December 4th, 2012

Labour MP: Guido is “Witty and Well Written”

Guido cannot fault Jonathan Reynolds’ taste. The Labour MP told the House last night:

“Some of my favourite media sources are those that feature very different politics to mine. I like reading The Spectator and Guido Fawkes’s blog. I find them entertaining because they are witty and well written, and they do not simply mirror my own politics back at me. We want a lively press.”

Not so much with Reynolds’ red colleague Jim Dowd, who went off on one at those that will not bow to a state regulator:

“What these people are basically saying is that they are above the law. This parliament, the British public, can say what they like. If it does not meet their approval, they will not abide by it. That is the calibre, that is the type of people we’re dealing with and we cannot trust them to act in the public interest.”

Needless to say, the Spectator have had a thing or two to say about that. Guido is currently working on his “naughty and nice list” for this year. Sadly not many members actually turned up for yesterday’s debate so it’s tough to get an accurate picture. Despite that groundswell of public support for the topic…


  1. 1
    Generally witty except says:

    for the trillion tedious posts by Kebab/B1lly.


    • 25
      Aaron D Highside says:

      The comments are less important than the articles. Guido is taking over from Private Eye now it’s edited by a Beeboid and populated by pseuds.


      • 44

        When has Unite funded Labour lickspittle Jim Dowd ever cared or known what the British Public think.

        Jim Dowd comes from the Gordon Brown school of “we are listening to the people” i.e. doing the exact opposite

        The British Public are quite able to decide on the calibre of the type of people who might have got their Geordie MP wife to claim the expenses for her London home that her Inner London MP husband was not eligible to claim. The British Public will decide who they are dealing with and whether they can trust them to act in the public interest


  2. 2
    A co-conspirator says:

    Cor…Guido…. we really write so well here

    Never a typo…

    Never any bad language

    Always concise and to the point…

    These CHAV Labour MPs really do have good taste


    • 4
      GQ magazine says:

      We are proud of you Guido

      Let’s have a party


      You know who…(and my first name is not Rebekah)


  3. 3
    Kebab Time says:

    Witty and well written ?

    Only because less errors ( typos) due to new member of staff.


  4. 6
    The Speaker says:

    Yet another mention for Guido in the House Of Commons.

    Order ! Order !

    Mr Fawkes must be heard.


  5. 7
    Anonymous says:

    “This parliament, the British public” LOFL. The day when those two things were the same are long gone. MPs speak for themselves. If they did what the British Public wanted most of them would be strung up.


  6. 8
    Bill Quango MP says:

    I can confirm that besides discussion of our expenses, in the House, we MPs talk of nothing but Order.order and how to stay out of the cross hairs.


  7. 9
    Empty Ed Milliband, trying to find somfing to say says:

    Give this man a promotion

    He clearly understands the Medjia…

    It he continues like this

    He will be famous


  8. 10
    Ed Miliband (Prime Minister designate) says:

    I shall demand a judge led inquiry as to how the name “Guido Fawkes” came to appear in Hansard.


    • 18
      Nick Clogg says:

      There’s no judges left Ed. you’ve used the lot of them up on your inquiries.
      And now we need to import some foreign judges to look into why we have a shortage of judges.


  9. 11
    Hank the Cat says:

    With all the coverage of the new royal baby, the republicans have started to come out of the woodwork, they seem to want a President. Think of it, President Maximus Imbecile


    • 20
      A sceptic says:

      President Cast Iron? President Milishambles? President Wing Commander Farage DFC and Scar?

      Fuck it. Let’s keep the anarchic shambles that we currently have.


      • 37
        President of Europe, Herman van Rompuy ( unelected ) says:

        As long as I get £55,000,000 a day from your taxpayers and get to be your President, I couldn’t agree more.


    • 21
      Gordon the Medicated says:

      If I delivered the word from financial ruin I can deliver a baby! If I saved Africa from malaria, then I can save a baby from wind!
      Make me president. I’m ready for it! I could do the gig and be a royal nanny at the same time.


    • 23
      ah! monika's moniker is a gonner says:

      Yes, true.

      Let’s have a few nominations.


  10. 12
    BBC Pepsi Salesman says:

    He is one of the the James Purcell Song and Danse Boys

    Clearly he has a future on the Cum Dansing wiv Me Luv and in the makeup booth

    Should he not be with our Nads in the Jungle Wungle?


  11. 13
    keredybretsa says:

    Ho! Ho! Ho! Off we go ‘we cannot trust them to act in the public interest’ does he mean his fellow Dishonourables in the House???


  12. 14
    Guido's sidekicks says:

    We have street cred you know


  13. 15
    Hank the Cat says:

    You get fatty Watson,Cristobel Bryant, Ed loonytunes repeat time after time “the public want it” When in fact they do not have freaking clue what the public want. What the public want is honest MPs


  14. 16
    Watcher says:

    While you’re demodding, please correct ‘largess’ to largesse’…


  15. 17
    Keep Britain honest says:

    Is Jim Dowd a footie player?

    He could learn a thing or two from our Rooney Tuney I think?


  16. 19
    Hansard reporter says:


    At least he is married….


  17. 22
    Bert Simpson says:

    Mr Fawkes doesn’t really have that much to say. He writes a few lines, pulls the pin and lobs it in. You lot respond in your tens of thousands.

    Advertisers like this. That makes Mr Fawkes rich.


  18. 26
    How exciting. A 'royal' is pregnant says:

    Why is there an army of photographers outside the hospital where Kate Middleton was admitted? All they’ll get is a photograph of William and maybe one of her.
    We know what they look like.

    Reason enough for regulating the press.

    And in all of the blog posts about regulating / not regulating the press, why have I not seen any reference to the paparazzi?

    I don’t know about regulate them we should be building gulags for them.


    • 38
      Really? says:

      Ah yes that socialist solution to everything, the Gulag.

      You should spend some time in a socialist ‘nirvana’ try North Korea for a few years. Then come back and tell us all about those wonderful Gulags and how they make for a really great society.


  19. 27
    Lord Macalwhine says:

    Is Jonathan available?


  20. 30
    Labour Websters Dictionary says:

    favourite media sources


    Can we use this idiot for our propaganda?


  21. 32
    Timmy Tour says:

    regarding Jim Dowd……er, don’t the Brfitish public say what they want when they buy the paper???


  22. 34
    Oscar says:

    Who the feck thinks that a fucking commendation from a fuckwit MP is worth trumpeting. Fecking oirish fuckwit.


  23. 36
    Jimmy says:

    Turns out evil old woman from QT last week was a tory councillor.

    Who would have guessed?


    • 40
      Really? says:

      Evil Jimmy, really?

      Now this may come as a shock to you, but most people would consider your fellow socialist Adolph Hitler to be evil, you know the guy who murdered millions of innocent people? Now that’s evil.

      Telling a few home truths to a spoiled celebrity, is not and never will be ‘evil’. Try and get a little perspective into your obviously dull life.


      • 47
        Jimmy says:

        I stand corrected. I’m happy to clarify. She is indeed less evil than Hitler. The well known leftie.


        • 48
          JH5524232 says:

          Hitler himself said the Nazis were neither of the left nor right, but borrowed aspects of their policies from each.

          I wonder where he got the massive overbearing authoritarian we-know-best state bit from? Or how about the hate and discredit anyone who dares to disagree with you bit, sound familiar?


  24. 39
    Is that dogfood they put in kebabs says:

    I had no idea that Rod Stewart was still alive.


  25. 42
    person on S London omnibus says:

    dowdy man confuses ‘acting in the public interest’ and ‘publishing in the public interest’

    the latter may always be the former, but there may more to the former than the latter

    deliberate(?) false logic?

    tut tut! poor bloody public interest! – all top typical manipulative poli


  26. 43
    Ah Bless says:

    He looks quite sweet.


  27. 45
    The Rt Hon. The Hon. Comrade Loretto Fettes MP (Rottenborough East) says:

    I must agree with my twattish colleague! Rightists ARE more witty and entertaining! I think it’s because they aren’t idiotic robots who make you want to drink a bucket of arsenic.


  28. 49
    I Walk In Eternity says:

    The double standards of politcians never ceases to amaze me. It’s the unwanted gift that won’t stop giving. This muppet’s going off on one about the press not wanting to bow to an ‘independent’ press regulator, but MP’s did exactly the same in the wake of the expenses scandal. They’ve spent the past couple of years going out of their way to spike IPSA and now, thanks to that arrogant dwarf who dangles his legs over the edge of the speakers chair, they may have succeeded. You can’t expect others to behave in a certain way when you’re not prepared to behave that way yourself.


  29. 52
    Polly to me to you to me says:

    I have no probs with Guido myself, but I am one of these endangered species that has a broad mind, in this modern world.

    To me, some hard true facts with a good dose of humour just does tickle my fancy, oh yeh baby!


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