December 28th, 2012

Mad Al’s Dodgy Gamble

Alastair Campbell has spent most of the festive period going off on one about the gambling industry, which he accuses of “getting it’s tentacles into Parliament.”

Its an interesting line to take from someone who is in the pay of an organisation whose job is to do just that – push the interests of gambling in parliament. What Mad Al likes to keep quiet when he is on one of his new moral crusades is that he is a well remunerated lobbyist for Portland. And who are are on the spinmeister’s client list? The Association of British Bookmakers, of course.


  1. 1
    Welcome to Britain !sign on second desk on right says:

    Seems the arms industry got it’s tentacles into yours !

    • 26
      New Labour and the Super Casino project. says:

      This would be Super Casino Mad Al? The Super Casino project of new Labour that was quietly shelved when Gordon came into power and bad Al left the stage?

      • 32
        Sir William says:

        Tentacles need lots of suckers!

        • 40
          Cynical-old-bag says:

          That would be Joe Public, then.

          • How can I waste your money; Cameron says:

            David Cameron has defended Britain’s £11bn foreign aid bill saying the UK Government has a “moral obligation” to help to the world’s poorest people.


          • CarryHole is a complete Hunt says:

            Dave, that’s what (genuine freely given, nothing expected in return) Charity is for.

          • Anonymous says:

            If it was aid. The aid we give does not help anyone.

            As soon as the white Land Rovers are seen, the area is doomed. This money is used to destabilise areas. They gather people into camps so that the density of mouths is above the natural productivity of the land. Once moved, there is no escape. They provide wells that can supply more people than the land can support and so over populate the area.

            Even in high food areas the “aid” they send supports outside “workers”. I have witnessed the acts of some of these deranged people. One in particular was obviously a danger in his home community so was sent away as a aid worker. Completely off his trolley and disrupted the local population gatherings by openly humiliating them for their customs. Those in charge had no care to control him. This was along with the out of date chocolate and porridge!

            The biggest crime is packaging it all in plastic. Up until the aid arrived, all waste was buried or recycled through animals. Now the place resembles a rubbish tip with plastic protruding from the ground.

            They obviously provided aid to transport produce to a central and distant market. But there was no aid to transport the people in need to the same market. I saw massive heaps of rotting food in a country during a famine.

            It is sad to see the damage that is done to these communities by the money. But then some people want their land, or to select the people. Even visited a museum dedicated to the local activist that was killed to silence him, when they wanted the mining rights.

          • Turkey sandwiches fried in goose fat, says fatty Nigella says:

            HEY! Your talking about my best online mate here, you fuckhers!.

            I won’t hear anything bad said about him, apart that he is a saddo for supporting Burnley. But apart from that, I find him a tidy fellow, but I suppose we are cut from the same piece of cloth, I suppose.

          • Turkey sandwiches fried in goose fat, says fatty Nigella says:

            Anyone posted this yet, Kelvin the pussy get an all in wrestling smack down from Ali?


          • Turkey sandwiches fried in goose fat, says fatty Nigella says:

            OOPS! Adam “murdoch arselick” Boulton even – sorry Kelvin – my profuse apologies.

          • Anonymous says:

            Taffy you fucking idiot, Ali C lost, get over it. At this time Labour were trying desperately to form a coalition with the LibDems and others, but as we know they went to the Torys in the end. Ali’s desperate bid to keep the whole sorry shitefest going was a big FAIL. Bye!

          • Turkey sandwiches fried in goose fat, says fatty Nigella says:

            Yes, the Lib Dems – losing more deposits than an elephant with the squirts from the vomiting bug.

            Yes, Clegg the Lib Dem tory mole, and Lib Dems took it hook line and sinker. What a bunch oh knobends they are.

          • Hahahahahaha says:

            Not enough of those lost LibDem votes are going to Labour, you mug.

          • Turkey sandwiches fried in goose fat, says fatty Nigella says:

            vote for the british communist party is all I have to say disaffected Lib Dems, and Labourites I suppose.

            Power to the people, and all that…

          • Dylan Thomas is shite says:

            Point to anywhere in the world communism has worked, you dumb welsh fuck

          • Lord Lardbreath of some outer isle says:

            At least I am called something, welsh. What are you called when you are at home, butt?

          • Lord Lardbreath of some outer isle says:

            Cuba did an alright job, considering.

      • 68
        ali Campbell meets the Sweeney says:

        Oi Campbell you slllllaaaaaggggg just answer the fucking question on what basis did you insert the phrase “beyond doubt” into the intelligence assesment on whether Saddamn possessed WMD and which was told to parliament ?

        • 84
          Alky Pop says:

          I was in the midst of one of my depressions and deserve nothing but sympathy for my lies.
          Ask Jack straw.
          It’s our Moran-ic defence.

          • the most unsuccessful fat fucker ever says:

            I’m a victim to bulimia you know.

          • FOBTs are Evil says:

            Campbell has a point, for once. The bookies do get preferential treatment.

            Like other forms of gambling, FOBTs need limiting to £2 stake. The industry knows it, the bookies know it. It doesn’t happen because the bookies have powerful friends.

        • 166

          Get your anti depressants and take the whole fucking bottle you sad lonely billy nah mates twat

          • David Laws Lib Dem Fiddler says:

            Vile man, like Blair, who should be tried and put in jail to prevent harm to the community.

      • 109
        Anonandon says:

        “Everyboby likes a flutter”, Tessa Jowell.
        Former secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport

  2. 2
    BEAST \/MPITE EVOR says:

    He said “its” tentacles.

  3. 3
    Mike Litorus says:

    You say that like you’re surprised…?

  4. 4
    Andrew Efiong says:

    Hehe, another Labour stooge flushed out by Guido!

    • 39
      Wrapping paper says:

      Tessa Jowell is another guilty party where gambling is concerned. She rammed through the 2005 Gambling Act which flooded the nation’s high streets with bookies.

      • 69
        This is what corrupt politicians look like says:

        Is that the same Tessa Jowell who together with her husband purchased her home using the proceeds of crime ?

      • 88
        Get a facelift asap Tessa says:

        Tessa Jowell?
        I think that you mean the illustrious Dame Tessa Jowell, who has recently returned to the love of her life, the fraudster Mr Mills.
        (Not that she ever left him, but shhhhh)

      • 110
        Anonandon says:

        “Everybody likes a flutter”
        Tess Jowell, former Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport

        • 126
          I'm with my hubby, the fraudster, Mills says:

          An ugly old slag called Tess
          Turned whatever she touched to a mess
          But when the time came
          She was created a Dame
          Though for what for we can only guess

          • Lord Lardbreath of some outer isle says:

            Tessa Jowell,
            play with my dowel.

            Olympic games?
            play with my jewel.

            Medals gold given?
            suck my ruby,
            up to navel.

  5. 5
    stoicfnord says:

    Why do you call him “Mad Al”? Is it because he is open is speaking about his mental health problems? Or for another reason.

    There’s enough stigma over that without you adding to it. Attack his politics, of course, but not the illness.

    • 11
      A reasonable but angry man says:

      I’d call you childish and silly. But that might stigmatise your ridiculous and juvenile attitude. Go and read the Beano Annual.

    • 13
      The Sheikh Of Arabee says:

      How about Hunt Al then? Does that suit you you fucking sanctimonious jizzmop?

    • 14
      Cynical-old-bag says:

      It’s funny isn’t it. Mental health problems have a habit of coming to the fore when the person in question is on a sticky wicket.

      It worked really well for Margaret Moran, didn’t it.

    • 35
      Sir William says:

      Because he’s an evil, lying, foul-mouthed creep?

      • 52
        chiel says:

        Mr Stoic are you effing mad yersel. Mad bad Al, manic depressive, alcoholic, liar, gigolo, pornographer singlehandedly debased British politics with lies spin and bully boy tactics as a warm up to producing the dodgy dossier which led to Iraq war and the subsequent death of Dr Kelly

        His openness on alcohol and manic depression is to divert the truth from the awfulness of his past life. He is trying to kick over the traces. Rewrite his cv with good works and being a nice fellow. You dickhead dont be fooled. Look at his bloddy hands and not his demure smile.

      • 91
        Blood on his hands says:

        + zillions

    • 46
      Ctesibius says:

      I agree with you. I think it’s quite wrong to refer to his mental health issues. Let’s just settle on Alastair Kelly-killer.

    • 111
      Anonandon says:

      Why not?????

    • 119
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      “Mad” as in “angry” works for me. The fellow does have those issues as well.
      “Angry Al” would be more alliterative, and certainly apt, yet it lacks that sort of punchiness “Mad Al” has.

    • 128
      Al's well that doesn't end well for Al says:

      Some might consider the illness not bad enough for the pile of excretement.

    • 268
      down with sanctimonious lefty liars says:

      kelly-killer kampbell
      works for me

    • 401
      Dr Kellys Spotless Penknife says:

      Alky Al-Corder would suit the mental murderer and liar-in-chief…

  6. 6
    Roscoe Rules says:

    Gordon Brown still has testicles in Parliament and he’s called Ed Balls

    • 20
      hank the cat says:

      Love it!

    • 58
      Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

      Remember what Campbell said about Ed Balls in his diaries

      “Ed Balls spoke drivel, a never-ending collection of words that just ran into each other and became devoid of meaning.”

      And these F**kwits were in charge of the economy

      • 387
        Rufus Stone says:

        What’s more depressing is that these same f**kwits want to continue along the same path come the next election. Same front bench as previously (though fortunately, if that is the right word, not Gordoom Brown), & the same policies that got this country in the shite.

    • 233
      Marion the Cat says:

      Whatever happened to the right to recall MPs that didn’t meet their electorates expectation. Not that you could possibly expect that kind of action from a scottish labour party stronghold (scotland that is). God, I hope they get independance.

  7. 7
    Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

    There’ll never be another Alastair Campbell. I used to quite admire him in his day. All that power!

    • 21
      Cynical-old-bag says:

      I think you are in a minority.

      Most of us wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire.

    • 64
      Humpty Dump says:

      No accountingfor taste – especially having passed through the Labour “ejoocashern’ cistern.

      • 388
        Rufus Stone says:

        Ah… now I understand. It is Labours’ ejoocashern’ cistern that sends their MPs round the U-bend.

    • 165
      Dodgy Dossier;Dodgy Politics and Dodgy full stop !! says:

      Absolutely mate…he was “legend”….who else could produce the case for a illegal war to the British People from a plaguerised PhD students Doctoral Thesis on WMD off the internet and use it to tell us Saddam would blow us all to fuck within 45 minutes!!!!

      • 252
        Good riddance when he goes I say says:

        And he stormed Channel 4 news in June 2003, when still director of government communications, to denounce as a ‘lie’ a BBC report that the dossier had been ‘sexed up’.

        Liar Campbell.

        Burn in hell forever for the misery and the deaths your lie has caused.

      • 411
        Stefan P Twistelton-Wykeham-Montefiore-Capulet-Montague-Battenberg-O'Meara_Pugh - says:

        The statement in the thesis was that the weapon could be fired in under 45 minutes Campbell decided to turn it into faeces by saying it could hit London 45 minutes after being fired. Wonder why journalists never picked up on that?

  8. 8
    Jagbulon says:

    Labour hypocrisy, how unusual.

  9. 9
  10. 10
    Cynical-old-bag says:

    There are plenty of “tentacles” belonging to many organisations in parliament.

    It all depends on who is at the other end, and whether or not they can be beneficial to government.

    • 17
      Roscoe Rules says:

      Judging by the amount of tits and arseholes in Parliament the porn industry must swing a big dick

      • 23
        Cynical-old-bag says:

        Sally Bercow.

      • 303
        Lord Lardbreath of some outer isle says:

        Roscoe, as with Chester and Sealand, everywhere is full of arse twlls, love JT HT.

        • 304
          Lord Lardbreath of some outer isle says:

          Shared a house in Lucerne Close, and of course Cosford/Locking barrack. But I might be talking to the wrong Roscoe here. As you do!

  11. 12
    Welcome to Britain !sign on second desk on right says:

    “Not Very”Big Papa Berlusconi ordered to pay ex wife £30 million a year for his infidelities
    That’s about 10 million pounds an inch going off the photos i saw

  12. 15
    Freudian Slipper says:

    His moral crusade against gambling must stem from shame over the Iraq war where the odds of danger from Iraq were grossly overstated.

  13. 16
    Operation Crossbow says:

    This lefty lying shit might like Labour to pay back the hundreds of thousands from the boss of bet365 that he’s donated over the years.

    • 123
      Oatcake says:

      Oh yes, Bet365, owned by a chap called Peter Coates. I used to work with him when I lived in Stoke and you won’t meet a more o.dious t*sser .

      Life long Labour supporter, owner of Stoke City, and the master of all he surveys (well in Stoke anyway), but Stokkies are notoriously thick.

      • 216
        Our survey says.... says:

        Stoke is possibly the biggest shithole inthe country.

        • 227
          Andy Burnham says:

          Have they fixed the hospital there yet?

          • Oatcake says:

            No they haven’t fixed the Hospital yet Andy. A new one was built a while ago, but it’s still the inefficient, germ-ridden, shyte hole the old one was. I think they had to build a larger one to accommodate all the effing effnics, who have taken over the City.

  14. 19
    Operation Crossbow says:

    He looks like he’s rolling. Bogey in that photo. A present for his one eyed best buddy perhaps?

  15. 22
    ADAM BOULTON says:

    Bring it on you fucking nutter , I’ll tear you a new one !

    • 324
      Lord Lardbreath of some outer isle says:

      ding ding round two – I await. He will fuck yer again – tear you a third arseole.

  16. 24
    Steve Miliband says:

    According to Philip Schofield, Campbell is on a list of top twats, just behind Piers Organ

  17. 27
    Jimmy says:

    Firstly, the article is about a Tory MP failing to declare his financial interest (I know, I was shocked too), an aspect which the [ahem] anti-corruption Guido neglects to mention, no doubt due to reasons of space. Secondly, Campbell is far too good a writer to use the grocer’s apostrophe you ascribe to him.

    • 56
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      Oi, Jimbo– didya miss the part where Ali C rips the gambling industry a new hole for making it too easy for punters to piddle away their money and then to need Wonga loans? Oh yeah, it was towards the end– had your eyes already glazed over before then, from too many words?

    • 61
      J R Hartley Esq. says:

      The said article was withdrawn by the newspaper when it was PROVEN to be absolute bollocks. The same request was made by said MP for Mad Al to withdraw the same allegation…..bit like the sexed up dossier we’re still waiting for the apology…..

    • 82
      al says:

      fuck off jimmy i don’t need your limp bollocks

    • 397
      Fitbad the Tailor says:

      Which grocer would that be?

  18. 28
    Tony Blair must be executed for treason says:

    Another one who must be executed for treason.

  19. 29
    Sir William says:

    I thought it was strange when Blair suddenly wanted new ‘super-casinos’ in our major cities. Only very big ones would be allowed, so that they would all, in practice, be owned by US corporations. They were going to give a massive boost to the economy by enabling us to gamble our life savings and grocery money away. Then, just as suddenly, he went off the idea.

    But Antonius is an honourable man……

    • 37
      Cynical-old-bag says:

      Look over here, not over there!

    • 47
      Wrapping paper says:

      If you take a look at what really happened, many of the country’s high streets were flooded with bookies.

      • 62
        CarryHole is a complete Hunt says:

        That’s because there’s more demand for bookies (and admittedly lower staffing costs) than eco-vegan-wholefood bollocks.

      • 229
        Ladbrookes says:

        Yep, we stuffed them full of fixed-odds betting machines and we are making a fortune!

        Thanks Tony and Al

      • 235
        FOBTs are Evil says:

        The gambling act 2005 was one of the worst pieces of legislation ever passed in this country. It destroyed countless jobs and sent firms to the wall. All so that bookies could rake it in with their FOBTs.

        Not allowed to have too many FOBTs in a betting shop? Simply open another on the same street. Other forms of gambling are tightly regulated, but not FOBTs.

        • 382
          Left wing retarded Fuckwit says:

          Home information packs…there is a real doodly brought in by the ladyboy Mrs Balls

          • Rufus Stone says:

            I forgot about this. When we sold our house the Information Pack had to be part of the process. Some ‘qualified’ wanker inspected the property – the report was already written, all he did was fill in the blanks. Apparently we had radiators in every room, when in fact it had warm air heating. There were many other errors which we questioned but no satisfactory answers given. For this dodgy document we had to pay about £500.

            Presumably these Information Pack compilers were left-overs from the same team that bought us the WMD report. I wonder what they are doing now.

  20. 31
    Labour made it all possible says:

    Whilst wanking to Babewatch at a cost of £1.59 pm I spunked my rent money playing online BlackJack because my fingers stuck instead of twisted.

  21. 44
    hank the cat says:

    Anyone who syas that his favourite singer si jacques Brel must be well dodgy.

  22. 45
    hank the cat says:

    sorry says

  23. 48
    The Witches of Campbell dick green says:

    Thuggery buggery gambling and vice

  24. 49
    hank the cat says:

    Rum Sodamy and the Lash

  25. 51
    Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

    Every time this criminal opens his mouth we should just remind everyone what High Court Judge Sir Maurice Drake said about him in 1996

    “‘I do not find Mr Campbell by any means a wholly satisfactory witness,’ adding that ‘Mr Campbell was less than completely open and frank; he did not impress me as a witness in whom I could feel 100 per cent confident.”

    In other words he is a congenital liar.

    • 60
      Rt Hon Lord Justice Brian Leveson says:

      Funny, that’s pretty much what I said about Piers Morgan. But then again, we were both referring to slippery characters who are quick to turn vicious when it suits. Not too many ways you can describe such loathsome individuals, seems like.

    • 118
      Stefan Hugh Montfiore-Montague_Capulet-O'Meara says:

      Robber Maxwell was unfit to run a major public company and he was in the Labour party.

    • 236
      Marion the Cat says:

      I question the congentital aspect, the little bastard probly needed no help from his parents.

  26. 53
    Campbell Soup says:

    This guy still has to answer for the dodgy dossier, and has negative moral authority.

  27. 54
    Noose Watch says:

    Did somebody say Alastair Campbell ?

  28. 65
    Diana Abbot says:

    Eating turkey,day 5:
    At last I can see the feet…must…keep…going

  29. 70
    A certain Doctor will never be forgotten says:

    Why hasn’t anal or bowel cancer claimed this c-unt yet? I know the narcissistic prick loves reading about himself. If he’s reading: Campbell, you’re hated across the country. You’re a sociopathic liar and war criminal and I hope you get fifty types of cancer at once, you utter, utter c-unt.

    • 94
      Andy Warhol says:

      Recall his near nervous breakdown on the unexpected appearance on channel 4 news, and the rest. One hopes he is a better role model for his children, than he is for the nation.

      Stability is his Achilles heel: Another confused agnostic who portrays himself as atheist, caught by the domestic paradox of humanism.

      An internal contradiction such as this is enough to drive one insane, or at least to drink.

    • 201
      We agree says:

      And, if you’re reading this Al, this is a sentiment of thousands.

  30. 73
    Classy! says:
    • 77
      Iron Lady Watch says:

      Did she actually hate the poor though ?

      That claim doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

      The left is choking on it’s own vomit of propaganda one observes.

      • 83
        Tony Blair must be executed for treason says:

        The only time you will see most lefty’s happy is when she dies.

        • 183
          Iron Lady Watch says:

          Hardly – they will be blaming Tory mis management of NHS or something for her death then.

          The left is caught in it’s own self delusional trap of unhappiness, which is the anti-thesis which keeps their progress towards utopia alive.

    • 81
      Cobblers always says:

      …. speaking of which, a talking head on the telly has just told us that norovirus symptoms are sudden violent vomiting – and occasionally a bout of the squits. Now, not being suspicious or anything, but does one suppose that a certain exalted lady actually had the bug rather than maternity related spewing? Picked up at a preggy test centre mayhap?

      • 178
        Expat Geordie says:

        Apparently nearly 1 million people have had the norovirus this year. Funny that, I work for a company with 5,000 employees country wide and none of them have been off work this year with the norovirus. Hundreds have been off this month with a rather vicious flu-type cold, that leaves the sufferer completely drained for a week after the other symptoms have gone, but this doesn’t get reported.

        The 1 million figure is just a guess though, as “apparently” only 1 in 300 sufferers goes to the doctors with it. Yeah, right.

        More dodgy figures from the same sort of people who brought you “Global Warming” and “Dodgy Dossiers”.

    • 99
      Same old Labour shit says:

      Thatcher Thatcher Thatcher Thatcher…..

      zzz zzz zzz

    • 120
      Stefan Hugh Montfiore-Montague_Capulet-O'Meara says:

      She ruined Benjamin Elton’s career going off and retiring making his one joke redundant. For shame!

    • 173

      I wish the same on your parents , if you know who they are !

      Wankers !

  31. 75
    Sick of scroungers says:

    A charity has called for an emergency £100 winter fuel payment for low-income families, after a poll found that 35% of adults fear not being able to pay energy bills.
    Spend less on cigs and booze then.

    • 87
      I don't need no doctor says:

      …and tattoos, piercings etc.

    • 98
      dick dastardardly mp says:

      what disgraceful suggestions. My human rights feel violated already

    • 100
      Spin Watch says:

      Adults ‘fear’ : Is it fact they will not be able to afford heating ?

      • 242
        Anonymous says:

        I person = £70 odd quid benefit.
        That equates to about £280 pcm
        Lets break down the spend.
        £45 pcm on gas with no heating.
        £15 pcm on water and drainage
        £55 pcm on electricity
        £100 pcm on food (just £3 per day)
        £30 pcm broadband – useful if you want to get a job (ask the DWP)
        Leaves £35 quid for clothes, anything that breaks etc., etc.

        Now given the absolute truth of the above for a single person, why do you lot of howling wolves think everything is cushy.

        You spend a lifetime contributing to National Insurance and when you get kicked out at 60 no f**ker will look at you and you get Gideon trying to make you look a total Hunt.

        Try to see both sides.

        • 399
          Mr Nobody says:

          £3 a day on food? If you know what you’re doing you can eat like a king for less than that.

          Oh, you didn’t mention the left’s insistence on making everybody pay for their propaganda machine through the telly tax. What’s that, £12? Best scrap it, wouldn’t you say?

        • 408
          Pedant says:

          70pw = 304 pcm on average. 35 is now 64.
          Single person spends 100pm on gas and leccy? Is that for the pot plants? Close the windows after airing, and put on a jumper

    • 105
      CarryHole is a complete Hunt says:

      and drugs.
      Premade Asda “meals”
      CocaCola for the kiddies(cos the dentist is free innit).

    • 114
      Ian Kirkbride, brother of Julie and Karen says:

      These comments are far too harsh and offend the poor. We modernisers in the Tory Party are thoroghly shocked and disgusted by these sentiments.

    • 116
      Julie, Julie Kirkbride, sister of Ian and Karen and daughter of Barbara says:

      I adore tattoos and if people want to spend their benefit money on them, that is entirely their own choice.

    • 157
      Sunderland a dormitory town awaiting the arrivals of Bulgarians ,Romanians and Romas in 2013 things says:

      The poor are poor for a reason the vast majority have no brains no imagination and no ambition quite content to live off the backs of others come to Sunderland and see what I mean

      • 211
        Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

        Think of the money they’re putting back into the Government coffers every time they buy ciggies and booze. I think the Duty and VAT comes to over 80% of the price of a packet of fags.

    • 180
      Expat Geordie says:

      My late grandfather said that his local working mens club in the north east had its busiest week when the Winter Fuel Allowance was paid. He was a life long Labour voter, but even he said that it was a joke and should be paid as a credit to your fuel company.

    • 238
      Cigarette Butt says:

      Which ‘charity’. Many of them are fake these days.

  32. 76
    Maggie's Thatch says:

    When Thatcher dies, I’ll break open the champagne.

    Don’t get all worked up, righties. You’ll be making jokes when Mandela dies, so it all balances out.

    • 80
      The Far Right says:

      So you are admitting to being a Champagne socialist.

      As Marx would not say: Nice.

    • 96
      WVM says:

      Champagne and socialist are never too far apart.

    • 101
      Winnie Mandela says:

      I remember what I was doing the day Nelson Mandela was released.
      Wiping the blood and spunk off the walls of our house.

    • 104
      The Far Right says:

      I did not catch the last part of you statement on Mandela.

      Other than yourself, people here will be joking about that event when it comes to pass.

      There are many in South Africa who do have legitimate questions about the effectiveness of his policies on tackling poverty when he became president, but the larger symbolic good he served in the fight against apartheid will outbalance all of that and form his historic legacy.

      The issue of tackling poverty is a legitimate point which should be raised against Labour though, in particular with respect to the changing of the 10p rate, a travesty which is being corrected now.

      • 153
        Sunderland a dormitory town awaiting the arrivals of Bulgarians ,Romanians and Romas in 2013 things says:

        South Africa is rapidly declining into a shithole the ANC are as corrupt and rascist as the Boers,in ten years time it will be like Zimbabwe a sattelite of the Chinese with a starving population.If the Boers had introduced gradual reform they would still be in charge

    • 106
      CarryHole is a complete Hunt says:

      Mandela is the Breivik of South Africa.

    • 134
      Marmite says:

      Bloody Mandela did nothing for this Country you fool, whereas Maggie got us back on our feet.

      Spite & shyte…. it’s in Labour’s DNA.

      • 218
        Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:


        Londoners did alright but look at them now – white ones are a minority in their own city.

        What goes around comes around. I’m enjoying having the last laugh.

        LOADSAMONEY indeed.

    • 307
      Chicken-Licken says:

      Nelson,one eye,one arm and ur an Arsel. That do you MT?

  33. 85
    I don't need no doctor says:

    The “in denial” Campbell is a hypocritical scumbag. One day he along with Blair and his cronies will be in the Hague for war crimes.

    • 93
      Tony Blair must be executed for treason says:

      They will pay with their lifes for what they have done.

      • 240
        A volunteer for the firing squad. says:

        They are/were saboteurs-fifth columnists-traitors. Out to destroy Britain, its culture, economy, identity. They succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Why though? Whatever was the motivation beyond a hatred of middle Britain?

        • 400
          Mr Nobody says:

          South of the Humber Labour were almost wiped out at the last election, barring a few urban sh*tholes. Their spin doctors think they can win southern Britain back by talking about trains in Basingstoke. In reality, the Tories have more hope in Scotland than Labour have in most of England.

  34. 89
    Who is Moderating Today says:

    Remember what Campbell said about Ed Balls in his diaries

    “Ed Balls spoke drivel, a never-ending collection of words that just ran into each other and became devoid of meaning.”

    And these F**kwits were in charge of the economy

  35. 95
    dick dastardardly mp says:

    Shouldn’t the headline on this be Dodgy AL’s Mad Gamble

  36. 102
    Lady Thatcher of Gaga says:

    I had no idea that Mr Savile was a weirdo despite everyone else knowing he was.

    I had no idea that Argentina would invade the Falklands despite informed people telling me.

    I had no idea my policies were wrecking the British economy despite everyone knowing it to be true.

    I was on holiday at the time.

    • 107
      The Far Right says:

      The economic policies of the 70s did damage to the UK economy. However, there were significant world events which contributed, but still we had to go to the IMF under Labour.

      The economic policies of the 80s did not wreck the UK economy.

      Things got bumpy when the USSR collapsed, but other than dodging the Euro bullet, no real harm was done.

      The economic policies of Labour 1997 through 2010 have demonstrably wrecked the UK economy.

    • 115
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      You are George Entwistle in drag, and I claim my fiver.

    • 125
      CarryHole is a complete Hunt says:

      Leftwing BBC covered for P43dos.
      Mrs T kicked Argy butt, against advice of “foreigner office” and won another term.
      Mrs T saved the economy from the disaster of Labour.

      Once again the Left demonstrates it’s factual inversion.

      • 152
        Casual Observer says:

        The hostility of the left may be explained by the fact that they have shot themselves in the feet so comprehensively, economically speaking, that the Shampers is running dry too soon to allow the right to repair the damage.

        The big trap they fell into was that of the double or nothing debtor.

        They should be very angry with Broon though : If he had allowed the election to be called earlier and not tried his hand at prime ministering, then the coalition government which would have emerged back in 2008 could have dealt with the mess, and the socialist shampoo taps could be reopened next year after another landslide GE for Labour.

        Important now, is correcting the erroneous belief that Labour are the best choice in 2015, and that they are the cause not solution of todays problems.

        • 244
          Gooey Blob says:

          Don’t worry. Around a quarter of those who say they will vote Labour will vote Tory in 2015. Telling a pollster what you’re going to do and putting a cross on a piece of paper are two very different things. Labour may think they’re ahead in the polls, they’re actually trailing.

          Don’t go telling the left that though, or they might do something drastic like changing their leader. That would change everything.

          • Casual Observer says:

            Change their leader to whom ? Other than Ed’s brother, there isn’t really anyone – little Jones is hardly a Pitt the younger, just in case things get really desperate.

            I think the worst that can happen is that they will get nasty and spaz out on blogs like this, and Huff Post / BBC, to try and stop the real discussions proceeding.

            As a perceptive entry below points out of the issues in the 70s, yet again the left have no real solution for the problems faced, this time problems 100% of their own creation.

    • 132
      Anonymous says:

      “I had no idea that Mr Savile was a weirdo despite everyone else knowing he was.”

      Are you speaking on behalf of the whole BBC as well?

    • 184
      Expat Geordie says:

      An internal Labour Party report in 1978 stated that if the government (then a Labour one under Callaghan remember) continued with its current economic policies then there would be 6 million unemployed by 1982.

      In 1982 under a Thatcher led Conservative government there were “only” 3 million unemployed. That’s 3 million lives not ruined because Maggie was in charge.

      It is bad now, and the current government is being held back by the Lib Dems from enacting another Thatcherite rescue, but can you imagine how bad it would be if Labour were still in power.

  37. 108
    Anonymous says:

    Once a nauseating slimebag…..

  38. 130
    Turkey sandwiches fried in goose fat, says fatty Nigella says:

    Ali Cee has a brilliant blog site – one of the very few that hasn’t banned me, for speaking my mad mind. Got to give him credit for that, shirley?

    And oh yes, link to such – I’m Ehtch there, by the way, please go on in…

    (he/she is a bit flakey Ali, but it’s life Jim, but not as we know it)

    • 140
      henry says:

      Oh god, will no one rid us of this taffy menace?

      • 142
        Turkey sandwiches fried in goose fat, says fatty Nigella says:

        like something on your shoe, am I? TIDY STUFF!

        • 151
          henry says:

          We’ve been scraping taffys of our shoes for centuries mate.

          • Turkey sandwiches fried in goose fat, says fatty Nigella says:

            Why do you like our shit then, ey? Answer me that one?

            Could post Tom as well, if you want? Ach, why not…

            where all the knicker throwing started from those fine young tory ladies, I suppose, Henry – thunderballs, amd apollo nines, inches….

          • Dylan Thomas is shite says:

            Has taffyland ever produced an Isaac Newton or a Shakespeare?

          • Turkey sandwiches fried in goose fat, says fatty Nigella says:

            They produced a bloke that first flew, but of course, not many english se london normans know that,


          • Turkey sandwiches fried in goose fat, says fatty Nigella says:

            Wales produced the first bumsex. We even beat the Greeks. Love it boyos!

          • Lord Lardbreath of some outer isle says:

            Bumsex? – we taught all the romans knew, and it fed back to Rome. Conquest by perversion it was.

            And stop posting in my various names, by the way, MI 5 Cheltenham – thought you were cleverer than that.

          • Lord Lardbreath of some outer isle says:

            Yes, MI 5 Cheltenham donut – don’t think I don’t know about you sorts – you fuck with me, and I will call you names, and that is bad PR my friends!

            Us welsh have got to constantly bully those Cotsworld types always, to keep them on the true and narrow, and it is quite wearing, frankly, like keeping reigns on little british children.

          • There is a small present I would have given that apparently mad but insanely beautiful, blonde dancing girl.

            Several times.

          • Anonymous says:

            Yes thats why so many of you gave your own towns and cities up to the third world, without a fight, and moved to Wales, changing it beyond recognition to resemble the very inner cities you escaped.

            And amazing how many of the “new Welsh” have now started sending their kids to Welsh schools, shock horror!!, an idea that you proud Englishmen would have baulked at a few years ago.

            A certain Jack Strauss said the English werent worth saving as a nation, you know what?, I thought us BRITS FACED A COMMON ENEMY, but with comments like you left, maybe I’m starting to agree with him and sympathise why the French and Spaniards are so up in arms with their new colonisers ruining their countries.

  39. 131
    Mohandas Ghandi says:

    Among the many misdeeds of British misrule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.

  40. 136
    The real Moussa Koussa's pet meerkat says:

    “A man who stole a garage’s CCTV camera was recognised by police from the machine’s final moments of recording.

    Troy Hamilton’s face filled the screen as he took the camera from the premises at Holywell, Flintshire, in November, Flintshire magistrates were told.

    The 27-year-old was told to carry out 40 hours unpaid work and was sent on a “thinking skills” course.”

  41. 141
    Libor Hanukkah Message says:

    The parable of the job seeker, walking 11 miles because bus too expensive:

  42. 143
    Ed Miliband says:

    I’m a conviction politician like Thatcher.

  43. 145
    US Watch says:

    Looks like the current attempt to undermine gun ownership via de facto criminalization has developed some resistance: Interesting article / petition for fellow US Watchers:

  44. 150
    Sunderland a dormitory town awaiting the arrivals of Bulgarians ,Romanians and Romas in 2013 things says:

    Campbell the epitomy of whats wrong with the political classes,a man so overrated its hard to believe he is so feared amongst so many politicians

    • 159
      ROMANIAN GYPSY says:

      Fuck off i know we live in squalor , but even we have some standards !
      Fuckin Sunderland !
      we’re going to Tower Hamlets

    • 172
      Propaganda Watch says:

      Campbell is just the propaganda master. Tell him what you would like people to believe, and he has a formula and the connections to make this happen. Or rather he did have at one time.

      Politically and spiritually he is empty.

      His cardinal maxim is: ‘Propaganda may be facilitated by leaders with prestige.’

      • 188
        not a machine says:

        Oh I cannot take away from AL his genius as press officer and ability to target exactly mood and take up, of any propoganda ,he dominated the scene for nearly a decade , leashed , fed and muzzled the press nearly completely as is possible .

        In some ways it was his guarentee to engage people onto his side of any argument , that created the madness of the labour wonks ,into is full blown soft corporate state dictatorship and national bankruptacy and oersonal loss for so many millions of people . In the end it was unsustainable , AL in many ways prolonged the sociliaist wonks life …..
        I suppose its water under the bride , lesson learned an all that , but I suspect AL will one day have to question his genius in that time , as he allowed somthing rotten to live and affect many people , while loyality to his friends kept them alright . I suppose it was his job description , but non the less as clever as he is , many people are suffering because he didnt encourage the sort of journalism that lets ideas not only live , but die

        • 352
          Propaganda Watch says:

          Fully agreed: Was not trying to take anything away, but some types of creativity are best not to allow to flourish.

          My main point though is that Al’s genius in the art which he expertly practices only works when he is working for someone of prestige. This is his specific area of expertise.

          This is different to another notorious master of the art, Max C, who can and has turned $hit into gold through PR.

        • 373
          Curly says:

          “water under the bride” ??

          Must be a floating voter, I suspect.

  45. 160

    If you want an EU referendum vote for Meeeee !

    Well it worked last time !

  46. 167
    not a machine says:

    I dont know , I suppose his relationship to friends and funders of labour was the equivalent of Torquemarda and the accused , just replace confess with cough up for good PR , ah the days of 10k a table seat to hear Tony slurrp his soup….

    Dave defends the foreign aid budget , I was only perhaps eluding to the ammount of foreigners in this county in need of aid as well as the historic indigenous . A funding problem for this country is not far away and perhaps already in some countries in the EU. We now have decades of aid understanding , so why does the sort of poverty that requires aid still flourish ?? could it be that still no firm measures have started to ensure the palace building despots , have proper governmental responsibilities and sanctions if they do not run there own basic support nets ??? As some have pointed out aid can be fraudulently spent , infrastructure still not helping there people , the basics must always be to ensure good and sustainable agricultural production for there own needs . Emergency aid for weather , disaster or war should be somthing completely different , from these countries supporting them selves , why after all these years has it not happened ??

    Ed wants to help the forgotten wealth creators , funny I just could help but wonder , the potential size of his grouping , I mean bankrupting a country does affect nearly every wealth creator going …… as does taxing people to death ….. certainly doesnt seem much of Thunderbird ed has comming out of the hanger , more of a Blunderturd (#inthebrownstuffagain imo)

  47. 174
    Turkey sandwiches fried in goose fat, says fatty Nigella says:

    Has a letter today in the D M, about her experiences of having her mouth tapped over by Cameron and friends.

  48. 176
    The real Moussa Koussa's pet meerkat says:

    From Alistair’s blog – thank you for alerting me to it.

    “I missed Little Lord Fauntleroy’s address to the faithful, but it appears I did not miss a new strategy for growth. So that’s two years in a row on that front, Gideon.

    It is heartening, however, to hear that despite being the most unpopular Chancellor since Norman Lamont, and the most incompetent Chancellor since, er, sorry Norman … Ozzie has not lost his sense of humour.

    Did you hear the one about how he justified his and the government’s growing unpopularity when he spoke to the Tory conference this morning? …

    ‘I’d rather have these difficulties because we’re tackling these big challenges, than wake up like Tony Blair did, after a decade in power and discover he didn’t achieve anything.’

    Er … now, where do we start with that one Georgie Boy?

    Bank of England independence, anyone?

    Minimum wage?

    Sure Start?

    Scottish Parliament (after a hundred years of trying by others), Welsh Assembly?

    Civil partnerships?

    End of Milosevic, and of Saddam?

    Peace in Northern Ireland?

    Biggest hospital and school building programme since the foundation of the welfare state?

    Securing the Olympics for London?

    Smoking ban?

    Huge boost in aid for Africa, writing off 100 per cent debt of poorest countries?

    Record levels of literacy and numeracy in schools?

    Paternity leave?

    Child benefit increases?

    Winter fuel payment and free TV licences for pensioners?

    Cleanest rivers, beaches, drinking water and air since before the industrial revolution?

    Free breast cancer screening for all women aged between 50-70?

    The New Deal which helped over 1.8 million people into work?

    Free entry to national museums and galleries?

    Heart disease deaths down by 150,000 and cancer deaths down by 50,000?

    Cutting long-term youth unemployment by 75 per cent?

    Free nursery places for every three and four-year-old?

    I could go on and on and on, but will leave it there for now.

    Over to Gideon and his pals to tell me what similar achievements they have so far to their name.

    A few starters ..

    Election wins … zero.

    Economic targets met … zero.

    Likelihood of meeting strategic goal of deficit being reduced in single Parliament … zero.

    Reputation for competence … oh, I’d better stop now, you get the point.”

    • 181
      not a machine says:

      Sure could do with that gold reserve you sold off eh AL , while we are on the subject of incomtenece , poor journalism to cheat the public out of remebering other chancellors errors eh …..

    • 190
      Expat Geordie says:

      Peace in Northern Ireland? Fuck off! We won. The IRA surrendered in 1994 after we started to take it seriously and kill a few of the senior bastards, off the books like. Your mate Tony couldn’t be arsed with that and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

    • 192
      Turkey sandwiches fried in goose fat, says fatty Nigella says:

      anything with a comment that starts above the top of my tft computer flatscreen and ends well below it, I tend to ignore, Charles Dickens.

      And yes, it is the season to get bargains, from….

      Bought a mouse yesterday – cheap as chips it was. In the bargain bucket it was.

    • 212
      Mad Ali the propagandist says:

      Yes Alistair..Free this and free that! From the big money tree in the sky! Labour gave everything to everyone for free, hence leading to no more fucking money being left in the coffers, making it very hard to hit ‘economic targets’ you dense Hunt.

      New deal was another huge fucking lie to fiddle the books, whereby the companies who people went on new Deal stints with didn’t give them employement after their trial was up after using them for months for free.

      Peace in Northern Ireland? Ask John Major about that Huntface.

      Smoking ban..lovely way to close every single pub in local communities. Wouldn’t want any proles meeting in public to condemn the Labour government would we.

      And it goes on..and on..

  49. 179
    not a machine says:

    LOL , good ole Piers has struck media profile gold “the bible is flawed ” , it may have incongrous bits , or even highly difficult and mysterious bits , but to deem the whole collection as flawed , is going to have his American fan base just increasing for him :)

    • 204
      US Watch says:

      Should help the C of E and Cameron, by reminding them of Lev 20:13, and Moron and the CPS should pay attention of Lev 6:2-7

      The real test of balls though will be if he says similar things about the Qu’ran.

      That gauntlet has now been laid.

      • 208
        not a machine says:

        mmm cannot fault you on your analysis , of either ones shallow speaking out

        • 210
          not a machine says:

          Mathew 15 vs 18 and 19 ?

          • US Watch says:

            Am not sure if there has been much speaking from the heart, but perhaps caution of correct translation of Exodus 20:13 and Gen 4:10-11 would be wise.

            That he is advancing an agenda summarized Matthew 10:34-36 has not gone unnoticed.

    • 213
      HMMM says:

      I thought he said that it needed revising to include gay marriage, Is nothing sacred?.

  50. 182
    browion montion says:

    isn’t there something in the fiscal statute book about shitting through the eye of an onion ring?

  51. 189
    Thatcher's legacy says:

    Thatcher made the rich richer, the poor poorer, let pensioners freeze to death, turned swathes of the country into poverty laden wastelands, starved schools and the nhs of funding, introduced the lunatic poll tax and supported apartheid-era South Africa.

    Just about the only things I respect the old hag for is that she expanded home ownership, fought the unions and wasn’t a warmongering psychopath and congenital liar like Blair.

    • 193
      Expat Geordie says:

      She supported South Africa because it was anti-communist and the ANC was so communist that it’s symbol was the bloody AK-47! We were fighting the Cold War at the time, and we couldn’t be too fussy about our friends. You will note that South Africa had a regime change AFTER the end of the Cold War, when it was safe for it to be allowed to do so.

      It is true that a lot of the fat was cut from manufacturing industry, but what was left was lean and mean – and profitable. Blair and Brown actually cut into the meat and destroyed a profitable sector of the economy. Tony Benn also closed more of our coal mines than Mrs Thatcher.

    • 195
      Turkey sandwiches fried in goose fat, says fatty Nigella says:

      and supported chinoshea fron Chile, or whatever his name was – yes that one, who used to shoot people in San Diego in that football stadium. Even invited him around for tea, whenever he was up this way.

      Die Thatch, just die, yourself.

      • 221
        The Andes says:

        Pinochet was a nasty man who used strong-arm tactics and torture. He replaced another nasty man called Allende, who also used strong-arm tactics and torture. The rest of the discussion is about scale and speculation about ‘would have’s. Allende was certainly planning an anti-democratic coup of his own when he was ousted, conspiring to train guerrillas and allowing leftists to stockpile arms.

        • 258
          Turkey sandwiches fried in goose fat, says fatty Nigella says:

          The Thatch was too frightened to try the same tactics in our countries, since it might mean the uprising of the celts, non-IRA…….

          • Turkey sandwiches fried in goose fat, says fatty Nigella says:

            thatch, like the tories, are a bunch of public schooled cowardly arse breaths, ducking and hiding behind their faggot desks, when push comes to shove. Can’t stand the twats!

          • Turkey sandwiches fried in goose fat, says fatty Nigella says: says:

            Denis Macshane as framed and completely stitched up by devious Tories who took advantage of his depression following the tragic death of his daughter.

          • Lord Lardbreath of some outer isle says:

            HEY! That was not me – ip address protocol check again alert again Guido.

            Tory saddos really only do that. Anyway, I am Lord Lardbreath now, and proud of it.

          • Lord Lardbreath of some outer isle says:

            But by the way Guido, just send them a warning that it has been noticed. Want no banning rubbish going on here, or I will be out the back door like a flash, as if anyone cares.

            But as they say, imitiation is the best flat, flat – flat something Guido…

        • 266
          Expat Geordie says:

          Pinochet got the killing out of the way very quickly and efficiently. Having an unstable country is bad for business, and Pinochet, when he handed power over to a democratically elected government (can you ever imagine a left wing dictator doing that?) handed over the strongest economy in South America.

          Allende was a marxist (which is why the BBC, et al, have lionised and mythologised him) who had totally screwed up the economy, and like any marxist would eventually have started killing and never stopped. He would also never have handed over power to a democratically elected government.

          One of the most remarkable events of the run up to the 1973 coup was the demonstations of the empty pots, where housewives demonstated against the Allende governments disasterous economic policies, and where the wives of soldiers went on a sex strike until their husbands brought Allende down.

    • 198
      not a machine says:

      What we forget about Lady Thatchers premiership , is what she was faced with when she came into power , the truth being that the hard left had no solution to the mess they had created , we had gone to the IMF , devalued the £ , we were utterly on the ropes , compared to the modernising european economies , we had deficets across nearly all sectors of industry , let alone government .

      The left simply had no solution in the beer and sandwiches discussions , the socialists dont like being reminded of that salient fact , that is why they pose there attacks in the way they do , clutching at straws .

      Although I didnt really understand politics during her time , she did take on what was wrong with a very certain idea that we could not let this happen again in the future , in that respect she deserves some honour .

      My only criticism as I see the economy we have now , is that those who are in office gladly on the ride of her coat tails , did not get stuck in to Blair and co by realising what he was doing . A state client benefits class was a road to ruin from the off , he should have been stopped much earlier on.

      The only thing I think her government got wrong , was to not reform local councils business activities and make the housing market sustainable , which later on would allow a great deal of henious wastes of money when Tony arrived

      • 202
        Turkey sandwiches fried in goose fat, says fatty Nigella says:

        tory supporting management and their golf clubs fucked britain up in the 1970′s, not the workers. British Empire? Grow up tories and get over it.


        • 206
          not a machine says:

          I might buy into a little of that , but do you think what we have now is any good ?? do you thank Mr Blair ??

          (tries to paste U tube vid of Chris Reas this is road to hell , but not really that into violent cyber age new order etc etc )

          • Turkey sandwiches fried in goose fat, says fatty Nigella says:

            Blair was a symptom from then, not the cause – remember that. It’s very hard to change things overnight. Politics, in my personal philosophy, is all about nudging things on, in the required direction. That is why the Thatch’s attempted illadvised truely stupid revolution, of her personal kind, was doomed to fail, as Adolf…

            And no, that above was not Charing Cross Road in 1990, but it could be, when you view it as a closed message, between the lines.

          • Welsh insane twat says:

            Yes spoken like a true socialist communist idiot. ‘Nudging things on’ whilst in the process of ruining people’s futures r.e Labour’s 5.5 million extra immigrants.

          • not a machine says:

            I dont understand Turkey sandwiches , if Lady Thatcher came into power because the left had no workable way out of the mess , why can you only frame her as the point of where the rot started , when the rot could only have continued had she not achieved what she achieved .

            the torys for all the bile , did hand over a near perfect set of books in 1997 and went along with some of the reforms .

            I dont understand why your hsitory/philosphie has no pre to Lady Thatcher if everything is just nudges ??

          • Turkey sandwiches fried in goose fat, says fatty Nigella says:

            As a true old brit, we have been imviting immigrants in for thousands of years – wipe your feet mind before entering, we always say.

            But some have taken the piss – tory mason normans mainly, with their castles and golf courses.

          • Turkey sandwiches fried in goose fat, says fatty Nigella says:

            Yes, “not a machine”, I can see you do not understand. All I advise is to re-educate yourself, for the modern world, as I see it. Leave your tory norman yoke at the side of the field.

        • 219
          Thatcher's legacy says:

          You were doing so well and then you had to spoil it by following Godwin’s Law and bringing up Hitler. For all her flaws, Thatcher was not akin to Hitler. That kind of absurd hyperbole just makes you look stupid.

          • Turkey sandwiches fried in goose fat, says fatty Nigella says:

            Nice try, non-rugby, tory. Carry on with your diseased mis-information propaganda will you, tory HQ.

          • Welsh insane twat says:

            You’re an imbecile if you believe Margaret Thatcher did anything on par with Hitler’s evil.

          • Turkey sandwiches fried in goose fat, says fatty Nigella says:

            She would have if us welsh didn’t reign her in with help, from like Lizzy Two and the Kinnock….

  52. 194
    Dave"The One Term Prime Minister" Cameron says:

    I made myself few bucks by attending a rich muslim wedding. There were lots of merry-making, a lot of money was thrown to the new couple.

    The packet of chewing gum i gummed under my shoe, worked just fine.

    • 196
      Turkey sandwiches fried in goose fat, says fatty Nigella says:

      Been to a j e w wedding? They really go nuts there. Throw a good party they do.

  53. 220
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    Campbell is the perfect symbol of 1997-2010.

    Nowhere else can you find such a perfect combination of the flaws of Blair (lying, hypocrisy, taking the public for fools, greed) with the flaws of Brown (bullying, anger, stupidity lack of concern for the general public).

    A monument to an era.

    • 222
      Turkey sandwiches fried in goose fat, says fatty Nigella says:

      You should have been around before them beautiful – they were no oil paintings, politically. On the scale of tate modern on south bank, next to the wobbly bridge, I would have Blair and Ali any day.

      • 223
        Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

        Blair will never be forgiven for the lies he told before the Iraq war.

        All politicians are cnuts but Blair,Brown and Campbell made their predecessors look like amateurs in that regard

        • 230
          Turkey sandwiches fried in goose fat, says fatty Nigella says:

          yah-yah-yah. Say what you want, my ears are closed, darling, just for a quiet life.

          • Mangy Carter says:

            That appears to be your problem, sunshine. Your ears are closed (as is your mind), your eyes are shut tight. Now please do us all a favour and apply these likewise to your mouth (and keyboard). We will never persuade you of your misguided stupidity and you will never change our view of history (many of us were actually there and lived through it all).

  54. 228
    Traitors all says:

    Portland? Isn’t that where all of Blair’s treacherous word twisters end up?

    • 231
      Turkey sandwiches fried in goose fat, says fatty Nigella says:

      Harry Rednapp?

      Well, he lives there!

    • 234
      Turkey sandwiches fried in goose fat, says fatty Nigella says:

      Portland? retirement home for ex west ham footie players, I have heard,

  55. 237
    Trigger says:

    There’s a bird on telly advertising Ladyboy settees. WTF?

    • 243
      Turkey sandwiches fried in goose fat, says fatty Nigella says:

      Those ones from Thailand does confuse brit tourists – try smelling their armpits for confrmation, if you know how they should smell, child tories, that is. Giving my secrets away again…

      • 310
        Chicken-Licken says:

        Just curl up and from Bowel cancer from eating turkey fried in goose fat.

      • 356
        Dame Margaret Beckett, sit on it tories says:

        Hard to believe Stanley filmed this all in thames docklamds before it got knocked down and became thatch’s flats.

        More Stanley here – two of them,

        One of my heroes, Stanley is.

        Here he is playing chess/staring – can’t remember if he won, until I look at the video again,

  56. 245
    Owen Jones says:

    A tourist in Ireland is pissed off at the slow service in the restaurant. When the ancient waiter painfully shuffles up to the table, the tourist says,

    “Do you by any chance have haemorrhoids?”

    “Don’t know about that,” says the waiter, “but I’ll ask in the kitchen.”

    • 247
      Turkey sandwiches fried in goose fat, says fatty Nigella says:

      brilliant, a start of a jokefest. My one

      Paddy walks into a bar and asks for a pint of bitter.

      And the landlord says “Whitbread?”

      And Paddy says “That’ll be lovely sor, I’ll have two sloices”.

      Get it? oh I give up with yews tories… No sense of humour see.

      • 251
        Turkey sandwiches fried in goose fat, says fatty Nigella says:

        Paddy waks into a bar with a parrot on his shoulder, the parrot saying “I am hard I am, dead hard”.

        Seamus with an owl on his shoulder says “oh yes parrot, take my friend on then”

        They went outside and the parrot won.

        Then Dug came up to the bar, with a golden eagle on his shoulder and said ” try my friend then, if you dare, parrot”.

        They went outside, and yes, the parrot came back in, but with not a feather on him, totally bald, and he said “I’m hard I am am, dead hard, but I had to take my coat off for him”.

        Yes? Tories? Get it? oh I give up.

        • 261
          Lord Lardbreath of some outer isle says:

          Paddy walks into a bar in that London.

          Landlord asks him “what do you want bud?”

          And Paddy says “Pardon?”.

          • Sangar Banger says:

            An English man walks into the Bogside Inn and orders a pint of Guiness, which he receives and lets it sit. He turns to survey the clientele.

            From the side of his eye he notices a man dropping his trousers and holding the pint he has just purchased under his bare arse and passing wind.

            The English man exclaims in disgust, “Oi mate, you fart in me Guiness?”.

            The punter replies, “No he’s sitting over there”…

  57. 248
  58. 249
    Tony Blair must be executed for treason says:


  59. 255
    Thatcher was friends with a mass murderer says:

    Very nasty.

    • 256
      Turkey sandwiches fried in goose fat, says fatty Nigella says:

      YEP! That is the thatch’s mates for you.

      • 264
        Fabians are Evil says:

        Hold on a minute you two – one of the main reasons that the General is hated by the left is because he is the only man EVER to overthrow a Marxist Government and then kill off a few thousand of their activists to make sure the roots of their evil were killed.

        Your ‘outrage’ would be a little more honest if you worried a little about the MILLIONS killed off by Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, etc etc…………….

      • 270
        Politics Watch says:

        FAE is correct here.

        However – the point missed is an important distinction between left and right leaning dictators / politicians.

        Namely: The right are honestly dishonest, the left are dishonestly dishonest.

        Pinochet was nasty with his treatment of dissidents, but his crimes compare to nothing with the real crimes of deceit perpetrated against dissenters and supporters of the key left wing dictators.

        The traits of the left as mentioned above explain fully how this occurs.

        This also explains why the propaganda of the left is much more prevalent on these issues. Recognizing and ignoring such propaganda for what it is helps strip the lion skin from the ass, so to speak.

  60. 260
    Lord Lardbreath of some outer isle says:

    Time to change ny name, Nigella – what the fuck is the house of Lords for, all?

  61. 267
    Cult Watch says:

    These guys may be getting their just deserts in Europe – hopefully sanctuary will not be found in the UK, following their recent wedding turn down by high court:

  62. 271
    Lord Lardbreath of some outer isle says:

    I.m a taffy6, ok, a good looking taffy, blonde good looks from far diratant La Tene times of my ancestors – but I have have got to tell you about the time when I got chatted up by a senior BBC exective at that bar upstairs in Paddington Station. OK, I did lead him on, as you do, he was a good lookin’ fella, fair play, even told me what shchool he went to, but I will not embarress the present day headmaster with that. He was all over me, mom-physically, since we were in a public place.

    But as I said, pecidillos aside, I could tell he was a good bloke, even if he got off talking to me. A song for him, wherever he is now, kids in paid school and wife cooking cookies in the back kitchen, staring the gardener, polish…

    • 272
      Lord Lardbreath of some outer isle says:

      ah yes the video, had problems on youtubby, since certain creatures are following me…

      get orf, mi pimp/five..

  63. 277
    World Watch says:

    This could spell big trouble in India:

    Read the background on what has been going on, there is possibility of some serious civil disruption.

    • 280
      Technomist says:

      The UK government are still waiting for the Indian government to extradict Aman Vyas to the UK to attend a trial for multiple rapes and a murder here. He was arrested on an Interpol warrant on 11 July 2011 at Dehli airport. A formal request for extradition had been received by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs on August 26, 2011

      A senior magistrate in Dehli, Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate (ACMM) Amit Bansal, has already heard the case and approved the extradition, but the Indian government, for purely political reasons, have so far failed to carry it out.

      • 286
        World Watch says:

        BJP are a strange lot, but likely the right sort of money has not cross the right palms. The bureaucracy there is formidable.

        India is not signatory to many UN International agreements though, so likely doesn’t give an eff in any case.

        • 380
          Chuck Imout says:

          As a member of the Commonwealth, India is a party to Commonwealth extradition conditions. The delay in this case is obviously purely political. maybe we should just cut another 99% off their aid allocation wef 1.1.13.

  64. 278
    Alastair Campbell says:

    So what if I am in the pay of the fucking wankers, at least I have the brass balls to go out and earn a few bob, unlike Guido and his fatty chums!

    Now, where was I? Oh yes….Danny La Rue, 52!

    • 287
      Lord Lardbreath of some outer isle says:

      calm down pal – told you not to get excited at your age – think of your blood pressure.

      A wave it should be, as on a sea shore, over you, as I fucking always tell you, you scottish ginger numbnuts! : )

      love the fella.

    • 306
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Now tell us all Alky about that Shill Martin Bell and his percieved ‘independence’ page 163 onwards in yeur book the Bliar years eh?

      Had any communications from Mr Chilcott recently?

      • 312
        Lord Lardbreath of some outer isle says:

        Martin Bell was a chancer. White suit? – give me a rest.

        • 379
          Alastair Campbell says:

          Martin Bellend? Oh fuck me, don’t start me on him…How long have you got?

        • 398
          Politics Watch says:

          Bell was one of the most divine accomplishments of political propaganda in recent living memory.

          That he was the perfect unknowing assassin of the Tories is not realized by many, perhaps not even himself.

          It is worth reading up on this period of history, and in particular the roles played by the Grauniad, BBC, Clifford and the left: An axis of evil which not many choose to acknowledge.

  65. 279
    Saffron says:

    Thatcher might of been a lot of things to you liebour traitors on this site.
    This woman was not perfect by any means,but tell you what she was never treasonous to this country like some of your liebour assholes were.
    She was never the like of BLIAR the war monger or Gorgon the economic guru,or Campelltown the liar.
    Callaghan was a disaster,the unemployed under his government would have reached 6 million,eventually under Thatcher it was half of that.
    Did Thatcher need to go to the IMF with a begging bowl,no she did not,she cleaned up liebours shite and left a clean balance sheet when she was forced out of office by conservative traitors to their party.
    Now we have this government,who in hells name will credit this crowd with understanding what the BRITISH people want.
    Simple really:-

    • 281
      Punani Pedant says:

      But who was her grey cardinal…I’ll help you…it was Keith Joseph.

      She may have had two degrees…but she was not very bright.

      Ayn Rand has a lot to answer for. Whose interests did she and the like of Milton Freidman and Alan Greenspan have at heart?

      Look Eastwards to Palestine…you jerk!

      • 296
        Tam Dyall says:

        Ah… but who was Murdoch’s guru?

        Look up the relationship between Irwin Stelzer and Blair/Brown and Thatcher.

        The web is very Kosher.

        Look up Churchills references to the chosen ones pre WWII, However,he was another one to “flip”.

  66. 282
    Toilets says:
    • 290

      Under Toilet’s logic, the lives of greater than 2,800 people count for zilch.

      That is typically known as socialism.

    • 291
      Sunderland a dormitory town awaiting the arrivals of Bulgarians ,Romanians and Romas in 2013 things says:

      What a hypocrite what about Blair/Brown and the hundreds of deaths of military in Iraq and Afghanistan one illegal war and one unwinnable and futile war.

    • 292
      Technomist says:

      Freedom, even the freedom to be an idiot, is sometimes worth fighting for.

      Obviously, it would have been better if fewer had died, but they were all volunteers, and are all who died and all who served, should be remembered with pride, honour and gratitude.

    • 295
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      So Toilets you cnut what do you think about lives lost in Blair’s foreign adventures in Afghanistan and Iraq. Many more lives and not even British territory.

      Just fuck off and die.

    • 302
      He's talking bollocks, utter Lefty bollocks says:

      I was in the forces then and that certainly was not the opinion in the services. Quite the opposite in fact many of us were worried that it would be all too much for the government and they would come to some cowardly agreement to surrender British sovereignty to a military dictator.

      Also no one had anything against the Argentinian conscripts, although in the Navy ports Jack was given a very hard time by bleeding heart lefties because of the Belgrano.

    • 328
      not a machine says:

      I think I will take that remark back I said about Kevin showing some integrity by not wanting to work for Piers , that tweet is about callous as they come , by the same Token then Iraq must have saved labour ?

      I know our lads and lasses are in theater at the moment trying to do a good job , not sat typing clever stuff for hard left . Some of the bravest fighting ever done was taking those crags and trenches in the falklands , to save……. go on Kevin …… you know ……. the British people of the Falkland Islands.

      What a cheap sell out , see how your paper does at the NAFFI

    • 366

      Toilets would have made a wonderful Quisling for Philip II of Spain, Napoleon, Hitler or Stalin.

  67. 283
    Lord Lardbreath of some outer isle says:

    Bugger it, might as well post my poem that I posted on Ali Cee’s site, in the arts section, second page.

    Us old brits, are the best inviters,
    come in, as we stand aside.
    Come see our land, life all about,
    carry on feel free, with pride.

    Make the isle yours, wipe your feet,
    treat as treat, what you see.
    Land tilled for food, with due respect,
    animals fed and vet, they be.

    But Normans, calm down again call,
    talking chess games pervert.
    Shell like in your ears again from Brit,
    but like tit, they attention divert.

    And a song for me, juat only me, since I think I deserve it, with all these tory english crackheads about bothering me, day in day out,

  68. 284
    Saffron says:

    Anyway Guido
    Last message tonight,compliments for what you do to inform people of whats what in government.
    These guys hate what comes up,so good luck to you my friend and keep up the good work and all of us appreciate what you do.

  69. 289
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    Just seen the BBC News reports of the documents released today on the Falklands.

    Plenty about Thatcher’s disputes with Reagan – nothing on the disgraceful behavior of Mitterand and the French.

    Says it all about the oganisation

    • 298
      BBC control says:

      Dear Viewers/Komrades,

      Socialists are our friends and they are your friends. We must avoid at all cost any negative publicity about our Marxist/crypto-Communist/Labour/socialist allies which may jeopardise the installation of our future glorious one party world government. Watch our avoidance of the issue as France under Hollande begins to crash and burn even more.

      Another £150 please.

      • 305
        Lord Lardbreath of some outer isle says:

        Da commrade, check in ze post, via post office fascito.

        May your potatoes and corn grow large in the coming year, comrade.

        Behave, commrade….

  70. 308
    Lefties are Bad for Peace says:

    The Lefties just do not get it. The Falklands war was all about using British forces to reclaim British territory that had been invaded by a military force. Why is that so difficult for them to understand?

    Their war in Afghanistan had no meaning at all as they said no bullet would be fired and the Iraq war was built upon a foundation of lies, Lefty lies and in both wars all they achieved was the deaths of British forces and thousands of foreign civilians.

    • 405
      Anonymous says:

      The Falkland war was a set up, just like most wars are. You dont seriously think that British intelligence didnt know they were going to invade?, the aging Argie fleet could have been sunk before it left the harbour., but then the paesants like a good war, it brings us together lol. Maggie was no more the right wing than Cameroon, theres no left/right, just a succesion of gangsters stooges pretending to give the sheeple choice of master, good cop bad cop. The very rich vs the rest of us, always has been, the top boys may change their badge from time to time to distract us but the rest remain poor.

  71. 309
    Blowing Whistles says:

    I do hope that the politicised by Labour MET Police are reading this blog – and that they now work out that it would be better in the long run for them to arrest Blair Campbell and many of their inner circle of Marxists – before matters get out of hand?

    • 311
      Blowing Whistles says:

      And that doesn’t mean that there are not many many tories who are implicated also by their ‘silence’ over the past few years – what ho The Culture & Media committee chairman?

    • 314
      Tony Blair must be executed for treason says:

      History is full of example of the ruling class pissing off everyone else.
      Then the ruling class comes to nasty end.

      • 327
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Whittingdale has been ‘concealing’ plenty of matters which he knew off “categorically” – prior to him and his regaining power.

        Morgan is like P Burrel – both odious – but they have covered their Rses with what they know of and how high it goes.

        Baghdad Annie wants to take a look at her constituents in Aberdare – there are plenty of bent councillors around that neck of the woods.

  72. 313
    Blowing Whistles says:

    When is Kier Starmer going to be arrested for his criminality / abuse of power / abuse of office etc etc?

  73. 315
    noah says:

    surely lying to our forces to get them to die fighting a non existent threat has got to be some sort of a crime ?

  74. 317
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Who really is Rabbi Lionel Rosenfeld and what secrets does he hide?

  75. 329
    Blowing Whistles says:

    An “Embargoed” press release means that we DO NOT HAVE a “Free Press”.

    • 332
      Blowing Whistles says:

      TROT – one out again Mr Teletrotman.

    • 334
      Dame Margaret Beckett, sit on it tories says:

      We’ve never had a free press, since the banning of pamphlets in the eighteenth century. Yes, you have been living in a fascist state media fantasy world, my poor minded ignorant child.

      • 342
        Press Watch says:

        This is the most stupid aspect of the Hacked Off argument for implementing full Leveson. Grant must have been running a tax dodge with his donation. Is it illegal for a charity to pay your rent ?? ^^

        • 350
          Dame Margaret Beckett, sit on it tories says:

          Who mentioned Leveson? I didn’t, because it will be the same old same old, pissing up a rope to state control.

          Free press? It is a modern day fantasy, and you and others need to grow up and realise it, you naive total shite.

          • librarian says:

            these fuckwits (well in a sense ) but lovely people really , with charm and charisma have seen that they can get away with lies because the populace are donks and they are the intelligent ones. You cannot attached blame to these people they are just trying to play a good innings with their lives, for their lives’ benefit but we should not call them politicians anymore, rather polichumps or polidonks or some other word that makes them feel slightly loved as opposed to thieves, treacherous liars, and enemies of the common man.

          • Press Watch says:

            You have totally failed to get the nuance. To illuminate:

            Since the press was liberated towards the end of the 18th century and all the laws repealed in the mid 19th, there has been one way or another a direct influence on the press by parliament. Either subtly through taxation, or blatantly as with the relationship between Murd0ch and the government.

            It is the fact that Leveson being called for as a panacea to fix all by the misguided ‘donks’ (good word) who think they are selling a really good thing which is hilarious. I mentioned to reinforce your original point about lack of press freedom, and illustrate the hypocrisy and misguided notion of the campaign and statutory regulation.

            The only difference which would happen if the recommendations were implemented in full is that there would be legal consequences, up to an including jail for any proprietor or journalist who didn’t do as they were told.

            Government would prefer to keep a softer control over the press as they know that a hard control will be problematic.

            People are still not asking for the right thing though which is that liberty of the press is itself enshrined into law. Until that happens, there is no free press.

  76. 330
    Dame Margaret Beckett, sit on it tories says:


    Song for her,

    • 339
      Dame Margaret Beckett, sit on it tories says:

      And a song for Sir Wiggo as well, I suppose – sport is close to faith, I suppose,

      downhill into devil’s bridge, Sir Wiggo,

    • 341
      Dame Margaret Beckett, sit on it tories says:

      “lost” her sister to the faith. Takes balls to be a nun, tories.

  77. 331
    Greek Watch says:

    Something ominous in this story:

    This will likely not increase tax revenues.

    • 335
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Why should hard working Americans, Brits, Greeks and others have to pay for the misgovernance by spineless & corrupted politicians around the world? [Obama hot air / Cameron hot air / Merkel hot air / Monti hot air etc…

      • 336
        Dame Margaret Beckett, sit on it tories says:

        Maybe because c i a elect them by US foreign policy? Tell me if I am wrong.

        • 340
          Tam Dyall says:

          Surely what one should be doing is looking beyond the media and asking whether the outcomes is not just evidence of a strategy to break down sovereign (local) democratic governance in favour of an EU Zone/EU Project Libertarian superstate which passes laws to prevent regulation?

          Note it is always the markets which the media and politicians are bowing to? The message is that Governments are powerless and leaders “muppets”.

          That being so, what does criticising specific members of Governments do except aid and abet the greater Wall Street led anarchistic strategy, and I’m not referring to the protestors?

          The European people now appear to be doing the bidding of their remote anarchistic masters – i.e. the market traders and other financiers and property developers, major female goods retailers etc who profit from this. That is, freedom loving Libertarians, who get most of their financial support from the USA, Wall Street, as you remarked over Goldman-Sachs and Greek debt. But who were the loans to. What are “Households” and “NPISH” in Eurostat? What are the classes? Who is being dumped upon because they are the majority and pay the most taxes. Is this not done by sleight of hand? Is this not the true socialisation of the debt by those who profited by property development at a time when indigenous populations were in decline through small family sizes?.

          The small percentage of Greeks who did well – what proportion were from Greece’s second largest city, and what proportion have favourable economic funding ties to NYC banks?

 e w s_of_Thessaloniki

          One should not be pout off from asking forensic questions. If there is nothing to worry about there is no harm in asking such questions but given the other evidence it nay well be a failure of due diligence not to.

          • Dame Margaret Beckett, sit on it tories says:

            US are in troble with so called their promoted world “capitalism”. They seem to be falling flat on their faces what they did espouse to defeat so called communism. US only used communism as a control freak propagamda after WWII – they got to big for their boots, and now the turkeys are coming home to roost.

            Don’t get me wrong, I love some US americans, but it is a quite hypocritical nation, that should not really be a blueprint for the world. They are not nice people frankly, when you scratch the surface. How many gun deaths per year per head is it again?

          • Tam Dyall says:

            I think you might be Chinese?

            Don’t think all westerners are the same!

            liberal democracy is a complete lie…it’s a j e w i s h conspiricy!

          • Tam Dyall says:

            The Chinese are stupid unless they read…

            jaded jean

            tabblenabble 01, 02


            on the BBC website

          • Tam Dyall says:

            Paul Craig Roberts . org

          • Tam Dyall says:

            The western influence is via women…its via female’s unstopappable?

          • Dame Margaret Beckett, sit on it tories says:

            Yanks are nuts – if they don’t like something, they just shoot it. Or bomb it. Who is the only nation to use nuclear bombs in anger again? Ah yes, the yanks. And that stupid Seal undercover wotsit in North Korea a few years ago, that resulted in a nuclear explosion when they messed it up, not generally known, thinking no one would notice.

          • Dame Margaret Beckett, sit on it tories says:

            link to above, with references,


      • 337
        Tam Dyall says:

        Surely what one should be doing is looking beyond the media and asking whether the outcomes is not just evidence of a strategy to break down sovereign (local) democratic governance in favour of an EU Zone/EU Project Libertarian superstate which passes laws to prevent regulation?

        Note it is always the markets which the media and politicians are bowing to? The message is that Governments are powerless and leaders “muppets”.

        That being so, what does criticising specific members of Governments do except aid and abet the greater Wall Street led anarchistic strategy, and I’m not referring to the protestors?

        The European people now appear to be doing the bidding of their remote anarchistic masters – i.e. the market traders and other financiers and property developers, major female goods retailers etc who profit from this. That is, freedom loving Libertarians, who get most of their financial support from the USA, Wall Street, as you remarked over Goldman-Sachs and Greek debt. But who were the loans to. What are “Households” and “NPISH” in Eurostat? What are the classes? Who is being dumped upon because they are the majority and pay the most taxes. Is this not done by sleight of hand? Is this not the true socialisation of the debt by those who profited by property development at a time when indigenous populations were in decline through small family sizes?.

        The small percentage of Greeks who did well – what proportion were from Greece’s second largest city, and what proportion have favourable economic funding ties to NYC banks?

        One should not be pout off from asking forensic questions. If there is nothing to worry about there is no harm in asking such questions but given the other evidence it nay well be a failure of due diligence not to.

  78. 338
    not a machine says:

    Turkey sandwiches or Lord lardbreath , why bring in the Normans to a perfectly good question on why the left had no answer for the problems it had created , that led to Lady Thatcher being elected ?? I mean if you think the tory golf club lot failed , whats your view on Fred Goodwin ? or dont Labour have upper or middle class failures …..

    You can say what you want , fair enough , but if your going to have a good go at Lady Thatcher on politics , yet play around with pre of her comming to power , as some sort functioning socialist utopia , you need to look at the stats , we were sinking in costs due to losing out to exports . I can understand any argument you might have on the shock of the changes , I lived in area particulary hard hit by them and saw them for real , but she did somthing no left politician could have done , modernised and put Britians ecnomic status back , in a spurt of prosperity .

    Like I say I dont like this modern economy at all , it wasnt perhaps quiet how the conservative success of regaining competativeness was perhaps supposed to work out in seeing a run on a bank . Labour had 13 yrs in which to ensure that we had a stable and balanced economy , with modernised public services , and they blew it , utterly trashed it all in the end in a fit of lies , madness debt and misery. I think history will tell that labour utterly sold off the working class on there watch , while supping champagne with bankers and PR spivs . I mean look at from my perspective this is the second time (there is third but I wasnt around then) I have seen a Labour government utterly ruin the british economy , and you wonder why I seem to blindly appreciate what Lady Thatcher did ??? when you see the likes of the Ed Balls unable to articulate if losing 1.3 mn manufacturing jobs on his parties tenure was a good thing , or selling off half the gold reserves and letting 2 mn migrants in even though we had a fiddled unemployment fig of 1mn .

    Blame the Normans ….and golf club torys and not the idiots who were running the country each time ….. tell you what lets leave the normans and the golf club tories aside for a moment , can you show me a country that has run socialism and it worked ?……

    • 344
      Dame Margaret Beckett, sit on it tories says:

      I’m Dame Beckett now – bow will you.

      Yes, normans – that incidious tribe that have been in our background since 1066 – knights of St. John? – oh get lost will you.

      Us welsh can tell you some stories about normans, how they tried to cleanse us, starve us and so on. At the least the angles and saxons we could fairly pass the day with. Romans too, when they got to know us.

      • 351
        librarian says:

        can I take this opportunity to wish that you have a stroke before the start of the next year and loose the ability to type or make voice commands work ?

        • 367
          Dame Margaret Beckett, sit on it tories says:


          Yourself have a slow death of a thousand chinese cuts, you waste of fresh air and rations in life.

          Go and fuck about with someone else, before I screw off your head and shove it down your neck. I now have a close eye on you, and I have found your ip address, by simple search on Guido’s provider.

          Just watch it, buddy.

      • 402
        Anonymous says:

        Always thought the Welsh actually liked the Normans – hence the popularity of taking up the Norman name Hugh, as in Hugh, Pugh (ap Hugh) and Hughes, or maybe it was just to piss off the indigenous English.

    • 346
      am a machine says:

      Get a life. Nobody reads this drivel.

    • 348
      Forgot *DRIVEL* was a banned word on here says:

      *waves and picks nose*

  79. 347
    librarian says:

    someguy had some intelligent things to say about marriage and the common law a few threads ago but my internet connection is so crap I can’t find it, can somebody with the lazer beam connection send me a link ? thanks

  80. 364
  81. 365
    God dame it says:

    Just got home to the news that Margaret Beckett has been made a dame in the new year’s honours list. Has april fool’s day come early? Who made the decision to give an honour to that useless fucking trout?

    • 370
      Dame Margaret Beckett, sit on it tories says:

      The queen apparently.

      Why is she what you do describe – pray tell? Be constructive in your craphouse talk wafflings.

    • 371
      albacore says:

      Ah, the wonders of fortune and fame
      Cherie didn’t quite make it to Dame
      Still, there ain’t that much a lot grander
      Than an Imperial Commander
      I’d guess that leaves Tone well off the hook
      When it comes to being brought to book

      • 377
        HMMM says:

        Chilcot spent six £ million
        Leveson only half a billion
        Nobody knows where the money goes
        Just to keep them on their toes
        Any chance of a result at last?
        Ask the ghost of Christmas past

        • 383
          Annie Seed-Balls says:

          It goes to ‘The Matrix”. No secret there really.

          Wonder if Cherrybabe will now prosecute her old man now she’s been ‘decorated’. Perhaps she’ll return all those freebies that stuck to her sticky fingers over the years too.

          • Run to the hills - 2013 is on it's way. says:

            It has all gone on that secret rocket ship they are building for when that asteroid with our name on it arrives – for the N W O poshoes…

          • Run to the hills - 2013 is fast approaching says:

            Read Douglas Adams, if I have lost you.

    • 381

      Why are you surprised ? After all, it is the pantomime season.

  82. 384
    Sir Sebastian Nepotism-Crony says:

    News just in – Cherie Blair gets a CBE for services to charidee. God help us all.

  83. 389
    P l e b says:

    Sir Hogan Howe eh? They might just regret that one.

  84. 390
    Swiss Bob says:

    Fuck me the modding on this site has been atrocious recently, one moment you can’t post anything, the next you get some dribbling idiot making fifty percent of the comments, ninety nine percent of which are moronic dross.

  85. 394
    P l e b says:

    And then they give Hector Sants a knighthood !!!! Unbelievable. The Establishment is completely unaccountable, and has absolutely no sense of shame. I see no way back. How can we ever re-build a sense of community and society, of honour and morality ?

  86. 395
    Fact Hunt says:

    Dame Margaret Beckett. For services to the ugly stick.

    Cherie Blair. For services to postboxes.

    • 412
      Anonymous says:

      OK, so they are no oil paintings, but clever ladies never are. Get a tart that is a princess, and will might as well sell your brains to charity, because they will get fried. They can’t ‘elp it. Climb the wall paper creatures they are, my friend, fact of life.

    • 413
      Run to the hills - 2013 is fast approaching says:

      They’re no oil paintings – clever ladies aren’t. Have a princess, and your work is cutout – no time for a career with them sorts, they ask too much time, serving to their mad mind foibles, while you climb the fucking bedroom wallpaper.

      • 414
        Run to the hills - 2013 is fast approaching says:

        oh christ – fecking repeating myself like a 1970′s bbc channel here. bluddy norton scans

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Dan Hodges on Team Miliband:

“‘Poisonous’, was the picture painted by one former senior advisor. ‘Dysfunctional,’ said one shadow cabinet member. ‘A bunch of medieval courtiers, not an office,’ said another. The most positive description I could get was ‘It’s a work in progress. They’re learning. Slowly. But they are learning.’”

Nick Clegg says:

Do you want lies with that?

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