December 11th, 2012

Why Is Tim Yeo Backing Fracking?

If Tim Yeo is doing the rounds in television studios professing his support for an idea, it’s usually not unfair to assume there must be a vested interest in there somewhere. This morning the conflicted chairman of the Energy and Climate Change select committee decided he was backing fracking, so Guido crowd-sourced his possible financial interests. The results were hardly shocking.


ITI Energy supplies equipment for a variety of methods of producing energy from gases. Add that to his other interests in energy investment, energy efficient vehicles and fuel cell technology, and you get the picture. Whiffy once again…


  1. 1
    Kebab for the chop says:



  2. 2
    DR says:

    Yeo … the boundless bounder!


    • 26
      Popeye says:

      When is the parliamentary commission going to look into this stinker?


      • 28
        I Remember You Hoo says:

        The self enricher has all the bases covered it seems. If someone digs a little deeper, I wonder if shares in coal and oil companies will surface?

        Just in case, you understand.


        • 44
          The Sheikh Of Arabee says:

          Yeo is filth. A fucking vile contemptible bag of rancid hyena sperm in vaguely human form.


          • Merkel for President says:

            Please don’t hold back in stating your views; there is no need to be mealy mouthed in your comments – just say what you think. It is still a free fucking country – at least until the EU completes its stranglehold.


          • How Noww Haus Frau says:

            Cheer up. Murky has an election coming up shortly and the Krauts are not exceptionally pleased at her giving all their cash away to other countries (put deeply in debt mainly by her policies). She may be chucked in the Danube with a bit of luck.


    • 29
      Mr BumBum says:

      Strikes me as the sort of fellow who would benefit from having a red hot poker inserted very vigorously into his flabby anus.


  3. 3
    Can't use me old moniker says:

    Isn’t it a conflict of conflict of intersts? Wind Vs Fracking.


    • 8
      ah! monika's moniker is a gonner says:

      Depends which way the wind is blowing!


      • 36
        Its all the fault of someone or other says:

        Luckily, when there is very cold weather and we really need the extra energy to keep warm, the wind is not usually so strong that it breaks the wind turbines. Unfortunately, there usually isn’t enough wind to actually turn the propellors.

        I don’t know why. Maybe there is too much man-made greenhouse gas in the atmosphere to let a decent green wind-farm type wind to blow. If we taxed greenhouses, maybe that would help.


        • 74
          Anonymous says:

          Towing the UK to a tradewind area is the only answer.

          The basis for the UK heritage is that we built a sail based navy. Not that it means we had too much wind, but that we had variable wind directions and moderate velocities. With old ships only going down wind it meant that they could return when the wind turned around.

          In countries of constant winds, the idea of a navy was removed by natural selection. The boats did not return.


    • 25
      Anonymous says:

      They’re all filth, Tory, Labour, Lib Dem – troughing, venal filth!


  4. 4
    Tim not nice but corrupt says:

    Their is one word missing from under Miscellaneous

    After the last full stop insert – Yet


  5. 6
    ah! monika's moniker is a gonner says:

    A sort of GAZPROMo


  6. 9
    Rab Butler says:

    But fracking is brilliant. Just look how it is turning round the US economy. It is the perfect solution. No dependency on Russia and the Arabs, lots of government revenue, balance of payments boost, cost of living down and a great help for industry. What is there not to like?


  7. 13
    Freddie Mercury says:

    Yeeeeeeeeo yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoo


  8. 14
    The House of Commons is a taxi rank says:

    It has now reached a point where the taxi rank sign outsiode of the House of Commons is no longer used by cabbies but by MPs whoring themselves

    Sad day

    Added to which we have a highly-paid Squeaker whose wife competes with Cicciolina in italty to disgrace the name of Parliament

    Not to speak of the House of Ermine Vermin full of Gorbals Micks and worse…


  9. 15
    Ace Interrogator says:

    That’s a fracking good question. Fracking back handers perhaps?


  10. 16
    Ed Miliband (Prime Minister designate) says:

    Right wing political blogger,Guido Fawkes, self-combusts over equal marriage and calls for the re-introduction of Section 28!


    • 18
      Greenpiss says:

      Core Labour voters in the Muslim and black community love the idea of gay marriage then do they?


      • 27
        Observer says:

        Not even very many gays actually want gay marriage to the point they want it to top the poltical agenda ahead of every other problem the country has.

        Personally, I have no problem with gays in a local congregation being married in the church they worship in, in front of the accepting congregation they worship among. I really object to people who are not part of a parish but who want to use Christian churches simply as a backdrop to a parody of a Christian ceremony, which is what a lot of this may well turn out to be. (Heterosexual couples do this a lot as well).

        I doubt if most Muslims would feel differently. Incidentally, there is more acceptance of homosexuality in some parts of the Muslim community than people may realise. The imams from overseas, of whom there are a great many, are another matter.


        • 37
          Legal Eagle says:

          Family lawyers are looking forward to this development with relish.

          Non-legally bound same sex couples are considered lost income.


        • 40
          Greenpiss says:

          So we can expect to see marriage ceremonies happening in Mosques very soon then?
          Will we fuck this is just an exercise in breaking the CoE on the wheel of political correctness.
          The point though was that any objection to gay marriage is not just amongst the right of the political spectrum but core Labour voters as well.
          That would also include Catholics and hairy bummed working class chavs as well as Blacks and Muslims.
          How do the Left wing propose to square that round hairy bumhole?


          • D L George says:

            Not so it would seem…


            Gay marriage in CofE to be made illegal. Wow.


          • Lady Britain says:

            one suspects that gay marriage is here to stay and given the churches etc have the ability not to perform ceremonies then whats the problem…deal with it …the fact is just like women bishops the C of E needs to wake up and join the real world if they want to thrive amongst us.

            there are many things we wouldn’t have countenanced years ago but the world has changed so vastly it is imposible to ignore calls for a pragmatic consensual outcome


          • Panto Horse says:

            Oh no it’s not…


  11. 19
    Football Pundit says:


    They don’t need much brains for the Sport. Or even to know anything about their WAG


  12. 23
    Nemesis says:

    Sorry, at first I thought it was Tim Yeo backing fucking – given his record as the father of a love child.


  13. 24
    Engineer says:

    Actually, this may not be a smoking gun. The description ‘unconventional gas’ covers things like methane recovery from cow dung, old landfill sites and the like – what some describe as ‘sustainable’ technologies. Shale gas and fracking is more like conventional oil in it’s technology – drilling very deep holes. I suspect that Yeo has little involvement with this sector. Yet.


    • 31
      Mason Williams says:

      I prefer Classical gas myself


    • 33
      Engineer says:

      Having read the link, ITI seems to be concentrating on controlled burning of domestic and similar refuse to produce gas to power an IC engine connected to a small(ish) generator supplying the grid with (typically) a 1MW rated capacity. Very small beer by electricity generation standards, and certainly nothing whatever to do with extraction of shale gas.


      • 69
        Tay King-dePisse says:

        Which raises the questions of where the refuse collected (by whom and at what cost?) is to be stored till burning (acquisition and maintenance cost of the land and/or buildings?) and where the burning will take place (transportation required and at what cost, or on-site?) and how much of a “free lunch” there is in the processing (i.e., how much energy can be produced versus how much expended to start and continue the process, and how much can it be sold for, to justify capital and labour cost of the entire enterprise from the start). Our Timmy may have his thumb pulling out plums from a number of Christmas pies here. Keep digging, Guido. You may be swinging and missing on the fracking aspect, but Timmy will still have a glass jaw when you DO connect on this one, I’m willing to bet.


      • 73
        ClaphamDon says:

        Head of Research at ITI holds number of patents relating to demulsifying and separation of Oil and Water, both useful when dealing with the non-gas waste of fracking.


        • 82
          Engineer says:

          Those are pretty well-established techniques, though are they not? The patents are in all probability for minor technical improvements.


    • 43
      confused.... says:

      given he has a declared interest in this market might it not be very useful to have his input ? ok we might not like him but what is he actually doing that is so wrong ?


      • 54
        Engineer says:

        In this instance, nothing, as far as I can see. The statements Yeo made in his clip seemed quite sensible and well informed, given that we don’t know the full extent of shale gas reserves yet.

        I suspect that Yeo jumped on the ‘renewables’ bandwagon several years ago while it was political flavour of the month in Whitehall and Westminster. Now that reality is (at long last) slowly dawning (except in Ed Davey’s case) in W and W that the wheels of practicality and affordability fell of that particular wagon some time ago, Yeo may be regretting his investment decisions and directorships. He would be wise to shift his interests to shale gas pronto; it’s a proven technology that might actuaally make a worthwhile contribution to the UK’s energy needs.


    • 71
      Anonymous says:

      Why are we going for gas when we have so much coal.

      Because coal is dirty! It makes so much CO2 when burnt.

      Exactly how much CO2 comes up with the gas? Or do you all believe nature made gas pockets of just “natural gas” for our enjoyment. It needs significant processing.

      Some commercial sites are running 10-20% CO2. So they tell us that it will be pumped back down again. Not really, they have to pump it down an old field. But they do not have old fields.

      It is all a con to go from a 2:1 ratio of Hydrogen to Carbon to a 4:1 ratio. Especially when the difference is wasted with the extra processing energy costs and venting of the waste.

      That is ignoring the H2S extraction.

      It is a con.


      • 75
        Anonymous says:

        D-Alpha gas field is 71% CO2.


      • 81
        Engineer says:

        I suppose it depends on whether or not you choose to believe the theory that slight increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration is causing man-made global warming. The scientific evidence for that seems to be debatable, to say the least.


        • 89
          anon. says:

          how much co2 produced directly by fracking…..virtually none….no oyxgen with the organics trapped in shale to make it….that is why the matrix is saturated with methane…… anaerobically…..or else it would not be there.

          the potential is awesome.


          • Anonymous says:

            “As a result, the CO2 levels in produced Antrim Gas steadily grow during a wells productive life, eventually topping 30% in some areas.”

            Say we rotted down human life where do you think the 65% mass of oxygen would go.

            Anaerobic bacteria do process oxygen atoms, they just do not process gaseous oxygen. The “food” is high in oxygen.

            Even a school child knows how much equivalent water is in animal and plant life. Water has oxygen in it.


          • Engineer says:

            Something else every school child knows – carbon dioxide is plant food.


          • Anonymous says:

            But they are dead by that point.


          • Engineer says:

            Now you’re being silly. Where’s the evidence for that assertion?


  14. 45

    brilliant this is what a free press is for keep up the good work

    excellent nose proper journo channeling by guido



  15. 47
    Alex says:

    Sorry, but you got that wrong too Guido.Gasification equipment is for extracting methane (syngas) from biomass or organic waste. Gas from fracking doesn’t need to be gasified because it already is gas.


    • 72
      ClaphamDon says:

      Head of research has a number of patents for processes to demulsify layoured liquids and also to separate water and oil, both useful in post fracture processing.


  16. 48
    Stonewall says:

    Right wing political blogger,Guido Fawkes said he rejected the notion that David Cameron would be “carried shoulder high back into number 10 by Stonewall activists”.


  17. 51
    Labour corruption runs deep says:


    Have you read this crock of Labour Shit/Corruption/Lobbying ?


  18. 55
    Superinjunction Fun says:

    All comments under Tonybee’s article mentioning HM’s tax affairs in Stem core are being deleted.


  19. 66
    Mornington Crescent says:

    …and why is Keith Vaz backing the d’ead nurse’s family?


  20. 80
    Watt Tyler sez says:

    Time for this march on London town, my pips have been well and truly squeezed.


  21. 85
    Tom Catesby says:

    Yeo is a fracking disgrace!


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