December 12th, 2012

Gérard Depardieu Flees French Tax Tyranny

gerarThis one slipped under Guido’s radar earlier. Following thieving François Hollande’s 75% tax rate for those earning over a million euros, French film legend Gérard Depardieu has upped sticks and left the country. Depardieu has moved literally yards across the border to Belgium, earning himself a 25% tax break in the process.

The taxodus continues…


  1. 1
    JH76432342345425 says:

    He also likes to wee on the floor of planes.

    Good on him. Starve the beast.

  2. 2
    JH23353455623 says:

    The BBC – so keen on others paying tax to keep their rarefied little world in existence – have a snooty little article here about it.

    “However, our correspondent says it is quite obvious that the main reason for the move is for tax reasons.”

    Who gives a fuck what you think, you grubby little moochers?

  3. 3
    Popeye says:

    That’s the way to do it!

  4. 4
    JH23353455623 says:

    1 2 and 3.

    Eat that Billy.

  5. 5
    JH23353455623 says:


  6. 6
    Turgle The Turtle says:


  7. 7
    Hodge Bodge says:

    Such a tiny, tiny, tiny, move…

  8. 8
    Piss party says:

  9. 9
    Pollytwaddle says:

    But what about the poor, the needy and the vulnerable?

    Evil Tories™ must be behind this.

  10. 10
    The Hypnotic Arsehole says:

    The tax hikes are ridiculous.

  11. 11
    Socialism is a serious mental illness says:

    ’nuff said.

  12. 12
    ‘Dave’ ‘Anal’-Moron, announcing his new Winterval “Fragrance”, says:

    Hi Guys! it’s me – the bummers benefactor! – and boy – have I got a treat for you!!!

    Faecal Fetish – the fragrance for him and him that will bring a smile to both your faces!!! – and show how terribly cool I am – and up to date!

    Who needs a tax break when they have this???!!!!

  13. 13
    I am not related to Edinburgh arseholes. Deal with that reality. Delusional arsewipes. says:

    What a bunch of c-nts.

  14. 14
    Rightwingers says:


  15. 15
    ibrahim says:

    and the holocaust against the indigenous British continues

  16. 16
    JH23353455623 says:

    What of the wanty? Who will think of the wanty?!?!

  17. 17
    Anonymous says:

    It would have been ironic if he’d gone a few miles further on to Holland.

  18. 18
    G0ordon Brown says:

    Hey! – what do you mean? – I’m a socialist!

    Nurse – I’ve lost my marbles again?

  19. 19
    JH234556342134 says:


    Corrected for you.

  20. 20
    The Magical Mong says:


  21. 21
    Why can't you conservatives be like this conservative? says:

  22. 22
    been there done that says:

    One Gordon Brown tried to kill the poor with the 10p tax hike.

  23. 23
    Gerard says:

            ▄█▀  █  ▀█▄
           ▄█▀       ▀█▄
           █           █
           █           █
           ▀█▄▄  █   ▄█▀
             █  ▄▀▄  █
             █ ▀   ▀ █
             █       █
             █       █
             █        █
             █       █
             █       █
       ▄█▀▀█▄█       █▄█▀█▄
     ▄█▀▀    ▀            ▀▀█
    █▀                      ▀█
    █                        █
    █           ▄█▄          █
    ▀█         █▀ ▀█        █▀
     ▀█▄      █▀   ▀█     ▄█▀
       ▀█▄▄▄█▀      ▀█▄▄▄█▀

  24. 24
    Tedious lefty fuck says:

    Gordon who?

    Nothing happened between 1997 and 2010. Nothing.

    Apart from the country still reeling from Thatcher, yeah?!

  25. 25
    Ich bin eine Lahndahner says:

    Perhaps he is still hoping for a green card?

    Give him one Obama, you know it makes sense, meee-weee!

  26. 26
    Chris Bryant says:

            ▄█▀  █  ▀█▄
           ▄█▀       ▀█▄
           █           █
           █           █
           ▀█▄▄  █   ▄█▀
             █  ▄▀▄  █
             █ ▀   ▀ █
             █       █
             █       █
             █        █
             █       █
             █       █
       ▄█▀▀█▄█       █▄█▀█▄
     ▄█▀▀    ▀            ▀▀█
    █▀                      ▀█
    █                        █
    █           ▄█▄          █
    ▀█         █▀ ▀█        █▀
     ▀█▄      █▀   ▀█     ▄█▀
       ▀█▄▄▄█▀      ▀█▄▄▄█▀

  27. 27
    Grumpy old git says:

    Gerard Depardieu – wasn’t he in that re-make of Roxanne, where he was dressed like one of the three musketeers, for some reason.

  28. 28
    CarryHole is a Complete Hunt says:

    It’s admirable that Depardieu has gone Galt, rather than turn into a moocher.

  29. 29
    CarryHole is a Utter Hunt says:

    It’s admirable that Depardieu has gone Galt, rather than turn into a moocher.

  30. 30
    Sir William W says:

    Good for you, mon vieux! No point in letting that salaud Hollande throw your money out of the window, as you would say.

  31. 31
    JH23323235238 says:

    Wow. Imagine the opening sequence of Saving Private Ryan full of ‘Marines’ like that.

    ‘I’ve lost my tweezers!’

    ‘I’ve got icky sea water on my new scarf!’

    ‘oooOOOoooh look at that young Nazi in that machine gun nest!!! He’s looking at me! He DEFINITELY looked at me! Don’t look! Don’t look! HE’S STILL LOOKING AT ME!’

  32. 32
    The savant8.5 says:

    If gerry. Depardieu. Continues to get any fatter he will. Explode………

    …. So the next stewardess will be picking up entrails rather than urine .

    Something for some trolley dolly to look forward to …

  33. 33
    Jane Birkin from Paris says:

    Hollande’s true ambitions are now coming to the front.

    By the end of his Presidency he aims to increase the French equivalent of Jobseekers allowance by ten per cent in real terms .

    This is the true level of this man’s thinking .

    France under Sarkozy sunk to seventh spot from sixth spot in the economic ratings .

    Hollande is quite capable of taking it to tenth spot.

    Any real new jobs created in France in the next 4.5 years will be accidental.

  34. 34
    Tom Tomos says:

    Is that a Bergerac he’s sniffing there?

  35. 35
    Ich bin eine Lahndahner says:

    Wasn’t that Bergerac, that copper telly show on Jersey? or was it Guernsey? same diffarrraaance…

  36. 36
    Sir William W says:

    Never did care for Stockhausen.

  37. 37
  38. 38
    CarryHole is a Utter Hunt says:

    It’s forcing people to conduct a ceremony in a non-state facility that we right wingers are worried about…

    You know those “little” things called proper rights, i.e. restrictions on the state! Freedom of association, Freedom of expression, Freedom of Speech.

    To ignore those foundations of civilisation because your upset someone won’t bless your buggery sessions is a tantrum too far for me.

  39. 39
    CarryHole is a Utter Hunt says:

    He was dressed as a wine bottle?

  40. 40
    IMHO says:

    Is that Gérard Depardieus nose?.

  41. 41
    The savant9.0 says:

    If. Gerry. Depardieu gets any fatter. He will explode …

    Then they will. Be mopping up entrails rather than just urine …..
    ….something for some unsuspecting trolley dolly to look forward to …

    Allez enfants de la patrie… Le jour de gloire est. arrivee .

  42. 42
    Angela M says:

    Der kann mich doch am Arsch lecken!

  43. 43
    Ich bin eine Lahndahner says:

    Does sound like a pack of cats/chats on a piano, qui?

  44. 44
    Gooey Blob says:

    It’s precisely what would happen here if The Two Eddies were ever to get into government again.

  45. 45
  46. 46
    any old iron... says:

    poor piano bet that hurt

  47. 47
    Anonymous says:

    That’s a serious looking nose bleed.

  48. 48
    Eddie Boys Bandwagon Tour says:

    you betcha

  49. 49
    Ich bin eine Lahndahner says:

    Ironic thing though, despite Gérard Xavier Marcel Depardieu. La France with higher taxation, with fair liquidation of wealth, will get rid of their national debt in no time with this move, while the UK will trail.

    Gérard is being slightly unpatriotic to La France here. And for Belgium, Gérard – why, mon ami???

  50. 50
    The BBC is a fucking disgrace says:

    When is the BBC closing down?

  51. 51
    Random Moniker Genarrrrtor says:

    Why can’t somebody come up with a random moniker generator?.

  52. 52
    JH23323235238 says:

    Where to go? Most of Europe is truning into a tax and spend lefty hellhole.

    Estonia is a possible, plus the women tend to look like Luba Shumeyko.

    Uruguay? Peru? Even Argentina?

    Or hide in plain sight, with lots of precious metals stashed away?

  53. 53
    The BBC causes severe mental illness says:

  54. 54
    Living in 97.8% white North Wales says:

    Gerard Depardieu – who he?

  55. 55
    a non says:

    He was included for his nose.

  56. 56
    Living in 97.8% white North Wales says:

    So Haguey’s summoned the North Korean ambassador.

    Bet the latter’s shitting himself.

  57. 57
    JH23323235238 says:

    ‘fair liquidation of wealth’

    OK, I give up. What in the name of blue fuck is that?

    How does liquidating wealth, while increasing spending, lead to debt being reduced?

  58. 58
    Ich bin eine Lahndahner says:

    definately needs re-tuning after that bit of “art”, no doubt.

  59. 59
    Living in 97.8% white North Wales says:

    See 4 below

  60. 60
    JH23323235238 says:

    Actually, I bet the latter is thinking of ways to defect.

  61. 61
    villages says:

    Give a dog a bone [sic]

  62. 62
    David B says:

    And I bet they still believe in the student assumption that tax has no effect on people decisions

  63. 63
    early bird..... says:

    absolutely and france is in a serious mess economically .. the public sector is bloated and the unions very strong so public sector expenditure still rising.

  64. 64
    Yossi says:

    The foreskin’s further down

  65. 65
    A.I.D says:

    I am sure his Dads love Owen too.

  66. 66
    Ich bin eine Lahndahner says:

    To pay off the national debt, while everyone eats cake?

  67. 67
    Pundit Too says:

    Old news but still relevent for the loony lefties at the BBC to be quiet.
    Some months ago I quoted in a major economics magazine a French friend in USA whose brother had moved, yet again, to Luxembourg (first move was when Mitterand got into power), to avoid the 75% tax.
    I had some adverse comments; one accusing me of exaggerating the tax rate and spreading gossip. Now it is proved, they have gone rather silent.

  68. 68
    Random Moniker Genarrrrtor says:

    Frozen out… again?.

  69. 69
    Pundit Too says:

    Argentina is going down the plughole yet again under Kirschner’s Socialist government – though I am told that buying land and office property is a winner for the future – not for the weak willed though.
    After living and working in 21 countries I believe there is no utopia.

  70. 70
    Ich bin eine Lahndahner says:

    By the way, for diplomatic reasons, better say there is nothing wrong with Belgium – very funny people. That film “The Sex Lives of the Belgiums” always gets me in stitches when I watch it. And a very complex demographic country, what with their waloons and dutch and germans and french, and flems of course. Good vid of Belgium here, to see what I mean, and vewy vewy funny it is,

  71. 71
    Guido News Room says:

    Let this be the end of it: A Co-Conspirator collapsed and died at a Christmas party after dancing Gangnam Style, reports the Press Association.

  72. 72
    Little Lord Rumpoy says:

    I will always eat cake. Tax the masses.

  73. 73
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    Down from sixth to seventh and headed for tenth.
    Does the EU have relegation?

  74. 74
    He who no longer posts says:

    I had a really lovely Walloon GF once who did not like sleeping… :-)

  75. 75
    Fishy says:

    He’s on the BBC so often, they will be inviting him to join their pension scheme.

  76. 76
    Random Moniker Genarrrrtor says:

    Was it an official summons written in N.Korean with a wax seal on it saying you are in breach of that UN resolution again, stop firing missiles over junks of Japan, they don’t like it, it is causing more upset and litigation than having a shared drive.

  77. 77
    Andrew Efiong says:

    Another tax exile, seeking asylum from Franky Dutch’s fiscal persecution.

  78. 78
    Dave"Fatty" Cameron says:

    Cornish Gouda would go nicely with a Dutch Pasty

  79. 79
    Future says:

    An inventor builds a device that can communicate with people in the future. One day, a photo opp is arranged for David Cameron and Barack Obama to visit the inventor and test out the machine.

    Obama goes first and types: “Hey there folks. How’s it going in the US of A in the future?” He selects the year 2030 and presses send. A few minutes later, a message appears on screen. Obama reads it out loud: “Howdy. Everything is a-OK in America, here in the year 2030″.

    Then Cameron takes his turn and types: “Hello. Good day to you. Can you please tell me what life is like in Great Britain in your time?” He too selects the year 2030 and sends. A few minutes later, a message appears on screen. Cameron looks at the screen and frowns.

    “Is there a problem, Dave?” Obama asks.

    “I can’t read the message”.

    “Why not?”

    “It’s in arabic”.

  80. 80
    Ich bin eine Lahndahner says:

    his nose was, like a bottle of Bordeaux claret his nose was, and I suppose eez!

  81. 81
    He who no longer posts says:

    Just get the c’unt who ruined this site to turn the comments off completely. Then we can all flood to Mumsnet…

  82. 82
    well who would have guessed says:

    Played in Astrix movie, think it was as Obilix, the big guy.

  83. 83
    National Socialist says:

    Or defecate

  84. 84
    High taxes = lower tax take says:

    Damn stupid socialists just don’t get it, never have and never will.

  85. 85
    "Dai the cash in hand" says:

    Your forgetting “Wales”

  86. 86
    Ich bin eine Lahndahner says:

    they know how to humpty-dumpty they do, ey friend? Perhaps that is what Gérard has in mind, yes?, the roight dorty frog…

  87. 87
    The BBC causes severe mental illness says:

    Or the strategic value of introducing same sex marriage to the DPRK.

  88. 88
    nellnewman says:

    But this cannot be!! Hollande is militwit’s Economic Hero! He must not fail to make France the wealthiest most solvent country in the world or militwit’s economic policies based on the french one’s will be trashed and the UK electorate in 2015 will know militwit is a fraud!!

  89. 89
    He who no longer posts says:

    All my favourite pastimes begin with F.

    Philosophy, Photography, Foreign Travel…

  90. 90
    Concerned guy says:

    Mumsnet: nuspeak for digital hen pecking, the antidote to social media, no thanks.

  91. 91
  92. 92
    JH565652387 says:

    Rural Argentina has very little ‘State’ as such. They simply can’t afford it after iterative waves of bankruptcy.

    There is massive corruption at the top and in the cities, but you could live a peaceful life in the country without cloying masses of busybodies projecting themselves in to your life.

    I live in a remote house in a rural area, but the council took it upon themselves to send two busybodies out in a car to harass me into filling in a voter registration form. It really, really pissed me off.

  93. 93
    Your Friendly Neighbourhood Uncanny Resemblance Film Casting Service says:

    Quite right; Cyrano de Bergerac, for his nose.
    And he was cast as Obelix for his moobs:

  94. 94
    Conspiracy Nutjob says:

    Psy wouldn’t have been playing on hospital radio recently, would they ?

  95. 95
    CarryHole is a Utter Hunt says:

    + 1 He’s done enough already to ruin it.

  96. 96
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Ed Milibland wants to copy Hollande’s economic policy, cue for a rise in unemployment .

  97. 97
    ou est le papier? says:

    A Fremchman went to the Lavatory…

  98. 98
    I don't nee d no do ctor says:

    Just shows you what awaits if Miliband and Balls get into power in 2015. They openly hate the wealthy, the private sector, those that strive to get ahead. It will be extra dumbed down Britain.

  99. 99
    CarryHole is a Utter Hunt says:

    An inventor builds a device that can communicate with people in the future. One day, a photo opp is arranged for David Cameron and Barack Obama to visit the inventor and test out the machine.

    Obama goes first and types: “Hey there folks. How’s it going in the US of A in the future?” He selects the year 2030 and presses send. A few minutes later, a message appears on screen.

    “Is there a problem, Obama?” Dave asks.

    “I can’t read the message”.

    “Why not?”

    “It’s in Mexican”.

    Then Cameron takes his turn and types: “Hello. Good day to you. Can you please tell me what life is like in Great Britain in your time?” He too selects the year 2030 and sends. A few minutes later, a message appears on screen. Cameron looks at the screen and frowns.

    “Is there a problem, Dave?” Obama asks.

    “I can’t read the message”.

    “Why not?”

    “It’s in arabic”.

  100. 100
    CarryHole is a Utter Hunt says:

    France should pull out of Airbus and just give every frenchman a bucket and tell them if they pull the handle hard enough, they can fly.

  101. 101
    Who says:

    “Rebekah Brooks, the former head of News International, was paid £10.8m after she resigned, it has emerged.”

  102. 102
    Always Looking On The Bright Side says:

    All us that are truly in it together are W E L L – F U C K E D

  103. 103
    He who no longer posts says:

    So what do you call the peremptory deleting of the comments of Bill Quango MP, Sir William Waad, Paragnostic, Tachybaptus, nell and most of the other great regulars, for which I have so much respect and have derived so much enjoyment?

    To quote the sage words of Sue Cameron Honestly, what a load of Tossers!

  104. 104
    Grrr says:

    How about Rotherham, Tottehnam, Hackney – and all the other Socialist Utopian areas around Britain where Socialists have been in power since Moses.

    There you will find, love, happiness, no crime, full employment and the realisation of Marx’s dream.

    Why – even the gangs raping and prostituting girls have a social concience – they must have or Rotherham council wouldn’t have let them do it for so very long.

    And ask anyone how life in Hackney is – even that tub of Lard MP of theirs is happy – she just sends her kid to a private school so government schools have more room for children of the workers.

  105. 105
    Mornington Crescent says:

    I bet that hurt.

  106. 106
    Jim Bergerac says:

    Jersey is quite nice and close to home!

  107. 107
    Almost completely Anonymous except for that weird contraption. says:

    It does help to realise, when reading some of the comments, that there are folks here well versed in the art of irony.

    Think on’t.

  108. 108
    Chav world says:

    If the SNP get their way then Sean Connery will be moving across the border…bugger hes already left the country

  109. 109
    Spartacus says:

    bet he finds a starbucks there

  110. 110
    On the verge says:

    On a je pense encore le droit de déménager ou on veut et en plus si on a gagner son argent …. Bravo Gerard

  111. 111
    Jonathan Wilson says:

    Had to google Luba Shumeyko, oh yes indeedy Estonia it is then *pwarrrr*

  112. 112
    Spartacus says:

    i just laffer at you

  113. 113
    Flying Spaghetti Monster says:



    Pleased to get in touch with my Noodly Appendage…



  114. 114
    HMMM says:

    Take issue with one point on that Idnnd, although they like to pretend otherwise they ARE the wealthy, just look at Blair ffs, and all the others with their private Dachas, as some body once said; we are quite relaxed about the rich (as long as the lucre is acquired through the correct political mantra).

  115. 115
    Your Friendly Neighbourhood "Desaparecidos" Explanation Service says:

    It was once told to us that the young gentleman has a low threshhold for tedium, and certain of those you mention have at one time or another found themselves on the wrong side of it. Basically, if you are not being “witty” and entertaining in your fulminations, but, rather, predictable and somewhat bilious-sounding, or, you verge on libel without the redeeming virtue of satire, he’s gonna shut ya out, if you engage in posting often several times in a thread. He wants posters to up their game, as the Umpire did (somewhat).

  116. 116
    Concerned guy says:

    There is nothing ironic about mumsnet – that site is hardcore.

  117. 117
    Almost completely Anonymous except for that weird contraption. says:

  118. 118
    Tony Benn says:

    Capitalism is all about greed. Socialism is all about fairness. Discuss.

  119. 119
    Future Estonian says:

    Me too, meow!

  120. 120
    Silent Bob says:
  121. 121
    JH474543235 says:

    She has a twin sister, who is possibly even more stunning.

    Jus’ saying.

  122. 122

    Roxane : Last week you moved to Belgium ! … what courage!

    Cyrano: Oh, I have been braver since then.

  123. 123
    HMMM says:

    Dear Tony, (née Anthony Wedgwood-Benn), Skegness is in the eye of the beholder. It it so bracing!.

  124. 124
    Raving Loon says:

    Greed met by aspiration and human endeavor. Fairness met by oppression and tyranny.

  125. 125
    PSY -Pink Edition says:

    ‘mandatory same sex marriage’

  126. 126

    The thing to remember about Tony Benn is that he has argued at length on every possible subject on earth. And has been proved to have been wrong about 90% of the time.

    Only Polly Toynbee and Gordon Brown have a worse track record.

  127. 127
    JH474543235667869 says:

    I’ll add to Bob’s verbose reply if no-one minds.

    Socialism is all about the equal sharing of misery. It destroys wealth creation, and only creates ambition in autocratic minds.

  128. 128
    Tony Blur says:

    I love money. I converted to Casholiscism as soon as I left parliament.
    I’m a devout Casholic. And so is my wife.

  129. 129
    HMMM says:

    He has morphed into Toyn Bee-Brown.

  130. 130
    Gentleman says:

    Go to Google images and search “Anne Hathaway’s Hunt”

  131. 131
    Gentleman says:

    Or vag

  132. 132
    fitzfitz says:

    … to Belgium ? ! ! ! … land of drear .

  133. 133
    Anonymous says:

    for lord leveson too.
    has he, like the current BoE governor under labour government, been promised a juicy job by the opposition, if he backs them.
    problem with Leveson is that he is not really willing to engage with the public.

    ……in other news Lord McAlpine has gone monastic and taken a vow of silence.
    does he have a handler?

  134. 134
    Owen Jones says:

    My mum says I’m always wrong. And I’m only 13. By the time I’m as ancient as Wedgie, I’ll have been wronger, and whinier, than any other person on the planet.

    You’ve got to set yourself goals.

  135. 135
    I don't nee d no do ctor says:

    But don’t socialists use the money made by capitalists? How did the Milibands make their money when they arrived in the UK, and since?

  136. 136
    Keith Vag says:

    Did you see me on the telly ?
    Taking the kids of the suicide nurse for a press conference?

    How did I look?

    I was striving for caring and compassionate but fear I may have strolled into opportunistic and callous ?

  137. 137
  138. 138
    Ed Moribund says:

    Our socialist money comes from 100%, natural, sustainable resources. From the money trees and the tooth fairy.

  139. 139
    Anonymous says:

    is it right for one to gain at the expense of another. that has been permitted so far.
    freedom to this and freedom to that….all we all want to do is advance. should everthing be looked at through this prism?

    bliar talked about a journey. and it is true. why we hold back another. why should another hold us back….we should be helping but only within limit.

  140. 140
    Jonathan Swift says:


  141. 141
    Ich bin eine Lahndahner says:

    Don’t worry about it – let the torys keep fooing themselves that they are industry makers. Let them keep sucking on their nannies dummies, the gimps that they are.

  142. 142
    Ich bin eine Lahndahner says:

    oh jeezuz – french celts – run Inglanders!

    and then the Romans came…

  143. 143
    Ich bin eine Lahndahner says:

    say it friend, don’t be shy – come right out with it – physics…

    An oh yes, fucking the Belgium pussycats as well, of course.

  144. 144
    HMMM says:

    Lay off, he’s an Oap and la belle is still just a short coach ride away. Don’t mention Waterloo.

  145. 145
    Wild Bill says:

    Capitalism is about equality of opportunity. Socialism is about equality of outcome.

  146. 146
    Ken Lorp says:

    When a pig manages to escape the slaughterhouse, we here admire his intelligence and ingenuity. The French just mock his lack of solidarity with his fellow pigs.

  147. 147
    Anonymous says:

    what is ‘Mexican’?

    they speak spanish in Mexico.

  148. 148
    Keith Spaz Hairdresser says:

    No honey, you did just fine.

  149. 149
    A Human Rights Lawyer says:

    Freedom to defile other people’s sacred places is not a freedom worth fighting for.

  150. 150
    nellnewman says:

    That’s a very good question. No-one has ever explained how the militwit family, who arrived on our shores utterly penniless, became very wealthy marxists and are now £multi- millionaires.

    Where did the money come from ? as it did long before the present militwit brothers were out of short trousers !

  151. 151
    Vazeline says:

    I take it then he will be arranging another personal photo-op/publicity stunt for himself everytime somebody commits a suicide for any reason whatsoever in the foreseeable future.

  152. 152
    nellnewman says:

    vaz = opportunistic and callous? That’s a bit of an understatement!!

  153. 153
    nellnewman says:

    Hollande then is gordonbrown Mark II. All we have to do is sit back and watch. We already know how that will end.

  154. 154
    nellnewman says:

    Well only so long as the subject is newsworthy so he can get his fizog on the front page of every newspaper . Other than that he’ll have no interest.

  155. 155
    D Attenborough (Naturist) says:

    That was a rare sighting of the lesser crested cockup-too. Native to blog sites, it gently repeats jokes adjusting context in order to achieve better comedic impact. Watch carefully now as the male repositions for a second attempt to attract the attention of his mate, who also was wondering about that point…

  156. 156
    The Sound of Silence says:


  157. 157
    nellnewman says:

    I notice that Hollande’s rather colourful partner seems to have gone and hid of late. Presumably she’s been told to keep a low profile because she’s attracting too much bad publicity.

    She rather reminds me of cheriebliar- foot always in mouth.

  158. 158
    Tatchell the bender says:

    Nearly 3/4 of your income confiscated and given to a person called mohammed?
    Next time I fly over France Im having a curry and flushing the bog twice

    Camqueer and his civil partner Osbornewithasilvercockinhis mouth are just as bad

  159. 159
    A Masquerading Dollop says:

    Lashings of HP Sauce

  160. 160
    HenryV says:

    I am surprised none of the BBC’s great and good live in Paris and go to work via Eurostar.

  161. 161
    Keith Vaz Nure at King Edwards Hospital says:

    Call me (or just send me a brown envelope)

  162. 162
    Eddie Boys Bandwagon Tour spokesperson says:

    you betcha

  163. 163
    Graham Norton says:

    It feels very nice acutely.

  164. 164
    Keith Vaz Nurse at King Edwards Hospital says:

    Nell you will find that this bigotted woman is best avoided and kept locked away
    Just like all women

  165. 165
    MI four and a half says:

    GUIDO GUIDO GUIDO – since my love and understanding for man in my two main isles, despite their failings, sometimes floating back and fore from Europe like a yo-yo, thought I’d ask the quite non-etiquette it seems question about this to you and all here,

    And a song to back it up, my comment that is, nothing else, honest,

    And she is a dutch/irish Kiwi, of all things, with Dublin Viking blood in her. Quite interesting you could say, when you regard it sensibly, non-hysterically?

  166. 166
    Sir William W says:

    Capitalism is about producing things. Socialism is about dissipating them.

  167. 167
    HMMM says:

    In tears!, but only for the little people.

  168. 168
    MI four and a half says:

    AH AH AH! Beeb vid at top doesn’t work – see what I mean?

  169. 169
    Angie the Eagle says:

    I’d lube Luba anytime!

  170. 170
    Nose Flute Rasping says:

    Theft? Loansharking? Running clip-joints in Soho?

  171. 171
    Polly Pot says:

    He is a class traitor.
    He’s going to end up like he did in Danton.

    Vive La France! Vive La Tuscany!
    liberte, egalite, fraternite!

    {although some are always a little more egalite than others}

  172. 172
    Plastic Bertram says:

    Ca plane pour moi

  173. 173
    Whacked Off says:

    So does this mean that Hacked Off can use hacked down ?

  174. 174
    Can't use me old moniker says:

    When all these investigations about savile are complete, will they fine him, or will the Bbbc be exonerated?

  175. 175
    He who no longer posts says:

    I often try to say what I say by using suggestion that others can complete. You have fulfilled that task admirably.

    Physics. Ain’t it fucking wonderful?

  176. 176
    Gordon Brown says:

    I stand ready to be elected president of France.

    Monsieur Holland. Demain, Le dix p tax fiasco.

  177. 177
    JH23353455623 says:

    Taxi for David Cameron !

  178. 178
    HMMM says:

    Is that a Swiss bank account number, a Mexican drug dealers HSBC customer account number or an RBS bank off-shore Jock account number?. We should be told FSA.

  179. 179
    He who no longer posts says:

    Reification of religion.

  180. 180
    fuck-off stupid mod says:


  181. 181
    Farmer before we went in EU says:

    a capitalist knows how to feed a cow, a socialist knows 100 ways to milk it

  182. 182
    MI four and a half says:

    box of chocolates for Osboune, from Tottenham, or West Croydon. : )

  183. 183
    Socialism = Starvation says:

    The UK public sector is bloated too, and expenditure is still rising, the ‘cuts’ are reductions in increases, not spending, it takes a real cut to say he’s making them when he isn’t, step forward Dave.

  184. 184
    Genuine Film Legend says:

    Who is this Deperdieu you speak of?

  185. 185
    Jaded Jean says:

    “This one slipped under Guido’s radar earlier. Following thieving François Hollande’s 75% tax rate for those earning over a million euros, French film legend Gérard Depardieu has upped sticks and left the country. Depardieu has moved literally yards across the border to Belgium, earning himself a 25% tax break in the process.

    The taxodus continues…”

    But who were the original cosmopolitans…and why were they so prone to upping sticks at the drop of a hat?

    Why do the INTERNATIONAL socialists so despise the national socialists?

    It’s all rather easy to work out btw.

    Hint: International socialists hold allegiance to no country…only their own.

  186. 186
    nellnewman says:

    Sadly this is true. I suspect however we little people are happier than the despised bliars and browns with their salted away taxpayer troughed £millions, pointlessly, endlessly travelling the globe for no useful purpose.

  187. 187
    Tobias Carvey says:

    Fuck off BBC

    Double fuck off in fact

  188. 188
    Gone Fishing says:

    Life’s better in the Bahamas

  189. 189
    MI four and a half says:

    bugger it, know you want more, georgie porgie with your puddin’ an’ pie,

    and not from oop north, Sovereign from tha’ Wembley,

    Like her balls/lips, guv!

  190. 190
    Message in a bottle says:

    oy Toynbee

    …………../´¯/)……….. (\¯`\
    …………/….//……….. …\\….\
    ………../….//………… ….\\….\
    …../´¯/…./´¯\………../¯ `\….\¯`\
    .././…/…./…./.|_……_| .\….\….\…\.\..
    (.(….(….(…./.)..)..(..(. \….)….)….).)
    .\…………….\/…/….\. ..\/……………./
    ..\…………….. /……..\………………/
    ….\…………..(………. ..)……………./
    ……\………….\……… ../…………./

  191. 191
    Big Momma says:

    She has suddenly made a lot of friends.

  192. 192
    The BBC are cunts says:

    We need to up our game to compete with the private sector.

  193. 193
    Hillary - not the one who climbed Everest. says:

    Oh I don’t know as I am a chip off the old block and probably could beat his record.

  194. 194
    Chad says:

    -(o o)-

  195. 195
    Primary idiot. says:

    A capitalist knows about cows, a socialist thinks milk comes only out of bottles or tits.

  196. 196
    Silent Bob repeats himself - loudly says:
  197. 197
    MI four and a half says:

    He’s not quite an Alain Delon, or a Jacques Tati, is he? Alain was a right fanny magnet, and maybe still is, for english ladies…

  198. 198
    Bilbo Baggins says:

    I left the Shire for tax reasons.

  199. 199
    Polly T. says:

    me? worried ? don’t be silly—

    all tied up in offshore trusts years ago

    great uncle was very good at that sort of thing. A fine socialist too.

  200. 200
    He who no longer posts says:


  201. 201
    He who no longer posts says:


  202. 202
    Peter oh so orange Hain says:

    Vaz had better watch his step. Nobody moves in on my opportunism patch. I’ll get Tom Watson to ask a question in the hoc about his dodgy money, or I’ll get Chris Bryant to lie his shitty little mouth off.

  203. 203
    MI four and a half says:

    Some Jacques Tati here, if I puzzled some english here,

  204. 204
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:

    Libor – on the side of the skivers, NOT the strivers

  205. 205
    Spartacus says:

    Oy I am Spartacus

  206. 206
    Slippery Vaz O'line says:

    Ed even let me the labour bandwagon.

  207. 207
    Hodge and Vaz says:

    Money advice 4US. We are here to bullshit you.

  208. 208
    Vote4Ukip says:

    The thing with these fckwit socialist types is that even if they could look 20 years into the future and it was proved that taxing wealth creators more made the country far less prosperous, as logic dictates, it wouldn’t change their policies and mindset one iota. They would still keep hammering the wealth and job creators. Its like the scorpion and the frog all over.

  209. 209
    Economist says:

    I can see how that will win politically, but how is it to be paid for ? We do actually need people off benefits and being productive to increase tax revenue, and help reduce the welfare bill. The carny money press and lack of interest in inflation limits spoken about will not bode well for those trapped on benefits.

  210. 210
    French Film Buff says:

    Forget played-out piffle like Asterix, this is Depardieu at his finest…

  211. 211
    He who no longer posts says:

    ‘Friends of Syria’ Recognise Syrian Opposition:

  212. 212
    MI four and a half says:

    don’t you mean “ON THE SIDE OF THE WORKERS”, rather than those podgy arsed capitalistic sitting down always money grabbing tory hobbyists?

    Some people!

  213. 213
    He who no longer posts says:

    I’ll let that one go … for now.

  214. 214
    Anonymous says:

    had Lord McA served proceedings on the Bercow woman yet

  215. 215
    Benny Fitz-Clements says:

    I’ve seen some of these ‘podgy arsed capitalists’ on The Jeremy Vyle prog. They’re shocking, truly shocking.

  216. 216
    MI four and a half says:

    Yes, classic Gérard there.

    Funniest french bloke you will ever meet – he plays his games, he says his riddles, he touches up your wife, he couldm’t give a flying fuck, and that is what I like about him. He is not a Louvere oil painting though, on yes, is he? But my wife says he has got a huge todger, like his nose…..

  217. 217
    HH The Pope tweets says:

    I think that H@rry C0le is a c*nt too.


  218. 218
    Anonymous says:

    ppl seem to have lost track of sacred.
    lets say the universe is governed by sacred laws.
    what are they. why debase and defile them. who benefits?

  219. 219
    Wouldn't you? says:

    Has Petter fucked her sister as well?

  220. 220
    MI four and a half says:

    WHAT! I will have to see that episode!

    “my haaasband won’t buy me an ‘orse. And he can’t leave the port alone, you know Jeremy ol’boy”

  221. 221
  222. 222
    Dave - shitstick - Cameron says:

    Depardieu is a greedy fat cun*t.

    No wonder he’s so popular with the management on here.

  223. 223
    MI four and a half says:

    Interesting – roll on May 2015

  224. 224
    East India Company Wallah says:

    Are you suggesting napoleon de pig (for it was he) reresented the hypocrisy of the french revolution
    Glorified by university lecturers worldwide using the three lies
    Libertie – lie
    Equalitie – lie
    Fraternitie – lie
    Socialism-always an unfinished project

  225. 225
    PSY Cameron in a lift says:

    Bang me George Osborne style

  226. 226
    albacore says:

    So, under Fawkes’ radar slid a frog
    Gotta admit, we ain’t all agog
    With what the LibLabCons enticed here
    One border-hopper’s very small beer

  227. 227
    PSY Cameron in a lift says:

    Cameron gets owned in a lift Boris style


  228. 228
    Saffron says:

    Sorry folks totally off topic.
    Don’t care what the gallic supposedly friends of ours are doing re taxation and their citizens are doing to avoid this.
    When is our so called government going to stop this in it’s tracks.
    The Cons,forget it they are of the same ilk as the other two treasonable partiers
    Red Ed
    When are these 3 assholles of parties going tom believe that they are history

  229. 229
    Anonymous says:

    switch the bbc off……….
    health is wealth.

    switch hague the vague off.
    same sex unnatural.

    strategic is sacred. nothng sacred in the unnatural world.

  230. 230
    MI four and a half says:

    It’s not geology, friend,

    Who in hell is interested in old stones, even Hugh Heffner’s…

  231. 231
    He who no longer posts says:

    Morrissey blames Kate for death of hoax call nurse.

    He must be a fucking head case. But that is what socialism does to people.

  232. 232
    A Doctor Writes says:

    Don’t lose your head.

  233. 233
    MI four and a half says:

    ey Ricky?

  234. 234
    Benny Fitz-Clements says:

    Libor’s Broken Britain…

  235. 235
  236. 236
    Anonymous says:

    create your atlantis.

  237. 237
    William Shakespe*are says:

    Oi! I won’t have thee spe*ak of the missus that way, sirrah!
    Tomorrow morn, repair thyself to the field of honour!
    As for myself, I shall be sleeping in…

  238. 238
    Christmas Dave says:


  239. 239
    Stopping TV Tax Payments says:

    News-night just started & paxo started talking bollocks from the start.

  240. 240
    Smoot says:

    If I’m alive when Polly Toytwat goes to her well-deserved rest, I shall punch the air with delight. If I am dead, I’ll put in a word for her with the Chief Commander .

  241. 241
    MI four and a half says:

    oh jeeeahzuz, that london white Newsnight discussing leaving Europe and all that crap. Forgetting Scotland might go west, or north by then. These London media paxo shites are totally out of touch, arn’t they, living in their own personal London living bubble, cooking up Higella’s recipies in Islington and off Hamstead Teeth.

    Numbnuts, the lot of themare, pal,

  242. 242
    UKIP.I.Am says:

    Farage off to a good start though – talking sense.

    Waiting for an unfair Paxo slap down… he is already irritated with Norway’s input.

  243. 243
    Anal Gush says:

    Paxo is a self serving sponger of the TV Tax gedit

  244. 244
    UKIP.I.Am says:

    Some unshaved foreigner going on about freedom of labour movement.

    Scare mongering about Spain evicting all ex-pats: They shouldn’t be able to do that if Spain remains in the EU.

  245. 245
    Puss & Huffy Puffy Post says:

    Hu well thats it then.

  246. 246
    He who no longer posts says:

    I used to live down the road from Keith Richards and saw him from time to time in the nearby village where I worked in 1967, often he was with Anita Pallenberg where he would drive in his red Ferrari. She was beautiful then but time (or possibly lifestyle) has not been kind to her.

  247. 247
    MB. says:

    There are a few of the contenders for BBC Sports Personality of the Year who I expect to soon set up residence in Switzerland or Monaco.

  248. 248
    MI four and a half says:

  249. 249
    Anal Gush says:

    Yep, they are like the fire & brimstone brigade of old.

    You will do this or you will be punished.

  250. 250
    UKIP.I.Am says:

    Invited chinese business chap who is meant to be pro-EU is not making the pro-EU case. ie. The world doesn’t care, just make good stuff at good price, EU doesn’t matter.

  251. 251
    UKIP.I.Am says:

    Sweet: China regards Euro as a dangerous currency, Sterling is safe.

    Back to Norway: ‘We do not suffer at all’ being outside Euro, German lass still trying to talk it up.

  252. 252
    Watching the Paxo Show says:

    They pay these half wits lots of money to talk bollocks. No wonder the UK is F.U.C.K.E.D

  253. 253
    Diogenes' stand-in says:

    Surprise! Surprise! Outrageous pro-EU propaganda from Newsnight’s false worse case scenario on leaving the EU.
    Dissembling huhnes!

  254. 254
    MI four and a half says:

    oh chroist almighty, don’t get me started with Switzerlund, a childish country,

    BUT, some sveiss unt gwt, ja?

  255. 255
    UKIP.I.Am says:

    Economic part done – seemed to be more on the leave side – no convincing reasons or case made for staying in, but some advantages being out.

    On to the political b/s now – opening with Boris demonstrating lack of knowledge…

  256. 256
    Watching the Paxo Show says:

    When Blighty & EU is F,uct China is also F,ucked big time.

  257. 257
    Weygand says:

    Both Asterix and Obelisk (Clavier in London and Dépardieu in Belgium) have quit Gaul this year.
    Even though it’s the Romanians rather than the Romans who are rushing in, there is no potion magique left.
    Dogmatix would insist on leaving if only he could talk.

  258. 258
    UKIP.I.Am says:

    Do not think that China is completely dependent on our demand. If EU goes belly up, and US continues to decline, they have pretty big investments in Africa and Latin America to fall back on, and a substantial and growing gold reserve for settling international payments. Their only problem would be maintaining internal stability.

  259. 259
    Boris the Bike says:

    I have not a clue but people should listen to me, the best way forward is not look back but look forward, as by looking forward you can’t look back nor forward.

    Paxo agreed LOL

  260. 260
    UKIP.I.Am says:

    French lass seems to be on our wavelength wrt BoJo.

    Feeling in Europe is for British Government moment of truth, if Britain wants to be part of EU. Purpose of Europe is sharing virginity according to Heath administration. (WTF ??) Any renegotiation would mean Britain leaves.

    Labour: Time is not right for a referendum – Paxo gives Reynolds the ‘please answer the question’ treatment. Labour can’t do anything, and neither can Cameron because need agreement of the other 26 states b/s.

  261. 261
    UKIP.I.Am says:

    Farage spoke clearly about why Britain cannot follow political union path with the other states.

    Paxo brought up Hadrian’s wall wrt. Scotland: No real conclusion on political question, but UKIP point strongest.

    Vote UKIP.

  262. 262
    Anonymous says:

    fairness…..let,s not gain at the expense of another.
    greed……. an imbalance.

    those with power have gained at the expense of others.
    capital is where we need to be.
    it is of value.

    man is a social animal but a spiritual being too.
    so. ism,s are boxes. wanna be boxed in or free?
    there is always something better but cannot throw the baby out with the bathwater. support structures matter as much as individual freedom. The greater the self reliance, the greater the freedom. socialism is a stunt. where does self actualisation fit into all this?

  263. 263
    MI four and a half says:

    yes, unchristian, pick on what you think, the dregs of our life, our country, stand them on the gibbet, in stocks, sling your rotten fruit, you tory feckless arseoles, as if they are not your country, care?, not in my faggot money grabbing stocks and shares principality.

  264. 264
    Anal Gush says:

    OK I buy much yen then (no pun intended). But will the new breeders in the UK support the east.???

  265. 265
    Joss Ayinglike says:

    Get help before you deteriorate completely.

  266. 266
    And Gordon? says:

  267. 267
    Anonymous says:

    the whole situation is highly political. keith vaz is asian and a privy counsellor…so given that both royalty and an asian family is involved….vaz is a minder. who for? ..he is guiding…what for? question….why are privy counsellors for life?
    You do swear by Almighty God to be a true and faithful servant.
    are the privy counsellors the top echleon of society?
    they are locked in.

  268. 268
    NE Frontiersman says:

    Er, had it not occurred to you that several thousand of those who landed on D-day must by the law of averages have been gay?

  269. 269

    Sticks fingers in ears and sings la-la-la-la-la-la.

  270. 270
    NE Frontiersman says:

    Man On De Sauce, as Private Eye rather wonderfully put it.

  271. 271
    Fire up a Drax or ten says:

    Harold potatoes out there and not a breath of wind to turn Dave’s windmills.

  272. 272
    BoJo's Mojo says:

    * blather *

  273. 273
    The BBC causes serious mental illness says:

    To be fair – the positive case was stupid as well. 90% of all coffee shop staff now domestic line was a bit silly, and subtly making a negative case.

  274. 274
    UKIP.I.Am says:

    Trade with Asia I do not see being a problem, provided we have good products and services to export at a fair price.

  275. 275
    Gordon Brown says:

    Why is it Gerard can take a piss on a plane and people treat him like a folk hero, but when I take a shit in my bed, the maid screams in disgust?

  276. 276
    Sally Bercow says:

    Hi boys! *smiley face* I’ve had a totes gr8 night out. *winks* Been up to all sorts. *innocent face* Don’t tell John tho. *serious face* He’d be devastated if he found out what I did. *puts cum stained skirt, cum stained blouse, cum stained bra, cum stained panties and cum stained high heels in washing machine*

  277. 277
  278. 278
    Girlies are just simply out of control says:

    Been to China Whites again have you Sally? You naughty naughty girlie. Smack botty time again from John it will be, when you wake up.

  279. 279
    EU Rant - Funny says:

  280. 280
    Doorstep says:

    its becauce you never did have any frang sauce Gordon, that isn’t your bed.

  281. 281
    HM Her Majesty says:

    It is an invasion. Where is the army for God’s sake?

  282. 282
    Doorstep says:

    *Trending* the Popes just ex-communicated you Sally.

  283. 283
    London travel agency for copping off says:

    Roadhouse in Covent Garden them? More fun there.

  284. 284
    HM Her Majesty says:

    Will somebody please call out the guard? One’s realm is being overrun by non-aristocratic foreigners.

  285. 285
    London travel agency for copping off says:

    The ghosts of past tory governments are really rattling their skeletons in their wardrobes – why do they always play games and wind things up in NI, as now? Arseholes they are.

  286. 286
    London travel agency for copping off says:

    wasn’t difficult, was it, when OBR and ONS are in Osborne’s litthe pockets, him cooking the books.

    It’s all nazzie goebells as far as I am concerned, Germany in mid 1930’s. Don’t believe a word they say.

  287. 287
    Oh, You Can't Scare Me, I'll Stick It To The Union says:

    Directly apropos of nothing in this thread, but still noteworthy:

    The State of Michigan, land of Michael Moore, the Auto Workers’ Union and the city of Detroit, the Democrats’ crowning achievement, has just voted to become a “right-to-work” state, i.e., workplaces can no longer become closed shops in which the employees either must join the union or kick in the equivalent of the union dues to the union as an “agent’s fee”; this, after neighbouring state Indiana had so done and lured business away from Michigan. This move comes as many American corporations debate the economics of “re-shoring,” i.e., bringing jobs that had been outsourced to China and elsewhere, back to the US if it makes sense, taking into account all costs, to have the products made in America, if at all possible, for improved logistics reasons; you may have to pay Americans more, but the savings in shipping and (*ahem*) “shrinkage” offset that, especially if the wage is one the workers are willing to accept even in spite of the union’s demand for a higher wage– this makes it easier for the workers to get rid of the unions by drying them up, rather than have to resort to long and arduous decertification processes.

  288. 288
    London travel agency for copping off says:

    I past that point, can’t you tell – WIBBLE!

  289. 289
    London travel agency for copping off says:

    passed even – some mor Melanie for you, since I zinc you were impressed, ja?

    Nice sveiss digeredoo, ja? O-O

  290. 290
    JACK REACHER isn't a DWARF says:

    Who you lookin at ?

  291. 291

    I’m a mans man !

  292. 292
    London travel agency for copping off says:

    A capitalist blew his nose in sadness when they got rid of milk floats, until his servant pointed him out that there is a fucking aldis up the road.

  293. 293
    Francoise Hollande says:

    Want to buy a Menhir?
    very useful. Make a good sized paperweight. Say 50,000 euro?

    We don’t make anything else in France.

  294. 294
    London travel agency for copping off says:

    She looks like a bulldog chewing a wasp and licking piss off a nettle at the same time these days does she? But I suppose she enjoyed getting her wrinkles. Bet she still bangs like a back door though. mmmm…

  295. 295
    London travel agency for copping off says:

    Well, he did say “it’s not Mozart”, at the end. Thought it was brilliant myself. Sinc Gerard would like this too, the funeral marche of Queen Mary Two, too,

    Ja – oppla – qui, Gerard?

  296. 296
    London travel agency for copping off says:

    by Purcell/Walter-Wendy Carlos by ze way – how about some William Byrd, Gerard, qui?

  297. 297
    Red Wings Fan says:

    Good news – the union wage demands just about crippled everything in that state.

    About time USA started reshoring: Once the UK open border problem is sorted, that should be next order of business here.

  298. 298
    Scrotes to the right, scrotes to the left, and all I see is a big pink prick in front of me says:

    Asked in another blog thread how Glenda the marvellous is doing these days, since AHEM! she is no spring chicken anymore and is getting on, frankly. But it looks she is doing fine, thankfully. Still gladly and thankfully bouncing her gums for Labour. Brilliant lady,

    Bugger it, might as well post a Glenda vid, while I am at it,

  299. 299
    Tachybaptus says:

    Poor Jack, I’m afraid you are a dwarf now. You are being played by Tom Cruise, that short and ridiculous Scientologist, in a risible Hollywood film. Will not be going to see this sad travesty.

  300. 300
    Scrotes to the right, scrotes to the left, and all I see is a big pink prick in front of me says:

    Brian Binley just after 8 minutes above, the tory tosser, by the way.

  301. 301
    Camerons Victorian GGG-Dad would be proud of him says:

    Hope Glenda is doing ok – a song for her, modern – we don’t change our spots with time darling, do we?

    yeh baby

  302. 302
    Camerons Victorian GGG-Dad would be proud of him says:

    07:44 actually, what a tosspot Brian Binley really is – a Northampton nazzie if ever I saw one – don’t trust those boots makers, whatever you do – two faced they are.

  303. 303
    Camerons Victorian GGG-Dad would be proud of him says:

    bugger it, might as well make a good job of it,

  304. 304
    Camerons Victorian GGG-Dad would be proud of him says:,garage/Interesting

    for our sponsors – Well, that is what I see at the top! Do you?

  305. 305
    Camerons Victorian GGG-Dad would be proud of him says:

    for the sponsors – well, that is what I see at the top, B P! Do you?

  306. 306
    Camerons Victorian GGG-Dad would be proud of him says:

    My favorite pic of a monte mini from the sixties – “well, someone has to change the tyres and the fucking worn out brake linings!”,

  307. 307
    Camerons Victorian GGG-Dad would be proud of him says:

    The Gordon Riots like, and no, not that Gordon, the one from the late eighteenth century,

    What would we do without russia today telly channel, unBBC censored?

  308. 308
    He who no longer posts says:

    Thought experiment (we used to do this sort of thing a lot):

    Remove the name Anita Pallenberg and substitute it with Diane Abbott.

    You would not be considering the last sentence, complete with the mmmm, without resorting to mind bleach! What is more, Keef the Teef could never have got her into his Ferrari… Even had he succeeded, he would have needed the fucking Fire Brigade to get her out again.

  309. 309
    Gordon Brown says:

    I spread my cheeks in the Sand Dunes at Cape Cod

  310. 310
    Vile LieBore ruined my country – says:

    – and the ‘Progressive’ Shithead in Downing Street gives us bum-boy marriage!

  311. 311
    He who no longer posts says:

    Aw c’mon! We’re talking William Quango
    Dazzlingly doing the bloggers’ fandango
    Your case, I do not buy it
    Your argument doesn’t apply it.
    [Sir, you’re taking heaps of shy it]
    They should desist in this abysmal Tango.

  312. 312
    mikestallard says:

    Belgium has been without a government for some time now. It is therefore the perfect place to go if you don’t love tax.

  313. 313
    mikestallard says:

    I can see you are on the state payroll……
    How long did that take?

  314. 314
    A Socialist says:


  315. 315
    Ken Lorp says:

    er …. maybe ….

  316. 316
    Pinky meet Perky says:

    Err, had it not occured to you that gays were barred from military service during WW2?

  317. 317
    I Remember You Hoo says:

    “Does the EU have relegation?”

    No, Greece tried it and were refused. They are now to be tortured for the next twenty years, as a warning to others.

  318. 318
    A Socialist says:

    Yeah, freedom to choose how much of the money you earn, you can keep, should be a crime comrade.
    The government should take whatever they want and the peasants should be grateful for the bowls of gruel, the state generously allows them in return.

  319. 319
    Ever closer union says:

    She’s talked mine up.

    No Angela Merkel – very fuckable.

  320. 320
    I d on't nee d no doctor says:


  321. 321

    You think the young pretender wants those who comment to up their game ? Maybe, but in that case it’s only fair to expect the same of him. That’s something he simply is not doing – quite the opposite, in fact.
    I seem to have come across this sort of hypocrisy before ….. now, where was it ?

  322. 322
    I need to Pee! says:

    Gerard Depart ieu

  323. 323
    JH234435789234 says:

    Some may well have been, but there would have been precisely none who behaved like effeminate urban trendies, obsessed with forcing their lifestyle on the rest of society via an obsessively-compliant media and education system.

  324. 324
    Anonymous says:

    J’accuse Danton des activités contre-révolutionnaires

  325. 325
    Oh dear, I give up says:

    well, he ‘nose’ what he’s doing!

  326. 326
    Oh dear, I give up says:

    Are new jobs and j ew n obs interchangeable?

  327. 327
    Wizened hag says:

    … and found a croque monsieur?

  328. 328
    Wizened hag says:

    He plays right half for Liverpuddle

  329. 329
    Wizened hag says:

    My wealth would grow immeasurably if I stopped giving (under duress) 150 quid a year to that wunch of bankers

  330. 330
    Croque madame says:

    Sacre bleu. Vraiment profonde. Voulez-vous marcher sous le Pont de Neuf aujourd’hui?

  331. 331
    An irate French pastry says:

    Dear administrator, we do wish you would publish your list of banned words; it would make life so much easier for us – and help to keep our blood pressures down.

  332. 332
    An irate French pastry says:

    Also perp gotta be an injun

  333. 333
    Mine d'Boggles says:

    Tony Benn may be odd, but this quotation says otherwise:

    On politicians …..

    ““What power have you got?

    Where did you get it from?

    In whose interests do you use it?

    To whom are you accountable?

    How do we get rid of you?”

    Says it all.

  334. 334
    JH234435789234 says:

    Why do the INTERNATIONAL socialists so despise the national socialists?

    It’s a People’s front of Judea/Judean people’s front thing.

    Socialists hate nothing more than another socialist of a slightly different flavour. Hence the hatred between Nazis and Communists.

    They are all competing for control of the same sort of weak mind, you see.

  335. 335
    Thanks to John Hegley says:

    Eric Cantona, Eric Cantona,
    Gérard Depardieu isn’t who you are.

  336. 336
    Freedom from liberals says:

    Homosexuals have the right to be joined together in a civil partnership already. If they want to call it “marriage” in the privacy of their own toilets, that’s ok with me.

    Anything else is a step too far, just as forcing the vegetarian society to allow meat-eaters to join, would be.

    Being equal does not mean being identical.

  337. 337
    Land of my farters says:

    My Wales? No, yours (or do you mean you’re, you illiterate valley-dweller?)

  338. 338
    Anonymous says:

    How about Detroit?

  339. 339
    Anonymous says:

    How about Harold Wilson’s Supertax of 95% in the 1970s (Labour Government)?

  340. 340
    Anonymous says:

    Socialist aim, except for their leaders, of course.

  341. 341
    Anonymous says:

    and the Gulags.

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