December 11th, 2012


God no” was Ed’s response when asked by Grazia whether he would be buying Justine some underwear this Christmas. Perfume is apparently out too, as is a coffee machine, he got her that last year. The family Christmas card shows that Mrs Miliband seems to have misplaced her wedding ring, visible since their May 2011 wedding and as recently as Ed’s speech at party conference. Guido would recommend some jewellery…


  1. 1
    Ed Miliband says:

    I demand a judge led inquiry into my interview!


    • 23
      graham smith says:

      our thoughts are with all millibands at this difficult time…All of us here at firkham hall send our greetings


      • 39

        Labour wives don’t sport underwear


        • 46
          Popeye says:

          Commando Sal?


        • 53
          Balls and Hodge? yer kidding me says:

          Always puzzled me why fellas buy their wives posh cookery books, as from that Oliver fella, or Nigella, or even Hugh Fernley-Wotsisname. You are basically telling your wife that she can’t cook. But she doesn’t seem to get the message, either way, ey fellas?


          • Justine you know who says:

            I pawned the ring and only got a tenner for it – it could have been a curtain ring knowing my now “husband”. Mean bugger.
            Guess he may find another “bargain” ring this Xmas?


  2. 2
    The Plot Thickens ........ says:

    Cutting edge “journalism” as per, Gaydo.


    • 27
      Joyce Thacker says:

      Those children mut be put into care with a UKIP couple to prevent them from being brainwashed into socialists.


      • 35
        Dick the Prick says:

        Hee hee. TBF, it’s a lovely family photo but Chrimbo card, err, no, not so sure. One for Granny but not the punters.


  3. 3
    East India Company Wallah says:

    Buy her a pair of trousers grommit


  4. 4
    illogical says:

    Is this an extension of the marriage debate Guido? The absence of a wedding band?
    Am sure when Chrith Bryant gets married he will want to swap rings too.


  5. 5
    Tom Fatso says:

    I really could not give a fuck if he gave her a hatchet or tea maid. Who is interested in the Milimong family?


    • 21
      Gooey Blob says:

      Let’s be honest, Ed’s a joke. He has as much chance of becoming PM as Richard Dawkins has of becoming the next pope.


  6. 6
    Hank the Cat says:

    From the things I have read and the photos of the Millibands I get the impression that Justine does not like Ed very much


  7. 7
    Enemy of the State says:

    Not content with homosexual “marriage” Red ED has redefined marriage to mean not marriage.


  8. 8
    nellnewman says:

    Well musn’t support marriage and the family – labour don’t believe in stability!


    • 22
      Anonymous says:

      doesn,t believe in stability for children.
      it purports to believe in stability in the middle east…iraq had problems with kuwait. so…


  9. 10
    So says:

    Looks like Justine’s excitement at Conference created some bladder problems.


  10. 11
    Mrs May says:

    Shocking crime statistic: 85% of cake eaten at Christmas is stollen


    • 16
      T. P. Fuller says:

      Shocking indeed! Another cake fact for my notebook, from which I see that the most powerful counter-aphrodisiac known is wedding cake.


  11. 12
    genghiz the kahn says:

    How many women would travel up to Doncaster just to stack chairs if they were involved with someone else?

    Perhaps JT has her own Fleabay account.


  12. 13
    The Central Scrutinizer says:

    Of course she’s not wearing a ring. They only got married as a PR stunt. As a cultural Marxist Ed only believes in equality (there are exactly no pants worn in their house….) – and sees the traditional family unit as something that gets in the way of his vision of a shit-hole Britain ruled by him and his commie friends.


  13. 14
    its bleak in sunderland says:

    The Millibands epitomising family life in Britain 2012


    • 34
      Women! says:

      No this is a Political Statement or the children are not his. No normal Mother would have the Parentage of her children questioned just for fun. Each child birth has lives at risk and it should be respected. What a poor example to young girls trying to finish their education and start their own lives.


  14. 15
    Ryan says:

    Maybe he could buy her some nice Polish people?


  15. 17
    yuk says:

    I’d rather have a wank than shag a bird who looked like her


  16. 18
    T. P. Fuller says:

    He’s not known as “Wastepaper” Binley for nothing.


  17. 19
    mraemiller says:

    I guess Mrs Miliband is the one that does the washing up then


  18. 25
    Sir henry birkin says:

    Do you think she swallows?


  19. 26
    Roger The lodger says:

    Nice kids. Thank god they’ve got their mother’s nose


  20. 28
    Dumb Nation says:

    Don’t be too sure about that. Labour voters are thick as shit. We are going to be stuck with this tube in a couple of years time. Labour- Ukip coalition? Worst of both worlds.


  21. 32
    Delenda Est Rompuy says:

    Why do these Labourites all look the same? Ms Millibland has an uncanny resemblance to a slightly less porky Balls.


    • 50
      Blinky's winky says:

      It *is* Ed Balls. Ever seen Mrs. Doubtfire? Or in this case Mrs. Balls-on-fire. Justine and Ed B. are never seen in the same place at the same time.


    • 58
      EdButLookBalls says:

      Do you mean that they are identified in the phrase… ‘The Eagles have Landed’!!


  22. 33
    Spank Sinatra says:

    Looks like they are made for each other frankly……..

    However, having not heard her speak, she may well have pulled the shorter straw.

    I cannot begin to imagine what it must be like listening to his inanities at 6am. Mrs Sinatra would doubtless say the same about mine and after 28 years, she is entitled to her opinion. She does however still have a wedding ring on display despite getting married in black.


  23. 37
    Census 2011 says:

    “We are being swamped by people who come here because we are a soft touch. I know people will say ‘racist, racist, racist’. We are being swamped by parasites. Call me a racist but I would send them all back to where they came from. Everything we do for them takes away from what we can do for ourselves.”


    • 41
      Handycock Immigrant Trafficker says:

      Racist, racist racist. Jahbulon.


    • 49
      Left Wing census deniers says:

      Let’s play a drinking game. Take a shot for everytime someone criticises the immigration census on the BBC comments and is shot down by a leftie simply dismissing them as a ‘daily Mail reader’ or ‘lunatic racist’.


      • 54
        Ada Nuff says:

        Just watched Beeb News. They seemed delighted by the increase of”diversity” and only interviewed some nobody about the falling number of Christians. We’re all doomed!


        • 63
          JH23434534634216 says:

          When will they actually be happy? When will we have ‘enough’ diversity?

          Has there ever been a country in history so hellbent on replacing its own population?


        • 67
          Archie Bishop says:

          Bearing in mind many of the Asian immigrants will tick the Muslim box, and most of the Eastern Europeans will be Catholic, the decline in Christianity amongst the indigenous population is, unsurprisingly when one looks at the dismal C of E, even more marked


  24. 38
    MacGuffin says:

    What a bitch you are, Miss Guido. Who cares what Justine wears on her finger?


  25. 43
    The wizz says:

    Is there not a little homily for the wedding ceremony i.e.
    ‘Something old, something new,
    something borrowed, something blue.’

    Maybe the wedding ring was borrowed?


  26. 45
    D.O.M. says:

    How about a nice Star of David. It is Christmas – oops wrong festival.


  27. 47
    Ed Millibandth says:

    Wherethh my wifeths wing gone? This is an outwage!


  28. 48
    Santa Claus says:

    If Eds a good boy this year , I’ll bring him a gillette shaving set so he can finally shave that beard he’s hiding behind and come clean. Ho ho ho!


    • 55
      Balls and Hodge? yer kidding me says:

      Wives tend to buy their hubbies a box of spanners – another subliminal present, I think.


  29. 56
    teetotal says:

    She looks like a seven pinter to me………


    • 57
      Marc Almond says:

      I once drank seven pints, I’ll have you know.


      • 59
        I'm a Polish Landanher and I can plumb, ladies says:

        My mate once slept with a ladyboy, and yes when he woke up he did say “holy fucking mother of mary”. But fair play to my mate, he still says it was the best shag he has ever had, even if he had to go up the A2….

        Like Marc Almond I do, and I would, to make him happy,

        Top you up Father?


  30. 61
    the furry fish says:

    concerning the op I think it is sinful to be duplicating photos of kids who are so far innocent of corruption


  31. 62
    sfevet says:

    is it me, or is there a whiff of Ed Balls about her in that photo??


  32. 65
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Be fair, she was probably just doing the washing up when the picture was taken. My old Mum always used to take her ring off when she was doing the washing up.


  33. 68
    Daniel says:

    The inside of that Christmas card reads:

    “Despite their many challenges, Ed and Justine were allowed to keep their children, thanks to the constant help and support they receive from the dedicated and hardworking Social Services team.

    Merry Christmas Happy Holiday Season!
    Camden Council.”


  34. 71
    Stepney says:

    A hairbrush wouldn’t be wasted either.


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