December 19th, 2012

Anti-Airbrushing MP Jo Swinson Finally Gets To Be Cover Girl


  1. 1
    A W_G says:

    Totty watch . . Jo Swinson . . . really?


  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    With a face like that i would have thought she would welcome as much airbrushing as possible…


  3. 3
    He who no longer posts says:

    Keep the tits in, Please!


  4. 4
    its bleak in sunderland says:

    A face only a mother could love!


  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    Great rack, shame about the boat race


  6. 6
    Watch out, B1lly's about says:

    B1lly/Kebab Time will turn up the Guido’s drinks tonight with a dildo in one hand, a buttplug in the other and a big grin on his face.


  7. 8
    Knocker watch says:

    I always groan when MPs go on the telly saying what their constituents think when they knock on doors, as the only time they knock on doors is election time this means they are lying bastards.

    But back on subject. What a fine pair of knockers the lady has! She can assault me any day.


  8. 10
    retardEd Miliband says:

    The Morning Thtar – I never mith it.


  9. 11
    hank the cat says:

    got to be better than harman or mrs jack dromey


  10. 13
    Gerry Adams says:

    Why is Martin McGuinness in the ‘Looking for a new job?’ advert under Hot Buttons?


  11. 14
  12. 15
  13. 16
    Brillo & Jimmy says:


    • 25
      Savile Watch says:

      At last this has been published, popcorn time…


    • 35
      Havana says:

      Amazing how times have changed. It seems really strange watching someone lighting up and having a smoke on the telly now.


      • 150
        Big Momma says:

        Obviously he didn’t like Hamlets.
        Interesting to watch and listen to the handwringing Beeboids try to explain their total managerial failure while leaving the head news honch Helen Boaden still in place.


    • 88
      He who no longer posts says:

      Got to 18 minutes and had to give up. Far too creepy. I feel dirty and need to wash now.


      • 122
        confused.... says:

        with what we know now yes its creepy but when viewed in the round shows a strange man who did not see his own behaviour as anything but ok and had disciplined his public image and manner to thoroughly conceal his real actions.

        the thin line of underage girls in those days was evident even in this interview…when they were mentioned the audience
        giggled …indulging the innuendo…what is that ?


        • 136
          He who no longer posts says:

          I saw this man’s entire public career and I did not like him from day one. What we know now is what I knew then. I have mentioned before the articles in Sounds and Melody Maker which talked openly about it in the relatively early days. It is very difficult to talk rationally about it now as we are so much more judgmental in our approach. I will return to that in a moment.

          Musically I regarded him as championing sheer dross. Compared with John Peel, he was nowhere. I did listen to the end after my tea and I have to say that he gave away nothing except on how to prevaricate. That is the only way in which I could see that he had any intelligence of a knowledge, process or emotional level. His musical protégées contributed just as little in my opinion.

          Now onto the last area of difficulty. I have seen on these pages people criticise John Peel in the same way as he was alleged to have had a relationship with a girl who was 15 at the start of it. Legally, you cannot draw a bead between that and what Savile did. That is how the law stands and that is how it will appear in a court or in the press.

          But I see a whole chasm of difference between a mentally consensual relationship between the ones involved (even if debarred by law) and the sheer manipulation of underaged girls (and boys wasn’t it?) where, in order to appear on the show they had to play ball. That coercion to my mind is the real evil of this and has instructed many of my recent comments.

          I also understand that with the brainwashing that has gone on since those days, there will be plenty who do not see it that way. To them I would say, go to the States where the age of consent is 18. Is that really realistic? The more especially when the media sexualises everything for all children of any age to see. (Not to mention showing violence which is apparently OK for any age to witness.)

          Then go to Spain or any country where the legal age is lower. Do you see evidence of exploitation there? In the area of law, no subtlety of thought is allowed. I am not advocating breaking the law but such law does not reflect life in my very humble opinion. I await the flames for daring to express my thoughts.


      • 131
        Nonce Watch says:

        They who only get half way through miss the following classics:

        ‘Nobody wants to die young.’ : Veiled threat ? In context of the interview it was completely out of context.

        ‘I can resist everything but temptation.’ : No truer words said.

        The classic for the court of public opinion, at 6’50” :

        ‘Women know too much. I’m all for girls who don’t know too much.’

        Steve Perry though: Why did his death upset Savile so ? Curious.

        The Theroux doc where he and Savile are running round the country with a giant teddy bear is required viewing. This is humourous in a profoundly dark way.


  14. 17
    Roscoe Rules says:

    And if you’re not sure what a kick in the teeth looks like, here’s Jo Swinson


  15. 18
    Centre Parting says:

    Ees hampster Mr. Faulty….


  16. 19
    Ed Miliband says:

    It beggars belief that the Government has not called for an enquiry.


  17. 21
    David Cameron says:

    Quote of the decade !!!

    “Dildos are illegal in Texas but guns aren’t.

    Probably explains the low number of dildo-related murders in the area.”

    David Cameron PMQ’s 19/12/12


  18. 23
    Ex Voter says:

    Fuck me, she’s a munter


  19. 26
    Sweeney, The says:

    She could eat an apple thru a tennis racquet


  20. 27
    Sir William W says:

    Her jacket’s a size too small.


  21. 30
    Dan Saffend says:

    Eeew! A face like a sackful of sour ars*holes.


  22. 31
    Pitchfork. says:

    Morning Star =


  23. 36
    Nonce Sense says:

    The former BBC Radio One producer, Ted Beston, has been arrested as part of the investigation into allegations of sexual abuse against Jimmy Savile and others in the entertainment industry.

    Mr Beston, 76, from Bromley in south east London, was detained at 06.30 GMT by detectives from Operation Yewtree.

    He is being questioned on suspicion of sexual offences at a police station.

    Mr Beston worked with the late presenter on his Radio One shows, including Savile’s Travels.

    In that show Savile travelled across the UK talking to members of the public.

    Savile affectionately referred to Mr Beston on air as “Uncle Ted”.


  24. 40
    dutchy says:

    Steadty on chaps you are talking about my MP. She is jolly nice and friendly so all you ‘London oiks’ stop getting on to her and ‘giving her a rough ride’ !!!


    • 65
      gramma says:

      Anonymity of commentors can result in cruel comments here.
      Personally I regard her as a sweet little girl/ young lady. Perhaps a fraction overweight but then who is perfect these days. It’s just puppy fat.
      Am positive the negative remarks made by others point to them probably hiding wet dreams about the Eagle brothers.


    • 83
      Common Sense says:

      She is a rough ride.


  25. 43
    Lord Pezza of Lard says:

    Up the workers – all unite.


  26. 47
    Dennis "Apple Mac" Shane says:

    Morning Star? Yes.

    Morning glory? No.


  27. 48
  28. 50
    Nonce Sense says:

    The lead singer of Welsh rock band Lostprophets has been charged with conspiracy to r*pe a child under 13.

    Ian Watkins, 35, of Pontypridd, appeared before Cardiff magistrates facing a total of six charges relating to sexual offences against children.

    He faces a charge of conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child under 13 and four offences relating to possession and distribution of indecent images of children.

    He was remanded in custody.


  29. 54
    You don't sweat much for a fat lass says:

    She appears to have dodged a salad or two.


  30. 59
    dtn says:



  31. 60
    Totty Lover says:


    I am “visibly shocked”

    Visually, I mean…


  32. 62
    Uncle Karl says:

    Communism faces the knockers (with apologies to old Private Eye headline gag)…


  33. 64
    He who no longer posts says:

    The BBC is an organisational silo of organisational silos.


  34. 73
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Totty watch? I think not. Plenty of other female MPs (mostly Tory) that do qualify, although Lefty Stella Creasy would get my order order vote.


  35. 78
    Stalin says:

    Ed Miliband is a natural choice for the leader of the Duma, under the EUSSR politiburo chief Barroso.

    Comrade Obama is ready to help Comrade Miliband in 2013.


    • 84
      Historian of our times says:

      I think his grandfather was probably already in the Duma which gave power to the Bolshevics…


  36. 81
    The Final Curtain says:


    Just an idea

    There are so many scandals running at the same time now

    I cannot keep up with them

    Can you please insert a list on the right of this page with a list of them and all the inquiries etc that are ongoing…?

    We could then zapp easily from one to the other…



  37. 92
    Super Nonce Watch says:

    Check out what is coming up on Exaro News:

    Details + Link to Exaro:

    Looks big and ominous, perhaps without injunctions in place at present.

    This is all apparently connected to Operation Fairbanks, and in particular events connected with Elm Guest House in the 1980s.


  38. 95
    Marine Le Pen says:

    I bet it took her a good 67 minutes to squeeze into that dress .


  39. 99
    Del Boy says:

    Paying a foreigner £890k to write one letter a month with some lame excuse about economic targets being missed.

    I am sorry but some people are now taking the piss.


  40. 100
    Reimer says:

    Decent body but the head of a hound.


  41. 103
    Reimer says:

    This lassy is possibly the blandest, insubstantial sub-orator I have seen in the ranks of sh1t sitting around the ‘Question Time’ panel – some achievement. Having her as your MP must feel deeply degrading, like working for a school debating society wannabe.


  42. 106
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Not easy to find a BBC report into its own failings tucked away from prying eyes.

    Filed under McQuarrie Report – not obvious what it was about but a big expensive screw up by Al Beeb and the BoIJ or Toytown Investigation Unit.


  43. 108
    Guardian reading lefty says:

    The morning star?
    I’d rather be seen reading the daily mail than that prol commie rag.


  44. 114
    UKIP - the way forward says:

    A pound to buy the Morning Star – the workers MUST be rich!


  45. 124
    Whip 'em up says:

    I’m coming to Guido’s bash tonight and I’m bringing my bike so can someone open the gate for me and make sure hes not a policeman doubling up as a witness with nephew doorman


  46. 126
    Whip 'em up says:

    hoo hoo how is going to have fun sorting the e mail saga out …a la michael crick’s report last night


  47. 127
    2nitz the nite says:

    hope someone will post from the pub tonight to keep us informed if guido buys the drinks and for whom !


  48. 128
    A casual observer. says:

    Kier starmer rules Muzzies can be insulted on Twitter/Facebook. Won’t be going first though.


    • 146
      Fahrenheit says:

      You are allowed to ridicule Islam (or any other religion) already under section 29J of the 06 Racial and Religious Hatred Act. There is a free speech clause which says:

      “Nothing in this Part shall be read or given effect in a way which prohibits or restricts discussion, criticism or expressions of antipathy, dislike, ridicule, insult or abuse of particular religions or the beliefs or practices of their adherents, or of any other belief system or the beliefs or practices of its adherents, or proselytising or urging adherents of a different religion or belief system to cease practising their religion or belief system.”


  49. 135
    Covwire says:

    Love to have her up the Kremlin!!!


  50. 142
    Monica says:

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  51. 155
    A pint of fine ale, barman, I'm on the lash tonight says:

    Morning Star is my kind of paper…

    Is it yours? Yes/da/Да?


  52. 157
    Golly says:

    What fucking Workers ?


  53. 163
    Alex says:

    Totty watch? Seriously Guido? I wouldn’t touch her with Nick Clegg’s!


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