December 15th, 2012

Bet Against Ed’s Mo Farah Tip

andy-murraySpeaking this week Ed Miliband backed Mo Farah to become BBC Sports Personality of the Year tomorrow. This was a clever bit of populism that helped get his speech reported widely. Will the Son of Jonah Brown continue his curse? 

Is this evidence of wonkish Ed’s populist touch with the British public? Well there is one way to test this, put some money on the outcome. Sadly for Mo, Guido reckons Bradley Wiggins will win and Andy Murray will come second in the affections of the voting British public. The other popular vote will be for Strictly Come Dancing. Guido’s triple accumulator third bet is on Louis Smith winning. Mrs Fawkes and the Fawkes girls are certain about this…

Never let it be said Guido doesn’t put his money where his mouth is… this is the betting slip…

UPDATE: Bad Al Campbell agrees:


  1. 1
    The People says:


  2. 2
    Kebab Time says:

    Emile Heskey is nailed on to win!

  3. 4
    Blowing Whistles says:

    The public will be told how the sports personalities were told to vote – for politically correct reasons.

  4. 5
    Don't cross the Severn Bridge, it gets annoyed says:

    Got to be that yachter, Ben something. Not for just this year, but for the last – what is it? – 16 years?

    That’s ‘im, that Ainsley fella – he’s got my vote. Farah can have mine after Rio in 2016.

  5. 6
    Professor says:

    As it’s the BBC, we need to look for a coloured global warming alarmist sportsperson.

    • 44
      Duran Duran says:

      “His name is Rio and he dances on the sand
      Just like that river twisting through a dusty land
      And when he shines he really shows you all he can
      Oh Rio, Rio dance across the Rio Grande”

  6. 7
    Blowing Whistles says:

    The BBC would vote for Jimmy Savile as its sports personality of the year if it thought it could get away with it – he’s had more coverage in the press than anyone recently.

  7. 10
    Kerching braindead watching more crap says:

    Who cares who wins, the public always lose, time Londonistan became a breakaway city/country and left the House of thieves to govern that alone, maybe the rest of the country can find at least one honest politician and an uncivil servant to do the bit of paperwork need to make a decent country work for it’s people.

  8. 11
    Bluto says:

    Personally I’d rather Mo won than either Murray or Wiggins, both of whom are…

  9. 12
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Miliband should stick to the knife in the back event.

  10. 13
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    I can’t see the Sulk of Jockland making it. He’s annoyed too many tennis fans over the years.

    • 67
      Anonymous says:

      Only tennis fans?

    • 83
      Bollocks to Getting a Pseudonym says:

      No, he’s annoyed too many English people. As we form well over 80% of the Divided Kingdom’s population, that is quite significant.

      • 118
        Get it up ye Ah Monika ! says:

        No he’s annoyed to many bigoted arseholes who nearly choked on their cornflakes when he won not only The Olympics but The US Open hahahahahahahahah

        • 120
          Get it up ye Ah Monika ! says:

          psas you love saying on here, he won, get over it hahahahahh

          • The new balls man says:

            A gift from a paid up sympathetic opponent.

          • Amazing how some people rationalise their bigotry says:

            So let’s get this straight BOTH Federer and Djokivic lay down to him? Hmmm do you believe the Royal Family are Lizards by any chance ?

  11. 15
    Sarah Gardian-Reeder says:

    Let us hope that Mo wins to help redress the evil that white people have done.

  12. 16
    Don't cross the Severn Bridge, it gets annoyed says:

    Got to account the gormless Wimbledon factor with Murray, I suppose, since the British Braiwashing Corporation is running the whole event, but Murray being scottish is a spanner in the works.

    Mo? mmmm, might get the Tottenham and West Croydon support.

    Wiggo? he is in the top two. But already said, it has got to go to Ben Ainsley – a genius on the water in his yacht – several several several times gold medalist.

    Hard cheese Wiggo – song for you, you beautiful mod,

    • 33
      Dolly the sheep says:

      You don’t call, you don’t text…

      • 465
        Backslapping party in SE Engerlund says:

        Joke for you Dolly – an old one I know, but the youngters might have not heard of it, yet.

        How do you get four elephants in a mini?
        Two in the front and two in the back.

        How do you get two whales in a mini?
        Over the Severn Bridge.

  13. 17
    Civilised Englishman says:

    Delighted to say I have no idea who ‘Mo Farah’ is. Is it Mo as in Mo Mowlem, or Mo short for Mohammed? Which would explain Milliband’s support I suppose.

    • 413
      Hugh Noes says:

      Some sort of cheap trouser magnate perhaps?

    • 481
      Ryan says:

      It’s Mo for Mohammed. Despite the convenient re-branding complete with hand signals he is a devout Muslim from Somalia who only came to the UK when he was 8. More or less the poster child for Millibland’s “one nation” bollocks.

  14. 18
    Rupert my Hero says:

    Will there be Sign Language for those who can not read subtitles ?

    • 85
      The Rt Hon Ed Miliband says:

      No, just th …



      • 174
        Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

        What have the Ukrainians ever done to you to be included amongst that lot?

    • 408
      Did someone say sign language says:

      The French have a nice line in sign language,

      • 463
        Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

        Reminds me of Katya on a saturday afternoon with me in her taxpayer funded apartment. Boaz.

  15. 19
    Aricolza Narzole says:

    Wadley Briggins reminds me of Marty Feldman gone wrong.

    • 64
      Rat's arse says:

      Ah yes, he does look like Marty Feldman Ari. Marty’s eyes looked like poached eggs in a bucket of blood.

      • 178
        The late great Barry Took, Gentleman says:

        Graves Disease, poor chap. But we did write some brilliant scripts together.

  16. 20
    SPOTY my behind! says:

    Good pic of Bradley Wiggo on his Vespa, here,–PvogU0HJcc/UA04ntYQUMI/AAAAAAAADQk/xeac8Rc85uI/s1600/wiggo-scooter.jpg

    And some cycling – better not say who it is, but rumour has it it is Chris Boardman, cycling like a, umm, fast cyclist,

    • 31
      North Welsh and Cheshire person says:

      Racing cyclists are a nightmare round here. Great flocks of the bastards, always 4 abreast on narrow roads.

      • 40
        Hank the Cat says:

        WE have them down here as well, I go by the rule of thumb – the more lycra they wear the bigger the twat

        • 45
          SPOTY my behind! says:

          You better watch out then – cycling tourist site is being planned in mid Wales, not that far from Devils Bridge, with race routes all over Wales, like green, blue, red and black alpine skiing runs. Still in early planning stages though,

          • North Welsh and Cheshire person says:

            I must get some of those Boadicea scythe things for my car.

          • Backslapping party in SE Engerlund says:

            What? Those hub caps with knives on then? Think Boudicca still holds the patent on them. Took the Romans to court she did, for patent infringements.

    • 147
      Englishman says:

      Clearly somewhere foreign, the road sign isn’t in English.

      • 149
        Another Englishman says:

        Could be pidgin English, shot somewhere in London.

      • 255
        Marion the cat says:

        I am sure that the markings are completely ‘politically correct’, but I would bet they are more dangerous for all the welsh and visitors who don’t understand. Who will sue the Government if there is an accident.

      • 415
        Taffy The Unconquered says:

        The signs are in original British. You would not know that because unlike Wales, you have been conquered by the Romans, the Saxons, the Vikings, the Normans and finally by New Labour.

        Quite sad really, boyo. ;-)

  17. 22
    Rupert my Hero says:

    Perhaps Ed can represent the UK in Eurovision 2013, seems no one wants to win that either.

    • 96
      Eastern Europe Bloc Voting says:

      The UK could have the best song and the best singer but they’ll never win again

  18. 23
    Vaz and the Night Nurse says:

    So will the Plod be arresting Vaz for having sex in public with a vulnerable minor?

  19. 25
    gramma says:

    Not Wiggo despite his multiple successes.
    It will be Ennis

    • 26
      SPOTY my behind! says:

      Sadly no doubt, for her sweet smile – comes across well on the telly.

      • 62
        Anton Ferdinand says:

        Well seeing as Obama and the EU both won the Peace Nobel, my money’s on John Terry.

      • 66
        gramma says:

        Do not believe they will vote another cyclist in following Cavendish’s success last year. Previous list of winners would suggest it’s time for a woman to take the crown.

        • 93
          Get real's NOTHING to do with sport says:

          What’s sport gotta do with it.It’s like saying that the eurovision song contest is about a song or strictly come dancing is about er dancing

        • 102
          SPOTY my behind! says:

          I wish a woman would take my helmet.

  20. 27
    Anonymous says:

    Sport and Personality

    Seem an unlikely combination.

  21. 27
    Margaret Moran says:

    I will be taking Justin Lee Collins place on Big Brother.

  22. 30
    DWP says:

    I would nominate someone from the Paralympics to win because they have proven that most disabled people don’t need to be in receipt of disability living allowance.

  23. 39
    Hank the Cat says:

    I reckon fatty watson should get, a fine looking moron, its a sport for him to tell so many porkies

    • 41
      SPOTY my behind! says:

      Very funny Hank, not. Bet you are a bit of a fat fuck yourself, me spotting your ignorance of sport.

      Darts and pool it is for you, is it, if that!

  24. 42
  25. 43
    He's not serious Nige. says:
    • 51
      Ed Milliband says:

      Did I say ‘lessons have been learned’? What I meant was ‘will’ be learned after the next load of Eastern Europeans have arrived.

    • 53
      Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

      Of course he will. We can’t have all those white people coming here!

  26. 48
    Your Friendly Neighbourhood Brits Abroad Update Service says:

    We are surprised Ed Miliband, with his well-known love for the American code of football, doesn’t support Lawrence Tynes or Ositadimma Umenyiora, the two British-born members of the New York Giants NFL team. This can only be chalked up to spite on Ed’s part, as the team the NFL champion Giants defeated in the 2012 Super Bowl was Ed’s beloved New England. He will ignore “Olde England” just to even things up, it would seem.

    • 56
      Ed Milliband says:

      As a second generation eastern european son of a bullet dodging coward,my loyalties to New England are of course open to negotiation.

      • 417
        Jack Straw-man says:

        Hey, my daddy was a sit-at-home cry-baby when there was fighting to be done too, and although I am the son of immigrants, I am more than happy to send the sons and daughters of the British overseas to die for my freedom.

        I think a bit of torture and rendition is ok too, but then I am a fuckwit lefty.

  27. 58
    Jeeves says:

    But papa ed did a lot of stalwart work for the kGB

  28. 68
    I d on't nee d no doctor says:

    Jessica Ennis should win it by a mile.

  29. 69
    Sir William W says:

    Gambling brings bad luck.

  30. 70
    We'll See says:

    Racist Comments are Welcome on the Guido Fawkes/ Luke Bozier blog

    • 79
      Dianne divide and rule Abbott says:

      You’ll never hear me make a racist comment, I would sooner go to the wall.

    • 98
      Ah ffs get a life says:

      Still seeing racists where’s there’s none, you need a psychiatrist or maybe your reprogramming has failed.

    • 418
      White Brit Londonistanian says:

      You’d better watch your language sonny, I may be white but in London I am a minority and that might make you the racist.


  31. 75
    I d on't nee d no doctor says:

    I do know a certain thing to put your money on. It’s that Ed Miliband will be on yet another bandwagon next week. Sadly bookies are not offering any odds.
    Incidentally, just where did his family money come from, and is Ed a millionaire?
    Why is it labour people don’t like to discuss their own financial arrangements, but are only two willing to gob off at others.

    • 111 says:

      What are the bookies offering on Ed being the next PM, when Supertit gets evicted?

      Or will Supertit be evicted by his own party?

      • 138
        nellnewman says:

        I keep hoping they’ll do a secret brain transplant on Cameron and that we shall wake up one day and find he’s turned into a proper Tory!!

        • 170
          Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

          Meaning he’ll turn into someone with their snout in the trough.

    • 240
      Smoot says:

      The next thing you know , old Ed’s a millionaire. Kin folk said Ed move away from there
      Primrose Hillmillies.

  32. 80
    Caroline Lucas says:

    As anyone seen any gas pipe lines going spare in the UK?

  33. 82
    Fact Hunt says:

    Couldn’t give a fig who wins SPOTY as long as Henry Cecil wins the Helen Rollason award.

  34. 99
    Mungo says:

    Labour is a shit filled stollen cake

  35. 103
    BBC says:

    My vote goes to Frank Bough

  36. 105
    jimbo says:

    Of course the BBC will let an white, northern English male win. Especially one sponsored by Sky.

    Mo Farah to win (and he deserves it too – the track distance double is an incredible achievement).

    • 110
      Anonymous says:

      What about the ginger who won the long jump? We haven’t heard a fucking peep from the media about him ‘cos it doesn’t fit in with their muliticulti/ethnic bollocks. That’s gingerism mate, fes up before you’re fucking arrested and sent to a reprogramming camp. You fucking weasel.

      • 119 says:

        Danny Alexander?

      • 213
        JH324532456356 says:

        I agree. In his brief post-win interview he came over as an absolutely top bloke too.

        Can’t have that. The BBC would rather be chasing (interminably dull and personality free) gay jailbait Tom Daly about.

  37. 123
    Get it up ye Ah Monika ! says:

    My vote goes to John Terry as he represents the very best of The English.

    • 128
      ah! monika's moniker is a gonner says:


    • 282
      Bollocks to Getting a Pseudonym says:

      Are you trying to be funny, you Anglophobic tosser? You have a dig at us for not liking Murray (nothjing to do with the fact that he hates England, of course), but when do you ever quit the Anglophobic bigotry?

  38. 125
    our justice system is a laughing stock says:

    Personally I think it should go to Margaret Moran as she clearly played a Blinder.

  39. 126
    Red Rum says:

    Why can’t a horse win it?

  40. 134
    Steve Miliband says:

    Murray – 2 medals playing at least 10 matches. `US Open – 1st Brit in an era of best players ever.

    Bit harder than running round a track a few times

    • 145
      no brainer says:

      Fortunately it might get the jocks all worked up that they can go it alone, could be a solution to all our problems.

    • 154
      Scot Tish Midge says:

      There’s a slight flaw in what you say.

      The Prize is for Sports Personality. Murray only ticks one of those boxes.

      • 261
        Marion the cat says:

        Ahhm No British, Ahmm Scootisch. Can I still win?

        • 285
          Bollocks to Getting a Pseudonym says:

          No problemo. The BBC will allow any nationality to win, as long as it isn’t English. Not that the BBC are xenphobes, of course.

  41. 135
    nellnewman says:

    Mo Farah at least has had a wonderful successful year! Poor militwit by comparison is grasping at the straws of populism and bandwagons to hide the shame of his still, blank sheet of paper!!

    • 157
      Gawd Help Us says:

      If his idea of populism is making a speech on immigration and all he can come up with is….. lets not worry about the numbers but we’ll make everything much better by paying for everyone to learn English…… then he’s well and truly fucked.

      • 461
        Bollocks to Getting a Pseudonym says:

        Just like England has been well and truly fucked by Labour’s immigration policy.

  42. 136
    National Rifle Association Member watching news says:

    (Wanking furiously) What guns did he use? Read out the gun names please. Come on, I want to know the specifications.

    • 140
      nellnewman says:

      Please Don’t! so many small children have died there!! How could anyone do something so wicked? Those poor families.

      • 142
        National Rifle Association Member watching news says:

        Read the previous thread for all the delightful comments advocating the right for everyone to buy semi-automatic and automatic guns that can fire off 20-30 rounds and continuously respectively.

        • 150
        • 152
          You need to think says:

          You just not get it. It is the right of every American to hold firearms for self defence.

          Just as you are not allowed to drive a forty ton truck into a primary school full of children in the UK, you are not allowed in America to discharge your weapon into a primary school full of children.

          It is impossible to legislate against nutters, and it is impossible even in the UK to prevent nutters getting hold of firearms.

          The odd thing is nobody blames the terrorist’s bomb, they blame the terrorist who set it off.

        • 162
          Civilised Person says:

          Brutalised by violent video games, they are beyond hope.

        • 182
          Ah ffs get a life says:

          Strange how people become emotional, but I suppose La La land is like that
          how many years have we been at war, how many people have died fighting it and how many have died on the receiving end, how many youngsters have died in these wars, doesn’t matter how you bubble wrap people with laws, if people don’t want to follow them then they won’t but my opinion doesn’t clash with yours so I must be a nasty bstard..

          • CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

            Obama couldn’t even speak from the heart! Once again he was using the autocue and reading a speech written by someone else (probably actor and director John Favreau). Obummer probably had directions on the autocue to appear weepy.

            Still taking Brahm Emmanuel’s advice of “never letting a crisis go to waste”.

            What a twat!!!

      • 143
        Jeremy Clarkson says:

        Ignore him nell, I’m gonna take him out and shoot him in front of his family, the anti libertarian twat.

    • 268
      NRA PR Department says:

      I understand your excitement, but calm this is a sad time.

      We at the NRA can help train and arm those who wish to responsibly defend our children from this terror, and teach why the second amendment is sacrosanct.

      The Democrats misguided focus on education in schools has let the nation down. Focus needs to be regained for the more wholesome, profitable and productive programs of security in schools.

      This shooting should encourage the increase of peace officers to be recruited into schools for security. The NRA is here to help provide guidance on suitable weapons for this noble task.

      Remember, today’s lone gunman could tomorrow be your government, never forget that.

      All patriots should not forget to contact their local state representatives on the ‘Take your gun to work’ laws. This tragic event could have been ended sooner but for this: Follow Florida for Freedom.

      God bless America.

    • 419
      sad but true says:

      Guns don’t kill people, the American military-industrial complex kills people.

      And Labour will help them with a spot of assisted rendition.

  43. 144
    Black n White says:

    Have you taken leave of your senses Gweedo?

    Wiggo rides for Sky, the BBC would never make a person who works for the dark side a winner, they even made Wiggo the bull lose in the Archers’ cattle show.

    As for Murray, how can he win a personality contest when he hasn’t got one?

    Given that Balding Clare has a soft spot for Farah and taught him that arm gesture he will do well coming second to Ennis as she ticks all the right gender and ethnicity boxes.

  44. 146
    Bl@ck n Wh1te (final attempt) says:

    Have you taken leave of your senses Gweeeedo?

    Wiggo rides for Sky, the BBC would never make a person who works for the d@rk side a winner, they even made Wiggo the bull lose in the Archers’ cattle show.

    As for Murr@y, how can he win a personality contest when he hasn’t got one?

    Given that Balding Clare has a soft spot for Far@h and taught him that @rm gesture he will do well coming second to Ennis as she ticks all the right gender and ethnicity boxes.

    • 180
      nellnewman says:

      I did not know that clare balding was ethnic!

      • 195
        minority rug muncher says:

        Yeah, she’s ethnically lezza nell.

        • 212
          nellnewman says:

          really? seems to me the gay community if far greater than the one man one woman thingy – therefore I suspect ’tis I who is ethnic in that context!

          Not that i have a problem with that.

          I judge people , not by their sexual orientation, their colour or their creed. If they work hard, look after their own children well, look after their own house and garden well, try to fit in with the rest of us, I’m much much interested in their differences.

          • minority report says:

            “really? seems to me the gay community if far greater than the one man one woman thingy – therefore I suspect ’tis I who is ethnic in that context!”

            You really have fallen for that 10% of the population propaganda haven’t you nell? At most it’s about 2%, if that. and don’t give me that, “what people do in the privacy of their own bedroom”, bollocks. What homos did in the privacy of ‘cottages’ around the country led to the spread of AIDS, there’s no getting around that.

        • 252
          Hamish says:

          That’s rampantly homophobic, Minority.
          Clare Balding is a competent television journalist, one of the few at the BBC who came out of the BBC’s preesntation of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations with any credit.
          Re your comment below, the culprit is anal sex not homosexuality per se, and certainly not lesbianism. Aids is rife in many countries where anal sex is practised as a form of contraception. There is no risk of conception, but an industrial strength condom should be used.

          • minority report says:

            It was homos in the west you jock twat, we have no need to practise anal sex for reasons of contraception in the west, unless of course they’re pervs like you.

    • 230
      Amazing how some people rationalise their bigotry says:

      Andy Murray has a very droll personality which admittedly isn’t everyones cup of tea. Personally I couldn’t care less as long as he wins things. Nigel Ponsonby-Smyth or whoever the fuck the best player in England is is probably a right old wit and the life and soul of the cocktail circuit. On the other hand….

      • 265
        Marion the cat says:

        ‘Ahm no British, Ahhm Scortisch’. Rationalise Mr Murray’s comment please. It was in near-to English I suppose. TWAT.

    • 247
      Hamish says:

      Jessica Ennis has the rare combination of being hot and nice.

  45. 151
    Give it to the Northern Irishman says:

    Rory McIlroy… and he has a personality too

    • 156
      Another Engineer says:

      He may have a personality, but his problem is missing the first part of the equation. Sport.

      The whole thing is a joke anyway. Someone who has spent a lifetime training and has managed to win the US Open, a double Olympic gold or the Tour de France isn’t that likely to care about SPOTY much. Of course, they have to pretend they do for the BBC.

      I’m hoping Wiggins wins as he’s much more likely to tell them how it is. Not worth 10th place on a Sunday club run.

  46. 158
    Gordon Brown says:

    The Arctic Monkeys will win

  47. 168
    String 'im up says:

    Got to be Bojo for that splendid hanging on a wire by a thread performance. Completely unbeatable.

    • 187
      nellnewman says:

      Boris was very entertaining with that wasn’t he? And afterwards so funny! Just imagine if that had been gordon stuck up there in his suit and tie and how he would have chucked his nokia at somebody as they rescued him and he stalked off. ++++Laugh++++

  48. 169
    Republicans says:

    Vote for us and we promise to put a glock in the hand of every 5 year old, as god, the founding fathers and ronald mcdonald intended. Praise jesus.

    • 176
      Ed Milliband says:

      I get confused is that the good republicans who blow up kids in Ireland or the bad one’s who shoot kids in America?

  49. 172
    Labour Fucked us all says:

    Mo isn’t eligible he is a Somalian who now lives and trains in the US.

    Sorry that makes him British then.


    • 184
      Truthteller says:

      Apparently a piece of paper with British Citizen on it, makes you British.

    • 193
      the furry fish says:

      everybody is British, do try to keep up.

      • 199
        the furry fish says:

        oh hang on, maybe that is what the dastardly scheme was all along, make everybody British then world domination, cool or cool Britannia even

        • 201
          the furry fish says:

          I do think I have accidentally stumbled on their thinking. What numbskulls, find those fuckers and string them up.

  50. 177
    Gooey Blob says:

    While you’re bitting, put a few quid on the Tories to be the largest party after the next election. You can get good odds on that now, something you won’t be able to do as the election draws closer and Labour loses its mid-term support.

  51. 179
    Truthteller says:

    I think a British person should win it.

  52. 186
    nellnewman says:

    Oh wait a minute I hadnlt read that properly – it’s a BBC Award!!

    Not going to be a very balanced affair in that case! +++yawn+++ I don’t watch the beeb!

  53. 189
    Maggie's Thatch says:

    I’m placing a bet that Maggie Thatcher will croak before the year is out. Actually, that’s the most humane thing, unless you think it’s good to have someone suffer dementia in their last years with no quality of life.

    • 203
      labour, the truly nasty party says:

      You nasty little shit.

    • 207
      nellnewman says:

      Be careful what you wish for! You may find in your last years you too suffer these problems!

      • 210
        the furry fish says:

        apparently everybody gets 90 per cent of their nhs spending in the last year of their lives, as that is a pretty crap year why not skip it and save the nhs all that money ?

        • 223
          bandersnatch says:

          No worries there friend! The Oxfordshire Area Health Authority is already on the case! An emissary from them presented me with a form to sign, after I had had cause, briefly, to use the services of a Community Nurse. It said: ‘I agree to…’ three things. The final one was to trainee nurses coming to visit with qualified ones should I need their services again. I ticked ‘Yes’. Number one statement said that any NHS staff, at any time, could discuss me: my case/health/welfare with any others without reference to me, and without informing me. Number two said I agreed to NHS staff treating me/medicating me as they saw fit, if they deemed it to be ‘in my best interest’, again without discussing with me beforehand, and without informing me! A couple of NO boxes ticked there! This is an excellent way to clear the decks of inconvenient older people/ handicapped people/ bolshy people etc etc… all of whom have paid through the nose for the NHS throughout their lives!… Liverpool Pathway here they come… all ‘in their best interest’ of course!

    • 235
      Walking in the shadow of giants says:

      Strange then that Lady T is one of only 3 Prime Ministers(the other two were Churchill and Attlee)who has been awarded Knight of the Garter;Order of Merit and Companion of Honour(all the personal gift of HMQ and ranked as 3 of the highest honours that can be awarded)and that Bliar has never even been awarded KG(as is the norm for all previous PMs…even Harold Wilson was awarded it and so was John Major at the first opportunity)even though there have been vacancies since he resigned in 2007.

      Lady T will also be the only second PM of 20th century(Churchill again)to be granted a state funeral……..perhaps the Queen thinks more of Lady T than you do ?

  54. 191
    Farmer Giles says:

    I wonder what the human pig Moran is doing this evening?

    I bet she has got her face down in the swill

    • 196
      Margaret Moran says:

      I’m very depressed. I’m at my villa in Spain feeling very depressed.

    • 209
      nellnewman says:

      +++Laugh+++ she’s sitting on the terrace in her spanish villa overlooking her luxury pool towards the mountains of Granada and sipping a chilled , very nice, white wine.

      And she’s saying Thank you British Taxpayers for finding money through my mp expenses to buy my villa and my wine and for not prosecuting my criminal activities.

      Her pal baronessuddin is similarly thumbing her nose at us in her luxury palace in bangleland!

  55. 192
    George Gideon Oliver Osborne says:

    My Dad is Brilliant. Upon reading the following joke written by women -

    Three wise women
    Would have asked for directions
    Arrived on time
    Helped Deliver the baby
    Brought practical gifts
    Cleaned the stable
    Made a casserole
    and there would be peace on earth

    He came out with an alternative, written by Men -

    Three wise women
    Would have got lost as they didn’t realise the map was upside down
    Arrived late, having stopped off at the shoe shops on the way to pick up the cheapest bargains
    Complained that Mary hadn’t gone to antenatal classes first
    Brought gifts they had already bought in last year’s January sales and with the money saved, upgraded the camel to business class
    Tut tuted at the state the cleaner had left it in and bitched at why Mary couldn’t do it herself as she wasn’t working anyway
    Refused to get a takeaway, complained that the donkey meat was too fatty and they couldn’t find it on the weight watchers point list
    Formed a discussion circle to discuss the implications of the birth, decided one would be a vicar, one wanted to be a model and have world peace and the third said to Joseph “When i want your opinion, i’ll give it you”


    • 403
      Osama the Nazarene says:


      • 468
        the furry fish says:

        what’s the difference between a stew and a casserole ? no really I want to know, I’m guessing a casserole goes in an oven and a stew is heated from below but are there any differences ?

        • 470
          Backslapping party in SE Engerlund says:

          casserole is tory – they are too posh to say stew. Both the same.

          • Backslapping party in SE Engerlund says:

            too posh to push the torys are as well, ey Sam?

          • Backslapping party in SE Engerlund says:

            now I am not saying the torys get that low, but it makes you think what happened,

            Just hope to God not.

  56. 198
    Keith Hinduja Vazolene says:

    Wasn’t I just marvellous today, empathising with the nurse’s family. Her daughter in particular needed constant comforting – which was the least I could do.

    It is not too late to donate to this desperately poor family – please give all you can. You can go to any bank and make a deposit – cash only, please – into the special account, c/o Mr. Hinduja.

    Thank you.

    Vote Labour.
    Exploiting grief of One Nation.

    • 216
      nellnewman says:

      Yes well done keithvaz. As an exercise on how to turn true grief into a media circus it was a masterclass!

      • 241
        Keith Hinduja Vazolene says:

        Thank you, kind Madam.

        You see, it is an Indian custom dictated by the great God Bakhanda: if politicians physically comfort the fruitiest young girls who are grieving, they will be rewarded in Heaven – or, failing that, in mortgage-free properties in Leicester and London.

        However, this reward will only be effective if the comforting is done in the presence of television cameras – the more the better.

        As I said, we are desperately, desperately poor: our space programme is a whole week behind schedule. Please give generously.

        Vote Labour.

        Keith Vaz-olene
        Exploiting the grief of One Nation.

  57. 200
    Brown's shitst@ins at the BBC says:

    I hope Murray wins.

  58. 202
    I don't want to share the same air as the Edinburgh Labour voting dogshit says:

    If its the BBC it will be fixed. The winner has been decided by arseholes at the BBC. Corrupt.

  59. 206
    He who no longer posts says:

    Comment is no longer free:

  60. 214
    The Brown Rat says:

    BBC fiddles the outcome.

  61. 215

    The Libor party and I have been opposed to unrestricted immigration into the UK for nearly ten minutes now more than twenty years

    • 217
      nellnewman says:

      Note to edballs from militwit ‘ do I really want to say this?’ ‘Or should I say something else?’

      Maybe I should make a statement like gordon – y’know – ‘British Jobs for British People?’ No? what should I say then? Please help!!!

  62. 220
    Idly Wondering says:

    How come I’m not on the short list?

  63. 224
    fitzfitz says:

    Red Ed’s voice and articulation have become increasingly annoying – the training has made the situation worse … the ethnic man of the year choice chimes with his quota and positive discrimination obsessions …

  64. 226
    David Cameron says:

    If Spongebob lives in a circular pineapple then why does the inside have corners?

  65. 231
    the furry fish says:

    could water be alive? could water change is reactions to become a cloud and leave mars an deposit itself on Earth?

  66. 232
    Boris Johnson says:

    I was walking around Boots looking for a gift for my wife for Christmas when I noticed this fit blonde employee over in the perfume section, “Excuse me, love, do you mind if I have a little sniff?” I asked.

    “Of course not,” she replied, “that’s what I’m here for.”

    “Thanks,” I replied as I dropped to my knees and stuck my head up her skirt.

  67. 238
    A bit of cognitive dissonance amongst some here says:

    I’m a tad confused by all the angry posts in support of the right to buy semi-automatic and automatic firearms, many of the posts calling opponents fascists, nazis and nannies. My confusion is over the fact that they continue to live in a country where one can’t legally buy assault weapons. Mrs Thatcher never legalised it, so does that make her a marxist?

    It’s impossible to have a reasoned debate with such lunatics who feel some kind of simpatico with their right wing counterparts across the Atlantic over the issue of gun rights. Bear in mind, the question isn’t on banning guns altogether. Everyone on both sides of the argument accept the second amendment in the US. The issue is whether people can own weapons that enable you to murder scores of people within seconds just by pulling trigger and unleashing round after round. And yet, say this and all you get is “fuck you, you nazi, everyone should have the right to buy guns of any kind.” So, again, I’m confused, because if you believe that, what the fuck are you living here for? Why aren’t you living in America or Canada or Mexico or Iran or Iraq or Afghanistan or any other country where you can legally own assault rifles? By living here, you’re partaking in, by your rationale, a marxist nanny state where no government, including Conservative ones, has or ever will advocate legalising the ownership of automatic weapons. Put your money where your mouth is. Don’t keep drooling and ranting about marxists wanting to stop you from owning uzi 9mm’s if you’re going to continue living in a country which won’t allow it.

    • 242
      the furry fish says:

      we are such a tiny place with hardly any scary creatures that possessing weapons is probably for food.

    • 243
      The ultimate hard-on says:

    • 311
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      It never ceases to amaze me that there are people out there who prate on and on about the oppressed peoples of the world needing to rise up and “smash” (one of their favourite words) the “fascist” regimes which are subjugating them, and to those mouthy morons I pose the question– seriously, and not rhetorically– with what sort of weaponry should the rebels be doing it? Who will provide them the guns and ammo of a type which can do the job? Needless to say, an oppressive regime is hardly likely to allow much gun ownership of ANY kind, and the rebels cannot start from a worse position than that. One can turn that same argument around– a government which allows widespread gun ownership is hardly likely to be very oppressive, as it would be starting from a less-strong position. It is primarily the Left who bang on (pun intended) about the need FOR guns in the one instance and the need to BAN guns in the other. Of course, in a nation where THEY control either the government or the terms of the debate, through their Media and Academic allies, gun ownership is undesirable, because by definition, that nation CAN’T possibly be the kind of oppressive regime which might someday need to face an armed populace finally sick and tired of government’s overreaching– “It can’t happen here!” So tell me, Lefties, are you secretly gunrunners to other countries? No, really– are you? How will they get the weapons then? And why can’t we private citizens get in on a little home front action?

  68. 239
    Anonymous says:

    Why do people who hate the BBC and want it abolished feel compelled to comment on one of its competitions?

    Should they not all be watching Dog Borstal Down Under or some such on SKY Plus Nine?

    • 246
      oooohhh - that's a toughy! says:

      - same reason people slow up to eyeball a car crash? ( no – not ACCIDENT! – CRASH !!

    • 253
      tum tum tum rum says:

      Maybe having to pay taxes to the BBC to use other tv companies channels gives people a say, when they end the BBC taxes then please come back and ask the same question.

      • 258
        Drop a Daisy cutter on ITV says:

        There are many things in life we pay for whether we use them or not. Like the local museum or the Royal Family.

        The BBC produces some fantastic programmes which the commercial broadcasters won’t touch, so if you don’t like their news coverage, watch Sky.

        ITV is for the braindead.

        • 263
          Simon Cowell says:

          Oi! …we use ITV to fool the brain dead Goy…however, the we use the BBC to fool the smarter Goy….all in all though, all the Goy are stupid cos they still keep watchin our shit on TV, observing our PC rules and getting more and more in debt to our banksters!


    • 284
      Anonymous says:

      We hate the BBC because they’re cheaters, they cheat by breaching the agreement accompanying the BBC Charter regarding impartiality every hour of every fucking day.

  69. 248
    For fans of Prick Giffin says:

    Hi righties. How many of you initially rejoiced when you heard 20 kids had been massacred in a school shooting because you assumed it must have happened at an inner city school and the victims were all black or poor? You must have been horrified when it emerged it happened in an affluent neighbourhood with mostly white kids. Maybe, just maybe, one day you’ll learn to react equally to the murder of innocent people. Till then, we’ll continue to enjoy the many wonderful posts here about “darkies, c*ons, n*****s, faggots, lezzas and wimmin”.

  70. 259
    nellnewman says:

    gordonbrown earned £300,000 plus in December 2012 by trolling around the globe with his worthless speech about saving the world. Setting aside why any idiot would pay him to come and spe@k to them ….

    He has not once, in the last 12 months, been in the HoC to represent his constituents in Kirkcaldy.

    Why are we the taxpayer paying him £65k pa as an MP plus £100k pa for his constituency office + £60kpa for his expenses + £250kpa for his security chaps round the clock and on and on ….

    Time this worthless man went into retirement. when he does it will save the taxpayer a fortune.

    • 266
      Anonymous says:

      Preferably all 630 of them should fuck off into retirement. No more laws. No more expenses thieving.

      Headed by the bi-sexual in chief

    • 279
      Alastair Campbell Murderer says:

      “when he does [retire] it will save the taxpayer a fortune”

      Nah, we’ll still have to pay his gold-plated pension. Sweet really; he spent 10+ years smashing our pension-funds to bits, but when he retires he’ll expect us to fund his.

    • 344
      why the silence? says:

      Isnt there anyone in his constituency prepared to complain about their MP’s failure to represent them?

      • 359
        Anonymous says:

        Brown runs his constituency like a jock mafia fiefdom, nobody dare step out of line.

        • 423
          the furry fish says:

          surely amongst those hardy scots there must be one at least would give him a few slaps to remind him what his job was ?

          • Brahn bread says:

            Perhaps Handy Andy with his racquet might have a word… At least he’ll be useful for something Scorch.

  71. 260
    Intermission says:

    Are you from an ethnic minority? Grieving in private for the loss of a loved one? Are you a telegenic teenage female?

    Then soothe your troubles away with Vazeline.

    Just apply liberally and slowly to the affected parts and your profile will be transformed – and your bank account, too.

    Available from all good Labour constituency offices (cash only).

  72. 264
    For fans of Prick Giffin says:

    The irony meter explodes every time a rightie calls someone sick or nasty, coming from a board where the daily content consists of jokes about ràpe, darkies, faggots, lezzas, nìggèrs, wimmin, moany disabled people, not to mention the joy openly expressed when Anders Breijvik massacred a group of what turned out to be young left wing students. The irony escapes them when they scream how nasty it is for anyone to make a joke about wanting a former conservative pm to die, and in the same breath say good riddance to a group of murdered teenagers just for holding different views to them. But then, virulent right wingers aren’t known for their self-awareness. Or insight. Or compassion. Or intelligence. They’re easy to please though. All you have to do is shout “wot wot nìggèr” like the brave lads who killed stephen lawrence and shoot a black kid armed with a bag of skittles and you’ll have them rolling in the aisles.

    • 269
      Socialists are Cnuts says:

      Unlike Bliar who lied about WMD’s and whose illegal war resulted in the deaths of 100,000 plus Iraqis.

      A classic left-winger, but in the league of good ole’ Uncle Joe Stalin who killed 20 million Russians.

    • 270
      Fishing rods r us says:

      Think you should try your fishing elsewhere, the fish in this pond are out , they work hard all week, pay taxes and play hard at the weekend.

    • 271
      Anonymous says:

      “….and in the same breath say good riddance to a group of murdered teenagers just for holding different views to them.”

      Er, how do you know they held different views to us you tit!? Knowing American kids they were patriotic upholders of the right to freedom. Now fuck off back to North Korea.

      • 304
        For fans of Prick Giffin says:

        Remedial literacy for you, stat. I was referring to the teenagers murdered in Norway.

        • 356
          Anonymous says:

          Now you tell us you fucking idiot.

          • For fans of Prick Giffin says:

            No, it was fairly clear in the context but you were just too fucking retarded to understand. I do apologise. You’re used to the b èn p school of discourse: “wot wot nìggà” etc.

          • Anonymous says:

            To be fair those kids were being brainwashed with socialist, ‘gingerbread houses for everybody hogwash’. Too bad they were killed by one of their own, a National Socialist.

    • 272
      Sir Keith Joseph says:

      It’s not about left wingers vs right wingers….it’s about libertarianism (anarchy for private business) vs statism (regulation of private business and anarchism)

      What you see today on TV and in the HoC is just blue coloured libertariansim vs Red couloured libertarianism.

      Now look up Clause IV Johnny and after that run along to bed because the hours of sleep before midnight are worth double those afterwards.


    • 290
      Red Ed is Annoyed because he cannot milk dead American's for Leveson says:

      Please keep your racist banter in Labour head office, thank you.

    • 317
      Nick Griffin says:

      I cried tears of joy when i read about those wanna be Tony B LIARS, Bruffoons, Harpics, Mandyslimes, paedo Jack Straws, being taken out by my hero Mr Anders Breivik, what a shame he couldn’t have done it here 40 years earlier, Britain would a far more civilized country than it is now thanks to those bastards who let the scum of the world in to what was a civilized country.

  73. 273
    Steve Buckle says:

    This story is not really worthy of comment (but please read the above).

  74. 277
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    Wiggins deserves to win – he’s won Olympic gold medals indoor and outdoor as well as the Tour de France. No one in living memory has done that.

    Murray (much as I dislike the miserable prick) deserves to be second – massive achievement both inside and out of the Olympics

    Mo – third – and he would win in many other years

    Three worthwhile recipients among for once (remember Ryan Giggs, Damon Hill and Zara Phillps winning) a very crowded field.

    The fact that Laura Trott and Charlotte Desjardin didn’t even get nominated shows what a year this is.

    • 309
      Anonymous says:

      I’m proud of all our athletes- whether they won an Olympic medal or have triumphed in their own sport.
      The BBC sports personality thingy is a mere sideshow and completely irrelevant.

  75. 278
    Guardian reading lefty says:

    All of you right-wing little Englanders will be first against the wall come the revolution.

    • 281
      Two Dogs of Empiricism says:

      Fucking great wall you’ll need!

    • 283
      Yummy! The hand the feeds is tasty! says:

      An excellent plan, but with one small flaw.. once the right-wing wealth creators have been liquidated, who will create the wealth that’s spent on benefits/NHS/state education/pension/welfare state etc etc?

      I mean, little Alfie Chav in his council flat doesn’t pay much tax, does he? How many MRI scanners can you buy with the tax he pays? You’d barely afford the mains lead.

      • 291
        Guardian reading lefty says:

        How dare you bring reality into my mastubation fantasies of Marxist revolution.

        I hate all you right-wing little Englanders for bring the real world into my fantasy land.

    • 371
      JH324532456356 says:

      Let’s shoot the Guardian readers instead.

      The way they are going, you’d be able to fit them along the wall of the average garden shed.

  76. 280
    • 289
      Steve Buckle says:

      I tried experimenting with links like that but your controlling uberego prevented me from following through.
      Are you still expanding Hairy’s circle?

  77. 288
    Drop a Daisy cutter on ITV says:

    Take another sip my love And see what you will see, A fleet of golden galleons On a crystal sea…

    • 294
      Ja de d Je an says:

      Go home now…sitting in the corner of a crowded pub all on your own with your iphone nursing a pint will end in tears. The saddest words of all are “last orders” when you are all alone.

      Come on now, mummy will be gettig worried. Do us all a favour and leave.

  78. 295
    Guardian reading lefty says:

    Any darkie or muzzie here want to be my token ethnic friend.

  79. 296
    Start Me Up says:

  80. 297
    Leveson cop says:

    What’s going on ‘ere then?

  81. 298
    Guardian reading lefty says:

    All men are rapists.

  82. 310
    For fans of Prick Giffin says:

    Ah, the classic error that’s always made. You assume from my comment that I must ergo be a socialist. For a start, implying Blair is a socialist is hilarious. He’s about as socialist as his friend Dick Cheney. That aside, I have no time for socialists. I despise left wing lunatics as much as I hate right wing lunatics. The point which clearly escapes you is that it’s amusing for anyone on the right to call anyone else nasty when the general nature of the discourse from them is of the most misanthropic nature. A case in point: I agree that it’s tasteless for anyone to look forward to celebrating the death of Thatcher. But that same outrage coming from those who’ve openly rejoiced over the deaths of Michael Foot and the aforementioned Norwegian teenagers is rather absurd. There is zero self-awareness of the irony in calling everyone else nasty whilst at the same time indulging in identical behaviour. It would be like John Prescott calling Eric Pickles a fat pig or Edwina Currie saying adulterers should be ashamed.

    • 315
      Blank shite of paper says:

      Or calling you someone with an opinion.

    • 318
      dole dodger says:

      You sure your from this planet, you seem to be reading from page 99 when everybody else is on the last page, you seriously need to get a grip with yourself.

    • 319
      Polly Toynbee ate my hamster says:

      You have a way with words.
      Want to be my apprentice?

    • 323
      Nick Griffin says:

      Typical commie, you think we are waiting in awe for your latest deluded rant, we don’t care, we are old enough to have our own opinions, which one are you ? Martin day or Charlie soft widget. Sports person of the year must be My hero MR ANDERS BREIVIK.

      • 326
        Polly Toynbee ate my hamster says:

        You should be.
        I am writing my next column about when the revolution comes how we will dispose of you mr nick griffin.

      • 376
        For fans of Prick Giffin says:

        “you think we are waiting in awe for your latest deluded rant”

        No, but I notice something. You replied to it.

        Now what was I saying about lack of self-awareness?

    • 333
      Gordon Brown says:

      That is a very prudent point of view.

  83. 325
    Saffron says:

    This subject of sport sport and more sport is wall to wall with all of the media,I really do get pi–ed off with this crap.
    Since when was this countries fortunes ever tied up with sport,there are now too many people making big bucks out of this endless crap that is churned out.
    Who cares about the bullshit corporations sportsperson of the year,what does it mean to taxpayers/immoral license tax payers to the BIASED BROADCASTING CRETINS,absolutely jack shit as long as they can proceed on their merry way.
    Clara Baldun,the jock tennis one brady wigans,what a subject NOT.

  84. 331
    Nick Griffin says:

    Ah, the classic error that’s always made. You assume from my comment that I must ergo be a nob head. For a start, implying Blair is a nob head is hilarious. He’s about as much of a nob head as his friend Dick head. That aside, I have no time for nob heads. I despise left wing nob heads as much as I love right wing freedom fighters, The point which clearly escapes me is that it’s amusing for anyone on the left to call anyone else nasty when the general nature of the discourse from them is of the most spite and envy nature. A case in point: I agree that it’s splendid for anyone to look forward to celebrating the death of B LIAR. But that same outrage coming from nob heads like me who’ve openly rejoiced over the deaths of Michael Foot and the aforementioned Norwegian teenagers is rather encouraging. There is zero self-awareness of the irony in calling everyone else nasty whilst at the same time indulging in identical behaviour. It would be like Eric Pickles calling fatty Hattersley a gluttonous pig or me describing myself as a deluded prick, which incidentally is a very accurate description, bazinga!

  85. 332
    BBC says:

    Anyone for a bit of sodomy?

  86. 334
    Sodomie profonde says:

    What again?

  87. 336
    Saffron says:

    My wife says that all she wants is her ENGLAND back like it used to be before certain traitors to this land,sold the ordinary people of this land down the river,big time and they are Quislings.

    • 340
      The Frankfurt School says:

      No chance of that.
      We have won.

    • 347
      dole dodger says:

      Shh, you know we are not allowed opinions like that, Libor brought out 3000 laws to suppress the people of this country, they closed the pubs by making sure a smoking ban was enforced and cheap booze was available in the supermarkets so people couldn’t talk about them.

      • 353
        The Frankfurt School says:

        Racist, Sexist, Homopobe etc etc etc

      • 369
        not a machine says:

        mmmm not bad , thereby leaving only the government legitimate group meetings , as independent forum , but designed to iron out any non compliance , by rejecting your opinions as per run program ……

        And to think I had blaming it on the price of ale …. and the rise of the supermarket from chummy conveinience to background stasi collaborater

        Huhne judge tweet looks tasty , ah yes but how can erm …. that happen me lud ??

  88. 338
    Saffron says:

    Thanks Gweedo,from my wife with no moderation.

  89. 342
    Compassionate tweet posted by NRA on day of massacre says:
    • 455
      Backslapping party in SE Engerlund says:

      Since I am welsh, I would be more interested in a longbow and arrow, NRA.

  90. 345
    Sex personality of the year says:

    My hero is the one armed albino currently buggering Mrs Thatcher with a lead pipe as she drools and sings to herself in a pool of her own faeces.

    • 348
      The Chainsaw of righteous justice says:

      That’s just unnecessarily offensive.

      • 364
        Nick says:

        He is a Labour voting benefit bum, their heads are like sewers.

      • 368
        Sex personality of the year says:

        Sorry. I meant to say two men are my heroes: a black one armed man buggering Mrs Thatcher with a lead pipe as she drools and sings her favourite song Two Little Boys whilst in a pool of her own faeces, and a dwarf on stilts ramming a hosepipe up her withered old c-unt whilst forcing her to deep throat a studded dildo.

        • 430
          New world order justice says:

          Are you sick in the head or just an extremist hate filled lefty? Just a normal lefty then.

  91. 350
    The BBC causes serious mental health problems says:

    Anyone catch Church’s joke about the monkey in Ikea on HIGNFY last night ? It involved AIDS.

    In fact, other than the canned laughter and me, did anyone watch it ? I think a refund is in order, and a complaint to OFCOM.

    F*ck the BBC – utter filth.

  92. 351
    Koindown says:

    I, with respect, admire your lack of a real life, sir.

    • 357
      The BBC causes serious mental health problems says:

      Given that my previous post ranks with a Bercowitz tweet, I assume you refer to mine.

      In my defense, I did watch it on iPlayer earlier this afternoon – more just to check how whacko the Beeb have gone, and they have gone even further.

      I thank you for your respectful admiration, and have purchased a fresh tin of paint and a brush for the next time I feel tempted to watch something on the BBC.

  93. 355
    On the matter of the self-referential:- says:

    It is a real bugger isn’t it?

  94. 358
    I was born without a name so I will continue in the same vein says:

    Politics in the UK is like a large number of bald men fighting over the same toothless comb.

  95. 361
    Drop a Daisy cutter on ITV says:

    A WORLD-famous pop star is being investigated over alleged sex offences after his name was passed to police working on the Jimmy Savile case.

    The platinum-selling artist, a household name, is one of 25 figures facing probes under Operation Yewtree, which began after the Savile scandal broke earlier this year.

    Police are also expected to arrest a film director in the next few weeks.

    The name of the pop star was first handed to police in 2008 when a convicted sex offender claimed he was part of a p*edophile ring with Savile.

    The p*edo was in Whitemoor Prison, Cambs, at the time and passed a list of other child sex offenders to his probation officer. It is understood the list was handed to police but there was not enough evidence for them to act.

    Now his name has come up again, he is being “actively investigated”, according to sources close to the inquiry

  96. 363
    Bogeyman says:

    Christ almighty, I’ve just seen Vaz “chaperoning” the family of the suicide nurse. If they can haul in Freddie Starr for appearing in the same room as a girl 30 years ago, how the fuk does Vazoline get away with fondling the 14-year-old daughter in front of TV cameras?

  97. 365
    Owen Jones says:

    Tory MP calling for return of Section 28, defending sanctity of marriage caught with his trousers down.

    • 375
      Bob Blackman says:

      So what? Yeah, I had an 11 year affair. But it was with a woman. I can still preach about the sanctity of marriage and have an 11 year affair at the same time.

  98. 366
    The Telegraph just ain't what it used to be is it darlin x ? says:

    …thе оutrаgеоus flіrtіng bеtwееn thе mаn оn wаtеrlоо brіdgе аnd thаt chіppy lіttlе wеnch еwаnmе bоthа…

  99. 374
    not a machine says:

    Hardly bears thinking about , 7-10 yr olds being shot , by mentally disturbed teen , we shall have to see what contributing factors there may have been.

    Perhaps being as drugs has been in news we shouldnt forget slaughter in Mexico over market for drugs that can make you mentally disturbed , hope the liberals have factored in weird drug violent behaviour % when its all tickety boo , with yer legit drug business , wonder if you will be earn club points ??

    • 380
      Anonymous says:

      Lefties have been drooling over the possibility he may be a right wing nutter, sad bastards.

    • 429
      New world order justice says:

      Be funny if the mother was a registered democrat eh? Even funnier if the deranged gunman just happened to be an Obama activist and Al Gore green taliban disciple. The BBC must be in mourning that the gunman was not a republican NRA climate change denier.

  100. 384
    Nemesis says:

    Eric Pickles to win – the most obscene chin in all sport history but waddles to the finishing line in an outstanding five yard marathon just by using his forked tongue.

  101. 388
    Stating the bleeding obvious. says:

    How Can Murray win a Personality contest ?

  102. 391
  103. 392
    Keith Vaz is the new Savile says:

    How can he justify fondling a teenage girl in public?

    • 394
      Keith Vaz is the new Savile says:

      • 454
        Backslapping party in SE Engerlund says:

        Keith Vaseline might be a good handle to use here, if it hasn’t been used yet. Just a suggestion – feel free.

      • 474
        Harrow Gant Kant says:

        Ahhhh it’s all in the moniker – very fackin fanny!! lol

    • 400
      Tooin Tense says:

      Quite obsessed, this says more about you than anybody else.

      • 436
        Mornington Crescent says:

        With good reason, given we’re talking about one of the most corrupt and mendacious MPs in recent history – who has made a career of playing the race card, to boot.

        Groping that 12-year-old is, for me, just a detail – an old fool getting a cheap thrill. More important is why he’s elbowed his way into this affair at all. The “the family asked me” excuse doesn’t wash – he should have sent them to their own MP.

        • 444
          Daniel Lambert knew my great great great grandfather says:

          Ex Minister The Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP is of course the most senior British Asian MP in Parliament so it is therefore absolutely proper that he should be engaged in this….His many frequent appearances in the local evening paper….”The Leicester Mercury” where he never spares himself from highlighting the many and varied concerns of his constituents in Leicester East is a testimony to his hard work in this regard…….

          • Vaz represents all that is bad in politicians says:

            Piss off. He should represent all people equally and not just those who come from India and 10 year old girls.

            He is making political capital out of a family tragedy and is no better than the pranksters who started it all off.

          • Daniel Lambert knew my great great great grandfather says:

            Ay -oop we folk of Leicester enjoy irony me duck !!

  104. 393
    The Frankfurt School says:

    The white race is history in this country now.

  105. 396
    Pissed Again says:
  106. 404
    Who is it that giveth a shiite? says:

    “Sports Personality” 2nd only in the tautology stakes to “Socialist Worker”.

    • 414
      Mr Picky-Picky says:

      Erm, don’t you mean “oxymoron”? “Socialist ‘WANKER’” is a tautology.

      • 422
        Who is it that giveth a shiite? says:

        You are quite right.

        In my defence I only say it was the stress of finding that I am now an ethnic minority in the capital of my own country that temporarily sent me astray.

        • 427
          Brahn bread says:

          Well then, all the more reason to claim your 6 bedroom house in Islington. You can get the other 10 pale-face survivors to come for the weekend.

        • 428
          albacore says:

          A rare instance where LibLabCons ain’t two-faced
          In their striving to get the British replaced
          No more of that obsolete “I spy strangers”
          How could there possibly be any dangers
          Sitting the monarch and her loyal Parliament
          Where outnumbered English are allowed no dissent?

  107. 431
    Anonymous says:

    Margaret Hodge’s self-stated tiny, tiny, tiny holding in Stemcor extends to 17,004,600 shares or 9% of the company total. They are worth in excess of £20 million according to research done by Priti Patel. Some of these shares are in her children’s names and there is also a trust. But 2,399,600 are still held in her own name according to Stemcor themselves.

    33% of Stemcor’s turnover relates to UK business. But only 3% of its total tax bill is paid to HMRC.

    Yet she sits as the chairman of the PAC and criticises Starbucks, Amazon and Google for exactly the same thing.

    None of these actions by any of these companies is illegal by current UK law. But criticising companies for doing exactly the same thing as she directly and indirectly derives substantial financial gain from may justifiably be described by the following word:


    But she is a Labour MP so that is presumably enough both to explain and condone the situation.

    • 432
      Anonymous says:

      Margaret OPPENHEIMER

    • 433
      Marques de Rey says:

      And people still vote for this wretch? It’s official that her constituents are cretins.

    • 434
      Margaret Hodge-Oppenheimer says:

      Do be quiet, little serf. I’m an self-important MP and can do what the fuck I like – at your expense, of course.

      And if you complain, I’ll smear you as an anti-sem’ite. ‘kay?

  108. 437
    David Cameron says:

    Because it was the right thing to do.

    Hate preacher Abu Qatada’s new £450,000 four bedroom home – paid for by you

    • 440
      Gays R Us says:

      David — you really must reconsider your priorities.

      £450,000 would have funded the salaries, pension contributions and expenses of two additional LG BT Outreach Development Managers for a whole year.

    • 442
      Anonymous says:

      For a house worth up to 450k that rent seems pretty low.

      The rent will of course be paid by the taxpayer direct to the letting agent who will take 8/10 per cent and the rest after vat will go to the owner who will pay income tax .

      If the tenant has claimed money falsely we will get everything back from the owner.

  109. 439
    George Gideon Oliver Osborne says:

    Mr. Krabs lives in Bikini Bottom. Think about it….. Take all the time you need.

  110. 441
    Jed says:


    Chris Huhne was last night at the centre of fresh speculation over his political future after a judge went public with a claim that a criminal case against the ex-Cabinet Minister was about to be dropped.

    Laurence Brass, a lawyer and former Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate, published a message on Twitter that said: ‘Breaking news. Met ex-Energy Sec Chris Huhne in Commons, who confirmed that prosecution against him will be dropped next month.’

  111. 448
    Dave "Butch" Cameron says:

    Just been to Mdm Tussauds where they have Boris Johnson positioned in front of the 10 Downing St door. Strange.

  112. 449
    ShirtliftersRus says:

    We’re behind you all the way, Dave.

  113. 451
    CCHQ says:

    Dnepropetrovsk beat FC Metalist Kharkiv 3-1.

    Just thought you might like to know that.

  114. 452
    Backslapping party in SE Engerlund says:

    A tennis player will no doubt win the Overseas SPOTY again, no doubt. Andy Murray? or am I about four years too early….

  115. 467
    Mrs Coe (the aged) says:

    I don’t know how my Seb won the olympics – he’d never eat his breakfast – he was a very naughty boy

    • 469
      Backslapping party in SE Engerlund says:

      He was in the shadow of Brighton’s Steve Ovett, he is the true hero of then – Coe is just a tory, and that is why he is still in the limelight in that SE Igerlund, he beca,e one of their puppets.

      Song for Steve, wherever he is these days, from Brighton,

  116. 473
    Harrow Gant Kant says:

    Hoy or Wiggins is my bet.

  117. 477
    Only in the UK says:

    Sebastian Coe is to be honoured for his achievements on and off the track by being given the Lifetime Achievement Award at Sundays BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards.

    So I surmise that a lifetimes achievement consists of running in circles quite fast. brown-nosing, and organising the waste of £12 billion.

    Nice one Seb.

    • 478
      Those were they days my friend says:

      I have done not a day’s work since I helped organise the 1948 London Games.

      Can I be considered for the annual Loaftime Award yet?

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Guido-hot-button (1) Guido-hot-button (1)

Rod Liddle on the loony UN sexism special rapporteur:

“There is more sexism in Britain than in any other country in the world, according to a mad woman who has been sent here by the United Nations.

Rashida Manjoo is a part-time professor of law at Cape Town University in the totally non-sexist country of South Africa (otherwise known as Rape Capital Of The World).

Mrs Magoo has been wandering around with her notebook and is appalled by the sexist “boys’ club” culture here, apparently.

I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

orkneylad says:

What’s he been doing FFS, mining bitcoins?

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