December 19th, 2012

Heat Is On For Hogan Howe

Yesterday Met Commissioner Bernard Hogan Howe clearly said of the coming Mitchell twists:

“I don’t think, in terms of what I’ve heard up to now, that it’s really affected the original account of the officers at the scene.”

Except the fact that the original account said:

“There were several members of public present as is the norm opposite the pedestrian gate… The members of public looked visibly shocked.”

Which members of the public were they then?


  1. 1
    Dickhead of Dick Green says:

    ‘ello ‘ello ‘ello, lets be ‘avin’ you.


    • 16
      Bent Coppers R Us says:

      Does make you wonder why he lied, when he would already have seen the video. Perhaps he didn’t expect Dave to make it public.

      But whatever, HE LIED and that is that.


    • 19
      Hamish Macbeth (@PCMacbeth) says:

      I remember both Nick Clegg and Andrew Mitchell saying it’s time to “draw a line” under the row over the chief whip’s intemperate comments to a police officer.

      Can we draw a line under it Dave and BHH – or is it somehow different now?


      • 28
        Dickhead of Dick Green says:

        Er, it IS somehow different now, because the witness has been exposed as a liar who admits he was never there, and the coppers on the ground have been exposed as liars because they said passers-by looked on in horror at Mitchell’s behaviour and the footage shows no such thing at all.


        • 49
          Hamish Macbeth (@PCMacbeth) says:

          Ahh ..

          I see – a policeman lying is far more serious than an MP lying !

          Got it now


        • 214
          BagLady says:

          From here on in it’ll be about points of law. The fact is the little prick turned up on his bike and was told he couldn’t ride it through the car’ gates but could wheel it through the ‘bicycle’ gates. He found this beneath his auspicious position and warranted a tirade of offensive language. What difference the wording. It’s what’s implicit that counts. Let’s take it from there and forget the stupidity of the police.


        • 215
          BagLady says:

          Yes, but who are the two young men who have been arrested in connection with the case? The plot thickens.


      • 30
        More Perverting than a Jim'll Fix it show. says:

        Yes it is different now. A senior Policeman perverting the course of justice is even more serious than a Greek immigrant being forced to pervert the course of justice by her government minister husband.


        • 58
          Great Granddad:Prime Minister in Waiting, New Utopia Party says:

          There are a lot of liars about. I wonder how many there are with an eye on the money, who now claim to be one of Saville’s ten thousand victims.


          • Cad says:

            Senior policeman? The person reported as perverting the course of justice by pretending to be an eyewitness is a lowly PC.


          • Top Plod says:

            The post is about Met Commissioner Bernard Hogan Howe. That’s a pretty senior copper.


          • Cad says:

            I don’t think anyone has seriously suggested that the Commisioner is perverting the course of justice. At present he is simply witholding information.


    • 89
      Anonymous says:

      It’s a farce whichever way you look at it. FFS I’d have thought that the CCTV would be the first thing you’d look at in any investigation.


      • 101
        Xenophon says:

        Perhaps everyone assumed that the police would have destroyed (er, accidentally lost) the evidence so they didn’t bother looking to see if it was still there.


    • 189
      Anonymous says:

      Bernie is coming over as a bit of a wally as well,why on earth did he say anything about it at all ?


    • 205
      Shaglot Homes says:

      Anybody reading the letter sent in purporting to be from a “member of the public” could easily comprehend that this was written in the style and manner of a a police statement.
      The Diplomatic Protection PC who wrote the report has made a very unfortunate error of judgement for whatever motive I can Only guess.He will however ,pay dearly for it.


  2. 2
    Bovis Barrat says:

    Porky pig. Porky pies.


  3. 3
    Jimmy says:

    It’s a Section 5. There are always “members of the public looking visibly shocked”. I believe the phrase is pre printed in the notebooks now.


  4. 4
    Fidel from Cuba says:

    I reckon Mr Howe may last until Easter .

    Not bad going on current form .


  5. 5
    @Lord_Palmerston says:

    If Hogan-Howe had been BBC Director-General, he would be “toast” by now.


    • 29
      Kun Tea Bollox says:

      ….and half a million quid richer


      • 128
        Fatty Pang and His Four Pensions says:

        I seem to have been let off scott free in the Pollard Report.

        Lavender and I will have a dozen oysters tonight to celebrate.


        • 139
          Curly says:

          You were looking a bit hot under the collar earlier. Someone getting at you was he?


          • Fatty Pang and His Four Pensions says:

            Mr Curly

            I am 19 1/2 collar size with a temperate zone running around the circumference.

            I keep cool because I am on £110K pa for 3 half days plus pensions from European Union and HK Govt and from Westminster.

            I will drink and eat myself to a 20 1/2 collar thanks to oysters and chablis


            Fatty Pang


    • 190
      Anonymous says:

      Maybe John Humphreys should intrview him on the today programme !


  6. 6
    Dudley Castle says:

    I’ve never met a clevvear coppa


  7. 7
    Quis custodiet says:

    lets not forget the lies of the Police Federation, immediately after they came out of their meeting with Mitchell


    • 21
      The Central Scrutinizer says:

      The Police Federation look to be up to no good. Probably in on the whole conspiracy to get Mitchell sacked. They used their face time on TV to put the knife in and tried to make him look and sound guilty.

      A traditional stitch-up by past masters of it.


      • 135
        Anonymous says:

        has anyone mentioned AM’s recording of the meeting with Federation reps where he recorded it and the Feds later stated information contrary to the now released recording?


      • 176
        Anonymous says:

        Indeed and 30 Officers are now involved on the enquiry.

        BHH IS worried. So he should be.


      • 216
        Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

        They’ll have their contemperaneous notes well adjusted to reflect the seriousness of Mitchel saying Pleb. The police would never of course resort to underhand actions like that, just ask the folk of Liverpool if they have any experience of it.


    • 31
      Jahbulon says:

      I have personal experience of the way that the police federation suppress the truth about their members. And it is not nice. So I hope they take a big hit over this.

      Better still would be an increase in awareness in the way freemasonry is totally incompatible with policing. It has to be a fundamental, corrupting influence.


      • 59
        Anon says:

        We don’t yet if any of the people concerned are more than just ordinary members of the Federation.


      • 112
        Bollocks to Getting a Pseudonym says:

        Don’t forget that political partisanship is also incompatible with policing. Anyone who thinks the Police trade unions aren’t in bed with the Liebore party needs to wake up and smell the coffee pronto.


      • 184
        Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

        It is absolutely right and proper that as many policemen as possible are members of the Craft. That being the case, as many young girls as possible can accuse me of molesting them and I will get away with it. I am totally behind and in support of the Police Federation in this case. Boaz.


  8. 8
    Confused of Barking says:

    why didn’t Number 10 review this CCTV before? Why now to fightback? It doesn’t entirely make sense, surely they checked the CCTV to fight Mitchells corner. Something still stinks, it is a bit weird it is suddenly ‘attack the police’ time when this entire argument could have been put forward at the time?

    or are the Tories just fundamentally weak and didn’t want to fight for their man?


    • 25
      Hamish Macbeth (@PCMacbeth) says:

      How long is the turnaround in an editing suite these days #justsaying


    • 32
      Met Watch says:

      Perhaps it is because the email source has only just been outed. That also took a while, so perhaps there has been a covert investigation going on behind the scenes.

      One thing which is clear, there was certainly a lot of collusion here, and tie ins with YewTree and now Fairbanks cannot be discounted.


      • 44
        bandersnatch says:

        Maybe some courageous hack who still believes in investigative journalism has been digging about?


        • 103
          Phil says:

          I think Crick was lighting a fuse when he mentioned doorstepping the emailer who appeared to him to be frightened and hinting at others in the background.I am not a journalist or an investigator but that kind of comment is begging for either or both.This could be a far bigger story than anyone could imagine.


    • 52
      gramma says:

      Failing here, seems to be the requested investigation by the cabinet secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood who did a shoddy job.
      Like his predecessor Gus o Donnel? he was more concerned in covering up and making all sides come out smelling of roses than actually investigating


    • 61
      Anon says:

      Perhaps they just believed the Met when they said it had been che ked?

      Who sold the CCTV footage to Channel 4?


    • 85
      Lord Effingham says:

      And why wasn’t Mitchell himself jumping up and down at the time, demanding that the CCTV footage be revealed, knowing it would call the Police version into doubt?


      • 95
        The Dirty Rat says:

        And is the outside the gate shot in sync with the action inside shot? Where is the time date watermark on the outside shot? Why did M not put forward his version of the conversation from day 1? Why resign?
        And apart from all that M, in my opinion is a supercilious, patronising c**t who was probably too pissed at the time to remember what he said or did.


    • 90
      Anonymous says:

      This is absolutely right. It doesn’t add up. Also we were told there was a second incident between Mitchell and the police, where is that video?


    • 191
      Anonymous says:

      I get the feeling that investigations have been going on almost from the start of this episode and Mitchell “resigning” was part of the plan.A lot more will come out and im afraid some police officers are going to be very sorry they started to try to remove senior politicians from their posts.I wonder if custodial sentences are on the cards ?


  9. 9
    Members of the Public says:

    We are visibly shocked!


  10. 10
    Operation Crossbow says:

    The Tories keep appointing these lefty loons to top jobs.


  11. 11
    Stepney says:

    Incidentally, is this the polar opposite of Edward Milliband?

    “Despite my excesses, my appetite and love for life, I am a free being, Sir, and will remain polite.”

    Just askin…


  12. 13
    Anonymous says:

    The video was silent. How could he hear it?

    This is the art of the police.


  13. 14
    Bluto says:

    Is this the one who prefers to fly rainbow flags from police stations rather than the Union flag? Is he Common Purpose?


  14. 15
    Big Bill Connolly says:

    Do you think I could leave you lying
    When I could lie my head off too
    If somebody squaks in the witness box
    I’ll cover up for you
    I’ll tell a pack of lies, pull the wool over their eyes
    The way the sergeant taught us to
    Before you count to three we’ll be off scott free
    We’re two little boys in blue

    So if you see them on the beat
    As they swagger down your street
    Here’s a piece of advice for you
    Don’t trust your luck turn around RUN LIKE THE CLAPPERS!
    From the two little boys in blue


  15. 17
    Steve Miliband says:

    quote 1 refers to the original ‘report’ by the coppers on the gate.

    Quote 2 is from the ‘member of the public’ who turned out to be a copper.

    My guess is Mitchell was rude to them and they were seeking revenge and had to ‘sex up’ their dossier with an ‘independent’ witness


  16. 18
    This is why I never give to beggars says:


    • 47
      London Watch says:

      Donating to ‘beggars’ from the continent in London you are funding organized crime.

      The door to door ‘art’ sellers and various other scams are similar.

      Another wonderful legacy from Labour.


    • 60
      The Beast of Wolfsburg says:

      One does it on Edgeware Rd
      Roma scum!
      I take great delight in telling them to go and make love to themselves

      Thanks for letting them in liblabcon


    • 165
      One eye on sexy Romanian beggars says:

      Tell you what though once she’s out of her begging garb she isn’t half worth one. Tasty! I like how she bends over with her crutches too. Yummy.


  17. 20
    Anonymous says:

    One can almost feel sorry for Hogan Hyphen. Shitscared of No. 10 and of his own plods whilst sandwiched between them.


    • 119
      Bollocks to Getting a Pseudonym says:

      Nobody forced him to take the job. As the police are just as corrupt as Wastemonster, Shitehall, the BBC, etc, I have no sympathy for them.


  18. 22

    Wrong thread!

    Constable Savage

    I was walking in an easterly direction when the government minister , dressed as an SS Panzer officer, shouted to me to get out of his way, which I did.

    He then called me over to him and said he had urgent business “in the house with privatising the NHS and ending free school meals. ” and should never be detained in futire. I said he would have to use a side gate.

    He then said You are an ugly little prole. You’re not fit to guard toffs like me. “You get down and lick my boots. Lick them! ”

    I refused and the gentleman punched me in the face and kicked me in the gonads. he then rode off on his bicycle laughing and saying he was above the law.

    This incident was witnessed by 500 passers by, 99 officers of ‘Hillsborough squad’ and a curious constituent who recorded an email of the incident that exactly confirms this account in every way including the punctuation.

    Constable Savage
    Metropolitan Police
    motto: To protect and serve {ourselves}


  19. 23
    Hillsborough says:

    Not a difficult crime to solve. Born in Sheffield worked in Liverpool, covering up came easy to him.


  20. 33
    Lee Jasper wants to meet Guido says:


    • 36
      I d on't nee d no doctor says:

      Jasper, the booze up is at a pub next to the Thames, drop in at any time.


    • 71
      The Beast of Wolfsburg says:

      Lee Jasper will probably turn up with a KFC empty bucket (They love fried Chicken)
      and start begging like a Roma Gypo


    • 94
      DonkeyDong says:

      Croydon North November 2012.

      A Liebour candidate: More votes than Lee Jasper
      A CONservative candidate: More votes than Lee Jasper
      UKIPper: More votes than Lee Jasper
      A Libby Demmy: More votes than Lee Jasper
      Lee Jasper: 707 votes. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!


      • 98
        Bill says:

        all the with it kids are now into nandos please keep up at the back.

        same chicken less greasy.

        usually promoted by urban artists (look it up on the web) in return for free chicken (ie nandos black cards). yes its true.

        Ps the guardian likes them because they appeal to “young, urban muticultural youth” quoted fromn observer review in 2010. despite being a range of chicken shops owed by venture capatalists


      • 150
        One of the 707 says:

        Help me. I fell and hit my head and feel confused.


  21. 34
    I d on't nee d no doctor says:

    Why has Hilary Benn such a big gob? BBC Parliament now.


  22. 35
    The Sleeper says:

    Whilst not wanting to defend him,didn’t he make those comments before C4 put out the CCTV tape??

    Do we know for sure that he saw those tapes before C4 went out?

    Perhaps his comments only related to the arrest of the copper that posed as a member of the public?

    Just sayin’.


    • 41
      Bang to Rights says:

      If he didn’t watch the tapes, then how could he have said what happened?


      • 46
        The Sleeper says:

        But that’s the point….as I understand it,he made the comments (as Guido quotes) before the tapes were broadcast….did he know about the tapes when he said that “he had seen nothing etc etc” ???

        I don’t know…just pointing out that the timeline may be the answer.


        • 169
          Cinna says:

          Obviously basic detectice work is lacking. When he leave the police there is a job on Newsnight waiting…they don’t check facts there either.


  23. 37
    Mr Blobby says:

    “Which members of the public were they then?”

    Very hard to tell Guido as the member of the public in the video seems to be wearing a large blob on his head.


  24. 39
    B H Howe says:

    See you tonight at The Westminster Arms,Guido.

    Try to behave yourself,as I wouldn’t want to be nicking you,would I now ?


  25. 40
    hank the cat says:

    Listening to bernard hyphon howe on the radio, clutching at straws comes to mind.


    • 56
      Jackass Straw says:

      What’s Will been up to this time ???


      • 99
        Bill says:

        the top of the met are a useless bunch of timeservers drenched in management speak. no wonder they find it hard to detect criminals.


        • 105
          noddy says:

          diversity….drone……inclusiveness……drone…..ethnically aware……drone…….retirement…..drone…..nice fat pension…….drone.


    • 186
      Internalcombustionpenguin says:

      He has heard the police radio messages immediately following the mitchell insults. All admissible and that is why the commissioner is so confident. If it was a conspiracy it was one hatched in seconds.


  26. 43
    Navel Gazing says:

    Meanwhile over at the BBC News the only news in town is the BBC news.


  27. 45
    Guardian reading lefty says:

    The met are oppessors of the prols in London.
    As a member of the leftist inllegensia in London I am very upset about this.
    Come the revolution they will pay for this.


    • 102
      Bill says:

      a month ago in my street plod decides to raid the local drug dealer.

      after nocking on the door for 2 mins with no reply finally decides to kick door in. It takes 10 plod and a police helicopter hovering overhead for an hour to arrest 2 individuals.

      Said dealer after being at plod station for 10 hours is walking along street the next day.

      This is after the individual have spent the last month reving up and down street on motorcycles for a month. Clearly which you cannot afford being a 17 year old on pocket money.

      go figure


      • 145
        Armchair expert watch says:

        Of course Bill you have a vast experience of planning and executing drug raids from the comfort of your armchair. It may therefore not occur to you to realise that when that door goes in you have no idea whether you will be facing a solitary unarmed individual or as sometimes happens a team of violent and often armed individuals. Thats why they usually send more than a few cops along on these things. Of course since you have no fucking idea what you are talking about you would probably sent two unarmed cops along and keep your fingers crossed. Tosser.


        • 146
          Armchair expert watch says:

          One more thing, have you any fucking idea how long it takes to search a house properly for drugs or that procedures dictate that where posdible the suspect should be present throughout the search in case anything is found. No don’t think you do or else you wouldn’t be making stupid fuckwitted comments about the amount of cops involved or the time taken to make an arrest. Fucking idiot .


          • Peter Carter-Fuck says:

            Good luck with the war on drugs copper. 40 years of abject failure, but at least it keeps the filth in a job.


          • Anonymous says:

            And even with all this foresight, planning and experience they can fail to find a dead body in a wardrobe.


          • Bernard Bendover Wow. says:

            The poor plod should have used their dead body search dog before, but there were a lot of press around and that was awkward as there are restrictions on the reporting of the use of cadaver dogs in the UK now. “Specialist” is the term used, and reports have to be submitted which mean no comparison can be drawn with a case in Portugal. Hence cleaning up of reports on the demise of Kate Prout, no mention of the Lisa Irwin case dogs and no footage or reference to the use of cadaver dogs in the April Jones case.


  28. 50
    Met Watch says:

    If Howe goes, who is tipped to take over ?


  29. 51
    Anonymous says:

    Never trust a policeman.


  30. 53
    HMMM says:

    No problem, we will just have to re-write the script, err, I mean officers statements.


  31. 54
    Terrible But True says:

    He needs ‘side-stepping’ on full pay for a while then shuffling off on at least double what he’s entitled to.

    It’s the BBC thing to do.


  32. 62
    Ed Miliband (Prime Minister designate) says:

    Why doesn’t Dave “Bottler” Cameron call a General Election now ?

    Life must be tough for him in the bunker,Opinion Polls are great aren’t they?

    More families are relying on foodbanks. But this Govt’s priority is to give an average £107,000 tax cut for people earning over £1m.


    • 68
      The Sleeper says:

      ..and the Man in the Moon is a fuckin’ Tory too!!!



    • 70
      HMMM says:

      Nice windfall for all those Labour MPs then.


    • 81
      Shaz and Daz says:

      When it came to choosing between heating or eating,I went for the 42″ Plasma.


    • 97
      DonkeyDong says:

      Hey Champagne Socialist, how will you be spending your £107,000?

      All socialists should be taken outside and shot in front of their families.


      • 122
        Bollocks to Getting a Pseudonym says:

        And then their families should be shot. Don’t want the bigoted scum breeding.


    • 121
      Trying reading the effing legislation you passed says:

      You should try reading the Fixed Term Parliament Act 2010 sometime Ed and then you’d know that the Prime Minister no longer has the right to call a General Election so you’re stuck on the Opposition Benches until 7 May 2015…never mind more time to try and out bullshit “Dave”by telling the electorate that things would be better under Labour when they’d be a bloody sight worse……


    • 194
      Anonymous says:

      Why are they relying on food banks when they are getting benefits ? if they are a “family” they get enough money for the kids. Stop being so melodramatic, if i drank my benefits then had food given to me for free i would do it as well !


  33. 72
    Check Facts First says:

    If it turns out that his officers lied and fabricated evidence Hogan Howes position as Commissioner is untenable. Next please.


    • 142
      Curly says:



      • 210
        Bernard Bendover Wow. says:

        Well the man releasing balloons in support of a missing child, where the parents were Arguidos (the Portuguese legal definition, not the cosy Lord Lev accepted mistranslation) who later over sees a review seems to have form! No wonder the Portuguese are laughing their socks off at our Plod, journalists and legal system.


  34. 73
    Urqhart says:

    Mitchelll framed?
    You might think that.
    I couldn’t possibly comment.


  35. 74
    Westminster intern says:

    If I were in Downing Street I’d be worried the police supposedly protecting me are morons. – The police log shows ignorance beyond belief – how could the writer have ever not realised that there was CCTV casting the version into doubt?


    • 104
      Bill says:

      bless the plod they really do recruit some thick people these days


    • 109
      Nogbad the Bad says:

      I concur. As examples of fabricated evidence, these are completely shite. The Police are supposed to be highly trained evidence gatherers. It’s a fairly important part of their job. If they are bent enough to make things up, then you would expect them to make a better job of it. It beggars belief.


  36. 75
    Stamper says:

    Snivelling little wretch.
    The copper, not Mitchell.


  37. 76
    Henry Brubaker says:

    Am I allowed to ask a few things here? Thanks

    (a) Just who was it that produced this video? 3 months after the fact Mitchell ‘suddenly’ finds evidence apparently exonerating him. Where, down the back of the couch?

    (b) This video has been edited. Perhaps Bernie Two dads has seen the unadultered version, not the version provided by Mitchell.

    (c) Wh edited the video, and why?

    Im just curious is all, this shennanigans gets wiereder by the day.

    If this could cost both Mitchell and Benire their jobs then so much the better…..


    • 93
      The Sleeper says:

      Regarding the video….I couldn’t see any evidence of the timelapse clock making big instantaneous leaps,which would show up in editing…but I could be wrong.
      What is odd is that the tape from the Foreign Office has the “minutes count” of the clock masked by a great big blob….why???? Did it not tie in with the Downing St camera times?


  38. 77
    Mattie says:



  39. 78
    Corder says:

    We’ll do what must be done.


  40. 79
    Riggsy Brown says:

    Back in the day, when I was a young journo, I covered Courts – Magistrates, Crown, Assizes – regularly. Got to know the cops pretty well and attended various police Christmas parties, sports night etc. Suffice it to say that I am not in slightest surprised by recent events. `Stitching up’ is such common practice – from Wally Virgo to Ali Dezaie – that it is probably taught at Hendon.


    • 148
      Sanctimonious prick watch says:

      Well good job you became a Journo as journos never lie or make things up themselves do they . Oh fuck no !


      • 158
        Riggsy Brown says:

        Not in my day, we didn’t. But it was different world then, long before mobile phones, iPads and the interweb. Compulsory short-hand and typing speeds, copy phoned in from a telephone box near the Court to a copy taker, sub-editing on the stone etc etc. It was an honourable profession in those days. Then Murdoch arrived………….


  41. 80
    Gene Hunt says:

    In my day we used to lie in order to bang up known criminals. Not to bring down cabinet ministers.


  42. 83
    Tiny Tom says:

    If you want to know the time ask a pl……….buy yourself a watch


  43. 88
    Anonymous says:

    We were originally told there were two confrontations that day between Mitchell and the police. Where is the video of that second confrontation? Why does it appear to be night in these images? Where has this videotape been for the last three months?

    Something stinks here.


    • 106
      Bill says:

      anon maybe the plod lied !! shock horror.

      dont worry of thier is another video which exonerates plod it will turn up, along with the tapes at stockwell train station which disappeared and other plod tapes incrminating the plod in various incident have gone missing


    • 114
      Gordons curse says:

      The video tape is a side issue.The email from the serving police officer who wasnt there is where the investigation will be digging.Did he receive any prompting from others who had a vested interest.The sh– will be hitting someone soon.


      • 131
        Bluto says:

        Hopefully he will be found to be a member of the Labour party and one of the police who Tom Watson has been “regularly talking to”.


        • 152
          Lee Jasper's butt plug says:

          Oh how sweet it would be if Fatson was one of those funds to be helping others to commit treason.


      • 144
        A famous children's rhyme says:

        As I was going up the stair
        I met a man who wasn’t there.
        He wasn’t there again to day.
        Oh how I wish he’d go away.


      • 196
        Anonymous says:

        It appears that the 3 P/Cs must have colluded as the e mailer wasnt one of the ones actually involved, and wasnt outside looking in either. Not the sharpest knives in the drawer are they.


    • 199
      Henry Ford says:

      Anon.The email from a serving police officer is the problem for plod.His computer has been seized and will leave a trail to ???????????


  44. 108
    the poor bloody taxpayer says:

    literacy problems?


  45. 110
    Bill says:

    At this rate being manager of chelsea will have a longer shelf life than commisoner of the met police.

    Time for a military general to be given the job as it used to be rather than a time server at the police.


    • 117
      Mike jackson says:

      Fuck that for a game of soldiers!


    • 175
      Fred says:

      Prior to 1945 most Chief Constables were ex-military: I think they needed to have reached the rank of least a full colonel. The Police complained that they could not attain the rank of Chief Constable so Labour changed the policy . Until the mid 60s, certainly in the Met and City of London many ex- Guards and RN joined up : they may have been able to enter as sergeants. Consequently, until the mid 70s there were plenty of Police officers who had experienced violent situations and had a broader experience of life. There were plenty of MPs and councilors who could draw on their military experience and ask questions of Police conduct.

      Would it be worthwhile of returning to the past where the Chief Constable acted as Chairman of the Board and was a retired military officer ( colonel and above )and the Asst Chief constable acted as the MD and ran the police force?

      Much of the success of Policing is about how they are perceived by the the public, both law abiding and criminal. A good Chairman knows how the shareholders and The City perceive the company advise the MD.

      Part of the problem for the Police is that there is a lack of people who have experience of violent and dangerous situations and managing large numbers of people who can discuss with senior officers the problems theyface and how they may resolve them.
      At Hilsborough, the Senior Police Officer was having to manage a fast moving situation which extended from the nearest motorway to the edge of the pitch. The shooting of Charles de Menez was another example of fast moving event over a wide area.
      If we accept that Police are face by difficult situations we are far more likely to arrive at solutions : pretending Policing is easy is asking for disasters.


  46. 115
    Puppett master says:

    Would that be PC HH or CP HH?


  47. 123
    King Tvrd of Shit Mountain says:

    There was one guy walking up and down and peering through the gate. Then he walked away. The police are hoisted by their own petard.


  48. 124
    Gay Gordon says:

    I was outside Downing Street and I heard it all. I said to nurse ” That man’s saying rude things!”


  49. 125
    Dickson of Green Dick says:

    Coppers never lie. Fact.


  50. 126
    Abdel from Tooting says:

    Last Tuesday night I had two young women in my takeaway shop with funny hair and rings in their noses . They were wearing G strings so that you could see their tattoos.

    Anyway they ordered four deep fried sausages and chips each and then started arguing . I asked them to leave the shop which they did but they then started kicking one another in the street .

    I telephoned the Police and they did come after five minutes after I explained one of the women had taken her top off .

    Anyway I explained to them what had happened and they went outside to look and came back and said there was no one there .

    But i know there was someone there see because I had seen them .

    So just because something is not on the camera does not mean it did not happen .


  51. 129
    Captn P says:

    Funny how there is no comment on Twatson’s blog.

    Who wants to bet that his name will appear at some point in the investigation?

    I’ll have £1,000 on that one.


  52. 136
    Bill says:

    “there were sleveral members of the public present” “the members of the public looked visably shocked”

    I know how he feels, to see a member of the met police in public these days, it rare unless they are in a car, tbhye must have been shocked to see the plod doing some work !!!


  53. 147
    Bigotry clouds the senses says:

    Guido, WTF are you and the rest of the mongs on here talking about? The CCTV clearly shows several people in the vicinity of the gates. Fuck me talk about groupthink !


  54. 155
    BBC Boris Watch says:

    Wonder what Boris will say ?

    Didn’t he give Bernard Two-Dads a 5 year contract ?


  55. 163
    Who says:

    “Thirty officers on ‘pleb’ inquiry”

    That should keep the police overtime meter ticking along nicely.



  56. 164
    Who says:

    Why does the UK accept that it’s the optimum structure to have multiple police forces.

    One would be enough; a Chief Constable and a few Deputies.

    More efficient; less cost.

    I wonder what the Federation thinks? *innocent face*


  57. 173
    Lexic Dys says:

    That email is hilarious!

    “passed elections”

    “display by your fellow MP”

    “site seeing”

    “absolutely digesting behaviour”



  58. 174
    Monica says:

    What Florence replied I am amazed that some people able to make $5375 in 1 month on the internet.Did you look at this web page


  59. 182
    Foxgoose says:

    Evenin’ all

    Well’ it’s been a funny old time in the old manor this week.

    So many queer goings on, tall tales and odd characters around – it’s been hard to know what to make of it all.

    But a good, old fashioned beat copper has a nose for this sort of stuff – and if he follows his instincts he won’t go far wrong.

    He just has to remember that Tory toffs are the class enemy and good for a fit-up when the opportunity arises – and never forget that the other lot are daft enough shell out the dosh for quadruple overtime and sickies all round whenever the Federation cracks the whip.

    It usually turns out all right in the end.

    Mind ‘ow you go now


  60. 198
    ReefKnot says:

    Don’t worry – you can always trust the good old British bobby.


  61. 201
    Pointy Head, pointy Head, Plod has got a pointy head. says:

    I see that thirty officers have been assigned to investigate ‘plebgate’. Presumably that’s one to ask the questions, one to write down the answers and the other twenty eight are there to learn from the two intellectuals.


  62. 206
    The savant10.4 highway patrol says:

    Is this Hage howe character or whatever he calls himself a cover

    For the hagen daz ice cream empire ??

    If so he s giving them millions of free publicity ……


  63. 207
    Jack The Ripper says:

    I have a strong feeling that a Sun journalist will be arrested soon. Can that be true? So many of them are already in the clink.


  64. 209
    Bernard Bendover Wow. says:

    So when Ron Davies resigned over a “moment of madness” back in 1998, how come someone at the Yard rang No 10 to say the shit was going to hit the fan, half an hour BEFORE Ron walked into a Police Station to say something had happened….


  65. 219
    MB. says:

    Hogan Howe has been knighted.


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