December 14th, 2012

Caption Contest Winner

brianLast week’s belated caption contest winner is Chooky with this effort, the best of a very mediocre set of entries:

“After Cameron tells Leveson where to put his report, the Lord Justice regrets writing the 4th Volume.”

Get in touch for your copy of Geoffrey Robertson’s “Mullah’s Without Mercy”. Let’s try harder this week


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    Congratulations Winner :)

  2. 2
    Tom Tomos says:

    Damned with faint praise.

  3. 3
    Gordon Brown says:

    You can polish a turd but first you must roll it in sequins. Its the right thing to do.

  4. 4
    Welshracer says:

    Who you have to sleep with to win this competition?

  5. 5
    Sir William W says:

    Mediocre perhaps, but most of them better than the winner.

  6. 6
    EC1 PhD says:

    Mediocre set of entries? Fucking Booker prize panel you ain’t!

  7. 7
    He who no longer posts says:

    Condescending cυnt.

  8. 8
    Leveson says:

    How to you ruin Order Order? Stick that muppet Owen Jones on it. I’m guessing he’s Guido Fawkes’s new poster boy by all the threads they’re giving him.

  9. 9
    Paul staines AKA Fat fuckin mavis says:

    Chase me chase me

  10. 10
    THIS is a good prank call says:

  11. 11
    JH234432145211 says:

    What do you fucking expect, Voltaire?

    The picture was shit.

  12. 12
    Anonymous says:

    Piss off caption contest winning creep.

  13. 13
    Anonymous says:

    Plus not one rude word in the winning entry. WTF?

  14. 14
    the dark side says:

    Ask 8illy.

  15. 15
    HMMM says:

    What did he win, Levesons 5th volume?.

  16. 16
    carry on captioning says:

    A finger of fudge from Guido more like.

  17. 17
    Anonymous 2 says:


  18. 18
    Gordon Brown says:

    I think I should have won with the witty line “Leveson stands up because its the right thing to do.” Wibble

  19. 19
    Bob tourettes Geldof (sir) says:

    where’s that focker Eoin got to, he hasn’t sent me any focking money, no I’m not interested in the focking contest just send us your money, now.

  20. 20
    Contains small parts says:

    US chat star rates Hugh Grant ‘most unpleasant’ guest

    Jon Stewart: my least favourite guest (and we’ve had dictators on).

  21. 21
    ah! monika's moniker is a gonner says:

    US chat star rates Hugh Grant ‘most unpleasant’ guest

    Jon Stewart: my least favourite guest (and we’ve had dictators on)

  22. 22
    HMMM says:

    I you had just used the phrase “bigoted woman”, you would have, too late now though.

  23. 23
    Margaret Hodge says:

    I only have tiny, tiny, tiny shares.

  24. 24
    Contains small parts ( now broken ) says:

    The Lottery is only 14,000,000-1 against. Better odds.

  25. 25
    Your Lord Justice Leveson says:

    I thoroughly concur.

  26. 26
    HMMM says:

    My Aunt now retired, did Autocue for YTV and mentioned she saw him sat in their canteen one day about 25 years ago, her comment; “scruffy bastard”, lol.

  27. 27
    Moah's book of boatbuiding says:

    It’s a fix.

    “mediocre set of entries” – oh cheers!

  28. 28
    Noah's book of boatbuiding says:

    (oops – typo. Moah?)

    It’s a fix.

    “mediocre set of entries” – oh cheers!

  29. 29
    Noah's book of boatbuiding says:

    What a load of Nobby Stiles.

  30. 30
    Sir William W says:

    DOn’t you mean Huge Rant?

  31. 31
    Parky says:

    Delete cookies! Simples

  32. 32
    Pundit too too says:


  33. 33
    The Moabian Book of Moat-cleaning says:

    How about a Hogg-roast in honour of the winner ?

  34. 34
    JH3245457345123 says:

    People seem to think Hugh Grant is basically his character from four weddings.

    He’s not. He’s just a cvnt, with an embarrassingly shit list of films to his name.

    Google ‘Liz Hurley in Aria’ and tell me that a man who cheats on that for some ghetto car sex is not a cvnt. Go on.

  35. 35
    disgustedoftunbridgewells says:

    Merchant Banker flashes his ring

  36. 36
    disgustedoftunbridgewells says:


  37. 37
    disgustedoftunbridgewells says:

    Not you sheepshagger

  38. 38

    81lly is jealous because he has never won. One his his fakes did win and 8illy tried to claim the prize.

  39. 39
    Anonymous says:

    how would he know?

  40. 40
    Noah's book of boatbuilding says:

    Merchant wanker wakes up in 2008 with ganhdi’s revenge after his chicken tindaloo the night before.

  41. 41
    JR HEWING says:

    Keith Allan can f*ck off

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