December 31st, 2012

Rich & Mark’s Monday Morning View


  1. 1
    VoteUkip says:

    How dare a Tory government have such high-spending, socialist ideas.

    Cameron is a state-f**ker.

    • 2
      VoteUkip says:

      The Tories are spending more than Gordon Brown did. Only then it wasn’t called austerity – it was called prudence.

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      • 23
        Why don't you stop it then! says:

        Benefit fraudsters cheated Labour’s flagship tax credits system of £10billion, Iain Duncan Smith claimed last night.

        The Work and Pensions Secretary said the payments, intended to support those on low incomes, were wide open to abuse, with few checks and balances.

        In a scathing interview, he said the scheme – administered by the Treasury, not his own department – was a ‘sorry story of dependency, wasted taxpayers’ money and fraud’.

        Tax credits were introduced by Gordon Brown to top up the incomes of low-income families particularly those with children, allowing them to claim up to £10,000 a year in tax credit.

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        • 34
          The Public says:

          Oooh look over there. The Tories are messing up so we shall find something to blame Labour for. Yes, the money was wasted. We all know that, the job of the government is to stop wasting the money, recover all the mis-spent money it can and to start running the nation’s finances properly. They are still wasting vast sums, not least on overseas ‘aid’ and spending money we do not have on high salaried bullshitters and biscuits.

          • Anonymous says:

            If it is wasting money it should be stopped. It took IDS 2.5 years to even even realise it, even though lots of people know about it years and years ago.

            Universal credits is the next disaster to happen, massive government IT schemes have never worked. It only ends up giving money to Indian IT workers.

            Simple and cheapest way to resolve this is to increase personal tax allowance and having allowance set single, couple and kids. It will save billions and billions wasted on administration, IT systems, over payments, fraud, etc. It will also encourage people to work.

          • The Public says:

            Tax threshold at £20K should do it. Then there would be no reason for anyone working to stick their hands in the pockets of their fellow tax payers for anything.

          • Anonymous says:

            Personal tax allowance; single person £10,000, couple £20,000 kids £5,000 (max allowance for 2 kids). Additional allowance people living in expensive parts of the country like London. No benefits unless someone is severely disable that they cannot work. For disable who can work increase personal tax allowance to £15,000.

          • Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

            Cameron is a weapons grade tool. His only redeeming feature is that he is not as much of a cnut as Brown.

        • 95
          Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

          Raising tax thresholds to eliminate tax credits and the attendent fraud and encourage people to work is far too simple for our MPs to understand. Would probably also eliminate the need for about 10000 jobs at HMRC.

          Lets take the whole tax simplification thing further and just have three taxes, income, corporation and VAT. Everyone pays – no exeptions. If you earn or make a profit in the UK then you pay.

        • 99

          It was bad enough paying for our own rubbish , now we have to pay for the rest of the worlds and the rest of Europe’s

    • 10
      Popeye says:

      Vote UKIP and ger a real Tory Government.

      • 18
        R.U.Shaw says:

        HAHAHAHAHAHA !!!

      • 21
        The Libor party says:

        Vote UKIP and get US !!

        • 43
          Dave hates Britain says:

          Even that would be a better option than Dave.

        • 47
          Oh ffs says:

          Withiin 2 years of Liebour getting control and all it’s high spending and heavy lending the country will be on fire, their will be no money for the benefit scroungers or for anybody else, out of the ashes etc.

          • Wake up and smell the coffee says:

            Labour are different from either the Lib-Dim’s and so called conservatives how exactly? They are all lying crooks looking to rob the public, to pay for their shite green schemes and pathetic ‘touchy feely’ ideas. Ffs, Cameron hates real tories with a passion, that’s why he’s destroying the Conservative party as a credible option.

          • Nigel Farage says:

            Cameron is a closet gayer.

        • 73
          Anonymous says:

          Vote UKIP and get Labour.

          • Dave "Top Man" Cameron's Strategy for 2013 says:

            I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way to demonstrate to those that think Labour will be the panacea to all their ill;cuts and everything else is to let Labour become the government in 2015 and I am actively working to THAT end…

      • 45
        Balkanised out of existence says:

        Vote LibLabCon and get ethnically cleansed from the country of your ancestors.

      • 102
        lojolondon says:

        Vote UKIP and remove Dirty Dave from power.

        Better to sink again to the depths of Liebour than continue bobbing along here to Liberal Dave’s EU tune!

        Of course, if the Tories replace Dave with a proper Conservative I would support them, but at the moment we have nothing to lose.

    • 25
      Effnic Davros. says:

      So Dave has is being hounded by the hetrosexual indigenous population, what else did the pro immigration, pro homosexual marriage, pro EU test expect?

  2. 3
    freddie fraudster says:

    The mob look like a pensioners outing from Malmsbury mildly upset at the cut in council funding for their flower show

    • 5
      a non says:

      That some of the chasing crowd are not carrying the classical devil’s trident should not detract from Rich and Mark’s attempt.
      We can but hope from this gardener’s protest that R&M are planning to turn over a new leaf in 2013 too.

    • 14
      Anonymous says:

      That scene should be played out locally in front of every MP’s home. Protesters shouldn’t travel to London.

  3. 4
    The grey vote is becomng extremely annoyed says:

    You can run Dave but you can’t hide…

    • 79
      Lou Scannon says:

      Exactly who is running Dave ? We should be told.

      • 88
        a member of the public says:

        Nice question, even nicer if it was answered, is it lobbyists or his stink tanks he takes notice of or is it just what he reads from an auto-cue like Barry.

  4. 6
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Death threats in what must be described, however hesitantly, as a cartoon? People have had their collars felt for less.

    • 13
      Georgy Porgy Pudding and Pie says:

      It’s interesting to note the comment coming from gun owning American’s who are -rightly in my view – upset at O’Barmy’s threat to take their weapons off them. They’re coming to the boil a lot quicker than their UK counterparts. Something to do perhaps, with them having a written constitution rather than the movable feast of bullsh*t fed to the British public by their ‘betters’.

      • 42
        The Public says:

        No it isn’t. It is not in the least bit interesting. I find all the comments from American gun nuts on here distinctly tedious, especially the ones who come on here pretending to be British.

        • 61
          kiddiethink watch says:

          We’ll tell you what to think and what to do, only us adults in government are allowed guns, now fuck off and do our bidding, serf.

          • The Public says:

            Yours is exactly the kind of crap comment I was talking about. Loads of people who have a reasonable purpose for having them own and use guns in this country. Are you not aware of that? I assume not. My brother in law acquired a new shotgun only the other day.

            But that doesn’t stop people believing the shit they read and then making ludicrous extrapolations and statements based on their ignorance. I say, the whole American discussion abut guns is a tedious distraction from more interesting things.

          • Just asking ? says:

            “Public”…..There is a world of difference between people(farmers etc)being allowed to hold shotguns and the public to have the right to hold powerful handguns and semi-automatic rifles plus as much ammunition as they can purchase at Wal-Mart.

            Why would a primary school teacher or any other member of the public need several hand guns and/or semi-automatic rifles especially in the sort of “sleepy hollow” locality that the recent school shooting took place in ?

            The answer is not to arm teachers etc but to ban hand guns from being owned by the general public . Finally what is a “reasonable purpose” exactly ??

          • The Public says:

            My point exactly. There us no such excuse. The American gun nuts are just that. Gun nuts. And bores with it. They think that no-one has guns in the UK, even farmers. They then go on to make all sorts of stupid comments based on that ignorance.

          • US Watch says:

            You are a liberal, I claim my $5

          • Anonymous says:

            Brits can’t keep handguns for self defence, like most Europeans can!
            Since the ban, gun crime by crims has INCREASED!

          • biffo says:

            Yeah the handgun ban works so well here – now only the criminals are armed & ready to commit their acts of violence..

    • 16
      Anonymous says:

      Aaaw, did Nanny slappy your limp wristy?
      You sshould learn something from the europeans instead of shaking for fear of Nanny.

      • 27
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        Thank you for reading my post. I should have finished with, “/sarc” for those with an irony bypass. Apologies. I’ll make it easier for you in the future.

  5. 7
    Georgy Porgy Pudding and Pie says:

    Anyone watched Cameron-Shamron’s New Year Message? No, me neither. Why would anyone want too when to paraphrase his fellow commy traveller Mary Therese McCarthy “every word that man utters is a lie, including ‘and’ and ‘the’.

  6. 8
    Taxpayer says:


    When are you going to take a fucking axe to planet public sector?

    All the white-coarted, high-viz-jacket-wearing, clipboard-wielding fucking jobsworths that are endlessly on holiday/on strike/on union business/on paternity leave except when they are fucking me up.

    Get a grip Dave, I’m sick of paying to be bossed about by nonentities.

  7. 9
    Silent Bob says:

  8. 12
    The Public says:

    So the Olympics didn’t work out for him. Please replace this chap before he tries to rally us all behind some stupid war.

    • 20
      Shlomo Fatpiggybankowitz says:

      But… how else can we expand our god-promised rac-ist colony on a-rab lands if stupi8d gullible G-oy don’t fight the Mus-lims for us?

    • 31
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      You need an Army to start even a stupid war. Thanks to Cammo’s policies, we don’t have an Army any more.

  9. 19
    just being helpful says:

    Burning is too quick and not nearly painful enough for those at the core of the treasonous liblabcons.

  10. 22
    Tooting Sid says:

    Ok I give up. What’s it supposed to mean?

  11. 24
    Doris Goldblatt says:

    Mr Cameron did not mention NHS in his New Year speech. NHS clearly an electoral liability for Tories.

    • 26
      Scouse End says:

      Especially when it sends its elderly customers on the pathway to Liverpool to face their death sentence.

    • 35
      VoteUkip says:

      The NHS has been a liability for the British people for 60 years. That’s not including their elderly-cleansing policies, which involve neglect, starvation and lack of cleaning.

      • 48
        Balkanised out of existence says:

        Killing off loads of old pre-Windrushers seems to serve both labour and tory party agendas very well.

      • 56
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        I don’t know why the NHS doesn’t go the whole hog on the Stalinist model and tattoo treatment units with a number. It’s a tried and tested way of keeping track of de-humanised people in totalitarian regimes.

        • 81
          a member of the public says:

          It has computers and forms now, saves on the extra bit of ink, the money saved can be passed on as holiday money for one of the many NHS directors holidays.

  12. 28
    That prick who knows better says:

    I do hope that a good man’s career, reputation and life isn’t ruined by some bullshit lies spread by an attention seeking 55 year old . . .

    • 36
      A family affair. says:

      Well they do say most sexual abuse occurs within the family. Little wonder they affectionately called the BBC aunty.

    • 38
      The Public says:

      Who cares? This thread is about the cartoon and the deficiencies of David Cameron.

      • 53
        a member of the public says:

        Your not little Neo or Guido or TwAT, who the hell gave you control.

        • 60
          The Public says:

          Who said anything about control? The mere point is that whenever there is a post which pokes fun at Cameron or which deviates from what the spin machine wants to project about him, people keep coming on here trying to start conversations about other things.

          • Anonymous says:

            UKrap off bonehead.

          • Vote4Ukip says:

            And whenever there is a post criticising the Labour cretins, people come on here and try to start conversations about other things. So what’s new?

          • The Public says:

            I am right and you know it.

            The person wanting to distract us with stuff about Saville is linking to an article which is froth and tease and no facts.

          • a member of the public says:

            Camoron has gone past his sell by date, his spin stopped working ages ago, he’s been found out and no matter what spin comes from him will fall into the septic tank, LibCon is dead it wants burying, the stink is pervading everything including the other shite party Liebour.

    • 52
      taffy, sweating like rapist says:

      Jimmy Savile wasn’t a serial sex abuser, it’s all a figment of your imaginations.

    • 80
      Harridan Harmanhater says:

      It’s now know officially as the Madge Moran defence.

    • 115
      Nonce Watch says:

      The guy can only not be named because he took an injunction out.

      The article is apologist tripe.

      Let the investigation proceed, and if his conscience gets the better of him, suicide is probably his best option, if guilty. Otherwise, time to man up and stop being a pu$$y.

  13. 40
    John Major says:

    I’m a government in a Curry!

  14. 50
    Oh ffs says:

    Rich and Mark still can’t draw, but I know who the drawing represents, the sod who won’t be PM after May 2015 even though his stink tanks tell him he will.

  15. 54
    David" I couldn't possibly comment" Cameron says:

    Christian “beheaded and body fed to dogs” in Syria by Islamists. … These are the Islamists !!!!

  16. 58
    David Camperon says:

    Britain is in a global race, so if you lot don’t get your arses into gear I’ll make sure they’ll get fucked right up.

    • 84
      a member of the public says:

      The British baton for the global race was passed to the EU years ago, the EU snail has just left Brussels start, it has gone abour 2inches, , I hate metric, the rest of the world are at the finishing lline

      • 117
        EU Watch says:

        EU is a non starter in the global race.

        Directives, bureaucracy and immoral beliefs hold very little defense against steel and the word of God: real power.

        If the UK is behind anything, it is behind that, which is shameful.

  17. 65
    PIP Tits says:

    Woman with false tits just on the news blaming the government for ruining her life. So how is the government responsible for her vanity and stupidity?

    She forked out 4 grand to have her breasts knifed open and bags of silicon stuffed and sewn in. And she thought there was no risk? More to the point why did she do it and why is she blaming the government? It’s also time interviewers starting asking difficult questions rather than accepting their word as gospel.

    Bungee jumpers and sky divers will be next.

    • 76
      The Loony Left says:

      All part of the ‘entitlement mentality’ brought to you by Libor’s Human Rights rules.

    • 87
      Everybody wants to be a "z" celebrity says:

      She should claim against Labour…it was their policies of dumbing down and promoting the fatuous celebrity culture of “Cool Britannia” that resulted in these airheads all thinking they needed big tits

    • 112
      phew... says:

      don’t like those false bumper funbags..they feel too squidgey … can’t beat a decent set of 38DDs hand reared with dollops of sucking and smothering

  18. 89
    Hang The Basatrds says:

    I listened to Camorons new years message.

    UTTER-SHITE, totally out of touch…..

    One-Term-Cam he’s nobody’s man !

    • 94
      Fishy says:

      But did you hear President elect, Miliband’s speech? If he get’s into power we really are in deep do do.

      • 100
        Synic says:

        Quite so. But we’re in it already, with Dave increasing the National Debt every month, in spite of his lying New Year statement.
        Also of course the cnut is promoting Gay Marriage.
        Roll on Milliprat & Bollux completion of national bankruptcy after 2015.
        The U.K. is fucked with whatever combination of LabLibConners is in government.
        The stupid greedy idle ignorant public will get what it deserves for electing the thieving incompetents.

    • 101
      Anonymous says:

      Reducing the Debt — that’s an outright lie Camoron

      • 103
        politicians and the crosses they should be nailed to says:

        Reducing the debt by making it larger and then borrowing more billions to throw away on the foreign aid fraud and the EU tribute.

  19. 90 says:

    It is ironic that Mr Smith has never had a job in the private sector.
    Taxpayer’s tit and all that.

  20. 96
    • 104
      Tachybaptus says:

      Comes up in Chrome with a notice saying ‘This page is in Romanian. Would you like to translate it?’ I must be missing something here.

      • 109
        Glad to oblige (PS Don't use Chrome) says:

        Just to let you know, Dave, I’m not
        going to hang around for long.

        Can you imagine how the Bruin would have reacted to being in the same position? It would be Nokias all round the park!

  21. 107
    Vote Ukip says:

    Notice no-one, absolutely no-one here has had anything positive at all to say about Cameron. Oust him, oust him now!

  22. 108
    statist says:

    JM Jarre is from cosmopolitan stock and they have always migrated to lesser regulated , laissez-faire regimes.

    They left Eastern Europe for thiose reasons (nat’l socialism = regulation) because they felt they were being persecuted when in fact they merely being regulated. What if the cosmopolitans were mistaken in their belief that they were being persecuted and were in fact being censured for their behaviours?

    Alas, we now all now the outcome of their migration westwrds to London and NYC the citadels of western free-market anarchy. Look whats happened to the countries of those capital cities…now hollowed out shells.

  23. 110
    Auntie Flo' says:

    Can someone tell me what the Conservatives believe in these days? Having just read Francis Maude’s progressive diatribe on embracing the new social norms, I’m mightily confused.

  24. 119
    Herge's misadventures of Dave the Clown says:

    Must be getting close to building that whickerman for certain people in high places. Liar liar pants on fire it will be literally.

  25. 121
    Nigel Farage (pronounced faridge) says:

    Got the double chin and little chubby cheeks perfect

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