December 3rd, 2012

Roy Greenslade on Media Accuracy


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    after all this time they still cant spell *Leveson* right, tsk!

  2. 2
    Lord Scalded Bollock says:

    If Owen Jones doesn’t have an article up tomorrow reminding us of the hundreds of babies being born into poverty, I’m an Eskimo…

  3. 3
    Brent Fraser says:

    Oh the irony….

  4. 4
    Bluto says:

    A willingness to deploy covert surveillance against the public?

    That’s Theresa May and her Snooper’s Bill isn’t it? You know the one being rolled out as part of the Coalition agreement that “We will end the storage of internet and email records without good reason.” That one.

  5. 5
    should have one to specsavers says:

    read it several times and still missed it ..

  6. 6
    davidc says:

    as spell check isn’t all it might be maybe a good sub editor is indicated

  7. 7
    Fatty Pang says:

    I had lunch with Leveson. He does like his oysters. Slurp Slurp

  8. 8
    Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:

    LOL Shes up the duff

    I can see Call me privileged already .

    Hijacked royal wedding to try and get a feel good bounce…failed

    Hijacked Jubilee to try and get a feel good bounce…failed

    Hijacked Olympics to try and get a feel good bounce…failed

    …you know the rest… sorry will fail again.

    PS Guido are you still an Irish national, so nothing to see here…LOL

  9. 9
    mk270 says:

    Google “Roy Greenslade” and “IRA Army Council”.

  10. 10
    Freddie the Fishmonger says:

    Oysters is good for you .

    They are the staple diet of the working fishermen .

    They go down a treat with Guinness .

    Lambrusco doesn’t count .

  11. 11
    Brown out and pay me damages says:

    Greenslade is a retarted fuck and he take can his thicko students and jog on.

  12. 12
    Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:

    Girl = Diana

    Boy = Brian

    Like Guido ( believe me ) I think I’m going to vomit

  13. 13
    IMHO says:

    I have heard statute, statutory, overseeing but not overseeing and statute does not mean statutory.
    Will nobody FREE of of these odious pricks?

  14. 14
    Deep Froat says:

    It seems Theresa May doesn’t do irony…

  15. 15
    @Sally Bercow says:

    OMG the streets will be packed with Loons waving flags and I will have to walk amongst them to get to my tax payer funded apartment in the HoC?

  16. 16
    Owen Jones's next essay assignment says:

    Has he ever done an article – or perhaps just drawn pictures with crayons – about the thousands of babies orphaned in Iraq during his beloved Labour party’s illegal war?

    I think he should.

  17. 17
    Tom Fatson says:

    ‘Weeks after Cameron walked into Number 10, Rupert Murdoch, keen to exploit his honeymoon with the Prime Minister, launched a bid to take sole control of BSkyB’ (Tom Watson, Dial M for Murdoch, 2012, p. 122).


    ‘Consideration is also given to whether or note there was an explicit arrangement between Mr Murdoch and any Conservative politician in relation to the handling or outcome of the bid. It is right though to state at the outset that in fact the evidence did not come close to proving any such arrangement.’ (P. 1301 Para 1.9)

  18. 18
    Sir William W says:

    Perhaps the best solution is for people to grow up and realise that most of the things they read or see every day are untrue, exaggerated or distorted. There is no particular reason why a newspaper, TV channel or blog should be on your side. There is no reason to suppose that people working for the media worry whether what they say is scrupulously accurate and fair. Information comes to us as strict truth, downright lies and every shade of grey in between. ‘Twas ever thus.

  19. 19
    Billy from Swansea Dockers Club says:

    I told my neighbour to fuck off yesterday when he queried what I was doing with my wheelie bin .

    When the man from the Tv Licensing sent me a letter demanding to know whether I had a TV I phoned him up and told him to fuck off .

    When the bloke came round saying I had note completed the Electoral Roll Form I filled it in urinated on it and put it in his hand .

    When the guy came for the Census form I got the dog to do something with it .

    If Tessie May wants to snoop on me she will be in for a shock I tell you .

  20. 20
    Socialist Workers Party says:

    We’re going to hurl abuse at Kate Middleton for being pregnant! We don’t like the Royals!

  21. 21
    Anonymous says:

    Has Carney arrived already ?

  22. 22
    Sir William W says:

    Kosher oysters? What will they think of next?

  23. 23
    Perry Mason says:

    Yes but that is not the same as saying such evidence does not exist .

    It means there was no such evidence in the papers shown to Leveson.

  24. 24
    Cameron is something of a muppet says:

    Yes, but her £1.8billion snooper’s system (the one the Cons opposed when they were in opposition, on the correct grounds that it (a) will cost £1.8billion and (b) won’t work and (c) is the stuff of totalitarian regimes) will – apparently – stop all the terrorist attacks that we keep experiencing in this country.

    Over the last ten years, on average, about half as many people are killed every year in terrorist attacks as are killed every day on our roads. So you see, spending £1.8 billion (even if it won’t make the slightest bit of difference) is money well spent.

  25. 25
    Jimmy says:

    Saddam lost. Get over it.

  26. 26
    albacore says:

    Ah, but ain’t that guy a university don?
    He must be in the know about this “Levenson”
    Is he warning us of unseen forces at work?
    Don’t say he’s just a plonker who spells like a berk

  27. 27
    Jimmy says:

    Quite. Greenslade’s party’s attitude to free speech on their own patch is a lot less generous.

  28. 28
    Harriet Harman says:

    We stand up for the poor. Don’t you believe me?

  29. 29
    I don't nee d no doctor says:

    Being loud mouthed is a socialist disease.
    Tom Watson, Chris Bryant, Medhi bloke, Owen Jones, Alistair Campbell, John Prescott, to name but a few.

  30. 30
    John Page says:

    Too much alcohol with his his eLevensonses

  31. 31
    The Labour Party's Transgender Equality Unit says:

    We do not believe you should be imposing gender-assignments on the unborn human foetus at this stage.

  32. 32
    Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:

    errrr neither does you Irish hero Guido….LOL

  33. 33
    BBC News 24/7 says:

    Because of the unique way we are funded,whatever shade of shite we come out with you’re forced to buy it.

  34. 34
    Jizzlam says:

    Stop beheading girls for wanting an education, muzee.

  35. 35
    Moussa Koussa Mark 3 says:

    errrrr Inquiry NOT a trail

    The inquiry was about press behaviour NOT the link between Dave and Me Love You long Time Mongo Murdoch….OK

  36. 36
    The Labour Party's Transgender Equality Unit says:

    We do not believe you should be imposing gender-assignment on the unborn human humanoid at this stage.

    We suggest ‘Briana’ and to let the small human decide its gender later in life.

    At which point it should be killed because it’s a Royal parasite that oppresses the workers.

  37. 37
    Kate says:

    Thanks for happy wishes (pukes) everyone has been so kind (pukes into hand)

  38. 38
    I don't nee d no doctor says:

    Does Leveson eat unleavened bread?

  39. 39
    The Labour Party says:

    Labour are at war with Murdoch. Labour have always been at war with Murdoch.

  40. 40
    The Vatican says:

    Topic for tonight: under UK law royal baby can inherit throne if he/she converts to Islam, but not Catholicism

  41. 41
    Lord Stansted says:

    Might have been the Power Point’s crap spell checker. Should have used beamer

  42. 42
    The Labour Party says:

    The beheading of young girls, along with other rich Islamic cultural practices, such as female genital mutilation and child-marriage, is part of the rich and diverse cultural wealth which all of us should celebrate.

    By order.

  43. 43
    I don't nee d no doctor says:

    If money is tight this christmas, then Anthony Worral Thompson recommends shopping at Tesco.

  44. 44
    IMHO says:

    Good job for Blair, Campbell and Co we did not have the resources at that time to conduct a forensic investigation/or even /examination into… you know what…Kelly’s Eyes.

  45. 45
    Joyce Thacker says:

    Agreed! We should all respect Islam! Death to UKIP!

  46. 46
    Johann Hari says:

    Good idea

  47. 47
    Mythbuster General says:

    Tesco are actually rather expensive – up to 3.5 times more expensive than small independent retailers, according to my wife.

  48. 48
    Mandy says:

    Good job for Bclair, Caupbell and Co we did not have the resources at that time to conduct a forensic investigation/or even /examination into… you know what…Kully’s Eyes.
    Naughty words changed in attempt to evade modbot.

  49. 49
    Sky TV says:

    Sky! We bring you quality!

  50. 50
    None of the above says:

    I see your beloved leader Millibland Intern actually managed a tweet without using the word ‘Brave’

  51. 51
    T. P. Fuller says:

    Isn’t Roy Greenslade the bell-end who favours a broadband tax to pay for what he perceives as “quality” newspapers (e.g. his very own Gurniada)?

  52. 52
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’ve got gangnam style!

  53. 53
    Raving Loon says:

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

  54. 54
    T. P. Fuller says:

    She probably doesn’t do cookery either. Bloody women’s lib.

  55. 55
    T. P. Fuller says:

    Are you the same chap who won “Welsh Charmer of 2011″?

  56. 56
    Sayeeda Warsi says:

    Vegetarian Halal Pork?

  57. 57
    T. P. Fuller says:

    Let’s add Sally to that list.

    However … what about Ian Paisley?

  58. 58
    Keith AB says:

    Where’s the Dalai Lama story?

  59. 59
    Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

    ‘I will destroy you’.

  60. 60

    You did that to the economy, Gordon.

  61. 61
    Sally Bercow says:

    I totes congrats Wills & Katie on baby news. *patriotic* Me and John wish them all best. *excited* If she wants tips on raising kids, she shud tweet me. *cheeky* Serious tho, I luv Wills & Katie. *smiley face* I’m going 2 celebrate. *opens legs bends over dustbin in alley*

  62. 62
    The BBC are cunts says:

    Plus, whatever fine is levied on us, YOU pay !!!! :) :)

  63. 63
    the horse's mouth says:

    very funny

  64. 64
    Mr BumBum says:

    It’s a bit fucking rich for anyone on this blog to complain about spelling mistakes.

  65. 65
    Mr BumBum says:

    She does do anal though.

  66. 66
    Nostalgist says:

    No, he used to announce and have bit parts in the Goon Show.

  67. 67
    Mr BumBum says:

    She obviously doesn’t adopt Anthony’s approach to payment.

  68. 68
    miranda bliar says:

    How much was sally sued for ?

  69. 69
    The savant8.5 says:


    Retarted fuck

    Mean he has had another hooker today ???

  70. 70
    Wife, owner of a small independent retailer says:

    …and I am unanimous in this.

  71. 71
    Gooey Blob says:

    With respect to Kate’s pregnancy, Miliband was originally going to call for an enquiry. Then one of the interns took him to one side and explained about the birds and the bees.

  72. 72
    NE Frontiersman says:

    Correct: also the paragon of journalistic truth and impartiality who used to write articles for the IRA (sorry, Sinn Fein) under a false name. (@ 51, 5.16 pm)

  73. 73
    Anonymous says:

    LOL – loved this

  74. 74
    The savant8.5 says:

    Lord Unleavenheavenson says :

    No i do not

    Matzos only for me.

  75. 75
    Anonymous says:

    This what makes me sick about Milliband and the rest of the labour halfwits, they have a lot to answer for but they think they have a god given right to be in government. Only 2 1/2 years after truly buggering up the economy, they sit there pontificating, and doing their level best to ruin anything the PM suggests.This isnt opposition, it is pure spite.

  76. 76
    Spanish Mammoth Fishing Liner owner says:

    This is agreed. But there are none left down here so we come up your way now.

  77. 77
    early bird..... says:

    spot on Sir Will

  78. 78
    Everyone says:

    You’re certainly a bit PSY

  79. 79
    NE Frontiersman says:

    Maybe a ‘Don’ (see post above) rather than the academic kind. But yes, you’re right, he is also a PWSLaB; the two are quite compatible.

  80. 80
    Your Friendly Neighbourhood Bad-Writing Avoidance Assistance Service says:

    Tell Leveson to employ a sub-editor too; read the quoted excerpt.
    Isn’t acting against the public interest the same as acting in spite of the public interest? How is that not a tautology? Was the Rt Hon Lord Justice trying to say that, even where there may have actually been a public interest to be served by doing a particular story, the press took spiteful advantage of that fact, and overstepped? Then why couldn’t he? We just did! Obviously not the same sort of howler as Guido’s referring to, but still, pretty bad writing. If the rest of the Leveson Report is written like this, it says a lot more about the educational system and the legal profession than it does about transgressions by the press.

  81. 81
    Protestant says:

    Delicious, I was really annoyed when my local Tesco stopped stocking them.

  82. 82
    Levenson, the n is silent says:

    Blinis are good too.

  83. 83

    Well I’ve seen Mork Pies, textured fungal protein fashioned to look like the filling of a pork pie, will that do?

  84. 84
    Mark MacGregor says:

    Slightly ironic given that one of Greenslade’s favourite sons is a man named Phil Gillivan, now named Phil MacGiollabhain- that in itself is a reckless disregard for accuracy. However the aforementioned MacGiollabhain is/was involved in praising, if not being directly involved, in the now discredited Rangers Tax Case Blog. That very much having a blatant disregard for accuracy & honesty.

  85. 85
    Lazy Stereotype says:

    Your wife is a liar.

  86. 86
    I don't nee d no doctor says:


  87. 87
    I don't nee d no doctor says:

    That is way past loud.

  88. 88
    Quiet Bat Person says:


  89. 89
    Lord Leavenson's earwig says:

    All rise.

  90. 90
    Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

    Zyclon-B pellets – rich European cultural practice.

  91. 91
    Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

    None of the above have anything on Degsy.

  92. 92
    Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

    Blinis (Shop at) closed down years ago according to Bleak in Sunderland.

  93. 93
    Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

    We blame the Rt. Hon. and Noble Lady up here.

  94. 94
    Brown out and pay me damages says:

    Yes. He is a retarded fuck and his hooker’s are in two minds about giving a blow job.

  95. 95
    The Sleeper says:

    Never quite understood the expression “the birds and the bees”.

    Did someone in distant antiquity think that bees fucked birds (the other way round is simply impossible),and young birds and bees were the result??

  96. 96
    Schmuckowitz says:

    Hello Shlomo, how’s the weather in your zoinist raicst colony?

  97. 97
    Hoome says:

    My name is Levenson and I insist it was nothing to do with me guv

  98. 98
    I'm Shami Chakrabati and I didn't need to grow a moustache for Movember. says:

    If the Guardian goes bust what paper will i read?

  99. 99
    Haribo Halfwit says:

    If it was just the party in Westminster, there would be the semblance of a fair fight. They have whole battalions of useful idiots to call down and unleash havoc whenever they are not in government.

  100. 100
    Anonymous says:

    we want to be appreciated by china, so they show their appreciation for us by giving us money. a once proud nation is on its knees,

  101. 101
    Anonymous says:

    A willingness to deploy deep covert surveillance against the public?

    the abusers just carry on.
    it happen.
    one day someone will say what is the point of living when the erosion of life is endless. is that the way to save human lives?

  102. 102
    Anonymous says:


    lots of love.

  103. 103
    Anonymous says:

    olympics was nice…the country knows how to be nice,

  104. 104
    Anonymous says:

    commercial entiities are out to make money.
    good for them.

    political entities are out for personal power.
    we need to do the same.
    no one deserves our power.

  105. 105
    Anonymous says:

    irish, warm, friendly. lots of love.

  106. 106
    Bluto says:

    On a point of order evidence is not spelt S-M-E-A-R.

    Please tell that ghastly blob Watson.

  107. 107
    Anonymous says:

    has more energy than psy.chi/

    when it comes to the parasites in society it is better to use the energy of KO. we need to ask the parasites why? when they want more charity from us.

  108. 108
    Sally's thoughts sends my eyes on stalks says:


    Anyone getting sick of this leveson south east of ebgurland tory smoke screen yet? I am fucking bored with this hollow shit from that fecking lahndahn!

  109. 109
    Anonymous says:

    is ashamed shami in a Chakravyuha?
    a situation that she cannot escape from.
    who is pulling her string?

    …she cannot be both for the report and against it….

  110. 110
    Sally's thoughts sends my eyes on stalks says:

    try againm shall I… “William” Swansea, just tell them all to piss up a rope, as I do, from up the road.

  111. 111
    werking klas blok says:

    “Roy Greenslade is Professor of Journalism at City University London and has been a media commentator since 1992, most notably for The Guardian”


  112. 112
    I kin ate pedants says:

    You do understand the difference between a speling misyake and a typing error? One cannot edit one’s misyakes here.

  113. 113
    baz son of baz says:

    the little nonce had one up in the I paper about people committing suicide on railway lines

    he was so sympathetic – oh the humanity

    turns it was the tories’ fault

  114. 114
    baz son of baz says:

    yor analisis dos not detale how meny peeple will be killed if the system is not in place tho innit

    maybe yu r mor interlektual than me

    or maybe not

  115. 115
    baz son of baz says:

    those who lie with shell fish shall be put to death

    i do not kwote exacly form the bible but that is the essence

    funni old werld eh?

    molluscs – the littel basterds!

  116. 116
    The Labour Party, but like really, yeah? says:

    We fucking love Murdoch while he was supporting us, like yeah?

    We were Murdoch’s fucking poodle.

    This lasted until Gordon Brown started spending with borrowed money like a fucking retard on speed and the country realised he had to be put down.

    Get the fucking picture?

  117. 117
    Private citizen says:

    Hurrah! I am not forced by law to pay for you!

    So I fucking don’t!

  118. 118
    Anonymous says:

    it is a sad fucking state of affairs when the huhne 81lly points out others spelling mistakes

  119. 119
    Admin Resources Dept says:

    One kan if won precis the prevyew buton b4 presin submitt, corecks any erers an get sit rite fers time; try yit an c how yu geton.

  120. 120
    Sybil Serbant says:

    ‘ave yer underpinnins come unstuck love?

  121. 121
    The First XV says:

    Hi M’lord. How’s Nell? Chilly out innit.

  122. 122
    Silly Sods r Us says:

    When will these stupid bastards that are putting all this in place realise that they too are members of the public and that when the regime changes they will then become victims of their own treachery?

  123. 123
    Yellow peril says:

    Yes, those little buggers gave me jaundice some years ago – which must explain my coloured view of the world since then.

    Cynical? Moi!!?

  124. 124
    Yellow peril says:

    You make too much whoopie in China, you get banged up.

  125. 125
    Yellow peril says:

    Comment of the day, but I doubt it will find its way to our host’s little box on the side.

  126. 126
    Miss McCreant says:

    Better get Hodge after him then.

  127. 127
    Miss McCreant says:

    I’ll have you know it is a woman’s privlege to change/change/change/change/change her mind.

  128. 128
    Miss McCreant says:

    What was City University previously known as? Stepney Primary?

  129. 129
    Geordieboy says:

    You stand up for yourselves Rich Bitch

  130. 130
    Airey Belvoir says:


  131. 131
    XXXxx says:

    They could always put a paywall on the Guardian web site like Ruppy, I can see Guiudo paying that, he obviously does not like the paper

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