December 10th, 2012

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  1. 1
    carry hole is a complete hunt says:

    Your site runs fine on my nexus, so why would I?


  2. 2
    Engineer says:

    The only advantage to reading Guido’s blog on a mobile phone is that the pictures of Tom Watson are much smaller than they are on laptop screen.


  3. 3
    Android Man says:

    Android App? “This app is incompatible with your Samsung GT-P5110″ Brand new tablet!


    • 5
      Fatty Bully says:

      Use mini opera.


    • 8

      Hmm, shouldn’t be, use the HTML 5 version.


      • 13
        Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

        All this App, HTML and GT-P5110 is beyond me. Stick to politics and scandal please.


        • 17
          OAP I'm Bloody Cold Just Put My Tenth Coat on before getting int bed says:

          And people freezing to death due to the price of energy.


          • The Green Party says:

            You wanted green “let’s ban man-made global warming” taxes, you got ‘em.

            What? You thought someone else was going to pay?

            Mwa-ha ha ha ha ha ha!


          • Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP says:

            It’s great – seriously. We charge you lots of extra money, we persuade you you’re saving the planet, Cameron gets to crow that we’re the greenest government ever and everyone’s happy.Right ?


          • Monaco Bank Manager says:

            Eon just announced nearly 10% increases in a couple of weeks too. Better get some more cheap socks.

            Or better still, kick the frogs out and renationalise it.


      • 85
        Quality Control says:

        “use the HTML 5 version.”

        Well that was all well tested, then.


  4. 6
    The Admiral says:

    Any good on htc windows phone8 ???????????


  5. 9
    p.o.s.h says:

    Android ‘native’ app????
    History always assured me that natives are revolting.


    • 66
      T. P. Fuller says:

      Are we allowed to say “natives” any more? What’s the latest euphemism? I can’t keep up.

      “Autochthones” is one real word that hasn’t been tainted by association, mainly because hardly anybody can spell or pronounce it, but it’s surely set to replace “aborigines”, since that word too is now deemed taboo. Frankly I would be pissed off to belong to any subset of humanity that was referred to by a succession of euphemisms, since such a succession is far more pejorative than any insult can be.


      • 72
        A Subset of humanity says:

        I’m a conservative


        • 122
          East India Company Wallah says:

          How many guns for shooting foxy woxy do your children have?do they eat babies too?do you hate the idle chav scum who keep voting Labour even though working aint an interest of theirs?do you think boys who ignore a pretty filly and want to marry this months boyfriend in church should go and jump?if the Bbc was to be hit with a friendly Hamas rocket,would all of your friends be safely out of the way?is the current size of the state a disappointment after 2 years,albeit a coalition with the provisional wing of the labour party?would you happily stand by and watch nick clegg take a shoeing from a dozen drunken students and eat your popcorn?


  6. 10
    Groan says:

    I already know, it will be another disastrous policy announcement from some arsehole , A bottom feeder, a he/she that has been promoted way past their rightful place amongst the lower reaches of plankton in a primordial sea pontificating about morality whilst they are caught with their trousers down again (mixed metaphor?)… so there.


  7. 12
    Dick Scratcher says:

    Can’t you just send me a pigeon FFS?


  8. 15
    Dick Scratcha says:

    Can’t you just send me a pigeon?


  9. 16
    He who no longer posts says:

    We are not explaining our policies properly, David Cameron says

    Cameron! If you still read this fucking blog, listen!

    Your policies are fucking WRONG mate. That is why your lot are unpopular. I have voted for your party for four decades but no longer.



    • 19
      ah! monika's moniker is a gonner says:

      Ditto, but for 5 decades!


      • 52
        He who no longer posts says:

        I said four decades because I thought if I said five and he read it he would think OK. he’ll be dead soon so no need to bother.


    • 20
      OAP I'm Bloody Cold Just Put My Tenth Coat on before getting int bed says:

      People who vote the way you have been doing make me sick.


      • 56
        He who no longer posts says:

        So what do you recommend? Voting Labour?


        • 61
          UKIP Voter says:

          EASY, VOTE UKIP


          • He who no longer posts says:

            I shall next time if-and-only-if it does not give a seat to Labour as the only thing worse than the coalition will be a Labour government who think that being voted back in will be a vindication of their previous policies. Anyone who takes exception to that approach requires their bumps to be felt in my humble opinion.


          • The Libor party says:

            Vote Ukip, get Labour :)


    • 21
      Operation Crossbow says:

      I only voted for Cam-moron to get rid of the Scottish idiot.


      • 32
        Scottish idiot says:

        Please Please Please

        Do not tar us Scottish idiot with the same brush as gormless

        gordo boom/bust brown. He is far more stupid than us!


        • 70
          T. P. Fuller says:

          You did have the good sense to send him to Westminster and out of Scotland, I’ll give you that. Is he ever seen north of the border at all, in his constituency, say?


        • 77
          Some Twat up North says:

          He can’t be that fuckin stoopid, he’s had £300,000.00 in a month plus his wages. Without paying tax!

          Now who’s a C,UNT


    • 27
      Groan says:

      That old mantra again, we are not getting or message across. Well yes you are, loud and clear, the problem is your kind of message led to people being summarily executed in Athens (circa 2000 BC) for being the bearers of bad tidings.


    • 212
      Anonymous says:

      You are John Robie (look it up) and I claim my 50 francs


  10. 18
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Watching two Aussie tossers on the news. I want to punch both in the face. Smug gits.

    Who wants to bet the bird will have her tits out in OK Magazine next week? I’m only amazed Max Clifford isn’t supporting them…oh hang on he’s otherwise occupied.


    • 23
      Fatty Bully says:

      Yeah. They are deeply upset. A pair of immature hoons and I have no sympathy for them whatsoever. My sympathy is for the family of the vulnerable woman.


      • 25
        Operation Crossbow says:

        The very idea of ringing up a hospital in the middle of the night to piss the staff around isn’t really a very good idea to start with. The fact these two ‘adults’ thought it was says it all.


  11. 22
    Max Clifford says:

    That Oz bird is far to old for me, nice knockers though.


  12. 30
    confused.... says:

    do we know whose collar got felt today yet ?


  13. 33
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:

    Whatever happened to the convicted murderer Dirty Den ?


  14. 36
    Dirty Den...... I'm still free ! says:

    Looking for a Christmas job as Santa don’t yer know !!


  15. 38
    Red Egg Millitwit....... says:

    I love this record….


  16. 43
    Luke Bozier says:

    Some people are worried about security but I was more than happy to trust Guido to put cookies on my phone.


  17. 44
    confused.... says:

    I’m still no wiser


  18. 46
    A Tantric fuckwit says:

    You can call me Dave


  19. 47
    Adam Werrity says:

    Doesn’t Liam look dishy on channel 4 tonight…. Mmmm he’s my Christmas fairy!


    • 58
      Keith Vaz says:

      What about me, I thought I looked sincere, caring and undoubtedly British on C4.

      Could I be someone’s Winterval fairy?


  20. 53
    lodge 3098.... oh no! oh yes? says:


  21. 59
    Meanwhile says:

    The president of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, has said that any new independent country would have to apply to join the EU.

    Mr Barroso told the BBC’s Hardtalk programme the position was set out in clear legal terms.

    Responding to Mr Barroso’s intervention – Scottish Deputy First minister Nicola Sturgeon said the SNP government did not agree that an independent Scotland would have to reapply for European Union membership.

    She said early talks were now being sought with the European Commission to discuss the specific process of Scotland becoming independent.

    So thats you and Alex well fucked then deary, should have told the truth in the first place.


    • 62
      Some Twat up North says:

      Well, if we pull out and the Scots get nowhere .

      Perhaps we could form a free trade pact.


    • 64
      Interested Public says:

      If the UK itself dissolved, as a result of Scotland leaving, the same rules would hold for England, Wales and Northern Ireland one suspects.

      The SNP could shoot UKIPs fox.


    • 68
      Future EU Referendum says:

      If the UK dissolved as a result of Scotland leaving, England would also need to re-apply. This could shoot UKIPs fox.


      • 69
        Bullingdon boys says:

        Shooting foxes, not us!


      • 104
        carry hole is a complete hunt says:

        It is ironic that scotchland leaving the uk, would give the UK IP what it most yearns for. Personally id like a referendum on Independence from scots and wales, and on on leaving the eussr before it implodes.


    • 76
      Ex-Conservative Party member says:

      “Leaving the EU but staying in the single market would mean that Britain was governed by fax from Brussels” – David Cameron

      Well leave the single market, too, then, you dozy tw*t. The US isn’t in the single market, and it’s not “governed by fax”. We trade with the USA but we’re not obliged to be part of NAFTA.

      Camoron really is an odious little f*cking prick.

      I cannot wait to see him turfed out of Number 10 in 2.5 years’ time, all bleary-eyed and sobbing. Yes! F*cking YES!

      A shame he’ll be replaced by Milipede, but there we go. Every silver lining has a cloud.


    • 78
      Rememember when this blog wasn't m 0 dd ed to destruction? says:

      “Leaving the EU but staying in the single market would mean that Britain was governed by fax from Brussels” – David Cameron

      Well leave the single market, too, then, you dozy tw*t. The US isn’t in the single market, and it’s not “governed by fax”. We trade with the USA but we’re not obliged to be part of NAFTA.

      I cannot wait to see him turfed out of Number 10 in 2.5 years’ time, all bleary-eyed and sobbing.

      A shame he’ll be replaced by Milipede, but there we go. Every silver lining has a cloud.


    • 102
      Spinal damage says:

      So Scottish Tories can vote Independence to stay out of Europe. Drastic but may work.


    • 114
      I don't nee d no doctor says:

      Why didn’t the SNP ask the question before seeking independence. Choose carefully you jocks.


  22. 65
    He who no longer posts says:

    I was arguing this 20 years ago. It is still not taken into account by the teaching profession. There are none so blind as those who will not see.


    • 92
      Casual Observer says:

      Most University programs in the UK do not give their students marketable skills – rather they impart a broad academic skills base upon which those skills can be built. The exceptions are the four core professions, and technical/science degrees where the student is really aiming to go into research.

      It should be noted that employers in the core professions recognize that they have to build up the skills of graduates over at least the first few years of employment.

      UK universities generally do not get involved with the commercial side at all and seem to be somewhat indifferent to it. This is a big contrast compared with the US – and is a big problem in the UK.

      Too much easy government funding is partly to blame, misguided academic aversion to the ‘real world’ is also.

      The reason why students are now running into debt issues is because whilst the funding model has been brought in to line with the US, what you are funding has not. As a result, people are walking into a debt trap and those who would want to progress further in academia are finding that door closed by the debt they are accruing to get to first base.

      In simple terms the cost-benefit is no longer working in favour of the student.

      Technical colleges would help bridge the gap in skills which school leavers can pick up, and this would help alleviate some of the legitimate complaints which employers raise about graduates.

      Employers though do need to realize that those entering the labour market from University will require investment if they are to be useful employees. They should also realize that increased job insecurity and flexible labour markets will reduce significantly the probability of maximizing ROI on an employee.

      This last aspect is not the fault of the education system.


      • 112
        Engineer says:

        When did a degree course become a ‘program’?

        *shuffles off, muttering and shaking head*


        • 117
          Spinal Damage says:

          When it stopped allowing students thinking for themselves and became a left wing brainwashing program. You are weak and must obey the State.


      • 115
        He who no longer posts says:

        I presume that by the four core professions you are speaking of psychiatry, clinical psychology, social work and nursing and not prostitution, bookmaking, McDonalds and politics in descending order of usefulness.

        But I know plenty of university lecturers who tell me that schools do not deliver properly qualified pupils to them and the first term at Uni has to be one of remedial work. So they pass on the favour to the employers.

        I agree with the greater part of your argument but I cannot see the benefit in allowing the purist broad academic skills base being justified when the ambition of all graduates should be to find placement in a fulfilling career at the end of the process rather than merely to keep them off the unemployment statistics for a few years longer.

        Those who are paying for this process through their taxes find the current head-in-the-sand approach most unsatisfactory as do employers who, despite having a large field of graduates, cannot find the ones they need to fill the vacancies they have. The students are also dismayed to find that no one wants their degree subject when it is too late to change it for something else. Lose-lose-lose.

        So do I blame the educational establishment? Yes I do, along with the cynical politicians who together in league have herded hundreds of thousands into unsuitable qualifications and unrealistic expectations.

        I was saying this as a school governor 20 years ago and no one listened then with one exception mentioned in the next paragraph. What has changed? The educational establishment is itself incapable of learning. What a farce!

        My son studied two maths, physics and chemistry (the difficult subjects – not that you would get any teacher to agree with that – they are all equal!) and now holds a high powered job earning plenty of money because he followed my advice. Money put where mouth is.


        • 136
          Casual Observer says:

          For the professional degrees I did mean more Law, Medicine, Engineering and those which actually prepare the student to work directly in a specific field upon successful graduation.

          Inflating grades and expectations whilst degrading the real skill set of students at secondary and sixth form has left the majority of current university students and recent graduates at a significant disadvantage in the global labor pool.

          This is not their fault.

          Your point on massaging unemployment stats I fully agree with. I was not arguing support for the academic model of universities per se, just pointing out that academic skill is what university training in the UK imparts. This is invariably non-practical or ‘useful’ in the employer sense – the professional degrees being an exception.

          I would disagree that the aim of all grads should be for some sort of fulfilling career – but they should certainly be enabled to follow a path which leads to that if they want to. They should not have the expectation though that society will carry them gratis either.

          Contrasting to the US, their universities do balance out better with respect to type of knowledge and skills imparted. In the UK this will likely not change as the universities are simply not structured for this. That is where the strong argument for returning the polytechnic style establishments and meaningful apprenticeship schemes lies.

          Given that students are now expected to pay for their higher education it is probably time for market forces to act. Alternatives to university should start to appear in order to meet that demand – demand from two sides: Industry and school leavers. As a society, enabling the next generation to acquire a competitive skill set for fulfilling their life ambitions should be an unquestionable responsibility.

          The state educational system is paradoxically not able to learn or think for itself as it is very much controlled by government dictat. People I think are beginning to figure this out now.

          The most honest analysis of how government considers education was given in exchanges between Humphrey and Hacker in a certain comedy series of the 80s. Something appears to be changing now though, as the penny may have dropped that the current status quo cannot continue.

          The subjects you listed for your son are harder irrespective of what teachers say.


          • He who no longer posts says:

            OK. We clearly have a broad range of agreement then but differ on one fundamental point: …the aim of all grads should[/should not] be for some sort of fulfilling career…

            This disjunct I find unbelievable. It did not seem to exist at the start of the 60s but crept in some time then and has become totemic in the educational establishment since.

            To me it is a denial of how life works. It ignores completely the laws of supply and demand and thus there is no criterion of value to assess why the state should become involved in a very expensive process for anyone and everyone with no defined objective. All this at the very time when the young person is in need of being able to hone their critical skills in order to face the harsh realities of life.

            Now, I speak as an amateur philosopher of three decade’s self-learning. I took the subject up to improve my own critical skills because I had not experienced the discipline through passing through Uni, but found myself advancing into senior management and was determined not to be found wanting. After an initial decade or so, I started to attend conferences from time to time and even give the occasional paper to professionals, a daunting experience for which I can accept that people may think I am insane. I say this because my original intention was in my busy life, to do something that was not related to earning money (everything else I did was) and thus afford myself another perspective on existence. But I could only do that of my own volition from having a level of income and wealth to cover the not inconsiderable costs attached.

            So, unlike many nowadays, I am not opposed to learning for its own sake. Quite the opposite. However if the state is to bear the cost (and that includes the current pay-back scheme where, if there is no income there is no repayment), especially in these straitened times, then there must be a result from which the taxpayer will ultimately benefit. Otherwise why should the taxpayer stand guarantor? That such linkage should be seen to exist would add much needed focus where at present there is none.

            You seem to be almost there. What is it that you are trying to deny?


          • Brittannia says:

            The disjunct is probably more on the semantic of ‘career’ which many would interpret to imply a single path through life.

            My only point is that grads should aim for a fulfilling life and the education system as a whole should enable this. Those who choose not to be productive or contribute should not expect support but the freedom to make that choice should be there. Sounds a bit upside down but I personally believe in individual freedom of choice and that being forced to sacrifice life for narrow career choice is not cool.

            A big difference facing the younger generation today is that the benefits the previous generations had are not going to be there. Enabling the future gen to be successful is one thing but the trade off on the benefits will need to be granting freedom. That was my only point on the career aspect.


          • He who no longer posts says:

            I accept your semantics point and we are even closer in thinking than I initially thought. I also am a libertarian, otherwise I would not be posting (not posting!) here.

            From my close contact over the decades with the educational establishment, I know that this is not a difference in semantics with them but a gulf of unbridgeable proportions. They mostly regard themselves as not in any way connected in a process but purely in an end in itself. This despite the fact that the majority of graduates will be looking for placement after they have qualified. That is a fundamental weakness in the system IMO.

            A graduate does naturally pick up disciplines which can be of use in any situation. A career can span several completely different areas of activity, indeed mine has. There is undoubtedly a crossover where the knowledge from one may be used in a different area, if enough care and regard for the differences is born in mind.

            The examples of Branson, Gates, Brin et al do point to the process being perhaps too suffocating and restricting rather than liberating but they are all rather exceptional.


  23. 67
    AVIVA says:

    We’ll happily sponsor DNA mapping


    • 83
      A typical civil servant says:

      I’ll happily put the DNA database onto an unencrypted memory stick, and leave it on a train.

      In Islamabad.


  24. 80
    Ordinary Joe says:

    Another day’s nearly gone by and Dva’s gay bandwagon is still charging towards the cliff edge.


  25. 81
    HenryV says:

    Slimey Vaz has jumped onto the story of that nurse who committed suicide over that Aussie radio prank. Feeding his ego off the suffering of others.


  26. 91
    Hank the Cat says:

    Gay marriage or economic Armageddon: which do you think matters more?

    James Delingpole

    Cameron thinks that gay marriage matters more.

    Now do you believe that we are phucked


  27. 95
    Gordon Brown says:

    It’s thanks to Sir Patrick Moore that I’ve had a lifelong interest in looking at uranus.


  28. 97
    Spinal damage says:

    University has moved on from ‘thinking for self ‘ to left wing brainwashing.


    • 110
      carry hole is a complete hunt says:

      Anywhere where the majority view is economic creationism cannot credibly claim to be a place of learning.


    • 111
      Engineer says:

      It did that thirty years ago with Sociology courses, which explains the total uselessness of Social Services today.


      • 121
        Al Zimmers says:

        Yup. Social Services is PC bollox without an ounce of common sense. All black and white with no grey areas.


  29. 99
    I don't nee d no doctor says:

    I saw Harriett Harman on the Daily Politics show today. Can I have counselling to help me get over it?


  30. 106
    Leslie Grantham says:

    They didn’t call me Dirty for nothing.


  31. 129
    Dmitri Dmitrievich says:

    Great Music! Shostakovich’s 7th


  32. 132
    Jasper the ultimate racist says:


    • 138
      The Chainsaw of righteous justice says:

      This guy is a dick.


    • 142
      HenryV says:

      Can I ask one small question, just who the fuck is this is this Hunt Lee Jasper?

      Sir Patrick’s death has really upset us here. A great Englishman has died. A scholar, a sportsman, and musician. A man who has stayed true to one love through out his ife.

      And yet the Left, whose champions seem to be first and second generation immigrants, cowards, thieves, and just morally bankrupt have done nothing but besmirch Sir Patrick.

      There is a day of reckoning coming. Name, insults, and slights will be remembered.


    • 145
      Joss Ayinglike says:

      Fifty million people in Britain are hoping you expire before Baroness Thatcher does.


    • 152
      Silly Sally B13 COW says:

      An obnoxious attention-seeker complains of being noticed. *exasperated face*


    • 159
      South of the M4 says:

      I would say that you have nothing to offer for the issues of today.


    • 167
      Some Jokes Beg To Be Made says:

      Listen, you– Sally will be doing enough of her own inane Tweeting when the woman shuffles off, if I know her. No need for you to nick her pitch.

      And please, somebody, do me a kindness and Tweet me when Grasper croaks– I want to be first in the queue to urinate on his grave. I’m sure he would appreciate that it’s a favour returned.


    • 179
      Anonymous says:

      When ‘L.Grasper’ pops his clogs, who will remember him for more than ten minutes?

      That odious twit is not fit to lick Sir Patrick and Lady Thatcher’s collective shoes.

      Some folk bang on about not enough leftie blacks/effnics being promoted – if this is the standard, I’m not surprised. and don’t get me started on Fatbutt & Chucka the f*cker.


      • 208
        Curly from Camden says:

        You will have to get in line. Kennington Livingslime has already booked the front row.

        Lee, please sally forth and multiply..


  33. 133
    Dickhead in Downing Street says:

    It is essential we remain part of the EU. Otherwise we would become like Norway or Switzerland – clean,rich,self-governing and in charge of their own borders. Who the fuck would want that?


    • 141
      UK Public says:

      Us ?

      And wasn’t it Barosso who was teasing us with that little pasteis de nata some months back ?

      Vote UKIP.


    • 144
      HenryV says:

      Being charge of your own borders doesn’t mean you don’t have “problems”. Go and ask the many Norwegian women who have been raped what they think about controlling their own borders. Raped as a sacrifice on the altar of multi-culturism.


  34. 134
    Herman van Rumboy says:

    It’s panto season. It’s BEHIND you !!


  35. 160
    Why you shold vote no says:

    When interviewed about Sil vio running for office, on C4 news this evening, Jo sé Man uel Bar ro. so said these words.

    “I respect Italian democracy”.

    Now what was it that man said about “The bigger the lie”


  36. 162
    albacore says:

    As photo frames, these tablets are neat
    The 4 x 3 ones a special treat
    Put a decent slideshow in your app
    Then I’ll download it, Fawkes, old chap


  37. 164
    ah! monika's moniker is a gonner says:

    William Hill have opened a book on when the first gay marriage will take place in Westminster Abbey.


    • 173
      albacore says:

      Never you mind your actual marriage
      (“It’s an institute you can’t disparage”)
      Rock Hudson made some good flicks with Doris Day
      Wonder who they might cast in re-makes today?


      • 210
        Curly from Camden says:

        Well dear old Doris wouldn’t stand a chance would she! Rock got his rocks off once too often with hiss fellow ‘actors’ and was one of the first to pop his clogs with AIDS.


  38. 165
    rather suspicious development says:

    so, is Facebook down everywhere or just in Northern Ireland where the troublemakers are using it plan their riots?


  39. 169
    But wot about the peace prize? says:


  40. 174
    A greasy Vaz too far says:

    I can’t believe what I am now seeing on the News.

    Keith Vaz has Hijacked the whole nursegate affair and is now the self appointed spokesman for the nurses’ family.


  41. 182
    Anonymous says:

    Oh lawd, that comment awaiting thing again – try this instead,

    hope verks, ja?


  42. 183
    Swedish chef with his meat ballens says:

    oh dear, that comment awaiting again, hope vis verks, ja,

    ignore anon comment beforem if it appears – zat is me too ja.


    • 184
      Swedish chef with his meat ballens says:

      ohh ach scheizer, you got to clic to unt youtubby. Zo sod that, some Osterreich then ja, ey Sigrid und Marina, and one for us kiddies for Xmas, thinking of the baby JC and all that, mmmm…

      Gluvein unt snapps ja Sigrid? Ja! Oh boomty boom!


  43. 187
    Bateman's Bay says:

    I wonder if the staff at a certain famous hospital will be having a Christmas party this year?


    • 189
      Swedish chef with his meat ballens says:

      The admin wil lash the whip and say “enjoy enjoy, you vill enjoy your Xmas party here, ja?” katoosh katoosh. order orders, zat vill be followed…


      • 190
        Basil Fawlty ate my socks says:

        Not quite a posh hospital clip in that warped Lahndahn, but a hotel in Paignton, Torbay, but same difference,


    • 194
      King Edward VII's Cockroaches says:

      Of course there will be the usual celebration for the Directors, Managers and Consultants. The nurses and junior doctors will not be invited, as they will be working on shifts. That’s what they do. We do important things such as making “caring, concerned” TV interviews, and failing to take any responsibility.


  44. 188
    Dirty Den says:

    I can’t believe that convicted murderer Leslie Grantham has been arrested on suspicion of sex offences.


  45. 192
    Tom Watson says:

    I demand a judge led inquiry into the cost of Big Mac meals. They’re far too expensive and discriminate against people like me.


  46. 193
    David Cameron says:

    Good Morning

    I am delighted to announce that I am officially toast.

    Thank you so much.


  47. 198
    Ed Miliband (Prime Minister designate) says:

    Wait. WTF? There are “support groups” for right wing political bloggers? Give me strength


  48. 200
    Margaret Moran says:



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My TV screen was that window at lunch-time today.

Be careful, the sudden self-congratulatory tone, the slightly pudgy outline of indulgence and you become exactly what you should despise.

The jolly face of the Quisling Cameron poses for your camera has mesmerised and deceived you, you who were once not so deceived.

You were no firebrand, you were a damp squib in my opinion, sorry.

You need a damned good kick up the ahse!

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