December 18th, 2012

WATCH: ‘Dr’ Eoin Clarke Lies Slammed in Commons

Rob Wilson is twisting the knife over his opposite number’s refusal to apologise for repeating Eoin Clarke’s lies in PMQs. Jeremy Hunt’s PPS has raised a point of order demanding that Debbie Abrahams correct the record over her claim that Virgin Care is a donor to the Tories. Despite being warned in advance Abrahams failed to turn up in the Commons this afternoon, and has yet to respond to Wilson’s letter. She can run but she can’t hide…


  1. 1
    Rob Wilson MP says:

    First in the public domain !


  2. 2
    Ja de Je an says:

    Lord Ashcroft: voters defecting to Ukip because they are fed up with political correctness

    Voters are defecting from the Conservatives to Ukip because they are fed up with political correctness, not because of Europe, Lord Ashcroft said today.


  3. 3
    I don't want to share the same air with the Labour voting meddling,dogshite in Edinburgh says:

    Abrahams is an ignorant moo.


  4. 4
    Women know your limits says:

    Failed to turn up or answer the letter ? Maybe the job is just to big for her.


  5. 5
  6. 6
    Mad Maggie Moran says:

    Leave Eoin alone, he`s my doctor and he`s brilliant.


  7. 9
    Edinburgh junkie says:

    Labour = thick as pig shit.


  8. 10
    Rob Wilson MP says:

    Dear Master Wilson,

    Dad wants you to brush your teeth before bedtime.

    I am placing this in the public domain.

    Yours sincerely,



    • 17
      Master Wilson says:

      Dear Sir,

      I request an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding teeth, brushing and indeed hairbrushing. Any action by yourself to further libel my stance on this matter will be dealt with in the courts.

      I am placing this in the public domain.

      Yours sincerely,

      your son


      • 28
        Rob Wilson MP says:

        Dear Master Wilson,

        Whilst you continue to live in my property, you will be subject to the rules and regulations as laid down by myself and your mother, Mrs Wilson. These rules and regulations are non-negotiable and they include, but are not limited to, personal hygiene and dietary habits, and access to video games and the television.

        Please note that if you continue with your current behaviour, there will be a greatly reduced likelihood of you receiving a toy on Christmas Day, notably the toy of the transforming robot type that you have previously mentioned.

        I am placing this in the public domain.




        • 40
          The Neighbours says:

          Keep it bloody down will you.


        • 55
          Master Wilson says:

          Dear Sir,

          it is policy not to give into blackmail from any source and this feeble attempt shall be met with the contempt of all free peoples.
          Please note that Grandma Wilson has already placed her decision to purchase said item in the public domain as well as her intention to resist any pressure you may bring to bear. It was not wise to instigate legal proceedings against her after the derogatory comments she made about your quiche.

          This has been placed in the public domain as well as posted on the christmas tree

          your servant

          son and heir


  9. 12
    The Libor party says:

    We are strangers to the truth.


  10. 14
    rabid hamster says:

    labour + ‘facts’ = danger


  11. 15
    Sir William W says:

    Don’t these people speak badly? He had a good point to make but he stumbled and waffled in making it. Young children in our annual church nativity play spoke more clearly than that.


    • 19
      Peasant out in your fields says:

      Sir William, not many people have your breeding, and are able to speak as well as yourself.


    • 29
      He who no longer posts says:

      One area where the Americans do things so much better than we do. They generally learn from an early age how to get a point across clearly in front of a crowd of people – in my experience of them.


      • 35
        Big Mac and Coke says:


        • 48
          He who no longer posts says:

          Re-read Sir William’s point and then mine?

          All these people articulate very clearly, without fouling up their words. That they are stupid is totally another matter but, if you think that English/British people would be any better, take a camcorder out on the streets and be prepared for a rude shock.


    • 41
      Westminster nativity says:

      -Herod – “census for taxation..I like it” ” Gordon Brown
      - Donkey – George Osborne
      - Angel – Andy Burnham
      - Joseph – No lasting role in this play – Nick Clegg
      - Virgin Mary – “I need to lie down for a bit” – Sally Bercow
      - Inn keeper – “there’s no room” – Liam Byrne
      - Baby Jesus – – William Hague
      - 3 shepherds – Keep the sheep in line – Tom Watson. Andrew Mitchell, George Young
      - 3 wise men – Positions currently unfilled
      - Sheep – remaining 600+ MPs


  12. 16
    I d on't nee d no doctor says:

    So a policeman has been arrested in connection with the Mitchell pleb case. It seems that this policeman has had some dealings with an MP over the issue. Now which MP could that have been, as they must be a big shite. Let’s see, Chris Bryant, Tom Watson,……. I wonder?


  13. 18
    I d on't nee d no doctor says:

    Does the Human Rights Act protect us against the labour party?


  14. 20
    Peasant out in your fields says:

    Will Dorries defect to UKIP, or does her MPs salary come first?


  15. 23
    Politics Watch says:

    This is a very serious issue.

    That the Labour rabble think they can get away without formally setting the record straight in the house on this matter is somewhat beyond belief.

    It is Abrahams responsibility to formally set the record straight.

    If the record is not set straight Abrahams will have to resign: The house was clearly mislead on this issue and it is she who mislead.


  16. 24
    He who no longer posts says:

    Did anyone else notice that, despite the Mr Wilson’s opening words, quite properly stating that he had given Mrs Abrahams notice of this point of order, the Speaker replies in the first part of his answer that he hopes such notice has already been given.

    Wasn’t the dishonourable and preening idiot listening?


    • 30
      50 grand is a lot of dosh says:

      He’s under a lot of pressure worrying about what his wife will do next.


      • 43
        He who no longer posts says:

        Well perhaps he should cease being Mr bloody Speaker and step down, citing the inevitable family reasons.

        That is what they normally do, isn’t it?


    • 31
      rabid hamster says:

      with sally in the house he probably ignores all inane wittering, posturing, brain dead stupidity and preening otherwise he’s go MAAAAAAAAAAAD!


    • 32
      sil says:

      Don’t be daft ! *innocent face*


    • 46
      Mr Speaker says:

      I’m great, I’m fantastic, I’m marvellous. Anyway that is enough about me let’s talk about you.

      What do you think of me?


      • 59
        OK, I'll begin says:

        A, you’re abominable,
        B, you’re bellicose
        C, you’re crap as a squeaker
        D, you’re despicable
        E, you’re egocentric
        F, you’re forgettable

        etc etc


    • 52
      John Pompous Arse Bercow says:

      No I’m wondering where the 50,000 + legal fees is going to come from.


  17. 39
    Two Jags says:

    John Prescott has been caught by his wife looking at porn:


  18. 42
    Life is tough in Primrose Hill says:


    • 49
      Sick of scroungers says:

      It’s the real world Polly, still you still believe in magic money trees.


    • 60
      Blow out says:

      Tuffshit. Get a job, there’s plenty advertised in the papers every day of the week.


      • 64
        its bleak in sunderland says:

        Maybe she can sell her property in Tuscany and onate the proceeds to Cisis at Xmas of the Sally Army but i have a feeling she wont.


    • 65
      Labour hypocrite says:

      Don’t try and PRETEND it would have been any different under Labour. Alistair Darling thinks it would still have been grim even IF Labour had won the last election. You see my dear Polly (as Liam Byrne said) there’s no money left !


  19. 43
    My hubby used to play conkers for Lancs, doncha know says:

    Can I ask a stupid question? Yes? What the fuck has it to do with Rob Wilson? Is he the Keith Vaseline of the tory party?

    And that blogger withdrew it, due to he has a life, and couldn’t be arsed about toy institutional bullying, as per AM and that copper, with AM’s mates in the met.

    With them lot, you could be pissing into the wind until eternity, especially now, whilst they are turning this country quickly into a true fascist state, before our eyes.


  20. 53
    Tom Watson's Brighton fun says:

    The Labour party seems to be resorting more and more to the old chestnut – tell a lie and have it half way across the world before people realise it’s bullshit. They saw enraging the proles worked well at bringing their competitors down when the Guardian did it with the Millie Dowler voicemail.


    • 54
      My hubby used to play conkers for Lancs, doncha know says:

      Yes Tom – Leveson said well short that “frankly, Dave Cee should be strung up”, since he is the main man of all this phone hacking. And don’t tell me he is nit – they were trying anything for torys to get back into some sort of power. And look at the way they are carrying on now – have not got half an ounce of a clue what the fuck they are doing.


  21. 63
    We'll See says:

    This MP is crap at speaking


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