

          “Kiddie fiddling” is a repulsive phrase. Use proper English, please, such as “child molester”

        • 501
          Fit up? says:

          According to the Gardy (Gardy Arty):

          “Two women have made allegations in respect of Jim that date back approximately 25 years. The complainants were then in their mid 20s”

          Mid-20s? They must have been about the same age as Davidson was then, too.

          Nothing related to Saville then.

      • 69
        Pompey Voter says:

        Handycock is 66 and lives in Hants too.

        • 273
          Blowing Whistles says:

          And Jim boy is a mason as well.

        • 374
          Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

          I can assure you it is not me. I removed the facts on my online biography that I was a Director of the NSPCC south and of BBC south children’s programmes, some time ago. In any case I am 67 not 66, although it is true both Jim and I are Freemasons, therefore under the Grand Master’s protection, so I can assure you nothing will come of these absurd, false allegations. Boaz.

        • 380
          Blowing Whistles says:

          Handy – do you know what a double negative is? no – ‘False allegation’ … think about it.

          Let’s explain:
          If there is an allegation made – then you deny it if you’re innocent. i.e. I deny the allegation …

          If there is a false allegation – well well well?

        • 390
          Grand Master, Grand Lodge, Great Queen Street says:

          Jahbulon boys.

        • 399
          Blowing Whistles says:

          Back into the dark ages / your crypt with you Grand F.uck master – you and yer boys are the biggest dupes of all time – Amschel Baurschild / adam wishaupt … Huh!


      • 294
        Alan Milburn, family reasons says:

        The more these pseudo celebrities get nicked, the more in the clear me and my lot are.

    • 6
      Maleficus says:

      It was big break, I remember it well. The first Reason I had to dislike him. I won at least one point on then twitter Nonce Pool.

    • 15

      …will be caught?

      Have you found him guilty upon presumption, Judge 8illy?

      • 22
        Kebab Time says:

        No, But as most people have been saying this all in relation to abuse cover ups in media and possibly politics.

        My question was how many more of the people that we watched while growing up are going to involved in one way or another or even not at all.

        • 28
          Plato says:

          I suspect the percentage of people either involved or not involved may approach 100%.

        • 51

          Sorry, but that sounds a bit muddled to me.

          A large number of people have been involved in this. Clearly investigation needs to occur.

          What is a valid question here is perhaps this: What are the grounds for investigating people? Is it valid suspicion which could come either from reliable victims/witnesses, on the one hand, or compensation-opportunists/personal-vendetta-freaks on the other? Or is it a politicised approach along the lines of We have been waiting for an opportunity to nab this person, here it is?

          The problem with recent history is that we have no means of being sure that the agenda pursued is one of strictly looking for abuse of the law which, of course, is what it should be.

          • longbow says:

            As I was growing up I was aware of the attraction to the girls of my age group, as their breasts began to bud and my mates would go “phwor look at that” but I did not understand what the point of it was. As I got older year by year my interest was always directed at the girls in my immediate class/age group and when I finally figured out what it was for I was always only attracted to my immediate age group. as I got older the women I was scoring with became much younger than me but I would feel really uncomfortable and never did date somebody younger than 19. I can only assume that it is some mental attitude gone wrong that makes guys try to use power over vulnerable young girls in order to fuck them.

          • Complicated subject and you cite a number of interesting points. I do not think your experience is unusual though, quite the opposite.

            Where I have a difficulty is with the sexualisation of children on the TV, in films, press, adverts, toys and all other manner of approaches. Then we expect them to refrain from sex until 16 (or 18 in the good ole USA.)

            In my day, one became sexually aware at about 12 onwards but now it seems to be much earlier. There is naturally a time between that age and the normal ability to figure out how to convert it, as you point out. However, society will ramp up the pressure to decrease this normal timespan, despite the laws, whilst simultaneously building useless windmills to save the planet and assuage everyone’s guilt over a non-problem.

            We must have gone fucking mad.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Some good points there SC and LongB – if I may add

            Notice that there is a concentration upon tv celebs – no doubt many of them are guilty – but the emphasis seems to be on the celebs – while by ‘percentage’ I would argue that across the political divide of the three main parties there is a HUGE and far greater ‘percentage of Politicians’ old and new who are nonces and who are desperately trying to conceal it from the greater public. There are political one eyed monsters on here who bat constantly of labour nonces V tory nonces [inc Lib Dems also] e.g Maggie Tory / Cyril Smith / Labour25 list etc

            It is the parliamentarians who by percentage are the greater guilty. Oh and there are plod nonces, legal nonces, city type elite nonces, judicial nonces etc and finally there is a certain percentage of Journo / media nonces out there too.

            So lets have the nonces from the top – being done and stop them from concealing their noncing by creating distractions and pointing fingers everywhere else but at their own “big house”. [of common5/hits]

          • Sacraficial celeb says:

            Well said BW. The elites are throwing up a smoke screen to protect themselves for their crimes by having a constant supply of sad old C-listers from years-gone-by being fed to the hate machine. Nothing can ever come of any of this as it all happened 30-odd years ago and at best is just some old strumpets word against theirs. No hard evidence, just ‘he porked me decades ago’. Do me a favour.

            Sad that these old gits get put through the mill, but it shows how scared some very powerful people are though….

          • longbow additionally says:

            well yes, Micha the school bully ( hi Micha) was shagging the girls at 13 years old and if I reveal an online secret at that age I was dragged into the bedroom by a 14 year old but I didn’t at that time know what to do with it.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            To Sacraficial – some of you points are noted – but don’t think for one moment that there are not some pretty disgusting and guilty celebs out there and don’t take my comment and try and ‘twist it’ that the guilty of decades ago should be let alone. The greater majority by percentage of the public are decent honest hard-working people – the shame is that we are led by political pygmies plods, legals and city-type elitist f-wits. And I hate Commies and Marxism – just in case you think otherwise.

          • Sacraficial celeb says:

            Not trying to ‘twist’ anything, but after 25+ years how are plod supposed to proove, beyond doubt, something which is one persons word against another. If, and I don’t doubt that the majority are, guilty, coming forward now is a bit, well, lets say oppertunistic.

            Suits TPTB wonderfully though…..

        • 486
          Anonymous says:

          Who cares ? i dont.

    • 21
      Righties aren't too bright says:

      Yeah, and didn’t Jim appear at several Tory party conferences too and cheered on Maggie?

      • 24
        Righties aren't too bright says:

        Jimmy Savile and now Jim Davidson. Makes it a bit difficult for you rabid righties to froth at the mouth now. Both worked for the BBC and both staunch Thatcherites. :-D

        • 54
          The late Sean O'Casey says:

          First Macmillan now this. What did I ever do to them?

        • 71

          Using your basis of analysis, both Savile and Davidson had two eyes and a nose. It follows thereby that, if you also have two eyes and a nose, then you are likely to be a p4edo too.

          • Righties aren't too bright says:

            Well, I’m only using the same basis you all used when the Savile story first broke that it meant the entire BBC was a cesspit of nonces and the entire channel should be shut down.

          • Like all lefties, you are wrong both in fact and in logic.

          • Lol says:

            No some peedos have one eye and a nose

          • Righties aren't too bright says:

            Yes, I understand it’s a bit awkward to see all the previous demented comments here to be thrown into sharp relief when you have a sudden need to distance your hero from nonces, but the fact remains, unless you’re blind or suffering amnesia, that the boards were flooded with comments that the whole of the BBC was infested with p*edos and should be shut down because of Savile. You can pretend it didn’t happen but it just makes you look delusional.

          • Can't use me old moniker says:

            Why should that bother you? Have you some claim to the BBC?

          • Righties aren’t too bright = Don’t blind me with the facts, I have made my mind up.

          • CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

            @Righties aren’t too bright

            We know the BBC and lefty scum are desperate to try and poiticise this scandal against Conservatives, but STFU and get a life.
            A couple of old luvvies who didn’t like paying supertax in the 70′s, does not make this a political scandal. Oh! and bye the way, Max Clifford is a vocal Labour supporter.

            However, several complaints were made about Savile to the police between 2003 and 2008 and the CPS chose not to pursue charges in 2009. That’s right dumb-ass, during Liebour’s time in government. Now do you think Alan Johnson might have put a stop to it? the way Labour curtailed investigations into NI phone hacking originally?
            Labour have much more reason to protect the BBC than the Conservatives do.

          • Tay King-dePisse says:

            “Can’t use…” @ 6:24 pm:

            “Have you some claim to the BBC?”

            Well yeah, actually he does, if he pays the tax every year. And so do you. And so does everyone expressing an opinion on the subject, yea or nay. It’s the way the BBC is funded, innit? But the problem is that somehow they decided a long time ago that the concept of value to, and ownership by, the taxpaying viewing public was alien to their worldview and senses of self and mission. They really believe they’re entitled to their one-forty-five/p.a., just as a matter of course, to do their idea of “God’s work,” though I sincerely doubt they’d phrase it quite that way.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Some of the above might not like this suggestion but – There is a disproportionate number of Homosexuals at the BBC and the argument that Homos cannot be linked to child abuse is the biggest effing lie that we the genreal public are being ‘told’ day in day out.

          • @BW I agree with you here based upon my personal experience of being unwittingly cornered by a homo-nonce in my youth (gay meant something else then.)

            I had a most unpleasant two hours resisting his advances. The idea of non-consensual sex of any type has filled me with horror ever since.

            Consensual sex – fill your boots! You are a long time dead – so enjoy what you can whilst you can.

          • Anonymous says:

            I dont get the bit saying “it stands to sense politicians are nonces” why on earth should they be ? any more than accountants or solicitors, that is a really ignorant comment.

        • 125
          Lefties are blind says:

          How about Kauffman, how many poor children were silenced under that D notice when the sun and herald ran the story only to be ordered silent the following day.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            The issue is of past AND present nonces who have ‘collectively’ and ‘collaboratively’ concealed their noncing – he is a guilty as sin – so who are the legions protecting his behind from behind?

        • 178
          Anonymous says:

          So, let me see if anyone likes you and they later prove to be suspect, then you are dammed by association.

          Typical lefty thinking that conveniently leaves aside so, so many time bombs.

          A quick question, how do you lot rationalise someone who was a Maoist in a younger age. RIGHT well that is the EU **cked in your eyes then.

          Grow up, point scorers.

        • 350
          Diddley says:

          Congratulations! Only two more levels to go before you have maxxed out ‘Twattery’!

    • 255
      JabbaTheCat says:

      • 296
        longbow additionally says:

        is this an appropriate place to put in God ?
        I do know from my own experience that God exists. I also know that all living things share a shared consciousness. so fucking particle physicists put that in your particle accelerator and suck it

        • 319
          longbow additionally says:

          why do you know such things you may ask. and I answer all my life I have suffered the curse of hearing peoples thoughts. I say this hoping maybe another suffer comes forwards

    • 332
      Something smells says:

      None from public school arrested

    • 349
      Diddley says:

      Surely he’s been hitting the pies too hard to have the time?

    • 494
      Passim says:

      Men who have met women in their 20s may as well hold their hands up now.

    • 499
      tapestory says:

      See The Telegraph. The two women making allegations were in their 20′s at the time of the alleged incidents. Is that child abuse? I don’t think so. Yewtree is targeting entertainments industry icons to take pressure off the politicians, who were interfering with, torturing, raping and killing children.

  2. 2
    Who says:

    Jane Pilgrim.

    Lest Guido’s forgotten.

    • 63
      Maggie says:

      I’ve forgotten everything, including my name. woop woop!

    • 200
      The Old Fella says:

      There is only one thing to say here, “Nick, nick”

      • 335
        Alan Milburn, family reasons says:

        i’m hoping to fuck they next celebrity they nick will be Esther Rantzen, probably too much to hope for I know, but if they can’t nab her I’d settle for Keith ‘I’m a Hunt’ Vaz, like Keith is his real fucking name

  3. 3
    Jimmy says:

    Are any of Thatcher’s mates not involved in this?

    • 4
      Jimmy the Dhimmi says:

      Cyril Smith; to name but two.

    • 7
      Legal Eagle says:

      Best not to name any names, but allegedly maybe.

      Operation Fairbank is covering that, alongside Phillip Schofield and the Independent.

      Keep an eye on Wiki site updates to get an idea of what is likely to be coming down the pipe.

      • 8
        Silly Sally B13COW says:

        Can I still tweet *innocent face* and get away with it ??

      • 10
        Jimmy says:

        In fairness it should be stressed that Davidson’s difficulty does not mean that every dr1nk dr1ving ex-b@nkrupt rightie is necessarily a nonce.

        • 11
          Tom Fatson says:

          I am the nonce catcher-general and you’re under arrest.

          • Tom Watson, not amused, says:

            Looking to take the mickey out of me for my anti-Tory-peedo campaign, are you, chump?
            You’re going to fucking regret that…

        • 12

          Since when has fairness been your primary concern, Jimmy?

          • Jimmy says:

            Since I embraced democratic socialism of course.

            Try and keep up.

          • Jimmy the Dhimmi says:

            Democratic socialism. Perfect example of an oxymoron uttered by the perfect example of an oxygen thief.

          • Proud patriot and Thatcherite Jim Davidson moved to Dubai says:

          • Why, of course!

            That’s exactly what Joseph Vissarionovich said.

          • JH34893428329074 says:

            Ah, of course. ‘Democratic’ socialism.

            Where a client-class voting bloc of welfarites is created to keep out opposition, through social engineering via a leftist infested education and media nexus, turbocharged with mass immigration of people with absolutely no intention of working or making any sort of positive contribution.

            It helps achieve the golden dawn with the one and only goal being Jimmy’s gang getting to tell everyone what to do, with misery spread equally for those below the rank of People’s State Hero (Third Class).

            Remember, while they can look greedy they are not after your wealth for themselves; they just want you to lose it.

          • Jimmy says:


            855 days

          • Anonymous says:

            “Since I embraced democratic socialism of course.”

            Or, as it’s spelled by a typical Labour voter, soicalism.

        • 150
          Jim Davidson says:

          Nick! Nick! Nick!

        • 168
          Coward and Pliven says:

          Or indeed that you are one of them Take your pick.

      • 303
        Blowing Whistles says:

        It was Camerons unrehearsed “RESPONSE” to Schofield – that let the cat out of the bag – for example Amanda Platell ran against schofiled and FAILED to address Camerons RESPONSE. Platell is and has been too close to hague for years.

        THE CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG – Thanks to Cameron the useless puppet.

  4. 13
    rabid hamster says:

    just for balance can we have a leftie nicked next. Want to see the guardian jump through hoops trying to avoid mentioning it

    • 34
      Righties aren't too bright says:

      A bit like how you all were absolutely certain the bbc would rig the Sports Personality Award and have it go to an effnik and would never go to Bradley Wiggings, but ended up going to Bradley Wiggins, as well as a special lifetime achievement award to Tory peer Seb Coe?

      • 171
        stalin was just a misunderstood emo says:

        frankly didnt give an ethnic travelling minority person’s cuss re sports personality
        for all the lefts mouthiness in slandering others (watson, mrs bercow), they keep showing up as massive hypocrites and I doubt yewtree will be any different to the expenses theft (moran, balls, cooper, blair (oops its all been shredded) et all) or tax avoidance (benn, milliband, carr, toynbee, guardian et al et al)

    • 86
      Engineer says:

      Max Clifford, for one. Don’t know if the Grauniad reported his arrest. Don’t care, either.

  5. 16
    JH34893428329074 says:

    Nick Nick.

  6. 17
    Anonymous says:

    nick nick

  7. 18
    Bernard Hyphen-Howe says:


  8. 20
    Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:

    Oh dear…more of Maggies mates and admirers in bovver

    You didn t have a thread regarding Jimmy and his love letters to Margaret, cant wonder why.

    • 38
      Legal Eagle says:

      Unless anyone comes forward with specific allegations against the ex-Prime Minister then she has no case to answer to.

      Such a ‘guilt by association’ is completely irrational, and moreover wholly wrong.

      Such speculation is as irrational as suggesting that she was responsible or guilty of murder of Chilean dissidents because she had a close relationship with Pinochet.

      Unless she was directly involved there is no case to answer.

      She cannot even be held vicariously liable at present.

      Such sentiment as ‘it does not look good’ or ‘smoke without fire’ actually undermines the one principal which should be paramount:

      Innocent until proven guilty

      • 42
        Righties aren't too bright says:

        Er, I take it you didn’t see the multitude of posts saying everyone at the BBC should be strung up because of Savile? Please provide the evidence that proves the entire workforce of the BBC aided and abetted Savile in his crimes.

        Thatcher’s government had Savile round for dinners and helped in getting him access to wards in hospitals and kids’ homes. The Heath government and the Major government both gave him royal honours.

        What was that again about guilt by association?

        • 147
          Lefties are forgetful says:

          So, you hypocritical lefties don’t like the Alinsky treatment when you’re on the receiving end, do you ?

          Now, run along and continue trying to convince everyone that you can act in their best interests because they themselves cannot. Shoe.

        • 272
          W.W. says:

          Blair went camping with thiose lovely Gadaffi’s.

          Mandleson used to go shooting with his son.


      • 75

        Some righties are not too bright – that is for sure.

        All lefties are not too bright also.

        • 93
          Righties aren't too bright says:

          And you assume I’m a leftie because I point out right wing hypocrisy. That’s your error because you view everything in simple black and white terms: mock Tory, ergo a socialist; hate Labour, ergo a Thatcherite. Only people with Asperger’s view the world like that. And George W “I don’t do nuance” Bush.

          • Sir William says:

            A tendency to see things as ‘black or white’ is not normally associated with Asperger Syndrome (sic).

          • Coward and Pliven says:

            Not me,I not one of those Lefties , I’m a reasonable person. Bollocks.

          • White supremacist says:

            Who you calling black or white? You have offended me and you don’t what colour I am, …….c@nt!

        • 109
          Jimmy says:

          I think one only needs to read the comments here to marvel at the intellectual firepower available to the right.

        • 365
          Arthur Guinea says:

          How many light bulbs does it take to change a socialist ?

    • 80
      Anonymous says:

      60,000 dead in syria, so says the globalist UN.
      are we going to move in for humanitarian reasons.
      will russia allow.

      in the meantime china drags its feet and that should make japan feel unsafe.

      now if the pope dies this year(natural causes) and for some reason there is a stalemate re the election of the next pope.

      game, set and match?

      • 160
        Sir William says:

        That would be the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party at work then?

        • 182
          Anonymous says:

          if the US is still policing the world then they would know.
          who feeds the UN?

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Or better still to who’s lobbying do the UN kow-tow to the most israel perhaps?

            The UN is a dysfunctional zombie-like behomoth that needs burying.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            I did not type that word of above – I typed behemoth.

  9. 23
    O/T Socialist Mind Games says:

    The laws of society and human nature are such that socialism can only be achieved through a certain sequence of steps and manipulations. For instance, the only way to attain material equality is to confiscate someone’s property and give it to others. That necessitates a centralized mechanism of coercion, redistribution, and control. Such a system gives extraordinary corrupting powers to a small centralized elite, while turning the rest of the citizenry into a compliant, obsequious herd.

    Socialism is not just about taking away your money; it’s also about making you praise the takers as your saviors. You are expected to feel good about being robbed of opportunities, talents, and success. You must agree that “you didn’t build that.”

    Building up and maintaining such an illusion on a massive scale requires participation of the media, education, and entertainment industries in a coordinated, long-term propaganda campaign.

    Once the illusion reaches a critical mass, those afflicted by it become immune to facts, numbers, or rational arguments. Confronting them with logic will only cause more resentment, name-calling and, sometimes, violence.

  10. 30
    Sen Joseph McCarthy (R-WI, 1947-57) says:

    That’s how you do it– anybody who criticizes you for wanting to investigate is to be investigated themselves– maybe they wouldn’t like THEIR dirty laundry to be seen! Start shaking the tree, and you never know what might fall out of it! (Of course, in my case it was a mountain lion that ended up eating me, but no matter, the principle is the same!)

    Shout out to my bro Tom Watson– he’s still my kinda guy, even if his Labour Party politics are all wrong!

  11. 31
    Philip Schofield says:

    He was om my list.

  12. 32
    Left wing mong spotter says:

    There’s a few mongs on here tonight for sure

  13. 33
    Col. Nut says:

    The Plod should do a full investigation and follow the leads back at least as far as William the Conqueror. He was a right bastard. His knights went around shagging under age Anglo-Saxon girls and getting away with it. And their descendants still have all the money.

    • 47
      Loopy Lou says:

      I never trusted Richard 1 myself .

      Still it is good to know the Police are carrying out a full investigation ;

      • 52
        Why hasn't Cameron ordered that Committee to dishonour Speaker Martin says:

        I bet it is one of their “robust ” investigations .

        I have heard they are very good indeed

  14. 36
    Kebab travel update says:

    A100 Tower Bridge is closed in both directions due to an incident involving Guido Fawkes.Traffic is queuing on approach- use other routes & expect delays.

  15. 37
    Derek G Haslam says:

    Lets see how he likes it when the racist scum of the police interrogate him.

  16. 41
  17. 44
    Benny Fitz-Clements says:


    • 53
      Wotta Tossa Skid Mark 3 says:

      The House of Commons research also showed that just 43 per cent of welfare payments are now contributory – made to those who have paid National Insurance – compared to about 70 per cent of benefits paid in the 1960s and 1970s.

    • 91
      Nadine's left nipple says:

      If you think I am going to pay that you can think again pal .

      I am skint.

  18. 48
    Chalky White. says:

    Jimmy molested me when I was underage.

  19. 61
    keredybretsa says:

    Seems like somebody ‘didn’t like’ Jim Davidson and Mr Plod gets sent round. The next candidate will be???????? or ????????

    • 65
      Righties aren't too bright says:

      Who else was Thatcher friends with?

    • 70
      Trevor from Treherbert says:

      I was born in 1960.

      I was in my twenties during the 1980′s .

      I always had a smile on my face and a three pack in my pocket .

      Tonight I am a little worried because as far as I can remember I got through 45 packs at least during those years without ever having felt the urge to marry .

    • 78

      Nobody likes Jim Davidson.

      He used to drink at my local back in the 1980s. Then he got caught with that gun in the car and had to sell his house, so he went elsewhere.
      A more sycophantic crowd around him I’ve never seen. “That’s a good one Jim..lovely story Jim…blahblah..”

      But, TBF, he always , always had a lush blonde with him. Usually a bit scrubby, but not so much you’d give her a swerve. Barrymore was often there too.

      The other pub had the bloke from Yes in it, so Davidson was the less showy option. He wasn’t flash..dressed in jeans and a t/shirt, just a bit of a twat. While Wakeman always, always wore his tassley rock star clothes. To an oldie pub? What a nonce.

  20. 64
    Righties aren't too bright says:

    The controversial comedian Jim Davidson has weighed in on the Jimmy Savile scandal by suggesting gay entertainers are more likely to be sexual abusers.

    Oops, Jim! Does that mean you’ve just come out?

    • 85

      Propositional fallacy: Affirming the consequent.

      Labour education often found to be the cause but with some it is simply congenital.

      • 95
        Righties aren't too bright says:

        Got my education under the Tories, thanks. But look, I sympathise that the deranged comments of you and your compatriots are coming back to haunt you. It’s embarrassing to see your rantings and those of your friend Mr Davidson shown up in the light of new information.

        Case in point: Jim says without qualification: “gay entertainers are more likely to be sexual abusers.” Then, Jim is arrested on suspicion of sex offences. See previous clause: “gay entertainers are more likely to be sexual abusers.”. Then see following incident: Jim is arrested on suspicion of sex offences. So, has Jim therefore been outed?

        But don’t look here! Look there! The BBC have got a darkie on! Let’s talk about that!!

    • 137

      gordon Brown knew all about it. He gave Saville an honour for services to entertainment


    • 235
      john the straight guy with a deep manly voice says:

      Quote from evil lying lefty scum aka Righties aren’t too bright:

      “The controversial comedian Jim Davidson has weighed in on the Jimmy Savile scandal by suggesting gay entertainers are more likely to be sexual abusers.”

      Why is it that you lefty scum always distort everything. JD actually said something along the lines of, “…a lot of the nonce entertainers at the BBC are gay, but that isn’t because gays are nonces, it’s because the BBC employs so many gay entertainers.

      Why do I bother complaining. Lefties like you will never change.

  21. 67
    The savant10.4 highway patrol says:

    Innocent till proven guilty is right .

    Cannot say anything as if charges brought matter will go sub. Judice and utterances verbal or written will be subject to court s admonishments .

    Additionally be careful all you twitterati and guiderati. You could be personally sued a la Eminence. Mc. Mountain precdent.

    Prenez garde !!!

    • 74
      Chris from Eastleigh says:

      I mean to say all the police ever do is arrest people . It is very very rare for them to go onto charge anyone and even when they do there is adjourned committal after adjourned committal hearing which often leads to people getting so confused things get dropped.

      • 88

        Your point is valid.

      • 224
        Bluto says:

        Yes, arrest is the new starting point of “making enquiries” for any “political” crimes. Arrest on complaint. Arrest on allegation. Then police bail and pass the file to CPS to come to a decision after 6-8 months.

        Because they are now too shit scared to use any discretion in case the feminist agenda lobbies accuse them of covering up or not getting enough convictions.

    • 83
      Anonymous says:

      good to harmonise.

  22. 76
    Old Git says:

    I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that Noel Edmonds is next.

    • 84
      P C Blobby says:

      I am on my way.

    • 98
      Righties aren't too bright says:

      No you don’t. Noel’s a Tory.

    • 103
      Anonymous says:

      are we any better than children?
      spiritually speaking.
      when it is possible to chip and pin an individual, we need to think of abuse on a scale unimaginable.
      so chill.
      meditate not medicate.
      in a cross legged seated position on the floor. physically you will have the pyramid shape and in due course one can gain the strength, intelligence and wisdom of the mind that created the Egyptian pyramids.
      seems like there is llfe beyond Rome.

  23. 79
    King Tvrd of Shit Mountain says:

    Jim Davidson stopped being funny years ago.

  24. 82
    The Hypnotic Rsewipe says:

    Big Brother is unwatchable krapp.

  25. 96
    I d on't need no doctor says:

    Labour are floundering over the benefits issue. It’s in labour’s DNA to give your hard earnt money away.

    • 102
      Sir Jimmy So-vile says:

      Dear Prime Minister, I waited a week before writing to thank you for my lunch invitation because I had such a superb time I didn’t want to be too effusive.

      My girl patients pretended to be madly jealous and wanted to know what you wore and what you ate. All the paralysed lads called me ‘Sir James’ all week. They all love you. Me too!! Jimmy Savile OBE xxx.

  26. 98
    Engineer says:

    Suspect that Plod will be finding it very hard to actually find anything more than groping and consensual sex with groupies.

    One does wonder how many of the allegations made are of the ‘I had sex with [insert ageing celeb of choice] in 1970 and boased about to my mates for months after, but now I’m crying sexual assault cos there might be some compo in it’ sort, and how many are genuinely illegal activity.

    How many of the 10 arrests made under Operation Yewtree actually relate to Savile? Most seem to be unrelated, and relate to incidents happening several decades ago. There are scores being settled, and mischief being made, methinks.

  27. 105
    Care Home for retired Perverts says:

    Perverted pensioners. Yuck.

  28. 106
    All Pine Cus In says:

    So we’ve had quite a few clebs arrested, when is plod going to start on some politicians and our industrialist cousins , Or are they off limits as a swap for plebgate ?

  29. 107

    Off-topic, I know, but is there anything substantive and provable in the intel out of Japan and MI5 today? Both Blair and Berlusconi were paid €75 million to sign the EU Lisbon treaty?

    Money seen to cross Blair’s screen at Central Bank of Belize between February and March 2006?

    Blair then diverted half his bribe to Cherie’s offshore account at H. Ansbacher in the British Virgin Islands?

    Anyone seen the wire logs?


  30. 111

    Wot! No You-tube spams on this thread? Has Guido finally blocked that feckin’ idiot, posting under a multitude of silly names who clogs this site with irrelevant and boring videos?

    All I can say is how nice it is to have direct access to this site for once and not have to wait an eternity for it to load thanks to those bloody silly videos.

  31. 116
    Jimmy's Rightie Quote Of The Day (Slight Return) says:

    “We now have probably the best set of young minds that Britain can produce (those who want to earn bugger all anyway) in the new cabinet. Let’s hope that this coalition government learns the art of talking to one another, learns the art of compromise, and learns an important lesson that this country, our country, is in their hands.”

    [Jim Davidson, May 12th 2010]

  32. 117
    Chalky White says:

    Good lock him up and throw away the key.
    Horrible racist person.

  33. 120
    longbow says:

    you don’t see that many sad clowns these days

  34. 126
    Red Egg Millitit... says:

    Oh for the good old days of Labour supporters and card holders being outed as traitors to the country…….

    PC Harman to the ready :)

  35. 130
    Hillary Clinton's Blood Clat says:

    It am Chalkie’s revenge. Bulhbluhbluhbluh

  36. 132
    Chalky White says:

    Diane Abbott is my favourite negro politician.

  37. 151
    Owen Jones says:

    Has the UK Govt issued any statement justifying 3.3% increase in Severn Bridge toll?..

    • 159
      Anonymous says:

      You’re only charged on the way INTO Wales you cheeky cuпt.

    • 170
      Liam Byrne ( aka Baldemort ) says:

      They’re working on repaying Labour’s debt ?

    • 173
      Spoken joke says:

      How do you get two whales in a Smart?

      Over the Severn Bridge.

    • 213
      JIM DAVIDSON says:

      Yes it’s an attempt to keep the fuckin Welsh contained !

      • 245
        Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

        Keep yews english out you mean. Don’t have to pay to get out of Wales/Cymru – you can leave for free, englishman/sais.

        : )

    • 251
      Thomas D M says:

      No its a 7.7% increase on the Third Bridge.

      • 263
        Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

        Wonder if the SNP will set up toll gates on Hadrian’s Wall, if they get independence. I would if I was them.

        “You want oil english? Well pay to come and get it!”

    • 256
      Rooinek says:

      We charge because we can.

    • 267
      Anonymous says:

      Tyne Tunnel up 14% on January 1st!

      • 289
        Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

        like tyne tunnels I do, oh yes – of the A1 type mind… sexy voices.

        “Christ love! Don’t you feel the cold?”

  38. 181
    is it me you're looking for? says:

    The most ironic video of the day.

  39. 184

    PMI up to 51.4 last month from 49.2 in November, where anything above 50 signals expansion. 15 month high.

    That will really infuriate the Loony Labour lot here.

    • 223
      Taking UK down its wot labour do says:

      They will hate it.remember when it was crashing about their ears and any comment was met with talking Britain down
      The ku nts have being doing just that for 2 years

  40. 185

    Mr Davidson ! You’re Nick nick nicked !

  41. 188
    JIM DAVIDSON says:

    Ello Darlin ! What do you think of my wobbly bloke ?

  42. 192
    Jeremy 'TaxPlan' Paxman says:

    OH, FFS !!!

  43. 194
    Owen Jones Q.C. says:

    Jim Davidson is trending on blog sites. A warning has been published reminding all bloggers that libel laws do apply to blogging… so be careful when accusing him of being a comedian.

  44. 195
    longbow says:

    he is a clown innit from the history of entertaining, immoral, theatrical performers, it has always been thus.

  45. 198
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:

    Great Britain – once the Workshop of the World.
    Under New Labour, now the Workshy of the World.

    • 225
      Analyst says:

      Apart from being conditioned to be workshy, the perceived benefits of the individual to motivate themselves to become productive have been seriously compromised.

      Reducing cost of living significantly, and allowing savings accounts to start paying interest may be two economic policies which could help stimulate those who would otherwise work to rejoin the workforce.

      Of course, finding something worthwhile for the masses to do is the more complicated part of the problem.

      • 244
        Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

        Tory managers is the main problem. Causes workshy.

      • 459
        Britannia says:

        Lotsa streets need a good sweep, lotsa drains need a good clean out, lotsa pensioners’ gardens need a good trim, windows cleaned, cars washed etc etc. Not difficult if you look around a bit.

  46. 199
    xyz says:

    More heroes of the righties in trouble! Coulson, Brooks, etc and the glee club here still haven’t got over Murdich’s gradual demise. Funny old website this one….lots of bitter and twisted folk with a touch of hubirs here and there.
    Forward to socialism!

    • 212
      rupert's revenge says:

      Er, have you ever compared the readership figures of The Guardian and The Sun you dopey old git? Demise, my arse!

    • 215
      longbow says:

      I assume you meant hubris, this can also be expressed by so called socialists, if you had read my paper on the circular nature of politics then you would understand this.

  47. 202
    Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

    Why don’t they do a proper job of it and arrest all male celebrities over fifty?

    Would be a damn sight cheaper in these times.

  48. 204
    xyz says:

    More heroes of the righties in trouble! Coulson, Brooks, etc and the glee club here still haven’t got over Murdoch’s gradual demise. Funny old website this one….lots of bitter and twisted folk with a touch of hubris here and there.
    Forward to socialism!

    • 210
      Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

      Yes, marvelously bitter and twisted, but who are you calling hubris? How dare you.

      • 236
        Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

        oops, hubristic even. How I managed to pass o level english still baffles me.

        • 460
          Britannia says:

          Yes, we noticed. By the way, ‘english’ should take a capital ‘E’. Perhaps you were lucky enough to have lousy Shirley Williams’ trained examiners.

          • I spend this searching my remote, says BBC breaky telly says:

            aw sod orf, pedant.

            lower case is an insult, if you did not notice, wankbreath.

  49. 206
    JIM DAVIDSON says:

    I find it strange that all these people who are implicated were all big names at the BBC at the time . Were all dumped
    and yet the BBC still say they knew nothing

    • 218
      The BBC are cunts says:

    • 227
      Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

      We can only conclude that the beeb is an organisation of perves. That is the only logical assumption we can make of them.

  50. 210
    Coward and Pliven says:


  51. 214
    Ex-Grauniad Reader says:

    Actually – we should be harsh on this, no ?

  52. 217
    Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

    The “Savile pinch bum” seems true, as,

    • 257
      Tommy Cooper says:

      Q. How do you get rid of ten virgins?

      A. Just like that !

      • 292
        Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

        Q. How many nuns are virgins, Father?

        A. Well, that’ll be an ecunemical matter, my child…

  53. 228
    Pat says:

    He’s certainly right in saying that Jimmy Saville has no-one to defend him. Since when was “there’s no smoke without fire” sufficient to gain a conviction. Each and every one of us could be convicted of anything on that basis. As far as I can tell there is no-one to defend Jimmy Saville’s estate in a civil court where the balance of evidence required is simply balance of probability.
    I live in hope that now we have live persons being accused the evidence will be more thoroughly tested.

    • 231
      Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

      When Savile was alive, I think someone said that he said that if he got arrested or sacked, he will bring such alike in the establishment down with him. Who he meant we can only guess at.

      He was good at that, as with ref. of licking the Thatch.

  54. 232

    The lefty invasion that we had here a while back has calmed down, presumably as the coke takes hold.

    Look closely at their arguments above and you see that, just like the mathematics of Gordon Brown, they do not add up.

    If it were to be within their gift, they would let Fatcher live for another 50 years if only they could pin something on her in return.

    But they can’t and they never will.

    • 237
      Jonathan Aitken says:

      I second that.

      • 247
        Bonko Lane says:

        Nonsense .

        Fawkes just does not believe in the rule of law .

        We all make mistakes in life including Prime Ministers.

        There seems to be ever glaring “cuacs” on the parts of both Brown and Blair which could be criminal in nature.

        Evidence is now pointing towards Thatcher so it is only right and proper the allegations should be investigated by the Police just as soon as they have finished with Keith Vaz.

        Remember too that one French President has a criminal conviction. and the serving Prime Minister has a conviction for fraud in public office.

        Criminal wrong doing is nothing to be ashamed of and can even be turned into a kind of badge of honor as long as you are prepared to do the time.

        • 266

          If we take your argument to its logical extreme, no one will be able to become prime minister unless they have served time. Would a murder trump mere embezzlement?

          • Anonymous says:

            Perhaps this is the future.

            Several Mps have gone to jail and more seem destined to follow.

            Increased legislation plus better technology means more convictions

          • Not my future thanks.

            When I was young, a number of politicians had conviction. Now a number have convictions.

    • 238
      Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

      I’m a pepsi man. : ) and I only shop at C & A, ciggies and booze.

    • 269
      Anatomy of Lefty Arguments: Saul Alinsky for Dummies says:

      The following link is worth looking at, and the rules semi-memorizing:


      The lefties above seemed to be using rules: 2, 4, 5 (always this one), 8, and the variant from Goebbels listed, 13.

      Their arguments do not hold water, and what was said about the BBC or other issues is actually not relevant to their argument.

      Saw Jones use a big concept badly the other day on Twitter: Straw Man – always push the lefties towards this.

      Push them to an ad hominem or Godwin, and then wrap up the argument by pointing out they just lost.

  55. 233
    Tom Palmerston says:

    That Argie woman has been mouthing off again .

    Not a squeak out of that Great Leader Cameron .

    He should have been on the phone to her by now given her a mouthful and placed the recording on the internet whilst at the same time sending a nuke submarine to circle around Buenos Aires.

    He should be straight onto Brussels pointing out that the UK is being attacked and an attack upon us is also an attack upon the EU so they will have to lend us an aircraft carrier or two .

    • 241
      Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

      Thought Antarctica was neutral or something, as with the global agreement years ago. Cameron has dropped another clanger there – a right PR balls up for the UK, again. Makes us look like a buch of arrogant knobends, internationally.

    • 306
      I d on't need no doctor says:

      When a pigeon shits on you, you wipe it off, you then talk to the pigeon with a shotgun.

  56. 246
    albacore says:

    Manipulation, that’s the name of the game
    Plus added obfuscation with a famous name
    When you look for gang-grooming muck
    Right here on the great Internet
    It won’t be a clown with his pants half down
    Features in the hits that you get

    • 252
      Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

      waffle something for a couple of lines, for poem justification typesetting purpose. Tip of the day and all that.

      But only if you’re the first commenter you have to do that though.

      • 264
        albacore says:

        Remember, pal, Google is your friend
        Give it a go and see where you end

        • 274
          Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

          Online state of being,
          say they have feeling.
          I say not, usual calling,
          ads fish us new being.

          • albacore says:

            Don’t reckon Bobby Darin could have sung that
            Keep on trying, though. It amuses our cat

          • Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

            Jonhny Cash was a bit rash,
            singing in prison of guncrime.
            Sing breakout of these walls,
            guards looking balls of slime.

          • Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

            and the vid to go with it – I was too tempted, sorry albacore.

            To all inside, due to social situations added to equal, in the UK,

          • albacore says:

            Erm, that there scansion looks a bit ropey
            Don’t you get tired of looking dopey?

          • albacore says:

            Pray ignore that last comment – I had not seen your “sorry”.

          • Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

            Secret of poetry is to break the rules of grammar – makes the outside inside, or something. Like a nightime dream, when rules never apply. The sub-conscious see.

            giving my secrets away now…

          • Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

            and no, say what you want, it helps for observation, on my life about, fence sitting. Feeds the mind see – my basic ingredients, non-Jamie Oliver and his faggot liver cooker.

          • Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

            Dylan Thomas, cloth as, my friend,
            until ending with never an end.
            Finishing life’s work carry on away,
            pray whatever you call, or send.

  57. 259
    longbow says:

    can’t Madge sort this out ? After all it is her country.

  58. 261
    Something for the lefties to discuss says:
    • 276
      Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

      Like Brad Pitt I do, yews feckhars,

      An’ Jolie is a fine filly, ah yes yews.

      • 423
        Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

        Am a outside friend for such – since being on the trail of theirs through long distant time, near me in Cross Hands, do battling to have them somewhere to stay, visiting, since the end of Mynydd Mawr common, enclosed, as my ancestors recent did.

        Each year though, they don’t welcome me with a hand shake, they just say “Yeh, wot yers want?”, which is fair enough we always have supposed.

        Cross Hands has been very lucky, by the way….

        • 427
          Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

          Got to tell you a story, a true story – I went to Cross Hands Primary School, tha their marvelous fascinating children attended, when they were in the area, and I got friendly with one when I was eight, and bumped into her twenty years later, and her husband shook my hand, and said “I was a mavelous bloke, me wife alwys talkes about you, how you were so loving and understanding”.

          It was natural to me I tried to say him, but he would hear none of it.

          I am not talking crap here, it’s true- just got to look what is about you, all cultures. Helped in this S4C drama, years ago, giving feed,

          english subtitles, maybe, you english…

    • 471
      I spend this searching my remote, says BBC breaky telly says:

      got mates up the smoke, so wotchit sunshines!

      • 472
        I spend this searching my remote, says BBC breaky telly says:

        mates up there love a bit of mary bleeding hopkins, gawd bless ‘er.

      • 475
        I spend this searching my remote, says BBC breaky telly says:


        • 476
          I spend this searching my remote, says BBC breaky telly says:

          Forest Hill Hotel, ’02, they went nuts,

  59. 275
    Fact Hunt says:

    Kirchner is the female version of Galtieri. Lost control of her 2 bob country so let’s have a go at the old enemy. Got news for you luv, don’t need a task force now. Unless the islanders decide they want to join your comedy show there’s 4 good reasons you should shut your gob sitting on Mount Pleasant airfield.

    Unless you fancy a Paveway popping on your office desk of course.

    • 278
      Kirchner Watch says:

      She has lost it a little bit.

      But the burning questions are these:

      1) Is she hot ?
      2) What does she do with her eyebrows ?
      3) Is her rack real ?
      4) Why has she not yet hit Cameron with her handbag ?
      5) Where did she buy her handbag ?

      Come on MSM – You know we need these answers. Hop to it.

    • 282
      Fact Hunt says:

      Sorry, don’t want to offend our Navy boys.

      …..and one hunter killer tube that hasn’t had any dinner.

  60. 280
    JIM DAVIDSON says:

    With all these celebrities heading for the pokey , the Wormwood Scrubs Next years Christmas pantomime will be a sell out

  61. 281
    Good Question says:
    • 302
      I d on't need no doctor says:

      To get to the other side.

    • 305
      FANNY TICKLER says:

      To get to the other side ?

      • 316
        Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

        christ – I don’t want to die yet!! jeepers sandle libdem creepers

    • 325
      Fox Mulder says:

      Because it contained a freeze-dried alien corpse taken from the Roswell UFO crash site and was making its way to a secret underground storage facility under the Pentagon?

      • 334
        Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

        calm down Mulder, said the fit born brit in it, female.

        • 336
          Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

          oops – she was born in the mid-west before she declared herself more brit. Like Gillian I do.

          • Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

            Seven is a crucial age in a human being – 95% of your character is programmed for life then, set in stone it is.

            Not many people know that, it seems.

          • US Watch says:

            Fun family viewing:

          • Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

            US territorial army, called “Home Guard” are a right bunch of vietnam republican draft dodgers, dubious Bush especially, as per at Kent Uni then, shooting everyone they can see, of higher thinking,

          • Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

            fucking “national guard” even. How the fuck did that total knob George dubious Bush ever get to be Pres of the US. Madness! He was a Vietnam draft dodger.

            Like a bit of Devo me, more,

          • Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

            like a bit of Devo me – ey Jimmy? spot the young knickers on that lead singer. Walt Disney? – certainly is my friend,

            pervy bastards

          • Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

            ach crap – bbc early seventies repeats, the crap shows usually, not TOTP with Jimmy fiddling, for some reason….

          • Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

            ach bollox, Devo here I meant to post, you young pervy – it’s the way they stare into my eyes that makes me do, as it ‘appens guys and gurls…

          • Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

            Could say when the iron curtain was up, Jimmy was allowed to play?

            or is that too deep..

            Song for Clegg from true-hearted Sheffield, when you were in your dutch nappies,

          • Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

            george dubious bush was never told to forget mary-jane rottencrich,


            ciao Priveto Snowbollasi!

  62. 285
    James says:

    Innocent until proven guilty

  63. 297

    It is outrageous that these private rail companies have put fares up above the rate of inflation for ten years in a row
    below is a list of just what i plan to do about it

  64. 300

    It was all worth it !
    You should see the size of my autograph book

  65. 307

    Jimmy Saville fixed it for me to milk a cow blindfold

  66. 323
  67. 326
    Sigmund Freud says:

    A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity.

    • 328
      Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

      Do you want to borrow my longbow and arrow Sigmund? Give us a shout if you do. No licence required.

  68. 329
    PC Watch says:

    There is so much wrong with the content of this tweet:

    • 338
      PC Watch says:

      And while we are on this subject, the interesting state of UK Higher education decides to make it’s presence felt:

      NB: The author told A Neil that he was no scientist, and proved in another tweet that as Neil correctly postulated, he was not. He is a tit.

      - Good work Guido.

    • 341
      OLGA SOREBUTT says:

      Could start by not calling them “working”

  69. 330
    Saffron says:

    I note that on this site the left wing assholes are in force spewing out their failed dogma.
    As has been observed in the past the socialists are very good at spending other peoples cash to support their client voter base of workshy benefit scroungers.
    Figures reported today show what benefits will cost,anyone care to break this down as regards indigenous/blow in’s.
    Reports today also indicate that international aid from us taxpayers is useless based on how much gets through due to rake offs and corruption.
    Exactly what is that PR plonker Cammoron doing about what is the situation we are facing,well as far as I can see absolutely ziltch.
    The Cons need to read this tory imposter the riot act in no uncertain terms and to tell him he needs to get in bed with the real Tories big time.
    Another period of a liebour government would be a disaster,in that our country would cease to exist as we have known it.
    Did our forefathers really fight to see what this country is really degenerating into.
    Finally tell the EUSSR to feck off Cammoron in no uncertain terms and you might just might get some respect.

    • 333
      Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

      yah yah yah

      get out of your pulpit you tory puppet.

    • 498
      Anonymous says:

      Simple matter of definitions,
      You pay into insurance so that if the need arises you get something back.
      extortion is where you pay and someone else gets the money.

      So, I move, for the sake of honesty, we call it National Extortion from now on. Ain’t that right, Dave and Gideon?

  70. 347
    longbow additionally says:

    could I take this opportunity to request anybody who has experienced that somebody was saying what they were thinking or that they knew that somebody was lying to visit my website https://fuckingweirdstuff.org thanks

  71. 351
    Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

    Provincial welsh news for my english friends – us natives are getting restless.



    • 360
      The Far Right says:

      As is well known, Wales has a fine tradition involving sheep and shepherding.

      Now, before anyone starts thinking of the obvious direction this could go, take a deep breath and prepare for a possible policy revelation.

      Shepherding is an activity which is held in high regard by large sections of the Nu-Labour-Genic UK who follow the peaceful religion.

      These folk could be relocated just across the Severn Bridge, provided with a crook and left to help the economy and diversity of Wales flourish.

      They should feel at home in the mountains and valleys, tending their flock and praising Allah.

      Is this clear ?

      • 406
        Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

        We are good drovers too – and we like to drove, oh yes, in those english pubs on the way, to english markets. English pub landlords will tell you that, waiting for the next year with their shotguns, daughters by side, with babe in arms.

  72. 354
    Anonymous says:

    aamon holmes?

    • 357
      Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

      the lardy ulsterman? Shirley not!!! O-O

      • 363
        Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

        Where is Nige Farage and Nic Griffin when you want them to espouse, ey english?


        • 366
          EU Watch says:

          We know the UK wants out of the EU, but that badly ?

          Referendum, quick !

          • Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

            I like Nige and Nic friend – what british is all about, be suspicious about them frogs – they are two faced. Right toady.

          • Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

            French cheese eating surrender monkeys, ey, Nige and Nic, not paying their fair taxes when asked, to help their own god given people? Ey? Ey?

          • EU Watch says:

            Just a quick factoid: France is officially the third largest nuclear power on the planet.

            Alliance with the republic is wise, so long as she does not try to tax us.

          • Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

            always amused me when I went skiing in Val d’Isere and beautiful Tignes, that there was always an electric cooker, fed from some nuclear power station from EDF… It said on the cooker, in francais, on ami, so nous is nit talking bull.

        • 369
          Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

          from my days in the RAF – caught the end of it, Nige and Nic,

  73. 359
    Anonymous says:

    fits the bill

  74. 361
    longbow additionally says:

    with all this retrospective abuse. I was given 6 of the best for going on the tennis court with hard shoes do I have case ?

    • 379
      Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

      you would have had a dozen if you came onto my gym floor in black soled trainers on, you pussy. Get over it – it is all character training stuff.

      See you in the showers later, when I borrow your dropped soap….

    • 381
      longbow additionally says:

      and I got another 6 painful whackings with a cane for walking up the staircase on the wrong side. surly I am in requirement for some compensation for my unnecessary suffering and psychological damage ?

  75. 368
    Tunnel Watch says:

    In retrospect, the billions spent on the Channel tunnel were a waste, considering the fact that the UK is sitting on top of one of the best tunneling demographics on the planet apparently:


    - Branching out from Gaza, this is quite impressive.

    • 373
      Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

      Geology was perfect over down there, all that Verra Lynn chark and marl. If it was the same geology over here in Wales, they’d be still drilling it to this day, oh yes.

  76. 378
    Righties aren't too bright says:

    I apologise to everyone for all my previously misguided comments in this discussion. Of course I realise now that Davidson was also a BBC employee so therefore (possibly) ALL BBC employees are in likelihood nonces.

    Also I realise unless he has been charged Davidson is innocent.

    Also I apologise for finding I like other men giving me anal on New Years Eve.

    • 382
      Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

      Not against the law anymore frined, feel free – but I am confused what age it is these days. 18 is it? Or did it manage to come, down onto 16?

    • 386
      Legal Eagle says:

      Until he has been found guilty in an open court of law by a jury of his peers, Davidson is innocent.

      Not having a go, but 13 years of Labour seem to have screwed up some basic civil principals here.

      * Relax and replace gavel *

      • 388
        Legal Eagle says:

        Of course I meant ‘Unless’, not ‘Until’ – Damn that Nu Labour Mind Shagging.

        • 408

          What hasn’t 13 years of Labour screwed up?

          Hard call, that…

          (Don’t worry about a little corrected mistake like that. I sometimes do it myself – deliberately – just to show others I am not perfect after all. :-))

      • 391
        Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

        come on, bet he shagged a fifteen year old, when he was twelve. Clear as day it is.

      • 422
        Philip Schofield, Richard Bacon, Nicky Campbell et.al says:

        If we say they are guilty they are guilty!

        • 436
          Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

          it’s relative, if a fifteen year old tart took your pants down and shagged you when twelve at the fair, and her teaching you about life – the slut. But it was nice though. I never complained.

    • 389
      R.U.Shaw says:

      Ratb. Glad your meds have kicked in now. You can go to sleep now, I assume you will be sleeping in until midday as you’re on the sponge ?

      • 394
        Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

        Who are you talking to, tory? Stop gargling, as you tory sorts tend to do, spit it out?

      • 398
        Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

        Don’t have to earn money to work – Cameron’s big society see, in my actions.

    • 489
      Anonymous says:

      Dont apologise, we all knew what you were from your posts.

  77. 385
    R.U.Shaw says:

    The religion of p38ce….

  78. 392
    Calamity Clegg says:

    I’m ‘after’ the grey voters……

  79. 402
    not a machine says:

    mmm not much to go on EU so far , but I might take note of how our special realtionship friend is working out , into what may be in store by staying in the EU , in that the eurozone has a sort of debt ceiling of its own , and nothing said so far is explaining how it is going to be resolved . Still stock markets have seen a 2% increase , but then rising stock markets with debts increasing has puzzled me for some time , as to what it is measuring or telling us about the worth of business institutions. best quote from Tom Keen “how are we going to pay our bills”

    foreign aid corps …. what a brilliant idea…… civil engineering , teachers , medical and much less corruption , oh and reducing foreign aid budget to reduce borrowings for home budget . might even need some new ships which either Clyde or Belfast would be happy with . I can see it wont do every foreign aid need , but cant fault idea for doing what it says on tin .

    • 405

      There is no chance for us, EU or USA of ever reducing our debt, let alone repaying it.

      The position of shares is somewhat akin to the Indian rope trick. Smoke and Mirrors. They carry on for years and even decades ignoring the fundamentals. The m@rkets move on sentiment only.

      One day, when no one is expecting it, the mother of all earthquakes comes along…

      • 412
        Arthur Guinea says:

        The system was designed that way. Forget cock-up theory – this mess was inevitable. It was just a matter of its designers playing a waiting game.
        Meanwhile, the Corrupt News Network bangs on about its ‘freedom project’ to end modern-day slavery. If anything, they’ve got full membership of the Huntry club which is dedicated to enslaving us all.
        We need to scrap the existing financial system, throw all the banksters in jail and start afresh in control of our own money. Does anyone have the balls to do it ?

      • 425
        US Watch says:

        Most have forgotten the energy elephant that is in the room. US could become a net exporter, and certainly will be able to reduce imports sharply and imminently.

        US will be fine, and so will UK if it pulls it’s finger out, particularly out of the EU.

        The fiscal cliff agreement is going to be overtly exporting inflation for a period of time until US can re-establish some of its lost export markets. This will be a very turbulent time, and definitely will pay to hold physical gold / silver and perhaps bitcoins, and not hold US paper abroad.

        The collapse in the debt markets which is what is now locked in will fix most of the debt problems. Anyone who continues to worry about paying debt at the sovereign level is either a fool or not able to defend themselves militarily.

        Atlas is about to shrug.

        Now whilst that is going on and the rest of the planet is fixing it’s own issues, US will be energy sufficient and looking to claim back whatever export markets become available as competitors fail.

        The one issue the US has got to deal with though are the Marxists, who have hoodwinked nearly everyone into not realizing that there is no problem and have them ready to sell themselves to the state. Well, nearly ready if we ignore the gun owners who the government are hoping to disarm.

        This should be a time of liberty not slavery, but the winds of war are blowing stronger than ever right now.

  80. 410
    Piss Organ says:

    Important article on Piers, including all the precedents for deportation:


    • 416
      Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

      Said yanks like to spout hot air, just for tv ratings, don’t they, whatever way Sandy is blowing that day?

      But fair play Piers, something there, incredibly, was actually coming from his heart.

      See you down on Main Street at dawn, yankees….

      anyone got a six shooter spare, I might need it.

    • 418
      Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

      Furthermore, watched a film the other day, over Xmas, as these media twats tend to do, to try and be Jesus once a year,

      sorry, it has gone – think it was on channel five or one of their other two, the US one most probably. Perhaps it will come back to me, Hang on, was it canadian, I see snow – ach, might as well post Ollie Reed when I get like this, as you do,

  81. 420
    The liberal left are utter scum says:

    Anyone who has been following the fiscal cliff crisis and how this is the reason why USA needs to become USSRA have been led up the garden path by our old friends propaganda and Alinsky.

    The biggest danger with the fiscal cliff is the clear indication that it shall be blatantly exporting inflation to US main creditors. This would be China among others. In fact, it is in US interest to recover its real export markets in order to head this problem off ASAP, otherwise there is the real possibility of a global war kicking off.

    However, what is missing from the picture is the US self sufficiency in energy, thanks to fracked gas and oil shale. This should keep them pretty much self sufficient into about 2035, provided they do not waste it all on ‘gas guzzlers’ and unnecessary development, but more importantly they could actually become a net exporter of energy.

    In any case, reducing energy imports, whilst having a massive external effect will cut their day to day bills significantly. This may be enough to offset the projected expenses, depending on where energy prices can be pushed.

    Why are the liberal left utter scum in this case ? Because they have distorted a very libertarian future into a somewhat pre-ordained totalitarian dystopia.

    Will be a very interesting year one feels.

  82. 424
    dead man's hand says:

    from previous thread, if Campbell ( spelling) wants to shake up the gambling, a good start would be to enforce inspection of the algorithm thingy that makes the games to ensure all is fair and random

    • 433
      Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

      Since you seem to bother there, dead man’s, may I introduce myself from there – I am Ehtch on there.

      Feel free to post, though Ali is too lazy to post any old shite since that gambling one, the ginger nutted jockstrapped bagpipe player.

      And he knows I don’t mean it – just don’t drop the soap around him, especially if you are welsh, is my only advice. Did once, took me half an hour to shove my eyeballs back in after.

  83. 426
    dead man's hand says:

    maybe it is possible not to embed the you tub stuff but to have a helpful link ?
    I am astonished by the number of server connections that need to be made just to read a blog. I know people with super gzillion bytes per second don’t notice but why does it need to this way ?

    • 428
      White Hat Geek says:

      Check your browser set up to see if you can ‘disable’ embedded content.

      Makes Chrome work really fast + saves a lot of memory.

      The rest is most likely the embedded Twitter items.

      Hope that of some help…

    • 429
      Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

      update your computer to quattro intel processing microprocessors, with tons of fecking ram, you total cheapskate, and stop complaining, grandad.

      • 430
        Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

        …but of course, interlink allowing – I have 100 meg, or something around that.

        Jealous? That is what the welsh assembly has done for me, english.

    • 432
      Tachybaptus says:

      Сhrоmе usеrs саn blосk YоuΤubе іn thе соmmеnts bу сlісkіng оn thе Ξ buttоn аnd gоіng tо Sеttіngs — Аdνаnсеd Sеttіngs — Рrіνасу — Соntеnt sеttіngs — ЈаνаSсrірt — Mаnаgе еxсерtіоns. Τhеn аdd оrdеr-оrdеr.соm tо thе lіst аnd mаkе surе іt’s mаrkеd аs ‘Blосk’. Τhіs аnd аddіng АdBlосk, whісh уоu dо bу сlісkіng оn Ξ — Τооls – Еxtеnsіоns аnd sеаrсhіng fоr іt, wіll grеаtlу sрееd thіngs uр. YоuΤubе wіndоws wіll арреаr аs іnеrt blасk rесtаnglеs, but уоu wоn’t bе mіssіng muсh.

      Fіrеfоx usеrs nееd tо аdd ΝоSсrірt аnd АdBlосk Рlus tо gеt thе sаmе еffесt. Іntеrnеt Еxрlоrеr usеrs shоuld gеt а рrореr brоwsеr. Аs fоr Sаfаrі, Ореrа аnd thе lіkе, whо саrеs?

  84. 435
    Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

    it’s the new beatles butt

    • 437
      Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

      ach sod it, john ringo george and that tory wotsishame.

  85. 438
    Weird but true says:

    Perhaps Osborn should go to Cuba to find out how an economy should be run, and whilst there feed Balls to the sharks:


  86. 441
    Send Carny back - he is defective says:

    Further evidence that Canada is Crypto-Fascist State:


    • 448
      Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

      been worried about canada, and ozzies, They do tend to get fascist, when push comes to shove.

      But they did used to kill indiginous, so it is in them, white true instinctive.

    • 456
      Blame Canada! says:

      Your average Gord Canuck sees himself as being the Good Son in the parable of the Prodigal Son (America) and wonders why he’s not loved or hated as much his brother so much as he’s taken for granted as being a goody-goody. “But we have a better quality of life than in America! People are nicer up here! Michael Moore keeps telling us so! He wishes America were more socialistic like us!”
      And they like to think that somehow, they’re more “British” than “Americans.” Well, they’re right, when it comes to being more socialistically-inclined than America, and thinking that’s a GOOD thing.

  87. 451
    Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

    Ref Argies and the Falklands -what would be interesting to hear if argies are seriously disencouraged to settle in the Falklands, and if so, how much does the UK fascistically doing so, as like a sort of mini-me North Korea?


    Thatcher couldn’t give a damn about the Falklands until she got on her high horse, maybe the Argies would look after it better?

    And the oil involvement would work to the good of us, if we play the white man. Argies could consider us as a preffered customer, swopping technology and all that sort of thing.

    Imagination, see, Dave Cee.

    • 452
      Goebells of Cameron is starting to piss me orf says:

      and of course, oil is not exclusive around the Falklands, it is also on the Argies coast, ; ) . and say no more. you haven’t seen me….

      • 488
        Bob Crow says:

        Tell you what fuckface. Why don’t we parachute you into the middle of Port Stanley and you can explain all your ranting pro-Argentinian bollocks to all the locals there yourself?

        • 490
          Anonymous says:

          x100 ! God that Goballs is really annoying, is he on a drug fuelled binge or something? i really think this site needs moderating.

  88. 453
    I spend thissearching my remote, says BBC beaky telly says:

    GIVE ME STRENGTH! Are they on prozac to come out with this shit? They are not on planet earth.

  89. 454
    I spend this searching my remote, says BBC breaky telly says:

    brainwashing it is friends – just do not look into their eyes, and you will be safe.

    But be advised, a brick into your telly can be quite costive, so I don’t advise that, when you no doubt get worked up and feel bilious.

    • 455
      I spend this searching my remote, says BBC breaky telly says:

      …and by the way, I’m off to argos in the morning, since I don’t follow my own advice…..

      • 458
        I spend this searching my remote, says BBC breaky telly says:

        my pan and brush is overworked…. bought that from aldis though, two for a pound

  90. 462
    I spend this searching my remote, says BBC breaky telly says:

    I could be a cult,
    a cult I said.
    for about media,
    giggling red.

    Beeb breaky girlies,
    looking to me.
    To wet ‘n break day,
    laugh and pee.

  91. 465
    Jay says:

    The Tory nonce smoke screen continues. No tory nonce will be outed in the making of this cover up.
    Isn’t one of the Camerons very special little friends a Welsh kids home nonce? Forgot they’ve suddenly stopped being friends lately – on paper that is. ; )

    • 467
      Jay says:

      Will McAlpine be popping back to give us a recital of his book – how to be a lying grub plant falsehoods in the media and when the bait is taken, sue, sue, sue – nah – think he made enough already the greedy old snake.

  92. 468
    Mug watch. says:

    Gawd ‘elp us, silly bollcks is back.

  93. 469
    Dave"The One Term Prime Minister" Cameron says:

    This a dreadful opinion poll.

    My Party,which I wish to destroy,has polled in excess of 30%,oy vey. !!!

    YouGov/Sun: CON 31%, LAB 43%, LDEM 11%, UKIP 9%

  94. 470
    CCHQ Press Officer says:

    Tory M.P.’s salaries should be means-tested to help pay for care distressed right wing political bloggers, Guido Fawkes says.

    Hear ! Hear !

    • 482
      Loopy Lou says:

      I think MP’s salaries should rise and fall in line with the toll charges for the Tyne Tunnel.

      • 485
        Taxfodder says:

        Government Ministers should be paid what they are worth which ain’t a lot minimum wage springs to mind….seems to me most of them are no more than overpaid part time clerks implementing orders from their Euro Parliment masters.

  95. 473
    Mrs Duffy from Rochdale says:

    The true annual cost of protecting a Falkland Islander is £38,957 excluding ongoing costs of invalidity pensions and additional NHS costs for injured soldiers .

    This compares with a per capita Defence charge of £659 paid by mainland UK citizens the vast majority of whom do not have ready acces to a nuclear shelter.

    In these austere times I think it is only fair that these Islanders (together with the inhabitants of all other overseas dependencies) should be asked to pay the full economic rate for the services being provided .

    There are over 60 million UK citizens living on the mainland many of whom are struggling under the financial burdens.

    Without prompt and incisive action there could be a financial disaster about to happen.

  96. 492
    Anonymous says:

    Now then, now then, Mr Jim Davidson!


  97. 493
    Anonymous says:

    So the tories know it aLL ? now they want to start another falklands war to ape the Bitch Thatcherand divert the fact that theyre nasty lying arrogant fascist wankers.
    Its time for a clear out ??!,away with the Monarchy(Theyre germans) and away with the lords and their titles and away with the rest of the Fascist establishment .

  98. 500
    Telegram for Mongo says:

    Why are the cops wasting their time and MY MONEY on this PC bollox.

    Ah yes I forgot – the UK cops are the biggest load of useless shit in the western world

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