December 4th, 2012

Tory Ladies Expenses Blue on Blue
Jackie Doyle Price Shuns Expenses Piggy Helen Grant

Helen Grant may have sacked her part time researcher/husband in the wake of a turning over by Dispatches for her expenses and property rent-swapping, but the Equalities Minister is not out of trouble yet. Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle Price has humiliated her fellow 2010 Tory by refusing to share a platform with her at an event in constituency. Grant was visiting the town hall and Doyle put the boot in:

“I only heard she was coming on the grapevine, but chose not to go as I disapprove of Helen Grant’s expense claims and I don’t really wish to be associated with that kind of behaviour.”

Nice to see principles before party politics for once.


  1. 1
    It's only someone elses money says:

    Principled only when someone else is around to notice…..

  2. 2
  3. 3
    Jimmy says:

    Why does a tory government have an Equalities Minister?

  4. 4
    Old Tory Bigot says:

    Because they aren’t really a Tory government, I’ll hazard.

  5. 5
    Diane Fatarse says:


  6. 6
    Lady Gaga's talent manager says:

    Do Tories go in for husband swapping as well as rent swapping?

  7. 7
    Diane Abbot says:

    Stop dividin and rulin, bloodclaaat!

  8. 8
    Chief "Baronet" Whip says:

    Funny you bring up Doyly…

    She looks right for kitchen duty….

  9. 9
    Shakin Stevens says:

    Hmm the comment on the Thurrock Gazette page suggests that our Jackie employes her lover? Is that true?

  10. 10
    Mrs Doyle says:

    Would you like a cup of tea Father?

  11. 11
    Dr Freud said all women suffer from penis envy says:

    Bloody “Equaliities Minister”

    Get rid of these quangos FFS

    Let the bitches fight for their equality on Westminster Green…

    Ask Mandy to be the refereee…

  12. 12
    Righty Right says:

    Another day, another glimpse into the grim underbelly of the right.

  13. 13
    rocknrolla says:

    ” the Equalities Minister ”

    Does anyone else remember how just a few years ago such a title would have been a joke in the Simpsons about an extreme socialist dictatorship and the kind of thought-crime style political titles they had?

    If they want to cut the deficit start by sacking her and the entire department.

  14. 14
    MP's Spouse says:

    I have to be a whore in the bedroom,a chef in the kitchen and a fucking Parliamentary research assistant as well.

  15. 15
    Nadine Dorries says:

    There are some sensitive little souls on here aren’t there!
    I wonder if they “flounce” out the room if people disagree with them at work or at home.

  16. 16
    David Cameron says:

    I am a modern man – I am forcing through legislation to make sure the traditional rules of male primogeniture are abandoned for Wills and Kate’s baby – all this to appease people who will never vote for me anyway. If it makes Harriet happy then we must all do it.

  17. 17
    Anonymous says:

    There are loads of decent MPs as well. We all have to accept it. Like in any community or groups, there are good decent people as well as crooks, stupid and idiots.

    MPs only represent society at large.

  18. 18
    Old Tory Bigot says:

    Another day another glimpse into the sweaty arsecrack of the left. hey ho.

  19. 19
    Jimmy S (for Sugar) says:

    Not THAT principled then…

  20. 20
    rocknrolla says:

    Still have to pinch myself to remind me that Abbott is in retardEd’s shadow cabinet after making disparaging comments about an entire race of people while if anyone says anything bad about foreigners they might to find themselves in prison.

    If anyone wants to warm their hearts today I suggest reading the online Guardian – I know, a hateful rag, but the mean spirited, misanthropic comments they are all posting about the as yet unborn Royal baby is something to behold, they think they are so radical yet reveal themselves as some of the most unpleasant people in the country.

  21. 21
    Enoch Powell says:

    Ooh, you are nawty! Bend me over, big boy!

  22. 22
    BLAM! says:

    Not the councillor who shot his wife and then himself.

  23. 23
    Anonymous says:

    Can Equalities Minister be a white man?

  24. 24
    Dial C for C*** says:

    You might be right about that. Jackie also employs her “lover” according to a comment on the original story.

  25. 25
    Lord Anji Boulton, still trying says:

    I must have this fight on Sky HD WMD Nuclear at prime time

    With the delicioso Sophy Ridge as referee

    In a tight bikini….

  26. 26
    Jimmy says:

    Nothing short of the overthrow of the Hanoverian Usurper will do. Long live King Francis.

  27. 27
    Popbitch says:


    Keep it up Guido my old friend…

  28. 28
    Strangers bar says:

    Do you really believe that MPs are representative of society at large?

    For one thing all they talk about is politics and that does not seem to be what society at large mainly talks about.

    And another thing is that they earn 4 x the national average wage and more than double that with tax free expenses that no one in society at large enjoys, then there is their resettlement package and gold plated pension.

    Society at large, they are not.

  29. 29
    Lefty left says:

    Some choice things to be said in Guardian about an unborn child.
    If the left aren’t fiddling with kids or covering it up,they are supporting a bloke who neglected his kids with his petition.

  30. 30
    Lefty left says:

    Why do lefties hate British children so much?

  31. 31
    Popbitch & Children says:


    I do love this Gudio

    “popbitch accepts no responsibility for the contents of the message board nor any ….”

    “Unlike Popbitch or Guido, HuffPo UK is not a blog built around knowledge…” …


  32. 32
    The Reverend Canaan Banana of the Lower Temple says:

    There are some weird monikers on here but you’re being completely ridiculous.

  33. 33
    Old Tory Bigot says:

    I quite agree rocknrolla.

    Spite by the bucketload.

  34. 34
    The Tory Castrati says:

    Or neutered?

  35. 35
    Raving Loon says:

    “Equalities Minister”

    What, really? That’s actually a job? FFS!

  36. 36
    bergen says:

    Yes. It’s the sort of story which causes their mask to slip and to show the true extent of their rancour , inadequacy and jealousy.

  37. 37
    There was a time I understood current English Usage says:

    Or “alternatively gendered”.

  38. 38
    Phil the Greek says:

    You mean she has a lover and a hubby?

    Both on expenses?

    This is all getting too much for me

  39. 39
    Old Tory Bigot says:

    I fear that the principal reason why most politicians become MPs is to remove themselves from ‘society at large’.

  40. 40
    The old ones are crap says:

    Does she need her cart fixing?

  41. 41
    Father Ted Crilly says:

    No, I’m fine, thank you, Mrs Doyle.

  42. 42
    Old Tory Bigot says:

    Of course it’s a job – and a very important one.

    How else is everybody going to be made equal?

  43. 43
    David Davis says:

    Coorrr…I’d love a three-up with those two lovelies polished off by thirds with Shami. Phwoaaar.

  44. 44
    Sad sod - must get out more says:

    Is this a quiz? Is the answer the Blue Nile?

  45. 45
    I'm regretting it now says:

    That’ll teach us to go to those sort of parties.

  46. 46
    Big bellender says:

    Not a job, a job title.

  47. 47
    JH5524232 says:

    Or hopelessly left wing.

  48. 48
    Shami's fan club says:

    Would you mind moving on from seeing Shami? There’s an enormous queue building up to court the cutie.

  49. 49
    Really? says:

    “Can Equalities Minister be a white man?”

    No, but a Labour supporter can be a ‘conservative’.

    “Grant joined the Labour Party in 2004″

    Can’t even be put down to the impetuousness of youth, Grant was 43 at the time and no doubt had voted Labour all her life to that point.

  50. 50
    person on S London omnibus says:

    its a decent contribution – thank you ms d-p

  51. 51
    Lefty left says:

    You remember all the stories back in the late 70’s early 80’s about rogue Labour councils in London and their loony left ideas?
    How we laughed.
    Not anymore.

  52. 52
    Really? says:

    “There are loads of decent MPs as well”

    Really? Name names.

  53. 53
    Jimmy says:

    In theory of course yes. However under this government as it is a non job, the sole purpose being to give the impression of diversity, it would defeat the object of the exercise.

  54. 54
    Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

    Society at large – don’t be ridiculous. How many of the 650 plus would be able to get a job in the real world i.e outside of poilitics, local government or trade unionism.

  55. 55
    Lady Gaga's talent manager says:

    By mistake, I suppose?

  56. 56
    Footie talent scout says:


    Can you or one of your sidekicks tell me why there is so little talent in the Tory Party?

  57. 57
    Really? says:

    Look around you, the left hate Britain as much as they hate the British.

  58. 58
    Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

    Because May pushed through Harman’s draft legislation soon after the election before anyone realised what she was doing.

    A disgraceful act for a Tory minister – adding more pain and grief for the private sector to have to deal with.

  59. 59
    Employment Inspector says:

    Does Guido pay his “sidekicks” ?

    Or are they slave Labour like all those interns in the Labour Party?

  60. 60
    Harriet the Hag says:

    My Jack would undoubtedly suit the bill.
    He was selected for one of my all-wimmin seats.

  61. 61
    The silence is deafening says:

    um …..

  62. 62
    Big bellender says:

    I know where you’re coming from Dave, but I’d strap a plank across your back: I won’t be there to hold on to your boots.

  63. 63
    Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

    Just to remind everyone that she claimed the maxium to the penny.

    How dumb do you have to be to draw attention to yourself by claiming the maximum to the penny

  64. 64
    A Reach Out Officer says:

    Outreach Officer is far superior to equality officer

    It gives us the right to reach out, like Lord Prescott taught us to do,

    First of all under the desk

    Then on top of the desk

    Then the Full Fucking Monty…

    All on expenses, of course

  65. 65
    Really? says:

    The ‘loony left’ have morphed into the fabianist, ‘red tories’.

    They stink the place up with their socialist bollocks, just as much as the old Militant mob, but they wear better suits and went to better schools.

    Still lefty half wits though.

  66. 66
    Righty Right says:

    Almost as much as righties love secretly taking it up the arse from rent boys and then publicly calling gays perverted.

    In August 2010, Crispin Blunt announced that he was leaving his wife, in order “to come to terms with his homosexuality”. Blunt’s voting record in Parliament had previously been broadly unsympathetic towards gay rights.

    Glenn Murphy Jr., former head of the Young Republicans and one of the (former) leading Republicans of Indiana, always advocated “straight” family values and straight forward sexual orientation views. He was caught performing fellatio on another Young Republican while that man slept, without that man’s consent.

    Bruce Barclay, the Republican commissioner of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, is practically the gay porn star of politics. Due to an allegation of r*pe by 20-year-old male Marshall McCurdy, police obtained a warrant to search Barclay’s home on March 31st. They didn’t find evidence of r*pe. Instead, they found videotapes of hundreds of sexual encounters with men that Barclay filmed on high-tech surveillance cameras.

    Pastor Ted Haggard was outed by prostitute, and professional masseur, Mike Jones in November 2006 for paying him to engage in sex with him for three years. Haggard had supported Colorado Amendment 43, which bans same-sex marriage in the state.

    On March 3, 2010, conservative California State Senator Roy Ashburn, who always votes against any gay-rights bills, left a gay bar with an unidentified man, and was later arrested for DUI.

  67. 67
    Lefty left says:

    Because the Tory party is trying to emulate New Labour

  68. 68
    Hic says:

    He pays in sherry.

  69. 69
    fruitcake says:

    Eddy Grant was in the Equals

  70. 70
    Margaret Beckett says:

    What about me?

  71. 71
    Ted Heath the Prime Minister says:

    Now, if only you’d stuck with the de-criminalising homosexuality wheeze, Nucky old chap, people would remember you fondly today, but NO-O-O-O, you had to go and make that “Bloody” speech, didn’t you?

  72. 72
    Federation of Community Cohesion Officers says:

    Right on brother.

  73. 73
    Catherlick says:

    You do know Geedo doesn’t like the royals either?

  74. 74
    None of the above says:

    Because it would be wrong to differentiate just because someone is a commie bastard

  75. 75
    tumbleweed says:


  76. 76
    Really? says:

    Equalities minister.

    Sounds like something straight out of 1984, so no doubt Jimmy approves wholeheartedly.

  77. 77
    Anonymous says:

    What moniker?

  78. 78
    None of the above says:

    I suspect because statistically most will be right handed

  79. 79
    Little Nick Clegg says:

    And us, don’t forget us.

  80. 80
    Gideon says:

    In these austere** times we thought it appropriate to leave the Accounting Standards Committee out of it.


    (**for you, that is)

  81. 81
    Posting 4000 weeks straight says:

    You ever spoken to actual people, B1lly? Or just your computer screen?

  82. 82
    Sir William W says:

    “So, tell me Helen, have you any previous experience as a piece of window dressing?”

  83. 83
    Transgender Empowerment Liaison Hub Officer says:

    I spent years at Uni being learning this stuff you know.

  84. 84
    Jimmy says:

    Joined the year before an election and left the year after. I wonder what could possibly have motivated her. Still it’s nice to know that someone who fails to make the cut with us can still get a second chance somewhere else (or “doing a Mensch” as it’s sometimes called).

  85. 85
    Mrs Doyle says:

    Well I’ll just leave one there Father in case you change your mind. And what would you say to a nice cup of tea Father Jack?

  86. 86
    Prince William says:

    Better hurry up with changing the rules within 8 months, Dave, otherwise, if it’s a girl, I’m stamping on it.

  87. 87
    New 'Uni' English graduate says:

    I think you’ll find it should be ‘being learnt’.

  88. 88
    Father Jack says:

    Feck! Arse!

  89. 89
    Правда Труда says:

    Makes a change.

  90. 90
    New 'Uni' English graduate's classmate says:

    They lernz ya good nowadays!
    Now I is got eenuff qualifi-thingieez 2B a Ekwaliteez Ministur!

  91. 91
    Gerry McCann registered child minder says:

    Any chance of a white equalities minister?

  92. 92
    Sir Jimmy Savile says:

    Now then now then, ‘owzabout dat then.

  93. 93
    Jimmy says:

    Not at all. 1984 conjures up images of Britain under the heel of a heartless ruler who despises the poor, keeps them distracted with an unnecessary war, censors inconvenient press stories and is surrounded by a bizarre personality cult.

    The novel was good though.

  94. 94
    Really? says:

    That’s well worth repeating for the hard of thinking tribalist clowns.

    May, allegedly ‘conservative’ pushed through Harman’s ( known hard left ) legislation, even though Labour had been voted out of office.

    And they have the nerve to pretend, there is an inch of difference between them and they are not all following the same elitist, socialist agenda.

    Sorry not buying that crap anymore.

  95. 95
    its bleak in sunderland says:

    Grants not really a Tory she probably only joined cos Labour has so mny efnicks and sisters on their Parliamentry list her only hope of being an MP was to switvh sided in Daves modern Tory Party and get parachuted into a safe seat.Her heart is probably on the left of the political spectrum as is her pocket but needs must hopefully her constituents will give her the heave ho as a troughing cnut.

  96. 96
    Really? says:

    You may, or rather, may not in your case, be aware of their respective positions.

    One is open, honest and straight forward about where they stand.

    Abbott on the other hand, hides behind her ‘progressive’ ‘inclusive’ and ‘fairness’ crdentials.
    All of which, at the drop of the hat, renages on with venom and not a little hypocrisy. See the difference yet?

    Thought not.

  97. 97
    Taxfodder says:

    A dead one!

  98. 98
    2112 says:

    Re. below:
    Galtieri lost. Get over it.

  99. 99
    Taxfodder says:

    Agree with that, the Coalition ain’t conservative and there ain’t many real tories in it anyway they are mostly moving to UKIP.

  100. 100
    Taxfodder says:

    Gowaaan Gowannnn

  101. 101
    Taxfodder says:

    Reach around more like!

  102. 102
    Airey Belvoir says:

    According to BBC Look East trailer for the 6 o’clock news last night, it was: ‘A double tragedy in Norfolk, when a man shot himself and then his wife.’

  103. 103
    Really? says:

    No fan of Blunt, but your copy and paste, falls flat at the off.

    Voted a mixture of for and against equal gay rights.

    As for the Wanks, I am not a big enough obsessive nerd, to give a flying f*ck about their politicians. Keeping an eye on what our own thieving liars are up to, is enough for me.

  104. 104
    Bollocks to Getting a Pseudonym says:

    You forgot girls and drink, Father Jack.

  105. 105
    its bleak in sunderland says:

    Not if you were the last cnut on earth!

  106. 106
    Really? says:

    Enoch was ten times the man you were or ever will be Ted. History proved Powell right on just about everything and you, just about wrong on everything.

    Still, you have a fellow traveller in Dave, to carry on wrecking the country.

  107. 107
    Sir William Waad says:

    Actually Guido has made a bish as Ms Grant is only an Under-Secretary. The Minister for Women and Equalities is Maria Miller, who is as white as you like.

    I applied to be Minister for Men and Inequalities but Cameron was a bit sniffy. You know how snobbish these OEs can be.

  108. 108
    Socialism is generalized National Socialism says:

    The unborn is not the first politicized royal foetus, it is a victim like the murdered girl we shamelessly remind you about.

  109. 109
    Mastermind challenge says:

    Can you name more than five?

  110. 110
    Big bellender says:

    Does his right hand know what his left hand’s doing?

  111. 111
    Big bellender says:

    Go easy on Terry – she’s a great fuck.

  112. 112
    Big bellender says:

    You’re being very unkind to Crispin.

    As I remember, he said at the time that he “had grappled with his sexuality for a very long time”.

    Before deciding that he really enjoyed taking a big throbbing up the shitter.

  113. 113
    Socialism = Starvation says:

    Carswell, Bone, Hollobone… Er…

  114. 114
    Anonymous says:



  115. 115
    Nogbad the Bad says:

    Helen Grant is a Lawyer, what do you expect?

  116. 116
    Doyle's Gigolo says:

    Hey – guy needs to make a living.

  117. 117
    Polly to me to you to me says:

    As as he is from the provinces, and has red hair, or is welsh….

  118. 118
    Polly to me to you to me says:

    MEAOW! hiss-hiss, spit-spit…

  119. 119
    Annie Seed-Balls says:

    Free money is free money. Don’t be so snobbish!

  120. 120
    Punk Tilious says:

    Abdul to Aziz whilst affixing bom* to car:
    “What happens if it goes off while we are fixing it to car?”
    “S’ok, I got another one in the garage”

  121. 121
    Punk Tilious says:


  122. 122
    Anonymous says:

    It is hardly surprising really that Maidstone has such low morals especially after Kent county council and Kent police and (a former mp not deliberately of course) were criticized for their part in a protecting a foster carer pedophile. Then again why did a former Maidstone Councillor stand down ? And why is there so many Freemasons operating as councillors in Kent county council such as a leader of Maidstone borough council ? Do we really need secret societies operating within our councils such as quasi-masonic societies as reported in the Daily Mail such as common purpose graduates infecting our public services.

  123. 123
    Anonymous says:

    perhaps the conservative masonic leader should wear his masonic pinny and gloves when he gets married to his LIB mistress and let the world know where his true alliance lays ?

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