December 7th, 2012

I’m a Celebrity, Can I Have a Photo Please?


  1. 1
    Wot? says:

    Why are tweets unintelligible?


  2. 2
    Mongspotter says:

    I remember when Geedough posted things of consequence.


  3. 3
    MAX DICKHEAD says:

    Sooo glad he didn’t bore your tits off


  4. 4
    its bleak in sunderland says:

    3 tits together!


  5. 5
    Nick (i've shagged 40 women) Clegg says:

    I’d like to bore you !


  6. 6
    bob says:

    That should have been his Christmas card instead.


  7. 7
    Nom Dom Nom 2 says:

    Dumb meets Dumber


  8. 8
    Nick (i've shagged 40 women) Clegg says:

    Caption Contest !
    Breaking news !

    Helen Flanagan does photo shoot with large rubber cock !


  9. 9
    Mr Rotivator says:

    Uncle Fester?


  10. 11
    Liebored says:

    Priceless. Miliwank is so desperate for publicity, he pesters a soap actress all night for a photo. What a tosser. Almost as bad as Brown chasing Obama into the UN kitchens for a photo.


  11. 13
    Steve Miliband says:

    Wing collars are so common


  12. 14
    Anonymous says:

    Hey, it’s Rich and Mark’s crap cartoon, three days early. So, who is it supposed to be?


  13. 15
    Operation Crossbow says:

    No offence but this is not newsworthy, enough of this shite please.


  14. 16
    Bertie Acorn says:

    Has Ed got some sort of weaponry attached to his back?


  15. 18
    Well it's a thought says:

    Haven’t got a clue who the hell these pair are, is he a bank manager or some foreign exchange student.


  16. 19
    George Gideon Oliver Osborne says:

    The UK will next for a downgrade,guys.

    BREAKING: HSBC cut to AA- from AA by Fitch; outlook revised as stable


  17. 20
    Sue Brown says:

    Who is she? Should I care?


  18. 23
    Sue Brown says:

    Another ‘pig at the trough’ useless celebrity.


  19. 24
    Gordon Brown says:

    I am 3 alians from a strange planet.


  20. 25
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    Two pix of Schnozzle Boy’s private life on the same day. Be still, my heart.


  21. 26
    The retarded fuck with his blow up doll says:

    You what love?

    I’d rather bang my blow up doll than that tedious bimbo.


  22. 27
    David Milliband says:

    That should have been ME


  23. 28
    Nadine Dorries says:

    I’m just about to phone Piers Morgan and pretend that I am the Queen. Hope he falls for it.


  24. 30
    I don't want share the same air as socialist dogshite says:

    A couple of bores.


  25. 33
    Knacker Of The Yard says:

    Remember kids- If Father Christmas can climb down your chimney on Christmas Eve, then so can Max Clifford…


    • 45
      PC Dave the Gays Luvver says:

      This sort of hetero photo op. is just not good enough in these PC meterosexual days.
      I could have lent Ed. one of my pretty boys if only he’d asked.


  26. 34
    Nick (i've shagged 40 women) Clegg says:

    Well i for one would munch on her “Bush tucker”


  27. 35
    Bovis Barrat says:

    Never noticed before but Gromit’s got fantastic tits.


  28. 36
    WastedJoker says:

    Two useless bags of flesh there.


  29. 38
    Bovis Barrat says:

    Nice to see the BBC Bofors 50mm Anti-anti-diversity Canon there behind Wallace. Pray God some lost soul from UKIP doesn’t wander into studio 5 by mistake.


  30. 40
    Truthteller says:

    I recognise Wallace but that’s not Gromit on his right.


  31. 43
    Angie the Eagle says:

    Ed, send her round to my place.


  32. 47
    Call to White House switchboard says:

    Can I speak to President Obama please?

    Who is this?

    Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

    David Cameron is the British Prime Minister.

    I’m a close personal friend of President Obama.

    He’s not available.

    I’m going to hit you with my Nokia.

    Excuse me?

    I should never have been put through to you. Whose idea was that? Sue’s I think.

    Who’s Sue?

    Put me through to President Obama now!

    No. Goodbye.

    I am the Prime Minister! Don’t hang up on meeeeee!


  33. 49
    knob-ed says:

    Did he give her the pearly necklace too?


  34. 50
    Angry of Sussex says:

    thick rubbery lips and a throbbing lump hanging over the top.

    Imagine fishy breath and thats how endowed the Eagle brothers are…

    teeth and all!


  35. 52
    genghiz the kahn says:

    And now on A Question of Sport – What Happened Next?


  36. 54
    her bust is bigger than his IQ says:

    Who gave Helen that pearl necklace?


  37. 56
    her bust is bigger than his IQ says:

    American Express, that’ll do nicely sir.
    Put your head between them and go blubble, blubbe, blubble.


  38. 57
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Proof that Gordon Brown hadn’t abolished boom and bust.


  39. 58
    Observer says:

    Why is Miliband wearing a wing-collar with black tie? Proper grown-ups don’t.


  40. 61
    Lizzie says:

    Ed Miliband gives vent to his inner Bulligdon Club wannabe in wing collar with black tie – epic fashion fail!


  41. 65
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:

    Aaaaaah bless the local indigenous……. odious scum !


  42. 68
    The Diary of Ed Milliband (14 and a half) says:

    Finally got that Helen Flagang to pose with me for my album. Phwoar now I’m tall enough to see all her chesty bits, wonder if she’ll snog?

    That’ll teach those rotters in commonses to shout at me.


  43. 69
    I don't nee d no doctor says:

    Have they managed to get her out of her coma yet?


  44. 70
    Anonymous says:

    The eyes have it.


  45. 71
    gildedtumbril says:

    Who the hell would want to be photographed alongside that creature? The one with the bowtie?


  46. 72
    Scrounging fuds allowed says:

    A celebrity? Never heard of her.


  47. 74
    My right ear violates a vulnerable woman's privacy for profit? says:

    What a pair of pigs at the trough. Oink! oink!


  48. 76
    Can't pull the wool over my eyes, butty says:

    We all finally know that Ed M is actually a bit of a fanny magnet on the quiet. Still think he looks like Ray Barone though,


    • 87
      Ed Sillyband says:

      I used to, before the failed nose job. Anyway, he’s 55 and really starting to look it now. I’ll wait another dozen years, thank you.


  49. 77
    Born in teh wrong century says:

    behind them both you can hear gordon brown listening to the arctic monkeys.


  50. 79
    Labour...filth...just filth says:

    birdshit and birdbrain


  51. 81
    Kevin T says:

    Oh dear god in heaven.


  52. 82
    Athanasius says:

    He can’t tie a real bow tie so needs a made-up one, and doesn’t seem to understand the principle behind the collar: to stop the tie from rubbing your neck raw. He won’t make a very good butler for the next Labour PM, will he!


  53. 83
    LL says:



  54. 84
    kitler says:

    Two tits and a twat.


  55. 85
    Helen Flanagan says:

    Ere’s, is a picky of me with the waiter aye, where’s me whippet.


  56. 88
    Diogenes' stand-in says:

    So Hacked Off has removed my post for stating that its petition was discredited by multiple signatures from the same source. Not keen on free speech, then? Who would have thought it?


  57. 91
    Nick (i've shagged 40 women) Clegg says:

    It just sums up Cameron !
    The country is in shit , billions being defrauded by foreign companies , uncontrolled immigration ,can’t deport terrorists , celebrity paedophile scandals everywhere , EU dictating our every move and all Dave’s worried about is pandering to his gay public school chums so they can get married
    It was so much better when it was illegal and we didn’t have it rammed down our throats every day


    • 99
      its bleak in sunderland says:

      Cameron is haemorraging support from what should be his base it shows how effective the gay mafia are in this country a small minority dictting social policy that has widespread public oppposition


  58. 96
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Ed bang ‘er?


  59. 97
    an imartial observer says:

    Why does there appear to be a large anti-aircraft gun in the background? Is the Millitwat expecting a drone strike? Understandable though. If one had access to a Predator armed with Hellfire, the temptation would be irresistible, wouldn’t it?


  60. 101
    Damned Impertinent Questions says:

    is he out for the day on Care in the Community


  61. 102
    Damned Impertinent Questions says:

    ………and why is he dressed like an extra from a bads US 80s porn flic


  62. 107
    Anonymous says:

    Thick as f**k, the pair of them


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