December 20th, 2012

Police Union Sweating

Paul McKeever, the rent-a-rozzer head of the Police Federation has told the BBC this afternoon that he would be “first in queue to apologise” if Mitchell has “been done a calumny.” Which reminded Guido of what the very same police union were saying during the autumn:

“Members of the West Midlands Police Federation said Andrew Mitchell had “no option but to resign”, following a meeting with the chief whip. They said Mr Mitchell repeated a “profound apology with feeling” but continued to deny using the words attributed to him during an outburst at police officers outside Number 10. This meant his position had become “untenable”, they said.”

Apparently he now feels “we can all say we can do things better” when asked about his aggressive campaign to decapitate the former Chief Whip. Guido isn’t sure it’s going to be that easy for the militant union, if Mitchell does eventually vindicate himself…


  1. 1
    Crooked cop says:

    Call me: Robocock!


    • 5
      Anal Discharge says:

      Fixed wheels are used for back peddling.


      • 47
        Anonymous says:

        Lots of people have lost their jobs in the last 2 years. Even over 6,000 police officers lost there jobs, they are also innocent as well. Its not there fault either, so why is Mr. Michel special?

        Is Mr. Michel special because he is rich, powerful and a friend of Cameron? Did we ever had a faster inquiry as this? Is ok to use bad wards at police?

        Hope its not one rule for them and another for the rest of us.


        • 58
          Sir William Waad says:

          Mr Mitchell is to some extent special because the police told big, stinky, cunning lies about him. Only to some extent special, of course, in that respect.


          • Anonymous says:

            I am bored with this.
            They are all stinking bastards and welcome to their own medicine.


          • He who no longer posts says:

            And so proceed ad infinitum.


          • Anonymous says:

            It took people affected by Hillsborough disaster years to find out what happened. No one even questioned why so much police resources are used?

            Even the video Channel 4 showed shows Mr. Mitchell leaving Downing street not road outside. Foreign Office CCTV shows that there was only one person outside but for some reason Mr Mitchell is not shown on it.

            What about Mr Mitchell giving £16m on the last day to Rwanda? Are we going to get an inquiry on that?


          • Engineer says:

            I’m not bored with it. I think it’s very important. Not for Mitchell in particular, but because the Police must be politically neutral if they are to enjoy universal public support. Given that so many people in both the private and public sectors have had to endure quite severe economic cutbacks of one sort or another, the police can’t really expect to be exempted from the efforts to sort out the mess the public finances are in. They can’t act like political thugs and keep public confidence, which after Hillsborough, bungs from journalists and several other ‘mistakes’, is somewhat shaken.


          • Anonymous says:

            Engineer; how many minsters jobs have been reduced? Do we need all these Cabinet Minister, Ministers and Bag Carriers (PPS)?

            Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland has there own parliament, so what is the point in having Secretary of State, ministers and Bag Carriers for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland?

            We didn’t have Deputy PM for years, so what is the point in that having one except to make Nick Clegg happy. Even what the point of having Ken Clark as cabinet minister when he is not responsible for any department?


          • Alasdair Campbell Murderer says:

            “We didn’t have Deputy PM for years, so what is the point in that having one”

            I believe the position was created to keep John Prescott happy.

            I quite agree, though; the job should be scrapped – and a lot of the other ones, too.


          • Anonymous says:

            It started off with John Major appointing Michael Heseltine .

            But I agree 2 Jag and a Rover was waste of space. That doesn’t mean, in this economy Cameron should waste £135,000 salary, office, office staff, car, etc on a Deputy PM, minister without portfolio, etc.


        • 83
          When is Redundancy not redundancy? says:

          Think you will find no copper has been sacked. Natural wastage and lack of replacement, sweetened by early retirement and tax free gratuities.

          Many will go on to shuffle the same paper they did before anyway with the added bonus of the monthly pension cheque.

          Others will move on to pursue second careers so Standby for a rash of Mark Thomas Williams’ making crap TV programmes and being the invited expert on the BBC news.


          • Anonymous says:

            Or make their jobs difficult and they leave.


          • Anonymous says:

            No that is not how it works. On the whole public servants especially coppers and the services are given the very best redundancy packages and benefits going and they are treated very well indeed.

            Seen it, done it got the t shirt.


          • Can I help you cuntstable? says:

            …and we haven’t had our breakfast!!


        • 101
          mr Weetabix says:

          Is that you Ed Balls you useless tosser, piss off.


          • Anonymous says:

            To the person commenting, (yet again )on the money given to Rwanda.This is a decision made by the Government, no minister is allowed to go off at a tangent and give aid to whoever he pleases.Please stop repeating this as a slur against Andrew Mitchell, what is your problem ?


          • Technomist says:

            Yeah, it is a stain on the record of the whole bally lot of them. The government should stop giving away taxpayers’ money to foreigners. Other than for emergency releif following a genuiene catastrophe, there areno justifications for it. Aid in the form we provide it does not work. We have been doing it for decades and the results are very poor indeed – as well as downright immoral when we tax the poor in order to lavish it on the wealthy.


          • Haribo Halfwit says:

            And, at this time of charity chuggers and begmail through our letterboxes, we should take a moment to reflect that if their solutions to subsaharan poverty actually worked, they would have hung enormous MISSION COMPLETED banners in their offices and highstreet windows years ago.

            But the cycle of futile begging, guilt and death goes on.

            Merry Christmas, everyone..


        • 122
          Check Facts First says:

          6,000 police did not lose their jobs. You cannot make a police officer redundant You can only to refuse applications to lengthen their service once they have reached a certain age which used to be 55 and 60 respectively. All the police did was not to replace officers when they retired. Anonymous, with your bad spelling are you sure you are not the one who sent the e mail.


        • 150
          Plod-666 says:

          Mitchell is not special but he is a democratically elected representative of the people. In this case Plod of put themselves up against the will of the people.

          When plod decide who should be in government that is what we call a police state.


          • Anonymous says:

            Most police officers are decent people. Mr Mitchell wasn’t even able to tell what he said to the police. Why doesn’t he say what he said.

            He also accept using bad language, is it acceptable for for a cabinet minister to use foul language?


          • The Public says:

            Yes. Foul language is quite normal. It would of course be desirable if people refrained from it, but let’s not be prissy. The Royal family even swear when no-one is around.


          • Anonymous says:

            A whip is an enemy of democracy! Electing them is like turkeys voting for christmas.


          • Police state can be good says:

            police only guilty of not liking folk who are more obnoxious than themselves so a police state should put an end (detain) to lobbying,difficult to understand energy bills and lots of other things that I hope I agree with


          • jiver says:

            The point is, if you hired a security force to protect your life, would you then swear at them just because you disagreed with their procedures, and expect them to continue doing their best for you?
            Mitchell obviously embarrassed Cameron, and is obviously not suitable for a government post if he does not know how to treat state employees.
            In any case, Mitchell knew he was on CCTV and made sure he did his audible muttering without giving away anything by body language. He could have said all the words attributed to him by the police and the CCTV evidence would have disproved none of it.


          • Jagbulon says:

            I remember when a fat deputy prime minister with two Jags punched a voter in the face and received no punishment whatsoever.


          • Jagbulon says:

            One reason for the rise in the police state are the thought crimes introduced by the labour government. Now you can go to jail for making the wrong sort of tweet.


          • Plod-666 says:

            (1) Mitchell has already told his version of what he said – look it up

            (2) He did not swear at the police – he used a fucking swear word

            (3) In (2) above I did not swear at you, I used a swear word


        • 159
          Miss Correction says:

          I am sick of your awful spelling Anonymous – go away and improve before you post again.


          • Anonymous says:

            fcuk off


          • Sally up our alley says:

            Anonymous – a shameless leftie who thinks he knows it all when in reality he probably knows very little.

            Most likely a student – certainly sounds as though he/she/it lacks wisdom – big time! A dreamer.

            Can’t even write English properly, so why do you think anyone should listen to you?


          • Nonny Mouse says:

            Please rearrange the following words into a well known phrase or saying “OFF FUCK”.


          • Old Etonian says:

            OOOh Miss Correction. Spank me, spank me.


        • 243
          Mr Quelch says:

          Mitchell admits swearing at the bluebottles and does not deny using the F word. Ergo , he should have been marched down to the nearest nick – you or I would have been. He deserved to lose his Cabinet job for that alone. End of.


        • 249
          anonymouse says:

          He is special because we live in a democracy. If the police were involved in getting him removed it is little more than a coup, added and abetted by members of Her Majesty’s Opposition.


          • Sally up our alley says:

            #243 Quelch – The police have fckuing lied you dumb creature. They have deliberately smeared and demonised someone and tried to destroy their career.

            Do you think this is acceptable? Do you have any compassion for your fellow human beings?

            In fact do you have any integrity or are you totally spineless?

            Or…are you a leftie? That would explain everything. Duplicitous, cowardly and sneaky.

            A denier of the truth.

            Shame on you.


          • Gay Police Dog says:

            Try explaining that to your average copper. Take my handler…. no, please, take my handler.


        • 307
          Lord Denning's Ghost says:

          Anonymous you are clearly a representative of the police force. If you don’t want it to get a bad name, get someone to post next time who can spell and put a grammatical sentence together.


        • 353
          SOS says:

          So if you’re rich and powerful the police still feel free to tell porkies and set you up, that will make the rest of us poor and weak plebs feel really safe in the hands of our honest law abiding police force… who are very much looking like lions led by the police federation donkeys.


        • 376
          Visibly shocked says:

          I have to say I prefer police fitting up to Mitchells new smugness,see machevellians views on playing the victim re mcalpines book


      • 155
        Xenophon says:

        Back peddling:

        (a) selling goods to the original vendor

        (b) reversing the motion of feet on a bicycle pedals while being unable to spell.


      • 238
        Gloop says:

        Peddling…. what are they selling?



        • 316
          A C A B says:

          Bent coppers?


          • Anonymous says:

            bent coppers…
            mid level we have the banks being fined a billion (pounds that is), UBS for libor scam.
            at another level we have trillion dollar wars (cost to u.s since 2001).
            …..anything below a trillion…just a waste of time for the big boys. what is the pyschological cost of wars though. how deep is wound and how long does it last. hence the phrase “it,s only money”…. having said that we have to lead by example, otherwise it is all talk.


    • 9
      Grans Master, Grand Lodge, Great Queen Street says:

      Hang on boys before you apologise. I am working on it. Jahbulon.


      • 13
        Former Commisioner and Assistant Commissioner of the Met, Stephenson and Yates. says:

        Boaz Grand Master.


        • 19
          New World Boredom says:

          If you tinfoil types really believe the Freemasons run the world, why do they do such a cack handed job of being secret about it? For an elite secret society, their antics seem to be pretty much out in the open if conspiracy theorists are to be believed.


          • Lord Wayne of Trombona says:

            HE ll be off on long term sick before you can say “I am off to ask Margaret Oppenheimer about tax minimisation planning”


          • Really? says:

            Out in the open?

            Pull the other one zombie.


          • Anonymous says:

            secret societies hide great secrets but as they have some ppl stuffed they enjoy the thrill of it. by seeing how ppl respond to a glimpse of them they keep a finger on the pulse. the distance between us and them is 10 steps. why should they worry. …and they are right.


          • Jagbulon says:

            I have seen the way freemasons work within our society.
            They are above the law, because all freemasons have sworn a blood oath that freemasonry comes above the law. And the law in Britain is mostly freemasons.
            Hence Harold Shipman, a freemason, was interviewed by the police then let free again to continue killing. Other freemasons reported to the police with no action taken include Cyril Smith, Jimmy Savile and Thomas Hamilton (of Dunblane massacre notoriety).
            There is an obvious and massive conflict of interests but nothing is done about it because many politicians and newspaper people are also freemasons.


        • 33
          Commissioner Hogan Bogan says:

          Boaz Grand Master.


    • 56
      Gooey Blob says:


      1. Preserve the public’s mistrust
      2. Persecute the innocent
      3. Uphold the lie


      • 71
        Robert Peel says:

        1. The basic mission for which the police exist is to prevent crime and disorder.

        2. The ability of the police to perform their duties is dependent upon the public approval of police actions.

        3. Police must secure the willing co-operation of the public in voluntary observation of the law to be able to secure and maintain the respect of the public.

        4. The degree of co-operation of the public that can be secured diminishes proportionately to the necessity of the use of physical force.

        5. Police seek and preserve public favour not by catering to public opinion, but by constantly demonstrating absolute impartial service to the law.

        6. Police use physical force to the extent necessary to secure observance of the law or to restore order only when the exercise of persuasion, advice, and warning is found to be insufficient.

        7. Police, at all times, should maintain a relationship with the public that gives reality to the historic tradition that the police are the public and the public are the police; the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full-time attention to duties which are incumbent upon every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence.

        8. Police should always direct their action strictly towards their functions, and never appear to usurp the powers of the judiciary.

        9. The test of police efficiency is the absence of crime and disorder, not the visible evidence of police action in dealing with it.

        If I was alive today, I’d be turning in my grave.


        • 87
          Really? says:

          Sir Robert, if you were alive today, you would have no need for a grave.


        • 95
          Fact says:

          The basic mission for the Police is to provide themselves with very well paid employment and gold plated inflation proofed pensions with retirement at an early age.


          • Anonymous says:

            Like most of the troughing Pubic Sector then.


          • Windowlicker says:

            As opposed to the rest of us, in the private sector, who are still wondering what the hell it takes to become a banker.


          • Plod caught with its pants down says:

            Average Bobby today tends to be over-weight and, to be honest, couldn’t catch a cold, let alone a criminal.

            If they did try to fit up Andrew Mitchell (which is looking more & more likely) then that is against the LAW.

            I am sick & tired of some so called hard done by coppers moaning & groaning about their pay/conditions/anything else that springs to their collective minds.

            Labour did a good job in getting the Police politicised, and the Labour Party should be under investigation too for corrupting public servants, although one suspects SOME of said public servants didn’t need much persuading.


        • 99
          The Public says:

          All very sensible. So why can’t the police just do that and cut out the rest of the bollox?


        • 198
          Snotrocket says:

          “9. The test of police efficiency is the absence of crime and disorder, not the visible evidence of police action in dealing with it.”

          Sir Robert…the problem is, you can’t measure a negative: the absence of crime, etc. The police just love their stats – and that means they have to have real crime figures to report on. Therefore, the ‘test of police efficiency’ is the number of crimes that are reported. Ergo: the police are the cause crime.


        • 279
          Easly pleased says:

          I liked it


      • 111
        Anonymous says:

        MP is wrongly accused. Has to step down. Obviously does his own investigation and shows the inconsistencies in the story by using TV programs.

        So is this how Justice is achieved in this country? Does this give all of us wrongly accused by this government, and its servants, the right to air the evidence against their misconduct and the dreadful results?

        Are we free to publish recordings and images to prove their cover ups?


    • 80
      Grrr says:

      Nice to see a Marxist Union thug brought to heel.

      Lying, bullying and career destruction – it comes to naturally to the caring, sharing Left.


    • 202

      A libertarian British government would “put fewer bobbies on the beat”. This would be done by

      (1) decriminalising the production, sale, possession and use of all “drugs”,
      (2) allowing freeholders who have a current P60/P45, and no recorded criminal convictions ever, to carry loaded firearms in public with the “safeties” on, including automatic pistols and/or assault rifles.

      (1) means we can fire 89.97682% of the existing “police” “staff”,
      (2) means we can then fire all but a remaining 1.46571%.

      Policemen can then return to the future, where they are retired NCOs, have moustaches, help old ladies cross the road, and twist the ears of little boys who throw apple-cores at passing buses.

      WE the British don’t want to live in a country that’s “heavily policed”, which is to say – there are lots of police available: the logical conclusion is that eventually we shall all either have to be “police” or “others”, which is implicitly “those that are policed”.

      This is not suitable, and not British. It is Nazi.
      The WestmiNazis really don’t understand how angry we all are, do they.

      I’d like some of them – that’s you lot who we somehow got to elect – to comment on this really rather serious proposal: for I know all the buggers down there read it, for Guido says so.


      • 292
        fruitcake says:

        Devon & cornwall police like nice shiny tech, they also like us the taxpayer to buy it. It has nothing to do with crime and disorder they just want to be into nice shiny tech.

        Fuckwits I pay for.


      • 469
        Libertarian says:

        There is a good study over at Cato institute: ‘Tough Targets: When Criminals Face Armed Resistance from Citizens’

        This is worth reading.

        Restoration of licensed gun ownership in the UK would have a net positive effect on crime statistics and provide a much needed citizens militia which may be needed if the deterioration in EU zone continues. Under the Bill of Rights provisions, which are still on statute, the fundamental right to bear still exists.

        The detail on Royal intervention and allowances by law is an interesting constitutional conundrum. Given that statutory law requires Royal assent, this does suggest that legal restriction on ownership is a form of Royal intervention, even though of course Royal influence of law making is prohibited and there is no such suggestion that this has occurred.

        The issue should should be reviewed.

        There is no reason to approve licensing above .357 caliber for pistols and rifles, and as is being discussed in the US, restricting clip capacity to 10 and rifle magazine capacity to 10 or less is eminently reasonable. Hollow point, armor piercing or fragmentation rounds should of course not be considered for the civilian market, but knowledge of such is useful if the militia is called. Under such conditions, ammunition of this nature should be made available.

        Resurrection of the nearly lost art of musketry and other historical firearm technology would be beneficial for restoring active knowledge of important aspects of British heritage, history and culture which have almost been forgotten by the public at large.

        The question of semi-automatic weaponry is worth considering. Special licensing provisions would be beneficial such that certain sections of the militia can bear. Regulation of this nature would be fully in line with the ‘class’ provisions as outlined in the Bill of Rights.

        The freedom to defend oneself is an important right as is the ability for the population at large to organize defense against enemies which would oppress its freedoms both within and without the land.

        The encroachment on fundamental freedoms since gun ownership rights were essentially revoked in 1997 has been noticeable. It is time for this trend to be reversed, and restoration of this important lawful right will be a very positive move to that end.


        • 499
          Anonymous says:

          As far as I can remember from a few years back, hollowpoint and fragmentation rounds for sidearms are contrary to the Geneva convention and are not allowed to the military.

          Interestingly, the police are not so constrained.


      • 521
        old Peeler says:

        You are absolutely correct.

        I wonder if UKIP will include this in its manifesto? It would go a long way to reinforcing UKIP’s claim to be Libertarian.

        I’m frankly appalled at the ludicrous suggestion of a British Bill of Rights – undoubtedly some kind of EU Nazified ball and chain to replace the Scottish Bill and English Bill of Rights 1689 which are treaties beteeen crown and people and this nothing whatsoever to do with the Westminster Nazis.

        Why are our magostrates not making a bloody fuss about this? When Sir Robert Peel tried to introduce miltarised national policing they told him to get stuffed.


    • 547
      Minekiller says:

      I think this might some sort of black bag op to begin bringing the police back into line after years of Labour politicisation.


  2. 2
    Guns for all! says:


    • 479
      Gun Watch says:

      This is Lee Paige of the DEA. The accident happened in 2005. He shot himself in the foot, and he sued the US Government over this films release. (Mainly because it made him look a dick – aka ‘public ridicule’)

      The error he made was simple. He appears to have cleared the action, and did not have a clip loaded prior to the demo. In the Glocks, unless you ensure the action is clear properly, there may be a round left. Best to cycle clearing process at least 3 times after the clip is removed to be sure. But unless you disassemble you can never be 100% certain.

      After he ‘discharged’ (first click), he should have removed his finger from trigger guard area, opened the action to ensure the chamber was empty and put the safety on: Before pointing the weapon anywhere else.

      This would have made the weapon safe, and given confidence there was no round in the chamber.

      On the plus side, he did at least not point the gun at the kids, but his helpers to the side could have easily been shot, and that could have proven fatal.

      The trigger action on some weapons is quite light which is why it is very important to keep the trigger finger outside of the guard unless you are intending to make a shot. This feels unnatural, but is best practice.

      Ensuring the chamber is empty means nothing can be fired, and putting the safety on helps prevent an accidental discharge by mechanically locking the hammers.

      Gun safety is simple.


  3. 3
    Mdm DeFarge says:

    the best idea if for Cameroon to make him home secretary for a week


    • 17
      Bald old git says:

      Police Minister.

      After all, we know he wouldn’t go native …


    • 267
      XXxx says:

      There is just one thing unless I am very much mistaken about that video, it seems Mitchell is going out to the right of Downing Street, in the original video widely broadcast he left Downing street to the left.?.


  4. 4
    People's Cop Blair says:

    I’d have stitched him up properly, dead men tell no tales !


    • 61
      Gooey Blob says:

      They do, but a D-notice prevents it from being reported.


      • 328
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Not if the committee at the time have subsequently been found to be a bunch of liars, frauds, low-lifes, degenerates and cheats etc…


      • 352
        Anonymous says:

        A DA Notice prevents nothing. That’s because it stands for Defence Advisory.


    • 148
      john in cheshire says:

      And while the opportunity allows, the government should do something about ACPO; like forcing it to disband, but at least forcing it to open itself to public scrutiny.


      • 156
        Flush 'em out says:

        Quite right. ACPO as it stands is a disgrace.


      • 325
        you couldn't make it up says:

        I’ve just had to get police clearance to get residence in another country. So tell my why it’s ACPO you have to get it from. Nice little earner for the boy’s?


        • 481
          just another expat says:

          Millions of Brit expats live all over the world without such nonsense. When you apply for residency overseas your potential host government (immigration/police ministries) does that behind your back between police forces. Once the local force receives clearance that you are not one of the great train robbers or an abuser of old ladies in supermarket queues then a residence permit is usually issued (provided you have met other conditions eg medical insurance, evidence of financial self-sufficiency etc)..


  5. 6
    A fine pair of lungs. I can prove it. says:

    Shouldn’t the police be fighting real crimes instead of wasting time stitching themselves up? After Hillsborough the public trust in police is at an all time low.


  6. 7
    sproggingforbenefits says:

    Lets hope someone gets prosecuted over this and the Police is looked at again


  7. 8
    Ben T Copper says:

    Mitchell recorded that meeting secretly, and in the recording he told them exactly what he said. After the meeting ended the first thing the police said was that he’d refused to tell them what he’d said.


    • 45
      I d on't nee d no doctor says:

      Spot on, and didn’t the police federation bloke look guilty when questioned. He knew he was lying.


      • 178
        Gay Police Dog says:

        He was trembling in fear and bewilderment – the Communist Manifesto doesn’t has a clause to guide bent, ‘progressive’ coppers or their representative when they kept caught out. He should have double checked his copy before he lied to the cameras outside the meeting.


    • 46
      Dixon of Nick Green says:

      They aren’t very smart, these lefty coppers, are they?


      • 332
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Don’t they just rely upon the lefty wigged wonders to do their fellow traveller cops favours – nudge, nudge, wink, wink, wipe a little tear from yer eye too! innit?


    • 53
      Phil says:

      I saw that and was left with the distinct impression that the gestapo was alive and and well and running a federation.
      How anyone can be confronted with a taped message of everything that was said and then blatantly lie that Mitchell was holding out is either deaf, dumb, stupid,a hypocrite or all of them.


      • 262
        Pickled Wizard says:

        What was even more laughable was the use of the ‘balls stammer’ excuse on the six o’clock news – ‘all this happened when two cops had been shot, so feelings were high’

        Professional approach to impartial work? Bollocks!


        • 482
          just another expat says:

          Yes, I saw that too and spluttered my tea all over the armchair. Lying barsteward should be slung out in his arse.

          Is he a proper cop or just another bloody piligrim we are forced to pay for?


      • 310
        Gestapo light says:

        our cameras are to terrorise the motorist and litter criminals they are not to be used against us.It is so unfair


  8. 10
    Scamp The Excitable Dog says:

    Looks like the truncheon’s up the other arse now doesn’t it?
    They’ve all simply got to go.


  9. 11
    Chris Patten says:

    And when did I stop beating my wife?


    • 23
      Can't use me old moniker says:

      I give up, when did you stop.


      • 483
        just another expat says:

        That too.. I failed to understand what Fatty P was saying. Is there some street cred thing in England I am missing? Why did Fatty not simply answer the question – which to my ears seemed eminently fair, reasonable and relevant to the occasion?


    • 30
      Bluto says:

      After the oysters I should think, you fat arrogant multi-chinned but chinless bounder.


      • 77
        Lavender Patten says:

        The fat slob couldnt beat his own breast.


        • 100
          Chris Patten says:

          Look I am a very important person and I do not have time to answer your rather insulting questions regarding my good friend and fellow member of Communist Purpose Mark Thompson.

          Now if you don’t mind I have a plane to Washington to catch.


          • Anonymous says:

            how can patten be a leftie, he was in thatchers government for fuck sake


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Anony – he went to Kong Hong for a stint and had to go silent for rupee for a while otherwise he wouldn’t have his book published – he’s a rupee puppet too.


          • Anonymous says:

            why is rupert murduch anti EU?
            is he anti statist?


          • US Watch says:

            How long until Thompson is kicked out of the NY Times ? He cancelled the fireside chats, and the board must be sharpening knives.

            They should do this before he screws them up like he has the BBC.


          • Anonymous says:

            us watch… are you suggesting that like his successor at the BBC, Thompson should have an enormous payoff. There goes the judgement of the ny times… the world is a funny place. all that is sacrosanct no more. all trashed. the world is feral.


          • Mr Weetabix says:

            Chris Patten has so many bloody jobs I’m surprised he has time to even meet his wife let alone beat her.


  10. 12
    Glyn H says:

    Huh! Police, and Prison Odficers last unreformed trade unions. Police especially hugely overpaid, ACPO out of control private business, ludicrous assertion of Instutuonal Racism made them ever more a left wing politically correct enforcement arm of New Labour authoritarianism.

    Huge work to be done here!


  11. 14
    Reminder says:

    You are invited to Chuka Umunna’s media drinks tonight. Please attend.




  12. 15
    Rob says:

    The Police Federation make even the RMT look mild and reasonable in comparison.


  13. 16
    alan hansen says:

    No details other than that the arrested man was 23. The Telegraph state that he doesn’t work for the police.

    Trainee journalist, intern, SPAD who knows – but perhaps when the MSM are off on their last round before Christmas the name might be leaked.

    At the moment it looks like a Whitehall Farce. Cameron does little to keep former campaign manager of his old rival in place. Score settling from team Cameron?

    If it was a journalist, would this increase the hand of politicians wanting more regulation of the press?


    • 131
      Sherlock says:

      I’m going for the 23 yr old being the “nephew” of the bent copper who was supposed to have witnessed the incident. Apparently two EMails were received by Randall, we know all about one of them from the bent copper. I’m guessing the second was from the “nephew”.


    • 417
      Anonymous says:

      more regulation of the press….now you mention it.

      all the best.


  14. 20
    The Dirty Rat says:

    Stick the whole fucking lot in court and let them be cross examined on oath. However I still think Thrasher is an odious prick.


  15. 21

    It’s pretty disgusting, the way they (and he did it again on PM just now) keep dragging in the two police officers who were killed around the same time. Fact: dead police don’t make the rest of them angels. Try living up to the people you eulogise instead, McKeever.


    • 485
      Curly from Camden says:

      Is he another Scottie in charge of an English Union? How do these types squeeze themselves in under the front/back door?


  16. 24
    PC Plod says:

    The police union rushed into this one too fast. For all we know they might have engineered the story, fitting up Mitchell faster than a Savile Row tailor.


  17. 25
    Media Watch says:

    Why did the Federation feel it had the need to cast a political stone in the water with respect of Mitchell’s position at all ? We know their statement on what took place in their discussion was false, but that aspersion has always niggled: It would have prejudiced any possible further action on a POA prosecution.

    There is a parallel here with Stonewall’s suggestion that the Rotherham bus driver who refused to board a bus carrying one of their adverts before the by-election.

    This business of questioning position should be left in the hands of the employer, and the employer to issue statements in such cases. That the media blasts this out (particularly the BBC) defeats any attempt to manage the issue properly. In the case of Mitchell, this is very serious indeed, and could have led to a wrongful prosecution.


  18. 26
    Tom Watson MP and Fat Bastard says:

    Smear smear and smear again- I taught the filth well didn’t I……….
    never apologise either, like i failed to do about my McAlpine smear
    I am off to my rent boy now to smear something all over him


  19. 29
    Inspecter Cluedo says:

    It was Minister Mitchell in the car park with his bicycle clips.


    • 344
      Blowing Whistles says:

      It was Blair in his Cabinet with the dodgy dossier assisted by able drunkard first mate Campbell.


      • 487
        Point of Order says:

        It is well documented that Blair did not have a cabinet (to obviate the necessity of minute taking). He only had a personal select and carefully chosen clique (which ensured no minutes {evidence trail} were ever taken).


  20. 32
    I d on't nee d no doctor says:

    About time Guido, at last you have caught up with me.


  21. 39
    goggzilla says:

    They will perspire far more when a certain tale of police collusion with a neo nazi gets out.


  22. 41
    dickiebo says:

    The Police Federation ‘militant’? Who the hell are you kidding?


  23. 43
    Anonymous says:

    Mitchell should sue the lying Police Officer who wrote the defamatory email. The Commissioner should immediately suspend the Police Officer who wrote the entry in the Downing Street Security Log and he/she ought to be dismissed.


    • 57
      Bernard Hyphen-Howe says:

      That would be the correct way to deal with it but don’t hold your breath…


    • 76
      Are you mad says:

      Dismissed? conspiracy is usually a jailing offence,hope loads are involved and get nailed for it


      • 206
        Anonymous says:

        Quite so. However the following ought to be dismissed immediately.
        1. The Police Officer who wrote the entirely fabricated entry in the Downing Street Security Log. The same officer has obviously falsified the entry in their pocket book.
        2. Any other Police Officer who was on duty in Downing Street at the time and has an entry in their Pocket Book which mirrors that of the previous officer.
        3. The Police Officer who wrote the email to the deputy chief whip. Andrew Mitchell should sue him for deformation.
        4. The Police Officer who leaked the Security Log to the Daily Telegraph. If that person cannot be identified then ALL those Officers who had access to the document should be dismissed immediately – with no exceptions.

        That will begin to sort it out.


      • 346
        Blowing Whistles says:

        It is now a matter of a national “public controversy” – the issues are criminal and that is Howe-Hogan and his mates must deal with it – no matter Howe-Hog painful it is.


        • 348
          Blowing Whistles says:

          Mind you don’t fall on any swords there plod!


        • 418
          Anonymous says:

          don’t think the public are bothered. it,s all of interest to the westminster village…and the globalists.
          but then, if the queen mentions it in her christmas talk to the nation… well that will be something else.


          • Point of Order says:

            Yet another anus horribilis, what with hubby getting his bollocks frozen standing on a boat for three hours in pouring rain and all….


  24. 50
    Sir William Gilbert says:

    Well, hardly ever, but that’s from a different show.


  25. 51
    Peter says:

    I notice that the Mirror and Sun newspapers barely cover the Mitchell story now that it turns out that Mitchell may be innocent of the so called crime


  26. 52
    Inspector Lestrade says:

    Hmm……perhaps we should go back to catching criminals.


  27. 55
    Peter says:

    See 30 Police Officers are now on the case. Takes that many to whitewash this investigation into themselves!


  28. 60
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Well, McKeever, if one of yours has been fabricating evidence, you’ll have to apologise to Bubba in B Wing with a broom handle up your arse.


  29. 65
    PC Plod I mean Pleb no I mean Plebeian. says:

    Wtf uses the word pleb in this day and age? Mitchell is an educated man and he would have used the word plebeian not pleb.


    • 73
      An elephant in the room says:

      True, but what is significant is that people found this very easy to believe.


      • 97
        PC Plod I mean Pleb no I mean Plebeian. says:

        It was that word that raised my suspicions. I can think of more appropriate and believable words to use.


      • 139
        Anonymous says:

        It wasnt so much “people” as Labour and the media, they are the ones who try to generate class hatred by droning on about what school people went to, cost of their house etc. I dont remember anybody at work for example, being distraught at the word !


        • 158
          Divide and Conquer says:

          The plod creating a ‘them and us’ class mentality with their lies. Silly stunts.


        • 172
          An elephant in the room says:

          I agree the media played a big part: Repeat a lie enough and all that.

          This is a Labour tactic all over, but one does wonder if there is a third actor involved here which is neither police nor party. Cameron himself was very nearly caught out completely, unless he is smarter than we are willing to believe.

          In any case this sort of confuses confidence in his leadership.

          That Ministers are not secure in their positions or safe from this type of attack to unseat them is very significant. Just goes to show how easy it is to manipulate the composition of the cabinet if you wish to, but in this case why and to what end ?


          • Fishy says:

            Week after week, Labour’s Newsnight were stirring this with ‘analysis’ and innuendo, for all they were worth, and then reigniting the story as it had seemed to pass.

            All they’ve managed is a poxy 3or 4 minutes of factual reporting since the Channel 4 story broke.

            And on 5 Live tonight, another ‘factual’ report (no speculation now) that ended with the comment that there are no questions about the police log. There f*ucking well are..Is it any wonder that people don’t trust the BBC


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            And hasn’t Rupert has been sitting in his ivory tower having a right old larf …. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking” and didn’t Mickey Howard do his suck up session for rupee too don’t yeu just know?


          • Anonymous says:

            I think he is smarter than you think, i think this has all been going on quietly in the background, since Mitchell resigned. If 30 police officers are on the case it obviously didnt all start 2 days ago, and i think we are in for some interesting revelations. Cant wait !


          • An elephant in the room says:

            I actually think that Cameron is somewhat smart. Note that I intimated as to what people are willing to believe. Belief usually blinds one to fact, and the truth.

            The revelations which are likely to emerge soon are going to be somewhat interesting, and yes, 30 officers likely working not on police computers and perhaps not going through a main switchboard or being located in an open area does not happen overnight and certainly would uncover stuff which could lead to some very interesting revelations.


          • Anonymous says:

            so there is not one single institution of state that we can trust.
            please bring out the monarch. she like her regulators to have teeth.
            game, set, match…. but there will be some who are just not going to buy.
            2 universes.
            what next?


          • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

            It’s a media trick, particularly used at the Beeb, to repeat the lie often enough making it stick.
            Why do you think they were so quick to repeat ad nauseam the phrase ” Paedo Senior Tory from the thatcher era”. They leapt into the soundbite so quickly they didnt have time to realise they were libelling Macalpine. It was the chance to link the words thatcher, tory, paedo, time after time after time. They LOVED saying it. It may not be true?….fuck they didnt give a damn.


  30. 69
    National Union of Mineworkers says:

    If it’s any consolation, our experience has been that the Conservative Party does not bear grudges.


  31. 81
    Fatty 4 Pensions Pang says:

    I want to report an assault. Lavender thrashed me when I got home.


  32. 84
    Peter Hitchens says:

    This blog is lefty crap


  33. 93
    Jonathan Wilson says:

    Just a couple of notes on the CCTV.

    The first set of footage of mitchel shows him riding on the bike, then after a while going to the side gate. He had plenty of time to utter the words attributed to him, or not. There are however people who are outside the gate, hence a number of moving fuzz balls, also this shot doesn’t progress evenly, it jumps in steps, perhaps it was set to fewer pictures per min, or its been edited.

    The second set of footage, closer to the gates, shows a number of people out side the gates, hence the fuzz balls again; specifically at 19:36:42.140 a person can be seen walking from left to left to right when the altercation is said to have happened prior to going to the side gate. In this footage the officer gets to the gate behind mitchel.

    The third set of footage (which has since been further edited by C4 news on their site by cropping it to remove the timestamp completely where as before they had blured the time part) doesn’t show any of the people who are in the first two sets of footage who walked from left to right. If this third clip is at the same time, why does it not show mitchel exiting? In fact at the end of this footage a person, who might be an officer, can be seen walking to the side gate, but again no mitchel and no bike, yet footage two showed mitchel getting to the gate first.

    It seems this third set of footage is not from the same time as the first two, which do show people on the other side of the gate on the footpath closest to the gates.

    I also think that this wasn’t reporting, in the true sense of the word, it was putting mitchels case as gospel and trying to [edit] prove he didn’t have[/edit] time to say anything, when in fact it does show he had plenty of time to utter them, he could have said them as he was walking away to the side gate.

    Also as it stands, even if the words were not spoken, mitchel has already said he swore at the police in frustration, so it hardly paints him in a good light.

    He’s obviously trying to get back in, and giving the police a damn good kicking while he’s at it while conveniently timing wise… may forces winsor 2 through.


    • 112
      ah! monika's moniker is a gonner says:

      Do you want this in the Public Domain?


    • 130
      Legal Eagle says:

      Irrespective of time codes – which is a different issue, the video proves nothing about what was said one way or the other, or how it was said.

      If the full shot outside of the gate is accurate, and there is no one there apparently looking ‘shocked’, or a crowd, then this does disprove the claim that there were other members of the public affected by what took place.

      This detail is what would make the difference between a POA prosecution proceeding or not: The fabrication of evidence (the PNB detail) is serious, but as for what was said the video is inconclusive.

      There has been no denial that a verbal warning as to conduct was issued by the officer.


      • 187
        Jonathan Wilson says:

        Agree totaly, however the shots inside close to the gate do not match the shots outside the gate as there are clearly more people seen outside the gates from the shots looking out, than the outside gate vid shows.
        True its not a crowd, but there is clearly people outside the gate at the time of the alleged incident.


        • 204
          I d on't nee d no doctor says:

          Jonathan, just accept the fact that you area twat.


          • Jonathan Wilson says:

            Why thank you kind sir *doffs cap*


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Jonathan – distract to the vids etc all you like – but the emails and the un-named plod to date and his “background” – are the Killer pieces – if I may be so bold?


        • 246
          Legal Eagle says:

          Cam 17: The people at the end of the street in the first shot were on the camera’s side of the gate: There were about 4 police officers. You can actually see people walking past, but no one standing and watching.

          Cam 18: On the close up shot you can see the guy walk up, stop and then back, but there is no one outside the pedestrian gate when the altercation occurred.

          The movement of the bike to the gate appears a bit brusque, but this does not suggest anything untoward.

          Some of the blobs on Cam 18 are not people, they are of something else that needs to be restricted for security reasons.

          The foreign office camera outside high shot confirms all this. The guy with the ruck sack walking up and then back. We can also see the other passers by who can be seen on Cam 17, 18.


        • 261
          Legal Eagle says:

          I would also say, the ruck sack guy may have been reading the notice outside the gate when part of the altercation took place. We don’t see on the video when he got there.

          From this position he would not have been able to witness the altercation as the outside camera and google map confirms, so could not have been a witness. The police involved, having their backs to the pedestrian gate would likely not have been aware of his presence, and certainly would not be in a position to determine if he was in a state of shock.

          In fact, at the time when the altercation is meant to have occurred, the police would not have been aware of what was occurring outside the pedestrian gate at all.


          • Security Watch says:

            Since all officers were unaware of the gate at the time of the altercation, surely this means there is a security hole ? Now the bad guys know that the best time to hop over the main gate at Downing St is when a minister is leaving on a bike, or the pedestrian gate is otherwise being opened.

            The purpose of the officers presence is partly to keep eyes looking out at all times ?

            Perhaps a review of procedure is required.


    • 133
      mr Weetabix says:

      Where are those shocked crowds? Fuck off you labour wanker.


      • 192
        Jonathan Wilson says:

        Actually I was a life long supporter of the conservatives, till I saw what a bunch of utter non-entities with no real outside experience are currently running it.
        I’d rather vote for the MRLP, if it still existed, than vote for any of the oxbridge set in the main parties.


    • 135
      laughing politeman says:

      Clouseau couldn’t have explained it better.
      You should consider a career on the boards.


    • 136
      Hercule says:

      Dear Columbo,

      You forgot the admittedly faked email written by a lying Plod which leads decisively to the implication Mitchell has been stitched up.

      Yours sincerely



    • 162
      Anonymous says:

      Jonathon i dont know which CCTV footage you are looking at, but nobody else has seen the version you are talking about, i should just pipe down if i were you !


    • 221
      Foxgoose says:

      Yeah – Channel Four News are notorious for their slavish support of the Tory Party.

      Are you from the Met, the Police Federation or Labour?


    • 557
      bookwormbc says:

      We must be seeing different film. After the initial exchange – there appears to be no dialogue at all between Mr Mitchell and the forces of good, those beautiful police officers that have allowed London to be looted twice in the last two years; presumably in your mind the forces of evil have edited out the frames where Mr Mitchell engaged in a long diatribe against the police. However you miss the main point – in Sutton Coldfield the police confederation met with Mr Mitchell and left the meeting stating he was dismissive and refused to give an account of his actions. he wisely taped this meeting, and this indicated that he was cooperative and gave an account of his actions. He apologised and his apology was accepted by the same officers who left the meeting and made their undoubtedly untrue claims about him. Unless of course you are claiming the forces of evil – by which you mean the Conservative Party edited this document.

      However there is a link between this story and Labour’s attempt to identify every Conservative, including myself as a paedophile. Tom Watson on his web-site repeatedlly claimed that the Metropolitan Police force, or at least members of it had been ordered to stop investgations against senior Conservatives – he implied by Margaret Thatcher herself, but did not quite say this, presumably out of some innate evil impulse. These disclosures were seemingly quite recent. Is there any overlap between the sources talking to Tom, saviour of the people, Watson, and those briefing against Mr Mitchell? The names of the officers talking to Tom Watson, to the Telegraph, and on duty that day need to be disclosed, so we can all form a balanced oppinion.


  34. 94
    He who no longer posts says:

    Copper, a chemical element with the symbol Cu.., is a ductile metal which is also malleable. Copper compounds can be poisonous to higher organisms and are used as wood preservatives.


    • 109
      ah! monika's moniker is a gonner says:

      Also remembered as a penny.


      • 120
        Tachybaptus says:

        Sadly little copper in pennies now. The bronze is a paper-thin coating over a cheap steel core. You can pick up recent ‘copper’ coins with a magnet.


      • 186
        nellnewman says:

        Oh Ah Monika do you remember them halfpennies, threppeny bits and sixpences and how they outlawed us putting them sixpences into our Xmas Puds in case somebody choked on them!?

        Not that I take any notice – I have a little bag of diminishing silver sixpences and I still put them in my Xmas puds. Nobody has ever choked on them yet and I’ve been doing it for 40 odd years!


        • 275
          albacore says:

          Dear me, do my eyes deceive, young Nell
          Don’t you recall the farthing as well?
          And forty years booby-trapping puds?
          Plod’ll be after you, not them hoods


        • 493
          Grandma Moses says:

          Being a cheapskate, I used silver threepenny bits instead of sixpences.

          Still got one somewhere in the attic too along with a complete set of 1964 coins. Wonder how much they are worth these days; probably about 1/100th of what they would have bought back then.


  35. 96
    Anonymous says:

    If your car got nicked or your house was broken into, would you want the investigation carried out by the likes of Ken Mackaill?


  36. 106
    ah! monika's moniker is a gonner says:

    I will be drinking my vintage wine tonight. No use after tomorrow, but will continue to post in the hope I will be ‘last’.


  37. 118
    HellforLeather says:

    I suspect much of the”pleb” accusation, and the subsequent email to an MP from someone who turned out to be an officer but did not divulge that — and who claimed to have witnessed the conversation as a tourist, but later admitted he did not — is linked to a very specific agenda:

    Ramp up police hostility towards government, and surreptitiously enlist public support, ahead of the Police Federation ballot starting January 31 on whether police should seek the right to take industrial action.


    • 356
      Anonymous says:

      The whole thing is ‘manufactured’. The Police Officer who sent the Email used details drawn from the Security Log. He did so before it was leaked to and published in the Press. How did this Officer gain access to the Security Log ? And was he authorised to have access to this Log ? I doubt it. Therefore there was collusion between Police Officers.


  38. 119
    Its even bleaker in sunderland this xmas with only one food bank says:

    The Police Federation need to accept that the terms and conditions of their members cannot be immune from the change that is sweeping the public sector they are the last of the great union dinosaurs and the party is over.I have no doubt that Mitchell used language that was profane but there is a prima facie case that the black arts have been at work here.


    • 495
      Grandma Moses (sent from my old rocking chair on my black iPad) says:

      Is it remotely possible that your final seven words are just a tiny tiny tiny bit wasist?
      “Fetch me a gin, boy, before I tan your hide”…


  39. 125
    Check Facts First says:

    I had to laugh at the name given to the operation – Operation Alice. Alice in Wonderland just about sums up the ineptness of the police in Downing Street.


  40. 126

    And actually, how is Mitchell going to ‘prove’ that he didn’t call the officers ‘plebs’? It’s his word against theirs…


    • 143
      Red Egg Millitwit....... says:

      Admit nothing, deny everything and blame the other person……. :)


    • 167
      Really? says:

      How are the police going to ‘prove’ there were members of the public witnessing the alleged fracas, when cctv clearly shows none there?


    • 305
      Anonymous says:

      It isnt actually a swear word is it though , again there is a nasty little “us and them ” element to the alleged word. Andrew Mitchell also insists he didnt say it, it appears that somebody is telling porkies.So far it isnt Mitchell who has lied .


  41. 138
    Andy says:

    All because these buggers will not accept early retirement / pension reforms like the rest of the public sector.


    • 142
      Red Egg Millitwit....... says:

      They will accept early retirement….. the powers that be want a later retirement….. 30+years :)


    • 180
      Dixon of Dock Green says:

      Tricky one is this. The boys and girls at the top don’t want to piss off the praetorian guard now do they, that’s what stands between them and us. So unlike the rest of us, kid gloves to be used when sorting out terms and conditions, sickpay, retirement, pensions etc and making them obey the law like everybody else.


  42. 140
    The PrangWizard says:

    The odious and subversive Mackail was interviewed very softly by a sympathetic BBC. And no amount of ‘allegedly’s’ in their reports can hide the fact that they keep repeating the fabrication.
    This story must be pursued, there should be no quarter for the corrupt in this.

    And by the way what has happened to Biased BBC?


    • 193
      nellnewman says:

      What is needed at the beeb , apart from a complete sell off to some foreign owner which would be preferable, is a useful chairman who will drag them kicking and screaming into the 21st century and demand that they dump their leftwing bias.


  43. 144
    Conspiracy Watch says:

    What we are willing to believe to assume is the truth will deceive the most.


    Anyone who picked up on the Belfast Times article which has been doing the rounds on some blog sites lately, which took certain portions of this address out of context, may want to think about this carefully.

    Especially in the context of this blog item.


  44. 145
    Rob Wilson MP says:

    Dear Me,

    Stop writing letters for the public domain.

    I am placing this in the public domain.

    Yours sincerely,



  45. 146
    PC Pleb says:

    If Mitchell had been black we would have beaten him to death then placed a gun on him


  46. 147
    Plod-666 says:

    I av already taken myself to the cells and punched myself tracelessly in the solar plexus three times as a means of redemption. Mea Culpa and all that.


  47. 165
    Captain One-Term says:

    At least Julian and his friend Sandy will be able to get married if I have my way.


  48. 168
    Matt says:

    “I thought that you lot were supposed to fucking help us” = swearing in the presence of the Police.

    ‘I thought you fucking lot are supposed to help us’ = swearing at the Police.


    • 200
      you could'nt make it up! says:

      Good point my friend! to which I will add the question “who with any sense would attempt to fit up a barrister” I think the fact they actually got away with it for three months is amazing!


      • 389
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Can’t say too much – but a Barrister tried to fit me up – but I laid him low in Ludlow with 3 papers.


        • 405
          Blowing Whistles says:

          To Hell with it – Craig Ludlow of 3 paper chambers. And his mummy is a Judge. I wiped his rse across the floor so to speak.


    • 269
      Gloop says:

      Yes, the use of that word,wherever placed is swearing. Only such as you whose language is almost certainly peppered with such crudities might find it innocuous .


      • 326
        Matt says:

        1) What do you know about my “language”. What was said in this case is at the core of the controversy.

        2) Please point out where I have suggested/inferred or whatever about what was said being “innocuous”.

        With skin that thin you must be in the Police! Don’t let the facts get in the way of your prejudices.



      • 330
        droopy gloopy says:

        Yes it is swearing, but you are too foolish to note the difference between being sworn at and merely hearing swearing.

        Fucking moron.


    • 467
      Anonymous says:

      I wouldn’t even say that was enough. ‘I thought you fuckers were supposed to help us’, maybe, but ‘fucking is generally regarded as adding emphasis, albeit in a crude form. No-one objects to ‘How are you, you old bastard?’, or John Constantine’s ex-girlfriend saying ‘Love you, [tosser? wanker?]’ in Preludes and Nocturnes.

      I’ve always felt there are far more effective ways of *deliberately* offending/annoying people than using ‘bad’ language, and they’re employed in parliament all the time, not least by Ed Miliband (who, to be fair, would be hard put to avoid being offensive, IMO). Should anyone be ‘visibly shocked’ by the antics of our MPs, in or out of the house?


  49. 169
    Miss Marbles and The Mystery Of The Unravelling Tapestry on BBC 2 says:

    Take cover the Russians are coming.


  50. 171
    A retarded on C4 says:



  51. 173
    Dixon of Dock Green says:

    A very stinky business this.


    • 223
      Its even bleaker in sunderland this xmas with only one food bank says:

      Not like the old days George fitting them up,beating kids around the head ,happy times.


  52. 176
    I d on't nee d no doctor says:

    Isn’t it time the media suspended the wording PLEBGATE until we know the truth. Were is the sense in the continued use of the word?
    As Miliband called for a judge led inquiry over PLEBGATE?


  53. 179
    keredybretsa says:

    Cops feeling under the collars of other cops?


  54. 183
    David B says:

    Do as we say not as we do

    Naturally he won’t resign


  55. 188
    Can I help you cuntstable? says:

    Nice to see coppers pissing their knickers for a change.


  56. 195
    Can I help you cuntstable? says:

    Song for the coppers in our lives,


  57. 197
    MB. says:

    I notice the Federation spokesman on the 6 o’clock News seemed to be covering himself. I think he said that they have 17 separate branches who all operate independently – not sure how he then justifies what is I presume is a very high salary.


    • 380
      Latimer Alder says:

      I thought I heard 47 branches.

      But he was dead quick to point out that nay bad words about Mr Mitchell were from the autonomous local branches and not from him – no sirree Bob – an how he’d always thought Mr Mitchell a fine upstanding young man full of the highest qualities of probity and decorum.

      And how he was sure that Mr Mitchell didn’t have a vengeful one in hs body, nor any connection with libel lawyers and wouldn’t harbour any grudges whatever minor local difficulties may have accidentally come his way…

      Or something a bit like that …..


  58. 199
    I could do this shit all ove again says:

    did any order-order contributors/proprietors lose their licences AGAIN last night?

    i DO hope so.


  59. 211
    Socialism = Starvation says:

    Ali Dizaei for Met Commissioner! Let’s straighten them out a bit.


  60. 213
    The mystery of the retarded fuck eating weight watchers chicken noodels says:

    It’s a fair cop.


  61. 215
    P.C. Filth says:

    *Proceeds to wave his truncheon in the general direction of EB, Figgley, Mullet, Dan Gleebitz (Prof, retd.), Col. K (retd.) etc. etc. retd, and that*


  62. 222
    nellnewman says:

    One of the things mitchell cannot be excused for is his foul mouth. Even he admitted he used the F word.

    gordon, bullyballs and their ilk used it every other word and abused their staff with it.

    This is the Absolutely deplorable deterioration of the standard of people in public life that they resort to this foul mouthed language.

    Personally I think it should be absolutely utterly outlawed!! I absolutely Hate It!!!


    • 231
      Percy-Thrower says:

      The shapes of your vegetables offend me, Nell. Are you going to fuck off and die? I do hope so.


      • 241
        Tessa Tickles says:

        You’re not exactly getting into the Christmas Spírit, are you?

        (would you believe it? ‘Spírit’ is a m0dded word?? FFS! Helloooo.. Carry Hole.. it’s Christmas.. duhhh)


        • 244
          Nathaniel Sloth says:

          Nope re the Whole Christmas DOWNER. Carry Hole was one of Ewa’s about two, long, dreary, acid-ridden years ago, man.


          • New Girl / Some other cunt says:

            Copied but never bettered


          • Tessa Tickles says:

            I was thinking more along the lines of the h-arry c-ole, he with the floppy hair that B!lly the uhm-pyre liked so much, you know.. the HC who basically m0dded this blóg to Hell in a handcart.


          • Yew can't say this enough says:

            The cυnt who m0dded this blóg to Hell in a handcart
            The cυnt who m0dded this blóg to Hell in a handcart
            The cυnt who m0dded this blóg to Hell in a handcart
            The cυnt who m0dded this blóg to Hell in a handcart
            The cυnt who m0dded this blóg to Hell in a handcart
            The cυnt who m0dded this blóg to Hell in a handcart
            The cυnt who m0dded this blóg to Hell in a handcart


      • 281
        I d on't nee d no doctor says:

        Percy Thrower Your comment was totally unwarranted and disgusting.


      • 297
        nellnewman says:

        Alas Dear Percy I don’t think so.

        My online personae for 2013 is going to be a marywhitechapel type campaign for clean language in politics and on the blogs!


    • 232
      Its even bleaker in sunderland this xmas with only one food bank says:

      So you give a fcuk


    • 233
      Tony Bliar says:

      Don’t forget the f*ckin’ Welsh!


    • 234
      anon (Steve Silman) says:



    • 235
      Can I help you cuntstable? says:

      The eff word??? oh deary me. A tory saying fuck – get the pope out to give fucking judgement shall we.

      Stop poncing around Mitchell and grow some, you speccy tory turkey, in the news, bothering us on totally nothing. Twat tory drama queen faggot.


      • 240
        Can I help you cuntstable? says:

        GET OVER IT! speccy


      • 245
        Tessa Tickles says:

        “Twat tory drama queen faggot.”

        Do, please, enlighten us as to which Party you support, because your options do seem to be a tad limited.


        • 256
          Can I help you cuntstable? says:

          Thanks for reply, Tessa.

          I like good people, but, in my lifetime experience, they tend to be labour, as this fella, an-an-an-Aneirin Bevan, who set up the NHS. Here h-h-he is from 1956, during the Suez load of nonsense,


          • Labour's 13 good years says:

            Good people tend to be Labour..hahaha. Labour are the biggest troughing, kid fiddling, smearing, thought controlling hypocrites going.

            Good people tend to be Labour..oh we laughed.


          • Tessa Tickles says:

            “I like good people, but, in my lifetime experience, they tend to be labour

            I like good people, too. We’re much alike (although, unlike you, I’m not homophobic; is there a homophobic wing of the Labour Party? I missed that meeting. I was probably shopping.)

            Where we differ is, in my lifetime experience, good people don’t ‘tend to be Labour’.

            Even though I voted for them, in 1987, 1992 and 1997. But that was, of course, before Labour lied through their teeth, in Parliament, at the UN, in the U.S. Congress, lied and lied and lied, lied to you, lied to me, about WMDs, and thus they started – through lies – a war that killed (no, that’s not strong enough: ‘slaughtered’) 150,000 men, women and children.

            That’s when I decided Labour weren’t ‘good’ people.


          • Ctesibius says:

            The NHS was the idea and creation of Lord Beveridge, who was a Liberal in a ‘Tory-led coalition’ – the one which won the Second World War under Winston Churchill.


          • thanks says:

            my mother told me he was good at speaking the truth,sorry I don’t know how to post you tube vids but de veleras reply to Churchill is worth viewing


          • CarryHole is a complete Hunt says:

            Killed 100,000 per year for 50 years due to the National Death Service being such a disaster.


          • Bluto says:

            Are you Patrick Stewart? He feels uncomfortable around right wing people.

            I tend to feel nauseous around lefties but sanctimonious lefties like you usually bring on projectile vomiting. In my opinion most Labour people are truly evil but so un-self aware that they delude themselves into believing they are holier than thou. I think the Labour party is generally an evil cult of liars, deceivers, dissemblers and propagandists.


        • 270
          CS says:


          Welcome back. Is this just for Crimbo?


      • 309
        Pope Watch says:

        For what it is worth, the Pope would likely not agree.

        Thanks to the reformation though, we don’t need to give a fuck about this view.


    • 236
      Mr Normal-Fucker says:

      Well, I have forgiven him.


    • 404
      Handypara says:

      Use of the word f*cking “in public life” would indeed be deplorable.
      However, muttering the word under one’s breath on private property, in an expression of exasperation, even if overheard by a policeman (but clearly not by members of the public!) is hardly a crime and certainly not something that need be outlawed!


    • 549
      Anonymous says:

      Grow up nell FFS.


  63. 254
    Confused dot com says:


    ” Better than half-price”

    Mean more or less than half-price?


  64. 272
    Anonymous says:

    Many of the Police Feds have hired Jon Gaunt as their spin doctors. Haven’t they watched his career go down the pan since 2008 ?


  65. 293
    c.eng says:

    How come the Biased Broadcasting Service and the Biased Police Service are now operating under the same Common Purpose Mangement.

    I mean, is it really Fat Pang who is running it all, or is it Fatty Clarke.

    Does anyone know, who is the Mr. Big in charge now ?

    We really ought to know so we can offer due respect !


    • 306
      nellnewman says:

      Whatever! The beeb is clearly a leftwing mafia., How about we sell it all off to a dodgy Russian £billionaire.

      That would be an entirely appropriate end for this extreme leftwing organisation and save each of us plebs a significant sum of money each year!


  66. 302
    Kangaroo Bondage Time says:

    One! Two! Three!

    To every broken heart in here
    Love was once a part, but now it’s disappeared
    She told me that it’s all part of the choices that you make
    Even when you think you’re right
    You have to give to take


  67. 308
    Kebab Time says:

    Fuck me, I had one too many at the excellent party last night.
    Just getting out of my bed.
    Great night Guido


  68. 312
    nellnewman says:

    Night Folks. God Bless.


  69. 314
    Sad Old Git says:

    A plausible explanation of what happened from the grauniod:

    The 2 PCs on the gate were “bricking it” that they would lose their jobs.
    In those circumstances, my guess is most people would be tempted to exaggerate a bit, hence the disputed log.

    Where the PC from Ruislip comes in is anyone’s guess. According to the groiniad “a number of officers would have had sight of this emailed log – a tactic adopted by the officers for their own protection.” so it’s possible that there was no collusion, just one officer misguidedly doing something to help out colleagues.


  70. 315
    Song For Christmas 2012 says:


  71. 318
    Saffron says:

    What a tangled web we weave!!!.
    The B-llsh-t Broadcasting Corp spinning like a top.
    The Plod union federation backtracking as though there is no tomorrow.
    An MP speaking to Plod and now another look at what went on at a certain establishment.
    The plot thickens,watch this space.


  72. 321
    Saffron says:

    Watched platagnia today,my compliments to the journo who asked a straight question which deserved a staight answer.
    What did he get from Chrissy Boy,DO I BEAT MY WIFE,what a complete and utter failure by this guy to answer the most simple question,IMHO a disgrace.


    • 349
      Heads must roll starting with Paton says:

      It was just so “la la al I cant hear you” an absolute fucking disgrace. They paid entwhistle the big bucks to prevent a tribunal which would have uncovered widespread incompetence . In other words they used tax payers money to cover up the scale of the fuck up.


    • 362
      Panic Watch says:

      Yes – what on earth was that wife beating stuff all about ? He needs a vacation.


  73. 323

    Politicised police. Partisan priests. Pernicious politicians. Pestilent press. Prejudiced producers.


  74. 327
    Songs of innocence and experience says:

    The Mayan’s have got it right. It is the end of the world AS WE KNOW IT. The blinkers are off, the rose coloured glasses are shattered and our gullibility is smashed into a thousand pieces.
    Our trust in authority is dead. No longer can we trust those in power.

    We have been lied to on an epic scale by vile and corrupt institutions each serving their own self interests. Lies about WMD’s, Lies on expenses, lies from the media. We can no longer believe a word that comes from the BBC publicly spoonfed mouth, lies about Hillsborough, now the police continue to play us for the fools they think we are. Lies from environmentalists and media stars who continue to mug us on a daily basis with their obnoxious games and foolishness.
    It is the end of the world AS WE KNOW IT. We will wake up in the New World older and wiser. Our innocence sold down the river and bought for our experience. 2013 will be a good year for the wise and an apocalypse for the fools.

    It is the end of the world AS WE KNOW IT. The wise will rise to a new dawn.

    I wander thro’ each
    charter’d street,
    Near where the
    charter’d Thames
    does flow.
    And mark in every
    face I meet
    Marks of weakness,
    marks of woe.
    In every cry of every
    In every Infants cry
    of fear,
    In every voice: in
    every ban,
    The mind-forg’d
    manacles I hear
    How the Chimney-
    sweepers cry
    Every black’ning
    Church appalls,
    And the hapless
    Soldiers sigh
    Runs in blood down
    Palace walls
    But most thro’
    midnight streets I
    How the youthful
    Harlots curse
    Blasts the new-born
    Infants tear
    And blights with
    plagues the Marriage


    • 333
      The smell of coffee and a slap says:

      No need to be so pessimistic.

      What has actually happened is that certain parts of a false reality have just been exposed and broken. Now it is time to wake up and start doing things properly ourselves, and demanding that some things are done as we expect.

      Provided the path to liberty is followed, all developments so far are somewhat positive.


      • 351
        The Hamster Wheel Of Fortune. It never stops says:

        I agree. But the fools keep falling for the lies and the liars keep peddling them to the fools. So the process begins again.
        The hamster and wheel springs to mind.

        ” It is the end of the world AS
        WE KNOW IT. We will wake up
        in the New World older and
        wiser. Our innocence sold
        down the river and bought for
        our experience. 2013 will be a
        good year for the wise and an
        apocalypse for the fools”.

        Time to end the lies and corruption once and for all!


    • 334
      David Icke (the new messiah) says:

      Does your mum know what you’re up to?


    • 347
      Michael Stipe, of R.E.M., says:

      It’s the end of the world as we know it. And I feel fine.


      • 369
        Peter Buck at 30 000 ft aboard a 747 says:

        Im just going out for some fresh air, that red wine is playing havoc with my meds can you give my a hand with this door.


    • 367
      Mrs Mopp says:

      There, dearie, it can’t be as bad as all that.

      Have a nice cup of tea – and maybe a chocolate bourbon – and you’ll feel a lot better. Mark my words if you don’t.


    • 470

      All right, Spider Jerusalem, keep your hair… er, on.


  75. 339

    Police Federation are shocked by the arrest of a policeman.

    Policemen can do no wrong. That is why they become policemen. So therefore they can’t be arrested. Because they can do no wrong.


  76. 355
    BBC Newsnit Ed says:

    “..but look we’re entitled to try and stich up Tories since we think we’re underpaid.”


    • 552
      Anonymous says:

      The public sector do indeed seem to think they should be above any cuts and reorganisation. They have an entitled view that they peddle to the public, surely in 2012 with computerisation, cctv etc the police numbers could be reduced ?


  77. 358
    PC Plod Rep says:

    “If he’d just apologised, we wouldn’t have had to fabricate evidence”


  78. 368
    P.Mandevilson, the Eminence Greasy says:

    No relation


  79. 371
    Roaming Romany? says:

    So what do I do tomorrow when there is no world?


  80. 374
    Confused BBC viewer says:

    How come there is no QT ? Have the BBC and HOP fucked off for Crimbo?


  81. 378
    Anonymous says:

    As they had “toffs” & “pleb” Cufflinks can we look forward to “Toffs” & “liar” cufflinks?


  82. 382
    Fishy says:

    Labour’s Newsnight at last giving this story some decent coverage…but manage to spin it into a discussion asking, ‘Why are police relationships with the Government so bad?’

    ..and, in passing, why did Cameron’s investigation fail?

    Earlier this evening a Five Live reporter lied, telling his audience that there are no questions about the police log; the same line taken by lefties – their remaining refuge, as the wheels fall of this bandwagon.

    Never mind. Patten will sort them out.


    • 396
      Operation Crossbow says:

      The BBC have LIED about this story from the start. You have to ask why Channel 4 got the story. Mitchell knows the BBC would have ignored it.


  83. 385
    Retired Copper on ac pension Milking the TV says:


  84. 390
    Fag Watch says:

    EU to ban menthol cigarettes ? FFS, we need to leave now.


    • 422
      Blowing Whistles says:

      What’s that … the EU to ban mental fags?


      • 425
      • 432
        Fag Watch says:

        Apparently, all packaging to be plain. (Fine, but will lead to higher consumption and easier counterfeiting)

        Menthol flavouring to be banned and ‘de facto’ ban on electronic cigarettes is proposed. They will have to be authorised as ‘medicinal products’.

        e-cigarettes are healthier alternatives to smoking.

        Don’t know where Kretek’s stand, but the Commission can seriously fuck off on this banning stuff.


        • 445
          CarryHole is a complete Hunt says:

          It is “beginning” to look like the whole smoking prohibition gig is a con to maximise profits for those”helping”* to give up (who also “lobbied” the EUSSR)…

          *You can’t give up a drug by taking more of it.


  85. 393
  86. 395
    Steve Jobs says:

    Stella Creasy is rather tasty but she is like all lefties rather dim.

    I love this quote from the Guardian

    “…Why Labour rather than any other party? Opposition to Margaret Thatcher’s government was a strong influence. “I could see Thatcher destroying the lives of people around me, whole communities and areas, and I don’t want to have to live in a country where you have to be lucky to succeed,” she says….”

    Except she was born in 1977 meaning when Thatcher was in her prime (mid 80’s) Creasy would have been 8 years old and by the time Thatcher was coming to the end on the late 80’s she would have been 12. I don’t think she’d have been interested in anything other than snogging boys at school at that age.

    Not once in the article does she talk about Pawn Brokers being evil or pay day loan companies like Wonga which were set up UNDER a Labour government.

    She also fails to point out Labour did nothing to regulate these companies, nor sort out the energy companies.

    Creasy also forgets that benefits went up by something like 5% last year a far bigger rise than most private sector workers got.

    She’d get a lot more respect if she admitted the moron from Fife created the mess we’re in.

    If she really wants to help the poor she should do a topless calendar and give the proceeds to charity.


    • 400
      HMMM says:

      With respect you miss the basic point, it is not the business of police officers especially senior ones to air their political views to the media, by doing this they compromise the office which they hold and public confidence in impartiality, yes the rot set in under Labour and Ian Blair and that is why we have the current situation with Plebgate (among others).


    • 406
      Sexism is there for a reason says:

      Biological clock and selective amnesia. She will get worst as time passes.


    • 411
      Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

      I’m proud to have trapped so many people on benefits, making it more financially advantageous to be on the dole rather than out working. A Client State also boosts electoral prospects. Happy Hogmanay !!


    • 419
      genghiz the kahn says:

      From the Guardian link “Stella Creasy was at sixth form college in Colchester when she had what she describes as a political “epiphany”.”

      Colchester Sixth Form College was a former Grammar School, and unlikely to lose the GS teachers, but her wiki biography states that she went to Colchester County High School for Girls. Some girls’ schools do lose pupils to places which offer co-education.

      Selective amnesia strikes again – happy to go to a selective state school for 5 or 7 years, then pretend she didn’t. Just airbrush over your advantages and stop others getting the same benefits. Funny old world in Ed’s Labour Party.


    • 506
      Technomist says:

      She only started campaigning on the loan cap issue in 2010, as the systematic financial strip mining in her constituency became open and obvious with a explosion of predatory firms in her constituency. In very quick succession, Cash Converters, Oakam, Money Shop, Cash Generator, H&P, Fish Brothers, Capital Gold, Albemarle and Bond and others all either set up or greatly expanded their operations in Walthamstow High Street, many of them also making targetted marketting campaigns in immigrant communities and leafletting estates where they know the very poorest people live while Wonga targetted complemented their online advertising with targetted adverts on our local bus and tube routes.

      If she had failed to take these issues up, she would have been failing her constituents, and would probably have faced serious opposition from the left at the next election, in what is not as safe a Labour seat as appears on the surface.

      She probably feels little loyalty to the last government as she was not even in Parliament at the time. As for the development of polticial views while still a pre-teen, you will probably find that most MPs were into politics in some form or other at an early age. Other versions of her autobiography (they are usually hagiography) suggest that an upbringing in a lefty household in Manchester has a lot to do with things, and that the move to deepest Thatcherite Essex was a major culture shock.


      • 545
        Operation Crossbow says:

        Sorry but Wonga and these other pay day loan companies setup under McRuin. If the economy was doing so well why would we need these companies?

        In 2010 McRuin was in charge for half of it having destroyed the economy in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

        Creasy is still talking bollocks about Thatcher she was 8 when Maggie was in her pomp.


  87. 410
    HMMM says:

    Two minutes to…


  88. 412
    Mayan Watch says:

    Well, perhaps it’s EST the world ends ?


  89. 421
  90. 426
    EON Customer says:

    Bollocks. Looks like the world has not ended.


  91. 431
    The end is Nigh says:

    It’s the end of the world as we know it.
    It’s the end of the world as we know it.
    It’s the end of the world as we know it.

    And I feel fine.


  92. 433
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Have any of you got the testicles to speak out against the Militant Politicised Homosexual mafia?


    • 436
      Lateral Thought says:

      Perhaps a whip round to bring the Westboro Baptist Church over could be a way of tackling this. Could pick up a congressional medal for that to boot.


  93. 435
    Fish 'n' Chips says:

    Don’t know what euro speak is for ‘fish genocide and permanently destroy an otherwise good food source for the Brits’ is, but CFP seems like a fairly good candidate.

    Apparently some progress today, but getting out of CFP and defending territorial waters pronto is in our national interest.

    When Dave wakes up in the morning, his first thought should be: Fish.

    When Dave starts work, he should be considering: Fish.

    When Dave sits down for dinner with his family, he should remember: Fish.

    When he dreams, it should be of: Fish.


    • 440
      HMMM says:

      I’m concerned about the EU mushy peas quota, throwing them back is a waste.


      • 450
        Essex lass says:

        I used to throw up mushy peas, now I throw up caviar.

        That’s progress.


      • 451
        Fish 'n' Chips says:

        That is CAP, isn’t it ? I do potato as well, but those are grown here and are generally protected from thieving little Euro fingers and fishing boats, especially the ones on private allotments.

        Can Dave think Fish, Pea and Potato together ?

        CAP needs to go, but CFP is fish genocide happening now in our territorial waters and it needs to be stopped. Would only take a few seasons for fish stocks to recover. If the Euro boats could be kept out of UK waters the fish would at least have a safe haven available.

        We have the means, there is a just cause, it is time to act: For the fish.


        • 455
          where have all the chippys gone? says:

          s kids we loved potato fritters from the chippy. But there are hardly any chippys left these days, they have been replaced by fast food multinationa non tax paying l tack


    • 448
      Fish says:

      Well said fish.

      What the fuck has European Continent to do with Atlantic fish?


      • 457
        Fish 'n' Chips says:

        A bilateral deal with the US on illegal fishing apparently. Yes, WTF ?

        Strictly, this should be:

        US / UK Navy sink anything not bearing a US / UK ensign which even remotely looks like a fishing boat anywhere in international waters, and let the survivors swim home.

        There is a big problem out in the grand banks which demands a moratorium and the sinking of anything sailing there is even remotely thinking of a fresh fish supper.

        The US have curbed fishing, at great but necessary cost to many communities voluntarily. The UK had this imposed by hypocritical Euromongs.

        Now is the time to act on behalf of the fish.


        • 459
          Herman Van Rompuy says:

          Throw the fish back to die.


          • Fish 'n' Chips says:

            Is what should have been stopped 25 years ago, and a good reason why CFP has to be met with steel.

            Am beginning to wonder if perhaps the key ‘decision makers’ in EU ‘parliament’ are allergic to fish, or if perhaps the fish persecuted them when they were young or something.

            Withdrawal, and protection is the way forward.

            Destroying and otherwise halting the European fishing fleets would be the single biggest achievable environmental policy which the UK could successfully implement, and the benefits would be seen within a generation and be a net positive boost for the planet.

            We must save the fish.


          • C Sik says:

            Oh yes, definitely a…. net… positive result!


  94. 439
  95. 446
    Adam Bolton's head with Sir Alex's blood pressure says:

    Exploding Giant tomato.


    • 456
      When the wind blows says:

      If Adam Bolton’s head were to do a ground burst over an area of population the effects would be devastating.


    • 464
      not a machine says:

      Oh bit unfair Adam Bolton has had some gems this year , for the sharp observer ,including the now lost question to Boris about Jeremy Hunts bellend falling off , (its the look on Boris face “did he really just ask me that”) , at certain times Adam has really put some awkward questions and Jon Craig can do similar . Bit odd really as political journalism talent has some good ones on Sky or BBC in maturity at the moment , certainly better than Blair years .


  96. 461

    @Rat’s arse (in case you should look in before going on duty). Happy Christmas, mate! In case you did not see this, I posted this last night:


  97. 462
    Dave meets the troops says:

    So what is the Logo on Dave’s fleece?

    It certainly is not one of the chav brands the rest of us wear.


  98. 463
    not a machine says:

    This week was a larf and half , loved return of Downturn Abbey . Oh well if Gillian Tett isnt bothered by coprorate bonds may be a problem, ermmm it must be alright.

    So just to recap then , Germany 0.1 % France ,Italy, Spain in recession and the mantra is whatever it takes to make euro work , as to big a mess if it doesnt . Well I suppose its a kind of PR in the vein of do as yer told or the hamster gets it . But hold on a moment , can anyone tell me if the ESEF or ESM funds have been used yet , or what % of tax reciepts goes on social fund in the new not yet agreed closer union ……. So if 2013 looks a bad year in the euro , will it need more money , I mean as far as I understand total eurozone debt liability is somthing like 2bn euro and yet 2013 looks like the year they restructure for closer union (hardly much cost saving going on there then ?) So is the increase in the EU budget paying for the restructure of the closer union eurozone , do we have anyway of telling ??
    We know hear that dear Cathy Ashtons dept has been spending a lot of aid money , without much checking .

    So how will closer union , with systems of blowing money without much checking have a neutral budget ??? Ahhhh we just dont bother to ask these questions anymore do we ?? How much will implimenting closer union cost ??
    France to me looks the interesting question in the long tango , will it need to borrow from the ECB ?? If only there was an outake of Fawlty Towers that had Basil “I just mentioned the cost of closer eurozone union integration , but I think I got away with it “


    • 465
      Manuel says:

      Que! :-)


    • 472

      Surely the reality of this is that above a certain level of government, personal and corporate debt, the prospect simply of servicing it when interest rates start to rise, let alone ever being able to repay it, becomes an impossibility. This is a problem which has been kicked right into the long grass but, at some point, the passage of time will lead to the grass having to be cut or indeed dying of its own accord.

      The EU (and individually, many of its components who share the Euro) are well beyond that state. So is the UK and the USA. This has resulted in our experiencing on this side of the Atlantic economic stagnation equivalent to the Japanese two lost decades, except I think it could easily go on to 2050.

      However, the USA has done one thing differently. It has developed its energy by fracking and now is not dependent on outside sources for the first time in [insert number of decades, at least 6]. That it did not sign up to Kyoto but will still meet its targets is the irony of the millennium and shows how stupid very large numbers of highly intelligent people can be when acting in concert.

      Now, they have never regarded it as being important to pay down debt. No one alive in the USA can remember when it was otherwise. Are we going to see them doing exactly that simply because the money is going to pile in and they won’t really know what to do with it? The dollar has to be something to watch (and hold) because with their sophistication compared with China, their large production capability and, not least, their can-do attitude they unexpectedly stand to hold onto their top dog status for a century or more to come.

      Such is the hand of fate that history should be decided by these unpredictable events.

      Oh! One more thing! It is possible to see a fraudster like Balls recognising this back in government in 2015 and putting everything left on the red. But he won’t have America’s luck for sure…


      • 480
        Political Economist says:

        The Debts are really artificial. They can be written off, or through inflation just killed over time. At the national level they only matter to the degree that you have to meet the obligation: If you have a strong military force, or a useful export commodity then debt is much more negotiable.

        The US focuses more on geopolitics and power plays than pure economics. Whilst USD remains reserve currency, and the key commodities are priced in it, they have an easy market.

        As this changes, it is a simple matter of destabilizing foreign consensus to prevent a competitor trading system from forming. At the extreme, if USD falls apart, all paper debts will be written off and international settlements can be made in gold. The US allegedly has the single largest holding of gold. Even though much of this is strictly not theirs, possession is very much 9/10’s of the law.

        The EU has been somewhat naive over the past 20 years as it seems to have thought that it could buy or control the US economy on the one hand, and compete for top dog position of competitor currency with the Euro. The folly is now open for all to see, and what has happened appears to be that the US banking system has almost shed itself of European control, turning the tables if the Carny appointment is considered. (GS)

        Those who defected to the Euro for pricing of commodity goods, mainly Iraq, Iran, Syria for pricing of Oil have been either been disrupted militarily, or in the case of Iran been forced to using gold for settlements.

        The rise and fall of the Euro can be traced along these lines easily.

        That not even the EU member states really trust each other enough to go forward into a fiscal / political union does beg the question as to why anyone else in the world should trust the currency or system either.

        History and a preference to the more apparently libertarian US remains much more alluring than what even the UK now is beginning to find repugnant in the EU.

        The US has had some luck, but its drive for independent dominance has been its predominant driving force. European complacency, and in the case of the UK, the restrictions imposed by competitively disadvantaging EU dogma have very much helped prevent a competitor emerging in Western Europe.

        The politics of the UK parties, unless the UK regains sovereignty are irrelevant moving forward. The Eurozone economy is destined to become what was once termed ‘2nd World’ if it is not already.


  99. 477

    And from the site that never sleeps…

    Goodnight from me.


  100. 490
    Internalcombustionpenguin says:

    When the truth emerges(and it will) the anti police right wingers posting here will look foolish. Ask yourself this question….why has biddable Bernard hogan howe, darling of the reforming tory party, so unequivocally come out in support of the two officers? Given that he has seen and heard all the evidence it seems to be rather telling??


    • 501

      If you thought your question out further, you might understand that some of us, many probably, want an unpoliticised police force of the type opposite to that run by Ian Blair who fostered a whole generation of mini-politico plods.

      Is it surprising that we do not like to see police cars driving about on polling day with Vote Labour signs on them? For my part, I would be just as horrified if they had read Vote Conservative or even just Vote. They are supposed to be above all that sort of thing.

      The calls for a politician to resign, from what is essentially a party post – note, not even a government one – even if it comes with a nominal PS (are you capable of understanding such subtlety?) from the Police Federation is completely unacceptable. Good God, look at how one of Mitchell’s predecessors from their (and probably your) side, Geoff Hoon, covered himself with horse manure!

      And whilst on the issue of police, when were they last interested in catching a burglar? Or a car thief? Or those committing violent or anti-social behaviour? Don’t start me. People like you make me physically sick.


    • 503

      Іf yоu thоught yоur quеѕtіоn оut furthеr, yоu mіght undеrѕtаnd thаt ѕоmе оf uѕ, mаny prоbаbly, wаnt аn unpоlіtісіѕеd pоlісе fоrсе оf thе typе оppоѕіtе tо thаt run by Іаn Blаіr whо fоѕtеrеd а whоlе gеnеrаtіоn оf mіnі-pоlіtісо plоdѕ.

      Іѕ іt ѕurprіѕіng thаt wе dо nоt lіkе tо ѕее pоlісе саrѕ drіvіng аbоut оn pоllіng dаy wіth Vоtе Lаbоur ѕіgnѕ оn thеm? Fоr my pаrt, І wоuld bе juѕt аѕ hоrrіfіеd іf thеy hаd rеаd Vоtе Cоnѕеrvаtіvе оr еvеn juѕt Vоtе. Thеy аrе ѕuppоѕеd tо bе аbоvе аll thаt ѕоrt оf thіng.

      Thе саllѕ fоr а pоlіtісіаn tо rеѕіgn, frоm whаt іѕ еѕѕеntіаlly а pаrty pоѕt – nоtе, nоt еvеn а gоvеrnmеnt оnе – еvеn іf іt соmеѕ wіth а nоmіnаl PS (аrе yоu саpаblе оf undеrѕtаndіng ѕuсh ѕubtlеty?) frоm thе Pоlісе Fеdеrаtіоn іѕ соmplеtеly unассеptаblе. Gооd Gоd, lооk аt hоw оnе оf Mіtсhеll’ѕ prеdесеѕѕоrѕ frоm thеіr (аnd prоbаbly yоur) ѕіdе, Gеоff Hооn, соvеrеd hіmѕеlf wіth hоrѕе mаnurе!

      Аnd whіlѕt оn thе іѕѕuе оf pоlісе, whеn wеrе thеy lаѕt іntеrеѕtеd іn саtсhіng а burglаr? Оr а саr thіеf? Оr thоѕе соmmіttіng vіоlеnt оr аntі-ѕосіаl bеhаvіоur? Dоn’t ѕtаrt mе. Pеоplе lіkе yоu mаkе mе phyѕісаlly ѕісk.


    • 504
      Londoner says:

      Hogan Howe is so far just another face at an expensively run road show. The public have yet to see any behefits to his appointment, just rather too much of the same old dross.

      The Met are still spread thin on the ground while they luxuriate in their comfy and expensive police stations miles away and using alienating and expensive methods involving waking up everyone in the suburbs in the early hours of the mornings with their use of hovering helicopters and relying on testosterone fuelled morons in cars with sirens.

      That the cream he deploys in Whitehall turn out to be uncivil jobsworths who are too high and mighty to open a gate is no surprise to most people. They are more surprised to see them fit the minister up, but that is subject to some belated investigations so perheps I should say no more


  101. 498
    Di Rear says:

    Militant Union my arse, they have all the power of a paper tiger.


  102. 500
    Anonymous says:

    I thought the Macpherson Report had done away with plod fitting up ethnic minorities like the Tories.


  103. 511
    tor..............u says:

    Iam 61 years old and for the whole of my life I thought I lived in Britain, the centre of fairness, but this govenment takes the biscuit who are they. We are all in it together. Except them.
    .Ian Duncan Smith, the great reformer of nothing, he says he wants to help people, yes into the grave as soon as possible.
    I have voted Tory all my life, but no longer, they have shown a real nasty thread I cant vote libour so I am bust.


  104. 517
  105. 519
    Nom Dom Nom 2 says:

    I have just found a jar in the fridge with an eat by date of 21/12/12. Must be the Mayan-Aise.


  106. 520
    nellnewman says:

    Actually it’s quite a good end to the year isn’t it with several leftwing institutions in a mess – the Beeb struggling to climb out of the sa vile scandal, the Police federation looking like they’ll eventually have to eat their own words and the labour shadow cabinet running round like headless chickens with their catastrophic vote losing welfare policy.

    Yep 2013 looks like being another interesting year. Oh and we the Plebs are still here despite the fact that the Mayan calendar came to an end today. Mind I’ll wait another day to send everybody seasonal greetings just in case!


  107. 541
    HenryV says:

    ACPO (government funded don’t forget) and the Police Federation show how much our police have infiltrated by the Left. Thinking about it explains some of the odder decisions our police forces make and why PCs being PC is the norm. If like me you are white, Christian, law abiding (or so I thought), tax payer, and non-metropolitan then be afraid as you are their focus.


  108. 556

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