December 12th, 2012

Full Text of Brian Leveson’s Australia Speech


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    Hank the Cat says:



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    Fred West Paving Ltd. says:

    Can you summarise. Some of us have real work to do.


    • 8
      An academic says:

      The University of Melbourne has dumbed down.


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      Anonymous says:

      prince charles loves king george.
      he said that behind the madness is greatness.
      does that imply that the establishment is in front?


    • 30
      Brian Down Under says:

      The aussies are a nation of shackle draggers, is all you need to know.


    • 42
      Misterned says:

      To summarise, he recommends thinking about selecting bloggers, tweeters and casual online journalists, (anyone commenting on the internet at all), to be confined to the same laws as the print media and to be shackled to the same extent and therefore prevented from exposing anything that the corrupt mainstream media will not expose.

      He recommends international action to control what is published online.


      • 50
        The UN says:

        We’re very happy to oblige you there, deep packet inspection for starters and then we can use the PRC’s tried and tested system of regulation as a framework for a new globally-policed internet.

        We’ll do it all for free too : )

        Banky Moon


  3. 3
    Best moment in today's PMQs says:

    Check out the fat Labour fuck guffawing at the end because someone yelled “go wreck a restaurant”.


  4. 4
    rocknrolla says:

    He manages one sentence before starting on with the multi-culti crap about the indigenous people. Funny how that never applies to indigenous Brits isn’t it?

    Leveson is a twat, not as bad as Steve Coogan but getting there. I know both would like to change the law to prevent me from being able to say that. Because they’re twats.


  5. 12
    None of the above V2 says:

    I stopped reading the post after the word Full


  6. 13
    fruitcake says:

    Wish I could get paid for 23 pages about navel-gazing.


  7. 14
    Haribo Halfwit says:

    “Although unregulated and, therefore, potentially dangerous, aspects of the internet are undeniably a force for good.”

    If it moves, regulate it.

    If it doesn’t move, kick it, so it moves, so that you can regulate it.


    • 21
      I don't nee d no doctor says:

      You can’t always kick a bad habit.


    • 32
      Anonymous says:

      If it doesn’t move, kick it, so it moves, so that you can regulate it.

      The lizard.
      long tongue.
      move and there is swiftness
      in the reply.

      issue is provocation.
      behind this is the constraint on the ability to investigate,
      no truth without it.
      no freedom without truth.

      so truth or lie?
      freedom or constraint. what are we born for,


    • 72
      Slartibartfast says:

      I don’t see how MSM “standard” regulation is going to stop bloggers on blogging on what they see fit to blog about. The Ruling Crooked Class don’t have the means to stop them because there are very low to zero costs in running a blog for most bloggers and that’s not going to change. Wherever you see high capital costs in running a form of media, that is where you will see control being exercised via ownership or censorship.


  8. 18
    I don't nee d no doctor says:

    Is Ed Miliband on commission for judge led inquiries?


  9. 19
    Billy Gates comes up trumps says:

    Hoorah for windows 8 and IE 10. I can now use Guido’s blog without losing the cursor or have problems inserting things.

    For once, Microsoft have made an improvement. Win 8 also feels faster and snappier.


  10. 20
    B1lly Gates comes up trumps says:

    Hoorah for windows 8 and IE 10. I can now use Guido’s blog without losing the cursor or have problems inserting things.

    For once, Microsoft have made an improvement. Win 8 also feels faster and snappier.


  11. 25
    Balls Ache says:


  12. 33
    Enemy of the State says:

    Would it be inappropriate to ask what Guido thinks of Press controls in any way, shape or form?


  13. 34
    Sir William W says:

    We should now choose a senior journalist to produce a massive report on reform of the legal system – which, God knows, does more harm to most of us than the Press ever does. The fact that he or she might be ignorant of the law might be thought a disadvantage but we have the legal precedent of Brother Brian, showing that lack of understanding of one’s subject is no impediment.


  14. 37 says:


    Get Thatcher in the dock


  15. 40
    Ennisfree says:

    This morning’s news managed tory-libdem pre prime minister’s question time fanfare: “Unemployment has fallen by 82,000.” (hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!)

    How about providing a detailed breakdown of the exact jobs that these
    figures represent-

    How many are workfare? (ie denying a jobseeker a “real” job)
    How many are agency zero hours jobs?
    How many are agency jobs for rehired (at zero hours) former min wage public servants .Now costing far more.
    How many are zero hours consultancies for rehired (formerly sacked ) public servants? Now costing far more.
    How many are agency nurses (formerly sacked)? Now costing much more.
    How many are agency teachers and lecturers (formerly sacked? Now costing much more.
    How many are still unemployed but pushed off the register by sanctions ?

    How many are full time permanent jobs?


    • 44
      Sir William Waad says:

      Hurts, don’t it?


    • 52
      ah! monika's moniker is a gonner says:

      How many are F/T employed but spend 95% of their time posting on here and 5% looking at po rn?


    • 54
      Just wondering about your assumptions says:

      I always wonder why people have such a downer on agency work. Agencies match people with work. Some match people with the kind of work which no-one would ever be offered as a full-time gig because it is inherently a one-off, temporary thing.

      What is wrong with that? No-one is hurt. The employer gets help with his or her project and the person offered the hours gets to earn some dosh. Where is the evil being commited there?


    • 60
      Engineer says:

      If a full-time job is replaced by an agency job (or vice-versa), doesn’t the overall total of people in work stay the same?


      • 62
        Just wondering about your assumptions says:

        You would have thought so, but agents are apparently inherently more evil than the guy who works at the job centre.


  16. 45
    Old Holborn vs Lee Jasper says:


    • 58
      A Local Authority Desk Drone says:

      I think that now whites are a minority the rest of the workforce should be getting the benefit of special awareness training in meeting their needs. Let’s have a conference to discuss this. We shall consult widelly to see who wants to be on the organising committee for that and then set up a selection panel.


    • 65
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      Pot, meet kettle; Grasper, with that smarty-pants little smiley face at the end, thinks he’s being ever-so-clever, bless his pointy little head. Old Hobo at least says out loud what many people are thinking regarding the asymmetry of racial favouritism. Perhaps Grasper would rather it seethe beneath the surface.


  17. 46
    National Bullingdon Helpline says:

    We’ve received a complaint about someone bullying the PM. Did anyone see anything?


  18. 48
    CCHQ Press Officer says:

    Guido Fawkes may push for sanctions on North Korea after rocket launch, David Cameron says.


  19. 49
    Where's gordon? says:


  20. 74
    *Confused face* says:

    Brian makes clear that: “The Report was published nearly a fortnight ago, on 29 November 2012, and, as I have said before, it may be that some of you are hoping that I will elaborate. If you are, I am afraid that you are going to be disappointed”.

    Then goes on to say: “One reason for doing so was provided to the Inquiry when it was asserted that “privacy is for paedo’s”.


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