December 19th, 2012

Now and Then: Two Faced Simon Hughes and Mitchell

Eagle-eyed Joey Jones clocked the friendly pats on Andrew Mitchell’s back as he loitered with intent at PMQs. Guido was particularly surprised to see such a warm response from LibDem Deputy Leader Simon Hughes, especially given that just a matter of weeks ago Hughes was putting the boot in, briefing the papers:

“Clearly it is never good if any person in public office is shown to be disrespectful of the police. The police aren’t always perfect, they don’t always get everything right but there’s a basic principle we should follow which is that the police are there to be respected because of the amazingly important work they do for us. At this time, of all times, still in the seven days following the death of two police constables on duty, I think the message has to be that we respect the police and we don’t lose our tempers with them.”

Typical LibDem flip flopping…


  1. 1
    Tony Blair says:

    What is important is.


  2. 2
    Kebab Time says:

    Show me a politician that is not two faced!


    • 3
      Posting 10 millions hours straight says:

      Kebab, when was the last time you saw daylight?


    • 75
      Hobsons Choice says:

      Simon Hughes cannot possibly be two faced as he would not be going around wearing that one if he was.


    • 86
      Simon Hughes - Limp Dim Leader in Waiting says:

      It is a slur to say that I am two-faced.
      I have at least four different faces in respect of my party; my “leader” Clegg; the Tories; and the electorate including my constituency. I am working on at least two more faces for the press and the BBC.


  3. 4
    Helen Boaden (still in my 400K a year job thanks) says:

    You are all plebs.


    • 87
      Pleb Nation. says:

      Hopefully even the myopic bubble orientated BBC will realise that moving the deckchairs around on a sinking SS BBC will not work.
      They should sack the PC Captain Helen Boaden and her cohorts – but why should they do the right thing especially as their part of choice the Labour Party still retain Balls?


  4. 5
    tommy5dollar says:

    Surely you can accept in this instance that the facts changed?


  5. 6
    Calamity Clegg says:

    He’s such a tosser.


  6. 9
    sproggingforbenefits says:

    Simon’s time will come .. .


  7. 11
    Chris Bryant says:

    I like to flip flop with my Somali house boy.


  8. 12
    Fat Abbott says:


  9. 15
    kebabmon says:

    Mitchell was disrespectful of the police by his own admission. Is it ok to swear at the police – No, it is an arrestable offence!


  10. 17
    O/T US Watch says:

    To those who questioned the posting of the PressTV piece on Israeli death squads / Sandy Hook yesterday, google up Mike Harris (defence analyst) and the support apparently received by Veterans Today on this issue. There is a link with the Breivik case here which has been ignored over here.

    Still sounds nuts, but is also plausible.


    • 28
      A Squirrel says:

      It is nuts.


    • 44
      Ikea Monkey says:



    • 47
      Mossad says:

      Plausible that the Israelis sent a hit squad to a small New England town to assassinate 6 year old kids?????????

      …and to Norway as well????

      You,Sir, are nuts if you even entertain such nonsense as plausible.


      • 62
        hank the cat says:

        I read the report, and I must say that it must be written by a lunatic or on drugs, anybody that takes this as fact must be a lunatic or on drugs, nearly forgot or working for the bbc


      • 66
        bandersnatch says:

        Perhaps he has been at a seance with David Icke. (spelling?)


    • 63
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      Well, that was no fun. copies of the same story. Which seems odd considering he was supposed to be a republican candidate etc.

      I still don’t believe he’s real.


  11. 20
    nadine's left nipple says:

    If MItchell was whiter than white he should have had the guts to stand up in public and fight his corner at the time and expose any cover up . If he just let out the f word he should have apologised and said it was not a resigning issue .

    I mean to say if a Minister cannot fight his own corner in a tight situation then how can we have confidence he will be able to fight for us .


    • 31
      Intelligent behaviour says:

      Nonsense. He knew the odds were stacked against him and had to do the smart thing which was step aside and analyse where the smears had really come once he could seperate the wheat from the chaff.


    • 40
      illogical says:

      Sydney Carton moment- Damage limitation.
      He offered himself up for the good of his Tory cause when a trivial happening had taken on witchhunt proportions.
      He has been ‘almost’ completely vindicated and will receive a suitable reward in kind.


  12. 23
    Best moment of PMQs says:


  13. 32
    Rt. Hon Butch Cameron MP says:

    My dear friend Andrew is clearly entitled to a full apology from Labour for making me sack him.


  14. 34
    Neo Rupert says:

    What a Gay Day……


  15. 35
    Tea Cup says:

    Sky news; putting BBC News Channel to shame yet again


  16. 36
    Fraud says:

    Bored and feeling a bit mischievous? How about winding up one of these fraudulent “spiritualists” who peddle their bollocks for a price. One of these cocks, “world renowned spiritualiat Mantuga”, put his email address in his ad in the Metro. He says he can help in “matters of love, spirituality, good/bad luck, exams, immigration ( :-D ), court cases” etc.

    Wind the fucker up and email him at

    I’m pretty sure he hasn’t got a knighthood and is using the title unlawfully.


  17. 37
    David"Ebeneezer" Cameron says:

    Mark Carney, the next head of the Bank of England, will be paid £250,000 in housing costs in addition to his salary and pension costs.

    He will receive the money on top of his annual £480,000 salary and a yearly pension allowance of £144,000.

    Yes,proof,as if it were needed,that the Tories are the Party of the Skivers .


  18. 38
    Arse says:

    I see Hughes as an honourable but misguided man. It wouldn’t surprise me if he called Mitchell to apologise for doubting him, beforehand.


    • 58
      Spank Sinatra says:

      Your moniker says it all! Honourable? Hahahahaha


      • 73
        Arse says:

        I tried to be serious and to give credit where it’s due to Hughes. But you lower the tone by writing “Hahahahaha” in your reply. And my moniker? It’s my Christian name. So fuck you!


  19. 41
    Dave"The One Term Prime Minister" Cameron says:

    More families are relying on foodbanks. But this Govt’s priority is to give an average £107,000 tax cut for people earning over £1m.


    • 45
      Negative Growth says:

      How is taxing the richest at 45p in the pound instead of 40p in the pound that Labour did, a tax cut?


    • 49
      Philanthropist says:

      Some of that saving in tax may get donated to charity. Only the socialist rich believe the state should foot all the bills.


    • 53
      a non says:

      If Labour had not created millions of non jobs in the public sector and subsidised an imported immigrant body of voters there would have been enough for all to go around.
      Lot of difference in total monies between 7000? earning over a million receiving 100000 this time round and a few million receiving 20000+ for a few years


    • 56
      Ed Ballsed says:

      And a worthy cause to donate too. I trust you have. I wonder how many who go there also smoke go to the pub or watch Sky all day?


    • 59
      Charity Man says:

      Foodbanks are like ID cards: a professional do-gooder’s solution looking for a crisis to solve.


    • 85
      dick dastardardly mp says:

      Your sums are as bad as your politics, Mr Balls


  20. 46

    Constable Savage

    I was walking in an easterly direction when the government minister , dressed as an SS Panzer officer, shouted to me to get out of his way, which I did.

    He then called me over to him and said he had urgent business “in the house with privatising the NHS and ending free school meals. ” and should never be detained in futire. I said he would have to use a side gate.

    He then said You are an ugly little prole. You’re not fit to guard toffs like me. “You get down and lick my boots. Lick them! ”

    I refused and the gentleman punched me in the face and kicked me in the gonads. He then rode off on his motorcycle laughing and saying he was above the law.

    This incident was witnessed by 500 passers by, 99 officers of ‘Hillsborough squad’ and a curious constituent who recorded an email of the incident that exactly confirms this account in every way including the punctuation.

    Constable Savage
    Metropolitan Police
    motto: To protect and serve {ourselves}


  21. 57
    Herr Furst Uredditt says:

    I despise Hughes as much as anyone, but to be fair what he said was fair and reasonable in the circumstances. Perhaps he is big enough to apologise when he is wrong. Still hate the self opinionated hypocrite though. And Mitchell IS a tosser.


  22. 60
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    Its not plebgate-gate. its gategategate.


  23. 64
    Enemy of the State says:

    Simon Hughes who wants Sharia Law in the UK? THAT Simon Hughes?!!!


  24. 65
    hank the cat says:

    This is the same simon hughes that was on the radio with tessa jowells saying that only a tiny,tiny number of mp’s were dishonest


  25. 67
    its bleak in sunderland says:

    For me Hughes is the most detestable shit in the HOCand my gawd there are plenty remember how he tarnished Tatchell in the 80s by election and then turned out to be a carpet chewer himself,his will be the defeat I relish next election night


  26. 70
    King Tvrd of Shit Mountain says:

    I was never convinced by the use of the word ‘pleb’. If he called them lying,corrupt,self serving Hunts that would be believable.


  27. 74
    Optional Extra says:

    I’d forgotten Hughes said that. Absolutely typical of him, and of the Libdems in general, to try to make cheap political capital out of the tragic, dreadful, deaths of two police officers. He’s not just two-faced, Guido: he’s a multi-faceted shit.


  28. 77
    David B says:

    Vote for the straight guy again


  29. 78
    Monica says:

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  30. 89
    Mark Oaten says:

    Simon was one of my best shags.


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