December 8th, 2012

Starbucks Solidarity

st pauls

The unwashed hordes who support UK Uncut will be harassing low-paid workers in Starbucks today. It seems like only yesterday that the Occupy crowd were queuing up outside the St Paul’s branch for a fair trade skinny decaf. If you are doing a bit of Christmas shopping today maybe pop in and show some solidarity with the workers…


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    Ha Ha!

    Still think Starbucks done wrong buy agreeing to pay more tax than the law says!

    • 3
      V1le Labour ruined my Country says:

      Everybody shoiuld be avoiding tax it only gets wasted on benefit spongers, parasites, foreign dictators and weapons programmes, the eu and MP’s expenses.

      • 10
        Anonymous says:

        Starbucks should have given it to a real charity as a protest.

        If the laws are stupid then they should use their status to ridicule the situation.

        (However, if it was just a small gift so that they would not be first in line for a full tax investigation I can see why they provided the sweetener)

        • 18
          Hodge Bodge says:

          Just a tiny, tiny, tiny gift…

          • Butch Dave says:

            Will no one think of the gay huskies?

          • Butch Dave says:

            Will no think of the elite pa’edophiles drowning in a rising tide of Pleb homophobia hate?

          • Butch Dave says:

            Putting our ‘Be more like the Germans!” policy in to action Gideon has ordered all his rentboys to dress in tight leather shorts.

          • Anonymous says:

            Butch Dave might not have realised that even Germany is in trouble now.

            UK will never be able to export out of the mess it is in. UK has to produce more of what it consume and should start to reduce imports. By producing what it consume UK could easily create few millions of jobs.

          • Archer Karcher says:

            Anonymous the gerbil brained one is back.

          • Judge Pickled says:

            I see no legal issues with Mr. Daves conjectures, but it may be better to examine the particulars in my chambers later.

          • Mocha off, with chocolate chips says:

            Tax them to hell, and hope they leave. Tell then to sling their yank ass out of here. Then anyone local then could set up a coffee shop instead of them , who pays their fair whack of taxes.

            Selling coffee is not rocket science, isn’t it?

          • Haribo Halfwit says:

            You’d have thought so, but anyone whose lunchtime options were limited to tiny shops with plastic buckets of anonymous slop was grateful for places that could sell standardised portions of reliably-drinkable coffee, with a known and consistent taste.

            As you state, hardly rocket science – but it took the Yanks to land a rocket on the moon.

          • M'Lord, your flies are down says:

            Land on the moon? No they never. It has been provem that man can’t last in a tin foil made spacecraft far from Earth. Why has man not gone back since, answer me that? I’ll tell you, becuase they never went there in the first place. Nixon and the rest of the repulican yank twits fooled the world. Robots went to the moon, not man, with Hollywood type pictures from Area 51 shoved on the telly conning us.

            It is a closed secret in the physics world, until now…

            But of course, I could be wrong, but it is quickly looking with time I am not.

          • Thomas says:

            If Starbucks paid their taxes, the country could afford some decent water canon to shift the blighters!

        • 188
          Anonymous says:

          want a feel good factor…start giving out tenners randomly to stranger.
          nothing beats it.

      • 11
        Anon says:

        Hospitals, roads, police, army…. etc etc etc

        • 61
          Where the money really goes says:

          Hospitals = Government sanctioned death camps.

          Roads = third world pot hole infested tracks. A fraction of the money raised to maintain the roads is actually spent doing just that. The rest is pissed away.

          Police = political police, law and order be damned, someone said somthing howwid and must go to prison.

          Army = private army of mercenaries, fighting corporate wars, for corporate interests. On behalf of government who have sold out entirely, to corporate interests.

          Etc, etc, etc.

        • 63
          koba says:

          Roads: not done. my car’s transmission smashed up.
          Police: not done, half an hour to turn up
          Defence: not done: 250000 invasion every year

          • Anonymous says:

            where does the money go?
            our taxes….fake money off the QE presses.

            the QE presses?

          • You name it, we print it says:

            All money is fake. Can always print more paper stuff to help oil the wheels. Credit crunch etc could be solved in two ticks if banks just deleted a few zeros off their fraudulent balance sheets. Nobody would notice.

          • Anonymous says:

            all money is fake.

            the monarch is behind the money.
            is she fake?

            the notion of austerity is fake.
            there is no austerity for the monarch.

        • 196
          Archer Karcher says:

          While we are on the subject. How many people have been arrested by the police ‘service’ for this mass murder?

          • The savant8.5 says:

            Meatloaf. Says.

            Life is a lemon. And i want my money. Back !!

            What about love … It s defective it s always breaking in half

            What about sex … It s defective . It s never built to really. Last

            What about your family .. It s defective .all the batteries are shot

            What about your friends .. They re defective .all the parts are out of stock.

            What about hope . It s defective .. It s corroded and decayed

            What about faith. .it s defective . s tattered and it s frayed

            What about your gods . They re defective .. They forgot the warranty

            What about your town. It s defective s a dead end street to. Me

            What about your school it s defective .. It s a pack of useless lies

            What about your work. It s dfective .. It s a crock and then you die

            What about your childhood. …it s defective it s dead and buried in the past

            What about your future. It s defective .. You can shove it up. Your ass !!

            Life is a lemon … And i want my money back.

            I thank you

          • Anonymous says:

            bliar’s favourite mckinsey is on the case. It’s ex head has gone to prison for fraud.

          • Anonymous says:

            no prosperity without a good relationship.
            have a good relationship with the source of all prosperity.
            no power without a good relationship.
            have a good relationship with the source of all power.
            no fulfilment without a good relationship.
            have a good relationship with the source of all fulfilment.
            a word to the wise?
            one word and One World.

            mirror mirror on the wall, who is wisest of them all.
            Socrates said…..put that person on the throne.

            …is that right?
            ———————–it is said that Plato got corrupted and western thought has gone downhill ever since.

      • 274
        Mocha off, with chocolate chips says:

        Your very narrow and selective in your choices – how about Queenie? But took her a while to open her purse to pay her taxes, didn’t it? Even John Major was on the dole once, he used to keep telling us, the poor dab couldn’t stop banging on about it, the trapeze artist decendent from Brixton. And what about actors, “inbetween parts”? Do you want them searching bins for food outside KentuckyPlucks, proclaiming “where art thou spicey wings”?

    • 4
      number one says:

      Ha Ha, 8illy you cuпt.

      • 68
        Where the money really goes says:

        Anyone who pays a penny more tax than they can get away with, is either an idiot, or a fool.

        • 81
          Chris Bryant's favourite cucumber says:

          A bit tautological with the usual comparison being knave or a fool but fair’s fair.

          • The savant8.5 says:

            We contend that for a nation to try to tax itself. Into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket. And trying to lift himself up by the handle .

            —Winston. . Churchill

    • 15
      somebody says:

      If the government is too incompetent to design laws to stop people avoiding tax what are they doing in government? Besides which any company that pays more tax than it is legally obliged to do is defrauding its shareholders. Plus if the company pays more tax it just puts up its prices and the customers end up paying more, as happens with car/house insurance after a company has suffered some large hits. Consequently those customers have less money to spend on other goods and services. If supermarkets, for example, pay more tax than they have to, prices go up and the poor suffer.

      • 24
        Subversive says:

        Why not just purchase from UK owned and domiciled companies.

        • 72
          Really? says:

          Why pay more for anything than you have to? Lower taxes would make the sort of thing Starbucks and many others are doing, not worthwhile, with the added benefit of lower prices for all.

          All tax is payed, one way or another, by the end user, you.

          • Subversive says:

            On the issue of coffee, the locally owned non-chain outlets are cheaper and better quality. Irrespective of tax, STBX is expensive.

          • Patriot says:

            I agree. There is no reason to use that firm. Even if what they do may be legal, it is destructive: it creates little long-term wealth for our economy as the profits are repatriated and the labour force are mainly foreigners

          • Archer Karcher says:

            If you believe what you say vote will have long ago voted with your feet. It’s called a free market, something most of the UK Uncut crowd hate.

          • Fatty Latte says:

            Archer, I suspect not many folk realised the financial antics Starbux were up to which added an extra unfair burden and costs on to local British owned companies in the same business.

            However, now the cat is out of the bag, I think many more customers will go along the road to another establishment for their morning beverages, thus keeping the money go-round operating to the benefit of this country rather than the gnomes of Zurich (remember them? they haven’t gone away you know). At least I hope, like me, that they will

          • Anonymous says:

            Archer Karcher; do you even understand what free market is?

            Free market is nothing to do with tax. If UK has to pay tax for operating in UK then international companies operating in UK should pay tax. Cheating or avoidance can be legal at the moment but its unfair as its stops a fair and free market to operate.

          • Archer Karcher says:

            Again are you suggesting Starbucks do not pay tax or are doing anything illegal under law? Really, your bluster betrays a serious lack of intellectual honesty. However, you are idiotic socialist imbeciles and as such, notions such as the law are of little interest, compared to feewings.

          • Anonymous says:

            holier than thou and everyone’s favourite..but then they said that about TBliar too,

            john lewis wants a level playing field.

          • Anonymous says:

            Archer Karcher; do you understand the issue?

            Issue is, if one company has to pay tax and another has the option to decide how much it wants to pay; then they cannot compete with one another as there is unfair competition.

            As I have said again and again I am not against zero cooperation tax. But we cannot have a system as we have now.

          • Not Archer Karcher says:

            Was your typo Freudian – cooperation tax sums up what STBX are being coerced into agreeing to.

            That is a dangerous precedent – and you have identified the nature of this tax.

      • 137
        Anonymous says:

        There might be issues with party funding, jobs when you leave cabinet, etc. If we stop these we might get a better government.

        Party funding shouldn’t be more than £1,000 per year per person. No company or union donation. No second jobs for MP’s. Cabinet ministers should be paid 50% of their salary for the rest of their life but band from taking up any paid employment.

        These will make them to put the country first.

        • 176
          Anonymous says:

          until we get to the bottom of the paedo scandal…..everything else feels trivia.

          focus on one issue,
          the heart of it.

          what is the root of all corruption?
          the source of the problem and the solution to the problem is the same. it is our relationship….to what?,,,,,,,to the source. all we need to do is to change our relationship with this entity. the source of it all. the root of it all.

        • 181
          X Cab Minnie says:

          So you want ex-Cabinet ministers who get kicked out early to join the merry band of scroungers and layabouts for the rest of their lives? Sounds like a plan to me.

          • Anonymous says:

            You should put them on the road as homeless or let them make millions like Blair, Mandy, Osborne’s father-in-law, etc.

            If you don’t want corruption you should pay them decently. Some thing smell very bad the way, minister involved in privatising and industry or who was giving contracts to a company goes and get paid £200,000 plus a year for less than 1 day a week job.

      • 305
        Anonymous says:

        You realise they havent just been avoiding tax for the past 2 1/2 years dont you, and stop droning on about “the poor” FFS

    • 22
      Gay Fawkes says:

      Send Pizzas! Send underage rentboys. Stay classy.

    • 33
      Oppenheimer goes Nuclear. says:

      Do they not realise that Starbucks is. Franchise set up and all they are doing is tohurt small business people who are probably highly borrowed and their workers?

      As for Margaret Oppenheimer, George must be thanking his lucky stars for her stupidity. If a firm is paying less tax than thought reasonable then that is down to parliament, HMRC and the treasury. All she is doing is deflecting attention from poor legislation and enforcement.

      • 34
        Reality says:

        UK Uncut are mongs.

      • 187
        Minnie Haha says:

        Au contraire mon ami, I think she has served very well to highlight it all. Before not many of us knew about it; now we do and we want action to stop it.

        • 209
          Archer Karcher says:

          Minnie ha ha want’s action, so consumers will be obligated to pay ever higher bills. Good luck numbnuts, obviously mummy and daddies pockets are deep..

          • Minnie Haha says:

            Bloody hell, you must have been dropped on your head as a baby. Either that or you were absent the day they gave out brains.

            PS: There is no apostrophe needed in the word wants.

            PPS: My parents were divorced when I was nine years old, so I missed out on the mansion and trust fund, but I did get my first bike when I was 15.

    • 44
      P l e b says:

      When everybody else has to pay tax, why do Starbucks think it’s ‘optional’?

      Don’t forget that many benefits are taxable.

      • 78
        Really? says:

        Correct comrade, how dare these people not hand over their profits to the government. Who can then re-distribute the fruits of capitalism to those who did nothing to earn them.

        • 119
          Patriot says:

          They pay no taxes but want the streets in front of their stores to be clean and the laws which protect them from being burned down by an angry mob to be enforced.

          • Archer Karcher says:

            On the contrary they do pay taxes. You are merely looking at corporation tax, something NO company pays*. Their franchises all pay tax and their employees all pay tax and so does everyone who uses their products. Dressing yourself as a patriot makes no difference to your economic illiteracy however.

            * The only people who pay corporation tax are the end users, you.

          • Anonymous says:

            Archer Karcher, do you even understand basic economics?

          • sumbody says:

            Actually they do pay taxes. Lots of taxes. Not only taxes on the buildings they operate, but also National Insurance. The people who work for them also pay taxes.

            “Starbucks argues the company paid £160 million ($256 million) over the last three years in other business and employee-related taxes.”

            They also pay corporation tax. The thing is they pay that tax legally in countries which do not try to cheat them.


            “Starbucks have structured their business to maximise the return for its owners and investors. That is what a business exists for. They are being outrageously and unfairly maligned by groups like UK Uncut and Westminster’s money grubbing politicians who are blackmailing Starbucks into not using legal taxation structures in Europe so they pay tax to the UK exchequer regardless of whether the company structure means laid down royalty payments to the European HQ results in a trading loss. As Helen observes, the £20m over two years Starbucks have volunteered to pay, is protection money.”

          • Anonymous says:

            sumbody; Costa paid all other taxes plus £28m cooperation tax. We cannot have a system where one company has got the option to decide how much it likes to when others cannot.

          • Fubar Saunders says:

            Thats what they pay local business rates for you fucking dipstick. Nothing to do with corporation tax.

          • Anonymous says:

            Fubar Saunders ; Costa pays local business rate as well. Even small local coffee shops pays business rates. On top they pay tax on profits they make.

      • 213
        The Sheikh Of Arabee says:

        They pay fucking N.I. They pay fucking PAYE. They pay fucking VAT. They pay fucking exorbitant rip-off business and water rates.

        You’re a fucking mong.

    • 46
      Anonymous says:

      brand value is the value someone puts to our attachment.
      what is the brand value of monarchy.

      starbucks is handing us money because it appreciates our devotion.
      the powerful are lazy.
      as soon as you threaten a divorce see how they come crawling…

      want to be appreciated, just threaten divorce.
      the world is on your side.

    • 91
      The Fabian Society says:

      Mo st of the Starbaucks staff in London are foreigners and may well not be paying any tax themselves.

    • 130
      Grrr says:

      I went to an Uncut demo on Oxford street.

      Mostly seemed to be Public school kids – cut glass accents, all terrible cool and hip.

      This demo
      Posh kids hassling working kids … what’s new.

      • 174
        Archer Karcher says:

        Trustafarians calling for socialism, while safely inside their parents inheritance fund.

        • 186
          Dodgy Hodgie says:

          You rang?

          • Grrr says:

            The funniest thing about this lot was one demo I happened upon.

            They did the usual thing – make a lot of mess.

            Then a bunch of hard working Poles in yellow jackets came and cleared up after them.

            Trustafarian Socialists don’t sweep streets or do manual work – they’re too cool for that.

            But they’re down with the workers!

    • 264
      Gordon Brown says:

      I don’t work on Saturdays

    • 276
      The Land of the Politically Correct and Mendacious says:

      NOT SO……The ” UK Show Trials whom previously have passed judgment on bankers,journalists and print barons are still in session and now it is the turn of the multi-nationals. The Self-Appointed Prosecutor for the Ill-Informed Public Opinion has weighed the evidence and Starbucks have been found guilty of NOT breaking the UK taxation law. Meanwhile pusillanimous politicians (who dare not stir up the wrath of the public against themselves as it was in 2009 when several MPs were metaphorically speaking burnt at the stake)jump on the band wagon criticising the company for obeying the laws and to deflect the public’s rage against themselves who passed the tax legislation. However, it is unlikely that either Amazon or Google will feel the wrath of the masses in the same way. Starbucks is a franchise and it is the little people who run the franchises and employ people on the minimum wage that suffer not the parent company in Seattle. Once again the mob who tells us they represent 99%(in truth barely 1%) pervades the UK High Street in the guise of protest against capitalism

    • 310
      treetop says:

      UK Uncut are the military arm of the left that equates to the BNP on the right.

  2. 2
    Hampstead hedge fund manager says:

    The UK Uncut movement should be circumcised

    So that they learn their place in society

  3. 5
    James says:

    the left seems to spend most of their time working themselves up into frenzies about whatever latest issue is annoying them.

    Funny that they don’t seem to do this when the Labour Party is in power

    • 6
      Beatify Blair says:

      That’s because the world is perfe.ct under socialism. Allegedly

      • 13
        Moral Collapse Blair has no shame says:

        As you can see, I have brought eternal war to the Middle East

        I have delberately said nothing for months now

        Because I am as deluded as my friend “Lord” Stephenson

        • 43
          V1le Labour ruined my Country says:

          This is all MP’s are good for and theft of course. The world owes me a fortune in expenses because I got voted in!

    • 8
      Anonymous says:

      Swivel eyed mouth foamers.

      • 247
        Answers on a postcard says:

        Exactly what did the Labour party do about tax-avoiding multi-nationals whilst in power?

        • 307
        • 321
          Tom Watson's Brighton fun says:

          Labour gave them a cuddle and told them it would all be alright as long as they kept supporting Labour.

          Like they did with phone hacking.

          Like they did with abuse scandals.

          Just like Labour did with everything.

  4. 7
    Empty Ed, the Justin Bieber of Labour says:

    Wevolt I say Wevolt

    I will give a pwess conference in my million quid house I inhewited from my Marxist father (without tax of course)

    The teenies of Hamstead move me…

    • 190
      Mine d'Boggles says:

      “Wevolt” – yes such an evocative word.
      Evocative of that great phoney Woy Jenkins. But, anyway …Wevolt … ? How many? Would 250,000 at 50 amps be OK?

  5. 9
    Anon says:

    If Guido Fawkes cannot think of anything to say about multi-nationals not baring their share of the tax burden so he dishes out silly insults like “Unwashed”. His assumption which is probably false, is that the lowly paid workers in Starbucks do not support the action taken against the tax fiddling employers

    • 40

      It is “bearing”. They’re not fiddling their taxes, they are obeying the law.

      • 49
        P l e b says:

        Which is what Starbucks should do.

        • 91
          Really? says:

          Starbucks are obeying the law to the letter.

          It’s dim socialists who don’t understand the law, that are getting on their high hypocritical horses and denouncing them. It only goes to demonstrate the abject ignorance within a large section of society.

          • Patriot says:

            The law should be changed. Starbucks do ot compete on a level playing field. Local independent firms have to pay their taxes

          • Archer Karcher says:

            Are you suggesting Starbucks do not pay any tax?

            I think you will find, such a suggestion is nonsense. But when has that ever stopped the retarded making fools of themselves?

          • Fatty Latte says:

            Nobody is suggesting they do not pay tax; but they only pay tax on what is left after the bulk of their profits have been transfer-priced out of the country.

          • Archer Karcher says:

            Are you suggesting that Starbucks are indulging in illegal activity? Companies operate for the benefit of their shareholders and consumers, not the tax authorities, who would bleed you dry in an instant.
            If they thought they could.

          • Anonymous says:

            Archer Karcher; are you saying all ather companies that pay taxes aren’t looking after shareholder interest?

            Even Starbuck’s pay cooperation tax in US, it doesn’t say it buy coffee from Swiss and it pays royalties to Holland when it operates in US.

            A stupid person like you cannot understand these things.

      • 52
        V1le Labour ruined my Country says:

        UK uncut are the great unwashed, I;ll bet their own tax contribution is far less than their benefit claims. So in effect they’re parasites expecting everyone else to fund their disgusting lifestyle.

        • 135
          Grrr says:

          I’ll boycott Starbucks if every Uncut member prommises not to claim benefits.

          Any takers?

          • Archer Karcher says:

            Are you kidding? They want people to pay more taxes so they can sponge off of those who do. Their outrage is that shallow.

    • 76
      Lord Jensen Interceptor says:

      You need to pull the cotton wool out of your nostrils, pal. The last time they washed was before the Greenham Common Peace Camp.

      • 84
        Chris Bryant's never discovered winning personality says:

        Fiona Bruce went to Greenham Common and I, for 1, would smash her fucking back doors in at any given point in any given day.

      • 185
        Caroline Lucas says:

        That’s not true.
        Every year I have a cold shower using a teaspoon of organically grown thistle seed shower gel. The stink comes back after two days, but hey, I am saving the planet right?

      • 198
        Yanky Doodle says:

        I think they re-named that the Greenham Common Purpose Camp in about 1984.

      • 207
        Napoleon Bonaparte says:

        I love it!

  6. 12
    Alex says:

    Well your average UKUncutter can afford not to work courtesy of Mummy and Daddy can’t they.

    • 14
      Eddy Millichild says:

      Like Meeeeeee

      But at least I pretend

    • 80
      Lord Jensen Interceptor says:

      Courtesy of the taxpayer is more likely.

    • 201
      Mr Nobody says:

      Whatever happened to the plan to show the amount of tax each of us pays towards each area of government spending? Freezing or cutting benefits is popular now, but it will become far more so when people realise how many thousands of pounds we all pay each year to support people who just don’t feel like working.

      • 240
        Archer Karcher says:

        Here’s a handy rough ready reckoner, so when you hear a politician yapping about ‘investment’ or spending.. Every billion they talk about equates to fifty pounds per taxpayer. So 12.6 billion in DfID aid is £650 in tax that you will pay. Good Eh?

  7. 16
    Confused Public says:

    Instead of harassing Starbucks, shouldn’t the UK Uncut mob be buying coffee ? As tax revenue is generated on sales, and STBX have (foolishly) agreed to pay more tax, then to meet UK Uncut’s goals they should be spending on latte’s galore to fund the big government they crave.

    Annoying the workers doesn’t make sense either – surely that goes against socialist principals ?

    Or – are UK Uncut just a bunch of irritating mongs.

    • 31
      ARP warden Hodges says:

      Blumming hooligans.

      • 42
        Confused Public says:

        Well – singing ‘we shall overcome’ : Overcome what ? Tax avoidance ?

        Isn’t that what closing tax loopholes is all about, and part of role of government ?

        Would be better for them to draw attention to domestic non-franchise coffee shops who do pay their fair share as an alternative rather than get STBX a whole bunch of free advertising, all publicity being good publicity etc. (unless Yewtree are involved)


        • 203
          Yanky Doodle says:

          How many British companies which have invested all over the world repatriate their profits before discussing what’s left with the local government? I read some where that these repatriations are known in the City as “invisibles” and make up a very large chunk of our balance of payments numbers.

          Is Starbucks not doing precisely the same thing?

          • Confused Public says:

            Yes – just wondering why I can’t buy a latte because the STBX is full of mongs.

  8. 17
  9. 19
    Kebab Time says:
    • 69

      You never see people with beards in the workplace.
      Teachers excluded .. obviously.

      • 96
        Baroness Warsi says:

        As an aside, I thought I saw Gary Glitter at Leeds train station last week. However, if it wasn’t him (and I only clocked him for a moment) then there’s a guy out there who actively trims his beard, wears similar specs and is the same age & height who doesn’t give a toss that everyone double takes him as a paedo. I’m not sure which is stranger, Glitter getting a train or some dude who cares not a jot that he looks like Glitter. I think I prefer the former.

      • 206
        Yanky Doodle says:

        Like McTavish Broon you mean?

      • 324
        Beardless Software Engineer says:

        Try software engineering mate. Loads of them.

    • 70
      johnscotland says:

      Fucking idiots,,love to be there to kick them in the head and dangly bits.

    • 90
      WVM says:

      Looks like they could all do with a good wash.

    • 103
      Labour are off their Ed says:

      What a smelly looking bunch of tossers. Bet the place reeks of B.O. and drugs.

    • 120
      Bollocks to Getting a Pseudonym says:

      I’d love to take a sledgehammer to their bigoted commie skulls.

    • 141
      Anonymous says:

      Well done. If they avoid paying cooperation tax they should except help from government or the police as they haven’t contributed.

      • 147
        Idiot students says:

        Look fuck face. Starbucks have paid tax. The rates bill alone on that building will be over £200K. £1 million rates bill isn’t that much in the west end. That is tax. that money pays for nothing and is just given to the council to spend on its worker’s pensions.

        I doubt if you added up the tax paid by everyone in the picture,,including all the VAT, it would come to £200k. If you took off what they have had back in subsidised travel, 0% interest loan fees, housing allowance, JSA, ESA, EMA, child benefit that their parents get etc etc it would be a minus figure.

        • 172
          Anonymous says:

          Look idiot. Costa paid all this plus £28m in cooperation tax last year.

          Also VAT is collected by a company from customers, its not a tax on profit.

          I am not against zero cooperation tax. But we cannot have a system as it is as other UK companies cannot compete with these once as they haven’t got a choice as to how much they like to pay.

          • sumbody says:

            Then it is up to the government to reduce corporation tax so that no company wishes to pay tax in other parts of the EU.

            “Starbucks, which is working within the rules devised and handed down by the same European Union most of the UK Uncut bedwetters adore so much, have headquartered their European operations in the Netherlands to take advantage of an advantageous corporation tax deal that was offered to them by the Dutch. The Netherlands exchequer therefore benefits from offering a competitive lower rate instead of going out of its way to treat the business as a cash cow and snatch as much of its money as possible.”

          • Yanky Doodle says:

            Will you kindly stop talking sense, you will make yourself very unpopular on here mate.

          • Objectivist says:

            Look – Atlas may just give the UK the finger if is this sort of thing carries on.

          • Mornington Crescent says:

            “Cooperation tax”!! What a dick – thank you for proving how much you and your comrades know about tax…

          • Anonymous says:

            sumbody; government does have to reduce cooperation tax, all it has to do is close the loopholes like number of other countries (even in EU e.g. Germany) has done and implement the laws on transfer pricing we already have.

            Even in US Starbuck’s doesn’t say it is buying coffee from Swiss or paying 5% royalties to Holland.

          • The Chainsaw of righteous justice says:

            What has STBX disclosures to US IRS got to do with how they operate ? If they were outside of US tax law, as here, this would have been reported and they would have been indicted.

          • PooBare says:

            ” cooperation ” tax! ejucashan roolz.

  10. 20
    reports from the rear says:

    UK Unwashed?

    UK Uncouth

  11. 21
    Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

    UK Uncut would have more credibility if they occupied the Guardian offices and asked them about there offshore tax arrangements.

    Just a bunch of white middle class prats financed by the bank of Mum and Dad

  12. 25
    Socialists = Sociopaths says:
  13. 27
    Nonjob says:

    Even the graun have published an article entitled ‘It’s not wrong to avoid taxes’:

    I’m sick of whining leftards like UK Uncut preaching their warped version of tax morality.

    When these halfwits have finished their media studies degree, they normally get jobs in places like Starbucks. Their rationale is difficult to comprehend.

    • 125
      Bollocks to Getting a Pseudonym says:

      What the Graun meant was, “It’s not wrong for us to avoid taxes.”

  14. 28
    Red Ed Miliband says:


  15. 29
    Try and think, window lickers says:

    You have all gone mad, Guido included

    If you think that avoiding tax is so clever, I suppose you also believe that there should be no national defence, no justice system, no police, no schools and hospitals

    How the fuck do you all thnink that we have any form of civlisation whatsoever ?

    An industry has grown up in the City of London to aid and abet tax avoiders

    They make fucking millions while contributing nothing to society

    Just like the criminal banks

    Do you just all want a total breakdown of society?

    PS It is well on the way already…

    • 37
      SaltPetre says:

      I can smell you through the keyboard….. go and buy some soap and get a haircut.

    • 38
      Sir William Waad says:

      Governments do not lack money. Their income has shot up much faster than anyone else’s. They lack the will and intelligence to spend the money well. That’s why, however much money we give them, they always want more.

      Downward pressure on tax revenues would eventually lead to better government and a better life for all; a country cannot tax its way to prosperity.

    • 41
      a finger of fudge says:

      hospitals, schools, schools hospitals, the poor and vulnerable, hospitals, schools and hospitals, the vulnerable and the poor…….

    • 48
      Loony Lefty Alert says:

      Piss off soap dodger.

    • 55
      Johnny says says:

      Taxes are always paid by people.

      I would prefer the government to be honest about taxation and get it from people directly rather than hide behind ‘fuel duty’, corporation tax, business rates or other names.

      I would also prefer big corporations to not carry much weight with our politicians, which corporation tax does give them. WE vote, businesses don’t. WE pay those taxes indirectly, businesses don’t.

      • 85
        Try and think, window lickers says:

        The whole problem is missed by the window lickers here

        Everyone in their right mind agrees that the State should be smaller and better managed

        But we are sinking under the weight of the Labour Ponzi scheme and want to provide basic services

        Someone has to pay for all of this

        And at the moment it is small businesses and ordinary people who are paying the most

        While major corporations and banks use armies of tax avoidance flunkies to avoid their fair share and, in the case of the criminal banks, expect the fucking taxpeyer to bail them out with hundreds of billions FFS

        This problems requires more thought than the knee jerk reactions of primitive window lickers

        • 93
          Lateral Thought says:

          Why not just break up the ponzi scheme and start over ?

          Fixing tax law and closing a few loopholes would help though, rather than applying histrionics to demand funding of unsustainable trash.

        • 100
          Baroness Warsi says:


        • 111
          Unsweetened Soya says:

          I agree. The debts being carried by the nation’s finances need to be paid down, and that means everyone who is taking part, and particularly benefitting from, our economy to pull their weight.

          • Grrr says:


            Lets get the millions of scroungers working for the Government to get the same salaries and pensions as those of us in the private sector.

            We’ll pay the debt off in no time.

        • 345
          Julian The Wonderhorse says:

          Why are you calling people window lickers, you repulsive person? Fun to poke fun at disabled people is it, so long as it is done for progressive purposes? Shame on you

    • 58
      HappyHour says:

      If it’s legit then end of. Not breaking any laws. The only world where large taxes are needed is one in which the state (ie government at all levels but particularly central) is held to hold all the answers to our ills – something which is at painful odds with reality.

      If we had a smaller state that only dealt with providing a world-leading education, defence, police, healthcare and a proper welfare-state (for which we would not need 3-4, depending on where you live, layers of political beaurocracy and associated civil servant hanger-ons etc.) then we would have lower taxes across the board, people and companies would be more willing to stop finding these legitimate means to keep hold of their hard-earned cash, would invest their money in society and bring society closer together, forming a stronger country.

    • 60
      dickiebo says:

      You are absolutely 100% correct here. Shame on you, Guido.

    • 262
      PooBare says:

      Nah! I feel great sympathy for your incurable retardedness.@29

  16. 30
    Benny Fitz-Clements says:

    Have I been living beyond your means ?

  17. 35
    Sam Tram says:

    What a good protest , STARBUCKS is so wrong to avoid tax. They should pay their fair share and I agree wholeheartedly with UK Uncut’s actions. STARBUCKS only agreed to pay tax because of the boycott by the public. MORE PROTESTS EVERY WEEKEND ARE NEEDED!

    • 53
      JH2328434 says:

      By the look of the protesters above, they are all net tax recipients to say the least.

      No wonder they want the productive to sacrifice more into the government trough. Naked self interest.

    • 55
      Thick MPs R the Heart of the Matter says:

      Why blame Starbucks when the fault lies with parliament, poor tax legislation and thick MPs?

      • 151
        Anonymous says:

        Comment @ 55 is totally true but the majority of responders to this thread don’t want to hear anything that upsets their ignorant views.
        They will never acknowledge that Companies/individuals that deal with HMRC in total accord with the law are not in breach of the law.
        The moral aspect would be slightly more relevant if all mp’s were compelled to publish their annual tax return as a condition of holding the job.

    • 71
      and Badger says:

      Mashed potato.

  18. 36
    Sir William Waad says:

    Ordinary coffee, creepy branding.

  19. 39
    Politically Biased BBC says:

    Owend Jones (of the Independent)back on BBC News AGAIN now carping on about Starbucks and tax and those thieving rich bastards. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • 50
      Sniveling little shit says:

    • 54
      The BBC will cause serious mental health problems says:

      Owin Jones is the first pupae emergent of the Bliar generation, and is sh*t.

    • 75
      Same old shit from the BBC day in and day out says:

      Dateline London, it’s always full of lefties and foreigners

    • 95
      Winnie the Pooh says:

      Jones is on the BBC every day,sometimes more than once. Jones is sucking up BBC cash.How are the BBC paying him, is he paying his far share of tax and NI ?

    • 269
      Tom Watson's Brighton fun says:

      Owen Jones really is a silly little Hunt isn’t he. He’s like a Cbeebies presenter who suddenly thought he could get kudos and street cred by playing politics. It’s all about being populist with the grauns by jumping up and down with the big LOOK AT ME. Every time I see him I feel he should be surrounded by hand puppets.

  20. 45
    Scamp The Excitable Dog says:

    Send in the Crusty Bailiffs yaaay, set the workers free yaay.
    Who’s next then?…Like to see this invasive shit done to Amazon and Google’s premises, that WOULD be a neat trick.

    • 283
      Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

      They can exempt Amazon my favourite on-line store. With my benefits and compo I can spend thousands a year with them.

  21. 47
    Ivor Biggun says:

    I understand the thought, but showing solidarity would mean drinking Starbucks “coffee” and that I am not prepared to do.

    • 134
      Bollocks to Getting a Pseudonym says:

      You can always throw some hot coffee in some UKUnwashed sleazeball’s face, instead of drinking the stuff. It would be the cleanest they’ve been for years.

  22. 51
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:

    UK Occupy
    UK Uncut
    UK Unwashed
    UK lefty tw*ts
    UK non income tax payers
    UK non corporation tax payers

    NO difference…..

  23. 59
    P l e b says:

    You can always rely on a tanker-load of hypocrisy on here.
    UK Uncut protesting / lobbying for Starbucks et al to pay more tax. Guido followers say this is wrong.
    However they all want the BBC’s ‘self employed’ to pay their dues, as well as Ken Livingston. Cameron condemned Jimmy Carr but not Gary Barlow.
    And their beloved Tories put VAT up to 20%. No protests about that here.

    Conclusion: Income Tax / NI / VAT all OK. Corporation tax wrong.

    • 64
      Industry says:

      That is a very fair assessment, the conclusion is correct.

    • 74

      I think you’ll find that the oil well of hypocrisy comes from the BBC tut tutting, and finger wagging, Guardian style, about other people’s tax arrangements whilst doing exactly the same sort of Hodge Dodges as everyone else.

      Whatever you may say about GF, he has never advocated other people paying more tax whilst he pays less.

      He wants all to pay less.

      • 83
        Operation Crossbow says:

        Are you suggesting Jeremy Paxman pays less tax that his Polish housekeeper or that the BBC avoids paying employers NI?

        Just out of interest does the BBC pay corporation tax on the profits it makes from telling TV shows like Top Gear, Dr Who etc no to mention DVD and book sales?

        • 105
          Stephen Fry says:

          How dare you suggest such a thing? I’d be checking your IP address if I was you sunshine, deleting records and throwing the laptop away. That’s an incredibly serious libel and if anyone from the Beeb sees that, you Sir, are snookered. Everyone knows she Lithuanian. Outrageous.

        • 114

          I believe BBC World and Entertainment are run separately to the main BBC and do pay tax on profits. I’m sure they use all available, legal, tax avoidance schemes as everyone else.

          The BBC has had to scale back the number of freelance workers as many were clearly not. They worked exclusively, or mostly for the BBC. The tax man decided that someone on exactly the same deal, including locked in golden handcuffs and handshakes, pensions and holiday and health benefits could not really claim to be working for themselves from home.

          On the subject of Paxo and Polish house keepers you can rely on the media, especially the BBC, to miss represent the tax situation.
          Starbucks are portrayed on all the news bulletins, including today’s , as paying NO TAX IN THE UK.
          That is nonsense. Starbuck’s employer NI bill must be 10s of millions by itself. not including business rates, council tax, lease interest payments, VAT on all goods and services it uses. Fuel tax, Import tax and many many more.

          Same as it is often reported Philip Green pays less tax than his cleaner.
          He obviously pays far, far more. % of disposable income may be less, but then he is probably paying for a hospital a year from personal tax, whilst his cleaner’s tax bill might amount to only the 7 days statutory sickness pay of the bod who files the tax return of Philip Green.

          Doesn’t mean its right, BTW. Just that tax issues are reported so badly and emotionally that we end up with Owen Jones yakking about millionaire tax on national, TV so far out of depth that only his Spiderman 3 armbands saved him from a Brillo drowning.

  24. 65
    Hank the Cat says:

    Occupy fat pang

  25. 66
    P l e b says:

    According to the BP advert, £6bn paid in tax in the UK in the last 5 years.
    ‘Contributing to British services and pensions’

    Says it all really.

  26. 67
    Whacked Off says:

    How do we crowbar this into the Leveson debate ?

  27. 73
    HM Revenue & Customs says:

    If we had done our job properly in the first place, none of this would have happened. We are, however, more comfortable hounding private individuals and harrassing small businesses than standing up to multinational corporations.

  28. 82
    Operation Crossbow says:

    There was a dozy woman on Radio 5 the other day from the protesters. She really didn’t have a clue.

    Firstly she was telling people to boycott Starbucks, then admitted she still used Amazon, Facebook and Google herself. Then she said she was a full time protester, so does she not have a job?

    Then she complained that Starbucks paying 10 million was not acceptable, but when asked how much should they pay she couldn’t answer. Of course Starbucks don’t know how much tax they should pay that’s up to HMRC to decide.

    Of course the one person getting away scott free is McBust who in the 13 years Labour were in power never went after any of these companies and it was McRuin that created our over complicated tax system in the first place.

    The BBC never bothered to point any of that out of course, to them Amazon, Starbucks etc only appeared in 2010.

    • 89
      Gordon the Medicated says:

      Want to know why I never tackled this issue?


    • 113
      Sir William Waad says:

      Gordon certainly made the tax system worse, but our system for taxing multinational companies dates from the nineteenth century and worked quite well in the days of telegraph and the steamer.

  29. 87
    12 & half inchs uncut says:

  30. 88

    Wouldn’t it be great if the corporate execs at Barclays and BP and Pepsi and Shillings took the facebook pages of these students into the interview room, when these protesters turn up in a few years time looking for a job.

    “I see, in 2012, you protested about corporations as ‘evil, sub human scum sucking bottom feeders who pollute the earth for the common man’?

    Tell us please, how will you square this belief with the position of marketing strategist for us here at Scottish & Southern Power?”

    • 98
      Machiavelli says:

      What makes you think that hasn’t already happened…

      • 121

        One can only hope.

        And wish that at very start of the interview the suits explained
        “this interview is going to be recorded for training and monitoring purposes…{under breath} .. and for the Christmas party and general youtube hilarity..”

    • 149
      Well it's a thought says:

      They all take political training from the crowd in the house of thieves and learn to lie their fkin heads off, simple.

    • 258
      Mr Nobody says:

      A lot of companies already check out webpages belonging to applicants. Some even use WayBack.

      Nobody wants to employ a troublemaker.

  31. 94
    (I've been renamed) DA-Notice says:

    Never understood why Louise Mensch was mocked on HIGNFY for pointing out the hypocrisy of the St. Paul’s Occupy unwashed heading over to Starbucks for a coffee and to use the wifi to tweet from their feckin’ iPads.

    Avoiding tax is a civic duty; I’m not sure if I can bring myself to pop in now for my annual gingerbread latte, I feel so let down.

  32. 99
    (I've been renamed) DA-Notice says:

    I’m leaning towards the Cowperthwaite Hong Kong model.

  33. 101
    Fog says:

    Will the police stop the un-kut-washed occupying Starbucks? If Starbucks are forced to close, their employees lose their jobs, more empty shops on high streets, less choice for customers, no tax revenue at all from Starbucks to HMGov.

    • 143
      Patriot says:

      Fuck Starbucks. Their employees can go home to Columbia and no-one will mind. The empty shop can be rented by a British firm, employing British people selling coffee to meet the demand that will still exist for coffee and paying their fair share of taxes.

  34. 106
    P l e b says:

    Let us not forget that Cameron didn’t earn his fortune. Likewise Osborne.
    All comes from offshore tax-dodging trusts.

  35. 115
    Did Cameron pay for that coffee machine in his office says:

    Those civil servants who were suspended over that rail fiasco have very quietly been reinstated .

    Meanwhile the good old British taxpayer is being warned to expect a bill for billions of pounds .

    Let us not ask too many questions .

    • 123
      Joyce Thakers common purpose says:

      At least they got suspended. I got off Scot free to continue my political activism under the guise of public service

    • 136
      Civil Service H.R. Caring Dept. says:

      Better give them a couple of year’s sick leave now on full platinum plated pay to get over the stress of it all

  36. 117
    Jimmy Carr says:

    I have a massive face

  37. 128
    Stan the Bean Counter. says:

    What do you want the gross profit to be this month Boss? The price that head office set for coffee was is a bit high this month.

    You could tell them to make the management services charge from the U.S.A. a bit lower if if you want the net profit to come in positive at say 0.0000001% of turnover.

    P.S. That Sandra is a right goer. Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink.

    • 132
      Patriot says:

      Starbucks sell rotten coffee and emply very few British citizens. Fuck ‘em.

      • 145
        Starbucks C.E.O. says:

        Remind me again. Just where is that U.K. place? Is it that crappy wet bankrupt little island next to Europe?

        Yeah! I know. It’s the one with the pig ignorant politicians with no experience or real knowledge of great international companies like ours work.

      • 166
        Aricolza Narzole says:

        Cylons still have poorly developed taste-buds.

  38. 133
    Gay Dave says:

    Stand by your man

  39. 142
    Anonymous says:

    I want Starbucks to pay more tax, their coffee is shite and I don’t use them anyway.

  40. 146
    Red Ed's non-predator union bosses says:


    • 148
      Benny Fitz-Clements says:

      Work ? !! Why bother ??

    • 155
      JH2328434 says:

      Yes, because harassing young people on their way in to work – on a Saturday – will really show ‘the man’.

      These little trustafarian worthies should be made to do a shift there themselves, standing up all day in a hot environment, being snapped at by arsehole urbanista warriors in need of their coffee fix.

    • 228
      Sheila says:

      I hope there are no suicides

    • 282
      The Home Office says:

      Did she have a work permit?

  41. 152
    Polly the tax dodger says:
  42. 156
    Ledger says:

    Corporation tax is flawed anyway as it is based on the profit made by a company. It is the easiest part of book keeping to turn a profit into a loss.

  43. 157
    Luke Bozier says:

    That Nurse was murdered! She didn’t commit suicide !

    • 167
      Anonymous says:

      what if there is a complication with the pregnancy.
      all hell will break lose?

      what if all hell broke when the call was put through?
      …the radio prank ppl say that they were surprised that the call was put thru.

      now we will never know?

  44. 159
    Tie me didgireedoo down boy (girl) says:

    will Rolf Harris been on any christmas specials ?

    or will the *man in his 80s from Berkshire* go back to Australia

    our new favourite country

  45. 184
    Meanwhile says:

    MPs’ expenses: MPs hire lawyer to fight order to repay second home profits

    The thieving pigs are at it again…………..

    • 233
      IMHO says:

      The poor darlings are suffering from an anxiety that they might have to pay back some of the money that they have thieved over the years, that’s what you call real cross-party solidarity.

  46. 192
    Political Scientist says:

    In the case of STBX and the other ‘immoral’ tax arguments, this can be regarded as a weak case version of corporate funding of socialism.

    Why is this smelling of back door communitarianism… or the ‘third way’ as some would say.

  47. 238
    What Nigel said... says:

    • 244
      Interested Public says:

      Agree with all he says here.

      • 278
        Tom Watson's Brighton fun says:

        That’d be a million unemployable unskilled common purpose graduates seeding the jobless statistics soaring if they really did cut the quangos.

        • 287
          Stakeholder Engagement Manager on £35k plus a Mondeo and a juicy pension says:


        • 304
          Screwed Taxpayer says:

          One million brooms and a few million black bin bags. The fuckers can clean the streets. That would be more use than all the caring social services meeja pretend jobs.

          Shut down all the crap pseudo universities immediately, and stop the flow of low grade graduates. That would also cut out all the “Professors” from those bogus establishments that spout total bollux in response to Beeb news presenters fatuous grovelling questions.

  48. 243
    Engineer says:

    If the UK Uncut (hrmph – UK Unthinking) protesters changed tack a bit, and demanded changes to tax law such that the multi-nationals faced the same proportionate liability as small enterprises, then many more people could support their case. As it is, by protesting at a company that is doing only what current tax law allows it to, they are (to use a footballing analogy) playing the man and not the ball.

    • 251
      IMHO says:

      Exactly, if they had the gumption to protest outside the Houses of Parliament for tax reform they might have some credibility, and a trip down to the Bridewell in the back of a van too methinks.

      • 266
        The savant8.5 says:

        Was a bridewell. Not. Called a black maria in my day ??

        Now i suppose that s branded as racist

        Under ELF. And. Safety or.

        EWE–man. Rights or whichever other plethora of poltically correct. Statutes. Apply …

        • 279
          IMHO says:

          A Bridewell is the lock-up shop; The name Bridewell is the generic term for a Town Lock Up, a small prison used to house prisoners arrested in the town, and awaiting their appearance in court.

          • Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

            There’s one just off Dale Street. Not in use anymore of course.

  49. 252
    Arch Bishop Desmond (in a tutu) says:

    I’d rather have them shitting in Starbucks than all over St Paul’s Cathedral

  50. 253
    George Galloway says:

    We skipped the light fandango, turned cartwheels ‘cross the floor, I was feeling kinda seasick, but the crowd called out for more…

  51. 257
    The savant8.5 says:

    Taxation….thst s someone who works for the government but does nt have to take the civil service exam…..

    Ronald. Reagan

  52. 261
    The savant8.5 says:

    ….. And it was nt till later

    As the miller told his tale

    That her face at first just ghostly

    Turned a whiter….

    You know the rest

    • 297
      Bill O'Reilly says:

      The “Miller” tells his tale (pre-nurse-suicide, just so you don’t think we are heartless in not referencing it):

      I shoulda given him some jazz about claiming to have just seen the movie and then forgetting the name of the character (HENRY II, not Richard; c’mon, Dennis, you with your propensity for arcane obscure stuff should know who made the “turbulent priest” quote without seeing the picture!)

  53. 263
    Anonymous says:

    Which union leader has been harrassing a worker?

  54. 267
    Objector of objectors says:

    I’m off to rebel, against agenda seeking lefties… I’m off to buy a few cups of coffee at Starbucks.. I think a support your local Starbucks campaign is about to get going.

    • 270
      albacore says:

      Never fear; Dave’s hand’s on the tiller
      Don’t he just get briller and briller?
      You’ve got to admit it’s a master stroke
      Dumping two billion when the country’s broke

      • 285
        You couldn't make it up says:

        Yes – Cameron’s windmills in the Jungle. I guess he couldn’t bear to be outdone by DPRK’s Unicorn sh*t.

      • 313
        Anonymous says:

        deliberately so?

        an offer or promise does not have to fulfilled, it would depend on circumstances, and the timing may never be right. are we being scared? look how bad the world is and here is the solution…one world and all that junk.

    • 272
      Engineer says:

      Last week, I wouldn’t have given the place a second glance, but I might just call in next time I’m passing one now.

      • 296
        Mornington Crescent says:

        Exactly, Engineer. These poor sheep following each other to “protest” have been hitherto patronising these places, sheep-like.

        Myself, I have always supported my local coffee shop: an excellent cup of coffee, locally-produced ‘pastries’, a selection of newspapers etc. The girls are English and speak English, too.

        Oh, and they wear short skirts and have all got fabulous knockers.

        • 334
          Happy Bunny says:

          Aha, the Playboy excuse – I only get it for the articles about cars….. Yeah.. oh look a squadron of pigs overhead…

          PS: O/T but I see Heff is getting married (again). “Now Miss Perkins, at the age of 26, just what exactly was it that drew you to Mr H, an 80+ year old mufti-millionaire?”

  55. 280
    Mocha off, with chocolate chips says:

    Already said above – tax them to the hilt, and these sorts can leave if they want. We are too polite – these crossborder multinationals is worse than immigration I think, blood sucking our money out of our country.

    More of them that go the better – we can do it instead, pay the fair whack in taxes and pay a livingish wage to the pourers.

    • 335
      You can't see me! says:

      British companies overseas would never follow this disgraceful example of Starbucks.

      Ever heard of “Invisibles”? That’s when British companies repatriate their profits from third world countries – exactly what the coffee and cake sellers are doing, but in reverse.

  56. 281
    If it's cheaper on Amazon THEN I will buy it !!! says:

    Nobody will boycott Amazon THAT’s for sure…Would you pay double for something that you can get on Amazon cheaper ? Of course NOT and neither will I. This whole crticism of multi-nationals is all bollocks created by politicians to mask their blame in the matter. The politicians are responsible for the taxation laws NOT the Companies who merely arrange their taxation affairs in the most cost effective way as would I and anyone of you in the same situation.

    • 284
      Mocha off, with chocolate chips says:

      Torys get donations from big City firms who arrange tax avoidance for these sorts, alledgedly – get it now? And the torys have the gall to bang on about unions.

      • 288
        I value my iPad more than the environment says:

        Please – give a clear economic reason. Purchasing of consumer goods to fund socialist policies is not really sustainable in any case.

        • 300
          Mocha off, with chocolate chips says:

          Money is a tool for man, not the otherway around – get it now? If not, I feel desperate for you.

          • I value my iPad more than the environment says:

            Fiat money is worthless, as is ZIRP money. If the tool is blunt, sharpen it. It is a matter of personal responsibility to maximize the conversion of personal time into real capital as one sees fit – socialism undermines this responsibility and distributes to those who are unable or who are artificially put into a position of being unable to do this. Whilst some redistribution is desirable, the current balance is not. So – an economic argument please for why more tax should be paid in a case where non illegal tax avoidance is present, and why tax law and rules should not be changed to correct the problem.

          • Anonymous says:

            money is a resource,
            use wisely.

          • Anonymous says:

            the tax system is not upfront.
            it is dodgy.
            dodgy ppl use it well.

            being upfront requires honesty.
            we live in a very dishonest world….more so here than elsewhere? uk dishonesty is subtle, is privilige and power in the uk directly proportional to the contribution to society……or is it inversely proportional.

            want to learn brain washing?
            come to the uk. home to the BBC, the British Brainwashing Corporation.

          • M'Lord, your flies are down says:

            I value my iPad – taxes, yes taxes, has boundaries, which with man is with these surreal abstract geographic boundaries on lands that we call countries for just ourselves. Do birds in the air get asked to show passports when they migrate across man made borders? NOOOO! Was the Danube river water asked to show communistic pledges when it crossed the Iron Curtain? NOOOO!

            Man is an arse, and is a Mother Earth bully, and the sooner he goes the better, Mother Earth would then be happier.

            Six bill and increasing! Jezzuz wept! There is not much time left for us anyway. We are a nutty out of control species, that desperatly needs extincting, for the good of The Earth.

            Have a nice day.

      • 295
        Liberal Zombie says:

        … or moral.

      • 301
        If it's cheaper on Amazon THEN I will buy it !!! says:

        Product at Amazon = £18.99 Elsewhere £28.99. Amazon gets the business QED. I just admit the truth whilst others condemn Amazon BUT still do their Christmas Shopping on their site.

        If politicians don’t like it..then they should plug the taxation regulations loop holes that THEY created

        • 303
          Mocha off, with chocolate chips says:

          because they don’t pay their VAT, nor fair corporation taxes. Simple as! Poor Comets, they have been slaughtered by MPs on their fat H of C arses!

        • 320
          Anonymous says:

          john lewis says that they cannot compete, so?

          • Anonymous says:

            I’ve never bought anything from Amazon or Starbucks. Haven’t eaten a McDonalds since 1981 and use my village shops rather than supermarkets wherever possible. I also have a milkman rather than buy milk from a shop.
            And I’m not a leftie.

  57. 286
    Concerned Public says:

    So if STBX is being coerced into paying more tax on moral rather than legal grounds, where does that leave my tax position moving forward ?

  58. 292
    Normal Bloke says:

    If they protested against the indian outsourcers cognizant, tata, infosys and so on, who all use dodgy offshore tax arrangements, import masses of ICT visa rules to displace brits from the workforce, and steal and export british intellectual property to be used to undercut us I would have more sympathy.

  59. 294
    I don't nee d no doctor says:

    UK Uncut should fuckoffee. I wonder how many tax hypocrites are members of UK Uncut ? Is Margaret Hodge their patron?

    • 302
      Mocha off, with chocolate chips says:

      See a doctor – you’re warped. I have a few phone numbers for trick cyckists if you are interested? Get in touch if so.

  60. 319
    Harry Mike Ronald Charlton says:

    The tax dodging is unsatisfactory rather like their poor coffee
    served in builders mugs. Not so much cafe more a workmans
    shelter for those on the double and avoiding her majesty’s excisei like the group. Nil points

  61. 322
    Mayan Daz says:

    In 13 days we pass through the galactic equator.
    How MAD is that ?

  62. 326
    Rayatcov says:

    Not why they sell Halal meat I won’t

  63. 339
    David B says:

    Also lets not forget Starbucks broke no laws.

  64. 340
    BBC Disinfotainment Commissioning Team says:

    If they are motivated by unprincipled tax-avoidance, then can we expect their vociferous protest outside the Grauniad offices any time soon? No, thought not.

  65. 341
    Anonymous says:

    So many sad, bitter people on here. Switch off your computer and lighten up.

  66. 342
    I told Cameron that democracy in Egypt would not work but he didn't listen says:

    Starbuck employees in Bristol lost money yesterday.

    I hope those protestors had the common decency to have a collection to make up their losses.

    Merry Christmas everyone .

  67. 344
    lex says:

    lets hope the police who are paid via taxation crush their vile do-gooder communist nazi skulls for daring to suggest corporations pay tax on profits!!!!!!

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