December 31st, 2012

World Exclusive: Jean Michel Jarre Says Au Revoir Socialism
Rock Star’s Secret Downing Street Talks About London Move


Jean Michel Jarre, the only French global rock star, has been into Downing Street to discuss moving to London to escape Francois Hollande’s tax hikes. The French President wants confiscatory 75% tax rates for high earners.

In secrecy Jarre recently visited Number 10 to discuss his “defection”. The news that Downing Street is involved in discussions with another high profile tax exile from France will cause outrage in the Elysee Palace. Gerard Depardieu’s planned flight from Paris to a small village less than half a mile across the Belgian border caused an uproar and French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault  went so far as to call him “pathetic.”

gerarDepardieu countered that “I am leaving because you believe that success, creation, talent, anything different must be sanctioned”. Cinema legends such as Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Denueve quickly jumped in with statements of support for Depardieu. The rock star’s move comes shortly after Bernard Arnault, CEO of luxury giant LVMH and France’s richest man, national hero Johnny Hallyday and actor Alain Delon have also left France for tax reasons. London estate agents report French investment bankers, private equity financiers and high paid entrepreneurs making inquiries.

hollande-no-10When Hollande announced his 75% tax rate plan Cameron joked that he would “roll out the red carpet” for French tax exiles to the expressed annoyance of the Elysee Palace. French ministers widely criticised Cameron. The news that it was not mere rhetoric and Downing Street would literally welcome French rock star tax exiles onto the red carpet at No. 10 will infuriate President Hollande…

UPDATE: Downing Street were at lunchtime knocking down this story, by late afternoon they changed their synthesiser tune and said Jarre was indeed in talks to move his technology company to the government sponsored Tech City in London. Where the taxes are lower…

Guido’s Downing Street source says “He’s been into No. 10 to talk to us about defection – it’s like a crappy old spy movie…” The channel replacing the Berlin Wall, with French capitalists fleeing socialist France for freedom…


  1. 1
    Mo says:

    Jean Michel Jarre ?

    He’s been dead for years surely ?


    • 10
      Phil Collins says:

      Is he mad? He’ll be giving 45% of his wonga away if he comes to London. He should join me and Lewis Hamilton in Switzerland and keep the lot.


      • 19
        Sir Phillip Green. says:

        Bonkers stark raving bonkers. Monaco is the place to be and commute to London on a private jet. Jensen Button agrees.


        • 26
          Freddie Flintoff says:

          No, it’s Dubai, Jim Davidson agrees with me!


        • 72
          Sean Connery says:

          I’m a Scottish Nationalist but I live in the Bahamas for tax reasons.

          I’m a bit of a twunt aren’t I



          • MB. says:

            Never mind, I can imagine Wee Eck giving reduced tax rates to “encourage the arts in Scotland” i.e. to get tax exiles to return so he can claim they are doing it purely because of their support for the SNP – didn’t Ireland do something like that for a time?


          • lojolondon says:

            Yes, he is the most annoying of the lot! Lewis lives abroad, keeps his head down and saves a load on tax. But Connery is such a ‘Nationalist’ that he keeps piping up whenever the question arises, yet has never contributed to Scotland, even as Alex Salmond runs the country. He is anti-English too, which makes his hypocrisy far worse!


          • james blond says:

            yes and no loss


          • Dunlaggin says:

            Whatever happened to ‘Green Banking’?


          • Bank Watch says:

            What do you think happened to Green banking ?


          • Lord Mooncrater says:

            Sean, you would be a twunt if you lived in Scotland.

            Shite climate, shite government and most of the denizens live on benefits.

            Head Office to most Scottish folk is where they pick up their benefit cheques.


          • Alkie Allie says:

            Aye, we’re a’ on the brew.


        • 418
          Scrooges says:

          Sir Phillip, french citizens don’t have any tax advantages by going to Monaco because of a fiscal agreement with France dating back to 1962.


        • 423
          Socialism = Starvation says:

          French citizens pay French income tax if living in Monaco, unlike any others. Guernsey would be a better bet.


      • 25
        Wake up and smell the coffee says:

        Absolutely, this looks, feels and smells like a Number 10 planted ‘story’ rather like the ‘I need 17 inches’ Spelman dross, during the wettest ‘drought’ in human history.

        Dave’s minders are getting desperate and trying to pretend he’s not a tax and spend socialist pick pocket, like dozy Hollande, when we can all see he is.


      • 236
        Bill says:

        He would be a non Dom not a British tax payer


      • 260
        Craig Oliver says:

        Only the little (rather than tiny tiny) millionaire’s pay 45% tax.

        Well Done Mr Cameron:
        Smiths poster on uni wall.
        Support The Villa (don’t make Blair A C L’s mistake and assume everyone supports Man U, then have to change to Newcastle).
        Get The People’s Installation Concept Artist to do a signature art thing for downing street.
        Let Obama put his arm around your shoulder.
        Popular pop person on bleeding edge of the nation’s zeitgeist comes for tea.

        To Do:
        Kinnochian pop video with Bananarama
        Dismal unfunny guest appearance on the Simpsons and get clamped by Parking Pataweo on Harry n Paul.
        Send email to tubby so he has another world exclusive


    • 14
      Gerard Doubledick says:

      But I thought there was a story in yesterdays DT saying that the 75% tax won’t be implemented?

      France’s highest court rules proposed 75pc supertax rate unconstitutional


      • 27
        Fishy says:

        Une ou deux technicalities were the problem. These will be ‘tweaked’ so that the 75% confiscation of earnings can go ahead.

        I think that in fairness, in return, Cameron should let Hollande have some of the benefit tourists that have arrived here. They can take advantage of the huge increases that the cheese eating benefits monkeys are enjoying under Hollande’s utopie socialiste


      • 51
        Frankie Says Re-Tax says:

        I hate the rich. That’s why I want to soak ‘em. And Barack Obama does too, I’m not the only one around here. But I’m the only one with balls enough to want to gouge out three-quarters, whilst “BO” is willing to settle for about 40%. And seeing as how we mentioned Balls, if he ever got in as Chancellor he’d want to do just like me if he thought he could ever get away with it. You know he would. Maybe not quite 75%, maybe at a higher threshhold, but a shedload more than that lightweight in America wants!


        • 134
          Ivan Agenda says:

          President Barack Obamarama is earning $76,000 per month on a independent government paid investment vehicle that is not even mentioned by our left wing financial pundits, as they, and you, are defending him without knowing or wanting to reveal the facts.


        • 390
          anaaaaaaarkyst says:

          do us a favour mate, tell me how you define ritch, I’d hate to be hated by you by accident

          is earning £35k alright with you?



      • 90
        MB. says:

        The report that I read said that it was only a temporary delay and the 75% tax would be implemented during 2013.


        • 137
          Hollande tax the rich and give to the unworthy says:

          Quite right sir. We have our best left wing economists on it and even consulting with your genius Gordon Brown as to how to implement it.


      • 286
        Le Taxe says:

        There was just a little bit of wording missing, which can be fixed shortly.

        Also – the 75% is most emphatically not the upper limit.


    • 50
      Sir William says:

      The French have never learnt to do proper pop music, have they?


    • 53
      Jagbulon says:

      We (and companies) should not be taxed at all when we earn.
      Government spend should be reduced to 20% of GDP, then it could be paid for with VAT and excise duties.


    • 118

      Fucking Plonka. Why is he moving to a country that will tax him at 45% ?

      Give uz ur monie


    • 312
      Napoléon Bonaparte says:

      Je pars à Sainte-Hélène !


    • 372
      alizee, I'm coming too says:


    • 374
      Bald Dave says:

      Died through lack of oxygene.


  2. 2
    bergen says:

    That’ll get him off the BBC’s playlist.


  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    Why would he need to ”discuss” a move to the UK with Downing steet?


  4. 4
    Can't use me old moniker says:

    Can’t really criticise cast iron dave for his roll out the ‘red’ carpet (a nice irony) quote.

    Looks like it will pay off, and piss off the ‘reds’ in the EUSSR.

    Double claret’s all round.


  5. 6

    I don’t quite understand why he should need to go to Downing Street to effect a very straightforward move that any person living within the Treaty of Rome area has been able to make for years as a matter of right.

    Could it possibly be to do with posturing by one side, the other or both?


  6. 7
    Sponge says:

    But I thought the 75% tax law has been stuck down?


  7. 8
    Tom says:

    Perhaps he’s planning on throwing another spectacular outdoor concert, as he did in Docklands in 1988.


  8. 9
    toad says:



  9. 11

    He’s not a “rock” star.


  10. 13
    infidelnewsdesk says:

    Reblogged this on British News Central and commented:
    World Exclusive: Jean Michel Jarre Says Au Revoir Socialism Rock Star’s Secret Downing Street Talks About London Move


  11. 18
    Owen Jones says:

    It’s good to see Hollande’s quote from the Olympics coming back to haunt him.

    Today it’s exodus for tax, tomorrow it will be when the UK leaves the EU and becomes an overnight success again while the EU wallows in the pit of social engineering they created for themselves.


  12. 21
    jmf says:

    Good article from “Seen Elsewhere”, the left seem to hate all things that does not match their idea of Utopia.

    Why Do Leftists Loathe the Shire Hobbits? | David Platt


    • 40
      Roscoe Rules says:

      Is it because we is 99% white?


      • 107
        B!lbo Baggins says:

        It’s probably because we don’t complain about having to walk around barefoot. Stockings and shoes just make all the fur sweaty and rank-smelling, and we can’t be arsed to shave our feet all the time just to keep the shaving foam, razor blade, and footwear industries in business. Plus, they’d itch like a sonofabitch if we did.


  13. 22

    Kim Kardashian’s expected baby will be sucking on tits which some here would no doubt give their eye teeth for…


  14. 24
    Taxfodder says:

    I suspect France are saying a very good riddance to them, let them go to the UK, HMG are always looking for more people to rob and fleece…


  15. 32
    Roland Juno says:

    Don’t give him the Oxygene of publicity


  16. 34
    Buy! Sell! Buy! Sell! says:

    Perhaps Afghanistan should set itself up as a tax haven. Imagine the smug looks as they wheel their crocodile-skin luggage out of Kabul airport.


    • 396
      Nosher says:

      Great idea – unless you’re female – no woman likes getting acid chucked in her face by a 3rd wolrd barbarian rag-head just for reading a book


  17. 35
    a non says:

    Dave kissing frogs must surely be an alltime low.


  18. 36
    tancred1351 says:

    Shit, when I moved to France it didn’t occur to me to tell Sarkozy.

    I missed out on a trip to the Elysee Palace.


    • 224
      Marcel le fermier says:

      Nah, you didn’t miss much. It’s all boring chandeliers, red carpets and Napoleonic crap furniture. Better off visiting the Folies…


  19. 37
    Owen Jones says:

    What about the £25 billion annually lost from tax avoidance, eh Iain Duncan Smith?


    • 68
      The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

      Owen, sit up and pay attention. Tax avoidance is not illegal. Money is not “lost” to the economy if it isn’t given to the government. The local Cat’s Home has not “lost” money just because I haven’t made a donation.

      Perhaps the TUC should tell us what they think about Arthur Scargill demanding his union pay £34,000 rent a year for his “London pied a terre”.

      There are lots of working class people in this country who would like to be paid £34k a year let alone have it paid for as rent.


    • 242
      Owen Jones's Mum says:

      Did I say you could use my laptop?


    • 266
      Anonymous says:

      Not thieving something is not “a loss”, it just means the troughers can’t get their hands on it.


    • 342
      Wot Tayler says:

      Tax avoidance, good; Tax avoidance bad.


  20. 43
    nellnewman says:

    monsieurhollande reminds me of our very own gordon albeit without the social ineptitude.

    His socialist policies are leading france into a nasty black hole similar to the one gordon left us in.


  21. 45
    George Osborne says:

    Happy 1933, everybody!


  22. 46
    jacques Un says:

    chaque un a Sangatte!


  23. 47
    Jagbulon says:

    Socialists don’t like the reality of socialism. High tax and profligate spending.
    Rich socialists are the ultimate in hypocrisy. Do as I say, not as I do.
    Brown and Bliar top of the list.


  24. 54
    Owen Jones says:

    BBC News – The right wing political blogger,Guido Fawkes, condemns David Cameron as “not fit for purpose”.


    • 59
      nellnewman says:

      Guido Fawkes is right!


    • 69
      Anonymous says:

      we have been saying this for the last 2 years. He is a media man that’s all, just like Blair, and he blows in the wind. He actually hates the conservative associations and activists. He just wanted to be prime minister, because he thought he would be good at it and be able to get on the telly every day!. He certainly does that but not much else really.

      He will never win in 2015, never! But the tories can always change leader, they are good at that!


      • 117
        Baroness Thatch of Chester Square says:

        Hear, hear!

        I could always be the stalking horse come the autumn!

        I’ll sort the buggers out – just give me another term.

        We’ve become a nation of wimps – including the PM!


      • 119
        50 Calibre says:

        When you look at the Westminster bunch, it’s difficult not to feel very sad about the ongoing car crash that is the UK. You’ll know the game’s up when the Ulster Loyalists stop painting the kerb stones red, white and blue…


      • 325
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Did someone mention blowing in the wind – like a syrup!
        Get this for a quote from The Sunday Post of 2nd September 2012- The SP inevstigates the truth behind Windfarms / Turbines:-

        Quote of the last few months IMHO
        Sub heading ‘Scotland is being destroyed’
        “Tycoon Donald Trump warns windfarms will destroy Scottish tourism and bankrupt the country. Speaking exclusively to The Sunday Post, the American entrepreneur said “It’s very sad Scotland is being destroyed by windfarms. The magnificant countryside is going to be ruined. It’s the biggest asset you have and they’re going to destroy it.”

        Mr Trump got involved with the battle against windfarms after plans to erect turbines in the sea near his luxury golf course resort in Aberdeenshire were announced. He added “The only thing renewable is that you’re going to have to renew the turbines every five years because they’ll disintegrate and fall apart. By that time Scotland will be broke”


  25. 55
    Tony Benn says:

    75% isn’t enough. Tax high earners at 99%.


    • 83
      The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

      The Beatles wrote a song about the taxman. What was the rate then, 19/6d in the pound?* Was it not called “Super Tax”? Was it not one of Harold Wilson’s ideas?

      * For those of you who have been state educated in the last fifteen years, a tax of 19/6d (nineteen shillings and sixpence) is the equivalent of 97.5 pence in the pound. For those state educated in the last ten years, it’s a lot of money.


    • 84
      Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:

      Just vote me in and it’s a done deal.


  26. 58
    Dave"The One Term Prime Minister" Cameron says:

    Samantha has gone shopping and gave me vague instruction – “please do something useful while I’m out” So far I’ve had a shit and made a coffee.


  27. 60
    Anonymous says:

    but they will be paying that over here after the 2015 election any way!

    1. labour will introduce that rate.
    2. Even if they don’t they will sign up to a federal Europe any way and so it will happen that way.


  28. 61
    Jean-Baptiste Colbert says:

    The art of taxation consists in so plucking the goose as to obtain the largest possible amount of feathers with the smallest possible amount of hissing.


  29. 62
    80s classic says:


  30. 63
    Steve Coogan says:

    Surely J M Jarre would best be talking with Ed Millionaireband as to what the tax rate for the rich will be in around 30 months time?


  31. 64
    Anonymous says:

    Britain will never leave the EU and you will never ever get a referendum.

    The rich political elite of this country, along with big business, will never allow it, no matter what!

    This is a fact, it just won’t happen!


  32. 65
    Geedo's a bit thick, and I don't just mean his expanding gut says:

    Tory HQ whip out their cock and Guido opens his mouth. It’s utterly nonsensical for anyone, let alone a celeb hasbeen, to hold talks with a prime minister about moving to his country. But it lets Guido put World Exclusive on it, while the rest of the world just shrugs its shoulders.


  33. 66
    Mad Frankie Maude says:

    On average, undergraduate students who major in economics have more sex partners than those studying any other subject.


  34. 70
    RK says:

    I’ve been paying tax in the UK since 1978 but have yet to have an invitation to Downing Street. Isn’t there something a bit seedy about rich foreigners going to Downing Street to say how they want their tax affairs to be dealt with?

    This is rather unseemly poaching of taxpayers from France. I’m sure that Hollande can mess up his country perfectly well on his own,


    • 160
      British Citizen says:

      I agree. Why isn’t Cameron inviting normal British people round for discussions on the tax system? Oh, I forgot, you have to pay him £250,000 for that privilege.


    • 401
      Vive La France says:

      Labour and Tories have been happy to flood the UK with poor immigrants from alien cultures, it makes a nice change to see a few rich ones from the same European culture. Enjoy!


  35. 71
    Anonymous says:

    Cameron is not fit for purpose, just like the rest of our bunch of rich political elite tossers!

    Never had to earn revenue in their lives, they just take it off the taxpayers, like benefit scroungers do!


  36. 74
    Top Man says:


    • 93
      Jack O'Nory says:

      I want to pave the streets with gold and hand everyone a £ million every week.


      • 105
        Red Egg Millitit... says:

        Perhaps some politicians say anything and promise everything until they get into power :)

        We seem to have given away £10bn to fraudsters under the Labour flagship policies …..


        • 120
          Vote4Ukip says:

          Lower taxes (and lower government spending) help create growth and prosperity. The dire results of Labour’s raising the upper rate tax band to 50% are now being seen.


          • Libertarian says:

            Shrinking government will the trigger growth in the real economy.

            The ability to reduce certain aspects of taxation as Farage suggests will play a large part in this.


      • 359
        Wot Tayler says:

        Cammo’s giving the ‘rich’ cheques for £40 k each, so he’s made a start Jackyboy innit?


  37. 79
    Lizzie says:

    The Prime Minister holding ‘secret talks’ with a French entertainer who wants to pay less tax? Is this really what the Prime Minister gets paid to do nowadays?


  38. 80
    Anonymous says:

    Just why should any of the medal winners at the olympics get on the honours list any way? Subsidised by the national lottery any way, all on their way to being rich and the medals they won should be enough, it s a fuckin disgrace! Half of them don’t even live in our country anyway!


  39. 82
    Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:

    You want to encourage 1000’s of Frenchies to migrate to the UK.

    So while IDS cuts tax credits, he will be helping millionare Foreigners to come to UK

    GO FOR IT !!!!!!!


    • 98
      Wotta Tossa Skid Mark 3 says:

      Unlike you, they’ll be net contributors.


      • 115
        Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:

        errrrr most Tax Credit receivers are ALSO contributors. You can receive TC if family income is up to £50K.

        So a man on £25K, and his wife on £25K, one child. Receive some TC . They will now soon lose thi, while french millionares will be helped to settle in London

        Keep up the good work neo nuts


        • 124
          Vote4Ukip says:

          The idea of taxing everybody, including the low paid, and then creating thousands of pointless jobs to people to give them some of it back by apathetic, lazy state workers is not just nuts. It is moronic.


          • Gordon's Client State says:

            Yes, but by giving them safe jobs in the public sector and gold plated pensions (paid for by everyone else) they will be greatful and vote Labour because of the risk the Tories will suss them out and get rid of them.


        • 362
          Wot Tayler says:

          Testicular nonsense Mk


  40. 88
    Groundskeeper Willie says:


  41. 91
    Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:

    “”””London estate agents report French investment bankers, private equity financiers and high paid entrepreneurs making inquiries.”””

    errrrrrr….and that is a good thing !!!!!

    I think not


  42. 92
    a member of the public says:

    Money, money, money he’s got some money, to bribe a PM he don’t care, what next did he buy a British passport as well, I thought they were giving them away with houses and money as they went through “customs” as usual us ethnics get stitched up.


  43. 94
    Red Egg Millitit... says:

    Whinging, moaning and complaining, the very reason why some people do not get Knighthoods !!


    • 143
      Roscoe Rules says:

      ‘I just want to be treated like everyone else’
      ‘Fair enough we’ve cut your benefits by £250 a week’


  44. 97
    albacore says:

    Nice to see Dave with so much time to spare
    No affairs of state getting in his hair
    Still, after such debilitating talks as that
    He’d best rest and hand things back to Larry the cat


  45. 103
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Depardieu countered that “I am leaving because you believe that success, creation, talent, anything different must be sanctioned”. Cinema legends such as Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Denueve quickly jumped in with statements of support for Depardieu… London estate agents report French investment bankers, private equity financiers and high paid entrepreneurs making inquiries.

    The thing is, though, that investment bankers and rivate equity financiers can hardly be described as talented and creative people. Lucky chancers usually. And, as 2008 showed, not particularly bright as well.


    • 130
      Vote4Ukip says:

      You are obviously not bright enough to remember the days when Brown was boasting about how much these bankers, entrepreneurs and financiers, etc were contributing to growth and the British treasury in taxes.


  46. 108
    A dustman says:

    When labour get in I’m moving to France.


  47. 110
    Sarko says:

    Anywhere, but the remains of the UK, would be an improvement on Hollande’s New France. The man’s an idiot.


  48. 111
  49. 112

    Some French Twat gets a Casio keyboard and a torch for Christmas and suddenly he’s a rock star ?


    • 136
      Jean Michel Bore says:

      ‘Ow dare you? Ze creative energy involved in getting my synthesiseur to make a sound like ze “psssssssssst” was incalculable.


  50. 116
    Bob Double Diamond Standard says:

    Still at least Jarre won’t be a strain on our NHS as he has his own Oxygene


  51. 121
    Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

    Let’s encourage them all we can just so long as they are “white other”.


  52. 128
    Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:

    Just another disaster in the making for Dave. Go on admit it the man is fu*cking hopeless.

    He will use this story to justify tax cuts for the wealthy… another nail in his electoral coffin.

    He will use this story to justify bankers and city types getting tax free bonuses…another nail in his electoral coffin .

    An influx of French nationals will see his migration targets rise…another nail in his electoral coffin

    Pandering to wealthy foreigners…again !!!!!



    • 133
      Red Egg Millitit... says:

      Not forgetting your mates in Labour who opened the doors to economic migrants :)


      • 139
        Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:


        ….and of course Dave closed the door…nope, pushed it further open, and is now beginning to take the door off its hinges.

        Must try harder neo nuts


        • 145
          Red Egg Millitit... says:

          Typical…. admit nothing, deny everything and blame someone else !!


        • 255
          They'll be blaming Thatcher next says:

          Don’t worry, most of us will remember it was Labour who created the “unfit for purpose” UK Border Agency in 2008, just after signing away our rights to control our own borders to an unelected and unaccountable EEC


    • 135
      Lazy slob says:

      But he is not pandering as much as Labour did for 13 years when the top tax rate was 40%. Why do you think Labour allowed the rich to get so much tax free for so long? Was it incompetence or the obvious fact that it would damage the country’s finances?


    • 369
      Wot Tayler says:

      Predictable MK and quite boring


  53. 129
    Red Egg Millitit... says:

    Another reason why so many are p*ssed off with the Gov’t.

    add to this the £10bn lost through Labour flagship tax credit fraud and little wonder we taxpayers are turning to UKIP .


    • 148
      Patriot says:

      The time has long passed for politicians to stop being ‘generous’ with other people’s money. This is treason.


  54. 144
    Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:

    Predictions anyone

    Another 10,000 French nationals in London by end of 2013…Wives, children etc. Further strain on housing, schools, NHS etc

    This is of course amusing that they have jobs to go to. Oh yes – they will be taking British jobs too…LOL



  55. 149
    Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:

    Boris went off to India to encourage more Indian nationals to come to London.

    Can we now expect him in Paris doing likewise.


  56. 150
    The Loony Left says:

    I paid to have them inserted but I want the Taxpayers to pay to have them removed. It’s my Human Right.


  57. 152
    Benny Fitz-Clements says:

    Stop whingeing and get to work


  58. 153
    Anonymous says:

    didnt mick jagger move to france in the sixties to avoid uk tax HMMMMMM


  59. 155
    Bono says:

    Mick Jagger is a gobby twat. Most ‘rock stars’ are.


  60. 157
    The Guv'nor says:

    First time everyone on the wing banged cups against their door together (David Cameron resigned as Prime Minister) the noise was unbelievable.


  61. 159
    I hate loony left just as much as I hate the rabid right says:

    Fuck all you racist, homophobic, right wing, greedy Tory bastards.


    • 219
      Right wing media presstitute says:

      It will cost you a few bob!


    • 406
      anaaaaaaarkyst says:

      How many fucking times do you thick cants need to be told that this is not a fucking tory site, this is a libertarian site. You ignorant prix have just changed one form of bigotry for another and you’re too fucking thick to realise it.


  62. 161
    Dave"The One Term Prime Minister" Cameron says:

    “Fuck it” – my final thought before making most decisions.


  63. 162
    George Gideon Oliver Osborne says:

    Ok let’s play a game… What’s first UK news that will hit our screens on January 1st 2013 ?
    1: Cilla Black involved in Jimmy Saville p*do ring.
    2: Jedward ousted as Lesbians
    3: David Cameron backs British people for British jobs
    Latest betting odds are
    Number 1- 5/2
    Number 2- 3/1
    Number 3 – 1000000/1


  64. 170
    Not so pedantic says:

    Since when does synth pop have anything to do with rock?


  65. 174
    Kevin T says:

    Rich people can afford to hire clever accountants and if that doesn’t work, they can afford to move abroad. Meanwhile foreign businesses thinking of investing in your country are going to look elsewhere if there are draconian tax rates.

    It’s shit politics. It guarantees less money for the treasury and consequent tax hikes for the poor because the State won’t spend less merely because less money is coming in. Along with all-powerful unions, it nearly crippled us in the 60’s and 70’s. Hollande must be insane to be copying Wilson.


    • 190
      Red Egg Millitit... says:

      The poor do not pay taxes, they have lots of benefits…… it is the workers and squeezed Middle Classes that are hit the hardest….. :)


      • 212
        Sensible Economist, if there is such a thing says:

        And why? Because that’s where the numbers are. Rich people aer very few in number compared to the bulk of the tax contributing population, not because of tax avoidance, but because there really aren’t that many of them. They do not matter in the overall tax take.


    • 409
      Nosher says:

      No such thing as a clever accountant, they’re just bean counters


  66. 175
    Normal people says:

    Rich c”nts always look out for each other


  67. 178
    Lord Flashman says:

    France’s only Rock Star? That is one more than I’ve heard of.


  68. 179
    Lynton Crisp says:

    We’ve got some great ideas for sorting out David Cameron’s popularity in 2013. Looking forward to the New Year.


  69. 184
    From where I sit says:

    If you tax people more, this stops them from spending on loads of foreign goods usually made in China. Therefore the money stays in the UK.


  70. 185
    dick dastardardly mp says:

    les vôtres Hollande!!!!!!


  71. 191
    Wormtongue says:

    Fous-moi le flan!


  72. 198
    statist says:

    JM Jarre is from cosmopolitan stock and they have always migrated to lesser regulated, laissez-faire regimes.

    They left Eastern Europe for those reasons (nat’l socialism = regulation) because they felt they were being persecuted when in fact they were merely being regulated. What if the cosmopolitans were mistaken in their belief that they were being persecuted and were in fact only being censured for their predatory behaviours?

    Alas, we now all know the outcome of their migration westwards to London and NYC the citadels of western free-market anarchy. Look what’s happened to the countries of those capital cities…now just hollowed out shells.


  73. 200
    Operation Crossbow says:

    It would be interesting to bring in that sort of tax level in the UK and see how many rich lefty comedians and BBC types suddenly decide to fuck off.


  74. 207
    Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:

    10,000 Frenchies to move to UK…none with the ability to vote…LOL

    well done dave…what a plonker


  75. 221
    Jimmy says:

    Looks like the whole of the 1970s is leaving.


  76. 223
    Anonymous says:

    You do realise of course that this country is ungovernable and is fucked?

    Our politicians are all quite delusional.

    No one, but no one, has ever said how we can pay our debts back, we are even now, still borrowing more and more, and it rises even more with the more immigration we take. After all, the extra houses, schools, hospitals that have to be built and the benefits we have to pay to them, have to be paid for some how!


    • 281
      Weak Dave C. says:

      er…sorry, that question isn’t on my idiot cards… er, minimum alcohol pricing and hug a hoodie. Will that do it?


    • 300
      a member of the public says:

      Wouldn’t worry in 2015 Ed will pick up where he and his loonies left off, should be an interesting time, no money to pay for benefits, Liverpool mayor who didn’t allow people to vote for a Liverpool mayor is already worried about cuts, whitewash won’t work anymore.


    • 321
      UK Economist says:

      The debts will be piled into the bank of England, and burned on a pyre of forgiveness and currency devaluation.


  77. 225
    Owen Jones says:

    Come the revolution all these tax dodgers will be shot.


  78. 230
    I'll be damned if I'm gonna get up for 8am! says:

    Note the irony in Labour calling the comments a “cheap” political attack. Nowt cheap about it!

    The work and pensions secretary has attacked the tax credit system put in place by Labour, saying it had resulted in “a sorry story of dependency, wasted taxpayers’ money and fraud”. He said fraud and error in the system under Labour had cost £10bn. Labour described the comments as a “cheap political attack”.

    “In the years between 2003 and 2010, Labour spent a staggering £171bn on tax credits, contributing to a 60% rise in the welfare bill,” Mr Duncan Smith said.


    • 237
      Ed Miliband's Parasite Party (for shirkers, not workers) says:

      That £171billion was wealth redistribution, comrades! Our Dear Leader knows that workers’ wages doesn’t belong to them, it belongs in the pockets of parasites!

      How foolish you workers are for not knowing this! You deserve to have those wages taken from you! All wages belong to parasites, skivers, spongers and shirkers!

      (This message is available in 98 different languages. Please consult your local £150K p/a Parasite Experience Translation Facilitator for more information.)


    • 261
      Chuka Urmunneyaround says:

      I still shudder when I recall the sound of Gordon’s mock stentorian yet hubristic voice as he dished out more Taxpayers’ money on working tax credits, child tax credits and childcare from the Dispatch Box. Each and every Budget would see him chuck loads of money in order to secure Libor’s Client State.

      But now, as Liam Byrne warned in the aftermath of Libor’s feeding frenzy, there’s no money left Perhaps that should read, ‘There’s no money, Lefties’


      • 306
        Lord Mooncrater says:

        Chuka, how does a chimpanzee like you, brought up in a jungle swinging from trees and shoving bananas up its arse get to be in the HoC?

        Fucking unbelievable. I’m not racially prejudiced but the only words it knows are, “Ooh ooh ooh, aah aah ah”.


  79. 232
    I hate loony left just as much as I hate the rabid right says:

    For 2013, I would like Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher, Gordon Brown, George Bush Sr, Greekboy Phil and Robert Mugabe to all kick the bucket.


  80. 235
    statist says:

    Gay marriage: Catholics urged to write to MPs

    There are an estimated 0.5 million Catholics in the UK…well done Dave, what a plonker.

    Catholicism (and Islam) is the embodiment of the family and family values. These are anathema to libertarian principles and laissez-faire deregulated free-market anarchism (anarchy = no rules or regulation). Catholicism is therefore akin to regulation or national socialism. The anti-statists will attack this instituion in every way they can and the introduction of gay marriage is just one weapon.

    Other weapons of late have been the reporting of child abuse in the Catholic Church when ignoring that this must also occur in other faiths (the attacking of the treatment of women in Islamic countries is another instance). You will note that one faith is completely ignored in this propagandising.

    Which might that be?


    • 243
      Darth Vader says:



    • 251
      The Post Office says:

      Damn good idea: please use a first class stamp.


    • 288
      Father O'Stereotype says:

      Sure, I’ve been trying to write a letter for the last half hour but hasn’t someone slipped a condom over the end of me pencil…oh sorry, my mistake, I forgot to take the lid off me biro.


    • 303
      Anonymous says:

      Shintoists. Nasty folk who control world banking and turn into lizards or something.


      • 391
        Blowing Whistles says:

        I attempted to post up a published quote of Ed M.ilpede from the latest issue of the J. chroncle earlier today – It “disappeared” into the ether – and I really don’t need to wonder why.

        His word mangling of said quote is quite stunning.


  81. 240
    Cut the debt says:

    I’m not a political scientist or economist but it appears to me that the solution to the country’s financial mess is very easy to solve.

    1. Tempoary halt to all immigration, only to be lifted once the nation’s finances are settled.

    2. Anyone found guilty of benefit fraud will automatically get a lifetime ban from receiving benefits.

    3. No benefits to be given to newly arrived immigrants who’ve never worked a day in this country. That should keep out those who come here knowing the UK is a soft touch and will give them free money.

    4. No benefits to be given to nationals and non-nationals convicted of a crime. It’s obscene that Abu Qatada lives off the state when he’s plotted to murder us.

    5. New banking regulations that state no bank will ever be bailed out by the taxpayer again.

    6. Households with long-term multi-generational unemployment to be given final ultimatum: accept the first job that pays at least more than you get on benefits, or have your benefits stopped altogether.

    All in all, that should save the country about a 100 billion or so.


    • 248
      Socialism is a severe mental illness says:

      Good, but may I suggest amendment to #6: “accept the first job that pays at least more than you get on benefits, or have your benefits stopped altogether.” ?

      And add:

      7. Benefits will last only 6 months in total. Once those 6 months are up, that’s your lot, for life. You want more unemployment insurance, you take it up with a private insurer. Or save/invest.


      • 265
        Gawd Help US says:

        Save? I think you’ll find George and Merv have completely decimated the savings market with their Funding For Lending scheme.


    • 319
      Policy Watch says:

      I would suggest amending #2 as well.

      Total withdrawal of benefits for Fraud will just stimulate a further criminal problem.

      Better to mark the fraudster such that they pay a higher rate of tax when in employment, and reduce the benefits for a period of time as punishment.

      The hard core problem will not go away, but a disincentives for gaming the system combined with punitive measures which will not affect employment chances or adversely impact family too much is required.

      – Am not a socialist :-)


    • 377
      Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

      Won’t affect me. My benefits are as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar.


      • 386
        2013 is going to be bleak in sunderland as the benefit caps kick in says:

        Why dont you spend some of them in Binns or maybe Joplings


        • 399
          Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

          No, I prefer Lewis’s, Blacklers, Owen Owen, George Henry Lee or Hendersons.


  82. 244
    Julia Middleton says:

    Of course there must be more tax. The State must employ more Common Purpose graduates. Our graduates do not work cheap. You will employ our graduates.


  83. 247
    Genuine letter to Socialist Worker says:

    Lots of hilarity on that site. This thicko seems to see no contradiction in supporting a religion that preaches hatred and violence against women, gays, non-muslims and pretty much anyone who doesn’t worship the psycho child noncing prophet.

    I joined up to 1,000 Muslims lobbying Newham council in east London for planning permission to build a mosque. Disgracefully the Labour council turned down the request again last Wednesday. The campaign has been on for 15 years.

    Protesters included a big group of young women, many from local schools. I got a great welcome as one of the few white people there to support them.

    At the root of the hostility to the building of mosques is Islamophobia. It is time we united to get the Riverine Centre built—sign the online petition.

    Sheila McGregor, east London


    • 253
      Socialism is a severe mental illness says:

      “I got a great welcome as one of the few white people there to support them.”

      Yup. You’d think it would be at that point the idea would start to form in her otherwise empty head, “maybe everyone else knows something I don’t?”

      I wonder if Sheila had herself genitally mutilated in solidarity with her newfound muzzie friends, a now wears a burka and walks 10 steps behind her husband/partner (when he allows her to leave the house).


      • 413
        The Kazi of Kazistan says:

        Maybe having acid chucked in her face for having attend school would give the stupid bitch a fucking clue


    • 254
      Tony Blair must be executed for treason says:

      The term Useful Idiot was invented for people like this.


    • 314
      Jowett & O'Donnell says:

      Constantly repeat just a few ideas. Use stereotyped phrases.

      Give only one side of the argument.

      Pick out one special “enemy” for special vilification.


  84. 250
    Tony Blair must be executed for treason says:


  85. 268
    Anonymous says:

    tax man is immortal for he never dies.
    tax man is sovereign for he does what he wants.
    tax man is divine for those whose purpose he serves.
    the tax man is in the right place at the right time…for he can do no wrong…for himself. but is it enough…..immortality, sovereignity and divinity….


  86. 272
    Yeo Ho Ho says:

    My new year’s resolution is to scam as much in 2013 as I did in 2012. I need to do it while I can. That twat Guido Fawkes is giving me such bad publicity that even a retard like Cameron will eventually take notice.


  87. 278
    David Peckham says:

    Just spoke to me tax advisah.

    Not going to play footy in Paris, not now. ’cause I’d have to play 70 minutes for the taxman and 20 minutes for me self.

    Just spoken to Dave in number 10 and ‘Arry and it’s sorted….I’m coming home, I’m coming home, Peckham’s coming home.


    • 324
      P l e b says:

      I had hoped that you and your vacuous wife were heading towards China, and that we’d never hear about you again.

      I do live in hope.


  88. 279
    National Socialist says:

    At the last General Election Mr Cameron stated ‘we’re all in this together’. He was appealing to people’s patriotic duty to do their bit.
    People on PAYE have no option but to pay their taxes. Everyone else should do the same.

    Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button have been mentioned in regard to their living abroad, allegedly to avoid paying tax. If they don’t want to use the NHS, or for the state to educate their children, then presumably they should escape approbrium. There is a separate debate to be had as to whether they should be allowed to vote here.

    If the government took action against benefit and health tourism, and refused benefits to anyone who enters the country but has not contributed then they would be seen to be doing the right thing.

    Alas! Politicians being fundamentally stupid, target the very people who HAVe paid into the system, and them wonder why this loses them votes.


  89. 280
    Kanta says:

    It would be a great honor to have Jean Michel Jarre live in England or even if he has a holiday home here… ;)
    A devoted loyal Jean Michel Jarre fan forever.


  90. 285
    CCHQ Press Officer says:

    The taxpayers’ subsidy for the bars and restaurants in the Houses of Commons has risen to £5.8m a year


  91. 293
    RomaRomanyRomanians says:

    See you in 2013! Make sure you have enough benefit claim forms printed.


  92. 294
    Tony Blair must be executed for treason says:


  93. 298
    Lord Mooncrater says:

    I read a few years ago that the Labour government considered altering the new Tax Credits introduced by McMental to deduct all income from employees and return a payment that they decided was adequate.

    Apparently McMental rejected the propsal – presumably because he realised that he would never be PM after being hung by piano wire from a lampost.

    Scary stuff that it was even discussed.


  94. 309
    Conspiracy Watch says:

    This could be to do with balkanizing SE England to be a region which overlaps northern France:


  95. 317
    Benny Fitz-Clements says:


    • 323
      Rage says:

      That is not true because it has not been authorised by the BBC


    • 344
      BBC rearranged and manipulated figures based on Guardian instruction says:

      The red figures show how much the poor have lost, and the black figures how much the rich have gained.


      • 379
        Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

        Yes, I’ve lost out. I didn’t pay tax for some years but once I starting receiving the State Pension I now have to pay a couple of quid a week.



    • 347
      Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:

      If you believe that the least well off are 26% better off, and the most wealthy 27% worse of since 2010 …. you are a F*uckin Looney

      Did this come from the W*nk Stain Alliance by any chance


    • 358
      Herge's misadventures of Dave the Clown says:

      £212bill Osboune is borrowing more than he intended by 2015 they say, isn’t it? Crazy madman that needs sectioning. Can you see it now?…


    • 414
      gary son of gary says:

      22% tax at £50k? More like 49%.


  96. 326
    Dessert rat says:

    Why the fuck do the French let this Dutch geezer bollocks up their economy?


  97. 338
    Pot Watch says:

    An even bigger danger lurketh in the clouds of forgotten policy:


  98. 340
    I don't need no doctor says:

    We at labour headquarters practice the art of deception.
    Ed Miliband, the master of two faced millionaire hypocrisy.
    Andy Burnham, the master of NHS lies and deceit.
    Ed Balls, the financial magician, has made your money disappear before your very eyes.
    Yvette Cooper, has no equal in feigning sincerity.
    Harriet Harman, another of our two faced hypocrites.
    Dianne Abbott, our racist, who loves to divide and rule.
    Emily Thornberry, our pompous egotistical member.
    We have many, many others, ready at the drop of a hat, to climb aboard our bandwagon.


  99. 343
    Herge's misadventures of Dave the Clown says:

    Pie and chips with mushy peas for Jarre. But I think not.

    The french are crazy about their sauces, they even have it on their corn flakes, I’ve heard.


  100. 345
    Abstract Thought says:

    What would a Fabian pissing competition look like in practice ?


  101. 353
    Cameron is a Cunt says:

    surely this is cameron’s third way out of the economic crisis – he is an idiot so what would you expect – – land of make ebelieve for the rich and celbrities only – c’unt


  102. 356
    Controversial viewpoint says:


    • 364
      Rage says:

      As posted 3;55pm

      We at labour headquarters practice the art of deception.
      Ed Miliband, the master of two faced millionaire hypocrisy.
      Andy Burnham, the master of NHS lies and deceit.
      Ed Balls, the financial magician, has made your money disappear before your very eyes.
      Yvette Cooper, has no equal in feigning sincerity.
      Harriet Harman, another of our two faced hypocrites.
      Dianne Abbott, our racist, who loves to divide and rule.
      Emily Thornberry, our pompous egotistical member.
      We have many, many others, ready at the drop of a hat, to climb aboard our bandwagon.


  103. 361
    Milton Friedman is scum says:


  104. 367
    Save the Badgers, Vote UKIP says:

    Keeping the borders open is detrimental to the health of the UK nation in a very real way:


  105. 380
    The Oncoming Storm says:

    Seems like Downing Street has given Oxygene to the story,

    I’ll get my coat!


  106. 383
    Nonce Watch says:

    Further investigation cometh: This cause problems for Tories:

    – Even though serious, the storm clouds of Hamilton appear to be gathering. One of the problems with Kesgrave is that records which should not have been destroyed relating to previous investigation were: Both police and social services…


  107. 384
    Silent but Deadly says:

    I for one welcome this addition to our cultural diversity


  108. 388

    Oh i think i will have my van serviced this year !
    I know i’ll just pop into Downing street and have a quick word with Dave see if i can claim it back against my tax , I’m sure if he can make time for some Frog twat with a Rolf Harris Stylophone he won’t have a problem finding time for an English person who doesn’t want to avoid paying tax

    “Jean Michel Jarre, the only French global rock star,” Like fuck he is ! What about
    Vanessa Paradis ? Joe le taxi se savi la la la


  109. 397
    Nosher says:

    La Belle France may lose a few multi millionaires but at least they will gain a whole bunch of 3rd world immies that with a bit of luck they can re-direct to the UK.

    Funny old world.


  110. 417

    He uses pictures lasers and fireworks to mask the fuckin noise going on in the background

    Note to Osborne : Must pay J M J ‘s tax bill , on condition the twat stays in France


  111. 420
    David Cameron's A Fackin Feminist says:

    VERY stupid of the French government to shoot itself in the foot like that! By default this makes Cameron look smarter than he is:
    A fiscal hero is something to be
    but he’s still a fackin feminist as far as I can see!


  112. 421
    Anonymous says:

    so……immigration is OK as long as it is to shoot a few presupposed socialist ideals…hmmmmmm! lets see, what if this bloke was not rich and was going to take handouts from the state?

    then again, i couldn’t care less as long as he leaves his shit musak behind


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