December 27th, 2012

Review of 2012: Expenses Cheats, Liars and Criminals

Another year, another crowd of venal, lying, cheating ‘honourable’ members bringing shame upon the Mother of Parliaments. There was much cause for celebration in November as the Standards and Privileges committee finally found that the disgraced invoice falsifier Denis MacShane was guilty of swindling tens of thousands of pounds worth taxpayers’ money. They described it as “the gravest case which has come to us for adjudication”, and MacShane’s career was over before this crooked, corrupt, gutter politician could say slush fund. Guido hazily remembers cracking open the seventh bottle of Chateau MacShane that fateful autumn afternoon. It’s now in the hands of the CPS...

Back in January Guido kicked off the year by launching a campaign against the MPs food and drink subsidy. This blog revealed that the taxpayer was subsidising their rib-eye steak and chips to the tune of £5.93 a pop, forking out £3.15 for each seared pigeon breast and chipping in £5.27 for each glazed belly of pork chowed down by our honourable members. John Bercow said there was nothing to see here. The old media didn’t agree…

rent-swap-150As the year drew to a close another expenses scandal threatened to cost the jobs of several MPs at the next election. Guido caught a few rent-swappers of his own, it will be interesting to see how Stephen Dorrell, Linda Riordan, Meg Munn, Andy Burnham, Chris Bryant, Helen Grant, Bill Cash, John Whittingdale, Peter Luff, Jessica Lee, David Amess, Kevin Barron and Don Foster fare in 2015.

thieving-politiciansA review of this year’s expenses cheats would not be complete without a special mention for piggy-in-chief Margaret Moran. She received a two-year treatment order after she was found by a court to have committed 15 counts of false accounting.

And, lest we forget a politician who takes our money and laughs in our faces, wish a happy anniversary to Gordon Brown


  1. 1
    Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

    I’m glad my name has not been mentioned here. Happy New Year girls. Boaz.

  2. 2
    Andrew Efiong says:

    You’ve flushed out many a crook and got plenty of shirkers, spongers and shysters on the run.

    Excellent work Guido, you do a great public service for the nation.

    • 27
      Popeye says:

      It’s also so easy to see why the politicos want to muzzle the press.
      more power to the elbows of the investigative reporters.

      • 84
        writer's 9d. says:

        If exposure is the truth, gained lawfully and is relevant ……………….PUBLISH!!!!!

        You politicos aint special, believe it!!

  3. 3
    Nothing better to do says:

    How can any MP bring shame upon Parliament? The whole basis of government is that a small gang of criminally minded thugs obtain a right to exercise coercive violence over the poor unfortunates that live in a certain geographic area. How could you shame that? All you could do is to act in the manner that government always does – theft and violence.

    • 15
      ethical rioter says says:

      interesting view and substance to our latent despair and copy cat behavour
      though obviously a bottle of water in a riot is more important that anything a politician could do

      they are the {self} elective ruling class
      after all

      • 269
        Anonymous says:

        once elected politicians do what they want.
        is this democracy?

      • 272
        Anonymous says:

        once printed….where does all the ‘fake’ money go?
        anyone seen it….for it has to be paid somehow or not?
        ……..when the external reality is naff……what next.
        it is said that all that glistens is not gold…and it is better to invest in farming land…the Duchy Original way.

    • 353
      Mr Quelch says:

      That’ll be The Mafia then: but I didn’t tell you that – never heard of them as it goes.

  4. 4
  5. 5
  6. 6
    Jess The Dog says:

    Glazed pork bellies?!? Is that a reference to the food or the diners?

  7. 7
    Damned Impertinent Questions says:

    Even worse are Lib Dems who want to govern every aspect of how people live and control another sector of the press. What this naiive and silly Minister doesn’t seem to realise is that this just shows how she is desperate for anything that might remind people she exists.

    And why do this now? The magazines in question will have been laid out and printed months ago….so totally futile but just trying to grab a headline in the silly season when not much is happening that’s worth publishing.

    • 29
      Popeye says:

      With a bit of luck, with the Lib/Dem leaders being such dross, they are now destroyed as a serious political contender, even their core vote seems to be deserting them.

    • 111
      Bluto says:

      Oh, FFS. Leave us the hell alone you stupid cow! Get out of our lives!

      • 192
        Curly from Camden says:

        The Campaign for Body Confidence seems to be a front for out of condition fatties if that pic is anything to go by.

        Is Fatty Pang on the panel?

  8. 8
    nickleaton says:

    Spare a thought for the deprived Peers. No longer able to scoff on subsidised foi gras.

  9. 9
    Damned Impertinent Questions says:

    RIP House of Lords foie gras

    But not because they were ripping us off subsidising it as they troughed but because they were afraid of the animal rights lobby.

    Greedy corrupt and spineless to boot

  10. 10
    policy review cross bench press committee to commitment to citizen/subject says:

    excellent digging
    we hope you can dig a little into the hypocrisy of the whole shirade this coming year
    move a little beyond money – though important in these modern times

    for a politician that makes no progress i would grant no subsidy to
    if one of the sharllotan carpetbaggers can effect an affect of good
    they can have all the tea and cash in china
    as far as we are concerned

    • 195
      Frog's Legges says:

      Shirade and Sharlottan. Not dissimilar to a Nouveau Bordeaux; go well with a ripe Stilton.

  11. 11
    Owen Jones says:

    A teacher asks her class if anyone can explain what a paradox is.

    Little Paddy stands up and says “Yes Miss. It’s what my dad puts on his feet before he goes to work on the building site.”

  12. 12
    Damned Impertinent Questions says:

    Christmas is a time for miracles and i will bet that Piggy has seen a miraculous improvement in her condition now shes not going down for 2 years

    • 16
      Cynical-old-bag says:

      If she hasn’t gone to prison, does this mean she is still employed and collecting a salary?

      Where’s the justice in that?

      • 33
        hang her says:

        Had a dose of the flu the other night, couldnt sleep so, as you do, I flicked on the TV and there on BBC Parliament was a reply of Baroness Uddin speaking in the Lords earlier this month.

        Thieving fucking bitch.

    • 74
      T. P. Fuller says:

      Piggy has been diagnosed with Ernest Saunders Syndrome. So that’s all right, then.

  13. 13
    Smig says:

    Keep at it Guido! The bunch of charlatans, liars and thieves deserve a good kicking.

  14. 17
    Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:

    Not forgetting

    Andrew Mitchell MP claimed £299 for Landed Gentry publications called Burke’s Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage 107th Edition.

    Strangely he claimed for one copy at £299, but also claimed for 2 further copies at £180 each, total cost after post £688.

    What has this publication got to do with being an MP, and why buy 3 copies ?????

    • 51
      Voice of reason says:

      What’s it got to do with you? Interfering old busy body. Get back to your knitting and sort out your lynch mob mentality.

    • 82
      Sir William Waad says:

      He couldn’t believe his name wasn’t in the first copy, so he bought two more to check.

      (But see, also, the opening paragraphs of Miss Austen’s ‘Persuasion’)

    • 86
      Miss Austen says:

      Mister Andrew Mitchell, MP, of Kellynch Hall, in Sommersetshire, was a man who, for his own amusement, never took up any book but the Baronetage; there he found occupation for an idle hour, and consolation in a distressed one; there his faculties were roused into admiration and respect, by contemplating the limited remnant of the earliest patents; there any unwelcome sensations, arising from domestic affairs, changed naturally into pity and contempt, as he turned over the almost endless creations of the last century – and there, if every other leaf were powerless, he could read his own history with an interest that never failed

    • 183
      Damned Impertinent Questions says:

      why not just buy a web subscription. I assume he cannot use a computer?

  15. 18
    Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:


    Hunt ban not to be over turned

    U-Turn Number 245.

  16. 19
    George Galloway says:

    UK government keeping secret Tony Blair’s lies and war crimes stops publication of the Iraq Inquiry:

    • 24
      himindoors says:

      Give them a break, they’ve got to have some aces left up their sleeves if they are going to stand any chance of winning the next election.

      • 196
        Nothing to be published until 70 years have elapsed to protect those involved ?? says:

        We will NEVER see its findings……….

    • 299
      Twitched a lesser spotted cum swallow in my back garden earlier says:

      George – get back on the heavy 10shilling, and leave Blair alone. Your record is cracked.

  17. 21
    Owen Jones says:

    In a small town just outside Belfast, a man has just saved a woman and her daughter from a vicious Doberman attack. 3 news reporters run to the scene.

    1st reporter. “Please, I need this story, Brave Republican, saves a family from a brutal canine attack”

    “Sounds good but I’m not from the Republic” he says.

    2nd reporter. “Please let me have it. Amazing Fenian risks all for mother and child.”

    “I’m not Republican and I sure as hell ain’t no Fenian, I’m a loyalist.” He said proudly.

    3rd reporter. “Orange bastard kills family pet”

    • 30
      Yankee Go Home says:

      I find the intrusion of Americans on here, who are out of touch with life on these islands but who want to ingratiate themselves by pretending to be British, quite tedious.

      • 100
        Out-Of-Touch Pretend-Brit Ingratiating Americans says:

        So tell us, please– what’s giving it away?

        • 164
          Cursory Reading says:

          Our Owen, marxist little scumbag that he is, doesn’t really get involved with the politics of Northern Ireland, or indeed tell jokes which are amusing.

          His mummy may have bought him an atlas this Christmas so this year coming – who knows ? But chances are his rhetoric will remain in the realm of: ‘Ignore my background, everyone else has it better than you and IDS kills disabled people, right on Chavs.’

          Also, NI is not really on the political radar as such in the UK at the moment. Things are kicking off again, so if anything happens on the main land it may become a concern here, but at present (and very strangely one must add), the ongoing battle between Republican’s and Loyalists are wholly subservient to Gay Marriage.

          Pushing Gay Marriage through in NI is an interesting proposition though with lots of potential for violence.

      • 107
        US Watch says:

        Piers Moron: Quid pro quo.

    • 36
      Owen Joan says:

      My friend Conor Murphy, IRA and Sinn fein, will like that one.

  18. 22
    The Public says:

    Good stuff Guido. You really are appreciated by your readers.

  19. 25
    Backwoodsman says:

    What is even more sickening than the actual crime, with a cu*nt like mcshame , is the attempted justification, readily propogated by the likes of the guardianistas, that it was money used in fighting evil righties.
    My New Years’ wish, is that Fawkes has a serious go after acpo and common purpose – two organisations which should be hunted down and exposed at every oportunity.

  20. 26
    Fatty Pang and his Four Pensions says:

    What about me . Why have you left me out of the Honours List.

    Lord Fatty Pang of Barnes

  21. 35
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’ve had a wonderful christmas with my egg soldiers. That woman I’ve got a contract with has been in Canterbury. Her children have been staying with her parents. A thoroughly prudent christmas overall.

  22. 37
    still waiting says:

    Watson-Nutter year? Who not to ridicule for the year now ending with an extensive choice of incompetent politicians from all parties, biased media and it’s magnates, lefty celebrities, etc? Jobs for the boys with rules made up by the boys. Mother or ‘brother’ of parliaments! Leveson turned out to be a damp squib with Mitchel and the Met probably going the same way.
    What’s an udder here? MPs eating habits, and the population’s too!. [Living in sunny climes with an abundance of visible, attractive natural naked flesh, get tired too of seeing tit and bum pictures from the obese elected representatives.] Must be the abysmal weather you get that necessitates the fix. Combined with a propensity for many to drink themselves into a stupor, is it a case that man boobs and obese breasts are a health and safety measure to prevent one injuring yourself when you fall over.
    2012 a special year? Nothing changes, despite Guido’s attempts to rock the boat. Same old, same old. Unfortunately.

  23. 38
    big tough Tories, my arse says:

    That Leadsom and Eustice ‘nuclear option’ warning to the EU is a joke —->
    The two of them will roll over if Cameron tells them to.

  24. 40
    Ann Clwyd says:

    Did you all enjoy my waterworks at pmqs before christmas? That’ll make sure no one ever dares confront me about my expenses past, nor about how I championed the invasion of Iraq in return for Tony making me his human rights envoy to Iraq. No one will dare call me a shameless whoring c-unt who sold her soul for a bit of fame and status, for fear I’ll start blubbering about the nhs.

    • 78
      T. P. Fuller says:

      I have to say I smirked when I heard her – a socialist, FFS – complaining about the soviet treatment her moribund spouse received at the hands of the bruvvers & sistahs. WTF else did she expect?

      • 113
        Scum Watch says:

        Normally compassion is in order for those who have lost loved ones, and sinking to the salacious level some on display for the demise the Iron Lady is contemptible and beyond reproach.

        However, in the case of Clwyd, with husbands undignified demise at the hands of the NHS, an exception can be made which strengthens the rule.

        One hopes that she sleeps soundly knowing that her campaign for battery chickens and human rights advocacy blinded even her to the reality of what was happening in the UK’s health services. Primarily the conversion of a life giving institution of good into a ruthless instrument of death by her and her comrades when last in power.

        The knowledge that she will likely die of dehydration in a hospital bed on a care pathway far from compassion satisfies schadenfreud, however the focus of reversing the trend she and her deluded comrades set in motion is the priority.

        • 267
          Grim reaper says:

          Clwyds blubbering attempt to demonise the nhs under the tory’s,
          was,to put it mildly, pathetic and sad and evil,shame on her.
          The culture in the nhs grew under her beloved party’s watch,……
          The levels of Hospital aquired infections also rose….

          • CarryHole is a complete Hunt says:

            The NHS is historically on the wrong side of the Berlin wall.

            I wonder how many will die before the awful mistake of involving the state in health is undone.

          • Anonymous says:

            I have been a nurse in the NHS for years and i can tell you staffing levels wherever i have worked have always been the same under either party. I dont think things are as bad as the media would have us think, by a long chalk. What does amaze me,if as in Mrs Clwyds case she felt there was a problem with her husbands care why she didnt 1)cover him up herself, 2) give him a drink herself 3) not leave the hospital until she was sure he was being cared for propperly. But no, she makes political capital out of her dead husband at PMQs which was disgraceful. But par for the course.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            The Tory party mongs around the Rhonda were informed of Baghdads constituents being bumped off – they did nowt about it also – ‘cos all they were seeking was to get rupee back on thweir side to regain the captaincy on the stinking premiership.

      • 241
        sick as a parrot says:

        Such treatment should be mandatory for the kin of MP’s.

    • 85
      D.I. Jack Regan, Flying Squad says:

      Put your tears away love, you’re nicked!. We’ve got some stairs that need ‘ealth and safety testing.

      And make me a cuppa tea you slag.

      • 95
        Tay King-dePisse says:

        Have your had your lunch yet, Inspector? Have a nosh, you’ll feel better. It’ll be a worthwhile Endeavour. You won’t have any re-Morse.

        • 118
          D.I. Jack Regan, Flying Squad says:

          Listen Love, I appreciate the offer, but I don’t drink from the furry cup of dirty slappers.

          If you’re lucky, George is looking a bit hungry since that Luciana bird gave him the elbow.

          Socialists? Slags! The lot of ‘em!

          • Rabbi Chaim Gunnar Kutsher-Dickov says:

            Oy vey, are you a sex-crazed maniac! So who’s talking about the “bearded clam”? They meant a “nosh,” as in a “bite to eat,” you shmegegi! Didn’t you ever work in the East End when it WAS the East End, or did Reggie and Ronnie chase your faygeleh tuchus out, you shikker shaygetz of a bent rozzer?

          • Turkey sandwiches fried in goose fat, says Nigella says:

            Look love, I just want to know where ‘e is, get it? And don’t give me all this “‘aven’t seen ‘im in months”, it won’t wash girl. Now where is ‘e, Lady Muck?

      • 112
        Blowing Whistles says:

        The soviet socialist South Wales police lurv their baghdad Annie. Politicised Bar Stewards.

        • 124
          D.I. Jack Regan, Flying Squad says:

          I’d have had that Uddin deported two years ago if it wasn’t for the bastards on the Fifth Floor.

          Slags! The lot of ‘em!

      • 304
        Twitched a lesser spotted cum swallow in my back garden earlier says:

        and we haven’t had our breakfast… you slag. Book ‘er George.

    • 301
      Twitched a lesser spotted cum swallow in my back garden earlier says:

      You could cry for Wales, Ann bach.

  25. 43
    Dave and his thin pursed lips says:

    What does the Nation want? BUM SEX. And when does it want it? NOW
    What does the Nation want? BUM SEX. And when does it want it? NOW
    What does the Nation want? BUM SEX. And when does it want it? NOW
    What does the Nation want? BUM SEX. And when does it want it? NOW
    What does the Nation want? BUM SEX. And when does it want it? NOW
    What does the Nation want? BUM SEX. And when does it want it? NOW
    What does the Nation want? BUM SEX. And when does it want it? NOW
    What does the Nation want? BUM SEX. And when does it want it? NOW

    • 56
      Sam from Witney, spending Christmas in Canterbury with a dear old girl friend says:

      Dave, I’m beginning to think you’re a bit of a knob jockey on the quiet.

      • 105
        b r own - do g says:

        Perhaps it’s not quite the bum sex he wants…

        I suggest this reinforcement of vanity has been very good for merchandising, as human females (and gays) do most of the shopping. Liberating females and gays was a very good way to get more money out of people’s pockets, hence the promotion of fashion gurus and media etc.

        I’m not sure ‘communism’ was such an evil as made out (see Yugoslavia under Tito, and China today). We have just been saturated with propaganda to keep the above edgy, shocking culture alive and humming.

        Straight men have suffered greatly of course. I’ll be glad to see the back of all this vanity as it’s ephemeral, shallow and ultimately does far more harm than good, it also hits the birth rate of the indigenous population bigtime.

        • 116
          Reality Bites says:

          Communism works if there is a strong totalitarian regime with absolute control over a cowed population.

          Tito worked as he had the red army and soviet apparatus to provide support to the regime. The foreign influence in Balkan affairs helped glue the countries together, when that was removed history explains the rest.

          China is a nation with mobile execution wagons, pernicious state surveillance and censorship, and an approach to people management which involves turning the army against its own people when necessary.

          Communism is an evil, it is not propaganda but one of the few truths of the cold war era. Even the Russian’s figured this after a while FFS.

        • 129
          Bill d'Sarse says:

          Different theory – and it’s all in aid of winning the next election.

          Legalise gay marriage then, as a pre-election sweetener, big tax bonuses for married couples. It will piss off the single parent families but I would suggest that the majority of them either don’t vote or if they do, then they would vote for a pig if it was wearing a red rosette.

  26. 45
    You'll all be making jokes when Mandela dies, so lighten up says:

    Is George Bush Sr dead yet?

    • 50
      Joss Ayinglike says:

      If you need to ask, you’re an absolute arse.

    • 80
      Belly says:

      Will he fit in the ashtray?

    • 139
      Dubya says:

      Read my lips: Poppy ain’t dead yet, scumbag.
      What’s the matter, Lady Thatcher or Prince Philip ain’t dyin’ fast enough for y’all? Ya gotta joke around about my father instead? Are you in a “dead pool” or somethin’? You leave the Old Man alone, or I’ll open up a can o’ whup-ass on ya…an’ I’m just the cowboy who can do it, too! See if I ain’t!

    • 309
      Twitched a lesser spotted cum swallow in my back garden earlier says:


      Mandela walks into a bar and asks for a pint.

      Landlord says bitter?

      And Mandela says “what”?

      And the landlord says “BITTTER – BITTER – BITT ERRR, are you deaf or something?”….

      : )

    • 386
      CarryHole is a complete Hunt says:

      Mandela, South Africa’s Breivik.

  27. 49
    David Cameron was my fag at Eton says:

    Cameron hould never of been Prime minister.
    He was a terrible fag.
    Thats enough reason.

    • 52
      The Libor party says:

      ‘hould never of’.

      If you were ever at Eton, you were obviously just scrubbing the urinals out.

      • 62
        David Cameron was my fag at Eton says:

        How dare you?
        You horrible chav.

      • 312
        Twitched a lesser spotted cum swallow in my back garden earlier says:

        eton =’s full of russians these days, I have heard. Must be scrubbing their crappers day in day out, what with their terrible english.

    • 173
      Sigmund Fraud says:

      Cameron : not so much a fag, more of a butt end.

  28. 53
    Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:


    Adoption System reform

    6th time this has been announced in past 2 years

  29. 54
    Chris Hoon says:

    Am pleased to note that I am off Guido’s radar screen :)

  30. 55
    Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:


    Guido your cascading style sheet is buggered

  31. 58
    Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:

    Dave — Gays = fraction of 1% of electorate, but Im obsessed now.

    Guido will you be “Best Person” at Dale’s wedding.

    …where did it all go so wrong ????

  32. 64
    Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:

    Any news on judge Constance Briscoe . arrested and bailed in October…but not a peep since

  33. 83
    nellnewman says:

    Guido you never mentioned the 3 lords , uddin, taylor and the pig farmer whose name I forget that troughed £thousands and have now been let back into HoL to start doing it all over again!

  34. 87
    Fatty Pang and his Four Pensions says:

    Why am I not on this Honours List. £110k pa, dishing out millions on illegal golden parachutes, four pensions from quangos, never doing an honest days work and revered across the land as the fat ugly face of troughing politics.

  35. 89
    I don't like this bright red font says:

    We need a final solution for our politicial class.

  36. 94
    Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:

    Predictions for 2013.

    * Mitchell NOT to return to cabinet

    * 1st April NHS reforms cause mayhem, Hunt forced to backtrack on plans

    * Guido to be Best Person at Dale’s wedding…None of Dales Tory MP friends will turn up.

    * Thatcher continued to be fed via a straw, and mumbling to her feet, something about a big pixie teapot

    * Guido to get a another DD conviction.

    * Cockalition partners get a battering in local elections.

    * Triple dip 1st and 2nd financial quarter 2013-14

    * Inflation target to be abandoned

    * Interest rates in sharp rise – possible full 1% ( oh yes, this is the biggy )

    * Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson to name another London project after himself.

    * Tory poll rating to remain at 29% or lower.

    * 1980’s Pe*ado at No 10…the real culprit to be outed.

    • 98
      plip plop plub says:

      No work today Moussa?

      Just spouting your ill thought out brain dross on here all day? What a festive little loner you are. Why not use the time more productively by taking out a subscription to E-Harmony and make some friends,

    • 102
      Richard the Lionheart says:

      and plague will strike all muzzies bringing a cleansing to the land.
      Dexterity book xxv vs 29.

    • 117
      Wotta Tossa Skid Mark 3 says:

      I predict you will be as dull and boring in 2013 as you were in 2012.

    • 280
      Anonymous says:

      The EU is going to implode in 2013. And then we can stop paying 50 million a day to the commies and their creepy frontmen. No more pension thefts by the Mandevilson and the kinnockio clan … result!

    • 300
      Sir William says:

      My predictions for 2013:

      1. A lot of waffle in Parliament mysteriously results in some pols’ careers waxing and others waning, without any discernible benefit to the public.

      2. Cold winter weather is blamed on global warming.

      3. The Turner Prize is won by a slab of slate, a condom and a bucket of cold tea.

      4. Moussa Koussa 4 springs fully-armed from the forehead of Ed Balls.

      5. England 487-6; match drawn. Cook 253 n.o.

      6. MP caught selling nicked iPads off the back of a van.

      7. Tedious and unpleasant p* do stories monopolise the media in August.

      8. 0.3% growth hailed as a miracle.

      9. Boris Johnson makes an ass of himself. Everbody chuckles warmly.

      10. Ed Miliband makes an ass of himself. Nobody is surprised.

  37. 97
    George Gideon Oliver Osborne says:

    Plan B, the Banks pay back the £1.5tn Bailout money to HMRC,Vodafone Pays £8bn, Amazon Pays £10bn and then no Cuts or Austerity

  38. 99
    I don't like this bright red font says:

    We should be worried about the fiscal cliff.

  39. 104

    For what little it is worth, my opinion is that we should encourage these MPs to have many more sex scandals.

    The more they are putting in, the less they are taking out.

    Also if they are busier fucking each other, then they cannot be fucking us.

    Now north over the Alps.

  40. 106
    Jack Klugman, Charles Durning, Gerry Anderson RIP says:

    A lot of talented people have sadly passed away during christmas.

    Margaret Moran and Denis Macshane are still alive.

    No justice.

    • 109
      Jaded Jean says:

      When a movie is made, who gets most of the credit, the producer(s), the director, the actors? When Brown, Darling or Obama give speeches, who gets the credit, they or the people who write the speeches? When AVATAR did well, did people fawn over the CGI characters? Do they want to be like the CGI characters?

      Learn about narcissism, marketing and ‘the credit assignment problem’.

      Humans = not very smart creatures on the whole… but very self-centred/vain – females even more than males.

      • 125
        The BBC causes serious mental illness says:

        You seem to have caught the BBC’s disease with repeating your output within days… :-)

    • 318
      George Carter can sing says:

      more fresh air for the rest of us.

  41. 114
    My predictions for 2013 says:

    Thousands more Muslims blow themselves up around the world, only to discover there’s no afterlife with 72 virgins.

    David Cameron makes a u-turn on his promise not to have more u-turns.

    Ed Miliband calls for a judge-led inquiry into the result of the 2010 election, claiming Labour had won.

    Margaret Moran is offered a safe Labour seat after making a sudden recovery.

    Denis Macshane joins Celebrity Big Brother. He’s the first to be voted out after being caught stealing the other housemates’ possessions.

    Gordon and Sarah Brown quietly announce a separation but stress it’s amicable. She moves to Canterbury with her children. Gordon writes one question in parliament during the entire year.

    Tom Watson scans the newspapers to see which tragedy he can exploit next to boost his ego.

    George Entwistle resigns as team manager of McDonald’s Croydon branch after three days in the job, saying he wasn’t aware they sell burgers and fries. He receives a £450,000 payoff as part of his settlement.

    • 126
      Final Solution for Common Purpose Parasites says:

      Hmm… Quango to look into the 72 virgin afterlife claims of the muzzie’s.

      Could work if left to run for a number of years.

    • 143
      Ha Ha says:

      Billy Connolly has an issue wth the promise of 72 virgins

  42. 115
    Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:

    Another daft appointment by Dave

    Baroness ( mummsie do gooder ) Newlove

    Any ideas on the salary

  43. 120
    • 131
      Rotherham SS (Social Services) says:

      Our department is concerned that many seem to have forgotten our new policy of reclassifying undesirable political affiliation as a child protection issue this year.

      We are keen to impress that this positive development does indeed bring the UK one step closer to utopia, and that our exalted leader Frau J Thacker intends to extend the benefits of this service nationwide at her earliest opportunity.

      Let it not be forgotten that without Herr Gove’s support, the public backlash against reason would have hampered our righteous endeavour.

  44. 127
    Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:

    I love Bin Laden.

  45. 133

    ” Andy Burnham, Chris Bryant, rent swappers and cum swappers

  46. 135
    Jimmy says:

    “MacShane’s career was over before this crooked, corrupt, gutter politician could say slush fund.”

    If only he’d been a tory, he’d be in government.

  47. 138

    McShames car sticker “My other office is a shed “

  48. 141
    Guardian reading lefty says:

    Comrade Toynbee’s column in today’s Guardian is good.
    She is talking about class war against all you evil tories.

  49. 145
    David Minibanana says:


  50. 148
    Limey Morgan and his Mouth Organ says:

    They all live in a paid for bubble – they are different from us normals. It surprises me that when they get voted out, you don’t see them the next day walking down the road without any clothes on. Oh but of course, they get a lump sum when they get kicked out, don’t they?

  51. 149
    Carter Fuck says:

    Has Hodge the Dodge issued any writs lately?

    Only wondering!

  52. 151

    The politician who “takes or money and laughs in our faces” probably covers a majority of them and McShane is not the worst or the most serious, despite what the commissioner might say. The corruption is institutionalised and part of the culture, and the party leaders condone it.

    • 165
      Anonymous says:

      Julie Kirkbride has taken our money – massively – and is still laughing.

    • 225
      Anonymous says:

      The `duckhouse` characters were all small fry used as scapegoats to detract attention from the serious offenders made the more easy by Dave`s portrayal of them as outdated rightwingers.

    • 275
      Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

      The previous female Education Minister has still not had her expenses investigated with enough vigour. She has still to explain why she didn’t claim on her insurance policy for the water dmage to her constituency home in Bolton instead of giving the tax payer the bill.

      I won’t mention her name as I get moded every time I do

      If she is invesyigated properly she will go to jail

      • 428
        Anonymous says:

        Several should be in prison by now including Julie Kirkbride and the anonymous bitch you refer to.

    • 437
      Anonymous says:

      Arrest the bitch! Let justice be seen to be done.

  53. 162
    Tory Monitor says:

    Politicians who ” take or money and laugh in our faces” !!!!
    They get away with it. The standards guru is wrong when he says that McShane is one of the most serious cases. Remember Julie Kirkbride and hubby. Remember the scale of her operation – building extensions for her brother, salary payments for her sister in a non-job, mortgage and rent switches for extra `expenses`, purchase of unnecessary equipment etc. for her brother by her brother and in her name, etc, etc, etc, the list goes on and on. The scope and extent of this over a ten year period, wildly exceeds the abuses of any other MP. Why has nothing been done? Why was she never prosecuted? Why was it so difficult to bring this particluar case into the open? Why is David Cameron protecting her? Why does she still have full access to parliamentary facilities?
    It is she who is top of the list (and laughing) and not McShane.

    • 178
      The Arch Bishop of Westminster says:

      Maybe her hubby is Dave’s secret fuckbuddy?

    • 254
      The Tory Observer says:

      They are both big salaried lobbyists with full access to parliamentary facilities. They are still at it!

    • 285
      Weatry says:

      On another note; remember T.Dan Smith and his Socialist cronies oop north like.

    • 430
      Anonymous says:

      Arrest Julie Kirkbride! Show you are a man of integrity Dave!

    • 440
      Julie, Julie Kirkbride says:

      My PEST days at Cambridge taught me that moderation is the highest virtue, and that virtue is exemplified by the modernisers in our Party. You silly silly people are undermining the simply simply marvellous work that Dave is doing, and I personally will not rise to the bait. Go away, you losers!

  54. 163
    Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP says:


  55. 167
    Moussa Koussa's pet meerkat says:

    You must give credit to Dennis Skinner. Has never missed a Commons session. You won’t catch him with his nose in the trough.

    A man of principles – eh?

    • 171
      Limey Morgan and his Mouth Organ says:

      Love the Beast of Bolsover, I just simply love the old goat. Really sticks it to those posh tories, and they don’t like it up them, do they, oh no, they don’t like it up them.

    • 172
      HMMM says:

      What a sad fucker, he is the trough.

      • 175
        Limey Morgan and his Mouth Organ says:

        Best of the worst of the load of pigtrotters, HMMM. Agreed?

        • 179
          Joss Taskin says:

          Was n’t he caught dipping his pen in the company ink ?

        • 180
          HMMM says:

          If you think an MP justifies his salary and all the attendant perks for shouting tripe at the beginning of PMQS every week… No!.

          • Cato Street Conspirator says:

            It’s true. I’ve often wondered what else Skinner does. At least in the old days he’d turn up at strike meetings to come out with some string of platitudes. What does he do now?

          • UK Public says:

            If he shouted ‘one pound fish’ instead of ‘tripe’ we might be convinced.

          • HMMM says:

            See above.

          • UK Public says:

            Caught the story about the deportation. It isn’t about the man though, just the message.

          • George Carter can sing soprano when kicked in the knackers yard says:

            My MP works, and the fella next door to us,

            The fella next door – used to play cricket with this fellow,

    • 314
      IT will be bleak in sunderland in 2013 when the benefit caps kick in and the state becomes smaller says:

      Skinner is a cnut 42 years in Parliament spouting class war nonsense and achieved f..k all while he has had a very comfortable life.Capitilism works ,greed is good and ambition spurs the world on the days of the sSkinners of this world are over.

  56. 188
    Guardian reading lefty says:

    Come the revolution we will replace parliament with a soviet.

    • 190
      Ex Grauniad Reader says:

      Come the new year you may be out of a job.

    • 200

      Brilliant idea ! It certainly worked for the USSR and all their satellite satrapy.

      Er, wait…

      • 204
        Red Lightbulb of Socialist Miscalculation says:

        It doesn’t really work nicely when it’s not your parliament, and you are just a satellite, does it ? Douche.

    • 278
      Ann Arko says:

      No, not A soviet, a council of soviets. The soviet is the workers’ council in each area or enterprise. Get it right, lefty.

    • 460
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Is there a guardian or Indy poll that says the public agree with your statement?

      The Indy produced a poll of 1000 on wed and the Gruniad a poll of 1002 – both im.plying that a majority of the public are ok with gay marriage! – what a load of old cobblers – that’s 2002 people asked their views!!! – what percentage of the population is 2002 compared to say 30 million adults and ain’t them pollster companies taking de pisse?

      • 477
        Curly says:

        These surveys were taken on Hampstead Heath and Clapham Common at dusk. I was asked, but told the fairy with the clipboard to effoff.

      • 500
        Expat Geordie says:

        Perhaps it was the same 1000 people asked twice?

  57. 201
  58. 205
    Lord Cashpoint says:

  59. 206
    Calamity Clegg says:

    I’m a hypocrite. So what ?

    • 208
      Smugometer says:

      Behaves like a spoilt child.. Needs treating like one and sending to the naughty step

    • 221
      albacore says:

      Still, he’s got nowt on Dave. Dave can spin on a pin
      (And that’s in Parliament – only spinners get in)
      The true doyen of wet: he can’t arf pirouette
      Has he offered another referendum yet?

    • 385
      Wot Taylor says:

      is that an U-turn?

    • 442
      Anonymous says:

      Aren’t the Pro EU Politicised-nutters on the back foot for all the public to witness for themselves – and isn’t hanging is to good for them?

  60. 207
    Van Rompuy says:

    I’m not cheap suckers.

  61. 213
    Psychiatrist says:

    Interesting Question:

    Is it possible for a narcissist to die from an overdose of attention ?

    • 226
      The Red Baron says:

      That is not the question with respect…it’s what will narcissists do to receive as much attention as possible?

      Females (and the feminine brained) love nothing better than watching men (or out groups) fighting over them, or indeed for them and to the death. It’s been happening for millenia alas. It’s happening in the ME now.

    • 438
      Anonymous says:

      Ask Sir Professor Roy Meadows or David Southall – of Sally Clarke fame – their opinions have been trashed and so to have the legals who used their snake-oil methods od deception.

      • 447
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Don’t ask Sir Paul Ridgecole – ‘cos he’s got his secret court stuff to hide behind – charlatan wig wearer.

        A child – in southern England was abused by the pater and every possible on the square merchant has been involved in concealing the network that allowed it to happen. And there ain’t diddly squat – the square old boys can do to stop the truth being revealed.

  62. 214
    Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:

    The PR stunt led government never stops

    A government minister ( jo Swinson – WHO ) has written to magazine editors asking them not to promote post-Christmas “miracle” diets because they pose a “health risk”.

    Poor Guido and porky pie Pickles…what will you ever do now…The 20 stone mark is approaching Guido

    • 216
      Gordon Gecko - Greed is Good says:

      This gov’t is full of PR c’unts.

      Think about it this way…diets and abstinence are bad for business, short term profits and GDP. A triple dip now would just about sink this coalition gov’t.

    • 219
      I see the Lefty hate still shows even at Xmas says:

      Happy Xmas Mousey baby, still spitting hate towards decent people with opposite views, I suppose you doff your hat to the likes of Broon and his energy mates and bankers he destroyed our gold reserves just to enable him to be rich like Bliar.

    • 227
      Harriet Harman QC says:

      Labour never engaged in PR stunts.

    • 258
      Cynical-old-bag says:

      Are you for real Moussa – or are you a plant from Liebor?

  63. 215
    Jessicka says:

    What fools we are.

  64. 230
    Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:

    Adnan Habib, 10, four-year-old Arsalaan and their 32-year-old aunt, Bushra Tazarib were killed when the car they were in crashed on the M6 on Christmas day.

    Reading other comments from Guidos neo f*uck wit flock , I can assume that you are all delighted.

    You are all pure scum !!!!

    • 244
      Jimmy Riddle says:

      Of what relevance are your depraved imaginings ?

    • 245
      albacore says:

      Assume what you like, tocker. You ain’t got a clue
      Your assumptions tell us a lot more about you
      Try not to let your tantrums send you squinty-eyed
      It just wouldn’t look right on one so purified

    • 248
      Conspiracy Watch says:

      More to the point, as was actually being asked here MMK3, any clues as to the cause of the crash, and if anyone else was killed ? Plus – any relevant background on the families ? No Iraq / Matrix Churchill or other iffy arms or ‘export’ connections ? When you have found out, pls. report back.

    • 260
      Cynical-old-bag says:

      You really are deranged if you think that.

    • 263
      Wotta Tossa Skid Mark 3 says:

      Don’t judge everyone by your own very,very low standards. #ReligionOfPiss.

    • 276
      Anonymous says:

      ppl die on the day christ is born.
      ppl no doubt were born on the day christ is mean to have ‘died’.
      as to being muslims…there is a view that we are all spiritual beings having an in.body experience and as spiritual beings we do not die.
      as to the age of…well some souls come to earth for a short period. and only they know the reason but as a result we have become aware of the horror that is in ppl like you.
      …narrow vision or broad vision…..
      it is a choice.

  65. 231
    One Term Dave says:

    After my triumph with gay marriage, my advisors have told me there are lots of votes to be harvested by legalising sheepshagging. Sheep have no legal standing and therefore cannoy accuse anyone of rape. Moreover, they are not on the electoral rolls and therefore cannot vote anti-tory. It’s a win-win situation. How brilliant is that?

  66. 236
    Diddley-di-di-die says:

    Could we not start a Winner-Death-Wish-list for 2013?

    Top of my list is the Blessed Tone.
    One day I shall be happy.

    • 250
      nellnewman says:

      No – I want him to live a long and miserable life and hopefully one day to end up before the Hague court for war crimes.

      If chilcot ever screws up enough courage to report his findings honestly then the saintly tone is going to be condemned.

      • 282
        The Red Baron says:

        Don’t put you faith in the Chilcot Inquiry…it was set up to fail.

        Do you know who the people on the committee are?

        Sir Lawrence Freedman – He was a foreign policy adviser to Tony Blair.

        Sir Martin Gilbert – He is the author of over eighty books, including works on the H olo ca ust and J e w i sh history.

        Sir Roderic Lyne – He is an advisor to JPMorgan Chase who were chosen to operate the Trade Bank of Iraq, which gave banks access to the financial system of Iraq. He was also a special adviser to BP, which currently has major interests in Iraq.

        • 286
          Anonymous says:

          inquiries are setup to fail.
          not cheap either. issue is one of intent. if governments are globalists then they will protect others like them.
          if our armed forces are abroad then. how can they defend us at home. if they. cannot defend us at home, why do they exist?

          • Weatry says:

            Because our Masters need them as a defence against us I imagine .

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Weatry – They are not “our Masters” as you seem to think – they are “our Slaves” – the shame being that so many like you waetry – have been duped by them into believing that they are the Masters – when the effing well are not. Wake up FFS.

  67. 242
    Bin Laid to Death says:

    I do hope that, when the Americans said they buried Bin Laden at sea with islamic rites, they were only saying that for diplomatic purposes. I hope they actually took turns to piss on his corpse, before throwing him into shark infested waters.

    • 255
      The Red Baron says:

      What did he ever do to you?

    • 289
      Anonymous says:

      Benazir Bhutto, not long before she was assasinated, expressed the view that Bin Laden actually died a long time ago.

      • 293
        Conspiracy Watch says:

        The stories of bin Laden dying ages back of kidney failure are more likely true than false.

        • 329
          Anonymous says:

          is the 3 dimensional life on earth a reality tv show for the entertainment of folks on other planets.
          .and why not?
          no pain no gain implies that there is intelligence behind it all.

          • Conspiracy Watch says:

            In the case of bin Laden, it was the idea which was meant to be killed, not the man, in 2011. The man died ages ago, the propaganda projection lived on, and to some still does.

            To your point, the death was the attempted eradication of part of the fiction projected at us by those who would deceive us.

            Remember: ‘Credibility alone must determine whether propaganda output should be true or false.’

      • 391
        Anonymous says:

        You need to see the photo of f u l l y Loaded bin on the Aangirfan site, looks very k o s h e r.

      • 395
        optional says:

        Well she would say that wouldn’t she, since he was probably already living in Pakistan.

    • 501
      Expat Geordie says:

      Personally I hope that they wrapped his body in bacon, and stuffed a ham sandwich in his mouth before he got dumped at sea.

  68. 249
    Double Tap says:

    It is worth remembering that Macshane was a great favorite with the BBC News and Current Affairs Department. Then again they both have – thieving from the public purse – in common. He was used regularly when pro EU bias was required. Never ever trust the bastards at the BBC. Rotten to the core.

  69. 252

    I would be more worried by John Gummer.

    He is a Council Member for the World Future Council (WFC), which makes Greenpeace look like the Tea Party. Their policies include nuclear disarmament, abolition of all military expenditure, rationing of “global common goods” under the auspices of the UN, IMF to print money for the third world, and envision “a sustainable, just and peaceful future, where the dignity and rights of every living being and the connectedness of human beings to all life are universally respected.”

    He has not declared this in the Parliamentary Register of Interests, and yet is now Chairman of the hugely influential Committee on Climate Change.

    As I say be very worried.

    Much more here.

  70. 253
    Till death do us part. No, really, I mean it this time. says:

    Good old Kate Winslet is hoping third time’s a charm, getting married to a man who changed his name to Ned RocknRoll. This will be one instance where the children from the previous marriages will be more mature than the stepdad.

    34 year old Ned used to be named Abel Smith. He’s a nephew of Richard Branson. So, another reason to loathe the pretentious cock.

    This is Kate’s third marriage in just over a decade. She’s aiming to break Liz Taylor’s record.

    • 380
      IT will be bleak in sunderland in 2013 when the benefit caps kick in and the state becomes smaller says:

      I bet shes divorced within three years she is off her rocker when Mendes left that was the end.

  71. 259
    Twitched a lesser spotted cum swallow in my back garden earlier says:

    Anything good on the telly tonight all?

    Any recommendations?

    Or do I have to watch Mrs Brown’s Boys on iplayer again?

    • 262
      Twitched a lesser spotted cum swallow in my back garden earlier says:

      by christ – just looked on mail on sunday tv guide magazine, and there is feck all on tonight.

      What shall I do now, Fehthur?

      • 264
        Twitched a lesser spotted cum swallow in my back garden earlier says:

        oops, mail on saturday of course – always get confused between those days,

        DM follows me, you know – on Ali Cee’s site mainly. Spook’s me? nooo – think it is quite sweet myself. Only have to say one interesting word, and hey presto! it’s on their next daily twatition. It’s a love-hate relashionship we have got, paranoidically.

        See a story on paranoia tomorrow, to see what I mean. ; )

      • 266
        Twitched a lesser spotted cum swallow in my back garden earlier says:

        Saturday’s one even,

      • 279
        Rise up and protest your right to be a couch potato says:

        Been like that for ages now on just about every channel.
        Think they’re trying to bore us to death.

        • 337
          George Carter can sing soprano when kicked in the knackers yard says:

          Eastbenders has had the biggest crowd this xmas – what the fuck is that all about? Must be a stats fix up by the OBR, as usual. Can’t remember when I last watched Eastbenders last, or do I…

          Lou Beale was my hero – “pull yourself together Arthur”, and wotsername with her Little Willy. Bring back 1980′s Eastbenders, I say.

    • 296
      Anonymous says:

      Brown’s Boys is utter fucking bilge boyo.

      • 334
        George Carter can sing soprano when kicked in the knackers yard says:

        So I take it you don’t get it? You must be english then, old chap. Hard cheese with your god given sence of humour.

  72. 265
    Gordon Brown says:

    I would like the confidence to drop my guts on the tube train

    I currenty have a bum stutter that prevents me from guffing with confidence in public places

    • 270
      Twitched a lesser spotted cum swallow in my back garden earlier says:

      The trickle down the leg, I have found, does bring one’s day down, especially when you are wearing black shoes, rather than brown. Seems to stand out that you have had an arse eruption, of the liquid kind. But that is the xmas hols for you, it does play tricks.

  73. 268
    Twitched a lesser spotted cum swallow in my back garden earlier says:

    • 273
      Strange Welsh twonk posting YouTube vids says:

      I just can’t stop posting off topic meaningless YouTube videos boyos!

      • 283
        Twitched a lesser spotted cum swallow in my back garden earlier says:

        you have found my weakness my english norman friend – HIC!

        yooooootoooob roooles the world pal…

        my am I seeing double… ah, I’m looking in a mirror of course, hic!

      • 342
        George Carter can sing soprano when kicked in the knackers yard says:

        Yes, Oireland, why all your ladies look like tate gallery oil paintings, alonside your mugs.

        Never met a fitter nun than an oirish nun, alongside Father Facedisaster.

        Strange it is, Oireland.

        Song after discussion on the sofa to my oirish friends, back of busses and godesses,

        • 373
          Anonymous says:

          Why don’t you start your own fucking blog taffy? I predict it’ll get zero readers.

          • George Carter can sing castrato when kicked in the knackers yard says:

            That many? It’ll be a hit then.

          • George Carter can sing castrato when kicked in the knackers yard says:

            Furthermore – heard yootoob DJ’s is the way forward, but not steam driven DJ’s from your wireless radio that you remember, friend. Life moves on, whether you like it or not to stop. You’re a dinosaur, and you don’t know it yet.

          • George Carter can sing castrato when kicked in the knackers yard says:

            oh sod orf comment awaiting

          • George Carter can sing castrato when kicked in the knackers yard says:

            This is me boyos! Iechyd da! Pobol y cywm!


          • George Carter can sing castrato when kicked in the knackers yard says:

            as if. Pobl y Cwm is it butt? Da iawn, y fwrch. A cnecho bant, a peidiwch defynu fy enw i, y twll dyn brown.

          • George Carter can sing castrato when kicked in the knackers yard says:

            by the way, my english friends, and scots and irish I suppose “fwrch” translates to the english directly as hunt as in cee. Feel free to use freely…

          • George Carter can sing castrato when kicked in the knackers yard says:

            the ch, in fwrch is guttoral, by the way. But direct your mouth away from people when attempting, non-welsh.

          • MY FIRST COMPUTER says:

            Fuck off you Welsh Fwrching Cu*t

          • Ann Robinson was right! says:

            Just proves that being Welsh is a sickness

          • George Carter can sing castrato when kicked in the knackers yard says:

            hello Ann, you gingerbread. Been to see your welsh aunt lately – she’s been asking for you for a long while now, to give you a right telling off she says.

          • George Carter can sing castrato when kicked in the knackers yard says:

            notice I didn’t call her gingerminge, or have I?

          • George Carter can sing castrato when kicked in the knackers yard says:

            and HMMM, by the way, us welsh like to use the old english anglo-saxon word of fuck, since it means nothing to us,

          • MY FIRST COMPUTER says:

            just about how long you will last when you get your first one TaT

        • 404
          optional says:

          She’s Welsh and is speaking Welsh. She says her father has Irish ancestry but moved to Newcastle before then moving to Wales after meeting her mother in South Africa.

          • George Carter can sing castrato when kicked in the knackers yard says:

            Da iawn – another Catrin O’Neill fan – there is not many of us about. Met her a couple of years ago – lovely lady. Could have but didn’t.

          • Tachybaptus says:

            May I take a moment to interrupt your Me-fest under various names to wish that your eyeballs catch fire, your tongue blows up to the size of a watermelon, and that, after an eternity of pain, blood gushes from your every orifice until nothing is left but a desiccated husk that blows away in the merciful wind? Thank you for listening.

          • George Carter can sing castrato when kicked in the knackers yard says:

            Always like to hear merciful winds, Now cnech bany good boy, if you know what is good for you friend.

            Only joking about friend, and yes, cnecho bant is fuck off in welsh, and again, the ch is guttoral, flem like, from the back of the throat, gob spreading.

          • South of the M4 says:

            If you really were Welsh, as you claim, you would have used a capital letter when you described yourself as such – and when you refer to that country. I think you are doing the real Welsh an injustice.

          • Turkey sandwiches fried in goose fat, says Nigella says:


          • Turkey sandwiches fried in goose fat, says fatty Nigella says:

            And by the way, “South of the M4″, point me out when I said I was welsh. I might say I live in Wales, but that does not mean I am welsh. I could be POLISH for all you know.

          • Ann Robinson was right! says:

            Definition of a Welsh virgin? …… A girl that can run faster than her brother

        • 413
          HMMM says:

          So that’s how you say potato famine in Welsh; potato famine.

          • George Carter can sing castrato when kicked in the knackers yard says:

            HMMM – no, it goes “mae fy tatws yn fucking fucked”.

            Hope this helps.

          • George Carter can sing castrato when kicked in the knackers yard says:

            I’ve got a screw loose,
            my english friends say.
            Or two at times, I deny,
            them looking as I pray.

            Talk gumpf they say,
            together merry other.
            But they don’t see I,
            see the cees bother.

            Any good?

        • 415
          George Carter can sing castrato when kicked in the knackers yard says:

          the bloke on the fiddle is from Bretagne, celtic La France, by the way.

        • 494
          MY FIRST COMPUTER says:

          You have obviously taken a bad batch of meth you boring welsh twat !

  74. 274
    Wotta Tossa Skid Mark 3 says:

    One for Jimmy

    • 284
      Twitched a lesser spotted cum swallow in my back garden earlier says:

      easy – because she is fucking rude, unlike the japs. Say something rude to the japs, they titter and giggle uncontrollably. It is some sort of perversion for them.

      • 287
        Twitched a lesser spotted cum swallow in my back garden earlier says:

        Actually met Dave Sylvian in the Bird in Hand in Forest Hill in Sarf London ten years ago, several times – he wanted me to lodge in his house, while he was away with things. Great bloke, remarkably down to earth. But stayed with Rupert the non-bear on David’s Road Forest Hill (!) instead, even if it was flakey.

        • 298
          Anonymous says:

          You need help urgently taffy. How long you not been taking the meds?

          • George Carter can sing soprano when kicked in the knackers yard says:

            Life pal, that is my drug. Have a look friend, or are you wearing english ascot epsom home counties blinkers?

          • Anonymous says:

            You do know this is a libertarian site don’t you, and not for dictatorial lefties?

          • George Carter can sing castrato when kicked in the knackers yard says:

            Ok, so I dictate at times – but edit what you hear, you cretinous numbnut!

            Or is this just a David Cameron faggot site only, you tory HQ gimp?

  75. 288
    Tony Blair must be executed for treason says:

    Tony Blair the first person to executed in this country since 1964 hopefully.

  76. 302
    Hаггу Cоlе does it Gangnam Style says:

  77. 303
    Anonymous says:

    govt want a national database of hospital visits of a child, in order to flag risk of abuse. Given that it has poor trackrecord in both IT systems and child protection, should it be getting further involved?
    …children need families, maybe the government would focus more on extended families….and givng them the support that they need….and reducing social disruption as a result.

    • 307
      Tony Blair must be executed for treason says:

      Governments would never do that, they would have less power over the serfs.

      • 323
        Anonymous says:

        the mystery is when did government become our enemy……the enemy of the concept of blood is thicker than water … and that a government may not be for life but genetic links are.
        the power of government comes from we.the.ppl. ppl give power to those whom they love. but fewer ppl vote…regardless, like it or not, ppl love governments….and that is the power of subconscious programming for you.

        • 456
          Blowing Whistles says:

          The other lesson is to hold on to something like the 2nd amendment – for when your government becomes your enemy.

    • 330
      Xmas has gone, so has common sense says:

      God help the poor kids if this travesty kicks off, not only loving parents at risk, the kids in need will not end up in hospital because the trash families will not want to go on the databases, the parents who love the kids and something bad goes wrong and they take the kids to hospital and end up getting the kids removed because some tosser like the one who “decided” that children can’t be looked after because they are from UKIP families, it’s a good idea but trust these fker politicians and hangers on and so called council guardians, no chance, the lawyers will make sure the controls will be turned into spaghetti.

      • 344
        Anonymous says:

        an idea is only as good as it’s intent.
        an idea is no better than the cost.
        an idea when implemented is no better than the force behind it.
        this idea is designed to disrupt.
        it is our money.
        it is our life.
        but someone else interferes. a slave culture is being produced. debt slaves. children as slaves of the state. perhaps…
        perhaps we just need to unplug from the 3D reality and access our spirituality…. what is stopping us?

      • 368
        Anonymous says:

        a connected point is a deliberate attempt to overload…. so we feel helpless and unable to cope and perhaps unwell. well, if we feel all that, how can we protect the child.

        the way to disconnect from this overloaded reality is to disconnect.
        there are a million and one attempts to overload is….. subconscious programming…by reframing our lives inappropriately….phrases like fiscal cliff come to mind….and what happens when one goes over the cliff.
        there is no cliff…it is all make belief….

        • 403
          Wot Taylor says:

          @356 ho ho can you do sums? Income 25/- outlay 20/- OK. Income 25/- outlay 26/6d result disaster. Multiply that by 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000?

          • Anonymous says:

            our leaders are relaxed.
            what we have is a fiscal chill. in a chill, ppl could huddle together….our leaders do it
            they are a collective.
            we could also become one.

        • 411
          US Watch says:

          You are potentially right for the US. Looks like there is a Bill which may go through to fix their cliff problems.

          For the saps in UK though: Big part of the solution is simple. Drop the cost of accommodation. That single component cost of living is abnormal there, and given that much of the housing market is driven by greed of owners, people should realize that they are killing themselves on this one.

          Disconnecting is good if you can do it. A little bit of isolation helps re-frame things, curious how most of the media attempts to discourage this activity the most.

    • 340
      Anonymous says:

      Resulting in children not being taken to Hospital.

      Or children will arrive and the wrong details are given. This has gone on for years. Certain people never give their real name.

      Also it is generally too late when a child is hurt so badly that they must end up in hospital. Big brother technology is not a substitute for a caring society.

      Children should come into contact with many people during a normal day. But the isolation society has been created where adults are kept away from children. It has to change. Children need multiple people around during the day that can notice the signs, not just a single overworked brainwashed teacher.

      • 345
        Well it's a thought says:

        Claps, well put.

      • 351
        Anonymous says:

        action ?
        ….to bypass government, who runs on our money….ppl need to get active……in their…neighbourhood?

        • 371
          Family Watch says:

          A question missed is how conditions were engineered which brought such abuse of into the frame. For sure, there are some parents who will do this, but the apparent commonality nowadays goes against the very grain of nature.

          How much is real, how much imagined, and how much is engineered ?

          But it is clear, the family is under attack and is not being supported. Society tolerates it at it’s peril: The question of why prey fails to recognize predator and take action is interesting.

          Another government list and associated promotion will serve to manufacture new victims, just as the changes to domestic violence law are also.

          From all corners the state attacks the family unit: This needs to be stopped.

          • Anonymous says:

            state has become an alien entity.
            …to protect the family perhaps we could all make an effort with our family and relations.
            … homes are infamous.
            ……..children get removed from foster parents for no good reason.
            ………surely family network better….in any case without making an effort, i.e instinctively, extended family better for the child…they share the genes.
            foster parents and care homes cost….and who pays…us….so a double whammy. This was never meant to be the purpose of the state.

          • Family Watch says:

            It starts with family, and you notion is correct.

            The abdication of commitment to family values is perhaps the biggest betrayal by Cameron and a large segment of the Conservative party so far in this sham governance.

            The folly of flawed ideological pursuit is real grass roots betrayal, and will be what costs them the next election and our children their liberty.

            The state needs to be restored to it’s rightful place, but then it is the people who need to reclaim their rightful position. Without family to support, the ladder to freedom will be forever out of reach.

          • Anonymous says:

            conservatives are a party of the family.
            what happened?…it seems to have been taken over by the mafia….the gay mafia. so Blair took over the Labour party and Cameron took over the Tories. Both anti, the values of their party.
            when neither mainstream parties represents the mainstream…what is to be done? we have to accept that the political system is broken…but families and family values are not.

          • Family Watch says:

            Politics is going for broke, families are being broken.

            Frankfurt School and attempted imposition of a system contrary to nature is happening, nothing more nor nothing less.

            When the politics is not representing the main stream, and governance is not governing as the people wish, it is up to the people to revolt and reclaim what is theirs.

            That they do not implies acceptance and thus the process will continue. Until enough neighbors have been destroyed to wake the masses up, or a foreign force intervenes on their behalf under a banner of liberty.

  78. 308

    Yes a very fine list Guido lest us not forget if we muzzle the press the only winners will be the corrupt political class,they are beyond redemption.

  79. 310
    James Lansdale says:

    I am busy sucking Labour’s c*ck so you don’t have to.

  80. 319
    Gordon Brown says:

    Anyone for Groin Cheese?

  81. 320
    nellnewman says:

    von rompuy reckons if the UK tries to repatriate powers or withdraws from EU altogether the EU will unravel.

    Can’t think of a better reason for getting out asap.

    • 326
      Red Egg Millitit... says:

      Good news on a cold, wet day….. :)

    • 333
      EU Watch says:

      We would get a lot of respect from France, Germany, Spain, Portugal Greece and Italy if our exiting did cause the thing to fall apart.

      • 429
        Anonymous says:

        And don’t forget that we in the UK will pursue every dirty mongrel MP & others [inc Hacks] who failed to listen to the public – rather than the lobotimised lobbyists and their string-pulling bankster friends.

        • 436
          EU Watch says:

          The same stuff has been going on in the other EU states, especially Germany. There will be a lot of clean up required.

          The best solution will be to dismantle the current Union framework, shrink the EZ back down to a common trading zone and perhaps have a rethink about what people really want to do.

          The path that is currently being trod is not going anywhere nice.

    • 336
      Well it's a thought says:

      Iron clad promises from uturn Davy, 2015 is getting closer, say goodbye to lots of Conservative MPs if they don’t do something about him now.

    • 352
      Diego from Madrid says:

      The sooner you get out the better.

      The whole world will see just how crap your navy is when we invade Gibraltar

    • 400
      CarryHole is a complete Hunt says:

      Another wonderful gift from the U.K. to the peoples of Europe.

      The U.K. Not just the “Aircraft Carrier” for destroying European Socialism in all it’s malignant forms.

      • 461
        Noah says:

        we recognize that past failures have caused deep psychological scars especially among the more self important nations. Please don’t feel so bad about the European failed experiment.

    • 462
      Libertarian says:

      The following is on secession in the US. (There are some who are interested in Texas seceding from the Union at present)

      It is an interesting Libertarian perspective on the issue of union which one suspects is precisely what those in the EU do not want the people to start considering:

      - Even though we explicitly are.

  82. 324
    pick a better tune says:

    That ‘he aint heavy’ song is rather inappropriate considering the fans were crushed

  83. 335
    David Cameron says:

    There are 363 days left until Christmas, and loads of people already have their decorations up!

    • 338
      Well it's a thought says:

      Maybe they are leaving them up, in hope that you will promise them an in/out referendum in 2013, two more years Dave only two.

      • 463
        Turkey sandwiches fried in goose fat, says Nigella says:

        nine fannying days of christmas left, and five gold rings and all that bollocks.

  84. 341
    Eh ? says:

    See how they fair in 2015 ? Why what happened to 2013 Guido ?

  85. 346
    Herman van Rumboy says:

    It’s only Great Britain holding the EU together – honest.

    • 348
      George Carter can sing soprano when kicked in the knackers yard says:

      Alp La Tene/Hallstatt celtic culture from south of the rhine hold the EU together, as always, no matter what the germans say,

      • 349
        George Carter can sing soprano when kicked in the knackers yard says:

        ..and from roman italians…

      • 358
        George Carter can sing soprano when kicked in the knackers yard says:

        Heard Sigrid und Marina are quite cool to each other these days, but that is bitchy ladies for you lads – it comes natural to them, meaow puss-puss hiss and spite bitchy, and all that lads. Wimmin ey?

        Ey Melonie, unt Sweiss?

        • 360
          Joss Ayinglike says:

          I’ve heard of the flim flam man ( Tony B£iar ).

          You are clearly the film spam man

          • George Carter can sing castrato when kicked in the knackers yard says:

            Cheers. Got banned from the beeb back in 2006 for such – my claim to fame. Still am, last I tried.

            Jimmy Savile, ey friends – now who is laughing?

          • George Carter can sing castrato when kicked in the knackers yard says:

            Am close to my niece, Lily, and no, not in that way you dorty sorts, in a star way, as it ‘appens – she is a virgo, I am a capricorn, and with each of us get on, as various family members do, and with taurians too. My granny was a taurian – we got on like a house on fire.

            And if anyone messes with Lily, I will screw off their heads and shove it down their necks, oh yes. Here’s your final warning, boyos!

          • George Carter can sing castrato when kicked in the knackers yard says:

            Song for Lily – she’s five foot eight, already, and she is only 13 – she will be a model, let me tell you that for nothing – olive green eyes, chestnut hair, cheekbones and body already – easily!

          • George Carter can sing castrato when kicked in the knackers yard says:

            But I suppose I have to say, Lily’s breasts are expanding at an alarming rate at the moment, so it might be she just becomes page three material in the future. Ce la vie, I suppose.

          • George Carter can sing castrato when kicked in the knackers yard says:

            High histamine girls are the models, gives them their slender body, small tits and long limbs and fingers, and their mad mind, semi-uncontrollable.

      • 382
        Oesterreich Watch says:

        Austrian TV is always so crisp with beautiful greens, wonderful vistas and shots.

        Nice music video: But still doesn’t mean we should enter into fiscal or political union with them.

    • 374
      The EU is a threat to UK national and economic interests says:

      Rompuy is looking for a distraction from the economic rip saw which is tearing across the Eurozone, as well as the voices of dissent being raised there.

      It will be Germany, specifically her tax payers, who will put a halt to the project, not the UK leaving. It is more beneficial for him and the others (including Germany and the UK) if the UK leaving was labelled as cause.

  86. 361
    Gordon Brown says:

    I am betting that Jenson Button will win the 4.30 at Cockfosters by 4 goals to 5

  87. 363
    George Carter can sing castrato when kicked in the knackers yard says:


  88. 364
    George Carter can sing castrato when kicked in the knackers yard says:

    • 367

      You really are a fucking not right !

      • 387
        George Carter can sing castrato when kicked in the knackers yard says:

        Don’t tempt me, I have a better one – yes, they acshually did chop their balls off to make them sing high, the italians that is,

        See what you made me do now?

  89. 365
    Gordon Brown says:

    I have split my Christmas pants after evacualtiming a turkey and sprout backeracker

    • 390
      George Carter can sing castrato when kicked in the knackers yard says:

      The prawn cocktail starter did me – was on the shitter all night I was. Think the prawns were a bit off, frankly, but hard to tell when eating them with all that yummy thousand island dressing.

      oh fuck, my colon is bubbling again – have to go…

  90. 370
    Gordon Brown says:

    My go kart goes faster after applying bum crack pate to the wheel hubs

  91. 375
    George Carter can sing castrato when kicked in the knackers yard says:

    Song fo Dave Cee and his boxing day hound twatheads, the unspeakable pink, galloping like faggots, bums going up and down like frigid yo-yos,

    Get off your horse and drink your milk, Dave.

  92. 377
    Saffron says:

    Well von rumpy pumpy thinks that the EUSSR bunch of crap freeloaders will collapse if Brittain tells him and his lot to feck off.
    Took you a while you belgian no mark of germania origin with a name of VON to come to this conclusion.
    You lot in this EUSSR,which has already failed,ie:- RUSSIA should if you have any brain at all realise that your dream of a federal states of europe is a myth,and the people who will break you and your communist dreams are the money men who you can’t control.
    You and your tosser of a friend like BARROSO a chinese bunch of crap along with ashton and german tossers need to feck off and plough your own furrow without asking the rest of us to listen to your crackpot diatribes.
    The more I see of this EUSSR bunch of traitors to their own countries,the more it convinces me to tell the lot of them to feck off as regards this country.

  93. 384
    Sunderland a dormitory town awaiting the arrivals of Bulgarians ,Romanians and Romas in 2013 things says:

    2013 is going to be a bleak year for all Western Europeans,The European political class havnt got a clue.

    • 426
      Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

      There’ll be more beggars than shoppers on Fawcett Street! Did you enjoy your Boxing Day dip at Seaburn?

  94. 388
    George Carter can sing castrato when kicked in the knackers yard says:

    This is me boyos:

    • 399
      George Carter can sing castrato when kicked in the knackers yard says:

      oh no it isn’t. Bristol? give me a rest pal.

  95. 393
    Conservative Watch says:

    Interesting video on the liberal argument against gun control laws. Relevance to UK, we need to reclaim rights taken since 1997:

    Particularly if EU is going to fall apart, a standing citizens militia would be somewhat useful to have.

    • 402
      George Carter can sing castrato when kicked in the knackers yard says:

      As long as I am allowed to heep my 12 bore shootar, for rabbits you know.

      GET ORF MY LAND! bluddy lib dem hikers. So what if there is a footpath over my land?

      • 416
        Conservative Watch says:

        Not quite the sort of liberals one had in mind, was talking of the real type rather than the failed party.

        The 12 bore is fine. It is the pistol and rifle which need to return to the table, as well as private ownership, training and understanding.

        • 433
          George Carter can sing castrato when kicked in the knackers yard says:

          and killing rabbits, put only for the dinner pot mind, with sliced onions, and chopped carrots.

          But if you shoot a hare instead, they make a brilliant curry – mmm, hare curry.

          • Conservative Watch says:

            Pheasant and other game good too – especially deer.

            The rabbit stew you described perfectly, definitely a Pavlovian reaction triggered here. :-p

  96. 396
    Saffron says:

    Why is someone even mentioning that scottish asshole Broon,the worst chancellor/unelected pm in this country ever.
    Pair this up with Bliar and his lack of balls over Broon and you now have worste economic disaster to befall this country.
    the LIEBOUR party is a complete and utter disaster for this country and sooner we realise we might get onto the road to recovery.

  97. 410
    Tony Blair must be executed for treason says:

  98. 424
    US Watch says:

    Appears that internet censorship is starting up in earnest on one platform:

  99. 434
    Herman van Rumboy says:


  100. 434
    Herman van Rumboy says:


  101. 446

    Now is the time for the party leaders to publicly sort out the corruption in their own ranks. They could prove to us all that we are not being laughed at. Will they?

    • 479
      albacore says:

      Who made them their parties’ leaders, and why?
      They’ve all got their fingers deep in the pie
      If your main goal was to gorge yourself fat
      Who would you push under that leader’s hat?

  102. 450
    Blowing Whistles says:

    The letters editor of the Daily Blackmail Mr Dohhhh – got very angry on thursday and slammed the phone down on the caller. He couldn’t take the heat – because he is a fucking low-life duplicitous wanchor and won’t out judges who protect infant abusers – so spinelessly suborned and craven to the legal monsters who he is 5hit scared of speaking out against. He’s just another MSM Scumbag.

  103. 452
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Anyone seen the banned fayad film Unlawful Killing – yet?

    • 454
      Not Blowing Whistles says:


      Was posted up on rutube: Try:

      I can post the other links up if that is still working, just holler.

      • 469
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Thanks but – I have been making 1000′s of copies of it for ‘free’ distribution anyway – just wanted to let the mongrels inc Nicholarse Witchel know that he’s been found out ‘fawning’ [or is that yawning?] like the rest of the ‘free press’ – like they still think we believe them Huh!

        Don’t tell anyone else mind – wouldn’t want the truth to get in the way of the big lie now would we?

        • 474
          Not Blowing Whistles says:

          The Piers Moron segments should be selectively carved up for YouTube though.

          Lot of people stateside would be interested in some of that…

  104. 453
    Propaganda Watch says:

    The secret of the Left:

    ‘Credibility alone must determine whether propaganda output should be true or false.’

  105. 457
  106. 459
    Turkey sandwiches fried in goose fat, says Nigella says:

    Can we move on from Xmas now? I have had enough of it.

  107. 475
    not a machine says:

    Guido has for number of years now , been in the cut and thrust of spin anti spin and all that is the palace of westminster , hes had a few changing seasons on some people and subjects , but havent we all . Ever since darkly describing most of the mps he had met as venal (pre 2010 and before expenses scandal blew) , when the first schillings letter arrived , I think we all began to get the idea , that Blair had changed the mirror in which MPs viewed themselves in. There have always been ner do wells in power and politics , but somehow we had come to believe in the corporate image of Blairs parliament , and forgotten the real reason of what parliament was supposed to do. The expenses cheats and fiddles were worrysome enough , but it was the democracy cheats that should have caused the most alarm , the piss poor answers to questions , the travel of important discourse only between certain functions of labours imagining and of course the celebrity image around all this wrong doing and corruption.
    There are some good mps I have no doubt , some good civil servants , but yet this Blair dynamism that did so much damage to some areas , still cannot be placed in its historical context , his manual is still in use , the public still tossed around in his turbulent wash of the mind . You see the bit I cannot get out of my mind about politics , is not so much the old language wars of socialism and capitalism , but that somehow parliament died without this battle ever been truly fought across the benches , some how we thought Blairism was capitalism and that the opposition was erm well just not with it , there was never a choice as such with Blairism , just the changing beats of the drums on the galleon , always going somewhere. Perhaps that was what really composed Blairisms vote winning genius .

    We now have Herman Van Rumpouy “you cannot pick and choose with the EU” I felt a whoosh of DDR love on that line , perhaps its the new EU vote slogan . The similarites are all too easy to make , a budget out of control , receiving a major award for peace , services becoming unafordable . Blair has never denied he quiet wanted the EU presidents job , as though it was in his own image and design .
    perhaps we could have a card of Labour pledges that we are now paying for .

    1 Didnt balance the books
    2 Sold off half the gold reserves
    3 Set up an authority , that actually did nothing to stop the financial crisis
    4 Created a form of education that abused the mind
    5 Allowed unfettered imigration that created more benefit needs , but kept the 2 subjects apart .

    we forget all too easily about Blairs success and failiures , I would still like to see a loss sheet for all the schemes he set up that flopped , within 3 yrs of the PR , he liked the buildings and theme zone ones . This attitutude culminated in the big tax payer give aways before the elction of the grandiose the £20bn NHS computer , the £500mn fire services centres and not forgetting the real tradegy of the NHS those PFI contracts . I mean to reduce it down it was PR to waste tax payers money , whilst allowing a new ecnomic infrastructure that is causing real livelhood loss as I type , let alone the more wonk imaginings of any dovetail into EU rule with the neat power trick complete legal overseeing, just because bigger is better sort of thing ……

    Ed doesnt get it , Nick keeps having the shakes and Cameron at least mulls some concepts over even if enraging anyone with a memory span long enough to remember it didnt used to be like this . You see I dont really like this new concept of goverment and subliminal automaton plebs , as it assumes both delivery and destination , about so much of our lives , which is bound to be flawed . It is naturally seductive , a perfect beaurocrcay , where , no matter where you live , you will all get the same level of perfection , where you can have your aspirations met (although quite if Blairism also had to know your aspirations in the search for ultimate wonk power , is an interesting question in its self , to ponder about power ) .

    The family idea was destroyed under labour , the very thing , where socialism was played out for real , with far more meaningful attention to accounts, justice , belief and morals . The rise of the nerd , was the PR to make us forget about loss of the family . The nerd can perhaps only become the narcisissist as family is lost . I would have thought Dave may have pondered if Blair was flawed primarily in what he was administering as the new freedom , George likes gay marriage although I can tell he views these things as decorating , fads that kerching the till mmmm lets have a change . The only problem I have with some changes , is that fooling people into new desires of belief for either money or power , has nothing to do with freedom or democracy or at least the one our countries history has gone through , parliament was supposed to be about a trust . The redefinition of marriage was in no election manifesto , nor was not reasigning foreign aid , when the food banks started getting busy .

    Fraudulent and corrupt mps being grilled for the money twists of the rules , is no real fear for them , goodnes knows so many have moved onto decent jobs for contrivances , deciet using tax payers money , has no finality in a club based in corruption , even if no job you can always knock out a book or do some speaking .

    Like Blair and the EU the ones you should really be afraid of are those who corrupt democracy quietly with insidious minor incriments and removal of your freedoms for there own unvoted and unmanifesto ideas of how you should live .

  108. 476
    not a machine says:

    Forgot to add my favourite expense bounders are perhaps
    1 Margret Moran , for the audacious attempt to imrpove not just her first or second home , but managing to do it on a third home .

    2 MP who manged £1mn a yr in expenses (but no wrong found)

    The EU ones are always good and I suspect we dont know the half of what other non UK MEPs have been doing . Strange as it seems I am not aginst a spouse being part of an MPs office , they have a peculiar sort of office with confidential things and work funny hours , the whole family is a bit much , but then Labour had a whole system of NGO and beaurocratic jobs for family to fill.

    I dont know , who would Guido rate as the top 5 of the worst of westminster in expenses , although if you start considering things like selling half the gold off expense by an indivdual certainly causes a whole new set of figures with many noughts on .

  109. 478
    Jimmy's Rightie Quote Of The Day says:

    “Dear Prime Minister, I waited a week before writing to thank you for my lunch invitation because I had such a superb time I didn’t want to be too effusive.

    “My girl patients pretended to be madly jealous and wanted to know what you wore and what you ate. All the paralysed lads called me ‘Sir James’ all week. They all love you. Me too!! Jimmy Savile OBE xxx.”

  110. 480
    30 year rule says:

    Government documents have been released under the 30 year rule. Among them are notes that show Mrs Thatcher personally paid for the search for her son when he went missing. In handwritten notes, she said she didn’t want British taxpayers to foot the bill and asked who to make the cheque out to. Can you even imagine Blair digging into his own pocket for anything?! Or Brown and Cameron? Can you imagine any of them being concerned about the taxpayer and paying for something themselves?! These fuckers make us pay for everything.

    • 498
      Jimmy says:

      Saw that. Turned out the cost of using the foreign office to find her idiot son was about five quid. Didn’t she do well?

  111. 482
    nellnewman says:

    I see militwit this morning is saying that ‘labour is going to offer the UK hope’ +++Laugh+++

    Well having just experienced 13 years of their definition of ‘hope’ and still trying to recover from the disaster of it – I think we can do without another spell of it.

  112. 483
    Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

    If I want to watch video clips I can go to U tube. Will posters please stop attaching completely irrelevent video clips to their comments, they really are very tedious.

  113. 484
    Ann Clwyd says:

    Didn’t I do a splendid job as human rights envoy to Iraq? Don’t say anything horrid about me or I’ll start crying.

  114. 485

    Stopped for a lovely Chinese meal in Lamprechtshausen last night. Beef with pepper. The beef was cut into tiny strips and the portions were huge. Pepper has a wonderful effect on the body and invigorates the parts which beer cannot reach. One reason why it is used with essential oils to such effect ;-)

    If everyone knew this, Pfizer would be out of business.

    After a damp foggy drive yesterday, there is now unexpectedly a beautiful blue sky outside this morning. Life is good.

  115. 486

    Ѕtоppеd fоr а lоvеly Сhіnеѕе mеаl іn Lаmprесhtѕhаuѕеn lаѕt nіght. Bееf wіth pеppеr. Thе bееf wаѕ сut іntо tіny ѕtrіpѕ аnd thе pоrtіоnѕ wеrе hugе. Pеppеr hаѕ а wоndеrful еffесt оn thе bоdy аnd іnvіgоrаtеѕ thе pаrtѕ whісh bееr саnnоt rеасh. Оnе rеаѕоn why іt іѕ uѕеd wіth еѕѕеntіаl оіlѕ tо ѕuсh еffесt ;-)

    Іf еvеryоnе knеw thіѕ, Pfіzеr wоuld bе оut оf buѕіnеѕѕ.

    Аftеr а dаmp fоggy drіvе yеѕtеrdаy, thеrе іѕ nоw unеxpесtеdly а bеаutіful bluе ѕky оutѕіdе thіѕ mоrnіng. Lіfе іѕ gооd.

  116. 487
    tancred1351 says:

    Nice to see you are giving that anti-British arsewipe McShane a seeing to.

    Please don’t let up on Jacquie Smith

  117. 488
    Ed Balls says:

    Antiques Roadshow makes me cry. Because I wish I could tax all the proceeds.

  118. 490
    RetardEd says:

    I will be revealing my “concret steps” to prosperity in the new year. At the moment I’m just looking at some gooey shit slopping around in a bucket. But a large dose of borrowing should harden it up.

  119. 491
    Owen Jones says:

    Your idea of freedom is entirely superfluous since it is the Wall Street bankers raping your economical freedom.

  120. 495
    Owen Jones says:

    Eggnog, which has roots in East Anglia, is a rare example of something that fucked off to America and we know won’t come back.

    Piers Morgan is another story…

  121. 496
    Jimmy says:

    When Margaret Thatcher went rogue, even vying with the Queen, the Tories were in turmoil. I remember the Times headline – The Tory Nightmare Begins – when they were desperately trying to get rid of her.

    Then Margaret got savaged by the ‘sheep’, Geoffrey Howe, when the knives were being sharpened. Oh, and the joy of the ‘stalking horse’, Sir Anthony Meyer, an ex Eton boy with real balls!

    Oh, what a glorious pantomime! Pantomime season is not over yet and the role of ‘stalking horse’ is still available. Who do you think would make the best ‘stalking horse’? Anyone for Boris?

  122. 502
    fitzfitz says:

    … old Marge Moran should have taken the Ernie Saunders ( of Guinness ) route and pleaded alzheimer’s … no fuss, sympathy from the proles, quick cure …

  123. 503
    Tobias says:

    Dont forget our MP, Rory ‘the tory’ Stewart. The IPSA asked MPs to have regard for the taxpayers monies and not travel first class on the trains. When asked Rory claimed he sometimes travelled on a low cost first class ticket. The problem is that in 2011/12 Rory claimed for 50 tickets for travel between hs constituency and Westminster of these 44 were first class which cost an average £234 return. His 6 standard fares cost an average £86 return. Mr Stewart refuses to comment other than he has not broken any rules but only exploited a loophole. I believe that was Starbucks defence !!
    I think Roderick who believes many parts of his constituency are primitive and we hold our trousers up with twine just doesnt want to travel with the ‘plebs’

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A confused Nick Griffin says Nigel Farage is a shill for the City, forgetting that City banks want to stay in the EU:

“Farage is a snake oil salesman, but a very good one. His supposed anti-immigration stance is all smoke and mirrors, as is his carefully cultivated image as a ‘man of the people’. The truth is that UKIP is a pro-immigration party that exists to lobby for the interests of the City of London.”

Alexrod says:

It’s money innit.

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