December 6th, 2012

Media Guido Exclusive: Max Clifford Arrested


  1. 1
    The Woolworths fire of Turner Prizes says:



  2. 2
    Mike Litorus says:

    Fucking Delicious!


  3. 3
    Spank Sinatra says:

    Such a nice chap!


  4. 4
    Ben Fellows says:

    Cuddly Ken next ?


  5. 5
    Fiddy Kiddler says:

    Bloody hell


  6. 6
    UK Uncunt – the campaign to deport Peter Mandelson says:

    He’s not that good at keeping things out of the news then.


  7. 7
  8. 8
    Nom Dom Nom 2 says:

    He’ll be needing a good PR man to spin this for him. Can I suggest McBride?


  9. 9
    MWT says:

    No surprise. Bigger fish to fry.


  10. 10
    Dennis McShane's Shed says:

    If it is him and he is guilty, a plea bargain could be interesting……


  11. 11
    Outlier says:



  12. 13
    Nom Dom Nom 2 says:

    He must get off. This is one guy who does know where all the bodies are buried.


  13. 14
    Anonymous says:

    A great representative for the BBC and Children in Need this Year.


  14. 15
    Anonymous says:

    well he did admit holding back evidence didn’t he.


  15. 16
    The Woolworths fire of Turner Prizes says:


  16. 17
    Big Jock Kent says:

    So it’s not Kelvin McKenzie then ?


  17. 18
    Anonymous says:

    “Strong enough to take your breath away”


  18. 19
    Brent Fraser says:

    I wonder how he’ll try to weasel his way out of this situation *smug face*


  19. 20
    Steve Miliband says:

    Is Kate preggers?


  20. 21
    IMHO says:

    For conspiracy or participation?.


  21. 22
    The Public says:

    Kate Hoey?


  22. 25
    Sally *innocentface* says:

    Why is Max trending on Twitter?


  23. 26
    Colonel Madd says:

    This should be interesting

    Since he claims to have concealed these offences on numerous occasionshe’ll be charged on an equivalent number of counts;unless he turns QE.

    Bet Plod are just loving trawling through his files


    • 37
      Nom Dom Nom 2 says:

      Interesting headline coming up then …

      Celebrities panic at the thought of Max Deep Throat


      • 46
        Living in 99.9% white North Wales if you include the sheep says:

        I think torture is appropriate in this instance and I would definitely turn a blind eye.


    • 87
      Blowing Whistles says:

      The Criminal law is clear on that:- those who ‘conceal’ such evidence are equally as guilty for the acts of others which they have concealed – as co-conspirators.


  24. 31
    David Macaroon says:

    Looks like he’s not coming for Xmas dinner then.


    • 47
      Living in 99.9% white North Wales if you include the sheep says:

      So you can afford Christmas dinner can you you twat?


  25. 36
    Me says:

    About fucking time


  26. 39
    Pierced Organ says:

    Me next?


  27. 40
    Ugandan Asians says:

    Bugger, we were going to get him to do an advert for our new convenience store.


  28. 41
    Houndstooth says:

    Max can only be a really nice man because, remember how he stuck up for poor Robert Murat.


  29. 42
    Living in 99.9% white North Wales if you include the sheep says:

    Brooks & Coulson in the dock again today. Must be playing havoc with their social lives.


  30. 44
    Bobby Davro says:

    Did my wife suck off an alsatian?


  31. 49
    Living in 99.9% white North Wales if you include the sheep says:

    God only knows how many cover-ups Clifford has facilitated.


  32. 51
    Exxon says:

    Who’s he gonna call?


  33. 54
    hang em high says:



  34. 55
    Pictish attitude says:

    It’s hillarious


  35. 56
    Lord Robert Armstrong of Illminster says:

    that’s one less Xmas card to send then… at this rate at 60p a pop , I’ll be quids in :)


  36. 57
    Living in 99.9% white North Wales if you include the sheep says:

    According to the Guardian he’s suspected of ‘sexual offences’.

    So when he said a month ago he’s been inundated with celebrities’ calls, they must have been ringing to give HIM advice.



  37. 58
    bejesus maloney says:

    Logical. He started out as a cub-reporter and has used those contacts to start-up as a media-consultant. All his working life has revolved around knowing things, gossip, tittle-tattle, pubs, parties, nod-nod’s, perhaps even handshakes. People in media etc., can’t function otherwise, it’s the fuel that fires their income. I’ve always said this, the media and the cops have known most of this for years, but for whatever reason – perhaps no hard evidence that would stand in court – they’ve done nothing. People like this are in a position not only to ‘help’ stars, snouts, clients (fill-in the applicable) but (slanderous statement coming!) but to blackmail them, too. “I’ll pay you 100,000 to keep me out of the papers” can easily turn into “I’ll take 100,000 to keep you out of the papers”. Ahem… Well, try proving it, mmm? This means Clifford, if he was milking the system, is now caught between 2 fires, he’s been paid to ‘help’ his clients …but can’t. If I was him I’d be checking m’ kneecaps.


  38. 61
    IMHO says:

    I suppose the threat of litigation has kept it covered up over the years, that doesn’t wash though if plod has finally got its arse into gear.


    • 67
      Loopy Lou says:

      If you are suggesting that the Police have been sitting on loads of crime files for years without doing anything about them I think it is extremely unfair of you to suggest they now arrest everyone .

      After all they have had a twenty percent year on year funding cut .

      How can they reasonably be expected to deal with all of this ?


      • 78
        Piers and Max sitting up a tree..... says:

        They haven’t been sat on files, they never opened any to sit on.

        They just turned a blind eye because it was ‘complicated’.


  39. 62
    OnBenefits says:

    As Scumbucks agrees to pay at least £20m in tax we should acknowledge the input of Margaret Hodge


    • 64
      Lord Robert Armstrong of Illminster says:

      but she did FUCK ALL with regard to the allegations of abuse in Islington’s children’s homes, shortly after which Hodge resigned. … and this thread is about Clifford & sexuakl abuse not Fuck-da-Bucks


    • 70
      Houndstooth says:

      Margaret Hodge links into the topic thus ~ Margaret Hodge-Philip Edmonds-McCanns-Robert Murat-Max Clifford


    • 83
      carry hole is a complete hunt says:

      Thanks for upping the cost of a cuppa.


  40. 68
    Inspector Blakey (bus inspector) says:

    I always knew he was a wrong ‘un. This has made my day Butler.


  41. 69
    Perry Mason says:

    Tell me again officer who is this person making allegations against me ?

    I do not know anyone by that name I think .

    Do you have any photographs of this person to show me to help my fading memory .

    Was it 1964 or 1968 you are talking about Officer .

    Did this thing allegedly happen on a Sunday morning or a Tuesday night ?

    Was it raining at the time ?

    I cannot remember anything officer . If you can give me some more information officer I may be able to help you .

    If you can let me know what I was supposedly wearing at the time that would help too officer.

    It was such a long time ago you are asking about . Are you sure I was where you say I was because I am not .


  42. 72
    Vince Cable's rucksack says:

    Oh, HA, HA, HA, HA, HAAA! Chickens are coming home to roost.


  43. 73
    WhoMaxedMeOut .. says:

    I believe that the the guy arrested this morning, in respect of the ‘J.Savile and Others’ investigation, should immediately make contact with Max Clifford, who is very adept at spinning and providing excellent cover stories… He’s a true pro and THE Guru to the Gurus.

    The guy had better hurry though, as there is already a que, a mile long, outside of Max’s house, of celebs and other low-life, banging on Max’s door wanting to be let in.

    It brings tears to ones eyes, to think that such innocents is being badgered and bullied about their past lives and how Max would no doubt put it … ‘young men in the full flood of their youth, being pilloried for just playing at, ‘boys being boys’.

    Such a sham .. Ooops sorry shame …. : (


    • 81
      Yup, me again. says:

      Que? You Spanish or something?

      The word is ‘queue’. All quite straightforward if you had paid attention at school.


  44. 74
    Anonymous says:

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

    Now they just need to find out who “Charles Lynton” is and nick him for offences committed in a public toilet.


    • 89
      Toni Bliered says:

      How has ” Charles Lynton ” managed to keep his bog trotting out of the papers for so lon ?? – The police keep feeding these so called celebrites – is this to side track us away from the politicians ??


  45. 75
    A Firm Pair Of Breasts says:

    Freddie’s revenge?


  46. 77
    Jay says:

    The curse of Louis Theroux!
    Documentary on Hamiltons – arrested for sexual assault.
    Documentary on Savile – accused of sexual offences against minors.
    Documentary on Clifford – arrested for sexual offences.


  47. 84
    ShitStirrer says:

    He’s got so much on people he’s got to be untouchable.


  48. 91
    Telegram for Mongo says:

    Rumour has it that ole Maxy boy likes the stink rather than the pink. Grizzly but gripping.


  49. 93
    Anonymous says:

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke… As D.C. would say ‘LOL’!


  50. 96
    roger says:

    This arrest raises a lot of questions:
    The old one about the pre-dawn raid, for an alleged offence in 1977?. The police use this Gestapo tactic to overpower a person mentally, the old response about destroying evidence is a bit thin after a 35 delay.
    Why did they take away ‘evidence’ in the form of computer equipment, I doubt if he had a computer in 1977, just trawling?
    A lot of people can’t even remember 1977, let alone who they had sex with, yet the law has elevated the victim evidence to a high level even without other evidence. Proving a negative, anyone?
    The use of police bail is a way to get round the 36 hour arrest rule, surely it is better to refuse bail and wait for a complete release without charge.
    Can anyone explain the new caution, how can one know in the present what one may need to say in the future in a court without even being charged.?


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