December 28th, 2012

Review of 2012: Guido v Leveson

2012 was very much the year Brian Leveson enjoyed his fifteen minutes of fame, spending £5 million of taxpayers’ money to change, well, nothing, leaving nobody’s favourite Lord Justice free to jet off into the Australian sunset. Leveson couldn’t get enough of Guido in February, though it is fair to say both he and the Information Commissioner less than appreciated this blog exclusively publishing the Operation Motorman Blue Book later on in the spring. An establishment cover-up of hundreds of crimes committed by journalists was revealed, and Brian went bonkers…

The Leveson effect meant no British media outlet would run the naked photos of Prince Harry that emerged overnight from Vegas during the summer,  fortunately for readers of this blog Guido didn’t care what Leveson thought. When Kate Middleton’s topless snaps found their way onto the internet Guido let the public decide whether or not to publish, you chose to spare the Duchess of Cambridge’s dignity. It didn’t hurt traffic though…

When it came down to it, Dave decided that Leveson’s demand for statutory regulation of the press was a step – to the seventeenth century – too far. There was a bashing for Piers though. As we enter 2013 Brian is gone yet not quite forgotten…


  1. 1
    Dave"The One Term Prime Minister" Cameron says:

    You should put that on a T-shirt.


  2. 2
    Got a new Crayon says:

    Don’t forget the non release of the Chilcott report


  3. 3
    Kebab Time says:

    The Leveson farce was a joke ( an expensive one at that) , Leveson told us what we all knew anyway and his proposals, well, Ed supported them, nuff said.

    Tho If implemented it will just make bloggers and internet stronger than press.

    Happy New Year all :)


  4. 4
    One Pound Fish Very Very Good says:

    The powerful are closing ranks with Labour leading the charge to regulate and dictate what we can read.


    • 13
      CarryHole is a complete Hunt says:

      To try and control what we think. Perhaps they see the evil BBC withering in it’s “nudging” of the U.K. populace’s id.


    • 20
      Cluster and Fuck attorneys says:

      We represent our client Poundland. Please cease and desist with your one pound fish.


    • 23
      Jagbulon says:

      We have all been brainwashed by the BBC. It is called social conditioning. Just look at the dynamic females and wimpy men in the Archers for example or the lefty rantings of Sandi Toxic. With 50% of the total UK news reach the BBC have the power to manipulate the attitudes of the whole nation. So they do exactly this with their politically correct liberal/leftie world view.
      They damage the UK just as much as labour, the unions or the freemasons do.


      • 50
        Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

        Watch it. I’m a freemason. Boaz.


      • 69
        Imagine My Surprise says:

        Just been listening to R4 “UK Confidential” about the release of government papers under the thirty year rule, covering the Falklands War and Savile’s dealings with the Tories.

        The BBC come out of it as clean as a whistle with no mention of broadcasting militarily sensitive information on the World Service which cost many British lives and could have changed the outcome of the war.

        And apparently, Savile was a great friend of Maggie Thatcher and the BBC hardly even knew who he was.


  5. 5
    Grammar School Boy says:

    Brian who?


  6. 6
    More power to Guido's elbow says:

    Leveson was useful for it showed us just how fast Ed Miliband’s knee jerks. His instinctive reaction is to put state control ahead of liberty.


  7. 7
  8. 11
    Brian Leviathan DCM QC CDM, VD & Scar says:

    I’ll be back


  9. 12
    Gulf War Part I says:

    Stormin Norman Schwarzkopf dead. How long before George Bush Sr croaks too?


  10. 14

    Well done Mr Fawkes for exposing that blabber mouth obnoxios twat , Twatson


  11. 17
    genghiz the kahn says:

    BBC wetting themselves – Thatcher unprepared for Falklands War and Savile’s letters to Thatcher revealed.


  12. 19
    Chris Bryant says:

    Those photographs are disgusting.


  13. 24
    Steve Miliband says:

    The BBC is the biggest platform for celebrity self promotion. Radio shows, Chat shows, news programmes are just full of celebs talking about their new book/record/film.

    Steve Wright; I am not fucking interested that Alan Partridge has a new show, just play the fucking music.

    Suzanna Reid; I don’t give a shit about JK Rowling’s shitty new book, just tell me how shit the weather is.

    Graham Norton; Hugh Grant is a one trick pony – I don’t need to hear about his latest film where he plays an upper class twit with foppish hair.

    The BBC should charge fuckwits to come onto their programmes to promote their products


    • 28
      Centre Parting says:

      They probably do – through the back door.

      It’s the unique way they are funded.


    • 30
      Anonymous says:

      No need to charge – just make them travel to Salford without expenses


    • 38
      Rat Attack says:

      It’s called public service broadcasting but should be called public relations broadcasting with all these “celebs” using our airwaves to tout their goods.

      I work for a large and well-known retailer but don’t think the BBC would give us free time to promote the special offers and new services.


    • 77
      Anonymous says:

      I really dislike Coogan,Rowling, Grant and all the other attention seekers who whinged to Brian, now ,and will avoid anything they do. They have all made first class pratts of themselves for nothing.


  14. 25
    filipinomonkey says:

    I wonder, if the recommendations of Leverson had been implemented before the phone hacking saga, would it have actually prevented it?

    Could a journalist, needing a story to save their career, really resist a way of getting supposedly secret information from supposed celebrities?

    I very much doubt it.


  15. 27
    restore the monasteries says:

    A passage from a book wot i read,describing the church in Rome in
    1200A.D,applicable to many institutions of today..”A monstrously demonic fraud
    hoisted on Christians of goodwill by a cabal of ruthless voluptuaries enslaved to the pleasures of the flesh and the appetite for gain.”

    Cui bono…..For whose advantage is it?…..


  16. 33
    The BBC are cunts says:

    We will decide what you can read, watch and think.


  17. 34
    Nonce was Thatcherite says:

    Letter by Jimmy Savile reveal he was a big fan of Thatcher. He wrote “all my girl patients love you. I do too!”


    • 39
      Sir Tony of Blairshire says:

      Tony Blair loves Thatcher too.


      • 51
        Voteukip says:

        He loved the way Thatcher sorted out the unions. No doubt in time some arsehole Labour leader will love Cameron for sorting out the national debt, education and welfare.


      • 80
        Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

        So do we. There is going to be a bronze statue of her in Toxteth.

        Then it is going to be slowly melted down – long and lingering.


    • 73
      writer's 9d. says:

      Under what qualification did this person have the right to be in possession of girl patients?


  18. 35
    Anonymous says:

    our 3D world is about power, sex, food and money.
    nothing for the soul in this.


  19. 36
    Fluffy Thoughts says:


    A foto too far Guido. If we wished to search for it we would.

    Why not unearth your own country’s sins. Start with Haughy and move either forwards or backwards: You’se bog-trotters are known criminals and ass-wipes!

    Oh, Ein glückliches neues Jahr from Fuhrer Merkel (paddy-slaves’ master)…!


  20. 37
    Owen Jones says:

    After 20 years, I met an ex in the street. “Hello Sue,” I said, “Wow, it’s been a while. How are you doing these days?”

    “Pretty well.” she said. “After my degree I went into law and I’m a partner now. Anyway, nice to see you.” she said walking off.

    Still full of herself, I thought. Never asked how I was doing, or bought a Big Issue.


  21. 40
    The Dead Pool says:

    Charles Durning, Jack Klugman, Gerry Anderson, Norman Schwarzkopf, Fontella Bass, all die in the space of a few days. At this rate, with Bush in intensive care and Mandela and Thatcher recently in hospital, maybe the year will close with 3 big political deaths.


    • 43
      Joss Taskin says:

      Who said there are no great thinkers left any more ?


    • 55
      Cupboard Door says:

      Charles Durning, Jack Klugman and Fontella Bass mean nothing to me. I expect they are American. There is someone who keeps coming on here making Yankee cultural references and expecting everyone to genuflect to them.

      I will notunduly mourn the passing of Bush or Mandela either: Bush was a mediocre president and Mandela, while a good enough fellow, was blown up out of all proportion during his lifetime into a personality cult – who served as a figleaf for an intellectually bankrupt one-party state. His wife was a nasty piece of work.


      • 84
        Zoo Loo Warroir says:

        he should have been blown up while he was throwing bobs around in Jo’burg. The original African Bin Liner.


      • 88
        That prick who knows better says:

        She still is actually.

        As for Mandela, well he is judged by different standards of course. He was a terrorist, but being a black one makes him a hero when he stops being a terrorist and we all love him because he didn’t try and kill all the white boys who handed the country over.

        Bush was mediocre but Maggie, well. That was a woman for her time and she had huge domestic and international impact. It’s quite funny how when the liberal/left witter on about feminism and what a better more caring world it would be if women were in charge don’t really have Mrs. T in mind, or Golda Meir or Xtina Fernando Kirchner or Angela or Indira or indeed any woman who has actually held power.

        Now we are all supposed to be optimistically looking forward to Bill Clinton’s 5th term in the form of the odious Hillary. Blurgh!


      • 89
        Keeping The Faith says:

        You never got up North much, did you? Wigan Casino? Blackpool Mecca?


  22. 42
    illogical says:

    For some of us Brian will never be forgotten.
    Not sure whether the same could be said for Dougal, Zebedee, Florence and Ermintrude.


  23. 44
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    Guido takes a page out of the book of the Duke of Wellington, who was “offered an opportunity” to keep his name out of a kiss-and-tell book by a courtesan (i.e, a solicitation of a bribe, as opposed to out-and-out extortion); Lord Wellie’s response? “Publish, and be damned!” (Of course, the publisher was a pornographer and not particularly interested in the corruption angle of the woman’s stories, either.) The Press and new media, presented with the Leveson Report recommendations, are being given a similar choice to Wellie– we’re going to give you an opportunity here that we don’t really need to– you can go along with a new regulatory scheme and it’ll be a lot easier on you, won’t it, or you can publish and take your chances in Court. Guido says, “I’ll publish– and ‘be damned,’ if you will, if it comes to that!”

    Every so-called “reform” that increases power for one set of persons at another’s expense is always touted to the latter as being for its own good, if it would only be wise enough to see. Guido is the little child in the famous cartoon who says “Well, I say it’s SPINACH– and I say to hell with it!”


  24. 47
    Fuck you, Ann, and the expenses paid-for horse you rode in on says:

    I nominate Ann Clwyd for most loathsome c-unt of the year. The expenses troughing, Iraq war championing bitch stood up at pmqs and turned on the waterworks over her husband’s treatment by callous nhs nurses. Whilst I do sympathise with her loss, it begs two questions: with her generous MP’s salary and his earnings as a TV producer, why didn’t she place him in private care? A lot of private hospitals have cruel staff too but she could have found one that provided the best care. But more importantly, why is this the first time she’s raised this issue? Does she think the lack of compassion by nursing staff is a new thing? It’s been going on for years.

    I admit I’m a little biased because I’ve loathed Clwyd ever since she became Tony Blair’s patsy over Iraq. I remember the prune faced c-unt touring the TV studios to basically say invading Iraq was right because someone like her was supporting it! In return, Blair gives her the completely worthless carrot of being human rights envoy to Iraq. She did a fine job there. As we know, there have been no human rights abuses since the war! But it gave Ann the opportunity to get her ugly mug on screen more and have all expenses paid trips to Baghdad where she stayed in the nice luxury hotels surrounded by American and British troops. And during her tenure as president of the parliamentary party, she became notorious for shouting down any complaints and criticisms of Blair.

    All in all, Clwyd is a thoroughly despicable creature. The female Denis Skinner, she’s still riding on the back of an undeserved reputation for being a rebel and a crusader, when she’s nothing of the sort. They’re both worthless sacks of vomit who are held up as almost folk heroes, when in reality they’re both downright shoddy people who collect a fat salary and do absolutely fuck all.

    At the start of the 2010 parliament following the election, Clwyd was quoted as saying she wouldn’t have stood again if she’d known how complex the new expenses process would be. That alone is a reason to hate this vile, self-serving, ostentatious, troughing piece of shit.


  25. 54
    In the Van Rompuy household, it's called Fifteen Euro Fish says:


    • 56
      Van Rumpy-Pumpy says:

      Deport him you miserable english


      • 61
        Steve Lloyd. says:

        We have, apparently.


      • 65
        Strangers Bar says:

        Come on ladies, Come on ladies
        Come on MPs, Come on MPs
        One Pound subsidised Fillet Mignon!

        Have a, have a look, One Pound subsidised Fillet Mignon
        Have a, have a look, One Pound subsidised Fillet Mignon
        Very Very good, One Pound subsidised Fillet Mignon
        Very Very Cheap, One Pound subsidised Fillet Mignon
        Six for Five Pound, One Pound subsidised Fillet Mignon
        Six for Five Pound, One Pound subsidised Fillet Mignon
        Very Very Good and Very Very Cheap
        One Pound, One Pound


    • 60
      Steve Lloyd. says:

      I read yesterday that this bloke is now selling his fish in Islamabad after being deported,yet we still cannot get rid of Hamza.


  26. 57
    Gordon Brown says:

    This has been a tremendously successful and prudent year for myself. In addition to winning 4 gold medals at the Olympics, I became a Youtube sensation with my song Gangnam Style, I broke box office records in my third outing as James Bond in Skyfall, and I won the Christmas Day ratings war with my guest appearance on Downton Abbey.

    I look forward to 2013, when I’ll be starring in Iron Man 3, doing a world tour and collecting the Nobel Peace Prize.


  27. 58
    C.unts In Wigs says:

    Anyone for a refresher?

    We are of course the Dyson Cyclone sucker uppers of large amounts of cash.


  28. 59
    Hacked off with it all says:

    Leveson’s big mistake was to concentrate on the Hugh Grants, Alan Partridges and Max Mosleys in an inquisition set up because an ordinary murdered schoolgirl’s phone was hacked (supposedly but never proven) by a PI working for the papers.

    He also ignored all the pain the courts, his courts, put her family through. A pain which was worse that the supposedly deleted emails probably done by the phone company as they time expired.

    But most of all it was simply an inquisition into events that were illegal anyway and an inquisition set up by Dave as an ill thought out knee jerk reaction to Ed’s cynical politicising of the murder of a schoolgirl for his own ends.


  29. 63
    Tom Watson says:

    I had a wonderful christmas lunch. Three roast turkeys, 1kg of roast potatoes, 2 litres of gravy, all washed down with 6 litres of coca cola, followed by bread and butter pudding, chocolate log, christmas cake and 30 mince pies covered in brandy butter and double cream.


  30. 79
    @# says:

    This bloody Gang nam thing. Didn’t Cameron say he was clamping down on gangs?


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