December 8th, 2012

Saturday 7-Up

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You’re either in front of Guido, or behind…


  1. 1
    P l e b says:

    It is now time for the Liberals to walk away from this ‘coalition’


    • 4
      Selohesra says:

      And how many seats would they win if there were a GE today?


    • 5
      Well it's a thought says:

      It would make a nice New Year’s present for the people of the country, but would let the deluded braindead vote in millionaire red Ed in, but the I suppose by following year Labour will have destroyed Britain and made it a third world sh*thole that it nearly is anywy, here’s hoping.


      • 8
        Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

        Do you mind? We don’t have the equivalent of Tower Hamlets up here.


        • 13
          Well it's a thought says:

          Last time I was in Aldi Wavertree, I wondered how empty Mogadishu was with all the inhabitants being elsewhere.


          • You are Gordon Brown and i claim my £5 says:

            Just walk down the back alleys in Ealing every house has a garage /granny flat / shed conversion at the bottom of the garden housing illegals / asylum seekers ,sometimes 10 to a shed
            but the gov don’t want to know as if they closed them down they would have to find housing for thousands more and i wouldn’t mind betting they all pay cash rent to their also foreign landlords


          • You are Gordon Brown and i claim my £5 says:

            Here is a couple of examples


          • Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

            The Somali community in Liverpool goes back a long time.


        • 15
          No escaping the multicultural 'experience' says:

          Wait till Dave’s built HS2 – a £32billion sewer that will allow the overflowing cesspit that is London to discharge its effluent into the Northern cities.


    • 6
      One of millions of former Conservative voters says:

      And if they don’t walk, they should be pushed.

      Along with Camoron.


      • 67
        Anonymous says:

        Meanwhile the rest of us have to meet strict building and health and safety regulations.
        Perhaps when there’s a tragedy involving a fire or building collapse the local councils will decide it’s time to take action?
        But I won’t hold my breath.


  2. 2
    up yours, twat says:

    When Simon Hughes is being questioned, do you think he’ll do that super smug closing of the eyes thing he does when answering a question?


  3. 3
    Nick (i've shagged 40 women) Clegg says:

    “You’re either in front of Guido, or behind…”
    Now you wouldn’t want Simon Hughes behind you , would you ?


    • 11
      Lexi Cographer says:

      Another ‘straight’ kinda guy – or so he told us a few years bag.


      • 12
        Lexi Cographer says:



      • 19
        The Oxford English Dictionary says:

        Politician, noun
        a person who tells lies.


        • 66
          Anonymous says:

          establishment, grouping.
          contents secret.


          • Anonymous says:

            this is what the war in society is all about. should the contents of the establishment remain dark.

            is their such a thing as mind control?
            a magicians trick for the mind… to avoid being tricked, avoid a knee jerk reaction. in any situation what is our purpose…stick to it.
            it is human nature to edit ourselves
            …… order to fit a collective view.


  4. 10
    George Giddy one Osborne says:

    I would like to thank Starbucks for taking over one billion pounds out of the economy and for now offering to pay us a few quid over the next two years
    This is a whole new chapter in revenue collection where a business tells us just how much tax they want to pay Voluntary tax is the way forward , where good honest corporations can donate a little bit to the government and not be investigated Notice that they are only paying a token amount for the next two years (with no mention of back dated arrearsor fines for fraud )This is because they know that Labour will be back in government by then and will let them carry on their evading and there’s a good chance their taxes will be given back with a heartfelt apology for any inconvenience caused


    • 14
      Lexi Cographer says:

      Well do a half page amendment to the tax laws and guillotine it through Parliament. Meanwhile I shall continue to refrain from purchasing their expensive foul tasting coloured water.


    • 20
      woland wat says:

      If they pay more tax, that ugly bird with the buck teeth from UKUncut could get her face fixed on the NHS


    • 21
      Socialism is a severe mental illness says:

      “taking over one billion pounds out of the economy”

      Far from taking money “out of the economy”, they invested the money in expanding the number of stores, on shop-fitting, hiring staff, paying employer’s national insurance and dividends to shareholders (pension funds).

      In short, they pumped over £1billion (your figure) into the economy.


      • 28
        englander says:

        Plus if they paid more tax Starbucks would charge more for their already expensive coffee and daft customers would have less to spend elsewhere in the economy.


      • 36
        You are Gordon Brown and i claim my £5 says:

        Thats why they bought their coffee beans from Switzerland (that word leader in growing coffee )buying them from it’s self at a 20% premium registers it’s imaging rights in the Netherlands etc

        Oh and it’s 3 billion


      • 84
        CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

        That extra £1Bn Starbucks is coughing up will pay for a third of Ed Davey’s £3Bn giveaway to third world shitholes to teach them green farming!


    • 49
      P l e b says:

      I think HMRC have a name for it – ‘self assessment’


  5. 16
    Spooks says:

    Why does a top private hospital employ migrant labour?
    Did Borat cause anyone to kill themselves?
    Why wasn’t the NHS good enough for an air hostess’ daughter?
    Was the BBC at fault for repeating the hoax?
    Did the nurse take drugs stolen from the hospital?


    • 27
      Dave and Huge and Boyfriends says:

      Move along now. We can’t have a Free Press poking around discovering facts that will upset the Plebs. Us being exposed as corrupt thieves and hypocrites is Sooo Yesterday.


    • 32
      St. Tone says:

      I found “committed suicide” a very useful procedure for dealing with little difficulties.


      • 43
        MI5 Wetwork Command (unofficial) says:

        That is, of course, when it cannot be disguised as an “unfortune accident,” as with, e.g., erotic auto-asphyxia or the mixture of barbiturates and alcohol. Preferably, there should never at any time be any indication of there having been another person present at time of death lest suspicions arise. But sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do.


    • 63
      Anonymous says:

      the issue is pressure….

      david kell,y had it.
      the nurse had it.
      if kate middleton is under pressure than an early stage pregnancy can be affected.

      it all about facts and responsibility.
      what are the facts and who has what responsibility. the world is being re,defined in front of us.


      • 83
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Not sure where this comes from / author but I like the message & ‘content’ of it:-

        “Oh what,
        a tangled web they weave
        when first,
        they practice to deceive”


  6. 18
    Cameron talks shit. says:

    It is because I am not a Tory and Not a homosexual and believe in the institution of marriage between a man and a woman that I intend to destroy thousands of years of history.


    • 22
      Minotaur Liberation Front says:

      Dave — We demand that marriage between different species should be included in your new legislation. Hybrids must have Rights too in the PC Paradise you are creating.


  7. 26
    Breaking News says:

    Cameron to push for abortion in Church.


    • 29
      Breaking News says:

      Gay marriage in Mosques.


    • 30
      PC Dave says:

      Conducted on the Altar.


      • 34
        wedded piss says:

        When will the BBC mention that the two gay couples they always show in their happy little clips just after the marriage ceremony have long since broken up in acrimony?


        • 37
          Casual Observer says:

          Any kids have their lives messed up by these pseudo marriages?


        • 40
          Well it's a thought says:

          It doesn’t go with the idea of the living happy ever after theme required by the Biased BBC to transmit to the braindead, after all if the braindead dead start thinking, they may get idea’s that the EUSSR and politicians will have to suppress.


    • 38
      ah! monika's moniker is a gonner says:

      Gay couples would be allowed to marry in churches under plans due to be unveiled by the Government.
      PM accused of ‘broken promise’
      Lords will ‘massacre’ gay marriage

      2942 mostly Tory voters Dave!!!!!!


    • 42
      If a different sperm had won the race, you wouldn't be reading this now says:

      The same applies for Dave.


    • 44
      ah! monika's moniker is a gonner says:


      Gay only Churches.


      • 61
        Henry IX says:

        Better to torch and then flatten all the Churches, Mosks and Sinogogs. Solve the Sky Fairies illusions once and for all


      • 62
        Soho Jo in his gays-only bar says:

        We need a church of the latter day gays,

        Twinkies only of course

        With gay priets and archbishops (plenty in the wings)

        Consenting underage choirboys

        And bacchanalian ritual initiations and orgies in the vestry afterwards…

        Caligula will be proud of us…


    • 54
      Soho Jo in his gay bar says:

      Dave the Rave has told me I can marry my sister

      With confetti, trumpets, and naked nymphs adoring me on the alter..

      The Ttler will pay be 100 grand for the photos

      Sounds fun don’t you think?


  8. 33
    The pork sword is mightier than the pen says:

    Or so thought Max.


    • 47
      ThereIsA May says:

      And Abu is mightier than me! – what a guy!!! I think I’m falling in .l . . .no that cannot be!


  9. 45
    ted baker's pearls says:

    Best part of the week was bullyballs falling apart in response to osborne’s autumn statement. Very entertaining!!

    I see now he says it was all because of his stammer even though there wasn’t much evidence of the stammer in his speech only waffle.


    • 56
      Labour Party insider says:

      I am told Baldwin put some white stuff in the Balls coffee at the right moment

      Empty Ed is fed up with the grandstanding of the Blinking Testicule…


      • 79
        Lexi Cographer says:

        … and the rest of us fed with with the grandstanding of the pair of them. At least Hattie PIEman is quiet these days.


  10. 50
  11. 51
    Jo Moore says:

    It’s another g’day to bury bad news.


  12. 53
    Gideon is naked and steering the economy says:

    I have the paddock…

    And Dave has Rebekah’ horse…

    Full house as they say…


  13. 55
    Homoeurosexuals says:

    All three main party leaders are now against the church, against the population and against the family

    How has this come to pass?


    • 65
      Anonymous says:

      chop the head of the snake?

      can we breath without the head of th snake?


      • 77
        Blowing Whistles says:

        It would be worth taking a look at the number and proportion of homosexual MP’s who will obviously vote for their one eyed agenda and contrary to the will of or views of their constituents. Also there is the issue of other MP’s who for their ‘slovenness’ and ‘crevenness’ may be too scared to speak up for the majority of the publics views.

        A ‘whipped’ vote is not a democratic vote. A slanted by homosexual proportion vote is not a democratic vote. Clegg & Cameron appear to be scared and cornered by the militant political homosexuals – for some or other reason.


  14. 57
    Barrow Boy Brian Leveson says:

    I am down under and very unhappy

    I have spent the whole of my life climbing the greasy legal pole and trying to become a member of the aristocracy

    I am now looking riduclous and the whole social fabric I so counted on is collapsing under “mob rule”

    I can no longer even have drinkies with the Murdochs any more…


    • 82
      Lexi Cographer says:

      Well, Briney baby, you can lay the blame for that very largely at the feet of your bent legal colleagues who allowed it to happen. Plus I don’t think ermine would really suit somebody with your hairstyle and complexion.


  15. 58
    P l e b says:

    Very interesting article in the Fail about Mr & Mrs Dorries and their ‘marriage and divorce’ and a company called WorldSpreads


  16. 71
    Paul Gadd says:

    can i now marry my Vietnamese girlfrind?

    she is 6 years old.


  17. 85

    Americans any longer! deal to go a smaller corporation or retain and collect, While retailers don’t need to pain profit margins reputations..


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