December 13th, 2012

Tell Hodge the Dodge to Answer Guido’s Questions


  1. 1
    V1le Labour ruined my Country says:

    Pay your tax Hodge.

  2. 2
    I Fist my own Arse by Using my Own Head says:

    She should cut her face off and grow a scab. Then she would look a bit better !!!!

  3. 3
    I'm having my tea, so join you latter says:

    Horrid woman.

  4. 4
    Margaret Hodge says:

    I also claim expenses for evening tea.

  5. 5
    Hodge Bodge says:

    Just a tiny, tiny, tiny amount of expenses.

  6. 6
    Anonymous says:

    hodge the dodge…

    why are we being shown all that gold in the BoE vaults.

  7. 7
    Mack the Knife says:

    She should cut her throat and do us all a favour.

  8. 8
    Mack the Knife says:

    Just showing we are all in it together.

  9. 9
    Gordon Brown says:

    They are trying to rattle my cage, but it’s not working.

  10. 10
    Bankie Foyle says:

    The BBC will miss Sir Patrick Moore – the only guy they had with a telescope who wasn’t pointing it at the local school playground

  11. 11
    Living in 96.98 percent white Merseyside says:

    I have duly obliged and tweeted.

  12. 12
    albacore says:

    Well, now that London’s a foreigners’ city
    Wouldn’t it just be a terrible pity
    If the new occupiers weren’t fully aware
    Of every bit of old treasure kept for them there

  13. 13
    PC Dixon says:

    I’ve tweeted but will it do any good?- all labour hypocrites are the same. Hodge is no difference , more likely by the sounds of it worse.

  14. 14
    Labour...filth...just filth says:

    hodge has neck … in spades ..

  15. 15
    Lard Prescott says:

    It’s to convince the british public we actually have gold reserves, but the truth is gordon the moron sold it all and that gold belongs to the chinese.

    Don’t fret too much though gordon got a great rate on the storage fees, 99p per year.

  16. 16
    Word on the street says:

    Most of that gold isn’t ours – but those it belongs to have been reminded of the old maxim that possession is 9/10’s of the law. Also, may be getting ready for convincing some that we can settle in gold if need be.

    Beware though, a lot of that gold may be tungsten.

  17. 17
    tweet tweet says:

    I thought it was only birds that tweeted.

  18. 18
    Common Sense says:

    Or just pay her fair share of tax.

  19. 19
    Wild Bill says:

    I don’t suppose Hodge will “die of shame” to preserve her family honour.

  20. 20
    J ade d Je an says:

    But Hodge (a name changer by marriage) is from the same tribe as Macshane (yet another name changer…ever heard the name MacShane in an anglo-saxon context before?).

    Just why do they change their names…to blend in surreptitiously?

  21. 21
    Common Sense says:

    Snakes in the grass.

  22. 22
    HMRC says:

    Maybe not in our interest, let her pay some of the tiny, tiny, tiny tax first.

  23. 23
    Peter Osborne says:

    Dimbleby’s another one, just watch him change the subject pronto if USrael is mentioned in a bad light on th eQT tonight. Peter Obornes wrote a powerful piece about USrael and the coward Tories and DC in the DT last night btw. Worth a read…he did not write it lightly.

  24. 24
    Jimmy says:

    The long winter nights chez Fawkes must just fly by.

  25. 25
    Jimmy says:

    If it does nothing else it will help those on twitter to weed out the sad cases from their followers.

  26. 26

    You are so wrong, Hodge, that you make me look right.

    Shameless, hypocritical, thieving bitch.

    Now click my donate button.

  27. 27

    I’ve been watching you. You have not donated yet. Shame on you.

  28. 28
    Sam Johnson says:

    Do they do transposition operations on the National Health ? It would be most beneficial in this case.

  29. 29
    Our President and Hero says:

  30. 30
    Fuck Herman, Fuck Barroso, Fuck Europe. says:

    Is it too much to hope that you choke and all the other jokers on the Euro Gravy Train choke on it Herman?

  31. 31
    Ja de d J ean says:

    “hodge has neck … in spades ..”

    I think you’ll find “they” call it chutzpah.

  32. 32
    He who no longer posts says:

    Margaret Hodge’s horse is gay.

  33. 33
  34. 34
    Ja de d J e an says:

    Look up the Tchenguiz brothers on Wiki…and their background and you might just possibly make the cosmopolitan link.

    They’re following in the steps of Rachman.

    Oi!…Leveson…it’s good on ‘ere ‘innit?

  35. 35
    National Socialism is specialized Socialism says:

    You’re father was a collaborator.

  36. 36
    Santa's Little helper says:

    Someone posted that you have to bin the S from https to embed so here goes

  37. 37
    Ja d e d J e a n says:

    Funny how my original posts have somehow disappeared.

    Mu rd och ‘s moth er RIP for w e kno w who on here acc epts the k osh er shilling.

  38. 38
    nellnewman says:

    Why is it about politicians like hodge and maria miller that they are keen to berate others about honesty, openness and paying their taxes yet don’t do it themselves.

    Hubby says its because we are paying them a pittance whilst giving them an expenses system that is open to abuse so attracting low calibre folks who have this peculiar ability to be creative in their expenses and be less than open in their dealings. This once staunch tory was muttering something about the mafia as he stomped off upstairs!!

    He thinks we should give them a one off payment a year of £100k – no expenses, no nothing else, that we might get a better class of person , more honest, decent, dedicated to serving the public.

    And he says it would save us the salaries and pensions etc of the folks who work in that failed expenses office.

  39. 39
    Blowing Whistles says:

    The problem surrounding Hodge the Dodge is that – she knows that she has many Tory’s and other Labour mongs snookered over their decades of legalistic [tax loop holes] tax-dodging.

    Hence the ‘silence’ from the Tory benches on her ‘conflicting interests’

    Yes – they “across the ‘percieved’ divide in the house of clowns” are truly all in it together. They’re all guilty and suffering from no ….. colluding in their own disorder of “Cognitive Dissonance”.

    She never sued me or dared to ste the plod on me when I gave her a mouthful some years ago. Now let me see – why didn’t she sue me? Could it possibly be that she is actually a criminal acting in a big co-conspiracy against the British Publics Interest?

  40. 40
    Cosmo Watcher says:

    Their geographical background explains why they are going through the mill whilst others do not. During the war, many in France sold out those escaping Germany when one would think that there would have been a common bond. It doesn’t work like that.

  41. 41
    nellnewman says:

    I think margaret hodge and maria miller should both be awarded the UK Brass Necks Award for the most obtuse, obstructive, ducking and diving MP’s of 2012!!!

  42. 42
    From the horses mouth says:

    Thanks for tip – much appreciated – it seems to have fixed the first as well.

    Sorry to all for double dose – but let’s hope our hero doesn’t injure her twitter paws tomorrow.

  43. 43
    Should I be frit, very frit or very very frit to ask about Margaret Eve Oppenheimer's tax affairs ? says:

    Is it safe to attack Hodge (Oppenheimer) given that she is a millionaire many times over, belongs to one of the world’s most powerful families, is a friend of Blair and Dave has endorsed the internet data snooping?

  44. 44
    I d on't nee d no doctor says:

    Parliament is big business, an economy in it’s own right.

  45. 45
    Gaydar radar says:

    Maria is very fortunate to only get an investigation for defying the will of God. Thunderbolts are his usual tool.

  46. 46
    brown-dog says:

    Have you read the Oborne article in the DT?

  47. 47
    Twitter Watch says:

    Or more pertinently, as her twitter log is showing, her other fiddling at Islington is still very relevant.

  48. 48
    They're all behind you giving you a good shafting! says:

  49. 49
    Santa's Little helper says:

    No probs. It’s odd that the original has now been fixed. wordpress moves in mysterious ways.

  50. 50
    Dutch (from Predator) says:

    If it bleeds, we can kill it.

  51. 51
    nellnewman says:

    Hmmm – how much is that dinner costing us per head – doubt it’s at little as £15/20 which is what we’d buy one for round here. And then theres the cost of their wine at £150 a bottle as cameron noted the other week.

    These EU Bureaucrats are as out of touch with the lives of normal people as those little green men on Mars!

  52. 52
    I d on't nee d no doctor says:

    I don’t understand how being a millionaire equates with being a socialist. I listen to the Milibands, Ummuna, Hodge, Vaz, et al in disbelief.
    It’s all about ego and position. They toy with peoples lives.

  53. 53
    nellnewman says:

    Actually I doubt she’s a friend of dave’s, maybe of bliar’s . She and bliar have many traits in common!!!

    The EU political mafia has strong links through these two and others in labour and the libdem party!

  54. 54
    Anonymous says:

    queen found her visit….very interesting.

    where is man of the people, prince charles?
    what true,
    all theatre. That,s enter,attainment.
    is it who loves ya baby….or who wants your soul.

    interestingly the gold never moves, just the ownership papers get changed, you have to larf. maybe 100bn is ours…but then. it,s all swiss chocolate innit, inside the wrappers.

  55. 55
    brown-dog says:

    What if her tribe were genetically predisposed to such behaviours?

    What if her type of behaviour was engendered within an entire tribe? (i.e. via the maternal line over thousands of years)

    What if that tribe has claimed to be a persecuted minority (that has never strived to assimilate amongst host populations over the centuries), when in fact they may have been systematically censured instead?

    What is your PhD in btw?

  56. 56
    nellnewman says:

    I don’t mean to be rude but you need militwit and edballs in there – they’re the ones who want unlimited welfare !!!

  57. 57
    Word on the street says:

    Does move, when people wish to repatriate. That’s where 9/10’s comes in to play ;-)

  58. 58
    Anonymous says:

    do you e.j.a.c.t at the touch of a button.

  59. 59
    Goldfinger says:

    Maggie Hodge is as honest as the day is long. She pays every last penny of her due tax with fierce pride as well as being a generous supporter of numerous charities.In the name of common decency please please please cease and desist in hounding this kind and good woman.

  60. 60
    nellnewman says:

    What are you saying ? That she has been genetically conditioned to be dishonest?

  61. 61
    Jack says:

    What exactly do you expect from Unison nell?

  62. 62
    Stemcor sounds like a eupamism discarded foreskin says:

    “I Fist my own Arse by Using my Own Head”

    That is one of the strangest monikers I’ve seen on here yet!


  63. 63
    nellnewman says:

    It always amazes me, these days, that decent hardworking folks pay their subs to the Unison’s top echelon so that they can clear off and spend that hard earned dosh on 5 star meals in gordon ramsey restaurants in London and executive air travel abroad.

    Have real working class, hard working people lost their common sense?!!

  64. 64
    The truth will out says:

    “In 1990, Liz Davies, a senior social worker employed by the borough and her manager, David Cofie, raised concerns about sexual abuse of children in Islington Council care. Correspondence between Hodge and the director of social work indicates that she declined a request for extra resources to investigate”

  65. 65
    T. P. Fuller says:

    He’s a raving anti-Semite, Nell, take no notice. This blog is infested with them.

  66. 66
    Winninggate says:

    Interesting fact ..the world gold total
    is 1oz per person, give or take a gram…

  67. 67
    Anonymous says:

    The days are still getting shorter, as it ‘appens.

  68. 68
    nellnewman says:

    I think you’ve got the wrong person. This woman has been criticised for her incompetence, indifference to the hardship of real people, for her hard hearted uncaring response to ordinary folk, for her obtuse, ducking and diving over questions of her own financial investments and tax probity,; for all of her political career which spans many decades.

    Can you find anybody to provide evidence that she ever did any good for anyone but herself?

    If you can you should produce because My God she needs it!!

  69. 69
    LOL says:


  70. 70
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Peter O – Link Please

  71. 71
    Good question says:

  72. 72
    brown-dog says:

    Look up the work of Prof. Kevin B MacDonald of California State University on Wiki…it just might be, not dishonest per se, but for a greater cause?

    What’s in a name eh?

  73. 73
    John says:

    I assume Nige that he wants to keep Britain trading freely with the EU but not be part of the political EU.

    It’s a dangerous strategy but probably the only strategy open to him and it could work.

  74. 74
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Am sourcing the POB article; The issue of Islington is very relevant – and I dare say that she is a ‘Co-conspirator’ at having ‘colluded’ to ‘conceal’ the truth from the public. There is even more dirt quietly ‘silently’ [legalese term] lying on ‘police and court files’ over at Haringey council – yes Baby P and the entrails lead to Ed Balls up too.

    All in it together – them Political Pygmies – don’t matter which party they belong to – they are all corrupted.

  75. 75
    nellnewman says:

    The trouble with some of our ‘not fit for purpose’ MP’s is that they saw an Opportunity to line their own pockets and took it. They came from all walks of life, all colours, all creeds.

    They had one thing in common , they were basically dishonest human beings who had no interest in public service only serving themselves.

    bliar and gordon were principal amongst them!!

  76. 76
    The EU is a national security threat says:

    It is a bit dry, but the b/s which is currently in process of being imposed on our farmers here – particularly around transportation of animals at present, is another reason to leave.

  77. 77
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Break a leg Biatch – in fact break both legs!

  78. 78
  79. 79
  80. 80
    Common Sense says:

    Prof MacDonald is a nutbar.

    The only thing he states which makes any sense is that anti-semitism is likely instigated by those in the target population who wish their ranks thinned out. One reason why this ‘ism’ is worth giving a miss.

    The rest is just rabid nonsense.

  81. 81
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Rupee is ruled by his Shyster Arthur Siskind and his friends – they’ve owned his ass for decades Ref Corruption in Queensland in the 70’s. Oh and who ‘covered it all up – just guess?

  82. 82
    Anonymous says:

    Your name ain’t “Fuller”, Shlomo.

  83. 83
    Little europeaner says:

    I can’t understand the Jockanese wanting to shackle themselves to the EU when they leave Britain.

    If they are so rich in natural resources and talent that they say they are, it makes no sense to freely give them to Brussels when they could sell them to the whole world.

  84. 84
    Twitter Watch says:

    Jason Swift and the Jersey links, Garenne, very very relevant.

  85. 85
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Seems that the Z’s are having a field day at pitting their ‘controlled political & union pygmies’ from the left and the right at one another …. IT’S GONNA BE FUN – FOR THOSE WHO KNOW … THE REAL GAME.

    Did any of you start reading up seriously about how ‘Entrapment & Blackmail’ are the key tenets by which evil prevails. No – well start boning up on the law then.

  86. 86
    The Queen speaks for her subjects says:

    God bless the Queen.

    She just can not understand why Gordon sold our Gold reserves at the bottom of that market only to use the proceeds to buy Euros at the top of that market.

  87. 87
    Ja d e d Je an says:

    Nell Newman wrote:

    “The trouble with some of our ‘not fit for purpose’ MP’s is that they saw an Opportunity to line their own pockets and took it. They came from all walks of life, all colours, all creeds.”

    It’s a libertarian thing …it’s all about the rights of the individual (to run a business and make money out of the cognitively challenged) above the responsibilities of the group. Think predators. I think you’ll find that most libertarians are quite happy to live all alone in their own liberal world not caring too much what others think of them. Some describe this condition in terms of mental dissorder i.e NPD and APD….look up Axis II cluster B NPD. It’s a genetic thing.

  88. 88
    From the horses mouth says:

    She’s also talking about getting a tattoo (maybe for prison ??? * gulp *), and has had a little bit of flu lately. As long as her twitter paws remain intact, and god forbid if she breaks a nail, all is good.

  89. 89
    Blowing Whistles says:

    The answer to the question is because Cameron – [al la some Lord during the bliar regeime – Cant quite remember his name just now] is fucked, he’s fucked, his closet & closest colleagues are fucked, fucked, fucked, fucked – Do you know what I mean Lord Birt of BBC!!! [he’s not the one of above mind] ref: To a journo [some years back – but “On Record”] “Who the fuck are you” ….?

  90. 90
    Fishy says:

    Because dopey Nigel, if that’s what the Eurozone want it’s no skin of our nose. We’re well out of it.

  91. 91
    Crabwaladr Moonpatch says:

    Sally’s behaviour would need to be much improved if she were to make a dick of herself.

  92. 92
    Blowing Whistles says:

    She ‘can “only act”‘ upon the “advice” of her Ministers – so what if her Ministers have become so corrupted that they are knowingly, wilfully and deliberately ‘concealing’ the crimes committed by themselves and their former Ministers? [And how many are from the legal fraternity??? humm them pesky legal vultures at it]


  93. 93
    T. P. Fuller says:

    Fancy a bet? Your house against mine, assuming you don’t live in a cardboard box, which, given your ignorance, is a definite possibility.

  94. 94
    nellnewman says:

    +++Laugh+++ even gordon didn’t understand why he sold our gold at brown bottom. Truth is bullyballs told him to do it so he did!!

  95. 95
    Ja d e d Je a n says:

    I wonder why the word “USrael” is censored on here yet words like “Islamist” and “Muzzie” are not.

    It’s a funny old world eh!

    Oy vey!

  96. 96
    Anonymous says:

    calling all royalists…the charter ship is about to sail:
    the idea of war and terror persists.

    The former president of the Supreme Court, a former Labour cabinet minister and the presidents of the Royal Society and Royal Academy are expected to be involved in the system.

    Oliver Letwin, the Cabinet Office minister, is understood to be preparing to unveil that a Royal Charter will be used to establish formally the new independent press watchdog. The same mechanism was used to set up the BBC and the Bank of England.

    A high-level panel of three people including the presidents of the Royal Society and Royal Academy will ensure every three years that the watchdog is fulfilling the terms of the charter.

    ==========big news.

  97. 97
    nellnewman says:

    And margarethodge so obviously does not understand normality when she describes her £multimillion holding in stemcor as a ‘little little little amount’.

    What an utter twit she is!!!

  98. 98
    Dez says:

    Letting them go their own way is the same as us going our own way Nigel.

    I trust Cameron is playing the long game here, where we revert to our original common market ideal and the Franko German alliance reverts to theirs’.

    What you need to be attacking Cameron is Homosexual marriage and stupid ill thought out green policies.

  99. 99
    Anonymous says:

    Their glorious past of being global visionaries has been stunted by Marxist protectionism, quite a feat of mass brainwashing by the evil EU.

  100. 100
    nellnewman says:

    “Why does Cameron still support political union for the eurozone?” probably because he’s hoping for a job there when he retires as PM. It’s what our corrupt pollitical classes do these days.

    Look at mandy he made his fortunes there somehow. We’ve just haven’t worked out how yet!!

  101. 101
    Geordies certainly do things different says:

    We just need to see the bottom line from the lot of them – money coming in (inc. that hidden abroad plus private personal companies) and UK tax paid, per annum. Nothing more.

  102. 102
    J a d e d J e a n says:

    “why are we being shown all that gold in the BoE vaults.”

    Do you know who was chosen to present all that gold in the tour of the BoE vaults on ZH recently?…Just what was his name? You couldn’t make it up if you tried.

    There have been very big rumours about gold market manipulations to save the banks of late…in fact one recent whistle blower claims there was an attempt to take his life in a RTA.

    And if you were to analyse who owns the most gold by ethnicity, would there be any surprises?

    Think of those named Gold, Goldman, Goldstein, Diamond, Goodfellow etc etc

  103. 103
    Psychologist says:

    Libertarian views are not reflective of a personality disorder, and should not be confused with liberal ideals. Libertarian does not equivocate with liberal.

    Hodge appears to be more APD than NPD, but none the less is pathologically manipulative. If she has a history of sexual promiscuity, she could qualify as psychopath.

  104. 104
    domino316 says:

    What foresight the Parliamentarians of the late 1600’s were blessed with to want to limit those who govern to good old proddies, seems that since it became a free for all, much like our benefits and immigration system, everyone of none proddie origin thinks morals are what you find painted on the wall of a synagogue, church or mosque.

  105. 105
    Geordies certainly do things different says:

    She no doubt hasn’t a clue what she is worth, nor what she earns. They did say today that one in four brits have not got a clue with simple arithmetic, didn’t they? That is two and a half times the rate of gays, for instance. And no, I didn’t need to get my casio out to work that one out – I did it in me ‘ed.

  106. 106
    Ja de dJ Je an says:

    She’s no twit….think chutzpah.

    In fact it’s devilishly clever. As a certain GF on this site has commented before….SUE ME for these claims about tax avoidance if you have the cajones!

    Do you know which tribe has been awarded the most Nobel Prizes by ethnicity? They are a very clever, hard working bunch for their size. They punch well above their weight one might say.

    Check out the Peter Oborne piece in the DT to find out how.

  107. 107
    They Don't Like it Up'em says:

    Peter Oborne’s on the money on QT re Cast Iron Dave

  108. 108
    Word on the street says:

    Other than dumb trade, it is rumored that a number of bullion banks were bailed out of a dodgy position here as they were short gold for delivery on some contracts at that time.

  109. 109
    Poke Sally Annie says:

    My bad. #puckerup. frowny face

  110. 110
    They Don't Like it Up'em says:

    Looking forward to the first gayer wedding in a Mooslim setting.

  111. 111
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    She is very similar to Tom Watson i.e a fat cnut.

  112. 112
    Ja de d J Je an says:

    You need to do a lot more homework. Did you attend a state school?

    Look up those who were behind The Glorious Revolution. Who sponsored them and from where?

    And where did they hail from before that?

    This particular cosmopolitan group have been kicked out of may places over the centuries and like nothing better than getting indigenes fighting indigenes over not very much. Think of them as feminine brained (via genetics?). Some females like nothing better than watching a male fighting another male for their attention.

  113. 113
    Geordies certainly do things different says:

    Come across some of them – they do exist. Anyway, what do you think those ladies get up to in their spare time in their harems, ey?

  114. 114
    Conspiracy Watch says:

    So that confirms they do have something to hide.

  115. 115
    Marry your sister says:

    Will SELF has said on QT that anyone should marry anyone.

  116. 116
    Baroness Warsi says:


  117. 117
    Geordies certainly do things different says:

    State schoolers are the best mathematicians – sod all that latin greek humanities bullshite, apart from Pythagoras! What? he was an egyption? NOOO! Archemidies then, however you spell his handle.

  118. 118
    Marry your sister says:

    Well said that black woman in the audience. She has made the QT panellists to look like fools

  119. 119
    Bob Crow says:

    Your average Union punter ain’t got no interweb and facer and twitbox so they don’t see nuffing if it ain’t in the mirror wiv it’s raspberries aht. So we bruvvas get away wiv muggin them don’t we. Off to me carnsel arse now. Everyone aht!

  120. 120
    Never been this angry for MANY A YEAR says:

    She was so right. the godless liberal elite should not call her homophobic for being a Christian.

  121. 121
    They Don't Like it Up'em says:

    Well cousins are legal so soon enough it’ll be closer as ‘anything goes’ apparently. Personally, I’m waiting for Will Self to marry a donkey so he’s got an intellectual partner to look up to.

  122. 122
    They Don't Like it Up'em says:

    Yup.. and being from a minority, they couldn’t shout her down!

  123. 123
    Geordies certainly do things different says:

    Just watched the first couple of minutes, and when Peter Hitchens started spouting again, foghorning, I came here.

  124. 124
    Eddie Boys Bandwagon Tour says:

    thats exactly what we said nelly… unpack your trunk and tell ‘em again

  125. 125
    Also Watching says:

    +10 Peter Hitchens

    Labour = $hit.

  126. 126
    Ja de d J Je a n says:


    Psycholigists are mostly psuedo psychiatrists…are you female perchance?

    I do however agree with your synopsis…

    “Hodge appears to be more APD than NPD, but none the less is pathologically manipulative. If she has a history of sexual promiscuity, she could qualify as psychopath.”

    I would very much like to know her score on the Hare Psychopathy Test.

  127. 127
    They Don't Like it Up'em says:

    Blondie likes diversity.. especially when it’s attached to a 10″ chocolate coloured member.

  128. 128
    fran says:

    You are sadly correct. The inability of the carefully selected audience to diss her for politically correct reasons should not detract from her eloquent argument.

  129. 129
    They Don't Like it Up'em says:

    Welcome.. pull up a post or two

  130. 130
    Also Watching says:

    Typical Labour: Mo F = Somalian. Shameless hijacking that for political point. Missing also point that diversity is racist.

  131. 131
    NHS helpline says:

    try more water with it…

  132. 132
    They Don't Like it Up'em says:

    FFS the token Tory in the audience?

  133. 133
    Also Watching says:


  134. 134
    I Fist my own Arse by Using my Own Head says:

    Thank you for the complement Sir. It 1st sprang to mind when thinking of a way of plugging my ears while watching the BBC.

    Trouble is my ears always end up blocked by shit.!

  135. 135
    Vortigern says:

    Question Time is particularly annoying tonight

    packed with multy-kulties

    intent on destroying the country

  136. 136
    Also Watching says:

    They have outdone themselves on busing in mongs for this audience.

  137. 137
    Diane Slugusset..well known labour apologist says:

    sounds like my type of treat

  138. 138
    the furry fish says:

    could I just apologize to everybody for occasional lapses leading to drink driving on the internet highway

  139. 139
    Stuff David Cameron and his liberal Party says:

    QT this evening has to be the most lefty programme that the BBC has ever broadcast.

    It doesn’t help that Justine Greening is a lefty too.

  140. 140
    They Don't Like it Up'em says:

    They’re not intent on anything other that being on the taxpayer teat. The job is done, it’s too far gone to reverse.

  141. 141
    QT ... bbc's flagship bias says:

    will self….. twat

  142. 142
    They Don't Like it Up'em says:

    Blondie plays to the audience.. she must have spotted some diversity in the crowd.

  143. 143
    Anonymous says:

    Why watch it? I gave up on it years ago. Do yourself and your blood pressure a favour and bin it.

  144. 144
    Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

    The word omnishambles was first uttered in 2009 by fictional character Malcolm Tucker in the BBC TV series The Thick of It, a satirical comedy about the inner workings of the UK government. In the culmination of a furious rant at fictional MP Nicola Murray, communications director Tucker exclaims that Murray is an omnishambles

  145. 145
    brown-dog says:

    T. P. Fuller said

    “He’s a raving anti-Semite, Nell, take no notice. This blog is infested with them”

    On the contrary…I’m very pro Arab.

  146. 146
    Labour...filth...just filth says:

    how noble of stella creasey not to talk about the dead nurse..such piety …
    what a joke

  147. 147
    The BBC hates Britain says:

    as QT is pre recorded and edited I can not see how the BBC has a leg to stand on. Except that Dave will probably agree with all that has been said.

  148. 148
    They Don't Like it Up'em says:

    “author”.. Self publicist would be better.

    Next up – Kate is responsible for the nurse’s demise.

  149. 149
    The Libor party says:

    Celebrate the rich multi-cultural diversity !

    AND the extra votes that accrue to us.#Neathergate

  150. 150
    To infinity left and beyond says:

    Particularly is an understatement to the nth degree. Have to say I have never seen the likes of this before.

  151. 151
    Geordies certainly do things different says:

    Yep – and we made money on the deal through the back door by bells and whistles deals and bookkeeping. It was not just the price got on the day – loads of cash came later.

  152. 152
    Labour...filth...just filth says:

    and to finish the labour causes a la vaz… the nation’s arbiter of standards

  153. 153
    Blowing Whistles says:

    NHS – are you talking hospitals? – Jacintha – Hung – out to dry by her Employers – see a couple of letters in the Indy today – oh dera its all coming out now and the public do not like what they are being properly informed of – not by the MSM that is of course.

  154. 154
    They Don't Like it Up'em says:

    So Vazzy is looking to set up a side business in recreational materials given his sudden interest. Self was the right person to discuss the consequences of being a dope headed junkie.

  155. 155
    Geordies certainly do things different says:

    Well it is from Bristol after all. And also, if sharp end Torys could get out of their hidden dark shadows and actually appear on it, it might not be so lefty.

  156. 156
    albacore says:

    Your country’s been stolen from under your noses
    Still you bitch over which party smells of roses
    Last year’s census proved they’re ALL rotten to the core
    They’ve succeeded where all England’s foes failed before

  157. 157
    They Don't Like it Up'em says:

    When you throw the net in a shallow pool, don’t be surprised you only catch $hite of the earth.

  158. 158
    Geordies certainly do things different says:

    Makes me laugh with QT these days is the four goons from Joe Public Street they have sitting on plastic chairs next to the panel. What a pantomine.

  159. 159
    They Don't Like it Up'em says:

    It’s the four goons next to Oborne on the platform that’s pathetic.

  160. 160
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Do excuse me but – It is on record and published in the public domain that the gold was sold on the advice of Goldman Sachs – the Governments then advisers of the time. As for Balsup Ed – if he had any or any true intelligence he’d do the right thing – If I get his number I will give him a hoax call.

  161. 161
    They Don't Like it Up'em says:

    Stella would like to sell the homeless some nice designer cardboard boxes..

  162. 162
    Stella @ 500 words a second says:

    The BBC has questions to ask about Question Time.

    Tonight it has plumed new lows.

  163. 163
    Labour...filth...just filth says:

    somebody put stella up for a sainthod please .. shes such a good egg.

  164. 164
    the furry fish says:

    it is a disgrace and it will not end. the flood gates have been opened. walk down any street and they are full of people talking into their phone in a language other than english, probably discussing how to spend the money. the people who have done this to this country want stringing up.
    am I being too harsh ?

  165. 165
    Geordies certainly do things different says:

    Why do tory blonde young ladies always have warts on their face? Quite off putting it is, as if they are practicing witches, of the bad kind.

  166. 166
    Stavros says:

    No. You are being too lenient.

  167. 167
    Also Watching says:

    Stella needs to go on a diet and STFU.

  168. 168
    Bellla Stella says:

    Food bank, food bank, charridy charridy, I’m so humble!
    Ignore my millions..

  169. 169
    domino316 says:

    I’m sure if you read the postings up to date, this blog is hardly a forum that lends itself to debating the finer points of British (English) History or the treasonous acts of those governing it, especially at 11.30pm, and having wasted energy highlighting it before I am now posting between ordering gifts from Tax havens and none-EU countries.

    As you will no doubt have observed even though the Bill of Rights, Act of Settlement and other foundation stones of our alleged democracy are discarded in to the dustbin of history by traitors such as Camoron, Clegg and Milimarx, aided by papists, isl-amists and juden, but the average citizen seems content to live in a country which if it was on the African continent would be considered a banana republic….let them reap what they sow in there soon to be broke “lord of the flies” newtopia.

  170. 170
    Thinko says:

    Government should shovel money to random people on the street.. no wait we do that already.

  171. 171
    NHS helpline says:

    just imagine you’ve had a few and its her arse you’re looking at…the thought that the kisser might be better should get you over the hurdle

  172. 172
    Also Watching says:

    Well at least no children were obviously harmed in the making of this one.

  173. 173
    Baldrick says:

    Just as well Justine Greening ain’t a Tory but one of Dave’s Babes, agree she should have her facial warts sliced off.

  174. 174
    Stella's Krease says:

    it’s so terrible …. hand-wringing … look, if only … the tories … my charities …
    hand-wringin … i’m so modest … and yet so humble … hand-wringing …

  175. 175
    They Don't Like it Up'em says:

    That would be because they don’t let their chief whip ‘moisturise’ their faces unlike their left leaning sisters.

  176. 176
    contrary mary says:

    that geezer that makes the shit beer is getting close to his holliness level of homily

  177. 177
    Geordies certainly do things different says:

    Somebody pension off David Dimbleby, for gawd sakes, please! He is so old hat. Someone buy him some gardening implements for Xmas and send him into the garden of his vast house and let him stay there, away from 21st century life.

  178. 178
    Brillo says:

    Oh dear, the double threat of Mehdi Hasan and Owen Jones on This Week.

  179. 179
    Dave says:

    Stella is a good reason to minimum price Stella

  180. 180
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Grateful thanks for the link – have copied it and will ponder every word for 24 hours. Save that a Barrister mentioned to me a few years ago – wait till the press really hear about “This case” [Crown Court]?

  181. 181
    The BBC causes serious mental illness says:

    Mehdi is already tweeting with glee that he is going to enjoy baiting Hitchens. I genuinely feel for Peter enough to follow him on twitter and read his column now.

  182. 182
    Geordies certainly do things different says:

    cast – reel in – fishy!

  183. 183
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Justin Gau – is yet another fucking ‘actor’.

  184. 184
    Roll Up says:

    Mariia gay marriage Miller and expense claim cheat is now on Brillo.

  185. 185
    They Don't Like it Up'em says:

    Owen and MendyHendi.. Al Ja Beeba are really pushing the boat out with their support of extremism… err diversity.

  186. 186
    The BBC causes serious mental illness says:

    Hardly balanced and unbiased.

  187. 187
    brillo sharpens his claws says:

    odds on maria will fight her corner …don’t laugh

  188. 188
    tweet tweet says:

    Great a pair of left wing comedians, worth listening to the rubbish

  189. 189
    They Don't Like it Up'em says:

    Well it’s balanced all the way to the left, and unbiased since there’s no ‘right wingers’.

  190. 190
    They Don't Like it Up'em says:

    Does Owen know what ‘work’ actually means? Nice pad someone is paying for him.

  191. 191
    Labour...filth...just filth says:

    owen’s narrative and surroundings fits spot on …dosser behind the curtain.. atypical labour slimeball in the making.

  192. 192
    Fishy says:

    Self loathing

  193. 193
    Geordies certainly do things different says:

    furthermore, get Paxo on QT, he is our present day Robin Day, and is a laugh too as well, for a change from that starchy tory dimbersdumb,

  194. 194
    They Don't Like it Up'em says:

    Moron pole says 99% of people asked wanted more free money from other people. 1% weren’t sure but would vote for more kittens.

  195. 195
    NHS helpline says:

    is the smell that bad ? .. have you tried sucking a fisherman’s friend ?

  196. 196
    They Don't Like it Up'em says:

    Jonesie is confused by the big words the adults are using.

  197. 197
    tweet tweet says:

    Seems our schoolboy knows where a magic money tree is.

  198. 198
    They Don't Like it Up'em says:

    This is why you don’t work with kids and animals.. they mess themselves on camera and end up making everyone shovel $hite about

  199. 199
    a lifetime's golden moments.. says:

    those bloody werther sweets.. I was innocent until some old bloke gave me one of those to suck … well actually it was stuck on the top of a funny squidgey long thingy but I was shortsighted

  200. 200
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Caption Contest

    “At least that one eyed idiot did flog it all off”

  201. 201
    They Don't Like it Up'em says:

    .. and the 300 quid ‘attendance expenses’ will subsidise a weekend of kebabs and champaign.

  202. 202
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Owen Jones maths.

    69% of the 25% of the 100,000 people I spoke to all agreed that 99% of the poor are not as rich as the other 20%

  203. 203
    Geordies certainly do things different says:

    A1 or A2, which is it to be JG?

  204. 204
    Stella's Krease says:

    Fuck no! Paxo is a twat of the 1st order. He is a northern labour numpty with failed pretensions of interlekuality. Fuck him.

  205. 205
    Anonymous says:

    a paywall is being built.
    us and them.
    we need to traingulate,

  206. 206
    They Don't Like it Up'em says:

    Only the steel frames are ours.
    The shiny stuff on them belongs to a variety of african charities, NGOs, and PhoneyBlair.

  207. 207
    Stella's Krease says:

    and Dimblembemebyebyemebyy is about as much as a tory as the Beast of Bolsover.

  208. 208
    Substance over ? says:

    Jones way out of his depth arguing with Portillo.

    Michael is not even trying to put Owen down and is treating him so politely that it makes the lad look even smaller.

  209. 209
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Jones is right in one area that housing benefit is a waste. All it does is pay landlords to house people in shit housing.

    Answer is to offer people housing outside of London but perhaps with some subsidised travel for them if they are in work. but paying out 50K a year or more in houdsng benefit is bonkers.

  210. 210
    Geordies certainly do things different says:

    London or Calcutta? London is it? – interesting. Mostly white you say, and they were on Panorama tonight? Even more interesting.

  211. 211
    Operation Crossbow says:


    “Has anybody checked the gold is real? that Scotsman was a right thieving git when he came to the palace”

  212. 212
    They Don't Like it Up'em says:

    Jones got his @ss handed to him on a plate with the first sentence! Still the money was worth the humiliation.

  213. 213
    They Don't Like it Up'em says:

    There are houses that you can buy with a packet of wotsits up north, but apparently they all have to stay in London because they’ve created social bonds with a bench in the local park.

  214. 214
    Bluto says:

    What is Will Self for? A loathesome creature.

  215. 215
    Geordies certainly do things different says:

    Get stuffed Stella – dimbersdumb is as right wing as Attlia. And Paxo is a great good bloke, with or without foreskin…. : )

  216. 216
    Gold Watch says:

    A lot of it hasn’t been assayed here – google up tungsten salting for further details.

  217. 217
    They Don't Like it Up'em says:

    “Have we installed the ramps so that the Germans can collect it?”

  218. 218
    money 4 nuffin says:

    When I were a landlord my best tenants were those from the job centre as their cheques never bounced and I could insist I was paid diirectly.

    But yes the state did put up rates, and the income I could expect was beyond, way beyond local rates.

  219. 219
    They Don't Like it Up'em says:

    The chinese were onto that last year!

  220. 220
    AU says:

    The Queen has, that’s what she did today.

  221. 221
    Geordies certainly do things different says:

    Furthermore, just set up a quango charity nil vat setup just, and I am chief exec, so wotchit -“Get Paxo on QT” it is called. and I will start off with this link, for you to get to known The Man better,

  222. 222
    tweet tweet says:

    I would have thought the Presclott ones would be on the market now, how many houses and families did he screw up “updating” those old terraced houses oop north

  223. 223
    Vortigern says:

    Governments could spread wealth around the country more by giving businesses a discount on corporation tax if they locate in poorer areas.

    Trouble is, we are as a nation such a fucked-up politically correct socialist republic that only higher taxes are acceptable.

  224. 224
    Out of Londonianstan says:

    So it’s official. London is no longer British.

  225. 225
    Geordies certainly do things different says:

    furthermore. Paxo on Brit weather – and by the way, details for cheques to be sent to my charity “Get Paxo on QT” will be posted soon,

    By the way, ignore Jezza Cee – he’s a prize tool from Rotherham, and should be ignored, for the good of your leftie health, all. And limp wristed Lib Dems of course, with their solar panels and windmills and lentils.

  226. 226
    Diane Fatbot says:

    The English are the new ethnic minority.

  227. 227
    tweet tweet says:

    I think the indigenous Liberal left are in for a shock when the new left take over, wonder what they will do with themselves, probably go and live in Cannes and fret what might have been.

  228. 228
    Geordies certainly do things different says:

    Can’t get a good fry up in Lahndahn these days, let alone pie and mash with jellied eels and liquid. Wots the country coming to, ey, ey? Answer me that one funny guts,

    Alf Garnett is a genius, as far as I am concerned, mate. A good geezah ‘e is.

  229. 229
    the furry fish says:

    Canada is really big with enormous resources and shit

  230. 230
    the furry fish says:

    anyway it will all be over in a few days when planet x makes it’s appearance and the alien wotsits come and do the assessment, who’ll be laughing then eh ? eh?

  231. 231
    Geordies certainly do things different says:

    There’s words, ey? Did you swallow a dictionary friend?

    Start talking about algebra and I might be able to understand you.

  232. 232
    Geordies certainly do things different says:

    North Dakota is coining it, in the US, with their shale gas and shit. Buck City is North Dakota in the US at the moment. Even reintroduced gunfights on Main Street at dawn, even. EEE-HARRR!

  233. 233
    Geordies certainly do things different says:

    Furthermore, North Dakota, as we speak,

  234. 234
    the furry fish says:

    there was a very interesting bit of information on the radio the other day regarding the fact that most things get denser as they get colder except for water which gets denser down to 4c but then gets less dense as it gets colder hence floating ice. the point being that if water continued to get dense at lower temperatures ice would sink and any life trying to evolve in the water would find itself flapping about in the air as opposed to what happens is the ice makes an insulating layer. it is like god made the laws of physics in order to make life but then went “oh fuck, that doesn’t work ” and changed it a bit

  235. 235
    Geordies certainly do things different says:

    Shale gas link for LibDem and Tory nimbeys on ND new wealth and energy, ey trotskyites?

  236. 236
    Geordies certainly do things different says:

    By the way, glad Grimes from Canada is in the top list of best albums of the year, somewhere in UK here – she’s got spunk,

    More Grimes here, for the pagans about us, like me – stick your chrissey sock in your reindeers and your own gobs, effing F. Christmas,

    Anyone up for it, a bit of praising the stars on the night of 21/22 Dec? See you there, on top of the hill…

  237. 237
    Geordies certainly do things different says:

    Link – Guardian it is. BLIMEY! – they actually listen to me! Bizarre come around,

  238. 238
    Geordies certainly do things different says:

    And by the way all, on my present handle, Geordies are a barometer for yews english, oh yes, Dave Cee and Georgie Porgy Puddin’ an’ pie.

    Love from Wales/Cymru,

    will get back to my leek soup now, hello Mary – where are the lambs tonight?…..

    : )

  239. 239
    He who no longer posts says:

    In common with silicon dioxide, water’s strong, orientation-dependent, intermolecular interactions are generally accepted to be the cause of this otherwise unusual negative thermal expansion.

    That argument that God ordered it to be so is yet another tiresome confusion of sequence with consequence.

  240. 240
    Tachybaptus says:

    Just like Horace’s Satire 1.6:
    … inde domum me
    ad porri et ciceris refero laganique catinum.

    ‘Then I go home to a bowl of leeks and chickpeas and pasta.’
    (He was rich but liked to play at being a peasant, like some modern people we could mention.)

  241. 241

    Irish Feminist Masturbatory History, sir.

    And what is wrong with that?

  242. 242

    In my current straits I do any focking thing providing you click my donate button. Now get on and do it, you focking cont.

  243. 243
    Geordies certainly do things different says:

    PLEASE! a bowl of leeks with potatoes and carrots, with a nice bag of buoket garni (or however the frogs spell it), and of course with a bottom leg of welsh black cattle beef, with it’s iron marrow exposed, meat coming off the bone nicely, cooked slowly for hours.

    Pasta gives me constipation. Though chickpeas are nice, with ketchup – like a strange tin of baked beans it is. : )

    But thanks for the cooking tip, Tachywotsit.

  244. 244
    He who no longer posts says:

    Shurely you are not suggesting that the state of being rich means that all your motives must be suspect?

  245. 245
    Geordies certainly do things different says:

    …and oh yes, not forgetting the welsh onions too, and when I mean onions, I mean proper onions, that will make you cry more than at your mom’s funeral when you cut them up. Full of cleansing sulphur compounds for the bowel it is.

  246. 246
    Geordies certainly do things different says:

    Think he is, to sadly state the bleeding obvious. Why do only the rich suffer from gout, for instance? All that pillock french food from those London french brothers imported poisoning them when they don’t know it. Cheese board! – give me a rest garcons! and when did the french export a decent bottle of red wine to us last, ey? Some of us known they keep the best to themselves, and offload their redcrap to use, at silly money.

  247. 247
    He who no longer posts says:

    But at 65-92, if you look, he does say something which approximately translates as I’d like to think I’m a pretty straight kind of guy.

  248. 248
    Geordies certainly do things different says:

    Furthermore, Basil, and his advice to the kiddies about with food – get it down your gullets or starve, via Paignton, Torquay, Torbay, Devon,

  249. 249
    Geordies certainly do things different says:

    65 to 92? terrible years for french wine, when they got overtook by the Ozzies, while the frogs were fast asleep. or complaining about this that and the other at their tarbacs.

  250. 250
    He who no longer posts says:

    You’re quite right of course. I’ve been thinking further that I do not suffer from gout ergo I am not rich. But of course in those days, they did not have anti-freeze…

  251. 251
    Geordies certainly do things different says:

    OOPLA! Tabac even, mee weee,

  252. 252
    not a machine says:

    Not forgetting David leans version of Oliver Twist , they cut to the adverts now when Bill Sykes murders Nancy (coughs sold off the gold), as its such a powerful scene .
    Subtext was a very interesting observation none the less .

    So now we are in the landing sequence for the PMs EU moment of truth , will it be near touch down ,but a full throttle abort back to circuit , or touch down and off into the unknown , or touchdown angry passengers and a droning electronic synthetic english “we hope you all have a nice day in the eurozone please cough up again ” .Although I thought the big one for the PM and his career would be the EU budget in january .

    Old holborn forms his very own coffee (as in politcal 18th century) shop protest group , and Owen Jones has to be correct on his political history as he comes face to face with the intellectual ice berg of Portillo and pedelo of Alan johnson .

    Will self hasnt thought if marrying your sister will be the new liberal clarion call “marrying your sister is the right thing to do because I am liberal” cant wait until they crack on with rights for those who have sex with animals . Be no point in parliament , save a fortune , they will end up governing a pile of sand and claim it progress.

    If for nothing else this year , Peter Hitchens should recieve some award for introducing the term “furnishings of the mind” although his interjection on a rather oily ms creasys food bank line , was a pretty good reminder of how politicians abuse language , when faced with someone who really can use grammer .
    Will self seems a changed man these days , not quite yet round as to if 140 charctures life , is a disaster in society , but certainly revsisitng some of his avantguard as an older man .

    Prince Phillip “dont let it happen again ” I know he was speaking to the BOE and whatever is being assumed as repentence , for not really noticing banking and finance had turned into a unpleasant game of pass the parceled debt and take yer big fee , It would have been nearer the truth for me , had he been standing next to a large mobile poster of Tony Blair form 97 with the same line, and pointing to the words “things can only get better”

    I have to attend some matters , thankyou for your thoughts they helped a great deal . keep a lookout for any finance matters that have not been correctly factored in ,or incorrectly reported by there CEO . I have a feeling George may have missed somthing major on the horizon and quite fierce if it materialises .

  253. 253
    Geordies certainly do things different says:

    He who no longer posts – gout in the poor generally comes from over consumption of Mc Ds or Bergerkings – don’t fall in that trap too. Qui?

  254. 254
    He who no longer posts says:

    It works even better with your formulation and struck exactly the right pitch for me. I do not necessarily pine for the old spellings.

  255. 255
    He who no longer posts says:

    Tsk! Tsk! Receive! Can’t blame the phone for that one, nam! ;-)

  256. 256
    Geordies certainly do things different says:

    another one of those books again… too late in the early morning to get through that lot – HIC!

  257. 257
    not a machine says:

    but as a universal solvent , water , is so far the only molecule which allows life to exist , which when you have thoughts about , the standard model , is rather a long way off from the law of thermodynamics which suggests , entropy is best served by the simplist of life forms , if life is governed purely by physics , basically why is there anything more complex than virus or bacteria , where there is water and life forms ?????
    case of confusing limited consequence with more complex theory :)

  258. 258
    Geordies certainly do things different says:

    Well, we have got to watch out for those nazzie over paid US lawyers, money for old rope, monetary fascists, don’t we?

  259. 259
    not a machine says:

    LOL but are you sure your second Tsk should be capitalised ……

  260. 260
    He who no longer posts says:

    In the multiverse, it does not always happen that way. So they say…

  261. 261
    He who no longer posts says:

    Doctor Johnson never opined on dental clicks.

    The way I chose to punctuate it necessitated the capitalisation. I wanted to make the exclamation appear deeply considered. :-)

  262. 262
    He who no longer posts says:

    I like to be Closter(s) my money… Back to bed. Night night.

  263. 263
    not a machine says:

    Thats more cheetin than Ed Balls can even manage as a get out ……

    Multiverse …. put that with endrogenous growth theory …

  264. 264
    not a machine says:

    mmmm I give way Sir , I give way …. :)

  265. 265
    Geordies certainly do things different says:

    North Dakota philosophy,

  266. 266
    Anonymous says:

    bet you will be back here in half an hour. I can tell these things, without pharmies, that is..

  267. 267
    Geordies etc.. says:

    Bet you will be back in half an hour – without pharmies, that is.

  268. 268
    Geordies etc.. says:

    oh gawd, norton security again – see below…

  269. 269
    Geordies etc.. says a taffy says:

    Bugger it, an Xmas song for each of the four corners of brit fannying poiltics to each leader.


    Clegg, (via Sheffield….)

    Cameron, (also known as Dave the Cee)

    And of course one for Ed Emm-andy-pandy-come-out-to-play,

    Hope it is alright – think I hit the broad spectrum there of brit, and NI, life, I think. Tell me if not. Feedback is good…..

  270. 270
    Geordies etc.. says a taffy says:

    blimey, lookin’ back, think I did a good observational job there – genius see…

    Top your port up Father?

  271. 271
    ShurdyRover says:

    Perhaps we should get Bliar and Strawman to send her to Libya just like they did in to Sami al-Saadi !! Think we might have some fun now getting these 2 crooks squirming and word is Bliar was in Gaddafi’s a lot more than is stated according to Libyans !!

  272. 272
    Geordies etc.. says a taffy says:

    By the way all, true brits and NIers, I recommend this site – I have shares in it for attention time, for good stuff, sharp end brit and hibernian isles musically,

    Main major malfunction to start it off was The Human League from Sheffield, from 1978, and then it continued, as orange Clegg might notice it here, getting his eyes pecked out by Cameron at present times,

  273. 273
    Mark Skid says:

    Taxes are for the tiny, tiny people.

  274. 274
    Geordies etc.. says a taffy says:

    That is in the past, and don’t fall in the trap of selectve history recollections, what with George dubious Bush and his old man about then, you thick numbnut naive cretin.

    Sorry for being so blunt, but you obviously need educating. Or are you one of these practicing tory puppet misinformation shites, that bother forums? You are! Oh, I am sorry then – feel free. Hope you choke on your pieces of hollow silver.

    A welsh song for you, from “Denise”, on her joanna – it might tickle you sorts. A fine and marvellous “lady” she is, and I will not stand anything bad to be said about him, sorry, “her”, RIGHT!

  275. 275
    What's the story Balamory says:

    1. Rumour – Kate wasn’t and isn’t suffering from morning sickness – it was all a ruse to fill the papers by the torys what with Osborne’s shocking Autumn Statement, to divert attention – the Royals went alone with it.

    2. Admin staff at that posh hospital used that Indian nurse by shoving her on the swirchboard, since she wouldm’t have a clue, and they knew it.

    3. Ozzie radio station royalist senior staff were in on it with the right wing Torys fro the UK, with a promise of a handshake from the Queen, when she next visits.

    4. Admin thick pen pushing high up political gossiping admin staff, using trained and highly qualified scientifically trained nurses as fodder, for their own ends, again, so they could shake the Queens hand, next she visits.

    5. Hope the admin overpaid stall in that hospital end up old and on a ward, for a quick dispatch by the nurses there.

    6. Will we hear the full story, non da noticed? Not with the gagged media we have got, who only go after non-stories about non-state corruption, and go after Joe Bloggs oon the street only.

    There is a lot in this story – and it has been a set up, as I said, by the torys and their friends – Kate with severe morning sickness? My arse!

  276. 276
    Dai hard boyo says:

    Taffy must be on benefits, what a fucking surprise. Got a hard day of sleep and watching daytime TV now.

  277. 277
    Gordon Brown says:

    I ripped teddy a new one last night.

  278. 278
    Brenda says:

    We always had a great weakness for chocolate.

  279. 279
    I Remember You Hoo says:

    Was not Hodge an advocate of the child molesters P.I.E.?

  280. 280
    Question Time says:

    Which prominent Nazi said of the fledgling E.E.C. ( yep the Nazi’s called it that first ) said “The new Europe will be socialist, or it will be nothing at all”?

  281. 281
    Ed Millionaireband says:

    Everyone thould thpeak Englith tho all thothe immigwanth are harder to thpot.

  282. 282
    Ed Miliband (Prime Minister designate) says:

    Are you listening Dave ?

    This will make you lose your erection

    Latest YouGov / The Sun results 13th December – CON 33%, LAB 43%, LD 9%, UKIP 10%; APP -33

  283. 283
    Doris Goldblatt says:

    The young lad Root has been handed short leg duties

  284. 284
    Really? says:

    Nell, it’s well known how Mandacious made his millions.

    Like all EU ministers, he had enormous power and no scrutiny to worry about and the ability to say yes or no as to who was rewarded with exclusive trade deals with the EU.
    The Russians and Chinese were so grateful, he was able to afford an £8 million pound house and offshore bank accounts bursting with money, after a very short period as EU Trade Minister.
    Of course our own plod are too lazy and corrupt themselves, to investigate him ( ACPO ).
    So he is safe to count his ill gotten gains at leisure, knowing there will be no five o’clock knock, on his front door, any time soon.

  285. 285
    National Socialist says:

    It would be nice if the indigenous population could speak proper English too.

  286. 286
    Goy Boy says:

    “Goldman”, “Sachs”, “Rothschild” – nice names for honest people to do business with.

  287. 287
    Really? says:

    Hadn’t GS bet the entire farm on the then gold price falling?

    What better way to ensure just that, than broadcasting your intention to sell well in advance, thus artificially lowering the market prior to any sale?

    I hear GS made a fortune.

  288. 288
    Anonymous says:

    I don’t think working class people have much sense or they wouldn’t be working class.

  289. 289
    He who no longer posts says:

    @ Geordies. The only worthwhile thing you can do with Norton Security is to take it off … if you can. It is a bugger and sticks to your computer like shit to a blanket. Use MSE, its free and good and doesn’t interfere with anything. But you must not have two of these things working at once as you might as well go back to the abacus.

    @ Anonymous. Pharmies not necessary. I only have to think for a few minutes about my gorgeous Walloon ex, or my lovely Mandy Rice Davies lookalike ex, or my stunning naughty Welsh ex, or my statuesque Shrimpton type ex, or my (censored before I get hung) or a number of others and I have the most marvellous sleep during which it is not possible to turn over and accidentally roll out of bed…

  290. 290
    Anonymous says:

    Goo gle “t a l mud tidbits” for an eyeopening understanding of the psyche.

  291. 291
    Goy Boy says:

    So many cutcocks, so many cutcocksuckers.

  292. 292
    Ed Millionaireband says:

    I’m not Indigenouth, I’m Indignant. The Indignans are a proud nathan, I’ll have you know.

  293. 293
    Ernie Marples says:

    Racing cars in a car park is a national sport, apparently.

  294. 294
    Buzz saw says:

    Not to mention her physiognomy!

  295. 295
    Buzz saw says:

    Is the award in the shape of a brass noose perhaps?

  296. 296
    Buzz saw says:

    It is also quite astounding that HM did not know the name of “that financial what was it called regulator thingy? Did Brown tell her nothing of what he was up to? Does she not read anything placed in front of her? No wonder she had to ask why nobody at the BoE saw the crash coming. “Was someone a bit, er, lax….?” Understatement of the century!

    Nice point from Phil about anyone knowing if another crash was on the way!

  297. 297
    Buzz saw says:

    You highlight perfectly the results of Shirley Williams’s education reforms of the 1960s (which I shan’t bother to expand on as you clearly will have no idea what I am talking about).

  298. 298
    Buzz saw says:

    … at least not on camera..

  299. 299
    Buzz saw says:

    Did security check that handbag on the way out?

  300. 300
    opticianal says:

    He’s a Dalek, you know.

  301. 301
    Greychatter says:

    The greatest Expense fiddlers are Labour and now Hodge the Dodge being a typical Lefty, earning money from the Taxpayer while coining it from other sources.

    To my way of thinking the Left Wing – politicians, Union leaders, Socialist theorists etc., always earn their money from the Taxpayer.

    Conservatives are always criticized by the Left for their own or family wealth but the majority of those on the Right have earned their fortunes or it’s been passed down to them.

    The Government is having to use Taxpayers money to compensate the Libyan Islamist over 2 Millions pounds for Tony Blair’s arrangements with Gadaffi. Maybe the Government (Taxpayer) should sue Tony for compensation, he made the arrangement – he’s making enough to well afford it – the majority of the population won’t earn that much Nett income in a lifetime.

  302. 302
    domino316 says:

    Geordie, it was a reply to Ja de d J Je an….not you me old mucker

  303. 303
    Archie says:

    Why do you think that the accounts haven’t been signed off for yonks?

  304. 304
    the furry fish says:

    I have recently been thinking that there may be a template that surrounds each living thing which the organism grows to fill.

  305. 305
    He who no longer posts says:


    But who causes the template to be put there? God? Or is there an Absolute Template Maker perhaps? Does he use a master template to make each template? If so, how was the master template made? The Absolute Template Maker? Or would it have required the services of a Absolute Master Template Maker? In which case the Absolute Template Maker was not absolute…

  306. 306
    Noah's book of boatbuilding says:

    I’m a necrophiliac, umm – no sorry, nymphomaniac, umm – no, sorry again, a cleptomaniac – umm, sorry, wrong again. That is it, I am am owl, generally known as an insomniac.

    Don’t mess with us lot pal, we a really frightening!


  307. 307
    Noah's book of boatbuilding says:

    …by the way friend, been sent half a dozen tickets for Kraftwerk at the Tate Modern coming up, but can’t be bothered to trawl up the M4 in a car, nor steam engine to Paddy Station. So let me know if you want them for your tory hunts, free, generously from me, as us lefties are, to whatever colour,

  308. 308
    Noah's book of boatbuilding says:

    oh dear, seems your tory culture vultures over there are getting their knickers in twist over them – would be more worth to see than the show, you blue knobs,

  309. 309
    Noah's book of boatbuilding says:

    Right Teletubbies it is, in that Lahndahn bubble of closed world political and media tosspots, ey Freddie (aged three)?

  310. 310
    Noah's book of boatbuilding says:

    And by the way Dai, have you heard of the black market, for culture and understanding? better me say no more….

  311. 311
    Noah's book of boatbuilding says:

    Bugger it even more, one really for my mate, Ed Emm, since I was mysterious, and maybe baffling for Lahndahn naive H of Cee Westminster.

    One for Ed, Guido, with love from me – WHAT!, not in that way your H of CEE perverts, like this, brotherly…

    Any good, Guido?

  312. 312
    Noah's book of boatbuilding says:

    sounded like a klingon to me, or vulcan or dalek – whatever he is, I have not met yet,

    What, jap!?!

    shirley not

  313. 313
    Noah's book of boatbuilding says:

    Japan now is reflective, with their vast debt, as with post war England, like not coming to terms that they are broke, and play games like idiot aristo Inglunder normans, trying to keep their shallow minded public schools going, post WWII, with their BBC, with their Wimbledon tickets who is with them, in foolish head in sand osterich behaviour,

  314. 314
    Don't cross the Severn Bridge, it gets annoyed says:

    above is the present four, at PMQ’s,
    looking over back of Cams savile row,
    camera catching saying to Balls, get off,
    playing games with us here, common sort,
    as if Clegg is not, playing rounders with girls,
    pat-a-cake with Cable and Alex ginger warped.

    Alex with his Lib sell by date quickly approaching,
    ginger nuts are twitching, from fair isles and ends,
    Cable quivering lower lip saying this that with nothing,
    Cams whipping them with their drug induced crave power.

    oh I give up, I could go on all day here.

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