December 7th, 2012

Mensch Reports Business Partner Luke Bozier to Police

Louise Mensch has reported her former Menshn business partner Luke Bozier to the police after hackers posted the contents of his email account on-line, including nude pictures of himself and his attempts to search for sex from “young girls”. Apparently he loves “Brazilian teens so much. It’s almost worth flying all the way to Rio to get some jailbait action.”

Tech-blog The Kernel broke the story this afternoon and the entire dossier is still online. Regular readers will remember David Cameron welcoming Bozier to the Tories when he defected from Labour in January of this year. He even quoted the former Blair staffer’s statement during PMQs.

One almighty cock-up… 


  1. 1
    Handycock says:

    You’ll never see my emails! Boaz.


    • 20
      It wasn't me your honour says:

      well for Brazilian teens anything would be an almighty cock-up…well, maybe not.


      • 36
        It wasn't me your honour says:

        btw: This sounds like a hack or maybe a jilted partner: on the Kernel it says:

        “Bozier appears to have deleted his most recent Twitter profile last night after using it to complain about his email account being hacked. He also revealed that he had separated from his long-term partner shortly before deleting his account.”

        AFWIW I agree with others… that’s not 9 inches!


      • 86
        Can't pull the wool over my eyes, butty says:

        Wot a dirty sort. Online porn has a lot to answer for. And he is a grown man, for gawd sakes, not a testosteroned fuelled fourteen year old! Cut his balls off.


    • 25
      Anonymous says:

      Mr Osborne bought the extra land along with a country farmhouse in his Cheshire constituency in 2000, before he became an MP. He later claimed up to £100,000 in expenses to cover mortgage interest payments on the land and property at Harrop Fold Farm, near Macclesfield, between 2003 and 2009.

      According to Land Registry records obtained by Channel Four’s Dispatches, Mr Osborne bought the house and land for £455,000 and sold them last year for up to £1 million – making a sizeable profit.

      Sources said Mr Osborne never actually kept a horse on the paddock, which was registered separately to the house.


    • 43
      Sir William Waad says:

      ‘Young girls’ and ‘Brazilian teens’ could be over 16, n’est-ce pas?


      • 48
        Nom Dom Nom 2 says:

        Jailbait < 16 Sir


        • 76
          General Sir Philp Michael Hunt says:

          The age of legal consent in Brazil is 14, but you have to be 18 before you can charge for it!


          • The Honourary Consul says:

            Good do! Fill ya boots before they’re eighteen then would seem to be the answer to that!


          • Sir Jimmy Savile says:

            Now then, ‘owzabout that then. Straight in at number 14.. Rio.


          • Anonymous says:

            daily mail rather mail online reports the link between paedophilia and locations where ppl have sex in public.

            sex in public.
            is this not against the law?
            the police must be aware of this.


        • 231
          an imartial observer says:

          In the UK, yes. Here in Spain, <13
          The UK has the highest of consent in Europe. The average, population weighted, is under 15.
          Brazil's is 14 although if the age difference between the partners is less than 5 years, as low as 12.
          Never let the facts intrude if they spoil the argument.


    • 99
      HandyCap cock says:

      I wuv u my princess. Even though u r a mentalist. My ickle teddy bear.



    • 160
      EdButLookBalls says:

      Is Bozier any relation to Boaz?


  2. 2
    OnBenefits says:

    Did I beat 8illy?


  3. 3
    Kebab Time says:

    Jesus Christ!

    WTF is wrong with some people?


  4. 4
    WastedJoker says:

    I bet she was the one who hacked him.


  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    NowThen NowThen.


  6. 6
    David Cameron says:

    Where the heck is Leveson when you need him ??


    • 91
      Dr Foster went to Gloucester says:

      Hasn’t he just been in Australia to give some advice to Aussie media types on invasions of privacy?


    • 102
      Anonymous says:

      from the death of the nurse to the hacking of accounts….
      at this particular time, who benefits and why?

      is it about killing off investigative journalism?
      investigative journalism is about looking at the affairs of the rich and powerful, the ones with privileges…and possibly unlimited.


      • 190
        Conspiracy Wonk says:

        It is certainly about controlling the press, and the internet. Internet is outside of bounds of national legislature though.

        The savile fallout has certainly lifted the lid on a very nasty can of vipers, and at present all roads seem to lead right to the top. The general level of intrusion against the Cambridge’s – which has not been ‘press’ instigated is astonishing, and worrying.

        In terms of the battle though – it is clear who is on one side, but the other is less clear. It not the ‘press’ though – this is caught in the cross fire.

        Looking back to the Bliar years, other than dodgy ideology, it always struck me as odd his connections to the Roman church. Some of the damage he did to the country can be viewed in the context of the ongoing battle between the English Crown and the Papal State. One would not be surprised if the latest salvo’s stemming from savile (note again the papal connection) are originating from this source.

        Control of the ‘press’ though and trashing of the BBC : Perhaps the ‘press’ is to be brought under state control as the BBC is to be sacrificed.

        The real worry through all this for the state is if some idiot or foreign agent gets the great idea to start a revolt on Twitter. Looking at the immediate reaction to the news of the nurse earlier – even here – it is plain to see how that could happen, and how fast it could spread.

        All that would be needed is the right national mood and the wrong sort of trigger. This is a good reason for staying emotionally detached from events.


        • 213
          Anonymous says:

          keypoint, emotional detachment…
          do not be emotionally involved with trivial events.
          a prank phone call is childish.
          how it then gets used is anything but, what happens behind the scenes is well anyone’s guess.
          ……remember the death of Lady Diana Spencer and the mass hysteria subsequent to it. ppl live, ppl die. their lives are theirs. when ppl get taken advantage of then it is everyone’s business….but rome was not built in a day…so perspective, patience and calmness…

          human nature to have a narrow vision when emotional…..we need wide vision not narrow vision at this time.


          • Sydney Harberbrij says:

            Quite so, but as I said earlier, I have still to see or hear anywhere exactly how the nurse died. All I have seen so far is that she was “found dead” in her bedroom.

            Was she suicided? If so how and by whom? If not, what did she use on herself? Poison (easily accessible to a nurse in a hospital)? Slit throat? Hanging from the ceiling light or the stair bannisters? Slit wrists from blunt scalpel? We know she did not jump off the roof or balcony; or throw herself off a bridge or under a bus or train, so…..???

            Still lots of info being withheld (on whose orders?).

            Questions questions….


  7. 7
    Jimmy says:

    I remember wondering at the time what sort of person leaves Labour to join the tories.


  8. 8
    Dave "Butch" Cameron says:

    Have I made yet another “error of judgement” with Luke Bozier ?

    If Samantha finds out,it will be World War 3.


  9. 10
    Another scandal uncovered says:

    “George Osborne’s mortgage on paddock paid by taxpayers

    Property sold by chancellor for £1m included land that did not feature in parliamentary inquiry into Osborne’s expenses”


    • 12
      Another scandal uncovered says:

      The chancellor and his wife Frances bought a Cheshire farmhouse and the neighbouring land in his constituency for £455,000 in 2000, before he became an MP.

      Between 2003 and 2009, he claimed up to £100,000 in expenses to cover mortgage interest payments on both the land and the property at Harrop Fold farm near Macclesfield.

      The chancellor’s farmhouse featured in the MPs’ expenses scandal of 2009. It emerged that he had “flipped” his second home allowance on to the property and increased the mortgage. Throughout the lengthy parliamentary inquiry into Osborne’s expense claims that followed, there was no mention of the separate land.

      But it has emerged that the expenses payments were not only for a house but also for the neighbouring paddock, which is registered separately with the Land Registry.


  10. 13
    horehound says:

    that ain’t nine inches


  11. 14
    PC Dave the Gays Luvver says:

    Shit. Should have told Plod to wait another day before fingering Clifford.


  12. 15
    Mad Frankie Maude says:

    It seems that the revised telephone protocol at King Edwards VII hospital is pretty drastic.


  13. 16
    Uncut says:

    He may be a lecherous pervert, but that’s not actually against the law.

    He’s already lost his fiance, job, and all dignity.

    The police will do nothing (as evidence of a crime is lacking) so is Louise just trying to get her own column inches at the expense of her former business associate? Seems like it to me.


    • 22
      Mornington Crescent says:

      Exactly. WTF’s it got to do with Mensch? Nothing.

      And if that thing’s a 9-incher, my cock’s a kipper.


    • 24
      Legal Eagle says:

      The only thing which is potentially a liability here is the alleged access and downloading of dubious images.

      If there is no evidence of that there is nothing criminal, but this will be dynamite for the family court. Good luck with getting access.


    • 101
      HandyCap cock says:

      Fuck off he is a dangerous perv. Mensch is probably trying to salvage what’s left of the company.


      • 121
        Anonymous says:

        danger………….to whom?
        any facts or just a lazy comment.
        any laws broken?
        what is the perversion in this case and is it in sharp contrast to the norm in society. Louise M has made a report to the police, what does the report say? in any case, unless the person has power or privilege should we believe what is said about a person on the net? adult websites exist, ar they perverse?

        why is it now going to become perverse to put people in prison for exchanging child porn. the world is not right. leveson is a dangerous person.


  14. 17
    MrsShitrit says:

    it was the “uncut” thing that did it for me…awful. #coughs


  15. 19
    Interested Public says:

    Go on a cocaine and hookers binge in Vegas ? Nice.


  16. 21
    Evil Landlord says:

    *innocent face*


  17. 23
    Billy from Swansea Dockers Club says:

    One is often judged by the company one keeps.


  18. 26
    JH2328434 says:

    Well, at least I won’t have to hear any more about this tedious, self-regarding fuck’s latest political and business ‘successes’.


  19. 27
    I hate labour kiddy fiddlers says:

    God forbid that Gerald Kaufman should defect to the Tories. What would they find in his emails, or Janner’s for that matter.


  20. 30
    Sally Bercowitz tweets and says:

    Totes completely Wow * grins * Am brazilian and ready * wet * Want to party big boy ? * assumes position *


  21. 33
    Brown out and pay me damages says:

    Good for her. Many would not risk their business going down the tubes and stay quiet.

    Mensch has gone up in my estimations. Good for her.


  22. 35
    Piers Morgan says:

    What’s Radio DJs Mel Greig and Michael Christian’s favorite music group?

    The Killers


  23. 39
    I, Claudius says:

    Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out!!


  24. 40
    Sir William Waad says:

    For goodness sake why don’t these chaps just have a quick Barclays when they come over all unnecesary?


    • 44
      Engineer says:

      I’m sure a chap of his financial acumen could find a discrete little agency offering suitably young, but legal, – erm – companions.


  25. 41
    Peter Mannion says:

    Peter Mannion ‘MP’ ‏@PeterMannionMP
    Don’t let me get beaten by that old bastard Holborn. Final hours to vote! … #Goldentwits


  26. 42
    Engineer says:

    Well, the trolls can’t lay accusations of a ‘Tory cover-up’ over this one, can they?


  27. 47
    Brown's right hand says:

    Well dodgy. Hope he gets a kickn.

    Well done Mensch.


  28. 51
    illogical says:

    What a week.
    Bryant in his underpants and now Bozier massaging a chipolata. Good fun but sickening!
    Just for balance can we have Harriet in her chastity belt next week Guido or at least one of the Eagle brothers advocating DIY?


    • 58
      Nom Dom Nom 2 says:

      I actually find it very disturbing just how many of these perverts (not to mention gayers) there are in the HoC/HoL.
      All obsessed about where they are going to dip their wick.

      Have they not heard about knocking one out themselves?

      Fucking power base in the UK is corrupt to the absolute core


  29. 53
    George Galloway says:

    I was in a restaurant last night, I said, “Waiter, have you got frogs legs?”

    He said, “Yes, sir.”

    I said, “Great, jump over the bar, I want a pint.”


  30. 55
    Butt Seriously says:

    I don’t think these pervs actually realise the long term psychological harm they do with their pervy actions. It is unsettling the amount high profile pervs they are in the media. Sickening.


  31. 56
    Call me Dave says:

    He should get on and get himself a bride


  32. 60
    jazzjuicer says:

    Rather disturbingly, he is also a governor of a primary school in inner-city London.


  33. 63
    Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP says:


  34. 64
    Sue Brown says:

    Bozier describes himself in the
    leaked private messages as “hot,
    good looking and in shape”.

    Nope. Just an unattractive, sinister beardy weirdy.


  35. 68
    Cockaholic says:

    He needs to buy a new tape measure, there’s no way that’s 9″
    …. unless he has really tiny hands :)


  36. 71
  37. 72
    My right ear violates vulnerable women's privacy? says:

    What retarded perv!


  38. 74
    Magical Xmas Present says:


  39. 75
    George Galloway says:


  40. 82
    Lizzie says:

    Latest news; Ed Miliband realises that he can’t use this against Mensch in light of his wholehearted acceptance of the Leveson report about hacking private e-mails without looking stupid – throws Nokia at Ed Balls in frustration!


    • 131
      ITV Producer, not yet charged says:


      As a Christmas present

      We should offer Nokias to the whole of the Shadow Cabinet

      They can then do violence to eachother, quietly ain private without bothering us


      • 182
        Can't pull the wool over my eyes, butty says:

        These attention seekers on media and some in poltics, the whole buggering lot of them, are either faggots, child molesters, or have a MILF complex – they are sexually out of control bros,


        • 185
          Can't pull the wool over my eyes, butty says:

          S’pose I could describe an occasion when I was nineteen and young – in Wales where I am from, a yorkie friend moved from to us got friendly with, and stayed a night after a piss up in the local pub at his farm, and he left for work as his dad, and since I was “inbetween work” at the time, as you did where I am from, snoozed on. But his yorkie mam came in, to do her sons bed, and was surprised, And I explained the situation occurance, as she slowly sat down on the edge of the bed, and she said “ah I see”, in that, mmmm, sexy female yorkie voice. And she said “let me cook you brekfast”, so she put her kettle on my hot hob.

          Sent me cross-eyed it did. Even Pop Larking from his Darling Buds would have been impressed in how I kept the ladies happy. Never miss a chance I do and did.

          More tea Vicar? Another cupcake Father?


          • Mocha off, with chocolate chips says:

            Not going to say what his sixteen year old sister said to me when I bumped into her next – when are you coming to visit me instead when you stay next? Again, but in a slightly younger, mmmm, yorkie sexy female accent. Didn’t tell her at that time that I prefered MILFs, for less complicated reasons you know…. More here today gone tomorrow with them.

            You’re running low Vicar, and let me top your port up Father, too.


  41. 83
    Michael and Mel says:

    Life’s bloody great in Oz! A few weeks off work at Bondi on full pay courtesy the radio station while this storm in a teacup over that stupid receptionist blows over, and then it’s full steam ahead! Bonzer. And by the way, to all you out there that keep calling us journalists, we ain’t – we’s DJs and we’s broadcasters. Got it?


  42. 88
    Can't pull the wool over my eyes, butty says:

    Knew Louise left the torys for something, and not this made up rubbish of moving to NYC for the kiddies and family.


  43. 90
    Legal Eagle says:

    In other news, looks like Clifford has retained BCL Burton Copeland partner Ian Burton for criminal representation. Apparently recommended my Mr Fayed. (Full write up over @ lawyer dot com)


    • 95
      The public says:

      Why would he need a lawyer when he can simply tell the truth?


      • 113
        One possible explanation says:

        Why did the Filth remove binbags full of ‘evidence’ from his current home when the alleged crimes took place somewhere else 35 years ago?

        Maybe he intends to hang the cretinous pigshit police ‘service’ out to dry.


        • 115
          Inspector Clueso says:

          Possible evidence connected to this case: Photo albums ? + Possibly other records which may pertain to back then. One would also imagine they could be looking for anything which is potentially incriminating – unofficially of course.


          • I remember the desktop stock control systems from 1977 . They were very similar to the helm and navigation controls on the starship Enterprise. Two people sat at the desk, which was steel, and weighed about two tons. The desk held the computer, and printer. The thing was at least 6 ft long.

            I doubt Max still has one of those sitting around in his shed. Or the vauxhall Dolomite and white and black flared disco pants lying around in the back of his garage, which inspector CSI hopes will contains DNA samples.

            We all know how the police work. They come in for a 35 year old dead case but will take any bits of new business they can dig up while they’re having a mooch.


          • I Remember You Hoo says:

            Didn’t Clifford brag that he had the dirt on others but would never release it, in case it ruined their careers? Perhaps plod were looking for clues as to where Clifford has it hidden away.


      • 114
        Legal Eagle says:

        He will need to defend himself: Nothing can be imputed from this decision other than that.

        It just clarifies the odd situation he was in yesterday using Mishcon – who do not specialize in criminal. Hopefully the advice they gave him has not compromised him.

        He is on police bail at present – not charged. First order of business would be to get any ‘onerous’ bail conditions relaxed, and work through the next set of police interviews.

        The on thing which can be imputed from this decision is that he is getting the right sort of legal advice now.

        Remember: Anything you say can be used in evidence against you – and that includes the truth.


      • 142
        Aydodge E. Scheisster QC says:

        That’s when you need a lawyer MOST, after they’ve given you the “Miranda”– how do YOU know what matters may hurt your defence at trial if not disclosed to the Police during interrogation and upon which you later rely? Right. The “truth” may not set you free, if the prosecutor can make you out a liar at trial because you didn’t disclose information that may diminish your culpability when you could have done, right at the outset. Tell them what you must, but not one word more; the more you talk, the less likely you walk. You need a good silk, Max, and you’ve got enough to pay one. Make the police and CPS work for their salaries.

        And as an aside, you’d figure Max Clifford could “hold his own” with the coppers, but that’s what Luke Bozier’s in trouble for, holding his own (or the lack thereof), in a different sense of the phrase, innit?


    • 96
      Tommy from Cheethams says:

      That is a good choice.


    • 111
      Marques de Rey says:

      Whatever happened to death by suspicion.


  44. 97
    BBC Spokesman says:

    Lovely a story we can get our teeth into against the Tories


    • 123

      Why don’t you run that out of context clip of Tories laughing at Balls, but you implying they were chortling at cuts to poor. It was BBC bias at its best.

      Mr Campbell must be pleased his emails are still being read and acted on in the news editing suite.


  45. 98
    In Bigger News says:


  46. 100
    Bluebottle says:

    Mr Max is innocent .

    He has not been charged with anything . He says he has done nothing wrong.

    He is 69 .

    He has bail with no conditions . He is walking about as a free man . He can do what he wants . He can go to Manchester and have a drink with Mr Cope Land and Mr Burton too if he wishes .


  47. 104
    Skanky Student At Edinburgh University says:

    The retarded perv can jog on.


  48. 108
    Edinburgh Labour Voting Dogshite says:

    What a fucked up mess he is. Pathetic mentalist!


  49. 119
    Time for the Edinburgh student to fuck off out of my life. says:



  50. 129
    Dave the Rave, surrounded by criminals says:

    All my A-listers have gone belly up Guido

    What should I do?


    • 130
      ITV Producer, not yet charged says:

      Try some of my stars from Cum Dansing or Coronation Strasse…

      I can vouch that they have not done any jail time (yet)


    • 133
      IMHO says:

      He is the ‘Heir to Blair’, famous damning words.


    • 139
      The public says:



    • 157
      Can't pull the wool over my eyes, butty says:

      always rely on the cocaine sniffing crowd, ey Richard Bacon and Johnny Vaughan, alledgedly,

      phone call for Mr Hunt, phone call for Mike Hunt….


      • 159
        Can't pull the wool over my eyes, butty says:

        bugger it might as well post Emma Reed northern soul patrolling, better know as Jackie Lee from Rupert the Bear/Follyfoot/White Horses fame,

        more Jackie as Emma,

        Jackie with London Town,

        Lives in Canada these days and is happy and well – in her late seventies now. Might have lost most under 45’s here, but hey!, that is life.


        • 171
          Can't pull the wool over my eyes, butty says:

          British Columbia actually, as with this film, she tells me she just simply loves, as I do. Met both Ollie Reed and Rita Tushingham back in the day she tells me,


  51. 132
    Lord Oh Sugar Sugar says:

    I have decided we need to boost Little Eddy Boy

    So he will be appearing as my teenage Apprentice

    Or should I say teenage matinée idol…

    Thanks to Donald Trump

    All the teenage girls in Hampstead, Finchley and points north east think he is very dinky and sexy…


  52. 135
    OMG says:

    Here’s another scandal on the way

    Coming thick and fast now

    There are not enough police to handle criminalised Britain


    • 137
      Milo says:

      Milo covered that website in Kernel earlier.


    • 138
      The public says:

      There are plenty of police. They just don’t seem to want to get on with the job of catching criminals and putting them in front of the courts.


      • 153
        Hadrian (Emp.) says:

        Move along now, nothing to see here.


      • 181
        How to have a sucessfull career in the Police says:

        Catching criminals ? Dont be daft thats a waste of time, rather its better to keep your nose clean, lick arse and spout the latest bollox on every promotional panel you can.


        • 216
          I Remember You Hoo says:

          The rot in the police is at the top. Starting with the politically correct crooks, ACPO.


    • 143
      IMHO says:

      That’s our politicians for you, Thick and Fast.


    • 170
      Arianna H's edible hamster says:

      We did that one too, between photo boobing and brazil bum-bum’s – maybe the same time we had a go at page three – gosh our editorial has seriously diverse divisions. * scamper scamper scamper *


    • 180
      Old Moore says:

      Britain is now institutionally criminal from top to bottom.


      • 184
        True Brit says:

        Don’t worry old chap, Queen’ll sort it out. God save and all that, what ?


        • 214
          Anonymous says:

          we need to have clarity.
          about the role of the Queen.
          do things happen when there is a word from her.
          only one word. is the country being run by a one word monarch?

          how big is the distance between one word and one world?


  53. 147
    Can't pull the wool over my eyes, butty says:

    I did my online commenting troubling apprenticeship on Alastair Campbell’s blog, in the name Ehtch, and he says I am a prize pupil, but to be try=uthful he no doubt says I am a proze something else, say no more. Anyway, since it is the weekend and it looks it will be a bit parky, so more will stay indoors, twiddling thumbs no doubt, thought I’d post Alastair interviewing Delia from the other night – yes, the one and only, Dehlia Smith. At the link here,

    With Xmas and his reindeers coming to bother our kiddies again soon, I thought it would be appropriate.

    And a song for Campbell, for my, platonic mind!, brotherly love for him, HEY! behave!


    • 154
      Alastair Campbell Murderer says:

      I wouldn’t worry too much about Christmas – the world ends on December 21st. The Mayans said so.

      My diary:

      Dec19: cat’s tablets run out
      Dec20: Pay milkman
      Dec21: End of World
      Dec23: blue recycling bin
      Dec23: pay credit card

      If the world does end on Dec 21, this is the first year ever when those who’ve left their Xmas shopping to the very last minute aren’t going to look stupid.


    • 155
      Alastair Campbell Murderer says:

      I wouldn’t worry too much about Christmas – the world ends on December 21st. The Mayans said so.

      My diary:

      Dec19: cat’s t@blets run out <<– t*blets gets m 0 dded??
      Dec20: Pay milkman
      Dec21: End of World
      Dec23: blue recycling bin
      Dec23: pay credit card

      If the world does end on Dec 21, this is the first year ever when those who’ve left their Xmas shopping to the very last minute aren’t going to look stupid.


      • 188
        Can't pull the wool over my eyes, butty says:

        yes, known it, an asteroid out there has our name on it – don’t bother sending out chrissy cards, save your stamps.


    • 186
      God says:

      Too late Alastair, you are still going to hell. To$$er.


  54. 158
    cameron has to Go says:

    What the Fuck is Cameron doing?

    Homosexual marriage was not part of his manifesto and the UK population does not want it.

    Marriage is an institution between a man and a woman ordained by GOD and not a contract between a man and a man or a woman and a woman ordained by the State.

    Cvil partnerships should have and were promised to be the solution.


    • 161
      Operation Crossbow says:

      Cameron is leading the campaign to get Red Ed elected PM in 2015.


      • 179
        The Tories are well and truly fucked says:

        Cameron is a disinformation autobot designed to get people to vote UKIP, I know it works for me.


        • 183
          Future UKIP says:

          Oh for a Farage take down of the Millipede a la Rumpy or Boring-comode. Especially if in coalition. That’s got my vote.


        • 219
          I Remember You Hoo says:

          Cameron’s job, put simply, is to destroy the right wing as a coherent force and splinter it into rival factions. Thus ensuring the ‘progressives’ control the political agenda.

          Cameron is not and never has been, a conservative. Ask his great friend Helena Bonham-Carter.


    • 164
      Equally confused public says:

      The Lord works in mysterious ways ? Or is this something to do with a lobby group ?

      Makes absolutely zero sense – covers only 2% of the population (even less of the electorate) – and will irritate the Lords Spiritual, and some would say, God.

      Perhaps the final Olive twig for the coalition before the implosion ?


      • 229
        bergen says:

        And about half of that proportion are content with civil partnerships anyway and the remainder wouldn’t thank him at the ballot box whatever he does. I think he’s lost the plot completely.


    • 165
      Synic says:

      Children can’t be fostered by a man & wife who support UKIP.

      But they will be can have two daddies or two mummies in Dave’s paradise. Yuk.

      We need to get this politically correct bastard out of No.10 forthwith.


      • 220
        I Remember You Hoo says:

        Political correctness is social marxism, international aid is international welfarism, the E-ewe is an undemocratic, socialist, redistributionist, construct.

        The list goes on and on, Cameron supports all of them and tax and spend policies, command and control government, rigged markets, public corporate subsidies, etc, etc, etc.

        Look beyond the ‘Tory’ badge and it is all in plain sight, Cameron is a socialist.


    • 176
      The Heretic with the Beard says:

      Why so surprised when the so called Arch Bishop of Canterbury scolds his church for not following the trends of the World. What a fucking fake !


    • 211
      albacore says:

      “Absolutely one hundred per cent clear”
      That’s Dave’s ambition. Isn’t he a dear?
      He needn’t worry. We’ve got his number
      He’s so wet it’s time to call the plumber


  55. 162
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Can someone please explain why Newsnight are doing a story about some website showing where bombs were dropped on London in WW2??????

    funny the BBC don’t seem to want to investigate the suicide of the nurse today….oh hang on the BBC has form on bullying people over the phone doesn’t it?

    The biggest story of the day and Newsnight don’t go near it, the BBC seem to be avoiding a lot of topical stories these days because their putrid vile cesspit organisation is involved in many of them.


    • 166
      The public says:

      Its about the media being as callous and self-serving a bunch of sociopathic c*unts as the Australians. They can’t face the truth.


      • 169
        Aussie Observer says:

        No – they are not sociopathic.

        They are a tad emotionally immature and very bad losers though.

        Alter frame of reference back to 15 years ago before Liebour politically corrected humour and happiness you will get the picture.


    • 167
      The BBC are a threat to your sanity says:

      The BBC are not broadcasting reality or anything close to it.

      They are attempting to control the information sphere and failing – this is a classical psy-op.

      Advise to stop perceiving their output as it will cause cognitive dissonance and irrational behaviour.


    • 192
      Mr Hilter was a Teetotal Socialist Vegee non-Smoker: the Tosser in No 10 promotes pan-Germanic Rule says:

      Just as Mr Gerbils promoted a free press and broadcasting media.

      We are free to draw our own conclusions.


  56. 163
    The public says:

    Australians are c*nts


    • 187
      Can't pull the wool over my eyes, butty says:

      approx half of them are….


      • 195
        Can't pull the wool over my eyes, butty says:

        bugger it, a song for ozzies, especially that blonde young lady that showed me the australian sites, down COUGH! under, from Brisbane, Marnie,

        Made ozzie Marnie puzzled when i asked her “your not a female psycho as well”. Anyway, a song for ozie Brisbane Marnie,

        ok, it’s from Melbourne, Dame Edma land, but sort of same.


        • 238
          Mocha off, with chocolate chips says:

          JEEZUZ – that night in Brisbane with Marnie was incredible – I was asked to move to another room in that Springhill Hotel by their management, down the back at the end. Think up on top of the wardrobe bedroom olumpics did it – it was quite noisy. When we got in from that irish bar on whatever it is called can’t remember street downhil in town Brisbane, she sraped my clothes off i seconds, and asked me to do same to her. She was blonde, blue eyed, five foot nine, as I am taffy is. Even had to go and ask the nightporter in my dressing gown for cewing gum/durex/condoms.

          And at breakfast in the morning, after about half an hour sleep, Marnie looked very funny eating her corn flakes with her shades on, well bored and sore. Lovely place Brisbane – I well recommend it.


    • 194
      Duty Pedant says:

      Correction – WOOLY – and sometimes shit stained – (****s)


  57. 174
    They're_All_CNUts says:

    9″ nailed.


  58. 191
    King Edward says:

    Anything here on George Osborne’s little theft of £100,000 of our money to cover the costs of his paddock????


    • 196
      Can't pull the wool over my eyes, butty says:

      georgie in his paddock,

      But I think not, hasn’t got in him to show his microscopic winky in his paddock to the surfs.


  59. 193
    Mr Slater says:

    And now for some important Psittacene news!


  60. 199
    Mr Nobody says:

    Whatever next? Will the tabloids be full of headlines such as “Dirty Macs” Clifford?


  61. 203
    Anonymous says:

    Poll in Australia: Do you think Austereo were right to apologise for the royal prank?

    57% of Australians think they should not have aplogised, because the people who were offended were ‘only Brits’



  62. 204
    Common decency says:

    57% of Australians believe that the radio station should not have apologised for the royal prank call, even knowing it led to the suicide of the woman humiliated by it, because the victims were ‘only Brits’.

    Fuck ‘em. The aussies have turned into monsters. I shall not be buying any Australian products ever again.


    • 206
      Aricolza Narzole says:

      So you won’t be fostering any ideas about Aussie ice-cream :


    • 208
      Counting hunts does not send me to sleep says:

      What? 43% of ozzies complained? They are getting soft in the nogging. More to this story than meets the eye I think. She wouldn’t have topped herself over this – there must be background reasons. Debt maybe, and this was the final straw? And as for that ozzie radio station – who gave them the phone number in the first place?

      It still all sounds bizarre from start to finish, as if it is just a large setup, from phone call to death. Hard to believe really. Know Osborne wanted to keep himself out of the news, but I think he has pushed it too far here, giving Kate morning sickness and everything.


      • 209
        IMHO says:

        Now mourning sickness.


      • 227
        Harold Downhill says:

        Fuck me ! You’ll be telling us all next that it’s unsafe to go for a walk in the woods whilst carrying a blunt pruning knife and a few co-praxamol !!!


        • 236
          Mocha off, with chocolate chips says:

 could be arrested for in possesion of a length of rope in the woods these days. It’s a nanny state bro!


    • 210
      William Bligh says:

      Bounders, all of ‘em.


      • 228
        Fletcher Christian, Governor, Pitcairn Island, says:

        Says Mr Rum-Sodomy-and-the-Lash, who couldn’t keep a ship’s company in line; that they ever appointed him to govern a colony of convicts defies explanation.


    • 218
      Anonymous says:

      in global quality of living surveys, australia and new zealand always appear,

      perspective pls.


  63. 233
    Rt. Hon Gideon Wallpaper MP says:

    How many is a brazillion?


  64. 237
    Anonymous says:

    Why don’t the BBC bother to run this story? They like to talk about Menshn and bring Bozier on for elections, etc? Or does it rub too close to home?


    • 242
      Anonymous says:

      Aggrieved persons with keystroke logger = ruined reputation and possibly pursuant to serious libellous litigation equating to a spell in prison a little longer than 9 inches.

      Not that I’d defend the indefensible of course and he deserves what’s coming if this is all true.

      Whichever way this pans out, someone has done a proper job on him.


    • 243
      Anonymous says:

      I have asked myself the very same question? the reason state media and others are avoiding this is because it’s a little toxic at the moment and I suppose they understandably want to distance themselves from the ensuing sh!tstorm that’s brewing.

      I have no clue as to what could possibly be the true reason for them not running with this damning evidence and character assassination of one of the Tory parties rising stars?????

      The politico elite, doing what they do best.

      Any ideas Guido?


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