December 17th, 2012

David Miliband and the Ugandan Tax Row

milibandDavid Miliband’s links to a controversial oil company that makes its billions in Uganda are back in the news today. The £500,000-a-year globe-trotter has faced scrutiny for his role in securing sponsorship for Sunderland FC from Tullow Oil, an oil giant that has in the past been accused of driving villagers from their homes and bribing officials. Today the Ugandan government is alleging that they have taken huge sums of money out of the poverty-stricken country by allegedly not paying an 18% tax imposed on its mining machinery. Tullow is requesting that the dispute be referred for arbitration.

Maybe a certain former Foreign Secretary can use his diplomacy expertise to help them reach a resolution…


  1. 1
    Ivor Biggan says:


  2. 2
    Crabwaladr Moonpatch says:

    Don’t need to shout, you wanker.

  3. 3
    Joanne says:

    Let’s talk about Gideon’s paddock, paid for by tax payers money

  4. 4
    V1le Labour ruined my Country says:

    What a surprise, more multimillionaire Labour MP’s in the news.

  5. 5
    Braindead in South Shields says:

    We will continue to live in our impoverished hovels and vote for him because he says he is on our side.

  6. 6
    El Sid says:

    Mmm – no mention of the fact that Tullow have not produced a single barrel of oil from Uganda, instead they’ve been pouring £100m’s of investment into the country and generating significant employment. The machinery tax was invented out of nowhere because someone felt they were lacking a few brown envelopes, and not surprisingly Tullow objected. They can’t win.

  7. 7
    sir boffton toffton mp - what? says:

    don’t we pay the ugandan government’s running costs?

    under some perverted definition of overseas AIDS?

    some of these chappies don’t know when they’re lucky – what?

    au contraire old boy I do – I’ve got shares in tullow – just look at that price graph (THE 10 YEAR ONE):

    if that’s socialism – mines a large one

  8. 8
    Scamp The Excitable Dog says:

    Coming to a cinema near to you soon…
    “Blair 2 – The Pocket Lining Continues”

  9. 9
    J Kony says:

    Send him over to us. We’ll show you how we deal with this sort of thing down here.

  10. 10
    Corrupt African Politician says:

    What’s wrong with brown envelopes?. It’s just part of our native culture.

  11. 11
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Shurely Miliband’s Ugandan (tax) Affairs are his own business…

  12. 12
    Hodge Bodge says:

    Such a tiny, tiny, tiny amount of tax.

  13. 13
    Brown out and pay me damages says:

    Corrupt and sponging c_nt.

  14. 14
    Another Corrupt African Politician says:

    Certainly better than those glittery beads, I’ve got a whole trunk full.

  15. 15
    Mike says:

    Yeah, but is that “Labour” “Labor” [as I’m sure it will become if his brother gets his way] or “New Labour” [or has Bliar written that off]?

  16. 16
    keredybretsa says:

    Well we can sort this problem out nicely. Thanks for the little beige envelope helps to speed things up.

  17. 17
    Col. Nut says:

    Shown with “Blair Witch Too.”

  18. 18
    Mike Hunt says:

    Ugandan Discussions?

  19. 19
    King Tvrd of Shit Mountain says:

    Oppurtunist first. Politician second. Well dodgy.

  20. 20
    Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni says:

    Don’t Kill Gay People, But Don’t Promote Homosexuality As A Good Thing Either

  21. 21
    Anagram says:

    Margaret Hodge = Dogma Gatherer
    Also Twat face.

  22. 22
    Hang The Bastards says:

    The dumb twats of South Tyneside will continue to vote for their absent politician who is more interested in lining his own pckets than serving their interests (which by the way won’t make him rich)

    They are truly fucking stupid up North

  23. 23
    World Watcher says:

    At least Uganda has got it’s priorities straight. Now we just need to rendition the Labour party their for re-eduction.

  24. 24

    The Uganda government are alleging..

    Hardly a reliable source.

  25. 25
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Dave’s dissing my tax policies again; he’s turning into one of the bourgeoisie and is suffering from false consciousness by leaving out the dialectic from his materialism.

  26. 26

    Pity poor ‘sliding doors’ David Miliband.

    If, on the morning of the Labour conference, he’d opted to pack an apple into his lunch box instead of a banana, he’d be leader of the labour party now.

  27. 27
    OnBenefits says:

    So the previous topic has garnered 236 replies.

    Not much work getting done today, is there?

  28. 28
    Sally BareCow says:

    I believe every word, Margaret Hodge says.
    *Gullible face*

  29. 29
    Sir William W says:

    Uganda might be less poverty-stricken if it stopped invading DR Congo.

  30. 30
    Gog says:

    You’d have thought that Wiggins would have got his hair cut for last night’s awards.

  31. 31
    T.B£iar - the People's Messiah says:

    Huh ! That’s not rich !!!!!!

    That’s the kiddies’ Christmas prezzies ! ( P.S. I don’t ‘do’ religion )

  32. 32
    P.Mandevilson, the Eminence Greasy says:

    Right ! Come back and talk to us when you’ve got a £ 9,000,000 house.

    (P.S. Note to Vince Cable: fuck off with your so-called Mansion Tax )

  33. 33
    Gog says:

    He’s getting as bad as Yeo

  34. 34
    Benny Fitz-Clements says:

    Werk ?? Wossat ?

  35. 35
    Liberal Zombie says:

    Or doing business with those in the Liebour party.

  36. 36
    Jimmy says:

    You miss the point. This site is for the smears even Rob Wilson won’t put his name to.

  37. 37
    Huffy Auld Git says:

    Agreed caught this on Particularly liked Rottweiler Derby post in response to this. Lets keep exposing these self serving, pocket lining pieces of detritus under the spotlight!

  38. 38
    The savant10.4 highway patrol says:

    My name is. Dave milliband . I am neither my brother nor his keeper .

    I am better looking , more intelligent and posess a higher degree of political savvy than he ever will .

    I am unbearably attractive to mature cougars like hilary clinton who had multiple orgasms for the first time when she shook my hand at first meeting . These sexual excesses. On her part have now come home to roost in the unfortunate recent fall on her ample behind resulting tragically in a case of sevevre concussion forcing her early retirement .

    I am in short god s gift to grannies and to private bankers worldwide and i hereby claim this creampie which you see. ME licking as my very own .

  39. 39
    CarryHole is a Utter Hunt says:

    Can you tell that to Dave….

  40. 40
    Huffy Auld Git says:

    Sorry did you mean Blair Bitch? Cause he is mine, all mine. (Maniacal laugh)

  41. 41
    CarryHole is a Utter Hunt says:

    I think she caught “Benghazi” flu it travelled back in time to infect her shortly before she was due to visit a senate committee looking into her departments role in getting the Libyan ambassador murdered.

  42. 42
    Anonymous says:

    US government creating fictitious money at the rate of $85million dollar a month. where is all this money going?

  43. 43
    Anonymous says:

    could the senate hearing be delayed to allow Ms Clinton time to recover.
    no rush. mistakes happen and wrong judgements can be made when there is a rush. so no rush. let,s live in a no rush world. what is the rush, after all?

  44. 44
    Sir Crispin Slapentickell says:

    This sounds like just the sort of sharp-elbowed company the nation needs.

    Why pay tax to those Ugandans if we can duck out of it. That’s what I say!

  45. 45
    One of Millibands Ugandan friend says:

  46. 46
    Archer Karcher says:

    How can you smear a member of the Miliband clan?

    Fu*kking horrible bunch of chancers and liars, going back generations.

  47. 47
    Don't make me laugh says:

    What’s more he is a compassionate leftie, giving oot wer money.

    Not like you rite wing bastards, like .

  48. 48
    Judas says:

    Has he manage to extract the knife out of his back yet?

  49. 49
    HMMM says:

    Blimey, these people are bad news, nothing to do with football after all was it Millitwit 2?.

  50. 50
    if you find a hole, fill it says:

    where did u put that banana?

  51. 51
    Economist says:

    I think you will find the US creates more than $85m / month, however since they do not report M3 anymore it is hard to say how much they do create precisely, but it will be a ‘lot’.

    US Government itself does not create money, that is the job of the Fed. The US Government issues debt via the Treasury department in the form of T-Bills (bond certificates), which the Fed (and international buyers) purchase. This debt is supposedly paid off by tax receipts over time and 100% safe as it is guaranteed by the Federal government: In God we trust, especially with a force like the US Army to keep order.

    The money received goes into government purchase of commodities on the international markets (US Govt is the unseen hand in the oil market and many others…).

    There is a twist here, as in many markets the US enjoys a zero cost of purchase as the $ used to buy usually wind up back in government coffers as the holder of $ usually purchases T-Bills to protect the value of their $ holding. This balance has changed significantly in recent years, particularly in the oil market.

    Fed money also goes into the domestic commercial banking sector to provide money for loans which the banks make within the US. This is fractional reserve banking.

    At the moment, a large numerical amount of money is being sucked into various dark pools and off balance sheet obligations left over from the boom years. This is primarily to keep credibility in the system until those contracts have expired. This money in particular has zero value as it will never touch the real economy, one of the reasons why inflation has paradoxically been absent whilst interest rates have been near zero and ‘QE’ rampant. The price of gold though reflects the global concern about this adjusting status quo.

    This is the US version of debt Seignorage which is the method by which Sovereigns create their money, particularly when operating a fiat backed currency. The money itself will end up back in the Fed eventually, unless at some point the currency and this authority is dissolved.

    Now a better question is to ask the same of the ECB.

  52. 52
    Samson says:

    Perhaps he didn’t expect to win!

  53. 53
    Max Starr rebailed my Ugandan hamster says:

    How’s about that then. * jingle jangle *

  54. 54
    HMMM says:

    History forever turns on such quirks of fate, suck a lemon.

  55. 55
    its bleak in sunderland says:

    How this man became a director of SFC is beyond me,I doubt he knows fcul all about football and probably hadnt heard of Sunderland before he was Parachuted into South Shields in place of that useless cnut and timeserver David Clark the supportw=ers couldnt be bothered with him and see this appointment for what it is.If we had a decent paper in Sunderland they would be asking questions but unfortunately Sunderland is the sh…..e of England.

  56. 56
    No comment says:

    I make a point of not commenting on any thread about the boring Miliwank brothers.

  57. 57


    Aah, that working-class, left-wing firebrand. Burning with idealism. Rose through the ranks by virtue of hard work and total commitment to the cause of socialism. A true son of the north. Man of the people. First to the barricades etc. etc.

  58. 58
    its bleak in sunderland says:

    For the North East rplace with Tammany Hall Labours fiefdom which they exploit to the max unfortunately the e loctorate are fu…..g brain dead benefit spongers in the main as long as Labour doles out the benefits they will continue to vote them in.

  59. 59
    I d on't nee d no doctor says:

    Some comrades are more equal than others.

  60. 60
    I d on't nee d no doctor says:

    Q. How did the Miliband family come by all that money?

  61. 61
    US Watch says:

    Don';t worry, so long as the filibuster bill does not go through, Feinstein will fail and there will be no rush. Trust in the GOP.

  62. 62
    Keith Vaz says:

    Any way I could get involved chums?

  63. 63
    HMMM says:

    Manure Heap:
    We are all in it together!,
    We are all in it together!,
    We are all in it together!,

  64. 64
  65. 65
    I d on't nee d no doctor says:

    Why don’t MPs being interviewed by C4 News tell Kathy Newman and John Snow to fuck off? Jumped up fucking leftie shit news readers.

  66. 66
    I d on't nee d no doctor says:

    The Milibands millions say hypocrites.

  67. 67
    I d on't nee d no doctor says:

    Wiggo is my kind of mod, and not the wanker on this site.

  68. 68
    its bleak in sunderland says:

    Ralph probably hoarded thousands whilst at the same time spouting communist shyte

  69. 69

    Winston Churchill was knocked down and quite badly injured by a car in New York in 1931. If it had killed him Lord Halifax would have been PM in 1940. He would have surrendered to the Germans after Dunkirk and we would, today, be ruled by a dominant Hun and their acquiescent, obliging, Vichy French puppets, instead of…

    Actually..not much would have changed, would it?

  70. 70
    Judge Led says:

    “I am the Law!”

  71. 71
    The Rabid Right says:

    Yesterday: The bbc will make sure SPOTY goes to Mo Farah or someone else who isn’t whìte or english. No way on earth they’ll let the Sky sponsored Wiggo win.

    Today: Um, er, uh, um, er, is Bradley Wiggins actually a darkie in disguise?

  72. 72
    Helpful passer-by says:

    Found it in a bin?

  73. 73
    I d on't nee d no doctor says:

    This country need a party that tells liberals, the media, do gooders and socialist to fuck off.

  74. 74
    I d on't nee d no doctor says:

    John Snow on C4 News fucking it up again. John stick your bus pass up your arse. You are nothing but an overpaid scrounger worse than any benefit scrounger. You make me puke.

  75. 75
    HMMM says:

    LOL, I could see the punch line coming a mile off, SS Rumpey GB.

  76. 76
    Doris Goldblatt says:

    I will be fasting on December 19th in solidarity with Guido Fawkes. Who will join me?

  77. 77
    not a machine says:

    Busted greenbelt promise was sufficient for me , the redefining of marriage just puts the cherry on it all. Ive refrained from using out and out strong language as I had thought it was all some terrible PR mistake , in the vein of comming to ones senses and that he would never impersonate Mr Blair as he made such strong words against him , I mean he did have to be anti Blair of the labour party to be the alternative .
    I mean when you look back to 2010 and what is oozing through parliament now , what did those of us who voted conservative , actually vote for , some common sense ? after last week I feel robbed in the worst possible way .

    As for M senior hes left it too late now I think for leader , it would cause too many problems , even though eds poll ratings are standing beyond what I think is real , I reckon they will have to change leader before the general election

  78. 78
    David Cameron says:

    Well a predictable climax to the sports personality of the year.

    As I knocked one out to Jessica Ennis

  79. 79
    Gog says:

    So this government’s so incompetent that the Queen is going to the cabinet meeting tomorrow to see what the hell’s going on.

  80. 80
    Queen Liz says:

    Observe? Fuck that. We are going to kick this bunch out and take over running this country.

  81. 81
    The Slog says:

    Fear and Loathing in Los Angeles. Word reaches me that the Disgusting Digger is closing in on the LA Times. This isn’t news: he’s been sniffing around like a dog with two dicks in search of bitch in heat for at least three months now. But now I hear that the world’s most unpleasant media criminal is nearing closure.

    Murdoch isn’t after money in this acquisition: nobody made much dosh out of the LAT for many a long year. No, Roop is after the influence and cachet the title brings.

    Thus the great privacy invader who lost his mind when testifying before the UK’s CM&S Parliamentary Committee is on the verge of having the same set of US press media that he enjoys in Britain. Good to see Transatlantic criminal justice and equality before the law still exercising its unforgiving long arm in the pursuit of villains, be they high or low.

  82. 82
    Peter Tatchell says:

    Hello Sailor coming my way?

  83. 83
    Gog says:

    She should just sack the lot of them.

    Then get them tried for treason.

  84. 84
    Popeye says:

    Surely that pillar of fair play, that clean hands Mr Blair could bring his vast experience to play. He has made such a wonderful job as ME ambassador.
    Could they possibly afford him?

  85. 85
    Lord Fondleboys says:

    I think it’s wonderful, they’ll not have to guess what I want I wink at ‘em through the glory hole

  86. 86
    Gog says:

    Really – what did you expect from an ex-PR man?

  87. 87
    Tachybaptus says:

    Yes, and if F.D. Roosevelt had died of the polio he contracted in 1921 instead of merely being paralysed, Joseph Kennedy would have become president of the United States and the country would have signed a humiliating peace treaty with Japan after Pearl Harbor, resulting in the virtual closure of American industry, so that they were obliged to buy all their consumer goods from Japan and Germany.

    Actually this happened, but has been covered up. ‘D-Day’ is the name of a novel by Robert Harris, pure fiction of course.

  88. 88
    Lord Fondleboys says:

    What, someone not like da poo poo?

  89. 89
    Here Is The News says:

    Thousands Of Brown Kids Die Daily.


    Fuck you.

  90. 90
    Who care, who wins lefty rubbish says:

    Your repeating yourself,is it old age or just a thick as pig crap lefty, that was news 24 hours ago, so it’s old news.

  91. 91
    Country-Phile says:

    Yes, astonishing isn’t it. I’m Flabbergasted that this affront to multi-cultural ‘Britain’ was permitted on air, after all the BBC wouldn’t even permit kids to name a cat.

    Mind you – that masterpiece of urban windmil-phillic bullshit Countryfile told me last night that rural Britain is so intrinsically racist that African and Asian people have to have special funding to encourage them to travel there, AND some evil bastards have failed to renew this absolutely critical funding. Is there no end to the evil of this regime?

    As a matter of interest, does anyone know if there are similar state funded schemes for dung-spattered yokels – to encourage them to sample the ‘buzzin’ streets of urban Britain by providing specially trained urban mentors? Oh shit, I’ve just twigged – they are the first stage of the Milli-plan re-education prograpmme….

  92. 92
    US Watch says:

    He’ll die soon, he is an old guy.

    US is no stranger to this – remember Charles Foster Kane ?

  93. 93
    Country-Phil says:

    Phil for Prime Minister.

  94. 94
    Hamster Beaster says:

    Milliband is well respected in the USA
    He buys all of his children from there

  95. 95
    George Galloway says:

    Mr Hamster, I could have got him a brown one for a lot less,however, being a 2×2 he would have probany either shot it or dropped white phosporous into its crib

  96. 96
    Royal Watch says:

    Particularly as she is expecting a Jubilee trip to London Zoo.

    Her Maj may need to heed the 1689 Bill of Rights section on cruel and unusual punishment though, so perhaps only one brick for the handbag rather than two whilst she observes proceedings.

  97. 97
    Peter Tatchell says:

    If I had my way me and my friends would be albe to have sexy time with children.

  98. 98
    The34st of Galloway says:

    How many has St Tony murdered?
    How many has St Obummber killed in drone attacks?

  99. 99
    Yuman rights for all says:

    Talking of Uganda. Their parliament are currently trying to push through a ‘anti homosexuality law’. Bad things happen to gay people in Uganda – Thank goodness we stopped giving aid to this country….or at least I think we did…..

  100. 100
    Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

    The fact that I got the taxpayer to pay for my Russian mistress’s apartment in London and our holidays abroad together is not true nor is it true that I paid my wife, who cannot even spell, £20,000 a year on my expenses for doing nothing for years. Finally the fact that I had to return payments made to me for mortgages to the Fees office was an administrative mistake by them. All this will be corroborated on request by the Grand Master. Boaz.

  101. 101
    The34st of Galloway says:

    Didnt you campaighn to have the age of consent lowered to 14?

    You filthy stinking child molestor

  102. 102
    The34st of Entebbe says:

    At least they still have home grown AIDS

    Less soap dodgers and Poovery
    We should hang Bill Gates from the nearest tree for helping them out

  103. 103
    Cherie Blair says:

    I’m the only Blair Bitch around here. Now bog off and let me and Carole C get Tony back to servicing us (allegedly).

  104. 104
    Kangaroo Bondage Time says:


    Sun Arise come every mornin’
    Sun Arise come every mornin’
    Sun Arise come every mornin’
    Bringin’ back the warmth to the ground


  105. 105
    The Rabid Right says:

    Given that a large proportion of the daily posts consist of the same monomaniacal comments about the bbc, I don’t think you’re best placed to accuse others of repetition.

  106. 106
    General Petraeus says:

    My resignation happened right before my Benghazi testimony too, dontcha know. *wink*

  107. 107
    HM Elizabeth II R says:

    And if I had had male genitalia, I’d have been King George VII.

  108. 108
    Sally Bercowitz says:

    I’ve been very quiet today * innocent face *

  109. 109
    Blowing Whistles says:

    A very very long walk on a short pier – with a 100kg weight attached. Please try it – you do try everything.

  110. 110
    Repeating rubbish can make you deaf and daft says:

    No points for repetition.

  111. 111
    Blowing Whistles says:

    It is well known by some that her press officers have been putting out letters that state clearly that she ‘only acts upon the advice of her Ministers’ – if that is the case then it’s about time that she realised that it is her Ministers who have been totally corrupted – and that she needs to stand up for the British public’s interest and contrary to what Ministers may have been informing her of.

  112. 112
    The Rabid Right says:

    “Leftie cocaine bumboys! Bbc are corrupt! Socialist buggering cokeheads! Bbc are scum!” repeat x a trillion.

    I’ll admit, “Leftie cocaine bumboys” was funny the first time. Novelty wears off after the nine hundred thousandth time.

  113. 113
    Blowing Whistles says:

    As D Milipede was the first signatory to the Lisbon Treaty – one wonders if he in his contractual & business dealing has not in fact breached any EU laws – if he has well what a result that would be?

    I’m only saying it because so many local councils “have” breached EU rules and regulations themselves “especially” in the ‘outsourcing’ world / market …

    Hello – Mouchel calling Bournemouth Borough Council …. please don’t mention what happened to that £89 million Mouchel debt that the banks ‘soaked up’.

  114. 114
    Peter Tatchell says:

    How will you stop me?

  115. 115
    NRA says:

    Let’s arm all 5 year olds!

  116. 116
    Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

    I bet he never shopped at the King Street branch.

  117. 117
    Tony Blair says:

    I’ll do it, I like murdering kids, especially Muslim ones

  118. 118
    Constitution Watch says:

    Perhaps time to start withholding assent, and maybe for the people to ask for a rethink on the Royal Assent Act 1967.

  119. 119
    Runner up worst mp 2012 award says:

    as long as Keith lives I have fk all chance

  120. 120
    The Arch Bishop of Zimbabwe says:

    Red hot poker!

  121. 121
    I d on't nee d no doctor says:

    What in the world isn’t corrupt?

  122. 122
    Being a catholic will save Tony Blair's soul says:

    No substitute for experience Tony

  123. 123
    The Center Right says:

    Which is why your lot were voted out last time.

  124. 124
    NRA says:

    School principals have a patriotic duty to be armed.

    + Please vote for our ‘Take your gun to work’ laws, as passed recently by the gentle folk in Florida.

  125. 125
    I d on't nee d no doctor says:

    If you want to know what’s wrong with the world watch Claridges on BBC now. Noma restaurant are putting on a take the piss out of the punter meal. Beyond belief!

  126. 126
    The Rabid Right says:

    I actually hate Labour. The problem with some of you is there’s no room allowed for variance of views. You’re either deemed right wing or leftie socialist marxist scum. Such blàck and whìte splitting is extremely simplistic. To criticise the uglier aspects of the right is immediately taken as evidence of being a labour supporter. This is the real world, not a world where everything is simple polar opposites.

    And given that traces of cocaine were found in toilets used by delegates at the last Tory conference, it might be wise not to use that as a point to attack others on.

  127. 127
    CarryHole is a Utter Hunt says:

    Democrats: Let’s disarm all non-criminals!

  128. 128
    Republicans says:

    We believe that the donations we get from the NRA and gun manufacturers means that the right to purchase automatic weapons that can fire off 30 rounds in one go is far more important than the lives of a bunch of 6 year olds. And they were probably the children of Democrats anyway. Praise jesus.

  129. 129
    Fish 'n' Chips says:

    While the decision to develop north sea oil fields announced today is good, why on earth is no one except UKIP mentioning the problem currently ongoing with fish ? Apparently, a much needed moratorium on fishing required to allow fish stocks to recover has hit a snag, and the EuroMongs are trying to defer the start of this to 2017, by which time there may actually be no fish left.

    All for baiting (pardon the pun) the left and so on, but surely the fish issue is worth a bit of attention ? Fish ‘n’ Chips is after all more important than gay marriage etc.

  130. 130
    Ben Franklin says:

    They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

  131. 131
    Anonymous says:

    the price pf gold reflects….

    what is BIS….is it the banker to central banks…are we shifting global wealth to it?

  132. 132
    Anonymous says:

    Yeah, i bet you don’t mind Polish plumbers and the like you Marxist traitor.

  133. 133
    All change says:

    D. Cameron says: We have to change
    E. Milliband says: We need to change
    D. Milliband says: Have you got any change?
    N. Clegg: We’ll never change. We might as well top ourselves.
    N. Farage: I’ll get it all changed.

  134. 134
    Anonymous says:

    .so .much. power.
    and in so. few. hands.
    so. few. hands.

  135. 135
    The Rabid Right says:

    Anonymong, say hello to irony. Irony, this is anonymong.

  136. 136
    C Bryant says:

    Ooooh I say! That would scortch my underpants

  137. 137
    Saffron says:

    That photo of him and and his other photo of a bannana tells me all I want to know about this champagne socialist,who in fact is not of this land.
    Brother against brother,knife in back tells you all you need to know about this Communist bunch of immigrants to OUR/OUR/OUR country.
    Red Ed/Brother are a couple of fortune seeking champagne socialists,who IMHO should peddle their father inspired crap elsewere,but not in this land.
    I saw today Cleggover reading completely from cue prompts trying to explain what the Dumbs policies are about.
    Well I for one will tell him that he and his party are toast at the next GE based on the crap they are spouting.
    On to something else Cammorononian and his gay marriage agenda,what the hell does this PR guy in a suit think is on peoples minds right now?.
    No it is not this.
    Cammoronian,get this into your thick skull,the majority of this land WANT OUT OF THE EUSSR,why are you not getting this message,IS IT BECAUSE YOU ARE A THICKO WHO CAN’T SEE THE FOREST FROM THE TREES.
    You CAMMORONIAN are currently destroying your party.
    Maybe you should pi– of and let somebody with some knowse take over.

  138. 138
    Anonymous says:

    there are degrees.

    corruption = a degree of restriction on the recipient.

    pile it and pile it and pile it….and you get zombies, automatons.
    not slavery in the ordinary sense.
    quite extra.ordinary.

  139. 139
    I sat on a fence and it hurt says:

    Are you 100% sure that these traces were the Tories doings in the khazi eh, not the Journos, BBC, sales people, cleaners, guy who delivered the bottled water in the morning…. Anyway you find traces of the recreational stimulant of choice for the upper-middle-left absolutely everywhere. This is because degenerates use banknotes to inhale the muck. Notes contaminated, bank sorting machines/atms contaminated, everything contaminated and there have been plenty of false convictions in the USA because of this.

    I suspect that it was the Left that came up with the polarising notion that you are either with us or against us, and I agree they are experts at simplistic reasoning – supported by their fit the evidence to the theory zealotry

  140. 140
    Vazoline says:

    Is there a photo opportunity in it for me?

  141. 141
    Ja de d Je an says:

    Cocaine aside…

    You mentioned…”To criticise the uglier aspects of the right is immediately taken as evidence of being a labour supporter.”

    You really need to understand the differences between libertariansim and statism.

    Forget the Left vs Right dogma you see in the MSM today….that is all deliberatley obfuscatory.

    Today in the UK, we have three main libertarian parties….the yellow party, the red party and the blue party.

    What ever happened to the real socialist party?….answer….Tony Blair converted them to the New Labour Party by dropping Clause IV. To understand Clause IV you need to understand a bit of Karl Marx….I’ll leave it there… now need to do some homework….

  142. 142
    I sat on a fence and it hurt says:

    I wouldn’t poo-poo that notion

  143. 143
    All Lefty's must die says:

    The leftys have doomed everyone on this planet to hell on earth.

  144. 144
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    Walter Bagehot had said that the Constitutional duty of the Monarch was to advise, to encourage, and to warn. Since Anne, no Monarch has refused Royal Assent, because to do so would be to imply that Parliament does not act in the King’s or Queen’s name. Since the Hanoverian days the Monarch has essentially been supposed to be the one who tells the PM: “Do you really think this is wise? Can it be done any other way?” if Bagehot’s formulation is to be credited. It would seem, then, if wording such as “She ONLY acts on what her Ministers tell her” is being used, it can mean one of two things– either she acquiesces despite personal reservations, in the interest of Constitutional governance, or else she heartily agrees, but based on possibly faulty information given her for the purpose of her Bagehotian duties. In neither event could you call that good for the Nation if it is supposed to have an institution such as the monarchy represent an institutional memory of what the Nation and its people have been, to be consulted in all matters touching upon maintaining that nation going forward. Either give the old bat a public voice, or go republican– this figurehead nonsense is becoming tiresome.

  145. 145
    Louis Spence, look at me, look at me spread my faggot legs says:

    Nice post!

  146. 146
    Point of order says:

    The mob you refer to should at the least be removed from power, and sent on their way.

    They are bad news.

  147. 147
    An oil investor. says:

    Crikey Guido to describe Tullow Oil as an energy giant is like describing Little John Bercow as a giant.

  148. 148
    Thebe4st of Entebbe says:

    Plus a million!
    In Loco Parentis
    If that Ryan fat fuck or any of the other lunatics had tried that stuff around chez Beast they would have been stopped pronto
    Typical Socialist filth now exploiting dead children (not the ones that THEY kill)

    All teachers should carry guns

  149. 149
    Thebe4st of 84ker St says:

    Or describing his wifes minge as being as tight as a mouses ear!
    You could f%$£ the Bakerloo line and get a tighter fit

  150. 150
    Sally "wide birth" bercow says:

    Easy Cowboy

  151. 151
    NRA says:

    Look at the surnames and who started advocating gun control immediately, and you will see precisely what is going on.

    Training and deputizing teachers is a possible solution, as is reintroducing the post Columbine DoJ programme which provided armed security in schools.

    Another important elephant in the room: Mental health care provisioning.

  152. 152
    Grant Shapps says:

    Have you any change?

  153. 153
    Thomas Jefferson says:

    You tell ‘em, Benny boy! I’ve always been kinda partial to your saying about how experience is the best teacher and so, her lessons cost dearly; but yet, there are some fools, who can’t learn anything anywhere else but in HER classroom, and precious little even THERE. That liberty/safety deal which never quite works out has happened too many times for even the thickest not to have learned, wouldn’t you think?

  154. 154
    Thebe4st of 84ker St says:

    I could (but wont) tell you how to take an entire building down
    Mong boy should have just been sectioned
    His mother deserved to be shot for not having him locked up

  155. 155
    Lou Reed says:

    Ride Sally Ride.

  156. 156
    Fish 'n' Chips says:

    The shocking decline of fish stocks in the north sea, and globally, was raised in Foreign Affairs journal several years back. This was in response to warnings from marine scientists at that time.

    Why on earth are Cameron and the other party ‘leaders’ futzing around with gay marriage and other socially destructive non-policies when we are actually in very real danger of allowing those idiots across the channel to wipe out a very important part of our diet ?

  157. 157
    ralph miliband says:

    define lefty?

  158. 158
    wilson pickett says:

  159. 159
    Katya says:

    The apartment was lovely Handy, much better than the FSB one I now live in in Moscow.

  160. 160
    Gun Boat Diplomacy. says:

    You Called?

  161. 161
    Sally's Red Hot Alley says:

    So a bloke who buggers his boyfriend can’t divorce his wife for adulation – or is it the other way round? – coz buggeration ain’t proper sex – know wot I mean? – but I do know what proper sex is with normal people – but this is beyond me – I’ll tweet Prezza – he’ll give me a definitive answer for sure!

  162. 162
    8eas7 says:

    Squaddies at every door
    Teaching sports and setting an example
    Call me old fashioned
    At my school this twat would have been shot dead before he got through the gate (Yes I am English)
    That or beaten to death by our Headmaster or his deputy Mr Proctor who was always armed with a brass tipped yard (not metre) rule

  163. 163
    Fish 'n' Chips says:

    Yes – it is nearing the time.

  164. 164
    Legal Eagle says:

    Yes – you have hit upon some more legal issues not so far mentioned to the masses which would need to be resolved.

    Weasel words indeed in the last minute manifesto squeeze.

    You cannot just rename a civil-partnership contract to marriage and be done with it.

    Unless of course Cameron decides to compromise by using the stationers crayons.

  165. 165
    ralph miliband says:

    Check out the ehtnicity of the US Senators that want gun control reigned in… faction….funny that…eh!

  166. 166
    Standard Socialist Nonsense says:

    Do as I say, not as I do.

    How many times do you need to be told?

  167. 167
    Mr Mayan says:

    So what will Guido blog about on the 21st of December after the world is no more?

  168. 168
    Because . . . says:

    CamerTwat is a shit head, a lunatic of the same retarded intellectual level as McBonkers, – and with about as much qualification with his ridiculous PPE from a snob’s Collydge – donchakno!

    Fuck him – and his scabby crew- with red hot pokers – regularly and with gusto and passion!

  169. 169
    Itsph Lioue Sthpenth says:

    Itsph Lioue Sthpenth

  170. 170
    8eas7 says:

    Iceland is doing OK
    Told banks to do one and keep their own fish
    Camong is more interested in Bum Sodomy and the cash*

    * Thanks RN

  171. 171
    Gun Boat Diplomacy says:

    We have tried it with the Icelanders before and just like they won the bank war they won the cod war.

    Best to choose the battles you can win.

  172. 172
    8eas7 says:

    Do they have large noses, low set ears and surnames that in “ein ” ????

    Maybe they also support perversion and hate Christiians???

    They hate and disown those that marry out of that group??????

  173. 173
    I was right says:

    end in

  174. 174
    Fish 'n' Chips says:

    Ad-hominem attacks are not going to save cod stocks.

    Why on earth are they, and us, arguing about how a geezer married to another geezer is going to be deemed to have committed adultery, when tomorrows fish supper is being destroyed by our EU partners ?

    That is I think much more to the point, and the pokers should be prepared once this insanity is brought under control.

  175. 175
    Gaydar love says:

    Never realised that adultery would end a civil partnership.

  176. 176
    Cod Piece says:

    Beware of COD

  177. 177
    Grant Shapps says:

    ask the cosmopolitan international socialists…they’re the ones running the show.

  178. 178
    NRA says:

    Check out what Feinstein’s current husband does for a living, in particular the federal government contract stuff.

  179. 179
    Fish 'n' Chips says:

    Nuke Spain.

  180. 180
    EU Fishery Bod says:

    Cod moves in mysterious ways.

  181. 181
    A. Stoker says:

    Agreed, – and I’ll be ready!

    Meanwhile, has the useless Cameron done ANYTHING of any value for this land?

  182. 182
    The Center Right says:

    Apologies friend.

    The problem is that some of the lefty agitators usually attack that way, and as per Poe’s law it is very difficult to discern friend from foe, or fair comment from attack, in this medium. Emoticons do work though. :-) – but look a bit childish.

    Get your point about the repetitive BBC stuff, not that I contribute to those.

  183. 183
    HenryV says:

    Only because they threatened to pull out of NATO. If we pulled out of the EU I could see shots being exchanged between RN and Spanish navy ships over fishing.

  184. 184
    Anonymous says:

    one world Mr Bliar.
    did he know about lie.bour.

    16 international banks implicated.
    the billionaire,s club.

    it appears that the scale of fines exceed billion dollars.

    is this a trillion dollar scam.
    bernie madeoff…turns out to be a minnow.

  185. 185
    Fish 'n' Chips says:

    Well – the Dana oil deal thing announced today doesn’t look too bad, and the recently announced budget has generally helped relieve pressure on many at both the lower / lower middle and upper end of the pay scale.

    The decision on Fracking is also good.

    I am not sure how much of this was him though, and he could have done a lot more but hasn’t. He keeps getting bogged down in silly ‘social democrat’ type issues, and to be fair comes across as a schmuck internationally and to a degree at home.

    He certainly should be focusing more on things which are important to the nation, our food supplies should be at the top of that list. In particular, to my mind, fish.

  186. 186
    Branding says:

    Since when did British Pilchards become Dago Sardines?

  187. 187
    Euromong says:

    Ja, Oui, Si – there will be nothing left for you englanders to eat, except the eastern european rubbish we are dumping on you.

  188. 188
    Fish 'n' Chips says:

    I think about 1973.

  189. 189
    Anonymous says:

    no rush is unconditional.
    rush and be owned by the devil.
    devil is the detail.
    can you see the details in the rush?

    we live in a dash to rash world.
    change it to no rush world.
    best for all.

  190. 190
    Mein Volkswagen says:

    No need
    I worked out what they were all about many years ago (Im 50 next year)
    Look at who owns the media and banks
    It aint Roman Catholics
    You would think that after 5000 years they would have understood that some time soon they will cease to exist
    I reckon it will be the septics that wake up first
    When that lot turn upon you its adios Chaimie and Sarah
    They can have all the Samson missliles in the world
    Thye are still toast

    Like rats they will always be with us, however, they can be controlled

  191. 191
    Cannibal says:

    That meat is no good, has TB you know.

  192. 192
    Mein Volkswagen says:

    Lets have a Cod peace

  193. 193
    NRA says:

    For some reason we have been unaware of the fact that there is a certain promised land at the eastern end of the med which we essentially bankroll lock stock and barrel.

    We are waking up, but the mistakes made last time should not be repeated.

  194. 194
    Anonymous says:

    the BoE is odd. Hardly a politically neutral choice. but then maybe the BoE was never neutral or out of politics.

    so i guess we need to see the appointments for what they are.
    they are political.

  195. 195
    Anonymous says:

    we seem to be heading towards the monarch having a public voice.
    what would david icke say?

  196. 196
    Wrapping paper says:

    The same as you. Or not. As the case may be.

  197. 197
    Anonymous says:

    mervyn king is talking about currency wars in 2013.

    do we need a global figure. the monarch is very interested in money matters
    . in the world of global families…now there is news of beckham junior becoming the face of burberry. does a feudal world commeth. but not feuding this time….the benefit of being dumbed down….but humans are not meant to be dumb.

  198. 198
    Mein Volkswagen says:

    As in next time do the job right?
    I have a great idea for a greater Izhell
    Its called the mariana trench, that or we open the worlds biggest bagel shop in Fukushima

  199. 199
    Stephane Sessegnon says:

    Who the fuck are SFC?

    Outed as a Shearer-jizzer methinks… You forgot the A, wanker.

  200. 200
    John Wayne says:

    Shirley, this Mayan was the Cerne of Guard.

  201. 201
    A passing cormorant says:

    Fish is also very much on my mind.

  202. 202
    Economist says:

    The BIS : Bank for International Settlements.

    This is the central bank of central banks, based in Basel Switzerland.

    It’s primary function is supervisory. It sets internationally agreed upon banking rules which will be adopted by central banks around the world, and in turn commercial banks. This relates recently to so called Tiered Capital Ratio’s, or crudely, what is the limit of loans you can make in relation to capital you have.

    The BIS itself is able to issue ‘money’ in the form of Special Drawing Rights. These are like a currency with a floating rate in terms of $, and can be issued to IMF member states. These are usually issued to a central bank in distress in order to avoid a sovereign default.

    Global wealth is not being transferred to the BIS as such, but the price of bullion is increasing as a result of the BIS reclassifying gold as a Tier 1 asset.

    This combined with changes to the minimum Tiered capital asset ratios, an increase to make banks stronger, has put pressure on banks to increase their holdings of gold. Because the gold market is small, this is a noticeable upward pressure.

    Note 1: By doing this, a lot of excess paper money is essentially being absorbed into a real money asset, which quite nicely helps to tackle keep a lid on inflation. (Inflation is an artificial increase in the money supply). However, as the value of gold increases, this does indicate that the value of the reserve currency, $, has decreased.

    Note 2: The Fed is not a bank, so BIS supervision does not apply to it, and neither to government treasuries. However, the Federal Reserve banks in the US and BoE are signatories to the Basel conventions and these authorities combined with local government are meant to ensure that Basel conventions are enforced on commercial banks within their jurisdictions.

    It would be interesting to see if the BIS classify Silver as a Tier 1 or 2 asset sometime soon. That would have some very interesting effects. If you are familiar with the real meaning of the Wizard of Oz, you may catch my drift.

  203. 203
    albacore says:

    Retain your pantaloons in their pristine state
    Fear not one jot about our imminent fate
    We ain’t about to cash in our chips
    Fawkes could never spell “Apocalypse”

  204. 204
    Realist says:

    The currency wars have been going on for about 2-3 years now. Japan is tipped to fall first. Gold and Silver are the key plays moving forward, followed by the gun.

  205. 205
    NRA says:

    In getting right next time, do not assist in an evolutionary play which will create a stronger strain. Learn from medicine, do not use antibiotic quite so carelessly.

    That is not libertarian, and it led to the current situation.

  206. 206
    not a machine says:

    mmm so ya think UKIP is some sort of retirement home for the elderly who erm believe that old hat from yesteryear do ya ??? better get thinking about a bridge , so us partitioned duffers can start telling the yoof about , wonk politics …..

    A few weeks ago there was an article citing that Tim Montgomerie was going to have come off the fence re his right wing idealogue quotes and sympathies to the coalition . Now when con home was that influential site ,that had exclusives and top cabinet members posting , you used to get quite a few dissafected tories posting , responding to tory comparisons . Lady Thatcher being a sort of touch stone of quality as the new ministers , began to shape and speak about matters . Tim was the credible grass roots voice that held in check much of the lite stuff , there was Lord Ashcroft , Ian Dale all of which were independent enough to present even if a bit dire , some good PR for Cameron and discussion , from the it would seem evacuating Conservative membership .
    I would perhaps place Tim Montgomeries newsnight appearence , as a bit of watershed for him and perhaps for those of us who are suffering conservative indegestion (no lord Rennie jokes) , nay chocking on utter disbelief . Tim is entitled to his say , he is adept and subtle with political play of any pieces , but to assume that like numerous other civil rights , we will just grump with the redefinition of marriage and once legislated forget about it , all kinda happy ever after, was a big mistake . As far as I can recall in all the conservative parties political hsitory , no audacious murmings of changing the definition of marriage have ever even been entertained in the most tolerated of fringe groups .

    But I take issue with Tims statement about Camerons civil liberties agenda and the line he used “that since his election as leader David Cameron has always had this agenda ” if that is so , then I would like Tim to point out at which conference speech before 2010 he showed us this , on which leaflets and promotions he showed us this . Try as I might Tim I cannot recall any major or minor speech in which David Cameron , looked us in the eye , told us straight etc etc , that he was going to change the definition of Marriage , If I am wrong and missed a major speech from 2006 – 2010 then please show it , as I am assuming this is really a nasty surprise for the voters , when in power to have such views and to change , somthing that pre dates democracy on a secret inner circle meeting that was not known about . It is not just divisive , but a betrayal of what was presented to everyone as the man that was put in office . I did not know in 2010 when I voted for David Camerons Conservatives , that he wanted to change the definition of marriage nor did any other voter …… so quite simple why this is wrong in that sense .

    We are now in the slack , of the government not promoting proper man and women marriage as aspirational good , for the majority of people , even though it has been doing that job for millenia without democracy . It is a majority natural society thing of good , the basis of most familes and stability (well at least before all the new lifestyle choices mob started getting on TV time after time , or TV started digging up worn jaded married types , to really stress it )
    So we have few people getting upset at gay marriage , but not at the real loss which is that this government no longer supports the natural marriage of man and woman and the foundation of family ….. No cabinet minsiter has spoken up for traditional marriage , no Labour shadow minister ……. in other words there all playing silent Bob , to get us to think the passing tirades of the media froth are mere sand dunes , with the truth better for all us once we get used to it and put in place . I doubt archbishop Welby will say much either . ah a fete de a complie by silence from power eh ?? really is that all the modern educated minds have to offer , silent bullying and oppresion , half baked surveys , is that what your 67k per year delivers for the British people on helping family life ??? or explaining Gods imagining of man and woman .

    there is then the matter of how small this gay marriage pergorative truly is , always has been and always will be , where as heterosexual marriage as it stands is far bigger in numbers to bring benefits and blessing to in our national life . If you care to read dear cranmers marriage service , you will find it to be one of the most personal oaths , of equality there is without a junket conference one can make . The vows are held by both sexes as special , even if they do get ravaged in the current lame support them .
    It is for a man and a woman , a personal moment , no state stasi , no thinking oh ere wonder if I might be upsetting , someone in comission for equalities brigade , it is true freedom rendered proper and ordered , for good not just of the man and woman couple , but to give them a new place in the bigger communitie .
    the fact that Tony Blair put it under seige , is no excuse for not telling the people of its true worth or upholding that , to the ends of the very earth .
    This meddling does not speak for God

  207. 207
    Blowing Whistles says:

    The Financial Times summed up the rupee on page 10 and 12 on 8th December 2012 – his mommy quoted from 2003 – of not liking peoples privacy being invaded.

    And am I being moodded again?

  208. 208
    not a machine says:

    Conservative Homomarriage , is that the new site working title ???

  209. 209
    not a machine says:

    It would appear not :)

  210. 210
    All Lefty's must die says:

  211. 211
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Elizabeth Murdoch in2003 stated: “I think the invasion of people’s privacy is the worst thing because from that comes so much more, I think privacy is anybody’s right.” FT 08-12-12 pg 12

    Anyone wonder what sonny boy Rupee thinks about that?

  212. 212
    Balanced Judgement says:

    The manifesto pledge on this matter represents a complete abdication of democratic process. The statement was squeezed in to what amounts a footnote three days prior to the election date, and as evidenced by its very wording was certainly not a component of considered mandate honestly presented.

    The pledge represents the worst weasel words for either side: A false promise for those who would be in favour, and a trojan horse against liberty itself.

    It’s real intention goes against fundamental Conservative and libertarian values and it does not represent the true desire of the people.

    The assault on a key component of society which has history predating the state itself by millennia is brutal, unjust and unwarranted. The sanctity of the institution we call marriage cannot be vandalized in this manner.

    The state has no right to interfere in the realm of God, or alter the holy matrimony which is entered by man and woman under Him: A spiritual bond of souls of the most profoundly personal nature.

    The sooner this shameful attack is halted, and libertarian politic resurrected the better for all of us.

  213. 213
    A Tortoise says:

    Yeah, my granny always told me to make haste slowly. These old wives knew a thing or two didn’t they?

  214. 214
    Goldysacks says:

    Oh! How did you guess?

  215. 215
    Put a spoke in it says:

    Definitely wheels within wheels this year….

  216. 216
    Put a spoke in it says:

    You forgot to insert “misused” between ‘much’ and ‘power’.

  217. 217
    Put a spook in it says:

    My lady (with the personalised number plate) knows how to pucker lips.

  218. 218
    Larry Bottler and his Deathly Shallows says:

    Good ol’ Dave Mill, getting off his arse and getting coin in for us UK, while saying Uganda has changed, and it’s leader does not declare anymore that he is the King of Scotland.

    So where’s the problem here? Ok, seems his commission is quite startling! Wish I was myself monetary more thinking of me when I was in Singapore that time. I was a true trade diplomat there, feet on the ground to top – they loved me there, but the almost 100% humidity and 90 degC did not love me. Jesuzz – bring back an ice age!

  219. 219
    Larry Bottler and his Deathly Shallows says:

    I like Singapore, but as I said, it’s weather certainly does not agree with me, non-air conditioned,

    Singaporians couldn’t get enough of me. Played badminton doubles there at lunchtime once – everything was under control with me bodily in the gym, and then I came outside – I was almost a white celtic melted mess on the floor… pheww! Just survived.

  220. 220
    albacore says:

    Rejoice, dear brethren, and be glad
    For Parliament has gone quite mad
    Whoever it’s by, of and for
    It ain’t the people any more
    You never know, that realisation
    Might even awake a dormant nation

  221. 221
    Larry Bottler and his Deathly Shallows says:

    By the way, sad to hear myself the death of Dylan Thomas’ last surviving child yeaterday, and yes, i did shed a tear, died at a too fragile youngish age, colm. Good pic of him here when young, being educated by a roadworker on snacktime in Laugharne, south-west Wales, in about 1954,

  222. 222
    Larry Bottler and his Deathly Shallows says:

    To Colm,

  223. 223
    Larry Bottler and his Deathly Shallows says:

    Amways fascinates me this tory/”coalition” government spreading mis-information about labourites, via their school tie mates of influence, and clubs, of the carlton nature, in that warped tory white south-east of england, in that hidden London, in back rooms. Yes, fascinating it is, and so see through, as a glasshouse, as in their country gardens, up some lane, secutity guarded.

  224. 224
    Stating the bleeding obvious says:

    Right wing political blogger,Guido Fawkes,, gone on hunger strike on Dec 17th to protest against David Cameron’s proposal to legalise same sex marriages.

  225. 225
    David Cameron says:

    Today my daughter looked up at me and said,
    “Dad, is the end of the world coming?”

    With a tear in my eye I replied,
    “Eat up. Its only Samantha’s cooking.”

  226. 226
    Lord Mantlepiece of Hartlepool says:

    How can you say that about Northeners, they voted for me, Oh yes see what you mean and they hanged the monkey too. different lot from those fine people south of the Tees.

  227. 227
    Larry Bottler and his Deathly Shallows says:

    Hannah, Aeronwy’s child, grandaughter of Dyl, at the reopening of the Browns, Laugharne, after it’s extension on the extension, and a coat of paint, a year or two back, with the mayor after a few,

    Extensions on pubs in Wales/Cymru are quite popular…

  228. 228
    Anonymous says:

    rabid right say hello to spoof

  229. 229
    jgm2 says:

    Conservatives 29 (minus 6)

    Labour 40 (no change)

    Lib Dems 11 (plus 2)

    UKIP 10 (plus 6)

    Taxi for David Cameron

  230. 230
    Larry Bottler and his Deathly Shallows says:

    Bugger it, a poem for all stood here, or sitting, or standing waiting for a train, before your pieces of technology, supposedly “modern”.

    08:49 the screen above me screams,
    must get into work.
    Like a bunch of wildebeast we stampede,
    to desks, us berks.

    Sniff the air of city life, COUGH!
    enough for bronchitis.
    Sitting down just got morn coffee,
    thinking here goes tits.

    Tits to the left of me and pricks,
    yes Rick, “what is it now”,
    Yes the answer to that is maybe,
    or better, try me below

    Scottish haggis ladies make the best managers, always thought that.

  231. 231
    Anonymous says:

    Are you still pissed from last night?

  232. 232
    ShurdyRover says:

    NATO…No Action Talk Only And he was the w….er who signed with Broon to get us deeper into the EUSSR which seems to have been forgotten.
    All this talk about Up North…strap back they keep voting the Liebour scum in

  233. 233

    Why is this utter parasitic wanker allowed to carry on drawing his MP’s salary without ever attending parliament ?
    surely the tories should hammer little Ed about his brothers fraudulent behaviour , seems as Ed has a hatred of millionaires
    Not forgetting of course the other parliamentary parasite his ex boss
    Gordon McMental McMad

  234. 234
    Larry Bottler and his Deathly Shallows says:

    Lord Mantlepiece of Hartlepool – just enjoy your local history and use it, is my advice, no matter how numbnuts your previous past fellas were. A Napolionic monkey sailor, oh jeeeezuz chroist – you just simply could not make it up!

  235. 235
    Loopy Lou says:

    I was brought up as a girl to think that state servants existed to serve us all .

    Today I have read that HMRC have cheated us out of £126m by making us listen to Beethoven over the phone .

    I am very sad and disappointed.

  236. 236

    Dave ! Drop the latch on your way out !

  237. 237
    Anonymous says:

    And how much taxpayers’ money was spent on that kitchen?

  238. 238
    illogical says:

    Love the way you tell’em jgm2…………

    Actually it is more a question of how the polls frame the questions.
    MORI, ICM, Populus, Yougov, NOP etc each have their own individual methodology.
    You quote the Populus poll yet omit the 10% who presently could not give a monkeys about the whole charade.

    Wake me when the difference approaches 20%

  239. 239
    ex prat says:

    You’re lucky.
    Calling from abroad they play ABBAs ‘Money,Money, Money’

  240. 240

    Please don’t call him Camaronian , as they were some of the best fighting men we had during WW 2 They must not be confused with a spineless turd that has temporary residence in Downing street

  241. 241
    Plato says:

    The Oil Business was never run by choirboys.

    These are hard men, and they do hard things to the people who are in their way.

    It is part of the price of the fuel that we use.

    Try not to get in their way.

  242. 242

    Gordon Brown “Nurse my nappy needs a change”

  243. 243

    In their defense this was set up under labour , but as yet Gideon has done nothing to repeal or abolish it

  244. 244
    blair bidet says:

    dear mr. economist

    fascinating reading…….can you explain to a thicko what the true meaning of the wiz of oz means re:silver

  245. 245
    Disco Biscuit says:

    You’d think he’d exercise a degree of caution in his Ugandan relations…

  246. 246
    Raphael says:

    A person necessarily assist to make severely posts I’d state. That is the very first time I frequented your web page and to this point? I surprised with the research you made to create this particular submit extraordinary. Magnificent job!

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