December 4th, 2012

Boris Blunders Withdrawal – Not Sure if He is In or Out

boris sadThose averse to the current Prime Minister’s penchant for u-turns better hope his successor doesn’t turn out to be the Mayor of London. Earlier this year Boris signed the People’s Pledge for an in/out EU referendum. Last month he was all change, backing Dave and insisting there was no need for a plebiscite. Today Boris wants us to pull out of the political part of the union with Europe, staying in the single market. We don’t know what he thinks, and it’s starting to look like he doesn’t either.

It seems that Boris takes his political vows as seriously as his wedding ones…


  1. 1
    Aricolza Narzole says:

    Boris is definitely one for the ‘naughty’ list.


    • 8
      Hang The Bastards says:

      If Boris starts to act like CAST-IRON-WAVEY-DAVEY then he’ll go the same way in public opinion.

      I thought Boris was clever. If he thinks the EU is for us then he is like the rest of the deluded twats


      • 14
        Aricolza Narzole says:

        Boris’ take on Leveson was the clincher.


      • 74
        Anonymous says:

        boris on bliar…say what you like about him, atleast he got rid of a dictator (iraq).

        how is it our business to police the world?


        • 87
          Bollocks to Getting a Pseudonym says:

          It isn’t our business to police the world. I’d like the Government to concentrate on protecting law-abiding people in the Divided Kingdom, instead of poking its oar in here, there and everywhere.


          • Anonymous says:

            ah yes the divided kingdom. It is a start of summit desirable. power is in autonomy.


          • Punk Tilious says:

            Quite. But recall, removing the Blair in charge of the Met was one of Bojo’s first acts, so he can’t be all bad. Now then, what was the name of that new bloke now in charge?


        • 90
          Tiny lizard aka mi-nute says:

          Typical Boris ….. in, out, in, out, shake it all about.


        • 129
          lojolondon says:

          What about Mugabe? If Bliar wanted to depose a dictator, he could have conquered Zim in about 5 minutes, to massive public acclaim. Unlike Saddam, this is a dictator that Britain actually installed in power, so a massive wrong could have been righted at the same time. Too late for the hundreds of thousands murdered by the North Koreans in Matabeleland, but as Bliar would say, at least we have deposed a dictator!


          • David Laws Lib Dem Fiddler says:

            Boris was never a Eurosceptic. His father was a pro European MEP. I suspect the lad was brainwashed at an early age. The in/out pledge was made during the hype about him taking over from cast iron chocolate tea pot Dave and to gain votes to be elected as mayor.


      • 109
        Anonymous says:

        I can’t understand why people think Boris’s opinions are important. He’s the mayor of London, and most people in this country don’t live in London! (That’s a surprise to you London-based chappies, isn’t it?)


        • 114
          Anonymous says:

          boris becomes important when his xx’s and yy’s are balanced.
          he is too much xx chromosome. balance yourself boris. play the long game not the long donga game man.


    • 32
      Anonymous says:

      With Boris, even he does know where he stands. Policies will continue to change as what ever he believes people at that time wants to hear.

      Only constant massage is his support fro investment bankers.

      He also wanted UK to lower top rate of tax like India. But no comment on high import tax, 80% of people don’t pay income tax or high indirect tax. Also you have to pay for most services (decent) or give a bribe.


    • 38
      Anonymous says:

      By that stage, the mayor’s convoy was moving on. Back through the slum and to Mumbai’s five-star Taj Mahal hotel.

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    • 57
      Sandra in Accounts says:

      Hold the fecking bus….

      Anna Wintour to be US Ambassador to the UK?

      Obama – the insulting cock just cannot hide his contempt for us.


      • 79
        h says:

        Obanana; now there’s a joke.


        • 136
          Punk Tilious says:

          Dave and Hague and HMtQ can always say they are not amused and reject the nominee.

          Come to think of it Lee Grasper would make a good envoy to the septics. Birds of a feather…..


      • 81
        Anonymous says:

        suppose we will return the favour by appointing david beckham as ambassador. trivia. where are the big decisions made, fashion is image. trivia.

        we are being stuffed. trivia?


      • 120
        JabbaTheCat says:

        Pamela Harriman she ain’t, not even close…


    • 133
      Polly to me to you to me says:

      Boris is definitely on the naughty step you must mean – so much so he has taken a mortgage out on it.

      Which way will the wind be blowing for you tomorrow Boris? Who will you be having a go madly at next Boris? But he is amusing, ey – what do we call them sorts again? Ah yes, fools/clowns.


  2. 2
    Chris Bryant says:

    My hands smell salty.


  3. 3
    Kebab Time says:

    Yep , even Dave seems more Tory than Boris ( Boris is against benefit cap)


  4. 4
    Barney Rouble says:

    Boris was a funny joke once, but not now


  5. 5
    Quiet Bat Person says:

    So, the former wife of late Greek PM A. Papandreou and mother of former Greek PM G. Papandreou has $700m stashed away in a Swiss Bank account.

    As someone on Zerohedge pointed out: “Andreas G. Papandreou (1919–1996) was a Harvard-trained academic, a Greek economist and socialist politician. Ivy league–check. Economist–check. Academic–check. Socialist–check.”

    Funny the BBC website isn’t carrying the story yet. Socialist EU politicians milking the system, and the Eurozone and UK via the IMF paying the bill. That is news, surely?


  6. 6
    Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:

    Are you feeling OK Borisido Boriswkes.

    You just criticised Bonkers Boz, the man who is never in London !!!!


    • 10
      Stalin says:

      I agree with Moussa


      • 31
        Moussa Koussa's pet meerkat says:

        So do I.

        Mind you, this isn’t news.

        If Prince William was having the baby instead of his wife, that would be news.


    • 86
      Anonymous says:

      boris is a good salesman,
      blair better with the bigger boyZ.
      at corporate sales… boris will be rich
      but he needs to genuinely serve.
      too much from him. and not enough from the rest of us.


  7. 7
    Oh hokey cokey cokey says:

    …… out shake it all about!


  8. 9
    @Sarah Brown says:

    Seriously,I’m getting worried now.Our pet stick insect has been missing for hours now and Gordon won’t show me what he’s hiding under his tongue.


  9. 12
    Hang The Bastards says:

    Get a GRIP …. FFS Boris !


  10. 15
    Historian of our times says:

    Boris is just a self-promoting chancer

    God help Britain if he ever gets close to Downing Street


  11. 16
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    BoJo the clown is an opportunist first & foremost.

    Like all professional politicans he is primarily interested in power, not principles.

    If you want politicans with principles where the EU is concerned you have to go to UKIP.

    Cue Cameroon arselicking trolls in 3, 2, 1……


    • 76
      T. P. Fuller says:

      >politicans with principles

      Sandra, see 75 above.


    • 85
      Fatty Pang says:

      I once had lunch with Boris. For starters we shared a dozen oysters. He had 8 and left me 4. Slurp slurp.

      Greedy bastard.


      • 89
        Anonymous says:

        do real men lunch?
        the new BoE chap is a scary figure. he does not appear to lunch.

        more beta less alpha.
        more xy less xx.
        in the battle of the chromosomes, wimmin have won.
        despite appearance.


        • 115
          Fatty Pang says:

          I am not a macho man thats true. But I do like oysters Slurp slurp. Lavender has a go at the size of my man boobs but I tell her to have some oysters.


        • 139
          Punk Tilious says:

          You have been watching too many 1960s science fiction films where men were declared superfluous to requirements, except a chosen couple of dozen needed for milking purposes.

          The next flight to Mars leave from terminal 2 in one hour.


  12. 18
    Johnny says says:

    “Today Boris wants us to pull out of the political part of the union with Europe, staying in the single market.”

    This is actually possible. The UK could make a negotiated exit of the EU and join the European Economic Area in order to retain access to the single market.


    • 29
      Sad sod spotter says:

      Why don’t you get out more?


      • 94
        Quiet Bat Person says:

        The UK was a founder member of the European Free Trade Association.


        • 140
          Punk Tilious says:

          .. and was doing very well too, happily and beneficially trading with Europe and the rest of the world, until traitor Heath pulled the plug on the Commonwealth and much of the rest of the world too.


  13. 19
    Spot says:

    Come on folks, read the link below and find out what the tories are really up to and its not good.


    • 25
      Aricolza Narzole says:

      The Conservatives have been talking about ‘renegotiation’ with years. That is complete bollocks.
      You cannot negotiate with a criminal organisation like the EU.
      The only way is out of the EU – period.


      • 91
        Anonymous says:

        in.out in.out.
        shake it all about.

        de.attach is best. too many vampirish blood suckers out there.


  14. 21
    Boris the Demagogue says:

    Just tell me what you think is the right thing to say, and ill errmmm errrmmmm waffle it, or not – there.


  15. 24
    Carlos Slim says:

    I’m backing Boris for Prime Minister.

    David Cameron is a busted flush,and well past his sell by date.


  16. 26
    Polly Twatbee says:


    • 96
      Anonymous says:

      guardian is the whole picture?

      so get into line,
      don’t ask any question.
      how pathetic? a baby when born must think that ..
      . guardian but is actually anyone but me.


  17. 28
    The Great Helmsman Xi Jinping says:

    BloJo says

    “Indeed, if that were the relationship then there is every chance that we would be joined in that outer tier by Norway and Switzerland, since both those countries are feeling increasingly frustrated by their lack of influence.”

    He is high on the white stuff if he thinks “joining” Norway and Switzerland (if they want us) will have ANY influence on the future of Europe…

    He also carefully avoids the question of whether “Europe” will simply allow Britain to “leave” the political union and remain in the economic union with no contribution for the privilege…

    You cannot have your cake and eat it…as so many deluded Little Englanders believe…but carry on your incoherent and pathetic debate among yourselves by all means!


    • 66
      BBC News 24/7 says:

      I think the fact Britain is one of the biggest consumers of European goods will be seen as enough of a contribution.


      • 141
        Hallo sailors says:

        With a view like that you cannot possibly be from the BBC news room – or are you the vanguard of yet another fifth column?


  18. 30
    Question for the Gwweddo Interns says:

    Are you fully occupied or are you a bit slow?

    I ask as the ‘Quote of the day’ has not been updated for some time. Yes it was a good quote but it is not todays.

    So either change the strap to something that doesn’t require much effort (Best Quote ever?) or pull your bloody fingers out.


  19. 33
    person on S London omnibus says:

    relieved (sic) that you are seeing through him


  20. 36
    Jonny Turk says:

    Don’t matter what the Boris Man thinks about the EU referendum. When Turkey joins up me and 75 million mates are going to come and live in London anyway.


  21. 37
    Moussa Koussa's pet meerkat says:

    Just imagine, for a moment, Boris’s finger on our nuclear button.

    Too absurd for words.


  22. 40
    Superman says:

    Boris and Mensch. Now there is a double act. They don’t stand for anything but themseves.They have used Tory party to promote themselves.Kick them out Dave!


  23. 42
    Kebab,The Royal Correspondent says:

    Bookmakers are offering odds on a range of names for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s first child. At Ladbrokes, the favourite name for a girl is Elizabeth, and for a boy it is Guido,Mohammed or Kebab.
    The odds on Elizabeth were cut from 7/1 to 8/1 after a Royal pundit put £1,000 on the name choice. Other odds include:

    Elizabeth 7/1
    Guido 10/1
    Diana 12/1
    Kebab 14/1
    Richard 16/1
    Andrew 20/1
    Phillipa 25/1


  24. 43
    Must be a really slow news day says:

    Man goes to see wife in hospital shock.


  25. 47
    person on S London omnibus says:

    your photo of BJ gives an impression of the appearance of (just) william brown – had he passed the age of 40 years – still puzzled why adults make/find the world so difficult


  26. 49
    Lord Lupin says:

    Yet another ambition screwed up over the EU. Maybe Boris should join the Labour party.


  27. 51
    Jimmy says:

    “Today Boris wants us to pull out of the political part of the union with Europe, staying in the single market. ”

    Can we call this the “Shake it all about” option?


    • 55
      The Public says:

      At least he has gotten more women into ‘Labour’ than your leader.


    • 61
      BBC News 24/7 says:

      Or the option people signed up to which was called the EEC.


      • 63
        The Public says:

        Signed? Please tell me when the plebiscite occurred?


        • 67
          Jimmy says:


          Remember only one party has ever allowed the people to vote on this.


          • ud to be a UKIP member. says:

            Yes and the plebs were lied to as to the meaning of the vote.
            The Treaty of Rome was ALWAYS about the European Super State, but no too many people knew that.
            I voted NO in the referendum and sad to say , for my country today, I told you it would go to hell in a handcart.


  28. 53
    Правда Труда says:

    Oh dear.


  29. 60
    Gerry McCann registered child minder says:

    A Turk who keeps shagging our women
    Send this kebab gnosher back where he belongs
    He comes over here grooming women and then has the cheek to think that he could run the country??

    Cheeky turban wearing, curled toed slippered git!


  30. 65
    Ken Livingstone says:

    I won’t say I told you so.


  31. 69
    restore the monasteries says:

    We are enslaved by europe,a corrupt club,at best,and now Boris wants us to remain enslaved.Disappointing,to say the least.
    What happens to prominent politicians,who ,once cared about Britain and all its freedoms,its self rule,its ability to trade worldwide,that they want to rope us,nay,lash us to a sinking ship,that we pay a ridiculous amount for the privilege of?…..
    Does someone take them to a darkened room,and indoctrinate them,or is it drugs ?? Would we not trade with europe as with the rest of the world??


  32. 71
    dog says:

    Boris bungles withdrawal, did Petronella Wyatt say that?


  33. 72
    Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:

    7 Down

    Seven stories that Guido likes to ignore.

    1. Gun touting Tory councillors killing spree.
    2. Bonkers Bacon’s Human Right vote flop
    3. Ulster Loony Sticks go Looney about a flag
    4. Corp Tax dodgers – the net is starting to close….shhhh
    5. Dave “ Act Fast”…errr he means delete texts as soon as sent.
    6. More high profile job cuts
    7. Where’s Minister Warsi …. 97 days and counting


  34. 77
    Ant n Dec's bush tucker says:

    Word is, Sarah and the kids were not impressed when Gordon ate a stick insect in mistake for a Twiglet.


  35. 80
    Raw Nerve says:

    Looks like desperate Dan is throwing a wobbly. Well done Guido.


    • 100
      Nigel Lawson says:

      What a dim little man Blanchflower is. No wonder he went back to the USA with his tail between his legs. He still hasn’t grasped that Keynesian economics only works when there is existing money in the bank that can be spent (moderately and selectively).


  36. 93
    Fuck Boris.... says:

    ….what’s the latest on the Royal Birth? Is the head showing yet?


  37. 98
    anon. says:

    Karma. Prolapse to follow shortly.


  38. 104
    Gerry McCann registered child minder says:

    Ponce William should call his kid Barbara if its a girl
    Boris James could be the Godfather


  39. 110
    Gary Glitter. says:

    Take it in to PC World,they know their stuff.Will sort it in no time. :-)


  40. 118
    Anonymous says:

    As someone has said over on CONHOME “Once an Eton Bullingdon boy ALWAYS an Eton Bullingdon boy”.


  41. 123
    Labour...menadacious expedient sociopaths all of 'em says:

    I don’t think £5b is going to significantly kickstart the economy … £50b perhaps


    • 124
      Labour...filth...just filth says:

      we agree but we can’t tell you where its coming from so we’ll resort to plan A …borrow it.


  42. 130
    Anonymous says:

    You want a free market but no political union .

    Is freedom of movement within the EU part of the free market or part of the political union ?

    I think we have a right to know.


  43. 147

    Im here this blog for 1st time. I very much enjoy your content. For sure you got returning user.


  44. 148
  45. 152
    Gary Glitter up Brown Lane says:

    Mavis and Phyllis – twin girls?


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