December 10th, 2012

Raging Tom Watson Sweary Tirade at Tory MP
“You’re going to f**king regret that…”

Well the Tom Watson re-branding exercise didn’t last very long. Having lit the touch-paper for incorrect Tory paedo-outings and then running away, Watson has been keeping a rather low profile of late. That did not escape the notice of one Tory MP though, as reported in yesterday’s Daily Star Sunday:

LABOUR bruiser Tom Watson was surprisingly absent during the Prime Minister’s statement about the Leveson Inquiry on the day the report into the Press was published. Backbench Tory MP Andrew Bridgen remarked on the large Watson-shaped hole on the Labour benches during the debate. When on Monday morning they came face to face in the cloisters around Parliament, Bridgen chirpily said: “We missed you on Thursday, Tom.” At which point Watson, “shaking with rage”, jabbed his finger at Bridgen and menacingly told him: “You’re going to f**king regret that.”

What’s that thing about leopards and spots?

The rest of Guido’s Sunday column, including Harriet Harman’s “bit of rough”, an update on Euan Blair and Sally’s disappointment, is now online.


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    A very good column this week.

  2. 2
    Spot the Sycophant says:

    8illy. Get your tongue out of his arse please. You’re putting me off my breakfast.

  3. 3

    I hope the fat cu.nt has an embolism in mid rant during PMQ’s – that WOULD be a YouTube sensation.

  4. 4
    Grumpy says:

    Sally’s married to Bercow. She must be used to disappointment by now.

  5. 6
    Use this photo says:

    Guido, instead of always using that photo of Watson, use this one instead:

    That’s a surefire way to get him worked up and embarrassed.

  6. 7
    Backwoodsman says:

    **stay classy, Tom**

  7. 9
    Here we go again says:


    You could not make this up

    Has Baclays been going anything which is not criminal in the last few years FFS?

    • 14
      Shocked of Sheen says:

      Don’t worry, these fine folk have the answer…

      • 24
        Lord Mandelson of Ethics and Evil says:

        I quite agree

        I practice buggery regularly, as you all know

        • 27
          The most Reverend Paxo says:

          Don’t be so crude Mandy – so you visit from the back passage direction. There is no need to boast about it, as if we are missing out on something. Horses for course is life, Mandy. So I go up the A1, and you go up the A2 – SO!!!

          • Lady Britain says:

            you should both use the M69

          • Parliamentary Draughtsman says:

            We have a problem with the gay marriage bill – can anyone help? We have to define ‘consummation’ for the law to be enacted. No problems with the men, as they indulge in a form of penetration, as in conventional marriage, but what about the ladies? A tricky problem indeed.

        • 51
          Reinaldo - Lord Mandelson's pet says:

          Masssssssssster…..let sssmeagol massage you massssssster..

        • 52
          Anonymous says:

          this is the reason that the sexual practice of male homosex is not normal.

          you are thrusting yourself into shit.

    • 21
      Observer says:

      have you noticed all these Italian names in the “new” Barclays setup?

    • 63
      The voice of reason says:


    • 68
      Legal Eagle says:

      The interest rate manipulations make them – and the other banks involved who operate in Europe – liable for anti trust action under European competition law.

      U-B-S and R-B-S have been ensnared with the Canadian competition authority for a while now over TIBOR / EURIBOR / LIBOR infractions.

      In the US, most banks have cut deals with federal prosecutors to avoid Sherman law action in the US, and RICO.

      If the European competition authority gets going, a company which is found to have broken anti-trust law is liable for fines up to 10% of it’s total operating revenue.

  8. 11
    kronos says:

    he’s such a nice chap to have around… the clap.

  9. 15
    Pissing on the dead says:

    Is it true Julie Bindel laid into Sir Patrick Moore on Sky’s paper review last night because he was a UKIP supporter? Classy.

    • 19
      The Public says:

      Who is Julie Blindel?

    • 47
      stu says:

      Patrick Moore was a great Englishmen. I don’t agree with some of his views, especially about Germans, but his views on immigration were spot on.

      That Lee Jasper has been insulting him on twitter is enough for me.

      I think we should name something big and important after him.

      How about “The United Kingdom of Patrick Moore and some other places where it rains”

    • 57
      rank rank says:

      I thought they said Julian?

  10. 23
    The most Reverend Paxo says:

    Go for it Tom, let it all out – more sware words the better.

    Biggest stress relief there is is to have a good swaring rant – quite soul cleansing it is, and good for the health.

  11. 29
    its bleak in sunderland says:

    Ian Lavery a thinking womans bit if rough? she would have to be desperate.Lvery fancies himself as the succesor to Skinner which is plausible as they are both useless.Those who commited crimes dueing the miners strike should not have their records expunged they behaved like thugs.

  12. 36
    Swampy says:

    Tom Watson – a pearl in the dungheap.

  13. 37
    Dom Perignon rep says:


    If you are running short of booze

    Why not call up the Squeaker’s office and get Sally to bring some around ?

    • 39
      Angry taxpayer says:

      He has taxpayer’s money to throw out of the window I suppose

      He should start by throwing his wife out of his window into the Thames

  14. 40
    Ethel, Purley. says:

    Why is this fat twat described as a “bruiser” he is just a fat arsewipe who would shit his knickers if confronted by a real bruiser, the same goes for ed bollocks who thinks of himself as a bully,he would shit Evette’s knickers, he might bully his kids but the average man would knock his fucking fat head off if he tried to bully them.

    • 48
      stu says:

      I wouldn’t like to punch Ed Balls in the face once, I’d like to do it 15 times and claim I had a stutter

    • 53
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      Balls v Watson on pay-per-view. Proceeds to go to each man’s charity of choice, share and share alike. I give it to Balls on better (though certainly not great) fitness, though Watson may have a puncher’s chance if he connects early enough. Either way, one or the other of these “bad boys” on their back for a ten-count is a sight most anyone would pay to see, I am sure.

      • 58
        Sports Fan says:

        I would find the ‘victory’ celebrations of either of them enough to make want to chuck.

        You could make some decent money though betting on how many times they ignore the referee.

    • 66
      its bleak in sunderland says:

      Right on he is as soft as shit

  15. 43
    Stargazer says:

    In addition to being a UKIP supporter, Sir Patrick Moore was also a distinguished scientist and a denier of man-made climate change.

    The latter fact was not given undue prominence in the BBC’s report.

    • 45
      The BBC says:

      Do we care?

      Moving on, it is going to be very cold for the next couple of days, which is why we need more windfarms.

    • 50
      stu says:

      and a man who loved cats and said ‘a catless house is a soulless house’.

      A man very close to my own heart on many of his opinions. A man who Lee jasper is not worthy of licking dogshit off his shoes.

  16. 49
    tom tom the piper's son says:

    So all those tweetsc and blog posts that tom made about him having the knowledge about Tory perverts that could make him wake up dead were just a figment of his hyperactive imagination?

    • 56
      The public says:

      If you mean, they were lies, then yes they were. The interesting question is why would a poltician spend time peddling lies? Why can’t he tell the truth?

  17. 54
    Vote Early & Vote Often in Bolton says:

    Why is Twatson such an arse?

  18. 59
    anon says:

    Is Watson morphing into Cyril Smith?

  19. 62
    cynic says:

    If that were said outside Parliament it would amount to an offence of threatening and Insulting words and behaviour. So will the squeaker dare to discipline him

  20. 65
    Jimmy says:

    “I read some of his work earlier this year – it was quite a good job application for being shadow chancellor.”

    Not nearly as good as Gideon’s.

  21. 71
    Ld Elon says:

    Somebody may collect your head and put it on a pike outside the city, too :)

    When is enough, enough people, when its enough, period.

  22. 72

    Low profile? I saw him speak at a public event just four days ago.

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