December 21st, 2012

Andrew Mitchell V the World

Not content with claiming to have his honour all but restored, important to a man with such a long and distinguished military career, Andrew Mitchell is stepping up his fight and going directly after Met boss Bernard Hogan Howe. As Guido pointed out the other day, the heat is on the Commissioner after his very public backing of the officers involved, despite the fact that even the Police Federation are running for the hills now. Mitchell says he has ‘no confidence’ in Hogan Howe, but how he can totally clear his name still remains to be seen. Perhaps one of them should hire the services of Jon Gaunt, the former DJ, who did spin wonders for the Police Federation’s campaign back in the autumn…


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    B Boyd says:

    Perverts at the BBC, corrupt coppers, will the surprises never end?

    • 11
      Lord Snooty says:

      Swearing at a policeman is a crime.

      Admitting to doing so is politically suicidal.

      For that reason, Mitchell is still toast.

      • 23

        I put you to proof of that statement.

        • 31
          VoteUkip says:

          Hogan Howe is toast. When policemen make up evidence and make false accusations they should be behind bars.

          • Anonymous says:

            I hope both are toast! Or Soup.

          • Anonymous says:

            This is turning into a pissing contest!

          • Butch Dave, fan of Fred Talbot says:

            Rejoice, you plebs! Rejoice! Gideon’s managed to wrestle public borrowing down to £17,500,000,000, a massive -£1,2bn cut! Who knew Gideon’s new Indian ‘student’ rentboys would cost so much!

          • Ed Ballsup says:

            But but but.. borrowing should be going UP, not DOWN!!

            Only by increasing our borrowing can we reduce Britain’s debt.

          • Ed Ballsup says:

            But but but but.. borrowing should be going UP, not DOWN!

            Only by increasing our borrowing can we reduce Britain’s debt.

          • Mark Carney says:

            “In November 2012, central government accrued current expenditure was £55.0 billion, which was £3.3 billion, or 6.3%, higher than November 2011, when central government current expenditure was £51.8 billion.”


            - you Brits are fucked. Kiss goodbye to your precious ‘AAA’. I’m only here for the Indian ‘student’ rentboys and the rent money.

          • Anonymous says:

            The depth of the relationship between Andrew Mitchell and Rwanda’s hardline leader was revealed yesterday as it emerged the senior Tory has visited the African state eight times in the past six years.

            Mr Mitchell has been criticised by human rights groups for lifting a freeze on £16million of British aid to President Paul Kagame’s regime on his final day as International Development Secretary last month.

            Documents released by the Department for International Development suggest Mr Mitchell had promised Kagame he would continue pumping in aid money despite concerns about the regime’s dire human rights record.

            Read more:
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          • Curly says:

            Would you care to leak us a copy of your instructions from GoldySocks’ press office?

          • Anonymous says:

            The same false accusation he admitted to?

        • 74
          Anonymous says:

          We still don’t know what happened. Why is Andrew Mitchell refusing to say what he told police officers? Public need to see the CCTV images of moment Andrew Mitchell stepped out of the gates of Downing Street to see whether people were out side.

          Even Andrew Mitchell would have know about the existence of CCTV, even Cameron knows about it; why didn’t they all look at it and release it?

          It might be better to have an open public inquiry to see what did happen.

          • British Brainwashing Corporation says:

            ☆ Strange that Mitchell made no mention of lack of by-standers at the time.

            ☆ He only disputed the use of the word “pleb” in his tirade. It was suggested the word he used was “plod”, which is only offensive to plod and not to plebs.

            ☆ It took some time to edit produce CCTV footage. I wonder why?

          • Londoner says:

            For most politiicians,the public, – bystanders – as you describe them, are not notable unless they are booing or clapping their doings. It is not strange that he would not register their absence.

            He disputed the officer’s account. It is for them, as his accusers, to prove what he alllegedly said in every aspect and to a very high standard of proof, not for him to prove in detail what he didn’t say. As a lawyer he would know not to waste his time trying to prove a series of negatives. As a poltician he did address the main calumny, which was not the swearing but the use of the word ‘pleb’.

            It took you some time to come up with the smear about his editing the footage. I wonder why?

          • Plod-666 says:

            Mitchell is not refusing, he has already told what he said. It has been posted on this site numerous times.

          • Anonymous says:

            Why is the time stamp obscured on the ” damning” CCTV footage? And why did it take 3 months to surface? Possibly because all tge other CCTV footage is on a three month storage cycle, as is generally the case, and cannot now be shown to be the cut and shut job that it is? Mmmm

      • 42
        nickleaton says:

        No its not a crime.

        Swearing at police is not a crime because officers hear foul language “too frequently” to be offended, a judge has ruled.

        To make the prosecution, the police have to show that they were “alarmed, distressed or harassed” by the swearing.

        If you think that a copper is alarmed distressed or harrassed by the use of the f-word, perhaps we should really be thinking about whether these sensitive souls should b taken front line duty.

        • 58
          Plod Federation says:

          ‘these sensitive souls should b taken front line duty’

          Agreed, on full pay & bennies

          • David Laws Lib Dem Fiddler says:

            A team of 30 officers looking at this when Mitchell stated he swore at the time. Was his case referred for consideration to prosecute for a public order offence?? Why should an minister who swears in a rant and not have self discipline be considered for ministerial office again? Then again, Cameron’s judgement is not his best quality.

            The David Laws case was not investigated by the police nor was he arrested- let alone a team of 30 officers assigned to investigate if a case existed or not, clearly there was suspicion- even he resigned from office on his own accord.

            Is this case to set an example that no one messes with No. 10?? A bit like the message to the DT not to continue their story about the expenses of a minister? Double standards, once again, from the Bullingdon Bully Boy Club.

        • 79
          MB. says:

          A lot of rubbish was written about the swearing, one senior Scottish plod did some willy waving and claimed that anyone swearing at one of his plod would be immediately arrested, which sounds very improbable. You only have to watch the various police reality programmes on TV to see that normally after a torrent of swearing the person will be told to stop or he will be arrested. It usually takes a couple more bursts of swearing before they are finally arrested. Even then it will just be a police warning and very unlikely they will go to court.

        • 84
          John says:

          That was swearing at the police when nobody else was present.
          The same judgment does not hold if others are present to be alarmed or distressed.

          • Plod Watch says:

            Cctv clearly shows there was nobody there, certainly no ‘casual passing stranger’ with his ‘young impressionable nephew’. Plod are usually piss poor, the Met Plod are as crooked as they come, though they are all very politically correct.

          • Bluto says:

            It worries me what people like you think. No wonder our laws are so badly understood and enforced.

        • 161
          Lawyers have sucessfully argued our legal system up its own arse says:

          Courts also hear swearing “too frequently” but strangely enough if you called a judge a motherfucker you would get hauled downstairs. Funny that. Hypocritical legal c unts !

      • 52
        The Butler says:

        The police hear swearing all the time. It is all a question of context. In this context, the police concerned were armed and highly trained professionals working in a secure and calm environment fully under their own control. Even taking the allegations at their highest, there was no breach of public order, as nothing which was threatening or would have caused the police officers concerned harassment alarm or distress took place. No member of the public was concerned by the events at the time.

        As we now know, there is also a problem with the evidence regarding this matter not being of sufficient quality to be able to provide proof of a crime to the required standard. There are even allegations, gaining credence, of dishonesty on the part of one or more of the witnesses.

        Mitchell is a steamy hot buttered muffin, not toast.

        • 205
          Anonymous says:

          Quote “Mitchell is a steamy hot Buttered muffin, not toast” /Quote

          I’m sorry are you insulting him or saying you want to sleep with him?

          I hope your posh, he doesn’t sleep with the great unwashed.

      • 87
        Anonymous says:

        How many people have got confidence in Andrew Mitchell?

        What about £16m of tax payer money given to Rwanda? Which was suspended before and suspended again.

        • 104
          a non says:

          Remind me again how much Labour’s failed NHS IT system cost.

        • 113
          Londoner says:

          The two issues are not connected. I have confidence he is not a threat to public order.

          I have no confidence in his judgement where sending money taxed from the British public to African warlords is concerned. Few of the politicians in Westminster can be trusted not to squander our taxes on ‘aid’ payments. The idiots want to give away a fixed percentage of GDP whether or not the money would be better spent remaining in the public’s own wallets or even is needed or being spend wisely abroad. They are a generation of idiots.

        • 163
          Sally up our alley says:

          #86 Anon – you are completely shameless.

          In life, you should learn to be balanced. A police officer has lied about MItchell in order to destroy his career. Justice must be done. That justice has absolutely nothing to do with Mitchell’s involvement in Rwanda.

          Are you genuinely dim, prejudiced and bigoted or do you just pretend?

          • Anonymous says:

            Sally, love. “Anonymous” is not one person, its used if you remain er, Anonymous.Are you genuinely dim, prejudiced and bigoted or do you just pretend?

        • 190
          Anonymous says:

          For some reason you seem to be obsessed with aid given to Rwanda. As i said yesterday, aid is a Government decision, not given on the whim of ministers.Stop trying to link this to the Mitchel police debacle, criticise the Government if you want, but stop slandering individuals. Anyway shouldnt you be getting back on duty?

          • Sally up our alley says:

            Anon – what a stupid reply. YOU are the one linking Rwanda and Mitchell; I am telling you it’s irrelevant.

            You really are dumb aren’t you.

        • 205
          VoteUkip says:

          What about the billions wasted by Brown and Blair EVERY YEAR when they surrendered Thatcher’s hard-earned EU rebate?

          What about the billions wasted by Brown when he sold our gold at rock bottom prices?

          What about the billions wasted every year on benefits because Labour were ineffectual?

          What about the billions wasted bailing out the banks because Brown was so incompetent he hadn’t a bloody clue what the bankers were doing?

          What about the billions wasted on PFI schemes because Labour were hopeless at getting value for money on the deals?

          • John says:

            PFI started, and continued and expanded, by the conservative party.
            Banking regulation slackened to almost nil, by the conservative party.
            Billions spent buying government bonds back from the banks, run by conservative donors, who then offshored the money and failed to lend it….
            Sold the gold, cleared the war-debt. No problem.

      • 105
        Dick Droxford says:

        Oh really??
        Not sure therefore that Mitchell is toast. If his side of the story becomes the accepted version, then I would suggest that Hogan-Howe should be toasted… along with a few others. I am more than uncomfortable having a police force that believes it can get away with this kind of thing.

      • 147
        London Cabbie says:

        Saying ‘I thought you were supposed to fucking help us’ is not swearing at the police you fucking muppet and even if it was it is not an arrestable offence. Try and understand the difference between an adjective (fucking) describing an activity (help) and that describing a noun (fucking copper) or a noun (fucker) itselfbefore showing the world what an absolute fucking wanker you are.

      • 180
        Anonymous says:

        Snoots, much as you obviously want Mitchel to be in the wrong. Even you must see that this stinks to high heaven, the behaviour of the police so far has been a disgrace, and i should think Mitchel could cite provocation if it came to it. The speed T shirts were printed and E mails sent is another clue !

      • 218
        Plod-666 says:

        Swearing at someone is not the same as swearing in someones presence.

        For example, if I said “ow I hurt my fucking toe” that would not be swearing at you.

        On the other hand, if I said “you are a fucking lefty simpleton”, that would be swearing at you.

        Mitchell did not swear at the police.

      • 231
        anonymouse says:

        I don’t think he was swearing at a policeman, he was swearing within the earshot of a policeman.

        To hear people swearing at policemen you only have to attend left wing marches in London.

      • 247
        Check Facts First says:

        Swearing at a policeman is not a crime. S5 PAO is fairly specific on the points to be proved which is why the log was written in the way it was. It could have been lifted straight from the answers to an exam at the police training college. An aged man with a bike exchanging words with a police officer brandishing a weapon in a private street is never ever going to be regarded as a criminal act.

      • 308
        Anonymous says:

        Of course ot isnt a crime, grow up ffs !

      • 319
        Eric Roberts says:

        Andrew Mitchell swore at a policeman, and has not suffered the consequences. We should not have a man like this as an MP. He should resign.

    • 15
      plastic says:

      i heard a person pump on a bus, should i call the polce?

    • 16
      Anonymous says:

      Nonsense, they are all very honourable and do a lot for charidee.

    • 32
      No Shit Sherlock says:


      Surprises of the day:

      Pope is of the Catholic Faith.

      Chief Rabbi is a Jew.

      Bears shi………..

      (That’s enough breaking news – Ed).

    • 42
      JabbaTheCat says:

      Before we get too cosy with Mitchell’s return, it should not be forgotten that the little turd was handing out our money to third worlders willy nilly, for which offence alone he should be hanging from a lamp post…

      • 193
        Anonymous says:

        Its governemt policy, FFS do you think Dave throws the cheque book across the table to assorted ministers and tells them to help themselves.Stop droning on about Rwanda for gods sake.

    • 48
      Gary Baldo says:

      Why did they make a person with a stupid name the top cop of London?

    • 51
      EVENIN ALL says:

      L O L O L O.

    • 94
      As it happens says:



      Pope is of the Catholic Faith

      Chief Rabbi is a four by two

      Politicians lie

      Bears shi………..

      (That’s enough shocks – Ed)

    • 139
      Freddy Kruger says:

      David Cameron is going back on This Morning today. He is going to hand Phillip Schofield a piece of paper with a name on it, he found on the internet.

    • 160
      Jagbulon says:

      Our politicised police need root and branch reform. Especially making it illegal for them to be freemasons. This organisation creates a fundamental conflict of interest for every copper that is a member.
      If I were Andrew Mitchell just now I would be going for the jugular of both the Met police and the execrable police federation.
      Also the government needs to do a mass repeal of all the thought police labour legislation. And to remove the police anti-terrorism powers that are mainly abused by the police for non terrorist purposes.
      Whist there at it they should disband ACPO, this immensely powerful unelected organisation full of freemasons constitutes an alternative power structure within our state.

    • 171
      Superman says:

      What’s suprising about perverts at BBC and corrupt coppers?

    • 230
      Adobe Photoshop says:

      Can we start a collection to get Geedo some fucking Photoshop training. His graphics still are fucking appalling. If it isn’t 4 frame animated heavily dithering GIFs, often with flashing colours, it’s horrible effects like above that look terrible. It’s like a fat blind Mick has put them together.

    • 294
      Boys in Blue says:

  2. 2
    Scally says:

    Should have used the Official Limo.

    • 80
      Handycock Immigrant Trafficker says:

      I am getting fed up of all this knocking of the police and the freemasons, it should stop, as for these cheeky b*stards who keep asking me to tell them about the thousands of asylum seekers I have brought in to Portsmouth in secret, this should also stop. Why should I tell them how my boys launder their ill gotten profits through housing them and make millions from it and also how the Liberal democrat Party is financed from Portsmouth as a result. Stop it now. Boaz.

    • 117
      Curly says:

      …but the limo would probably not get through the side gate – and no doubt the dr — chauffeur [nearly used the wrong word there!] would have been done for motoring on the pavement in a 30mph area.

  3. 3
    Commissioner Hogan Bogan says:

    It’s not my fault. It was the Grand Master who orchestrated it all. He runs the public sector and a lot of his senior placements were about to lose their jobs because of this Government. This could not be allowed. Boaz.

  4. 4
    Fred Talbot says:

    I have been cruising

  5. 5
    Fact says:

    Mitchell was shown kissing a female plod on telly last night. The man’s clearly a pervert.

    • 7
      Call me Dave says:

      Indeed, speaks volumes for how the treacherous little shit will vote in my Gay marriage free vote doesn’t it?

    • 8
      Pollytwaddle says:

      Because he kissed a plod? Or kissed a woman?

      Or could it be that he kissed a pleb?

      Enquiring minds, etc.

      • 14
        Dave the Gays Luvver says:

        All three, Polyanna.

      • 45
        Well it's a thought says:

        It looks as if he kissed an ACPO chief inspector. so it doesn’t count as a policewoman more like a trainee politician.

        • 91
          Grimm reading says:

          Too true. And it was the policewoman kissing Mitchell not Mitchell kissing the policewoman!
          She still feels he is a toad.
          Just maybe she hoped his prince[sic] would turn up [on record somewhere.]

    • 85
      John says:

      Are you sure ?
      May it have been one of the gender-change officers ?

      • 241
        Bill says:

        i am sure the plod was trying to keep on his good side you never know when you need your local mp !!

        its also good for him as he is seen to be friendly with local plod.

        its a winner all round, thats politics

  6. 10
    East India Company Wallah says:

    Everybody was misled by faked email including HoganHowe in an accomplished scam
    It would be far more becoming of a gentleman to be magnaminous in a victory which you do not comment on-allowing fair minded people to draw their own comclusions,the others will never forgive you,you are guilty of being a tory

    • 19
      Dave the Gays Luvver says:

      Quite fancy another cumclusion myself actually what

    • 201
      Anonymous says:

      The point is the unfair minded wont let it go, we have all seen how Labour milk every situation for their own ends. Still whining on about where a 45 year old man went to school or what clubs he was in as an 18 year old say it all.

  7. 13
    Tight Arsed Marketing exec says:

    Why is there an advert at the right giving me a number to ring to be seen by Guidos massive readership?

    Why would I wish to pay for an advert when I can just post one here?

  8. 17
    Housewife says:

    I’ve just found a jar in the fridge with an eat by date of 21/12/12. Must be Mayan-Aise

  9. 18
    sproggingforbenefits says:


  10. 21

    What did Mitchell expect the top pleb to say? Subsequent to Howe’s statement, the Met have found a discrepancy between what was said and what happened. Two men have been arrested and there are 30 officers investigating. Mitchell stands a far better chance of getting justice, (and compensation), over any police malfeasance than many members of the public in similar positions.
    Meanwhile The reason for Mitchell’s defenestration, swearing at a police officer in the execution of his duty, is not challenged, merely the form of words Mitchell used. Mitchell has already demonstrated an immaturity at odds with the position of chief whip. He now stands every chance of being labelled a vindictive little shit as well. Conservative back-benchers will not want him back.

    • 40
      Curious says:

      What can one say to plod nowadays?

      Officer, you were obviously born out of wedlock.
      Officer, go away and have sexual intercourse with yourself.
      Officer, you are a warm damp sword sheath.

      Please advise.

      • 56
        Hulk Hogan Howe says:

        Surely you can say things like

        Officer, my current belief system tends to indicate that you may be a c.unt

        Noone is actually stating that he/she is a c.unt so what is wrong with that.

        Anyway they are c.unts, I should know I am one

        • 246
          Lord Toffingham says:

          But can you say;

          Officer, am I correct in thinking you bought all your own furniture?

          Officer, which school did you go to?

          I also notice that a photo of Mitchell in The Times yesterday says his wife’s name is Sharon: ergo, Mitchell cannot possibly be a toff.

        • 257

          How do such delicate flowers manage until they get the cushy “Diplomatic protection”jobs ? they must have needed smelling salts on a saturday night in clubland !

      • 67
        A Journalist says:

        Officer, shall I lick down that envelope now or would you like to finish your Big Mac first?

      • 73
        Viz says:

        “See You Next Tuesday”

      • 111

        Why use abusive language at a policeman doing his duty, however officious he may be? Mitchell probably felt better at the time. Over the longer term, he’s lost out big time, whereas by holding his counsel at the time and making a complaint at the right level and in the right terms later, Mitchell would have come out tops and enhanced his reputation as a “fixer”.
        As it is. he’s labelling himself an immature, vindictive shit. He’s also a disgrace to the officer corps, but that’s another story.

        • 130
          A member of the awkward squad, SW1A says:

          No, I disagree. His action and its consequences have revealed a very nasty treacherous streak, almost treasonous, running through our police. Had the lid not been lifted in this rather unfortunate manner, who knows what else they would have got up to. It has now been shown that a root and branch reform to our police “service” (ha ha!) is urgently needed. Perhaps we should unleash the beast of Chingford for a few weeks.

          • Anonymous says:

            Dont forget that the aim of the 2 police officers (and their shadowy 2, arrested friends) was to discredit and remove from his job an elected MP.This is all very serious and disturbing.

        • 134
          Windowlicker says:

          And unfit to carry out the lunchtime drinking duties that high office requires.

        • 179
          Jagbulon says:

          Conspiracy to remove a cabinet minister, a democratically elected representative of the people, is surely high treason and should be prosecuted as such.
          We have an utterly terrible police force in this country. Lies and conspiracy over Hillsborough, Orgreave, Birmingham 6, Lynette White etc etc. Failure to act against freemasons reported to them as with Jimmy Savile, Cyril Smith, Harold Shipman, Thomas Hamilton etc etc
          The government now should get a grip before all public trust in the police is gone. Certainly amongst people I know the police are mostly regarded with total contempt.

    • 44
      ah! monika's moniker is a gonner says:


      I pay again

    • 89
      nope, not a chance says:

      30 investigating? That sound like bollocks to me as well.

      • 135
        A member of the awkward squad, SW1A says:

        It is everybody watching everybody else to make sure files, tapes, discs, notebooks, memos etc do suddenly go walkabout – as seems to happen far too often whenever plod finds himself in the frame.

    • 202
      Anonymous says:

      Strange set of conclusions you have drawn there ! the whole situation is very serious, and MPs are not going to think setting up the chief whip, and causing him to lose his job is a huge joke. What job did you say you do ?

      • 240

        The setting up should be viewed separately to the part of Gategate which is agreed, namely that a senior politician used offensive language when directed by a policeman on duty to follow an agreed procedure. None of the whole sad affair is a joke, and I have not treated it as such. I was, before retirement, a serviceman with responsibilities for the security of RAF installations.
        BTW, over-egging the pudding, so to speak, to fix the blame firmly on a transgressor from outside the system, seems to be endemic in the public sector.

  11. 22
    Cast Iron Cameron says:

    I have no confidence in MPs.

  12. 24
    Andrew Mitchell says:

    Dear Mr Hogan Howe,

    What a ridiculous surname; do you sometimes use a hyphen, sometimes not?

    I am putting this letter in the bin by the gates.

    Yours ( ’till I get you )

    Andrew Mitchell ( soon to be back in the Cabinet, but not on the ‘photo with the Queen )

  13. 26
    Hulk Hogan Howe says:

    What I will get will make Entwistles exit package look like chump change

  14. 29

    This royal throne of kings, this scepter’d isle…

    Oops! That was John of Gaunt.

  15. 34
    Steve Miliband says:

    Who is the 23yr old arrested? Shit stirrer in chief.

    • 35
      Nom Dom Nom 2 says:

      You got it wrong, it was twenty; three year olds that were arrested.

      • 60
        Rotherham children's services says:

        Yes you are right, all of them UKIP babies.

        • 133
          Progressive, caring, inclusive, diversity embracing, tolerant socialist says:

          People who vote UKIP, should be sterilised, their children taken into care, their homes burned to the ground, as a warning to others, who may have ideas about freedom being good.

    • 36
      genghiz the kahn says:

      One of the many who will have wanted the world to end today.

    • 55
      HMMM says:

      Judging by the anonymity so far- no cobbled statements, leaks or e-mails it is somebody that is highly embarrassing to the police hierarchy (but I could be wrong).

      • 88
        Steve Miliband says:

        The leaked email from the member of the public/policeman seemed like a classic Mike Naylorism…..I don’t normally like Gordon Brown but……I usually vote Tory but…..

      • 224
        genghiz the kahn says:

        Does he have links to the Labour party?

        Has he been on BBC?

        Is he well known?

        Is he a class warrior?

        Has he friends in high places?

        Will the guy’s name appear in print just as the MSM bugger off on Christmas Eve?

        Meanwhile in other news Asaad is still in control of Syria, a French mountain remains intact, and Mayan prophecy followers seek counselling.

    • 261
      Anonymous says:

      His name is being kept very quiet, does anybody know why.

  16. 37
    Andy JS says:

    “Dear Mr Randall,

    I am resident in your constituency and have consistently supported and voted for you( and the Conservative Party ) in passed elections. This is because I believe you are a man of the highest integrity who truly does believe in the welfare of his constituents. This is evident by the good work you do for the area, in particular helping Ruislip HS2.

    Unfortunately I write you to complain about the absolutely digesting behaviour I was witness to yesterday, Wednesday 19th September 2012 about 7:30 pm, display by your fellow Member of Parliament at Downing Street.

    I was with my relative from Hong Kong doing the usual site seeing. After visiting Palace of Westminster and Westminster Abbey we walked down Whitehall to the gates of Downing Street, my nephew was hoping to catch a glimpse of the Prime Minister or other famous politician.

    As we were waiting at the main gates of Downing Street, with several other tourists, he point to a man on a push bike coming up Downing Street. My nephew wanted to take a photograph of him as he mistakingly thought that this man was BORIS JOHNSON, but I corrected him, having a keen interest in politics and the Conservative Party, knew it was ANDREW MITCHELL – Member of Parliament for Sutton Coldfield.

    Imagine to our horror when we heard MR MITCHELL shout very loudly at the police officers guarding ” YOU ——- PLEBES !!” and ” YOU THINK YOU RUN THE ——- COUNTRY” and just continued to shout obscenities at the poor police officers. My nephew, as was I, totally taken aback by his, MR MITCHELLS’ behaviour and the gutter language he used, especially it appeared directed at the police officers.

    Now I know that the other people / tourists standing with us were also shocked and some were even, inadvertently filming the incident ( it wouldn’t surprise me that in this age it’ll be on YouTube or other social media website ) One person even remarked as to why was BORIS swearing.

    It was to one of the police officers credit that he calmly spoke to MR MITCHELL. I don’t know what he said but MR MITCHELL eventually left Downing Street by a side entrance.

    Is this what our country has come to when ELECTED Members of Parliament speak to police officers, who are doing a very under valued but extremely difficult job, as if they were something they have trodden on? And even if MR MITCHELL was having a difficult day his yobbish / loutish behaviour is totally unacceptable.

    I thought that as law abiding citizens we support our police but what example does MR MITCHELLs’ behaviour say ” if you are in a position of authority or standing you can say and do whatever you like to the police ” because you are simply more important than anyone else. Well shame on MR MITCHELL we all have bad days but the vast majority of us treated others as human beings and with civility. If MR MITCHELL is Chief Whip of the Conservative Party god help the Conservative Party.

    I realise nothing will come of this letter, nor do I expect anything to. However I feel I had to
    write to you to express my sadness at witnessing such an event. I know that you would never behave or condone such actions as displayed by MR MITCHELL.

    Keep up the good work

    Kind regards


    • 245
      Bill says:

      well i a m sure the author of this is feeling a little queasy right kn ow and its not the christmas spirit.

      He should have know it was not boris as he would have used latin or greek. Also to be honest it seems strange that a member of the public would know who the chief whip is given the light and the fact that most of the tory party would be hard pressed to name the cabinet.

      I am surprise also that given u tube etc than no recording was made, so it sounded a bit fishy from the start.

      andrew mitchell may not be a nice man but this smells of a big stich up

  17. 38
    CCHQ Press Officer says:

    At 11.13am GMT is the actually time today the world ends

    I think its when 7 billion people accidently fart at the same time, shifting the earths oribt into the sun

  18. 39
    mraemiller says:

    Hogan Howe seems to me like a decent bloke – although that doesn’t mean he isn’t implicated. But exactly how many heads of the MET can we sack? There seems to have been a never ending stream of them. And many other police forces only have a temp CPO at the moment. It’s all getting a bit ridiculous. In the long term this is going to end up like the BBC Trust – a maze of conflicting responsibilites. Something like this was bound to happen when the Conservatives put PPCs “incharge” of the PoPo but didn’t give them any actual powers. I mean who’s going to want the job if there’s no sense of continuity and you can be sacked at any moment on the whim and polical caprice of Boris? It’s decent money but it’s not exactly managing the England football team.

  19. 41
    mraemiller says:

    I mean PCCs not PPC’s but as only 14% of people voted for them anyway who cares?

  20. 46
    Albion says:

    Sandra Laville in the Guardian probably gives the most accurate account concerning the original police log… I think in a contest of credibility…I believe the police account. Has anyone noticed that Andrew Mitchell dresses like a psychopath.

  21. 50
    The end of the world says:

    It can’t be just coincidence that Gangnam Style is just hours away from becoming the first ever video on Youtube to reach 1 billion views on the same day of the Mayan apocalypse? Surely this is what they were referring to thousands of years ago.

  22. 54
    ah! monika's moniker is a gonner says:

    Worth a read.

  23. 57
    A downpour says:

    TV weather presenter Fred Talbot’s home in Manchester has been searched by police investigating allegations of historical child sex abuse. Police are investigating claims of abuse by staff at Altrincham Boys Grammar School for Boys during the 1970s. No arrests have been made. Mr Talbot, 63, was a biology teacher at the school at the time.

    • 72
      Bored waiting for the end of the world says:

      Is there an Altrincham Boys Grammar School for Girls?

      • 95
        Tay King-dePisse says:

        Well, anyway, apparently Altrincham has a School of Repetitive Redundant Tautology.

        • 112
          T. P. Fuller says:

          That should read “School of Pleonastic Repetitive Redundant Tautology”.

          • Tay King-dePisse says:

            “Rule of three” in comedy, old seed. Two are too few and four are too many, when it comes to pushing the audience’s laugh button.

      • 110
        Cross gender says:

        I went to the Altrincham Girls School for Boys. Gender politics was a very difficult subject to tackle there.

  24. 62
    Sally’s Red Hot Ally says:

    … Trending to crew of expected Flying Saucer … wondr if they R well endowed?

  25. 63
    Andy JS says:

    My nomination for next year’s Nobel Prize for Fiction (if it existed):

  26. 68
    Henry Brubaker says:

    So tell me again why Mitchell apologised to the two coppers if they apparently lied? Yes, he maintained his innocence regarding the pleb business but he still saw fit to apologise for his behaviour.

    honour restored my arse. Still, if it all helps to dump bernie two dads not all is lost….

    • 78
      Aunty Edith says:

      Because he thought he’d offended them? Polite people do that sort of thing.

    • 285
      Anonymous says:

      He apologised thinking that would draw a line under the whole childish affair. He didnt know then that there was a conspiracy going on, in which serving police officers would send e mails pretending to be members of the public who had witnessed the spat.Does that explain it a bit better for you ?

  27. 76
    Let’s hear it for Jimmy Saville! says:

    Jimmy Saville has done more to disrupt the Biased Bullshitting Confused and Chaotic Corpse than Camertwat has done in 2 years!

    • 77
      Righties making political capital out of child abuse says:

      Still nasty.

      • 90
        Labour's Ethical Foreign Policy says:

        Yep. Whereas Labour aren’t nasty. Nope. Even though their deputy leader campaigned for the rights of p@edóphíles in the early 1980s, before becoming a senior Labour MP whose Party lied about WMDs and thereby kicked-off an illegal war that killed 150,000 civilians.

        But it’s the Tories who are nasty.

        • 97
          Righties making political capital out of child abuse says:

          I’m going to let you in on a secret. It might shock you. It’s possible to loathe both Labour AND the Tories.

          I hate Labour as much if not more than the Tories. That doesn’t preclude me from finding the worst elements of the right objectionable.

          • Sally up our alley says:

            95 – I though it was Tom Watson, a labour member who tried to make political capital out of child abuse.

            Why try and perpetuate a myth with your moniker?

            I think you are a leftie whatever you say. You say you hate labour as much as the Tories to make you seem more reasonable – but all your comments reek of a left wing mentality.

            Just more spinning perhaps?

      • 114
        Po-faced Plonkers who can't see beyond the end of their interfering noses says:

        Arsehole! If the pain, misery and suffering of those kids leads indirectly to the breakup of that Monolithic Pile of Shit then some good at least will come out of it.

        • 121
          Righties making political capital out of child abuse says:

          Still sore over this, rightie?

          • Righties making political capital out of child abuse says:

            Afterwards, the Prime Minister’s husband Denis remarked that the episode had confirmed his view that the BBC was run by “a load of pinkos”.
            :-D :-D

          • Bluto says:

            “Rightie” doesn’t quite have the same cachet as “leftie”. It doesn’t have the same whiff of soft-shelled sanctimonious priggery covering a hard centre of pure nastiness and bile that I have discovered, from a lifetime of putting up with them, in ALL lefties.

          • War Watch says:

            There was nothing wrong with that decision, we won.

        • 219
          Anonymous says:

          Of course it wont ! the man worked for them over a 30 year period, they didnt tell him to behave that way he did it of his own free will, be rational FFS.

  28. 83
    The PrangWizard says:

    Police should not be involved in politics. It is extremely worrying that they are, and that they are being subverted by the hard Left.
    In Merseyside as an example of how they now get involved in campaigns, they broke the law earlier this year to fly the Gay Pride flag over all their 42 stations, and followed a man in the street to arrest him, and lock him up for six hours after he had asked why they were doing this without authority. They then released him without charge because he had obviously committed no offence. More abuse of power.
    I believe they can now fly any flag they wish without seeking any consent, because Eric Pickles has changed the rules, just before the matter went to Court, so next time what if they fly the Hammer and Sickle, or a picture of Che Guevara, the flag of South Africa, the USA, or a religious flag?
    We the people, will not be able to do anything about it. How long before we are prevented by law from complaining? It is not impossible.

  29. 101
    Red Egg Millitit... says:

    ****Breaking News*****

    Andrew Mitchell to be beatified !

    Whatever next?? :)

  30. 107
    Do nowt Dave the Downing street Dictator says:

    Seems to have taken Downing street 3 months to doctor the date on a piece of video tape
    Where did they take it photoexpress ?

    • 195
      Stu says:

      Don’t be stupid.

    • 217
      "C" says:

      Of course not. It would be one of the security services (keeping it “in-house” for confidentiality reasons). The work did not take three months but negotiating the quid pro quod did (allegedly).

      • 223
        Anonymous says:

        There has obviously been an investigation since all this first started, after all an underhand campaign to ruin the career of the chief whip is very serious. So dont nit pick over the length of time its taken for us to hear about CCTV,the powers that be have known about them for the whole 3 months i would think.

        • 236
          Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

          Its all a plan by the Tories to expose the Police Federation and destroy any credibility that they had. Mitchell has just been used as part of the sting and Hyphen- Howe and Millitwat have both fallen for it.

          Cameron would have seen that video the day after the first accusation was made.

          Mitchell will be spending alot of time with his lawyers over the Christmas period and all the twats who were twittering better check their bank accounts.

  31. 115
    George Gideon Oliver Osborne says:

    FTSE 100 5897.77
    -60.57 -1.02%

    My money is on a 100+ drop in the FTSE before close of business today.

    Merry Christmas all you punters out there.

    • 119

      They are converting to gold just in case the world does come to an end. Look again in an hour – if you can …

      • 125
        GORDOOM McMENTAL McMAD says:

        The world is going to end in an hour !
        Quick sell all the gold , we don’t want to be left with it

        • 141
          Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:

          errrrrr I think the resent visit by the queen to the treasury has quashed this well peddled myth…..LOL

          • One eyed jock imbecile. says:

            Most of the gold in there belongs to many other countries you dumb fuck, …LOL.
            They wouldn’t let me give theirs away for next to nothing.

          • Edukashun-Edukashiun-Edukashon says:

            Why was she resent there?

          • Mrs Kindleysides, Penrith says:

            Moussa Tossa – your spelling is appalling. Get an education before you start passing judgment. You may realise the err of your ways.

            As Alexander Pope wrote a long time ago “A little learning is a very dangerous thing”.

            And as Mr K said quite recently “The trouble with the internet is that it empowers idiots”.

            How right he is.

    • 143
      Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:

      Poor old Guido already has his “6000 Reasons to Love Gideon” thread written, but so far has been unable to post it online….LOL

    • 265
      Economist says:

      Perfectly normal coming up to year end, and perhaps a technical sell off from the insurance boys. (Think Flood Damage)

  32. 128
  33. 131
    Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:

    LOL Guido…what a lap dog apologist you have become.

    The cabinet needs another –

    Floppy haired public school fop, who wears naff 80’s style Tory glasses, speaks like a fop, and has a classic public school nickname “ The Thrasher”.

    Go For It !!!!!

    • 149
      bergen says:

      You are quite right for once. We need a change from these public-school pillocks like Blair, Straw, Balls ,Clarke, Darling (and their bluestocking equivalents like Harman, Hewitt, Jowell)…sorry, I was thinking of the last shower.

    • 200
      Sally up our alley says:

      Moussa you are such a chippy bigot.

  34. 136
    Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:

    LOL “”long and distinguished military career””

    errrr Officer fop class….In the rear with the gear barking sh*ite

    • 239
      The Stichell-Mitchell Project says:

      Ah, classist smearing of people as “officer fops’ is OK is it? Just so I know where I stand, please could you provide me with a list of orthodox class stereotypes that are acceptable and indeed mandaTory. It might be useful if you could also give me a list of those that are so heinous that they require public excoriation in a show-trial, including a full and frank public self-criticism and confession, a listing of fellow conspirators, a 9mm bullet tor the base of the skull and the export of all family and friends to arctic labour camps. For life. (in the manner preferred by the left for anyone who they don’t like)

  35. 144
    Richard Attenborough says:

    Sorry loves! We are going to have to postpone the end of the world for a bit. They have just found out that the insurance doesn’t cover us properly. Will be back when I know more so just Carry On Talking for now…

  36. 145
    Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:

    errrrrrr If you did nothing wrong…Why apologise ???????

  37. 154
    Operation Crossbow says:

    God I hope it’s true that the civvy arrested is a Labour party supporter.

    • 173
      Sally up our alley says:

      Oh it will be; you can rest assured of that.

      Most lefties are cheats and deniers of the truth.

      I don’t hear any of them apologising for being so judgmental and sanctimonious when the story first broke.

      Spineless cowards – the whole bleedin’ lot of them.

  38. 157
    Ed Balls(Chancellor Of The Exchequer Designate) says:

    The current volatile nature of consumer confidence was illustrated in a survey published by right wing political blogger,Guido Fawkes today, which showed a “dramatic” fall in confidence in December, contrasting strongly with an equally sharp rise in November.

    Figures also showed that the government borrowed £17.5bn in November, £1.2bn higher than a year earlier. Economists had predicted borrowing would fall slightly to about £16bn.

    The bigger-than-expected increase adds to the problems faced by Chancellor Gideon George Osborne as he struggles to reduce public borrowing in the face of a sluggish economy,made worse by his half baked economic policies.


  39. 162
    Bluto says:

    Lots of Labour rebuttal and monitoring unit trolls out in force today smearing and dissembling. There must be a link to Labour behind this and they are getting desperate to deflect it.

    • 170
      Sally up our alley says:

      Quite right Bluto. In fact the moment this story broke back in September, I never believed it. It stank to high hell of a smear campaign.

      People who know ‘toffs’ understand they very rarely use the word ‘pleb’. This nasty myth has been dreamed up by bitter and twisted lefties who have feelings of social inferiority and really don’t have a clue how society or human beings function.

      Milliband should apologise to the house for jumping on the bandwagon and demanding Mitchell’s resignation. What a bad judge of character that twit is, as well as being a mug.

      • 287
        Anonymous says:

        Im still amazed that Milliband is leader of the Labour party, what the heck happened there ? he is about the worst person they could have gone for. Its all very odd.

  40. 166
    RA -- The Only Real God says:

    The Winter Solstice is only minutes away.

    Make sure you think of me, and not of your false Christian, Mozzie, and other Sky Fairies, otherwise I will not rise again and bring Spring.

  41. 168
    Red Egg Millitit... says:

    ****************** BANG****************

  42. 172
    Anonymous says:

    First post! I’m a copper, I feel aggrieved at what’s happening to me in the face of tough economic time. But I wrote during the labour term in power that they were fattening us up like Christmas Turkeys with plans only to rip our limbs off before they roasted us. The Tories have just done it instead.

    As for this Mitchell saga, this is an everyday incident for me and thousands of frontline cops. The difference happens to be his public status and the fact that he apologised for his conduct, something that rarely happens either. At this point for me the matter was over and whatever I thought of the incident or the word ‘pleb’ was irrelevant. Nobody including Andrew Mitchell should have suffered a detriment. Whoever copied those notebooks & lied in an email purporting to be a passerby should be dealt with appropriately.

    What is also embarrassing is the conduct of certain regional representatives of the police federation one of whom at the last conference stood for 30 minutes to ask the Home Sec a question, only to manage to say ‘you’re a disgrace’.

    What has probably happened has been fuelled by a few ‘colleagues’ from regional branches of the police federation acting independantly of the the organisation as a whole.

    There is a way out of this but that requires a leap of faith from Andrew Mitchell in my view & some unreserved apologies from the agitators on the side of the police, because at the heart of this are a number of good people working all hours who attract no controversy & promote all that is good about British bobbies who hold only one agenda, that would be their oath.

    • 186
      dick dastardardly mp says:

      Yeah ….but collectively you elect the twats

      • 320
        Anonymous says:

        You are nearly right i would agree that some are twats, that piece on the TV with their ‘Keep Calm’ t-shirts was cringeworthy, but it was not sanctioned centrally, that I do know.

        I will never condone their behaviour and they are no representative of mine, they should resign or electorate should declare no confidence in them and have them removed from post. They can then go back to 24/7 working, they might then appreciate why they joined!

    • 194
      Mrs Kindleysides, Penrith says:

      Anonymous – I admire your integrity and honesty. Why can’t there be more like you?

      • 321
        Unplanned says:

        There are 1000′s of coppers keeping their heads down who have intention of ever lying, stitching someone up or embellishing evidence.

        This Mitchell saga involved 3 people 2 coppers & himself. There was an element of restorative justice when they met and informally settled matters. There was a great chance for so much positives to come out of it for the PFEW & the Govt.

        Please look beyond what’s happened and at the rest of us standing silently in the background with our characters damaged through no fault of our own.

    • 210
      Its even bleaker in sunderland this xmas with only one food bank says:

      Im glad you recognise that Labour despite the siren voices we now hear in opposition would have still enacted the same cuts being imposed by the Coalition.The Police pay and conditions were long in need of reform but the service has,rightly so,some of the best conditions of the public service.The part of the public service in need of radical refor are the political class still troughing and as Moran and McShane have demonstrated beyond the law.

      • 273
        Damned Impertinent Questions says:

        How dare you suggest that.You clearly don’t know your place.

      • 322
        Unplanned says:

        Thank you & I recognise that our conditions are one of the more generous, i also think most of us deserve them. But freezing of the incremental pay scales has been hard to take coupled with the review has been difficult to comprehend.

        It is obvious that others view of leadership through change is to leave themselves until last.

  43. 174
    Hippo Oafs says:

    How in a so called civilised society can a lawyer order doctors to seize a young boy and subject him to levels of potentialy lethal radiation that may or may not be advantageous to his future health?

    • 184
      dick dastardardly mp says:

      They cant but the court can authorize treatment to give the best chance of saving his life even if his mother prefers quackery to medicine.

      • 197
        Medicine has a history of Quackery says:

        Except there is absolutely no evidence to say that zapping him with radiation is not quackery. Medicine is not and has never been an exact profession. I wager that people will ask a few years from now, why did doctors think it right to cut open children’s brains and irradiate them.

        It wasn’t that long ago that they gave mad people electric shocks for their own good or pregnant women feeling sick Thalidomide for their own good.

        Just because a doctor says that it is right does not actually make it right. He will be quoting the latest group think which more often than not does not stand the test of time.

        • 274
          Damned Impertinent Questions says:

          Due to bandwidth issues, in future can you please try and concentrate bollocks like your post into a much smaller space.

        • 291
          Anonymous says:

          They cut open his brain to remove a malignant tumour, apart from getting rid of the cancer, raised intra cranial pressure could kill him. Why are you making stupid comments about something so serious ?

    • 277
      Moral Philosopher says:

      This is an interesting decision.

      What has been ignored though is what the child actually desired.

      His right to decide what treatment he should have has been completely ignored here; the parents right to choose and the judge acting as arbiter is assumed fine, but did anyone think to ask the child if he wanted the treatment, or explain what the implications could be ? One hopes the judge did, otherwise the judgement is unsound.

      The assumed moral righteousness of the fabian is the enemy of individual liberty.

  44. 176
    albacore says:

    But we’ve got Police & Crime Commissioners now
    What’s the betting they’ll pile in and sort out this row?
    (About one in seven of us bothered to vote
    Do you reckon they’ll prove they ain’t no good for nowt?)

  45. 177
    4 minutes and counting ... says:

  46. 178
    dick dastardardly mp says:

    Mitchell has no confidence in the Commissioner because, it seems, his letters weren’t sufficiently subservient. Quelle horreur!

    Well then, the solution is simple. He can resign as an MP and clear off to the obscurity he deserves for his dreadful behaviour

    • 191
      Sally up our alley says:

      The police behaviour was a lot more dreadful than that of Mitchell – we now know that.

      You clearly hate Mitchell and just cannot find it in yourself to be balanced. This displays your lack of tolerance, your discriminatory attitude towards others, and your bigotry. You display all the characteristics of a leftie, but I apologise if I have got that one wrong!

      I am not fond of Mitchell, but a group of lefties/policemen have deliberately lied to try and destroy his career. This is not fair play – it is cheating and cowardly. I want to see justice done. How would you feel if someone smeared your name in this way? He is a human being whatever you may think of him.

      Try and grow up.

      • 225
      • 260
        Damned Impertinent Questions says:

        Dear Sally

        You clearly are as intelligent as your namesake

        I am a lifelong conservative.You say that you “know” that the “police behaviour was a lot more dreadful than that of Mitchell”. Really, where is the evidence?

        What we have is a segment (bear in mind a segment) of a piece of CCTV tape that seems to have come into the public domain by some rather odd route as well of reports on what is in a police log where the log itself hasn’t made it into the public domain.

        We then have one individual ( bear in mind one individual) unconnected with the incident who has written to his MP using a pseudonym making allegations that were picked up and made it to the Cabinet Office where the PM decided (after much pushing) that Mitchell had to go. It is also now seems that there was already disquiet among some senior Tories about Mitchell’s general behaviour and performance

        You seem to whip this up into some police conspiracy to do down the poor Chief Whip and destroy his career. What pray has been that career? All I see is a bombastic fool promoted beyond the range of his skills who thinks that it is OK to abuse public servants.

        As a Tory it is the conduct of people like Mr Mitchell that make me question why I should vote for the Party again.


        • 263
          Anonymous says:

          I dont believe you are a Tory. you stupid b*gger.

          • Damned Impertinent Questions says:

            Should SPADs being doing this on Government time? Daddy pay for your Internship did he?

            Off you go and note down the numbers of the buses on Whitehall son while the adults among us get on with real politics

          • Bluto says:

            I agree. This is a classic case of Labour dissembling in order to continue to smear Mitchell. A Conservative? Ha!

  47. 183
    Lloyds Register says:

    The insurance business is about insuring risk. Why has the UK government allowed the EU to pervert this business in the UK?

    They don’t have to accept stupid EU rulings and can quite legitimately tell the EU to duck off.

  48. 187
    Doomwatch says:

    Planetary Alignments: Nil
    Four Horsemen: Nil
    Rapture: Not apparent
    Magnetic field reversals: Compass still pointing north
    Killer Asteroid(s): Nil
    Planet ‘X’ or Niburu: Still mythical
    Alien Invasion: No Vogons or Dogons
    Earthquake: Nothing on the USGS
    Floods: Some minor flooding
    LHC Black Holes: None detected

  49. 189
    Tiny Tom says:

    If I was called a Pleb I’d consider it a compliment

  50. 199
    Whippersnapper2 says:

    Hogan- Howe’s testicles are on the table so I expect him to walk (or whatever the best financial alternative to that is – for HIM)
    There are probably about 2/3 other who will do time and are shitting themselves today. Give me 5 minutes with the mobiles of the coppers on the gate of number 10. Plus the the serving illiterate copper who emailed his MP (Mitchell’s deputy) perchance. Brown envelopes are one thing but this goes to the very heart of our now pathetic ‘democracy.’

  51. 204
    BeeCee says:

    How long did this guy serve for and what distinguished career?

    A short service commission on a 6 month tour in Cyprus with the UN I heard.

    • 209
      Sally up our alley says:

      I don’t think this is important and shouldn’t bother you.

      What should concern you is why did a PC lie? Why was there a conspiracy to smear an innocent man and destroy his career?

      And why did all lefties believe the police and call Mitchell a liar? And why are none of them apologising? Lefties need to find some humility and integrity and learn how to lose the argument with grace. You, in desperation, are still trying to smear the man. Shame on you.

      What a nasty bunch the left are.

      • 227
        Anonymous says:

        Im afraid over the past 2 1/2 years Labour have descended into a name calling group of whingers. They have never apologised for the state they left the country in, they sit there at PMQs each week, self righteous, full of their own importance. life. I dont remember previous opposition parties being so petty or so unimpressive.

      • 262
        BeeCee says:

        Watch ya manners or someone might sally up your alley.

      • 303
        Damned Impertinent Questions says:

        I always love it when people tell me what i ‘should’ be thinking

    • 214
      whydoibother says:

      2 years in the Army, mostly under training or at university, does not make for a distinguished military career. Unless he was particularly good at making tea for the Colonel…….

    • 226
      Anonymous says:

      How long were you in for ?

  52. 208
    Its even bleaker in sunderland this xmas with only one food bank says:

    Watched the Newsnight debate last night and was struck by the pious Chris Mullin and his attempts to shrd some light,his crticism of the Police Federation and its political clout would carry more weight if it were not for the fact he still rents out his pied a terre in London to another MP at a cost to the taxpayer of 15000.k a year and refuses to engage into why he still does it.

  53. 228
    Anonymous says:

    which Hunt was it who helped doctor the evidence?

  54. 233
    The Stichell-Mitchell Project says:

    If swearing is such an offensive crime, something that scars lives and is worthy of the instant cessation of a career, how come the BBC pumped out filth from Brand and Ross – edgy humour at its finest they told us – and continue to pollute the airwaves on a regular basis. I am continually shocked and offended by leftist comedians no one seems to be taking any notice of the letters I pen in green ink to my MP. I wonder why

    I guess in leftist-land some people have a more legitimate right to be ‘offended’ than others. Indeed some people have brought being offended – to their political advantage – to the height of perfection and in this case it has provided the BBC with an excuse to pump out dust operate its SOP – easy toxic anti-tory propaganda. And if you don’t like it then you can still cough up the fee stuff it up your a**e for nothing and **** off while you’re doing it.

    Clearly the entire farrago stinks of a politically motivated stich up of the first water

  55. 234
    I hate Blue Labour says:

    Everyone seems to have forgotten that Mitchell has never actually clarified what he *did* say.

    This fact alone means he must have uttered something pretty unpleasant.

    • 242
      The Stichell-Mitchell Project says:

      FFS he has been very explicit about what he did and did not say on air in the C4 prog. Anyway the point is not what he did or didn’t say but that it appears that people in the police conspired to ‘sex up the evidence’ to support their story against a senior politician, which is demonstrably untrue, and then others exploited this for political advantage. All the hallmarks of a sterling silver conspiracy.

      Where have we seen that pattern of behaviuor before?

      • 270
        Damned Impertinent Questions says:

        “conspired to sex up”

        Where is the evidence of that?

        • 279
          The Stichell-Mitchell Project says says:

          “it appears that”.

          not “did”

          Anyway facts would seem to support the ‘conspiracy’ interpretation. Even if Mitchell was guilty of swearing – as alleged in the log and e-mail – is there any other plausible way to explain why there was a clearly bogus “witness” e-mail supplied by a non-present off duty police man and how this was an almost a verbatim copy of the (confidential) police log? Perhaps you want to get all Bertrand Russell and question the existence of the Downing Street Gates in the first place or the living/dead status of Larry the Cat behind the No 10 doors?

  56. 235
    YorkshireLad says:

    Would be very interesting if Mr Mitchell was made Home Secretary :)

  57. 244
    Jagbulon says:

    Hogan Howe is a pleb.

  58. 248
    Check Facts First says:

    Maybe hogan Howes should swap places with someone at the BBC. Both organizations seem similarly inept these days and experience as to how to do the job doesn`t seem to matter anymore.

  59. 249
    Check Facts First says:

    In these days of budgetary cut back police chiefs must be really peed off with the way the Police federation are winding the government up. They humiliated Teresa May at their conference by acting like a load of hooligans and the way they went after Mitchell has done the police service no good at all. The government holds the purse strings and I fully expect the Met will want to placate Boris and the Home Secretary by ensuring there is a swift conclusion to the inquiry. After all, many top cops are more worried about their own careers and as future promotions further up the greasy pole are really in the gift of Boris and the Home Secretary I fully expect a few carcasses to be thrown out into the street to appease the government of the day plus of course the resignation of the Chairman of the Police Federation who made such a twat of himself.

    • 271
      Damned Impertinent Questions says:

      WHat makes you assume that Boris is yunhappy with all these developments which show how poor the PMs judgement is in

      1 appointing Mitchell
      2 sacking him

      All to Boris’s advantage I suspect

      • 288
        Anonymous says:

        I dont know if Boris is yunhappy,but why do you say David Camerons judgement was lacking in appointing Andrew Mitchell, ? he has all but been exonerated in this farce,and been shown to be a victim of lies.He resigned, he wasnt sacked

        • 293
          Damned Impertinent Questions says:

          Sorry but he hasn’t ….despite what his friends on here keep saying> lets see how the investigations turn out

          As for Cameron, its clear that there has been an undercurrent in the party against Mitchell.That and the general disarray shows a lack of drip by the PM.

          • Damned Impertinent Questions says:

            what a Freudian slip – drip by the PM should read grip by the PM but both are so appropriate

  60. 250
    Anonymous says:

    “honour all but restored”

    Swearing at a police officer (which he admitted) gets ordinary people nicked.

    • 251
      Check Facts First says:

      No it doesn`t. May I suggest you look at S5 POA. Swearing alone does not constitute an offence which is why the police had to make up most of it. (Allegedly)

    • 272
      Damned Impertinent Questions says:

      Only in Mitchell la la land

    • 280
      The Stichell-Mitchell Project says says:

      It earned Mr Carr a nice tax free fortune.

      Have you ever seen a TV comedy show? Lots of swearing – perfectly acceptable to some.

      • 283
        Damned Impertinent Questions says:

        I go naked in the bathroom in my house at times. Acceptable.

        In Oxford Street? Not acceptable.

  61. 253
    Jess The Dog says:

    I assume the reference to a long and distinguished military career is sarcastic. Mitchell was on a gap year commission and transferred into the Territorial Army at university. It is unclear if he holds the campaign medal for Cyprus and we can assume he was employed making the tea at Regimental Headquarters if he indeed ever made it to Nicosia. As a military CV, it is laughable – no one with regular service would bother quoting such experience and he is effectively what the military refer to as a “walt”.

    As to the rest of it… this is like a car crash in slow motion and we can see exactly what is going to happen. Mitchell will fight until he has obtained his pound of flesh and possibly regain a seat at the cabinet table. This will impress the militant wing of the Conservative Party but, outside Westminster, everyone will see a gleeful idiot who swore at a policeman in the first instance, an act which would get most people arrested for a public order offence.

    Sod him…. he is an arse of the highest order.

    • 284
      Damned Impertinent Questions says:

      but a professional arse

    • 289
      Anonymous says:

      I dont know why you have researched Andrew Mitchells military service for this comment, that is rather childish.I also dont know why you are against him, What we do know is that he was set up by at least 3 police officers in an attempt to discredit him and lose him his job,outside westminster that is what the public will remember for a very long time. Its been said before he wouldnt have been arrested for making those comments in those circumstances.

      • 302
        Damned Impertinent Questions says:

        Well when it all boils down to who is telling the truth and who is embellishing it ……..

      • 306
        Jess The Dog says:

        His claim of military service is on Wikipedia and has the tone of careful cultivation by a special advisor or assistant:

        “In February 1975, he was commissioned into the Royal Tank Regiment, serving in Cyprus during the 1970s. His commission was terminated in October 1975, when he transferred to the General List of the Territorial and Army Volunteer Reserve and was given seniority in his rank from 10 March 1975. He then went to the University of Cambridge, where he read History at Jesus College. He was Chairman of the Cambridge University Conservative Association in the Michaelmas Term of 1977. He resigned his British Army commission on 9 February 1977 after serving in the Royal Tank Regiment for eight months on a Short Service Commission”

        It is also on Debretts abbreviated. 1RTR (SSLC) 1975. The BBC carries the claim that he served as a UN peacekeeper during the period, but he does not seem to have any record of the UN campaign medal which requires (I think) 90 days qualifying service.

        He also found the time to undertake a history degree and the duties of President of the Conservative Association, plus those other activities that students get up to. I apologise for causing any offence to those inclined to take offence, but that is not a military career. It is dressing up in the uniform (probably mess-dress most of the time) in order to burnish a City-orientated CV.

        It is a repugnant exaggeration that besmirches veterans (who tend to be far more modest) and entirely typical of the nomenklatura political class that exists on all benches.

        • 307
          Nelson's Eye says:

          Who doesn’t “embellish” a CV or biblio entry ? Anyone who states openly they only served 8 months ( you couldn’t be more “modest” ) is hardly claiming to ” Montgomery” !

          And , it still doesn’t mean he, should be “fitted up” ( so it is claimed)

  62. 259
    Anonymous says:

    It all started with Commissioner Blair and his leftist clique.

  63. 264
    keredybretsa says:

    Way back into time in the 1950/60′s, it was normal to be tucked up by the boys in blue. Back then no CCTV, internet nuffink like what they got today, but we lived on.
    Really if all the Pleb, fucking this..that..and the other, turns out to be one of Mr Plods
    fairy stories in his log book. What chance has a normal, honest geezer got when
    Mr Plod decides to feel under hid collar? You have been warned.

  64. 267
    Off with their heads. says:

    The attempt to derail the work of a Cabinet Minister is Treason.

    • 269
      Damned Impertinent Questions says:

      Yes but that’s a dangerous line to follow.In this Government most of the damage is done by the Ministers themselves

      • 310
        Anonymous says:

        So its ok to lie about the chief whip, is that what you are saying ? and on the subject of lies by governments where exactly were thos weapons of mass desruction Tony banged on about ?This lot pale in to insignificance if we are talking damage !

        • 313
          Damned Impertinent Questions says:

          Nope but because one person lies doesn’t mean all the rest are telling the truth.

          Are you suggesting that there was a preplanned action by the Police Federation that, as Mitchell left NO 10, they would spring a trap and completely fit him up?

          No, there was an altercation. He swore and was abusive. Thats why he resigned. All he denied was using the word ‘pleb’. He even accepted that – while denying use of the word pleb – he still had to go. Nothing in that has changed – despite the hyperbole on here and from his supporters in the house.

          Yet now he and his mates seem seem to be trying to spin that into denying that happened at all.

  65. 276
    StinksFromThe Head says:

    1. Mitchell did not ‘swear at’ the police. He used an obscene word as an adverbial emphasis to the word ‘help us’, during a sentence in which he grumbled that he thought they were there to help [i.e. not to hinder, as they were doing.]. Rather indiscreet, but he was within a private enclave – Downing Street is not a public thoroughfare – and conversing with one of the security staff.
    We are all perfectly entitled to point out to obstructive police when their obstruction is disproportionate to risk, and prevents us going about our business.

    The police record notes state that members of the public heard Mitchell’s abuse (their embellished version of it) and were visibly shocked and upset. The CCTV image appears to show that no members of the public at all were at or near the gates at the time. That some off-duty officer felt he had to support this bit of the evidence by pretending to be joe public shows that this ‘members of public’ detail was invented for the record.

    And yet Hogan-Howe thinks that this does not cast doubt on the record itself. Those Oxbridge degrees in law and applied criminology don’t seem to aid basic common sense.

  66. 292
    Wing Commander Hogan- Howe says:

    Mayday! Mayday!

  67. 300
    Anonymousity. says:

    We are not going to do much shouting about a brazillian sparky or a newspaper seller,the policemen were doing their job and they did not do anything out of order and we backed them.But come on,we have got to draw the line somewhere.This is a tory politician we are talking about.These plods are evil.

  68. 305
    Common purpose plot says:

    This is all the first stages of Common Purpose’s plot to have a communist one party state imposed on Britain. Mark my flippin’ words.

  69. 318
    David says:

    The attitude of the police is a perfect example of what is rotten at the centre of government. We have it with the WMD, Hutton, the shooting of Charles Menendes. Even the killing of an irritating newspaper seller by the police. Once a mistake has been made you keep to the story. Mitchell was felled by a conspisory and that is still being defended by the Commissioner, he should be sacked without further notice. Make government employees responsible for their actions !!!

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